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I'm glad you liked the ask~<3 But seriously, people who ship sheith, hance, klance, shallura, shance, and heith all have mocked me for shipping shunk just because 'they don't have any interaction' 'Shiro barely knows Hunk is part of the team' 'Even shidge and hidge would be more canon' and it breaks my heart...

How is that even a thing?? Like, how can anyone say Shiro barely acknowledges Hunk as part of the team?

Remember when Hunk specifically crawled behind Shiro for protection when the castle’s doors first opened?

And yes, crawled.

Honestly I really love their relationship, simple as it is? Because Hunk has a certain maturity and sensibility that matches Shiro’s own.

They complement each other so well? Like when Hunk mentions wanting to return to the Balmera to save Shay and Lance argues with “wow, you’re really hang up on that lady” but Shiro doesn’t even question it because he knows Hunk’s serious about it. He’s all just “sure, let’s launch the castle and go” and they go.

Remember when Hunk wanted to comfort Shay about being able to beat the robeast but he was struggling with what to say (Hunk is a pretty anxious dude) and in comes Shiro, finishing the sentence for him

And Hunk has the softest voice when he says “thank you, Shiro” immediately after

Like, characters like Lance and Keith, they have a great deal of respect for Shiro. Understandable, given their past. But Hunk doesn’t have one, at all. Hunk really only met Shiro for the first time in the desert shack and yes, of course he respects Shiro, but it’s not an old sentiment. Everything he knows about Shiro, it’s stuff he’s finding out about now. And if Hunk disagrees with Shiro, he will voice it. He doesn’t let that respect for him hold him down.

And that’s something that I really appreciate about these two.

So huh… yeah, they do interact. Not as much as the others, but saying it’s non-existent or badly there is factually wrong.

They support each other.

I’m going to forgive you. Not because you asked for it. Hell, not even because you deserve it.

I’m forgiving you because I deserve it. I’m so tired of being angry at you. You’ve taken so much from me already and I refuse to give you more hold over me.

I refuse to feel anything for you. Not even anger because after breaking my heart, you don’t deserve any of my feelings.

—  Because staying angry at you means I still have feelings for you / d.a.p

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Hi! So I have a cat and I know that cats don't always purr when they're happy right? So he's always putting his lil heart out and I was wondering are there any give always to tell a happy purr from an unhappy one? I want make sure he's as happy and comfortable as possible! Thank you! 😊

I really like this question because you’re not just asking me to tell you why he’s purring - you’re using what you already know to learn more and then increase your own ability to figure out your cat.

Context will be a large part: did something happen, is he hurt, etc. Often a dilated pupil even in bright light can indicate pain if he’s purring. You can also check for responsive behavior - happy cats engage with people and touch, stressed or hurting cats may sit stiffly when touched or ignore their name and treats.

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Out of interest, when will anon be re-enabled back on nochocolate? I have a bunch of theories I want to ask about, but my anxiety wants to tear my throat out of my spine whenever I dare ask stuff off anon because I don't want to mess it up . . .

Unfortunately anon will not be enabled any time soon. Thanks to real life obligations and this caretaker project, our bandwidth is more limited than it was last year. Disabling anon is the best way to control the number of new asks we receive while we continue to work on the backlog. If you are still nervous about sending asks, I recommend creating a sideblog to send a private IM to myself, @mod-ellipsis. I can answer questions privately there, and I promise that I don’t bite!

It’s very personal to me...

You know when there’s this certain thing.. a certain type of story that you just love with all of your heart. It has always been in your mind. You’ve always imagined it. And it’s not just a story or a taste or a type.. it’s your weakness, your fantasy, a very special, secret place in your heart. 

When you imagine a story with specific details and special things that pulls at your heart. And then you find a show that has all that, as if it’s been taking straight out of your dreams, made just for you. It’s your own fantasy land. Your very own world. A place you run to, and just hide there when you’re upset and it makes you feel better because it’s very beautiful, even if it’s sad sometimes. A place that gives you wonderful feels and it cocoons you and it’s just everything that you want and need. It’s simply….. perfect. It’s personal. 

