because i didnt have time to draw him

I was born to be a king.

This Inktober seems to be a time of throwbacks to old and beloved fandoms and characters for me. For today, it’s my beloved Loki Laufeyson. He certainly isn’t perfect, but I have a colossal soft spot for him. I’ve never actually drawn him before though, mostly because Tom Hiddleston’s face is a thing of perfection and has always been intimidating to try to recreate, but I suppose now is as good a time as any, especially with Ragnarok just around the corner!

Petting the tum is a dangerous game.

So we all came up with the Familiar AU today on our discord where Roadhog is a witch and turns thief Junkrat into a cat (Junkcat), and is now responsible for him since he can’t figure out how to undo the spell. Roadhog comes to love having a cat around as a familiar because he’s so cute, and later they learn that Junkrat can indeed turn back to a human at random times! What a troublemaker. Cue instincts being crossed over when he changes form.

well whatever i guess this is just my life now

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Hello, I dont know if you got my ask, sorry if you did, I dont wanna be annoying, just sending this in case you didnt get lats one. I was asking about if I can see full version of your maskless Ira from your tees ad because I liked him so much. Or will you draw him again? Sorry again if Im just too annoying, didnt mean to bother you. Have a nice day!

Hi there! I don’ thave zplans to redraw him at this time, but here’s a png of him!

Happy Birthday Goth!

I was in the mood to colour something, so i made a little goth specifically so i could colour his scarf

And i thought since it was yknow the birthday of goth i would post is. along with a few other things…

for example, today i sketched a smol goth in a school book of mine

really rough sketch but i felt like doing something.

Also, have a REALLY rough sketch of goth i did late at night just because (did this one a while ago)

Lastly, have a tiny little sketch i did last night

As you can see ive been obsessed with this little guy lately, and drawing him nonestop.

And i thought his bday would be the best time to post this stuff (even though i feel bad i didnt have time to just sit down and do an actual real piece of art for him)

But still, atleast i did something ;-; i love this smol bean.

Goth by @nekophy

(congrads on your sons birthday!)

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Tweek did you have to deal with Craig drunk on sake?

Craig: despite my dads genes i could drink a lot if i wanted too. alcohol was like less than 200 yen. i dont want to become like the idiot that is marsh though so i actually didnt get too wasted.

Tweek: cCraig was acTuaLLY pretty GooD! h-He did ask thE guy at Karaoke at th-the desk to drAw somE yaoi oF us becauSe he was japanese though…

Craig: wait i thought i asked him for the check that time

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wait wait wait you have an audio of the workshop version of finale??? could you maybe put it up if you don't mind i don't want to be rude but i'm !!! freaking out i just found out that lincoln liked benny???????

I do! I have audio of all the songs from the workshop but the only ones I even listen to are Finale and I Can’t Go Back, because I don’t really like the whole thing that much,, like id much rather listen to the actual amazing version we have, and the workshop is a real downer and everyones kind of mean? (plus in one song they try to rhyme you with mango, which goes just as well as you’d think)

just send me a message off anon and ill be happy to share it :)

in the meantime, have a tiny lincoln who i never draw because who even knows what he looks like (im not settled on this design so am open to suggestions! - weirdly ive only ever imagined him with a hat on so i dont know why i didnt draw one today??)

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Look, I was groomed by my older brother and coerced into having sex with him when I was a child using fictional materials, often comprised of NSFW art of shows I liked at the time. Guess what? He would've done it anyway whether he had access to that or not. The materials he used were irrelevant. He would have tried to manipulate me anyway. HE was the problem, not the shows or the fans drawing lewd stuff. Abusers will abuse people because THEY ARE ABUSIVE. No sensitive media will change that.

This is the fucking point thank you 👏🏼 CSA has existed for centuries it didnt just emerge with fictional content and getting rid of ‘problematic ’ fictional content would not solve the issue bc pedophiles would still exist

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So i just read the strip about midoriya realizing something important and was wondering how the conversation went with his mom?

ok it’s past 3am i don’t have time to draw but i’m excited about this because I love inko gfdgfgjk first they would both probably cry because. they are midoriyas. inko would get as involved as possible gdgh she’d probably offer to do izuku’s hair before he leaves for school.. she would tie his tie properly……. try to give him advice on how to flirt….. but i don’t think she’s very good at it either.. but thinking about her being 100% supportive to izuku is so sweet.
(imagine izuku suddenly inviting shouto over and inko fussing over how she didnt have time to clean the house or buy snacks ruhghgfhbubub.. mom…)

Holy SHIT guys this took so long to finish you have no idea!

I There were so many trials and errors when it came to the water in the background.

