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Bromance Headcanons
  • Naruto: Sasuke please come back to the Village!
  • Sasuke: Naruto it's been 3 years since I left the village. Why won't you leave me alone?
  • Naruto: Because...
  • Sasuke, blushing: omg is he really going to say what I thi-
  • Naruto: Because you are my friend!
  • ___________________
  • Ino: I'm not sure which lip gloss I should wear today. Can you help me out here?
  • Sakura: Oh dear, you don't need to wear any makeup!
  • Ino, blushing: Aww, you didn't have to say that Sakura!
  • Sakura: Anyway, where did you see pigs wearing makeup?
  • ___________________
  • Shikamaru: So Choji, there is one piece of BBQ pork left, are you gonna eat it or what?
  • Choji: Nah, I'll let you have it this time
  • Shikamaru: Thanks, I guess
  • Choji: ...if you'll let me borrow some money to buy snacks
  • Shikamaru: Choji, I have a feeling you are just using me for food
  • ____________________
  • Kiba: Do you want to go to the hot springs? Just me and you?
  • Shino: What about my bugs? They seem to bother you a lot as I know
  • Kiba: Nah, it's totally fine, I got used to them already, besides it's not like I'm going to scream if I see a bug on your body.
  • *at the hot springs*
  • Kiba: *screams like a 5 year old and makes something like bark noises at the same time, while hiding behind Akamaru*
  • Shino: I would like you to stop screaming because...
  • Kiba: *Gets up and runs away with a sonic speed*
  • Shino:
  • Shino:'s hurting my feeling
  • ____________________
  • Lee: I have a great idea
  • Neji: I think I'll pass
  • Lee: You didn't even hear it...
  • Neji: If you want me to crossdress, I'm not doing that
  • Lee: But why not?
  • Neji: You are going to make me you wife/girlfriend again!
  • Lee:
  • Lee: ... so, what's the problem?
angry angsty memes
  • "Stop PRETENDING that I matter to you! Stop looking at me like I mean something - this! Stop THIS!"
  • "I know. Okay? I know, but you keep looking at me like I'm some sort of wounded animal."
  • "Since WHEN?! Since when has it been okay to go behind each other's backs like that?"
  • "I thought we were friends."
  • "Oh, you really led me into that one, didn't you?"
  • "What, did you think it was funny? Making me care?"
  • "This isn't going to be okay just because you APOLOGISE!"
  • "I don't WANT our friendship! I don't WANT to work for it, I don't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!"
  • "Is that it? Do I SCARE you? You think I'd HURT you - are you AFRAID?"
  • "Believe me, you don't want to make me mad."
  • "Get out of my way."
  • "Were you planning on telling me? Not now! It didn't even have to be now, but EVER?"
  • "WHERE WERE YOU? Where were you - the ONE TIME I need you, the ONE TIME I ask for help and you can't be bothered to show up?"
  • "What, and you think that this is enough for me? You think that this - whatever this is, you think this is always going to be enough?"
  • "Don't talk to me."
  • "Get out of my house."

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Is it just me or is media trying really hard to connect H&L with that hand thing? because that discourse wasn't really blown up to be picked up by media, right? tumblr didn't even know it was a topic. What is going on?

well, honestly, the initial article was stupid because i saw nobody talking about that, but in this case, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were people on twitter begging roman to ask that question when harry was in. what bothers me is that i feel like a lot of the time when they’re connecting harry and louis in the media these days, it’s in a way that’s like “oh, the silly fans think this about you two” (for example, with this and with sweet creature, stuff like that) and then harry just denies whatever it is that the fans think (weakly, in the case of sweet creature, but he still denied it when he said ‘i’d lean toward no’) so i’d rather they just……not have the other one mentioned in interviews in contexts like that because it makes us look like idiots and in some cases, it’s uncomfortable for them. niall gets asked about louis’ observer article……and harry gets a ridiculous question about his hand being in a video. if it were actually something that i think would get the general public thinking, oh, are harry and louis closer than i thought??? then i’d be down with it, but instead, it’s always presented as fan nonsense and whatever it is just gets a confused reaction and then it’s denied. the general public isn’t noticing that harry’s eyes are shining while he’s talking about louis, you know what i mean? they’re just hearing him be like uhhhh nope, my hand definitely isn’t in that video. if interviewers want to ask them about each other’s work? yes please!!! that would be awesome. the fan rumors about the two of them though? both the ones that louis and harry have no choice but to deny because they’re closeted and the ones that are clearly false……that stuff is just annoying when it’s asked so i wish they’d stop.

