because i didn't want to leave anyone

1. i don’t know how to say this so i’m just going to say it - don’t text me anymore. don’t call me. don’t ask me how i am when you feel lonely. don’t check up on me. don’t tell me you’re doing well. i don’t want to hear it. i don’t want to hear it because you fucking broke me. GOODBYE.

2. hey, okay, sooo i thought i could be friends with you but it hurts too much. not that you hurt me that much. no, i’m okay. i don’t cry in the shower anymore. some nights i actually fall asleep before 4 a.m. but then there’s some nights where i think about you and her kissing and it’s all that’s on my mind for days. no, no, it’s not like that. it’s not that i love you anymore or that i’m jealous. i just hate you for what you did to me. so yeah, anyways, just thought you should know i don’t want to be friends. hope you’re doing well though. maybe our paths will cross again.

3. i told myself many, many months ago that if i wanted this to work, if i wanted us to be friends, i couldn’t talk to you about my feelings ever again. i couldn’t turn every conversation into our failed relationship. so for many, many months, i’ve been letting it eat at me instead. i don’t want it to eat at me anymore and you don’t want to listen to me whine so i think this has to end. sorry.

4. hey, listen: some days i’m fine, but the smallest things get to me. like i’m pretty sure i saw you on her snapchat story. it’s none of my business, but i’m really mad at you for it. i’m really mad that you still talk to that girl you chose over me and you still like all of these girls’ facebook photos but you never like mine. and it’s not fair for me to be mad at you for having friends or being happy, i have no right to be, you didn’t do anything wrong. but it still gets to me, still eats away at me, still makes me want to knock down your door and ask you why the fuck you had to leave, why you had to do anything you did, why i poured all of my love into you that i didn’t have any left for myself and you took it and gave it to somebody else. god, this hurts. i don’t want you to know how badly this hurts but it does. i’m leaving you and taking this hurt with me.

5. hey, hope you’re doing well, but this still feels like a nightmare i’ll never wake up from. and i’m sorry, i’m so fucking sorry, it’s not fair to you to have to listen to this shit because it’s been two whole years and i’m still not over it. and that’s my problem, not yours. it will never be your fault that i’m so goddamn sensitive. i’ve never been able to get over anything and i hate myself for it. please let me heal. please leave.

6. hey, remember the summer where i hooked up with the first guy who wasn’t you, when you had me blocked on everything and i couldn’t see what you were up to? well, i still read my posts from that summer and i was actually HAPPY. can you believe that? i was actually going about my life without you and i wasn’t thinking about what you did to me. but here i am again, thinking about it and the only thing that’s changed is that you speak to me. and i would love to be friends with you, i would, i’ve been trying so hard to be for months, but it’s making me so damn miserable. and i’m so jealous that she gets to be friends with you and i don’t. i’m sorry i’m not her. i’m sorry i never will be.

7. i’ve been ignoring your messages on purpose and you keep texting me again and it’s exhausting to have to ignore you all of the time and feel so guilty about it. i just don’t understand how you just don’t get the hint. so here’s a bigger one: LEAVE ME ALONE.

8. hey, okay, i know this is sudden but i don’t want to hear from you anymore. i don’t want to think about this anymore. i want to move on with my life and there’s no room for you in it. it was stupid of me to think that just because you’ve always been a good friend to me that we can be friends. we can’t.

9. hey. first off, i want to say i’m sorry, i just need to do what’s best for me. secondly, thank you for always being there when i needed you, but i don’t need you anymore. for now, it has to be just me. it feels like i’m breaking up with you and we’re not even dating, but this is it - this is goodbye. forever. don’t contact me.

10. all you ever did was hurt me. fuck you. i don’t want to see your stupid fucking name on my phone anymore. fucking get out. leave.

—  10 text messages i’m afraid to send because i don’t want to say goodbye to you, not again
Utena did bring a world revolution

Just not THE world revolution. She revolutionized one world, Anthy’s.

