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Why do adult sjws have such. Large superiority complexes?? An adult came on my post and patronized the fuck out of me for being 15 while also being more immature. I can handle sjws my age most of the time, but the adults are just so irritating and think they can control teens who don't agree with everything they say??

Because they’ve convinced themselves that they know everything, and those kinds of people are insufferable.

In all seriousness, though, you have to be really careful with people like that. They might very well just be completely immature adults showing themselves up as both ignorant and mildly annoying, but considering how controlling and cult-like some of the “SJW” rules are, there is genuine potential for grooming or manipulation of minors, which is incredibly dangerous.

I’m not saying that all or even most of those people are like that, not at all, because the majority of adults arguing with minors on this site is a completely innocent “I think that you’re wrong and I’m going to tell you why,” but everyone should be aware that this is not a safe site.

I just worry about “morality purists” on here, because they’re the ones most likely to hide something both serious and worrying about themselves. And knowing how impressionable young teenagers are, if they end up moulding themselves to impress a specific adult user and relying on what they say is “good,” then that is perfect abuser-bait.

I’m sure that most adults doing this are just moralisers addicted to feeling superior and have convinced themselves that they have no bad intentions, and they won’t fall in this genuinely dangerous category, but, I don’t know, it’s just something that’s been on my mind and been making me feel really uneasy.

History Lesson

I continue to see many on sm try to blame the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina on President Barack Obama because Trump is mishandling Hurricane Harvey. First President Barack Obama wasn’t even President during Hurricane Katrina it was George W Bush. A simple goggle search ppl would have stop that ignorance. Furthermore it the simple tactics of ppl who voted for Trump knowing he is doing a horrible job at being President handling Hurricane Harvey acting like a human trying to excuse all that and more by trying to ignorantly pt out well President Obama didn’t do this r that when President Obama wasn’t even President. This is truly sad that his supporters fall back is always some extorted lie abt Barrak Obama because they can’t handle the truth abt the moron they voted for.

Worried (Stiles Stilinski)

Imagine being a klutz, and you end up in the hospital. When you wake up you find Stiles with his head in his hands.

I paced around my room staring at my phone, as I waited for my friend Stiles to call me back. He said he had to help Scott with pack duty, and I don’t blame him. Scott needs help, and I’m not really suited for that.

Stiles worries about me too much, and he thinks that I’ll have a mental break down under the pressure. I’m not angry about it, because it’s no secret that I don’t handle pressure and stress very well. Not after my father left me all alone. I haven’t seen him in a year, my mother died four years ago, so Mr. Stilinski took me in his custody, not wanting me to live by myself. That, and I’m a minor, so I can’t live on my own.

I’m so grateful to have the friends that I do, but sometimes the life that was forced upon us completely sucks, but I’d rather know what goes bump in the night, instead of being weak and ignorant, not knowing how to defend myself.

Come on Stiles, pick up, you are starting to worry me. I sighed, and I walked down the stairs, but I slipped on the top step, and I rolled all the way down, smacking my head against the hard flooring. I let out a cry of pain, and I felt blood trickle from my scalp. I have to call Stiles before I black out, and I already feel myself fading. I pulled out my phone, and I dialed my best friend’s number. It rang four times, and right as he answered, I passed out.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The first thing to register to my hazy senses were sounds, and every single noise made my head pound. It felt as if a gong was being hit repeatedly, along with a knife being twisted in my head. I tried to open my eyes, and I almost groaned because of the light. I struggled to turn my head, and I saw my poor poor best friend with his head in his hands, his legs bouncing up and down and a fast pace. A nervous habit of his.

“Stiles…” I said, barely audible. His head snapped up, and relief washed over his tight features. It looked like he aged a thousand years.

“Oh thank god you’re awake.” he said, his voice thick from unshed tears.  

“Stiles, what happened?” I asked.

“You scared the hell out of me that’s what.” Stiles said, but his voice cracked, and he had to wipe away tears from his eyes.

