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Okay but

AU where everything is the same except the shield is an artifact like Mjolnir. Maybe it’s a long-lost Asgardian thing, maybe it’s some other non-Earth object. Point is, the shield is enchanted so that it only obeys the will of the wielder if their primary goal is protection. It’s just about impenetrable, can absorb any shocks, and strong enough to cut through or destroy just about anything–which would make it a perfect weapon, if anyone could figure out how to fucking use the thing. It doesn’t obey any laws of physics or movement as we know it, and SSR spends years experimenting with it until they finally give up and stick it in a crate somewhere. 

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We Don't Need No Education

Request: Hey!❤ I was wondering if you could do a story, were the reader is really stressed because of school and homework, but then the brothers cheer her up (you decide the relationship between the reader and the brothers)? I’m kind of feeling like that at the moment, so it would make my day a whole lot better to read that💕 You are a huge inspiration, Taria!

Thank you Nonnie <3! I love you and you compliment.

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“Nope.” You slammed your textbook shut in an irritated manner.

“I’m done. I’m dropping out.” Plopping your body down onto your bed you accidentally kicked all your school work off and onto the floor.

“Not like I’m gonna need that anyways.” Both of your arms folded together and covered your eyes.

School was beyond stressful. Middle school? Pain in your ass but you could handle it. High school? Totally different ball park. Just when you think you’re doing good, a damn wrecking ball would come and knock you back to square one.

Dean was just returning with your requested pie. Also known as pizza. And his own personal choice of pie. Also known as his addiction. When you didn’t come out to him calling your name, him and Sam must’ve assumed the worst because they came in, guns drawn.

“Whoa, what the hell?” Their entrance caught you off guard. Then again, anybody entering with guns pointed in your direction may cause a bit of a surprise.

“Language.” Sam always had to be the “mom” brother and keep you in check.

“Yeah, sorry but what did you guys expect? A group of monsters to be in here?” You were sitting up now, your legs hanging off of your once neat bed.

Dean exchanged a certain look to Sam.

“Ew! Why would I bring a boy over here?” They both had a bit of an embarrassed look. You knew them so well.

“And why would you guys come in here shooting if I did?” After thinking about it for a minute, you took it back. “Don’t answer that. But if you’re going to kill something. Please- shoot my textbook.” Pointing under the bed you stood up and stepped back as if saying “there’s the bad guy”.

“Wait. You’re telling me you’re all in a bunch because of homework?” Why did Dean seemed so surprised? It was homework. It was naturally stressful.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forget that you never did yours and instead were too concerned with-” the look he shot you got you to change the last part of your response. “Other things…”

“Do you want some help?” There goes Sam again, with his big brother hero hair on.

“Burning the books? I mean, if you want to pitch in.” “

No, we’re not burning the books. Take a break. It’ll help.” The Moose boy was leaning against the wall.

“Sure, I’ll take a break. How does for the rest of my life sound?” You repositioned yourself to sit down on the bed, getting ready for this big talk.

“I’m serious, Y/n.” When wasn’t Sam serious about something like your education?

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s serious too.” Dean had finally chimed in. You held your hand out agreeing with him.


“Yeah yeah I know Dean. ‘Do your work. Eat some food. Get some sleep.’” You mimicked the way he would say it, trying your best to sound manly and make your voice go deep.

“Why don’t you come out and eat your gross pizza I got for you?” He was only calling it gross because it was the all veggie meatless kind.

“And then you can-”

“Come back and do work. Yeah, I know Sam.”

I Don't Need Your Help (squip x reader; part 1 of ??)

yo yo yo hey so i finally gave into my desire to write a fic for the first time in fifteen million years and DAMN IT ALL TO HELL it’s about a FUCKING COMPUTER

kind of experimenting with 1st person a little?? idk if I feel like it’s a little choppy or something i might fix it later because im planning to have multiple parts to this so i have something to do while procrastinating on homework ew

also the reader’s gender isn’t mentioned in this part (i don’t think?? i kind of proofread this but it was at like 2 am so i don’t even trust myself) but im probably going to use female pronouns when I need to- i promise it’s not to offend anyone I just find it easier to write fics like this with a singular gender but i could try to change that if needed

last thing;; this fic kind of loosely follows the plot of BMC?? very very loosely,, like some dates might change or times or things, i don’t really know at this point but it might not even follow the story at all idk idk but still

here is an anon throwing their sin at the wall and hoping it sticks

have this you nasty computer fuckers


He had to be joking.