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(I just want to clarify that Utena revolutionized Anthy’s world by planting the revolutionary thought that Anthy could actually leave Ohtori and her suffering behind. It was Anthy’s decision to act on that revolutionary idea, but without Utena’s influence it would have been unlikely that Anthy would have finally freed herself.)

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Fuck coworkers. I have a coworker that's always complaining. He's lazy and tries to avoid working and whines when anyone makes him do his job, and always wants to leave. The other day he asked our manager to be the first one cut, but we were busy so no one got cut, and my shift ended an hour before his. He threw such a fit because he thought I was cut first, and I was just like, "actually, I was scheduled to get off at 4. :)" He didn't even apologize for being an ass over it. He just said "oh."

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I think you're all being a tad sensitive about the letter. Why? Because you all think it's normal to do that? I'd roll my eyes too if I received such a letter. How many shippers have sent one? They didn't name anyone. If the person was watching, which they no doubt were if they are that weirdly invested, then they would have learnt (hopefully) not to be intrusive and to leave their private lives well alone. I really don't understand why people don't get that. Like Cait said, fan respectfully.

I wouldn’t send a letter, but I if I had such feelings and wanted to express them, I think a letter is actually a very respectful way of doing that. It was unkind of them to name that their weirdest fan encounter.

What fans are upset about with Letter Gate is that they casually dismissed a specific, most likely heartfelt letter that someone sent, and then, several days later, ask fans to send deeply personal letters about lost love. You do not need to be a Shipper to think that was a tone deaf move on Starz/Sam/Cait’s part.

Is speculation intrusive? I don’t know. Stalking a data mining definitely is, and definitely cross the “respectful” line Cait was talking about. Being a fan of anything means that you are “weirdly invested”. If that letter was from a real fan, someone who watches the show, is in MPC, donates to WCC, and shows up to cons, my heart breaks for them. Her “weird investment” in OL/Sam/Cait benefits them and they should be happy someone cares enough to write a letter.

we fell out of love 
those are just 5 words 
we say when we dont want
to explain what really happened
how can i explain to someone 
in a couple of seconds 
that when we went our separate ways 
it felt like i fell off a cliff you were my gravity
the same way it holds me down you held me down
so fucking close to you i swear i thought we could never be apart
i fell down i couldn't control the fall i was just waiting to land 
and be dead
the same way i felt while we were in love every single fucking day
i was on top of the cliff looking down waiting for the day you leave
and thats when i would fall over and land so fucking hard at the bottom, it happened so fast 
i dont even remember falling off but fuck i remember the land 
i remember not being able to move or think or sometimes id forget to breathe
i dont know if its because of the fall that shortened my breathing or maybe i didn't want to anymore
you told me maybe we’d work out one day but right now we intoxicate each other, and poison our cells  
your parents fell out of love it took them 10 years to realize it, it was through missed dinners 
and secret phone calls 
and coming home later than they said they would 
you dont realize they’re leaving but in reality they were gone all along you just refused to believe it
how am i supposed to explain to anyone that you were the blood that ran through my viens and the reason why i ever fucking smiled in pictures
i saw you in the sun every sunday morning and i felt you in my covers wrapped around me every single fucking night i was trying to sleep but you made your way into my skin and all the way up into my brain and into my dreams id wake up every fucking morning screaming begging for you to just go away but you were always there
and i cant tell if i loved having you on my mind all the time or if you just fucking stressed me out 
but now i see you in the pills i swallow to fucking try and forget you 
and i saw your tongue between her teeth and i understood maybe we were never meant to be.