Angie @sslarrysettingsail just made a good point in her tags and I think it’s very likely the case. Just as louis never mentioned harry by name but mentioned the others, harry never really says louis’ name. And it could be because, when they mention a name, it might trigger the interviewer to ask follow up questions specifically about that person. It would be much easier to avoid other topics they don’t want to discuss if the name isn’t even put out there on the table.

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So some people think that it was real ciel stiffening up when rachel suggests they stay home, that he didn't seem to be too bothered by o!ciel not wanting to come along to the boat trip. that r!ciel is just pretending to be nice to o!ciel and doesn't truly like him. What is your opinion on that? Because i'm pretty sure ciel was the one who froze up because he didn't want to be a bother and ruin their boat trip. And r!ciel reluctantly agreeing bc he saw how much it bothered o!ciel. (All shaking)

Hi, sorry for my late reply!

Ahhhh, yes, this panel caused confusion in the JP fandom, too!

I did a quick survey on twitter yesterday about this very question and it seems about one half of the people (42%) think it’s our Ciel biting his lips and the other half (58%) believe it’s real Ciel.

I for one think that this child was real Ciel because I find it a bit suspicious that Yana didn’t draw the eyes and thus made it difficult for us to figure out his facial expression and his emotion. If it were supposed to be our Ciel, I’d think Yana would have just drawn his sad eyes.

One could still argue that this is our Ciel because the bangs go from right to left (which is usually our Ciel’s hairstyle)

but then, in the next panel our Ciel’s bangs look like this (very confusing)

so you can’t really tell them apart based on their bangs this time.

Anyway, I’ll just trust my gut feeling and for now I, too, say that this child is real Ciel who is slightly annoyed that the boat trip got cancelled!

However, I do not agree that real Ciel didn’t truly like his brother! People who know me for some time might know, but I’m an avid supporter of the “yandere real Ciel theory (i.e. RC loved his little brother in a very twisted way)”, so I do believe he loved his little brother. I mean, if he secretly hated his brother and just pretended to be a nice person, what’s the point in continuing acting in this extremely desperate situation?? D:

It is often said that people reveal their true nature in times of crisis, but in real Ciel’s case he didn’t show any hatred towards our Ciel, but instead kept supporting and comforting him until he was killed by the cultists. So I believe real Ciel truly liked our Ciel (and still likes him)!

Got7 Reaction to You Having a Resting Bitch Face

Anon: Can you please do Got7’s reaction to you having a resting bitch face[RBF]? Thank you!

 I actually have RBF too. It’s a bit inconvenient. Thank you for requesting! Reactions and drabbles are still open.

Mark: I think he’d be worried and calm about it at the same time. He’d wonder if he was the cause of your expression or if something else was bothering you. Once you told him your resting face was like that, he would feel like a bunch of weight was lifted off his shoulders.

Is she like that because of something I did? Was it because i ate her last bit of candy? Did I wake her up too early?… oh thank god, I didn't do anything.

Originally posted by jypnior

JB: I feel as though he would already know about that being your resting face. He would observe your face on days he knew nothing bad happened and then come to the conclusion that you had RBF and that he nor anyone else had done something to piss you off in anyway. 

“I know your not mad but let me see that beautiful smile of yours.”

