because i didnt have time to draw him

pacrolash  asked:

Hello, I dont know if you got my ask, sorry if you did, I dont wanna be annoying, just sending this in case you didnt get lats one. I was asking about if I can see full version of your maskless Ira from your tees ad because I liked him so much. Or will you draw him again? Sorry again if Im just too annoying, didnt mean to bother you. Have a nice day!

Hi there! I don’ thave zplans to redraw him at this time, but here’s a png of him!

Happy Birthday Goth!

I was in the mood to colour something, so i made a little goth specifically so i could colour his scarf

And i thought since it was yknow the birthday of goth i would post is. along with a few other things…

for example, today i sketched a smol goth in a school book of mine

really rough sketch but i felt like doing something.

Also, have a REALLY rough sketch of goth i did late at night just because (did this one a while ago)

Lastly, have a tiny little sketch i did last night

As you can see ive been obsessed with this little guy lately, and drawing him nonestop.

And i thought his bday would be the best time to post this stuff (even though i feel bad i didnt have time to just sit down and do an actual real piece of art for him)

But still, atleast i did something ;-; i love this smol bean.

Goth by @nekophy

(congrads on your sons birthday!)

well whatever i guess this is just my life now

i havent seen a flower shop and tattoo parlor au in a while but a new one just cropped up on my dash so ofc i need to follow suit (again) lol

i dont have time to design karkat right now but consider: florist dave who is a quiet dude and mostly just keeps to himself and his plants, who finds solace in them because theyre quiet and respond positively to him and surely if something can grow under your care, flourish even, you must be an okay person right?

karkat works directly across the stree. he grew up in a kind of shitty neighborhood but it taught him some valuable lessons- one of them being that tattoo artistry is a lucrative business. he loves leaving his mark on people in a very bold and permanent way.

they both know the language of flowers and sometimes karkat comes in to look through flowers for inspiration on his next project and  dave always drops what hes doing to make quiet star eyes as karkat moves through his aisles of greenery.

dave probably gets a tattoo just for the sake of having karkatas handiwork on his body and karkat comes along frequently for inspiration and flowers to set on his front counter to spruce the place up.