we fell out of love


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I read your post about that j2 hug and how upset jen looked after jared went and hugged g and how jen made a joke about them being ""married"" but I didn't see you mention Tahmoh in the background and his hilarious reactions to it all. You can just see him like "Is anyone else seeing this shit rn" and like "This is getting heated af can I leave now" LMAO I can't stop laughing, the poor guy xD

oh yeah that’s true! well i didn’t talk about tahmoh because first i wanted to focus only on j2 and i just simply don’t really know what to make of tahmoh’s reactions! honestly i don’t know this guy at all, i’ve never seen interviews of him, nor con moments so uuuh… sorry haha that’s why i didn’t talk about him, because im not sure of what he could have been thinking

but there has been people who commented in the reblogs of my post saying kinda the same things as you so im gonna trust you guys ok? lol

im gonna try to quickly look into his reactions because it’s true they really look comical (link to vid):

so first he looks at jared, just like jensen does, when the public reacts to J/G pda

he looks like “what the fuck is that gay guy doing??? hugging this woman in front of his husband??”

and then when jensen says “she’s a little nervous you’ll have to excuse her” he makes that “oooooooooh someone fucked up” face while looking at jared and then smirking at travis (a known ITK) lol:

and then jensen says “she’s also “married” so back off… that’s what i’ve been hearing” and well to me tahmoh’s face is like “wow, is this really happening? whaaaaaaaat????” and it’s all in the eyes quickly looking away and the embarassed smile, so exactly like you said he’s like “uuuh can i leave??”  kinda like when a couple is having a fight in public and people don’t know what to do and are just like “……………………………..awkward lol” 

and also to me the way everyone jumps on the joke when jensen says “that really applies to rob” looks like they’re all trying to take the attention away from jensen and on to rob like “ahahahahaha yeah that rob he’s so silly! hahaha” and rob immediately plays the part without hesitating…

and please as always just enjoy jensen’s completely “done with this shit” face, he was so fucking pissed, i’m still shook everytime i look at it lol

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: On page 195 of "The Magician," it says that Sophie "knew just who - and what - " Marethyu was. If this is true, then for the rest of the series, does she know that Marethyu is actually Josh??? She saw the twins battling on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, so the Witch's memories obviously don't have any filter that prevents her from accessing memories about herself and Josh. Why didn't Sophie tell Josh about this? Why didn't she ask anyone? Is this why she didn't want to leave Josh alone on top of the Pyramid of the Sun? Because she knew what he would become? Is this why Sophie tried to keep Josh from using the swords of power in the first place? Was that a vain attempt to stop the inevitable? I nEED. ANSWERS.

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yeah I realize she manipulated people and I don't excuse what she did at all. Donut did bad things and she shouldn't be the leader of teenietots. You forced her off her blog or you would make a whole community unsafe. You barely even told people half of the real truth. You harassed her to make her leave. she didn't want to leave but she did it because she was cared for the baby's in this community. you didn't tell anyone you secretly are running the league because you want all the control ( 1 )

you didn’t tell anyone the members what really happened. You didn’t let her and the members have a real goodbye. You didn’t give them time to talk things out and let everyone know that they will be safe still. You didn’t do that. you just tell them she was bad, yep she was unsafe and a manipulator, but your no better. You manipulated her off this blog. this was her only reason to live. she cared about her members and the members cared about her, more than half of the members still wish donut (2)
was still around. it’s not because she was mama, it’s not because they faught for attention, it’s because they trusted her. She made them feel loved. don’t get me wrong what your trying to do is great, trying to fix what was broken, but you owe everyone what really happened. Why don’t you tell them how you bullied the old agere mods so bad they they finally just left and you made the new league. And you PLANNED to have donut gone. No warning to her and the babies in this community. (3)
so many are inactive and left tumblr because of you guys. you need to fix what you broke. I’m done here.
Annabelle tried to expose her for her trauma blog a long time ago and you didn’t care until recently when the first agere blog fell apart… care to explain this? you just excused this and said it’s seperate from her regression