A pill? A pill that held a tiny computer- that attached itself to your brain for no other purpose than to ‘help you be cool’???. It sounded asinine. But maybe I could understand. Jeremy was desperate. I didn’t blame him. High school was a battlefield; intent on destroying all traces of individuality and creativity, burying unique personalities underneath avalanches of essays and book reports.

I voted against getting one, at first.

Jeremy had Michael, right? They’d known eachother for what seemed like ages, it didn’t make any sense for him to just- want something new. Michael and I both knew Christine was important to him, that he’d do anything to impress her or to get on her radar. We just…. didn’t expect something like this. Especially something as shady (and honestly terrifying) as a tiny computer that you literally swallowed and had it attach to your brain. It was ironic. Jeremy had told us he’d heard about it through Rich- the very bully that tormented him half the time.

Of course, I didn’t know Jeremy nearly as well as Michael did. I’d only met Jeremy freshman year- I’d known Michael since the beginning of middle school at least. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when I heard he’d went out and paid the ridiculous fee for one of the wintergreen tic tacs, but that didn’t make me any less worried.

I didn’t hear much of it the first few days. I didn’t have any classes with either of them, and the only times we’d see eachother were after school, and of course- Michael had work, and Jeremy had to get back home to finish homework most of the time. We didn’t see eachother too often, but we did have a commitment to meet up at the same coffee house every Monday morning.

I knew something was up when Michael and I were the only two who showed up the Monday morning after Jeremy had bought the stupid pill.

Something had happened. I didn’t know what- we texted him nonstop and didn’t get anything. Not even an acknowledgement for our efforts. Whether or not I believed in the ‘SQUIP’ at that point was debatable. It would be quite the coincidence if Jeremy had missed the bus that morning or overslept.

Both of us got rather worried.

Michael and I made a habit after that Monday of staying behind after school, purposefully lingering by the bus stop to see if we could catch a glimpse of our now oddly-distant friend. He must’ve been getting rides from an outside source, though- he never showed.

It was almost like he’d dropped off the face of the planet, and honestly? If I hadn’t known any better myself, I would’ve thought he had. But I had friends in some of his classes, and they said he showed up, but…..

It was like he had abandoned us.

I’m sure it didn’t hurt me nearly as much as it did Michael. But it still stung- it was evident that after the second missed Monday Coffee Meeting that it was intentional. It hurt me more to see the heartbreak in Michael’s eyes when he realized it for himself, and if anything? It made me angry. Angry that Jeremy would do that to Michael. I didn’t care if he had a stupid computer in his head, telling him what to do- it’s not like it was controlling him or anything. Him being friends with us had nothing to do with his popularity, or how 'cool’ or how 'chill’ he was. It had to be a conscious decision.

And that infuriated me.

I wanted to find him. Talk to him. But I had no idea where to go- he’d abandoned all the places he used to hang out, like the food court at the mall or the field behind the school. It was ridiculous. Like he knew we were upset, like he knew what he was doing to us and didn’t care enough to even talk to us anymore.

We’d lost our friend Jeremy.

It was funny how my thought process worked after my mind began to comprehend the fact that Jeremy had made the conscious decision to opt out of our friendship- of his friendship with Michael of all people, even. I was a naturally irritated person by nature, which was my own fault, but it wouldn’t have had to go to extremes if Jeremy had just stayed with us.

I wanted to get the pill.

Not because I wanted to be 'pretty’ or 'popular’. No, I wanted to prove to Jeremy that that tiny computer in his head didn’t do a thing to separate him from us. He was lying to himself, using the excuse of the SQUIP to tell people that he was the 'new Jeremy’, that he was 'better’ and 'stronger’ now. And I intended to put him in his place.

Maybe if he came to his senses, he’d realize what he’d done to us. To Michael, at least.

Michael was against my plan from the beginning, which was predictable enough in itself. It took me weeks to get the image of Michael’s terrifed face out of my mind, and even now it still haunts me sometimes. He was scared he’d lose another dear friend. He was scared he’d be all alone in this school of savages. In this war against the very same people who he grew up with, who now made fun of him, spat on him for being different.

It took me a while, but I was able to convince him.

I had no plan of abandoning Michael. No, if anything, I wanted to be closer to him while I tried to pull Jeremy back from that dark abyss called 'popularity’. And hell, if the pill made me go insane just like Jeremy, I’d rip it out of my skull with my own two hands.

It was two weeks after Jeremy got his SQUIP that I got mine.