Originally posted by umma-jy

Jackson: Once he saw the sour expression you held on your face he would begin to panic. He’d try to remember everything that had happened recently that may have been the cause. He’d ask and apologize to you frantically wanting to make sure he didn’t do anything wrong. You would have to kiss him to make him stop talking. 

“Did I give you that mean face? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me whatever I did. I’m sorry, please forgive me. Unless it wasn’t me… It was Bam Bam’s teasing, wasn’t it! I swear I’m gonna–” *you kiss him and explain* “Oh… so you’re okay?”

Originally posted by kpoop69

Jinyoung: He saw how quickly your face twisted into an annoyed one. He knew you weren’t actually mad, but just to tease you he would act mad at you. Once you asked him why he looked a bit annoyed he would answer with…

“I don’t know, why are you mad at me?”  

Originally posted by markificent

Youngjae: This fluff ball would feel so insecure and takes things way out of proportion. He noticed that you looked more annoyed and sour than you did happy. He’d begin to think that you just weren’t very happy being with him. You saw him suddenly lose the glimmer he once had in his eyes and asked why he seemed so sad. He told you his reason and then you’d have to explain to him that you have a resting bitch face and is actually very happy to be by his side.

Is she not happy? Did I do something wrong? *You explain* “Thank god! I thought you were gonna leave me soon.” 

Originally posted by jypnior

Bam Bam: He looked at your expression and felt as though he needed to change it. He would try to do many funny things to make you smile, like his version of Never Ever or dance a really bad version of Girls Girls Girls. He just wanted to see you smile. 

“Hey! Look at this” *dabs really weirdly and ends up hurting himself* “Owwww! At least your smiling.”

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

Yugyeom: He would be a lot like Youngjae. He’s very emotional. He’d ask you if you were okay and if he did something wrong. While saying all these things he’d grow more teary eyed. 

“Please, if I’m doing something wrong, please tell me. I don’t want a little mistake of mine to ruin our relationship. I want you to be happy.”… *sigh* “Thank god. I was so worried.”    

Originally posted by soybeantree

I’m sorry if this wasn’t that good but I tried. I hope you enjoyed it though. Sorry for any mistakes. Gifs are not mine. Reactions and drabbles are still open. 

~Admin Mochi 


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Doesn't it like... idk bother you when people send you headcanons with character death or suicide for your Mafia AU? I can't help wondering because you've always talked about how it's meant to be light and fluffy with just some bits of angst and it seems lately you're getting a lot of really dark hcs from people, so I was wondering if it didn't unsettle you somehow

I mean, it’s honestly been bothering me a little ^^;
Headcannons are great and all, but it feels like they have been consistently been getting more and more depressing ;;
I think the thing that bothers me the most is that, yeah, it feels like people are sending them in because they are dissatisfied with the current atmosphere of the AU
Of course I understand that a little angst spices things up, but, anyone who knows me will know I am a fluff monster, and I want to keep this AU light for the most part ^^;

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As a shelter employee, I couldn't agree more that people need to adopt shelter dogs/breeds that fit them. So many dogs end up being bounced in and out of homes and shelters because so many people just think if they really like a dog its the dog for them, then give up when it's more work than expected. It's exasperating. They assure us a million times "no I understand its a lot of work" and then return this lab because it was too hyper when they didn't bother training or exercising it at all. -_-

I’m a dog trainer, so I’ve certainly seen enough of that. A lot of people see a dog in a kennel or they see a picture online and decide that’s the dog they want. Sometimes this works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. You also have some of the opposite problem- sometimes shelter employees are so desperate to adopt out a dog that they give the dog to the first person with cash, when frequently that is a bad fit.