“Come here.” I said, and I struggled to move over in my bed. He got up hesitantly, and he sat on the edge of my bed. I sat up, and I was grateful I was able to do that. I threw my arms around him, and hugged him tight. He wrapped his arms around me, and traced shapes into my back with his fingers.

“When you called… and you didn’t respond…” Stiles said, and I felt a tear land on my skin. Stiles never cries. Especially not over me. “I rushed back to the house, and I saw you there, lying on the floor, with blood around you…” Stiles said, his voice cracked.

“Stiles, I’m fine, I’m alive.” I said, softly.

“Good. If you died, I would kill you.” he said, causing me to laugh lightly.

“Honey, that doesn’t make any sense.” I said.

“Just don’t die. Ever. I can’t have that. I wouldn’t be able to handle that.” he said sounding distressed.

“Shh, it’s okay, I’m not going to die. I’m alright.” I said. I pulled away slightly, and I looked up at his tear stained face. He never cries, so this is truly a heartbreaking scene.

“You do have a concussion though, you had to get stitches, but other than that, you’re fine. You’re able to come home tonight. My dad has to sign papers.” he said. I nodded my head, and I sighed.  

“I’m glad you found me.” I said.

“Me too. And seeing you looking dead, I realized how much I can’t live without you. You’re my best friend, and I love you.” he said.

“I love you too.” I said, smiling up at him. He beamed down at me, and kissed my forehead. I’m in love with my best friend, and I worried him sick. I made him cry.  

“Wait… Stitches?” I screeched. He laughed, and nodded his head.

“You’ll live.” he said smiling.  

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After I read YBIAW I saw a post shaming pairings between any of the women in OW with Junkrat because it's apparently canon that he makes them all uncomfortable and I was like "but you haven't even read YBIAW???" Seriously I was skeptical but now Junkmetra is my OW OTP. Junkrat is so misunderstood and I adore him so much, so I'm glad people like you are helping others find his good traits and showing them that he can be a loving, kind, supportive guy even if he is erratic and weird as hell.

This kind of ship hate makes me laugh. Someone wrote a whole post shaming everyone who ships Junkrat with the OW women, and they were serious about it?

Fuck, man. And I thought I needed therapy.

“He makes them all uncomfortable” is not canon at all. There are zero canon interactions between Junkrat and any women in the OW roster. The only interactions in game he has is with Mei and Tracer, and even that is not “proof” that they could not become an item at any point through personal growth and all of that. And what’s more, Blizzard has stated several times that the in game universe is not canon in any way; the interactions between characters there are “what if” scenarios. The only current canon is depicted in the comics and in the future novels that will be released.

I agree that Junkrat is weird and insane and has a whole package of personal problems as well as a flavor of two of mental illness, but I also think his past is very tragic and he does not always have to be treated as “off the handle insane bomber man” because there is more to his character than that. Sure, off the handle insane bomber man is a part of his character, but judging by the lore in the universe as well as what Australia suffered, Jamison Fawkes did not have it easy and adapted well to a vicious place.

I don’t know. I just ignore all of the people getting up in arms over Junkrat being shipped with any of the ladies. They have no basis or canon grounding and I can do whatever the hell I want, so I’m going to enjoy doing it.

Vampire Academy - College AU - Part 19/?

Rose POV

I chewed on my lip and tried to ignore the thud in my chest when Dimitri’s hand brushed my leg. I glanced at him sharply and it was then that I realised that we wasn’t even looking at me. He was totally engrossed in a conversation with Lissa and Christian.

I glanced at his hand, wondering if he even knew that his hand was touching me. The knuckles brushed my leg again making me jump, and I scowled when I noticed that he was grinning. So he did know.

When my phone rang I stood up, thankful for the distraction. Dimitri turned to face me and watched me as I glanced at the caller ID. I sighed when I noticed it was Jake; I had forgotten to call him. I lifted the phone to my ear and sat at the breakfast bar.

Hey, I’ve been waiting for you to call,” Jake said softly. I cleared my throat and looked over at Dimitri and sighed.

I told you that I was going to be with the guys tonight. Dimitri got out today,” I reminded him.

You’re with him now?” Jake snapped. I clenched my teeth and raised my eyebrows.