It was pretty painful to hork up all the cash, seeing as the weird drug-dealer-ish guy at the register didn’t accept debit for 'the pill’. About two months’ worth of earnings slapped itself down on the desk as I quietly requested the same crazy contraption that had torn one of my closest friends away from people that he had used to consider family. It would’ve been the understatement of the year to say I was scared- but at the same time confident. Maybe the pill would help me out or something in convincing Jeremy to hang out with us again. Then again, maybe the pill was a sadistic killing machine that wanted to take over the world.

Haha. Just kidding.

Still, I had no idea what I was getting into, and the moment the man led me into the back room I felt chillbumps rise on my arms. So I was actually doing this. It was ludicrous. Absolutely ridiculous- but I knew I couldn’t turn back. My six hundred dollars were in the man’s back pocket, and in seconds, a tiny gray pill in a small plastic bag was placed in my hand and I was hurriedly shooed out the door.

I moved to the food court as my stomach churned in nervousness and anticipation, the sharpie on the bag instructing to take the pill with Mountain Dew. At least it wasn’t a bad soda, I reassured myself weakly as I slowly stumbled over to the drink machine and shoved a dirty dollar bill in the slot, punching in the code for the cold drink.

I felt dizzy walking back to my seat. My senses were heightened- the cold of the can numbed my fingers, shoving its way into my thoughts as I sat down. I waited a moment or two. It could be life-changing, my next decision. I hadn’t heard of any way to get rid of the SQUIP; or at least Jeremy hadn’t mentioned anything. I did suppose I could ask Rich, but it wasn’t exactly my favorite choice…..

It all began to move in slow motion the moment I decided.

I was in a rather empty part of the food court, as not many liked to linger when all the restaurants closed down after eight. I supposed that was good for me, seeing as I didn’t want to possibly be seen as a crazy person if anyone I knew suddenly saw me talking to myself or screaming at nothing. It was for the best, I said to myself.

A part of me wondered if Jeremy had hesitated too. Did he just take it the second he got it? Was he scared? Was he worried? Upset, even? Or maybe he was happy. Excited. Because he’d finally be away from us, he’d finally have the chance to snag the 'perfect girl’. The chance to be cool. The chance to make his life perfect.

Unfortunately, we did not fit into his perfect lifestyle.

I popped open the tab on the soda and took a deep breath, shaky hands fumbling with the opening to the plastic bag. Why was I so nervous? I had something to prove. I chose this of my own volition. If anything else happened I was sure to have a panic attack- maybe it was better to do this at home…

Then again, I already was waist deep in the water. It was best to just jump in while I was at it.

Two trembling fingers placed the small pill on the back of my tongue, the strong peppermint taste making me recoil for a moment before I took a swig of the carbonated drink. I squeezed my eyes shut as the disgusting feeling of the oblong object sliding down my throat gave me chills, waiting for the sensation to end. Soon enough, the feeling faded-

And nothing changed. At all.

I blinked my eyes open. Okay. So……. wasn’t I supposed to start hearing things or something? I called out in my mind hesitantly, feeling like a fool. Nothing. Silence. I frowned deeply and stood. All that was left of the pill was a distorted minty aftertaste in my mouth and nothing more.

This had to be a joke.

Abandoning my soda on the table, I marched to the restrooms. Just to make sure- I wanted to know of every possible change, every possible thing that could’ve happened to me. But the nagging feeling in the back of my head grew…..

What if there was no such thing as the SQUIP?

What if Jeremy had forked over his cash and- instead of being disappointed at the lie- took the opportunity to just totally abandon us? Did he even believe the lie in the first place?

Had we done something wrong? Had we offended him? Hurt him in some way?

What could I do to fix this?

My worries rang clear in my ears as I stared at myself in the crusty bathroom mirror, hands gripping the sides of the dirty sink tightly as I tried to control my breathing. I looked awful. It wasn’t even because of the pill, I knew that- my stressing would make me look beyond my years once I graduated, I was sure.

But the thing that unsettled me the most?

The fear in my eyes.

And just like that, everything was spinning- I heard myself gasp as I collapsed to the ground. Pain shot up my spine. Someone screamed- or was that me? I couldn’t tell. I prayed the bathroom was empty.

'Target male inaccessible.’

My eyes widened. No. No. This couldn’t- it wasn’t real-

'Please excuse some mild discomfort.’

The voice rang out in my ears once more and I felt my body jolt as another wave of pain flooded my body, a weak cry the only noise escaping my lips. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t a real thing- the SQUIP didn’t exist- I had already determined-

'Calibration complete. Access procedure initiated.’