When I was being Petco Mentored, his store worked closely in tandum with a local rescue and one of my assignments was to train at least 5 rescue dogs to the point where they were comfortable adopting this dog out. That was a really fun task and I’m proud to say that I had a dog trained and adopted per week for the 6 weeks I was there. However, one of the dogs I specifically did not work (because according to state law, this dog should be euthanized, and I didn’t want my name on a dog like this knowing this was going on) was adopted, returned for mauling a kid in her new home, adopted to a different family, returned again for mauling 2 kids in that home, and the last time I saw her in the hands of that rescue they were trying to get another family with small children to adopt her without mentioning that she has put 3 different children in the hospital.

My store works with cat rescue and we have had kittens returned because “they’re too energetic and don’t ever settle down”. They’re kittens! Of course they’re energetic! That’s what kittens do!

It would be nice if people actually determined what they wanted in their pet and then sourced appropriately for that, instead of just grabbing the first cute animal they see and deciding that they’ll force the animal to work out in their lifestyle. I’d certainly have a lot fewer frustrated clients if that was the case.

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I had a girl call in to cancel an appointment, but her name wasn't on our scheduling sheet so I nicely said, "I don't see your name, I think you meant to call our other location. Do you need the number?" She just irritably sighed and hung up on me. Of course she called back about thirty seconds later probably wanting the number. I was already having a bad day because of other customers, so I didn't bother answering. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I did call the other store to let them know she wasn't coming though.

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Those three guys were actually stealing avocados from their workplace and reselling them. Did you even bother looking into it or were just immediately sucked into the indignation of other people because they just saw the clickbait title and didn't think it necessary to investigate further, like a dipshit? Because so far, you look like a total dupe. Do more research before you take affront to people getting arrested.

wow, EXPOSED, me, a sham. out in the open. thanks to TUMBLR ANON, my stupidity will forever be cemented in tumblr history. I can feel the ground crumbling beneath my feet, Satan himself greedily clambering up to the surface to pull me to the eighth circle of hell to ensnare me with other fraudulent sinners for an eternity.

as i descend, my last image is of TUMBLR ANON, standing on a podium, receiving an award for avocado detective. tears of joy pour from the crowd of grateful citizens as they lift you upon their shoulders and toss you in the air. my screams for mercy are overshadowed by the roaring applause from all of the people on tumblr who you have helped with this assessment. As I drown in my sins from fraudulent oversight, you are heralded as the king of tumblr for the greatest achievement you will clearly ever make in your life- being a fucking asshole.

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Hi. Have you made a post of your thoughts about feysand in acowar? The more I think about the book the less I ship them and small things that didn't really bother me are building up and turning me off the ship. Not that it was bad... I guess after acomaf I had great expectations and I may be slightly biased because I liked both Feyre and Rhys (individually) less in acowar.

I think you’ll find some of this scattered about in the ‘feysand’ and ‘sarah reads acowar’ tags, but I can kind of sum it up here.

Ultimately, I started ACOWAR with Feysand as my OTP, and finished it with that no longer being true. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint why that is–perhaps part of it is simply me moving on as a person, but a lot of it had to do with how their relationship unfolded in ACOWAR.

There were a lot of little moments between them that I loved: Rhys checking on her over the bond, their first moment of seeing each other again, and some of their really good flirting moments. However, this was sadly overshadowed by some parts of their dynamic that I found troubling. I’ll try to sum it up, because it’s mostly centered on one thing.

There was no conflict between them. These two have such strong personalities, and as we saw in ACOTAR and ACOMAF, they don’t always mesh. I feel like, somehow, the mating bond was an excuse to get rid of that. Besides one moment when Feyre is mad at Rhys for criticizing Nesta, there’s next to no conflict between them. They’re constantly validating each other, even when one of them is making shitty decisions. This is such a tonal shift from ACOMAF, when virtually all Feyre and Rhys did was call each other out on their bullshit. That was almost totally absent here, and I really missed that dynamic. It also sends a poor message that once they’re “married”/mated, the conflict ends and everything’s all happy. That’s not how real relationships work. 

Also, the use of the term “unified front” really rubbed me the wrong way, because those are the words that Tamlin used as a weapon against Feyre. It seemed like a really poor narrative decision to use them in regard to Feysand.