I would like to thank you for the 5 part message you sent in our inbox because it gave me a lot to think about. You really wanna know the whole truth? Well here you go!
1. Yes I am Wonder of the AgeRe League, it was never a secret and it was never because I wanted power. I was asked to be a mediator because I can be level headed during discussions.
2. No, we didn’t bully the old agere mods. They bullied us. They picked favorites and let things slide. Did you know that they ran screw-agere? Did you know that Vullby would cuss and get mad at us for having an opinion? Did you know that Alpha was never on and wouldn’t stop Vullby’s behavior?
3. No Donut didn’t want to leave, but she had to. We didn’t harass her or bully her. We tried to have a civil discussion with her but she took it the wrong way
4. Yes, we did keep it from Donut because she would have freaked out and tried to turn people against us. Because that’s what she does. That’s what you’re doing. Trying to turn people against us.
5. Yes she “cared for her babies” but she had favorites, she would ignore asks, she would ignore messages from people on discord. I have had multiple people tell me that she ignored their messages on Discord even though she was actively talking in the Teenietot server.
6. Yes some members cared about her but most were SCARED of her! Wanna know what she did?
7. She manipulated Kohina into spending $80 on her so that she would talk to her. She knew people were low on money yet still BEGGED for things
8. She was SEXUAL with an adult whom she had FORCED into a relationship and was SEXUAL with them when they were regressed. They were so scared of her they left discord AND tumblr. She would threaten them whenever they tried to break up with her
9. She REFUSED to remove exclusionists and truscum from the community until an ultimatum was given. wanna know why she refused? Because she didn’t want to lose members and “some of them are nice”
10. She LIED about the Kidheart community to make Teenietots hate them. They never allowed kink, they never “bullied” Donut. She left the community so they kicked her out of the discord cause she wasn’t a member anymore. How is that bullying?
11. In the mod chat, she would constantly talk about sexual topics even though it made us uncomfortable and most of us are adults
12. She posts questionable photos and still has porn on her trauma blog and do you know how many littles and cglre blogs were following teenietots? That means she never blocked them. She refused to use DNI banners because they “ruined her photos”
13. She tried to force Pillar to delete the teenietots blog because it was wrong and she would rather see it deleted then have us run it
14. More than half? Tell me their names. Show me proof they want her back. Because from what we’ve seen we have more support than she ever did.
15. Most of her “900 members” were inactive or deleted blogs or repeated on the list. So it’s not our fault they’re inactive
I’m tired of arguing with people about this. You’re trying to make us look like bad people but we’re doing our best. And obviously you would rather have a manipulative leader over leaders who actually care.

- Star

i’m having thoughts about contacting him again

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He broke up with me right after I had told him about my past with anxiety and depression. I had told him how I didn't have any friends for a long period of time, and how I never felt loved until I met him. Right after I had poured my heart out to him, he told me he didn't love me anymore, and that he couldn't bear to maintain a friendship. I cried, he didn't. I yelled, he didn't. I was so broken, but he wasn't. I haven't loved anyone since, because I am afraid I will break again.

This kinda happened to me too but with friends. Like every fucking time i tell my “friends” about my depression and anxiety, people just don’t want to deal with it so they just fucking leave. And babe, you can’t be afraid of breaking again, you’re so young, of course you’re gonna break it again. But we have to be strong and get our pieces back together and find people who are worth it in our lives. I’m so sorry this happened to you, this guy is a dick and you should be happy that you got rid of him

@ anyone who’s switched barns/trainers:

How exactly did you go about informing your current trainer that you were going to be moving on to a new one?

I’m not going anywhere yet (and not planning to for a while, probably not til next summer but definitely not til after the winter’s over) but I need to figure things out and get a game plan in place so I can stop stressing over it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does respond.

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last year i was raped / taken advantage of (january 2016) and my boyfriend and i didn't start dating till june 2016, and he had asked if i had sex with anyone before but i was scared and so disgusted / ashamed of myself to tell him what had happened to me, so i couldn't tell the truth and i said no. but he found out and he wants to leave me because i lied and what happened to me. i don't know what to do.

It is totally understandable that you lied about what happened. It wasn’t your fault, but feelings of guilt are so common. I think it is important to figure out why your boyfriend is so upset.