The world seemed to stop for a moment. Everything froze. The pain vanished abruptly, my thoughts froze, my heart stopped. I let out a shaky breath. My body trembled involuntarily.

'Discomfort level may increase.’

A shrill scream filled the air as blistering pain overtook my senses a second time, eyes squeezed shut as sobs wracked my body. Tears trickled down my cheeks freely. This was the worst thing I’d ever experienced. In that moment I wanted to end it all- I wanted everything to stop, the pain to stop, the problems to stop, the world to stop. I just needed to breathe. Just for a moment….

'Accessing neural memory. Accessing muscle memory. Access complete.’

A weak breath escaped my lips as my body went limp, all energy needed to sustain myself having evaporated. But I could still hear it. Could still hear him.

“___________________. Welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor.”

I closed my eyes.

“Your SQUIP.”

The world fell silent as I went unconscious.

anonymous asked:

Disregarding anything you don't like on canon, any headcanons on the relationship between Conner and Jon Kent? Or if not, how do you think their relationship will be?

Sorry it’s been a few days, lots of asks and even more homework.

So I like this parallel because, pulling back, Jon and Kon are in basically the exact same situation that Tim and Dami are: Older kid kind of tossed aside for the mentor’s blood son, younger anxious to prove themselves, older feeling bitter. But Supers aren’t Bats and so Jon and Kon would have a different dynamic.

- Jon is excited to be Superboy but even MORE excited to learn in this universe there already is a Superboy. There’s someone like him who he can relate to and can show him the ropes on being a kid kryptonian. Conner is anxious about the kid at first, everything’s changing and now he’s lowkey gotten the Superboy title pulled from him. He’s not really heroing at this point and the new Kents didn’t know about him but still. But the second he meets Jon he just forgets all his anger. The kid is so cute and excited and looks up to him in a way no one has before. He decides, no matter what Tim says, Little brothers aren’t that bad.

- Jon calls Kon big brother. It makes the Kents super uncomfortable. Like Jon sweetie, he’s not your brother. He’s a clone and he has Luthor DNA and we’re from a different universe than him. Jon is annoyed and doesn’t get it, Kon has half Superman’s DNA, he wears the S shield and calls himself Kent. Of course they’re brothers. Its awkward but Jon doesn’t stop so Lois and Clark shrug their shoulders and basically adopt Kon and give him the love and the home he’s always been denied (insert my tears of happiness)

- Since Kon and Jon sound so similar they call each other J and K (sometimes Little J and Big K) because why not and it’s super cute

- They hang out a lot, Kon helping Jon get his powers under control (I mean Clark does most of the training but also sometimes you want to blow shit up without your dad there) and Jon is so cheerful and happy to be with Conner that his presence makes Kon happy. They really settle into a good sibling relationship. Tim is so jealous, I’ll trade you the precious sunshine child for the homicidal demon brat. No thank you Timbo, Kon is very happy with Lil J

ooc: IMPORTANT! I just wanted to say that despite my muse being a medic, and as a result a lot of my threads will probably be her taking care of your muses or tending to them when they are hurt or sick. That doesn’t mean that I am always being correct about facts and so on, as I am NOT a doctor myself.  So, please, don’t take anything I write for granted. You’re free to correct me if you know something I don’t know and so on. 

15//9 heard that i’m too pretentious on here. gonna try to keep it real, but not too negative! like….i took 2.5 hours to do my art homework, so that’s 2.5 hours wasted(hahahha no, i’m just keeping it real), but like honestly, the real me is positive and optimistic! so i am keeping it real! I am not pretentious i just like to make my audience feel happy and make them think positively! So yeah. Have a great day :)