That’s what The Blacklist used to be for me. That’s what season 1 is to me. That’s what Lizzington is to me. It has a very VERY special place in my heart, I can’t explain it. And it just breaks my heart, it really hurts to see where this show that used to be… all of that, is heading. It’s like they’re taking away something so special away from me, robbing me of my own dream, my own special world. But I still have hope. I always will. And maybe I’m a fool for that. Because I can never give up on this show, more especially Lizzington, for all the reasons stated above. I really can’t explain it. I don’t know how. Does this make any sense?

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Argh, my heart can't take all this angst any longer! ;~; To hopefully give you something cute to see, how would the skelebros(as many as you want) react to their s/o having at least four cats who are really cuddly with those they like(AKA them)? I normally wouldn't be sending so many asks in a week because I don't want to seem greedy or something, but that last ask, ouch, I didn't need my heart, oww! ^^;

Yay! More cute! Ask as much as you want! I should create a post on what they would name their pets! Like seriously! Someone request that!


Sans: He’s okay with it. Those cats are his napping buddies. It’s so cute seeing him all curled up with cats surrounding him (this would make an adorable picture too!). He’s also going to break out all the cat puns. I’m not kitten. It’s going to be a CAT-astrophe. (eh? EH?!)

Papyrus: He thinks he’s the king of the cats! Those cats seem to love him! Especially during bedtime and MTT tv time! It makes him so happy that these cats love him so much!


Sans: He acts all annoyed. Like, ew, cats! Get them away from me! Gross nasty beasts! But you usually find them all curled up together at bedtime, all of them snoring peacefully.

Papyrus: He actually likes cats since he has a cat, Doomfanger! He’s going to declare his cat in charge of your cats and he revels in the fact that your cats practically worship him!


Sans: He’s tickled to death (but not literally!) that your cats love him! He’s going to laugh his adorable little laugh and cuddle the cats. He’s going to be even more happy if they follow him around. He’s going to even name them (or rename them if you’ve already done that). OH! YOU WANT TO HELP ME WITH MY PUZZLE MR. CUDDLE-MUFFIN-FIGHTER?

Papyrus: He thinks it’s amusing. He’ll make a couple cat puns (see UT!Sans). He also found that they make comfy pillows I once fell asleep on my cat and he purred happily until I woke up). You’ll find him asleep with his head on one cat and the others on top of him like a blanket. 

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i made a rito designed after a sparrow! this isn’t mentioned in his little bio, but his favorite thing to do is skydiving. he just goes up somewhere high… and falls. he flies before he hits the ground, but he never fails to give his friends tiny heart attacks. he also doesn’t like sleeves because of a certain incident involving my friend’s oc, so you’ll hardly ever see him wearing any sleeves

Give me a child of Athena who always has the messiest of workspaces. A child of Athena who isn’t great at academics but they excel in the arts. A child of Athena who procrastinates to no end. A child of Athena who would rather stare at the stars for hours instead of doing homework. A child of Athena who dreads school and everything related. A child of Athena who is more street smart than book smart. A child of Athena who hates nonfiction and textbooks and loves fictional books. A child of Athena who listens to their heart more than their head. A child of Athena who loves spiders for no real reason. Give me a child of Athena who defies any stereotype because not all children of Athena are super brainy or love school or have perfect strategies for everything.

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Can you do one about a boy and a girl, who are head over heels for each other but are happy with their friendship because they don't want to lose everything that they have together?

“You mean the world to me,” she mumbles, tucking her hair behind her ear, “but even so, I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

The words come out of her mouth and it feels like I’ve had a bucket of cold water dumped on me. Even though I completely agree with her, pursuing a relationship would strain our wonderful friendship, it still stings to know we’ll never be more than this. Best friends, what a sham.

“I agree. We’ll stay friends, and we’ll push any other feelings aside.” I agree, unwillingly.

