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Let me make it up to you (Jooheon) SMUT

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Request: Heyyy I really love your blog. Take your time with requests and you have a great blog! Okay im a ho for Jooheon smuts so can i request one where you two get in a bad argument and he see leaves for a little while, but when he comes back he sees you crying so he gets all dom yet really romantic and gentle to make up for making you cry. thanks~~

IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER! Ill make it somewhat long bc I told you “tomorrow” but its been like 2 weeks i think…….

I hope you like it~~~

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I dont fully believe in islam, i have doubts , its scary. I dont understand how we are going to rot in hell forever because we didnt obey and repented to allah. What if some people did write the quran? dont understand these miracles of the quran because i dont speak arabic? How am i suppose to connect with allahs word when its not even in my language? Idk anymore

You don’t have doubts, you just don’t have answers. A big part of that is that you aren’t reading The Qur’an. The excuse that you can’t read Arabic would be important when we’re talking about a lot of the finer details, but, when it comes to your questions, you don’t need to read The Qur’an in Arabic to get the answer.

You have to remember a few things about God, that He is The Most Merciful, that He does not wrong anyone, and that He is the most Just of Judges. These are all concepts that are repeated, constantly, throughout The Qur’an.

If someone does not have access to Islam, they cannot be held accountable. This is a very basic principal. The debate is over the amount of access, but this is sheer conjecture, as only God knows the proper amount of awareness one must have to be held responsible by God. Again, God is The Most Merciful, He does not wrong anyone, and He is the most Just of Judges. So, when you have those three things in the back of your mind, you should kinda be like:

“Oh, I’m a human being, I only know 5 facts. I’ll trust God, because, well, He made all things. Whew, glad that’s off the docket. Now for stud… er Netflix… I mean, studying!”

The Miracles of The Qur’an don’t all necessitate knowledge of Arabic. They require that you have access to information. That’s why I’d suggest reading Muhammad Asad’s translation of The Qur’an, which is filled with excessive detail and explanation.

Let me give you an example of a Qur’anic Miracle:

The beginning of Surat Ar-Rum refers to something that doesn’t make that much sense if you’re just reading it, even in Arabic (waaaaoooowwww).

The first few ayahs go:

“Defeated have been the Byzantines

in the lands close-by; yet it is they who, notwithstanding this their defeat, shall be victorious

within a few years: [for with God rests all power of decision, first and last.* And on that day will the believers [too, have cause to] rejoice“ [30:2-4]

So, uh, what do you do with this? Allow me to explain, utilizing resources, like Muhammad Asad’s Tafsir!

So at the time, the Byzantines (Ar-Rum or the Romans) are fighting the Persians. The Romans are Christians, so they’re monotheistic, and the Persians are pagans, so they are polytheistic. The war isn’t going so well for the Romans.

So this war is happening during this time. So in 613 the Persians took Damascus, in 614 they took Jerusalem, around 615-616 they take Egypt, and at the same time, the Persians are laying siege to Constantinople, the capital of the Romans. These Ayahs were revealed around 616, in the seventh year of Hijrah. Things aren’t looking good for the Romans.

Now, why is this important? Because the Muslims are cheering on the Romans, and the pagan Arabs are cheering on the Persians, because they are championing their worldview (monotheistic vs polytheistic) and the superiority of the Persians made the pagans feel superior to their Muslim counterparts.

When these ayahs came out, the Romans looked like they were about to be destroyed. So, the Muslims are cheering for their “team” and the pagans are cheering for their “team” and it’s like the Lakers/Celtics vs. Celtics/Lakers (whoever you prefer, I made this mistake in LA) and so these ayahs are like God saying:

“Hey, I know the Lakers/Celtics are losing by 3,000 points with 15 seconds to go, but the Lakers/Celtics are actually going to beat the Celtics/Lakers.”

What would you say to that?

“Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffft yeah right!”


So, you see how I put a * in the fourth ayah? Well in The Qur’an, God uses the word bid’ which is commonly referred to as “a few.” The word, in Arabic, denotes any number between three and ten, and in 622–six or seven years after The Qur’anic prediction–the tide turned for the Romans. By 624 the Roman Emperor had carried war into the Persian territory, and by 626, ten years after this ayah was revealed, the Persian armies were completely defeated by the Romans.

Open up The Qur’an. Again, I’d suggest either Muhammad Asad’s translation or MAS Abdel Haleem’s, but stop saying you have doubts when you really just lack knowledge.

There is a Hadith Qudsi, reported in both Bukhari and Muslim, where God says:

“I am as the perception/assumption of My slave.”

This means that if you think of God in a certain way, He will be that way. So if you see God as merciful, you will seek mercy; if you think God is only angry, that is all you will see.

So perceive of God as God is communicated in The Qur’an, not in your worst fears, because The Qur’an was revealed to assuage us from our fears, and that knowledge of God is a mercy (rahma) for us.

For The Prophet says in Tirmidhi:

“Be mindful of God, and God will be mindful of you. Be mindful of God, and you’ll find Him before you. And if you ask, ask God. If you rely, rely on God.”