Yes,” I hissed. Dimitri sat up straighter on the couch and raised his eyebrow, giving me a concerned look. I forced a smile and focused on the call.

Are you two alone?” he snapped. I stood up and headed towards the hallway.

Are you going to make this an issue? He nearly died, Jake,” I snapped. Jake let out a heavy sigh and I could hear him running his hand through his hair.

Yes. He did, and I’m sorry about that. But, that doesn’t make it okay for you to ditch me for him,” Jake snapped. I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers to both sides of my temple. I heard Dimitri step into the hallway and I held up my hand to stop him in his tracks. He frowned and leaned against the wall.

“Is everything okay, Roza?” he asked. I heard Jake grinding his teeth together and I nodded and gestured for him to leave. Dimitri let out a sigh and left the room.

Roza?You really expect me to think that there is nothing going on with you two?” Jake asked softly. “I get it. I do. But, it hurts Rose.” He paused for a bit, waiting for me to respond. When I didn’t, he sighed. “Look, can we discuss this tomorrow? In person?” he asked. I sighed and nodded.

“Sure,” I said softly. I walked back into the living room and Dimitri met my eyes from the couch. He sat up a little straighter and frowned when I sat at the opposite end of the couch.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly. I closed my eyes and nodded. I would be. Just as soon as I figured out what the hell I was going to do.

Jake POV

I had snapped at her. I had been a complete ass, but I couldn’t help it. I could practically feel her slipping away from me. She swore she would give me a chance, but that was before she almost lost him and I knew that it was going to affect us. It was going to affect the decisions she made.

I ran a hand over my face and flopped down on the bed. It was difficult to hate him. That was the worst part. How was I ever supposed to compare to a guy who her friends and family loved? How was I supposed to compare to a guy who got shot literally saving someone. I ran my hands through my hair and groaned. Sleep was going to evade me tonight. I could feel it.

I let out a sigh and made my way up the stairs to Rose’s apartment. Just in time to run into Dimitri who was making his way down the stairs. I stared at him and cleared my throat.

“I’m glad you’re out of hospital,” I found myself blurting. Dimitri chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, me too,” he said. I was about to walk up the stairs when his next words stopped me in my tracks. “Nearly dying really put things into perspective,” he said, his eyes meeting mine.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. “I guess it can do that,” I said, meeting his gaze. I could see it in his eyes. The hint of a challenge behind his gaze. I cleared my throat and met his eyes.

“I’m picking Rose up for our date,” I said. I hadn’t realized how bone headed and dickish my words had sounded until they were already out of my mouth. Dimitri’s lips quirked into a smile and he nodded.

“Yeah, enjoy that,” he said, nodding at me before descending down the stairs. I looked up to see Christian staring at me in amusement.

“That was a really pathetic display. Trying to rub in the fact you’re going on a date with Rose?” he asked. I squared my shoulders and held my chin high. Christian glanced at me and gestured at Rose’s door.

“I should warn you… Dimitri’s going to fight for her. He loves her you know. Can you say the same?” Christian asked. I felt my retort bubble in my throat. Love her? Did I love her? No. But I could. Eventually. Christian nodded and sighed.

“That’s what I thought. Look, I just want you to know what you’re getting in the way of. Rose loves him too. You saw it. At the hospital. You saw how she reacted to almost losing him. Do you really think that you contend with that?” Christian asked, running a hand through his hair. I scoffed and looked at him.

“So why is she with me then?” I asked. Christian gave me a sympathetic look and he shook his head.

“Because she’s in denial. She thinks that being with you will help it go away. But we all know that isn’t true. All it is going to do is hurt them both. And you when everything falls apart,” he said, his voice taking a frustrated tone. I cleared my throat and nodded.

“Well, thanks for the warning. But, I think I will take my chances. I can handle myself,” I said, avoiding his eyes. Christian sighed and turned away from me, shaking his head and heading back into his own apartment.

I swallowed his words and tried to ignore the feeling it caused in my gut. How was I supposed to contend with him? How was I supposed to contend with two people in love? I shook my head and stared at Rose’s door. She might not be in love with him. Or at least that is what I tried to convince myself of when I knocked on her front door.