Sometimes the heart wants what it can’t have. Sometimes that thing just so happens to be your best friend.


  • me: [tries to sleep]
  • me: [thinks about love]
  • me: [heart is pounding super hard]
  • me: god i love my OTP. And the other 73 too.

To anyone affected in London, my heart and thoughts go out to you.

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my head's swimming, my heart's sinking. the tiredness seeps right through to my bones and this sadness sits in a dark pool at the bottom of my stomach. I'm so tired of giving pieces of myself away because every single soul leaves me in the end. somehow, there's something about me that makes boys want to pick me up but not bring me home. but if I have to be stuck here with myself, just plain old me, I don't think I'll survive. I'm so tired. I don't smile any more. I am so, so tired.

You’ve been with plain ole’ you ever since birth, the only thing that’s different is you’ve got a taste of what love could do– two sides of a coin. If it hurts, it must’ve been good at some point. If it feels good, it it tastes good, if everything about it is good– then when it’s gone, it will hurt. So don’t let boys pick you. Pick yourself first and foremost every single fucking time. Okay? That way, no one can ever hurt you. Ever. Again. Period.

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I'm not in a good place right now. I'm in love with my s/o but they're not always nice to me and it's making my depression flare up and I constantly feel so fragile like I'm going to start crying at any moment. I'm sorry for bothering you. I just wanted someone to know I'm not okay. I don't have many friends I can talk to and you're always so kind to everyone. Sorry again.

Beautiful, beautiful one. I don’t know you but I wish I did. Please don’t apologise, you’re not a bother at all~

If you’re s/o is hurting you and pushing you to the point of depression, you need to get away. It may break your heart because you love them, but your mental and emotional wellbeing is so much more important than a relationship (especially one that hurts you.)

If you can have a reasonable and rational discussion with them, you need to tell your s/o how you feel. Please do this if you feel it’s safe and would be helpful. Don’t isolate yourselves (or allow yourself to be isolated) from any friends or family, or even professional help, and band together with other loved ones who will have your back in the decisions you make. You need a support system around you. I’m sure there are so, so many people who adore you and will help you when you’re feeling fragile like this. There are so many people in this world. You will always find people to love and treat you like you deserve.

All of my love and strength to you, darling. Never apologise for saying you’re not okay. You feel how you feel, and you are completely valid. Stay strong <3

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Just watched and...why? I get Noora wanted to kiss Yousef because she was pissed at Sana, but why did Yousef kiss her back? I'm 1000% sure he likes Sana. Did Noora tell him something about Sana, maybe the whole "you don't want an immature Muslim guy" thing? Also, it's not Sana's fault. All the other girls "knew" William wasn't single and they didn't tell Noora. This breaks my heart (and no, Yousef isn't gay, Yousef likes Sana. Period.).

I both agree and disagree with you, but I want to point out one part because SANA WAS SPECIAL because Noora told SANA about what happened in London. She never told anyone else, it’s been half a year since she came back and she’s been keeping everything inside. Yes, the other girls should definitely have told Noora. Eva should have told Noora more than any of the other girls the second she heard the rumour. But Sana should have told Noora too. Especially after Noora poured her hard out like that.

It is IN NO WAY Sanas fault that Noora and Yousef made out. That terrible action was Nooras and Yousef’s fault. Nobody else’s, not Sana, not Even, not William.

But that doesn’t mean that Sana shouldn’t have told her. Because she should have. And she did in fact have a bigger responsibility to do so after Noora told her about what happened. But like??? I probably wouldn’t have if I was Sana because that is one tough convo to have and you kinda don’t want to run over a girl who’s already been run over by her boyfriend (that doesn’t make sense but pretend it does) so I hope nobody think I’m blaming Sana because I’m not.
(Also I never said Yousef was gay and I don’t really think he ever had feelings for even but the possibility is there and while he loves Sana that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been the one whom Even kissed (or who kissed Even) like I said I don’t support this theory but it’s a possibility you can like boys and girls and you can like girls and one boy)

Let me tell you about Cas who was vicious and cold, and cruel and wickedly smart and inhuman in his lack of feeling.