1. If it is because you lied, fill him in. Explain how hard this experience is for you, and that you were too embarrassed to tell him. It may take him some time to get over the fact that you lied (totally understandable) but if he listens, he should come around with time and understanding.

2. If he is upset because of what happened, it is time to re-evaluate. He can be angry about what happened to you, that is understandable. But if he is upset AT you, there is a problem. Clearly what happened was not your fault and you should not be blamed. Ever. It is never ok. What happened to you is hard enough, you do not need someone making you feel bad about it as well.

So in short, I think his being upset is a normal reaction. Where you go from here is to figure out why he is upset, and address the elephant in the room. But I want to reiterate that you did absolutely nothing wrong. It is extremely common to lie about these things because they are so hard. And if he is not able to understand that, maybe it is time to re-evaluate. 💖💖

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How do we know Charles didn't know about that statement ?I've seen a lot of other blogs claim that . If so why did Harry do that?

I know that because of my personal contacts. Same contact which told me about Rebecca Deacon leaving (that was my exclusive- I was the first to break it). I don’t expect people to believe me if they don’t want to but I’m facebook friends with @royallysouthernsportsloving @anna8910 @katemiddletons @spartanlady16 @memoriesaremymedicine @johnabradley and @harryandthecambridges and they all know my connection and have seen proof so they know I’m not just talking out of my ass!

But I don’t know where anyone else got it. The feeling was that the statement wouldn’t get past Clarence House or there would be a huge reaction immediately so they waited till he was out of the country to avoid having him catch wind of it or tell him off immediately for it. There is huge tension between KP and Clarence House. 

                               staring at the sea and everything between
                                                      as you watch the world fall.

  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Because I can't trust someone who responds to Americans being killed in Benghazi with "What difference does it make?"
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Her inability of following proper email disclosure protocol, leaving potentially sensitive communications vulnerable on an unsecure server, and being unable to manage two email accounts.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: She uses convenience as her reasoning for not abiding by the law, then covers her mistakes.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: I want no one named Bush or Clinton anywhere near our national politics for at least 2 generations.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: The USA is NOT a Monarchy. She nor anyone else is entitled just because of their name.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: How in touch is she? She's been driven around by the secret service and has been a product of the government for 18 years.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Didn't we have enough drama from the Clintons in the 90's?
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Women are not a special interest group or a pre-existing condition, we are the majority of the US population. It is insulting that you refer to a select number of issues as women’s issues. ALL issues are women issues.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: Competence trumps gender.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: She claimed that she and Bill were "broke" after leaving the White House in 2001 and had trouble sending Chelsea to college. Hillary and her husband have earned more than $100 million over the past 14 years. She has been charging $200,000 a pop (or more) per speaking engagement. Also, in 2000, she signed an $8 million advance for her first memoir. Lastly, her husband, Bill Clinton, also earned millions delivering paid speeches and is reported to have received $15 million for his memoir. Do you need a Merriam-Webster dictionary to look up the proper definition of “broke?” If that's how she views the word "broke" then how can she help real Americans who actually are broke?
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: I'm being told that I'm misogynist for using #whyimnotvotingforhillary even though I'm a woman who is looking at Hillary as an equal candidate rather than just as a woman.
  • Why I'm not voting for Hillary: After announcing, she put on twitter that everyday Americans need a champion, and that she wants to be that champion. I am an everyday American and I do not need a champion. I am my own champion. I do not need a large government to be my champion.
I Know People Think Hades will be Offended by Disney's Hercules but...
  • Nico and Will: *getting ready for watching Netflix in their PJ's
  • *knock on the door*
  • Nico: *looks at Will and raises eyebrow*
  • Will: I'm not expecting anyone, and I made sure someone's there to cover my shift.
  • Nico: Well who the fuck is this, then?
  • Nico: *grumpily answers the door*
  • Nico: Oh, Megaera, to what do I owe the displeasure?
  • Megaera: *smiles because Nico didn't say it was a pleasure*
  • Megaera: Your father wanted me to chaperone this netflix date of yours. Whatever netflix is.
  • Nico: ...Oh? Uh. We've been married for five years.
  • Megaera: Orders are orders.
  • Nico: Where's Alecto?
  • Megaera: *hisses* Paid leave.
  • Nico: Tisiphone?
  • Megaera: Tracking down Cerberus
  • Nico: What happened to Cerberus?
  • Megaera: Long story. Are you going to let me in or do I have to knock you out to come in?
  • Nico: *grumbles* Fine. Come on. Just... Pretend you're not there.
  • Nico: *walks back into the room and flops on the bed with Will*
  • Nico: We have a chaperone from dad
  • Will: *as he's slinging his hand over Nico's shoulders*
  • Will: WHAT?!
  • Nico and Will: *scramble apart as the movie starts and Hades comes on screen*
  • Megaera: *looks at the TV*
  • Megaera: *starts laughing maniacally*
  • Megaera: IS THAT HADES?!
  • Megaera: *jumps on the bed*
  • Megaera: Pass the popcorn. This is going to be fun.
  • *Partway into the movie*
  • Megaera: *as offended as physically possible*
  • Megaera: THAT'S ME?
  • Nico: ...That's Megara, not Megaera, Megaera.
  • Megaera: ...Oh. Oh! Okay, then.
  • Will: ...but Nico, the Furies are giant birds that live in the underworld in the animated series
  • Megaera: WHAT?!
  • -- meanwhile --
  • Hades: *cackling as he watches from the Underworld*
Help for the Blind