I agree with you that I liked both characters as individuals less in ACOWAR, and this affected my perception of their relationship. Rhys’s character, even his shitty decisions, would have been fine if Feyre had stood up to him and called him out, and if he’d had to face consequences for his actions. But he never really did. And Feyre became diminished, somehow, whenever she was around Rhys. This isn’t to say she had no personality or no flaws or anything, but she seemed to revolve around Rhys more than she had in the past, and I noticed this. Again, their individual flaws would be good character traits if they dynamic between them had remained as strong and ripe for conflict as it was in ACOMAF, but again, they were just letting each other get away with everything. It didn’t seem in-character for them. 

Finally, the death bargain. This is so completely out of character for both of them, I can’t even. Other bloggers have written it so much more clearly, but basically, Rhys is the sort of person who has plans on plans on plans, and he would never leave his court’s future up to chance. He wouldn’t imperil his court for the sake of a dangerous romantic gesture, no matter how much he loves Feyre. And I don’t think it’s in character for Feyre to ask that of him. It’s almost exactly the opposite of how I expected them to behave, and given that this was in the very last chapter, it really ruined the appeal of Feysand for me.

I don’t hate Feysand by any stretch of the imagination. I still enjoy the fics I’ve written for them, as well as their dynamic in ACOMAF. But they’re no longer my OTP, and I no longer feel driven to write fic for them. I’m a little sad about this, but that’s the way things go sometimes. 

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Do u ever think about how we got so many pics of the members sleeping together (whether it's 2 or 3 members) but there's really not a jikook one? Like we know they sleep together sometimes too but it's all off cam :( the closest we got to see to it is JM cuddling JK in the truck when they were filming "I need U" or the photoshoot of wings ☹️ it didn't bother me before but a tae/kooker was bothering me on how t/k are "so real" coz of their sleeping pics or that clip in bv season 1, it's immature

I mean, it doesn’t really bother me tbh, just because it means they aren’t showing off that they sleep together. we know they do because of the hints from them, like “jungkook hugs me in my sleep every night” and “would u rather sleep with jk or yg” and jimin chose jk. or when jungkook was like “i’ll sleep up there with jimin”. I don’t think we need picture evidence because we already have enough evidence to know it’s real. and i think that’s more impressive than having a candid photo posted. 

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Well the anons are as rude as ever, some things don't change... Ko, it's okay to feel some jealousy or nervousness as you see them together, but remember he chose you for a reason and I think there is no day in wich he doesn't remind you that isn't out of pity, is because he cares for you!! He could have waited for Souda to finish the proyect, he could have rejected you. But. He. Didn't!!! Chin up man!

(Haha yeah xD)


Well? I’m waiting.

For what?

Your counter arguments. If you don’t have any then they are right. If they are right then you have no reason to keep bothering me.

….I’m really annoying, huh?


*puts his hand on byakua’s shoulder* It’s okay, Byakuya. I know what you tried to do. But I think right now we should just let him stay with us for a bit. But thank you for trying to help.

….I did no such thing.

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Caretaker, I wanna ask for advice because I just joined the swim team and debate team and I think I'm stressed because I didn't think I was stressed but then I got sick and I have been sick for seven days and I don't think im going to get better soon and I don't know what that means. And I'm really afraid that my sister is going to be better at everything that I want to do and I'll have to do something else so that she's not just constantly one uping me? Sorry for bothering you. I hope ur happy!



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Ah yes the fb arc. The arc where ichigo was human for 17 months and didn't bother to get close to "the woman he loves". The arc where ori/hime tries to cheer his depressed ass up but he ignores "the woman he loves". The arc where he could have left that world behind but he just mopped around about losing it instead. Where he yet again reaffirmed that he was a SHINIGAMI. God I wonder why people would think ichigo should be a shinigami?

you have to be completely delusional to think ichigo enjoyed the 17 months without powers. i don’t care if you think it’s because of him missing rukia or his shinigami powers, it’s a fact that he hated that period of time. this doesn’t even have anything to do with ships it’s just basic comprehension of what happened literally in the first chapter of that arc. even their fav uwu princess noticed the dude wasn’t feeling well and tried (and failed) to help. so did e v e r y o n e else, even keigo. at this point those shippers are just throwing shit at the wall hoping something sticks.