MBTI Types in school: English Class
  • INTJ: Leaves halfway through to attend some kind of extra-curricular activity. Complains about the font of the worksheet.
  • INTP: That 'silent reading for 10 minutes at the start of class' somehow lasts the whole lesson for them.
  • ENTJ: Reminds the teacher of that language analysis homework due the day before that no one did.
  • ENTP: Spends the whole lesson trying to convince the teacher that said language analysis homework was never actually homework. Makes up some very unbelievable excuses.
  • INFJ: Looking out the window and frantically doing the homework they didn't do last night.
  • INFP: "At least I finally found a handwriting style I like."
  • ENFJ: Is definitely listening to YouTube and looking at pictures of boy bands on Pinterest.
  • ENFP: Almost has a heart attack when they first get an assignment because it is 'so much work'. Draws animal cupcakes in their book.
  • ISTJ: Organises their pencil case and is silently fuming whenever class time gets wasted.
  • ISFJ: Fumbles when they have to give a persuasive presentation because they don't want to hurt people's feelings. Makes neat cue cards for the speech though.
  • ESTJ: Group leader in every group task ever. Loses respect for the teacher when due dates are changed.
  • ESFJ: Spends the whole time complaining about how the English teacher hates them.
  • ISTP: Is honest yet ruthless on partner feedback sheets. Has to ask the teacher multiple times to re-explain the task.
  • ISFP: Really just wants to make a poster to represent their knowledge instead of writing an essay.
  • ESTP: Gets yelled at when they tell the teacher the can't read the board. Finishes the work super quickly somehow.
  • ESFP: Sits in the front row and makes funny jokes that distract everyone.

anonymous asked:

Lately I've been feeling quite down, I don't really know why, and I lost motivation in studying (of course I do my homework and all but just because it's my obligation)... Do you have any tips to get motivated?

Hi! That happens to everyone - you have off days were you just really don’t want to study. Sometimes if things aren’t urgent, I’ll leave them till I’m feeling a little bit more up to it. That usually gives me time to do fun things and get that ‘I really can’t be bothered studying’ feeling out! Here are some other things I do:

  • have a schedule/to-do list - I like to plan things out so I’ll usually plan my day or week so I have an idea what I am doing. I find being able to tick things off really satisfying! 
  • clear desk, clear mind - I like to have everything organised before I start doing any work, so I’ll quickly tidy my room and desk. That way when I’m done, I can focus much better.
  • be positive - like I said, if I don’t feel like studying, I’ll take a small break. I try not to over push myself when I’m not feeling it since I usually sit and procrastinate anyway so it becomes a little pointless. I’ll usually try doing some fun and productive that isn’t notes/studying/etc. Generally I’ll then maybe do a little bit of something I should actually do!
  • start small - if you’re really not feeling it, there isn’t much point trying to do something that is really complicated or laborious. Pick something that will take you maybe 2-15 minutes. Once you start, you might just want to continue. As they say “objects in motion, stay in motion”.
  • make it fun - use an app like Forest to help structure your time! Try new and interesting study methods like mindmapping, using flash cards or making a summary power point. 
  • don’t plan your breaks - yes, take them but don’t think “right 2:30pm is break time”. If you’re on a roll, don’t interrupt your flow! Wait till you’re done or have completed a smaller part so you can have a break without disturbing your progress to much!
  • rewards - I generally will plan out my time and think “okay if I get this done by … I can do this afterwards”. Then the faster something is done the sooner I can move on!

Hope that helps xx

the Signs Late at Night
  • Aries: feeling really bad aw
  • Taurus: sleeping ha
  • Gemini: thinking how badly they don't want to go to school because ppl
  • Cancer: cleaning their room
  • Leo: brushing their hair so they'll be able to say "I woke up like this"
  • Virgo: doing homework/studying smh
  • Libra: texting or snap chatting or tweeting or anything
  • Scorpio: spilling their secrets
  • Sagittarius: gettin either sad upset or angry upset for not doing something more important
  • Capricorn: getting really anxious about life
  • Aquarius: government schemes
  • Pisces: listening to music. on tumblr. reading. watching tv. sleeping.

I literally didn’t do anything today. I studied two hours, then went back home and fucked around on Tumblr, then I slept 3 hours. I literally have a shit ton of homeworks and I did none.

I don’t know if I should feel guilty because, really, there are people who have half of the time I do and still manage to do everything and sometimes I just wish I weren’t so lazy.

But I was so freaking tired, my head hurts and I just needed some sleep and a day of doing nothing.

I’m not sure this is okay, because this is an important year for me, and I should study more, but fuck it.

lrubinko  asked:

Your feelings about unauthorized leaks of your work are well known, so I'm trying really hard to do my homework as I find music online that I want to add to my personal Mountain Goats stash. If you didn't want it out originally, and if I can't find evidence your attitude is any different now, I don't download it. This feels like a very goofy question because it's so blunt, but what are your positions on the AHWT outtakes "Song for God" and "Warm Lonely Planet"? Just trying to do right by you...