A/N: Here you go! This was very different than what I normally write so I am pretty happy with how this turned out. Feedback is greatly accepted. <3 

Request: Can you do an imagine where the readers daughter (13yrs) goes to help Sam hunt and gets hit with a spell that makes her blind for 3 days please?

Warnings: Blindness, cursing, witches, angst, a teensy little fluff, switches between P.O.V.’s, witchcraft.

Pairings: No Pairing.

Word Count: 2,734

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“Check, freshly sharpened.”


“Mom, I have everything, don’t worry, besides Sam will be there, its not like I’m going by myself.” Your daughter explained.

“I know, it’s just I don’t want you to get hurt, or worse.” You said, shuttering at the thought of what horrible things could happen.

“I’ll be fine, I love you, mom.” Your daughter, Marissa hugged you walking off to put her bags in the car.

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*clears throat*

Please don’t ever feel as though you share too much personal shit on your blog. idc what kind of blog you run - nature, booklr, studyblr, fandom, shitposting, whatever - it is YOUR blog. When asked by individuals not entirely familiar with blogging what a blog is, I always describe it as an online, public journal. I know I am not speaking for myself when I say that if people are following you its because they appreciate all of your content including your personal posts and that they want to hear from you.

Please, don’t feel you have to post only pretty pictures, helpful text posts, and only occasional, always positive personal posts. If people don’t like it they’ll leave and that isn’t a reflection of you, but that their interests and your interests have diverged and that’s okay. You still have so many people following you that love you.

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how is planning his departure disheartening? he'd have to be an idiot if he didn't plan ahead, you can't just pack your bags and leave when you're under contract with sm (or any company for that matter) i can only imagine what sm would've done to him if they'd found out about what he wanted to do, it's obvious he had to keep it as secret as possible... and yet we don't know, will never know if he talked about it with anyone in the group, so...

It’s not disheartening because he planned ahead. It’s disheartening knowing he chose to wait until 8 days before the first concert when he was ready to go even before the comeback, when it wouldn’t have hurt them as much. It’s disheartening to know that he behaved like there was nothing wrong around fans and around members for an entire month. It’s disheartening to know that he easily recorded interviews telling fans to come see him at the concert knowing he will not be there. As for whether the members knew about this beforehand, I think their reactions when the news broke out speak for themselves.

I understand he has his reasons. Like I said, when big decisions are made, people are hurt along the way. But I have feelings for the people involved, and I’m sorry but I can’t just say “well, whatever, it had to be done.”