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I know you're not supposed to put fish in a tank that reptiles are once in, but why? My brother said it's because of the ammonia, but couldn't you just use a bleach/water solution? Sorry to bother you! I looked around and it just didn't explain why

I’m not entirely sure about this since I’ve never owned reptiles and only follow a couple of reptile blogs. However, I think I heard that this might be a myth? Something very recently came up on my dash about it, but I’m having trouble tracking it down.

But, yes, under normal circumstances, you can use a bleach/water or vinegar solution to sterilize your tank. That’s a common practice. I’m just not sure if reptiles hold yet another hidden threat that may not be affected by sterilizing.


FT Angst: One Question

A/N: Damn it, Kay; why must you keep giving me angsty ideas. I mean, I love you and all, but goodness, child. Gimme a break. ;-;

Well, for everyone else, this is where the idea originates from…kagero-assassin​ saw this and thought “Oh, hey, it’s a Mira thing”, and then showed it to me. And she asked me to write angst for it for it. So here it is, a super-quick piece. Hope you like it, Kay!

Rated: T
Genre: Angst
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Synopsis: There’s always that one question you have to ask before you lose your chance for good.


Lucy rushed forward and caught her Dragon Slayer friend before he could collapse onto the rubble-littered ground and injure himself further. Her legs wouldn’t hold up both their weight, however, so she had to lower herself onto the ground carefully to avoid dropping him on accident.

Lucy fought to catch her own breath. She was exhausted, battered, and beaten. Her magic reserves were at zero. Every ounce of it had gone to helping Natsu deliver the final blow against Zeref—against his own brother—and finally putting the Black Wizard to rest. By all appearances, it shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for Natsu to suddenly collapse like this…but something wasn’t right.

Natsu felt unsettlingly cold and heavy against her. His breathing was shallow. His dark eyes, which usually shone and glittered with his excitable energy, had become glassy and dim. An odd glowing substance was beginning to slowly seep out of him and evaporating like smoke, to which Lucy had enough exposure to recognize by sight.


But what was it doing in Natsu in the first place? How had it gotten there? Why was it suddenly leaking out and vanishing now?

“Natsu, are you okay?” she asked urgently, shaking him once slightly. “What’s going on with you right now? What’s happening to you?”

Natsu let out a rattled sigh at her questions, a resigned grin playing on his lips. “Man…I was hoping it’d kick in later…”

“What?” A sense of dread locked around her heart. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Sorry, Lucy…” He chuckled weakly and shut his eyes. “It’s been fun…but my road…ends here.”


“Don’t you dare apologize!” she snapped breathlessly, struggling to pull him to his feet. “You are not giving up here, you hear me?! Not after everything we just had to go through!”

“I’m not giving up, Lucy…” Natsu opened his eyes halfway. His gaze was a million miles away. “It really…is the end of the road for me…I…won’t be making it back…to the guild…”

Lucy’s breath caught in her throat once she realized what he was saying.

“Natsu, no!” she cried, holding him close to her. Her throat was burning—please, please don’t let this be the end…! “Don’t say things like that! We will make it back! You can’t just—!”

“Lucy…Zeref created me,” Natsu said, his words slurring. “He brought me back…as his most powerful demon…” He coughed. “Now that he’s gone…all of his creations will disappear…” He smiled weakly. “He created us Etherious in order to kill him…and now we…no longer have any reason to exist…so all of his demons will vanish…” He sighed heavily, shuddering slightly. “And that…includes me. I shouldn’t even…be alive…right now…”

The Ethernano was leaking out even faster now. Natsu was barely breathing anymore. His eyes were completely dead.