So honestly the progress of this print went on for a long time. I’m not sure why I thought this would be the perfect scene to draw and hope you one day put up on your wall. XD

I have very mixed feelings for Leon guys. Like I love him but hes also a little shit but I also want to cry a lot for him because  I mean like my god, someone needed to save him and it didnt happen…


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Should i stop?

I was visiting my dad because my parents are Divorced and we were talking about school and work and he asked me If i was still drawing i answered of course! He looked disapointed, i asked him whats wrong and he answered “wow i thought you give up” i didnt understand and asked him what he meant, he wants me to Stop drawing and Waste my time with it and concentrate on more “important Stuff ,he Really wants me to Work something with cars so i can get a lot of Money and have a perfekt life but im not interested in cars or anything with Mechanics im a bit of an disapointment for him because i Waste my time with drawing and school is not the Problem with my Grades , i Really do love to draw and Wanted to go After school to an drawing or animation school but im not that motivated anymore After our Chat and im Thinking to Stop drawing or Stuff im doing now…..shoud i Stop?

i was unsure about posting this because i didnt really like how len turned out (this is a bit old, this was my first time drawing him lol and i dont really have much experience regarding male characters when it comes to drawing rip ;; o ;;) but eh ill post it anyway have your daily dose of kagamine fanart :’>

Today I met Shia Labeouf and it was the most heartwarming experience ever! As i nervously walked in he sat looking down at a small table as I sat down I said hi Shia I’m genesis and I held his warm hands and he squeezed them and moaned when he heard my broken voice he looked up at me with the biggest most beautiful light green eyes with tears running down his cheeks. As I stared in amazement at him I congratulated him for his very successful art exhibit. And I told him that I was crying cuz I almost didn’t get in and I really wanted to experience this with him. And I thanked him and told him that he is loved and that there was so much love outside for him and that I admired him because he was very passionate with his work and i showed him the drawing i made for him and told him that i wanted to give him something i opened the drawing and told him that those were some quotes that have inspired me and helped me through hard times and i hoped he could relate to them and i showed him the eyes i drew and told him that i loved his eyes bit my drawing didnt do it any justice to which he squeezed my hands and cried i then showed him his profile drawings drew and told him he looked very peaceful that’s why I liked it and that I wasn’t a great drawer but I tried and I stood up and asked him for a hug and he said yes I bend over and hugged him around the neck and he stood up and pulled me against his body and squeezed me and I squeezed him back and I felt so comfortable and so much love that I couldn’t believe that I was hugging the one and only and as he sat down I told him he was amazing and to keep doing what he was doing cuz so many people love him and I gave him a two kisses on the cheek and told him he was amazing and to keep doing what he was doing and he stood up and hugged me really hard once again and I rubbed his head and back as he rubbed my back and stroke my hair and I said thank you repeatedly and I said I had to hurry cuz I wanted my best friend who was next to experience this as well and he started crying and muffled “No!”and hugged me once more, this was the longest hug, then I said if I could take a pic with him and he sat and nodded excitedly and kissed me on the cheek for the pic and then I waited till he turned and took a pic of his face and I hugged him again and held his face and told him thank you for inviting me to his world and I kissed him on the cheek once more. And he put his hand on my heart and i put my hand on his and as he held my hand I said goodbye and left. Contrary to the experiences I was hearing about mine wasn’t awckward at all I felt very comfortable and welcomed and I relive that moment in my head everyday it was that amazing!…..after thinking about it I think what he was trying to say was that he isn’t an object that he is human and he has feelings too I came to this conclusion because he let me feel his heartbeat and when people would just talk to him without interacting with him he would just be motionless and the tears probably were a hint to show that he was still human inside because in the exterior the media just sees him as an object

fish mistake

so how does the bird community feel about the whole maya angelou thing

one day i’ll have my plastic tarp dream house just gotta take it one piece at a time

no i dont want bed monster

can you draw what time it is i dont have a watch

uh are you kidding i am beast at drawing clocks

                                   here you go read em and weep

    why didnt food network tell me about fish blood

why so serious

okay i always wanted to say that now its out of my system

if i killed a girl because i thought she was a fish how much jail is that

forever                     sick vest bro     i’m taxi driver now   why is your area green

i can talk to the prosecutor but you have to tell me what kind of fish it was

                  it was trout [sobbing]

                                                              so i says to him        

                         we have the very best magnets you are going to love it

                 hello is there anything spooky here

                                                                    me i’m spooky hi

kids these days so willy nilly with their arm skin

                                                yeah and there’s skeletons underneath

                   jesus beverly when did you get here

the time is different now i need a new clock

            (damn how did i get so dope at everything)

my daughter thinks she is a dead body

                                             zombies i knew it 

                                                 i am mentally ill

             no you’re not


phew thanks for clearing that up

                              hambul listen carefully to me were you bitten

                           what are you do skull man

                sr fur muh fmm murfm srzrs


                  rr srd, u trk zs zizzrs