When she opened the door I felt the wind literally being knocked from me as I looked at her. She looked beautiful. I leaned forward, to capture her mouth in a kiss. I tried not to frown when she turned her face the other way. It’s nothing, I told myself.

I noticed Lissa giving me a sympathetic look and closed my eyes. I was fed up of everyone around us acting like I didn’t have a chance. I had just the same amount of chance as Dimitri did. Liar, my inner voice whispered.

I don’t know what possessed to me. Maybe it was the jealousy, maybe it was the male bravado, but I ended up taking her to the bar because I knew that is where he would be. Rose let out a squeak when she realized where we were and I ground my teeth together when she suddenly pulled down the mirror to check her reflection. It’s all for him.

I closed my eyes and tried to silence the voice in my head as we headed into the bar. I heard Leah greet Rose and I forced a smile onto my face. Rose led us towards a table at the back of the bar and I felt my stomach tighten. She was deliberately trying to hide us from his view which was unusual for her. Usually she would be trying to get his attention. I grabbed her hand and forced a smile as I tugged her to another table, one that was in the direct line of vision of the bar. I smirked when I noticed Dimitri’s shoulders tense and I sat down smiling at Rose.

“I missed you,” I told her. I reached forward, taking her hand in mine and gauging Dimitri’s reaction. I wanted him to see this. To see that I could have her. Dimitri raised his chin and forced the hurt look off his face and met my eyes. Rose sighed and looked at me and she forced a smile.

“I missed you too,” she said. I felt my lips tug into a frown and I stared at her. Liar. I shook my head and stared at her. This wasn’t even about Rose any more. The only thing I cared about was the fact that her ex could see us. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“You haven’t,” I told her. Her eyes sprang up to meet mine and I ran my thumb over her hand. “I’ve been acting like a total asshole, but to be honest, it’s only because I’ve never been the guy who lost before,” I admitted.

Rose POV

I stared at Jake in shock and raised my eyebrows.

“Who lost what?” I asked in confusion. He sighed and gestured at Dimitri.

“He told you that he is going to fight didn’t her?” he asked. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. Jake ran a hand over his face and sighed.

“I’m sorry for acting like such an ass. Look, Rose, it wasn’t fair for me to ever make you promise not to go back to him. Especially not when you both love each other,” he said softly. I stared at him and shock and he let out a bark of laughter.

“Don’t give me that look Rose. It is so obvious. I just…look. I’m not going to try and contend with him. You love him Rose. Your family loves him,” he told me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and I opened my mouth to protest. He raised his hand, cutting me off.

“He almost died. Rose, I witnessed how that hurt you. After something like that…you both deserve to be happy. I just want you to know that I don’t blame you. You aren’t breaking your promise by going back to him,” Jake said, his eyes watering.

“I didn’t say I was going back to him!” I exclaimed. Jake pursed his lips and gave me a sad smile.

“Rose, you can’t use me as an excuse. It isn’t like we love each other. You’re in love with another guy and that is okay. But, I won’t be the excuse you hide behind because you’re scared to open up to him,” he whispered. I shook my head and swallowed the lump in my throat. He was hurting and I could see it. Jake let out a laugh and looked at me.

“Who knows where I’ll find this. But, I know it’s not going to be here. Not with you,” he said shrugging. I glanced over at Dimitri who was chatting to one of the regular customers. Seeing him smiling made my heart flutter. I closed my eyes and looked at Jake, nodding.

I’m sorry,” I whispered. He shrugged and stood up, taking my hand.

“I should have known that the beautiful girl taking an interest in me was too good to be true,” he joked as we walked outside. I leaned back against the wall and stared at him.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. You know that, right?” I asked.

Jake smiled and nodded. “Yeah Rose, I know,” he said as we climbed into the car. The car ride home was filled with the awkward silences I always hated. It wasn’t until I was about to get out of the car that he finally spoke.

“Rose? Don’t waste your time with him, okay?” he said softly.

I nodded. I wouldn’t.