The words were stuck somewhere in Lucy’s throat—she couldn’t get them out. This grief was beyond tears. Beyond words.

“I…wanted to see everyone else…before I left…” he whispered, his dead eyes suddenly glistening. “I want to see everyone…Happy…and Erza…and Gramps…even that idiot Gray…I want to see them…!”

Lucy still couldn’t bring herself to speak. She didn’t trust herself with the words that would inevitably come out. She felt so incredibly helpless. Natsu was dying in her arms, and she could do nothing. Nothing…!

Natsu’s entire body was practically glowing now thanks to the dissolving Ethernano escaping all at once. Lucy held on to him even tighter—she couldn’t let him disappear. She had to keep him here…somehow…!

“Lucy…one question…” Lucy flinched and looked down at his face. He was still smiling, softly now. “Do you…love me…?”

Lucy could hold it in no longer—she let out a shuddering sob, hot tears rolling down her bloodied cheeks and dripping from her chin onto his face.

“Yes…!” she gasped. “Ever since I—first joined, I—I’ve loved you…!”

At her answer, Natsu began to cry, and his tears proceeded to roll down his face. His smile was still in place—no…it had grown wider.

“I’m…glad…” he breathed as his tears streamed profusely down his battered face, wearing the happiest expression she’d seen from him. “Because…I…love you…too…!”

And those were the last words she ever heard him speak.

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I'm probably the only person that hates Charlotte not because of Griffith has non to do with him, but she didn't even ask him how he can talk, etc. Then I think about it is either Griffith or being locked up, also why hasn't she been bothered with falconia when is midland originally?? I hope her royalty ass gets concerned for her kingdom at least since Griffith isn't going to be nice once he marries her.

Well tbh I have my issues with how Charlotte is written since I think she’s too passive and two dimensional at the moment (though I have hope for her in the future bc there’s plenty of room for her to grow and she has shown some depth before, eg spearheading the plot to rescue Griffith) but I think these points in particular are a little unfair.

When the first thing your boyfriend does when he shows up again after 2 years is fly you out of a tower with the help of a cool monster idk if I’d think to question his recovery either. It’s even possible she asked off-screen, but not important for the reader to see because imo it’s pretty easy to assume that “magic” is a reasonable explanation when this is a dude who performs miracles.

And as for Charlotte ruling her kingdom, I mean, this is fantasy middle ages in Berserk, aka a world hardly known for granting women a lot of power. I don’t think Charlotte was ever expected to actually take control of a kingdom - she was supposed to get married to someone who would do that. And from her point of view she’s marrying the literal saviour of the world, declared divine by the highest religious authority, regular performer of miracles, who magically created the best damn kingdom the world’s ever seen. I don’t think she’d feel the need to vy for control when by all accounts Griffith is doing a bang up job.

Like idk she’s boring to me too, but her choices and reactions all make sense to me since she’s a sheltered princess without a lot of life experience, so I can’t really direct any ire at her. I just wish she was written to be a little more dynamic I guess, and I can totally see why her passivity would grate on you. Here’s hoping she does something interesting in the future.

Oh and lastly I don’t think there’s any reason to believe Griffith wouldn’t continue being blandly nice after marrying her. Why do you think that would change?

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GOM + Kagami seeing a poster of the newest broadway show and they see their S/O and it says they're one of the leads. They confront her and they tell them, "You've been too busy with basketball and I didn't want to bother you..." Do they go see them perform?

Kuroko would definitely go. He would feel guilty because he didn’t pay much attention to them even though he knew about the show. He just wasn’t entirely sure if they were one of the leads or not. After the show, he would approach them with a small bouquet of flowers before they head out to their favourite restaurant, which is also where he makes it up for them even more.