And let me tell you about how he fell in love with Dean who was passionate and angry and just as smart and leapt before he thought, and was so painfully human and felt everything

And how Cas opened himself up to Dean, to him alone and let himself be vulnerable to him only. How he gave him his body, never meaning to give him his heart but Dean took him and changed him with each act of love, each act of emotion and feeling, until Castiel wasn’t cold or cruel or inhuman any more. 

Until Castiel thawed for him, because of him. 

There are two very wonderful things about this picture that I just love with my whole heart.

1. There is BARELY any - IF any - malice in Ichi’s expression. He’s having a genuinely great time pulling an innocent prank and I adore that.
2. Kara’s sentient face child is concerned! Protect the father! I wonder if much of Kara’s emotional elasticity comes from the support he receives from his iron-on friends.

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I saw a post talk about losing weight and honestly I as a feedee 100% struggle between gaining and losing. In my family it's common for heart disease and diabetes - and being fatter increases those risks. I'm a closeted feedee and so I don't feel like I have anybody to talk to about this, so I hope u don't mind. I feel so torn because i can see 2 types of happiness and myself. I want to fight the deep desires of feedism but the more I try the more I want to gain which upsets me more. Any advice?

I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to send me a message! Honestly, people like you are why I make the posts regarding weight loss. I think it’s important and there needs to be a space in the feedism community for it. 

I’d like to start by saying I’m not a doctor so I can’t advise you or anyone to gain weight a certain way and guarantee perfect health in the process. Any research or articles I’ve read seem to all have conflicting results so I don’t think I could advise you based on what I’ve read even if I wanted to. 

Physical health concerns are up to you to manage. Only you and your doctor will be privy to that information. I guess one piece advice I have for those that are concerned about the risks that come with gaining weight is: be self-aware and educate yourself. Know your numbers. Find out your blood pressure, insulin levels, cholesterol, etc. Be aware of your family history, educate yourself on nutrition. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist if you have questions. 

My second piece of advice is: don’t let a feeder bully you into gaining. Make your concerns known from the beginning. If they bail because you wanna go slow or stop at a certain weight, then they weren’t worth your time anyway. If you start to feel uncomfortable, tell them! Keep communication open. 

Third: be conscious of your mental health as well as your physical. Weight gain may put a dent in your confidence levels (yes, even if you enjoy it as a kink, the “real” world is an entirely different environment). Personally I find too much junk food and lack of exercise makes me moody but that’s purely anecdotal (though there must be science to back this up? I don’t know). Some people find being fat limits their ability to travel or engage in certain hobbies. Missing those things could make you feel depressed or angry. I could go on and on. (These are just examples! I’m not saying everyone will experience all of these as consequences of gaining weight)

Finding a balance can be tough. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, both intentionally and sometimes not. I received a lot of shit for it and it used to piss me off but it doesn’t anymore. I’m happy now and that’s all that matters to me. 

It’s up to you to determine what will make you happy and what’s most important to you. I’ve seen a lot of users on tumblr with the mindset of “we’re all going to die eventually, might as well enjoy it”. That’s probably where I stand as well. HOW you choose to enjoy it is up to you. 

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Jyushimatsu, it's true that you have the most emotional darkness past of all of your brothers? Todomatsu said that (in the new episode) so I'm was little curious.😠 You don't have to answer if you don't want 😅

{Your humble author doesn’t know any more than you do, but they were genuinely terrified by that line and are currently praying that was only meant as a non-sequitur, because DAMMIT OSOMATSU-SAN YOU ALREADY MADE ME CRY OVER JYUSHIMATSU WAY MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE AND YOU’D BETTER NOT PULL THE SAME CRAP THIS SEASON BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE ONE HEART AND I’D LIKE FOR IT TO SURVIVE.}