Appreciate the thought! I gave those to John Vanderslice when he was putting up mp3s on the Tiny Telephone site – it was early in the days of people giving away songs digitally, I forget the exact chain of contact…I think maybe I transferred them from the original All Hail West Texas cassettes at Tiny (which was where I did the sequencing/transfer for AHWT, I forget why…maybe I was in town for Noisepop or something?) during the AHWT session, and didn’t use them, and then JV asked if he could put em up on Tiny’s site? I also transferred “Straight Six” and possibly “Store” there but I don’t remember if it was in the same SF visit or no. 

So anyway, those were given away for free, no ghoul/bad boundaries penalty attaches to listening to them. 

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I'm bored and procrastinating bc I don't feel like doing my homework, what should I do? Pls send help I'm drowning in essays!!! :(

 Well, you could just do your homework and write your essays because you’ll have to do them eventually…

But that’s not the fun option. Before finals week started I got hooked on this game called villagelife. It’s so addicting, you can take a look at it here. I’ve been raising my villagers for over a month IT’S SO CUTE :’) (one of my villagers even started its own little fam it’s adorable) Whoever you are, please go play it and get off anon so we can gossip about our villages!!! Download the app here

gabe-baeham  asked:

ok sorry if this is a hassle but I just wanted to see an opinion from a tumblr artist on this topic. if someone saw your fanart, edited it, & then submitted it to create a product (backpack etc.) for themselves or possibly manufacture it, WITHOUT your permission, would you be upset? A friend told believes this is ok though I don't view it that way so I just wanted to see how an artist would feel about this. (To clarify I am just talking about fanart)

You mean how do I feel about people stealing (and then being brats about it on top of it)??

Art thieves be like


Like, no. Just… no.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the person who recently took someone else’s MLB fanart and used it to make a backpack, but this applies to everyone:


The person who did the backpack thing did SO many things wrong:

1) Posting it online

Did they intend to sell more? Were they using it to get likes?? Either way, they were using someone else’s hard work for their own benefit, and that’s not cool.

2) Using art without permission, aka theft (no matter how people like to spin it so they can pretend they didn’t do anything wrong)

When you buy a shirt or a bag or whatever from the store with a design on it, that design/artwork didn’t just fall from the sky. The Art Fairy didn’t leave it under the manufacturer’s pillow at night. Someone was PAID to make that design for the specific purpose of that use. Even then, the company usually has limits to a number of products or type of products they can make with that specific artwork before they have to re-negotiate with the artist again. Some artists cut out this middle step and sell items with their art on it on sites like CafePress. In both of these situations, the artist is getting paid for their work, and they have control over the use of their art.

Paying people for the hard work they do, WHAT A CONCEPT, RIGHT, ART THIEVES?? 

When you steal someone’s art to make your own products, you’re basically sending a big “fuck you” to the artist who worked hard on that art (art which you obviously enjoyed, which makes it even worse - why steal from people who are already doing you free favors???). The product company (who made the shirt, backpack, etc.) gets money. You get a cool product. But the artist, the one who put in the most time and effort?? They get nothing. That’s not cool.

3) Using non-sanctioned art from an official series

For original art or companies who have ok’ed fan products, only #1 and #2 apply, but because the stolen art in question was MLB stuff, it’s even worse. ZAG has officially stated that fans may not produce fanwork for sale (though they’ve made a few, rare exceptions for charity projects). That means the backpack person not only stole from the fanartist, they also stole from ZAG/Miraculous Ladybug. They could even get the fanartist in trouble with ZAG. 

Remember, ALL Miraculous Ladybug fan products for sale are ILLEGAL as per ZAG’s fan policies. The only exceptions I’ve seen so far have either involved Hawkdaddy directly, or he’s promoted them on his twitter. 

TL;DR: Don’t be a goddamn thief.

 If something doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it. I thought people learned that in kindergarten, but I guess when people selfishly want something for themselves they just conveniently forget basic morals. 

I feel like deep down, even art thieves know this (if I went to an art thief’s house and stole their shoe, or their homework, or whatever, they’d be mad, right???). People just don’t bother to think about it because they’d rather focus on what they want rather than what they know is right or wrong. 

This has been a PSA.

If your kids ask for your help because they can’t do/understand their homework don’t yell at them. DON’T YELL AT THEM. It makes them feel stupid because they didn’t understand something and teaches them to not ask for help when they need it because it’s considered shameful.
I spent the last thirty minutes comforting my sister because my father yelled at her so much she had a panic attack. DON’T YELL AT YOUR KIDS IF THEY ASK FOR YOUR HELP WITH THEIR HOMEWORK.