Kise would be pouting because he knows they are right and he’s upset at himself more than at them. After a long thinking of how to make up to them, he would definitely go to their show. Before that, he would buy a bouquet of their favourite flowers and go to their dressing room, even if he embarrasses himself in front of everyone. He hates if his partner is feeling down because of him.

Midorima would be a bit harsher. While he does care for them, he would still feel hurt because they didn’t tell him, so he could also say a word or two that could hurt them. He would also be a bit reluctant to see the show, but after the conviction of Takao, he would go. It would still take him some time to apologize, because all while he knows he made a mistake, he won’t admit it so quickly.

Aomine would be a bit upset and he could end up in a pretty big fight with his partner. He would feel hurt because he hates it when his partner is like this, acting like he prefers basketball more than them, which would also be the reason why he would be running late to that show. He would be so engrossed into the play that he would completely forget about the time until Momoi or Kuroko call him and ask where the hell is he. He would arrive at the last minute and even though he would still feel a bit upset, he would apologize to his partner and tell them that they shouldn’t think that they bother him anymore.

Murasakibara would be frustrated and feel guilty, which would be shown on his face. He knows that the show means a lot to his partner and would ask Himuro for a suggestion to make it up before he goes to the show. The show is the last thing he wants to miss because even though he was busy with basketball, he knows how much of their time his partner put into.

It would be hard for Akashi to miss something like that. But even then he’s a human and could easily forget about a thing or two, which happens to be his partner’s show. Without a second thought, he would decline and rearrange his schedule for whole evening before taking reservations at the expensive restaurant, ordering a bouquet of roses and even buying a simple necklace/watch just for them. He knows money and expensive things aren’t entirely reliable, but he wants to make it up to them in any way possible.

Kagami would be frustrated and that frustration would reach its peak right in the middle of their small argument that would enhance. When he was alone, after his partner left to prepare for the show, he would think of how to make it up to them before deciding to make their favourite dishes. He would spend whole time, preparing from the first dish to the dessert, using his cooking skills to its best. Then, once he was done, he would go and watch the show, buying a rose before. He would apologize after, even if it was in front of other actors or not before they went back to their apartment for dinner.

Just so we’re on the same page here

Because I keep watching Mark play Evil Within 2 and I’m seriously wondering where he came up with this theory. It makes no sense.

This is Myra and Lily Castellanos:

Notice how they both relatively have the same blue eye color. Of course, there’s this one of Lily during Sebastian’s re-imagining of the fire where her eyes look like a darker shade of blue, but that’s due to the somewhat dark setting

Regardless, her hair is still black like Sebastian’s and her eyes are blue like Myra’s, plus she has Myra’s mouth and nose. She’s also listed as being “American/Hispanic” on her wiki page. Then, you have Juli Kidman, who is described as such in the 1st game and looks like this:

And 3 years have passed during the events of the 1st game. So, whether it’s an attempt by the developers to age her a bit or just regular genetics, it’s understandable if say her hair got darker over time.

Point being: I dunno if Lily really is still alive or if being in these planes of existence fucked up Sebastian’s mental state beyond repair where he’s given false hope. But what I do know is Juli Kidman Lily Castellanos. They don’t even really look the same and Lily’s skin appears to be a bit lighter. Why on earth WOULD she be Lily anyway? What would be Kidman’s endgame to hide her identity as Lily from Sebastian if she WAS her? Despite the Stem World warping people’s perceptions and how untrustworthy Kidman seems (which is understandable to not trust her), Kidman and Lily are different ages. Kidman’s 30 in EW2 and Lily was about 5 or so during the events of the 1st Evil Within. So, to someone with a more observant eye, saying Kidman is Lily is a bit of a stretch. 

HOWEVER, if I’m humoring him for even a second, the only possible way Mark’s “theory” could be remotely right is if Kidman herself was reconstructing Lily’s voice/presence/etc in Union to lure Sebastian in further to do Mobius’ bidding. Other than that, the whole “Kidman is Lily” thing is laughable and I’m not buyin’ it.