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Okay but if you edit out Peridot in that one scene in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis literally looks like she’s telling some kind of dramatic Shakespearean tale and getting super into it.

Alternitively, if you edit Lapis out, Peridot ends up pulling some 2012 Gangnam Style moves

I think we can all agree that Yuuri’s speech was a central scene this episode, and although I’ve seen a lot of people giving great explanations about Yuuri’s use of 「愛」 in his speech and the difference between 「愛」(ai) and 「恋」(koi) there aren’t many people who go further into his speech than that.

Firstly I’ll just briefly gloss over 「愛」 and 「恋」because what they each connotate in the Japanese language is important to the Yuri!!! on Ice plot

「恋」is kind of like a physical love. It describes one’s longing for someone, but lacks a deeper emotional bond. Used for boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

「愛」 is a deep love, it encompasses 恋 but also describes emotional love. While it does mean you long for someone, it kind of implies that you’re willing to do, give, or change something to be with them. Used for family/spouse.

***note: on the contrary, while「恋」does imply a physical romance/love, 「恋人」refers to you’re true love, you’d call your fiancé or spouse that, and「愛人」implies someone you’ve had an affair with. So when Victor uses the word 「恋人」…. ;)))

So when Yuuri says
He’s saying his「愛」is not just the physical and emotional love he has for others, his love is literally his relationship with Victor, it is literally his family, and that it is the complicated/abstract feelings he has for others around him (aka Yuuko, Minako, Nishigori). It is a tangible THING such as actions and words as implied by Yuuri’s use of 「物」 instead of 「事」which would describe an idea or a concept.

Another interesting thing to note is when Yuuri says he has “no name for this emotion”
At first I thought Yuuri might have been downplaying his emotions but then I realised it wasn’t that, it was that Yuuri really just doesn’t know exactly what 「愛」is just yet despite describing it briefly before because he’s still exploring what it truly means for him.
Before Victor, we all know Yuuri had a big crush on Yuuko, hell, he was going to confess in the first episode. But that’s all it was, a crush, which would take neither 「愛」nor「恋」, but 「好き」(suki).

Now I’m sure you know the difference between 「愛する」and「好きです」but just in case
「好きです」refers to a wide range of types of “like”. You use it for objects, hobbies, and topics, or people-wise, friends and crushes.

Through Yuuri’s speech, we are witnessing his growth and exploration of what 「愛」is, what it means to him, and who the word applies to. Most prominent are his developing feelings of 「愛」towards Victor. The phrase
Does mean “to hold on to”, but it also means “to fasten” or “to tie”, and this implies that while Yuuri does not want to let go of Victor, neither does he want Victor to let go of him. Yuuri wants to create a mutual bond with Victor, and he has decided to call this bond 「愛」.

As a side note, here’s further meta on Yuuri and Victor’s developing relationship, shown through the episode preview. It’s very short but 
I do think it’s a cute example of them becoming closer to each other.

Happy Halloween from Data!! 🎃💫🤖✨🍭


An Ichigo to match this Grimmjow. This time I was being really careless with my brushes to see if another “accident” would happen, but nope. I had to fake it.


A quick chart I did this morning. Because I always noticed how particular JJ’s skin was, and then I saw someone talking about him being poc (for example Métis), and I love the idea.

But apparently some people reject the idea so here’s a little comparison of skin tones within the same scenes / art (because light changes.)

For the official arts : “Wrap Up Party” “Sleepy Card Holders”

I wasn’t always sure how to arrange them, since the “darkness” isn’t the only criteria, considering some have more or less saturated skin. So just consider the order isn’t really a “less to more white”, but an attempt to match them by darkness and color saturation.

Pardon my bad handwriting.

Mari Christmas! (*^∀゚)ъ

When gift boxes start falling from the sky, everyone thinks it’s a Christmas miracle. The scores of solid objects blasting through the roofs of their homes moments later remind them that just maybe, they should be worrying about the laws of gravity as well. Some choose to hide from the barrage in their homes, while others decide to scramble outside to seek shelter elsewhere.

Bad choice. The townspeople scream and dive out of the way as a pink helicopter swoops low to the ground. Eight children are nearly decapitated. They’re being comforted by their parents after this traumatizing experience as the helicopter slows its descent and hovers in place.

The door to the aircraft slams open to reveal Ohara Mari wearing a red Santa suit and obviously fake white beard. She takes in everyone’s terrified faces with interest. Then, Mari winks, forms a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and whispers, “It’s joke!

No one says a word. Perhaps they’re in shock over the whole situation. Mari doesn’t pay them any mind and says, “Ciao~” before closing the door. The helicopter begins to pick up height, and the bystanders shake themselves out of their stupor so that they can quickly back away before they’re blown off their feet by the resulting winds. Mari’s helicopter veers sharply right and takes off, nearly colliding with a power line. The crowd watches the helicopter slowly fade from sight in stunned silence.

Thousands of homes are destroyed. The entire town is laid to waste, and children weep at the loss of their image of Santa Claus.

But it’s okay, because Dia is money. Mari will drop off the bill for the damages at the Kurosawa estate in the morning.

She chuckles to herself as her helicopter flies off into the night. With this, Dia will definitely regret telling the Ohara heiress that Santa wasn’t real when they were first years.

It happened last night...

The sweet and lovely donttrustthe20somethingbitch requested some Jensen x reader smut. 

Summary: The reader runs into Jensen (who is single, because I can’t write bring myself to write it any other way) at a Supernatural convention. They are attracted to each other, and smut follows.

Word Count: 1919

Warnings: This is pure smut. It even made me blush.

A/N: Thanks for this request, it’s been a while since I’ve written Jensen. I hope you love it, my darling!

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Okay this is gonna be a long post…yesterday i posted , like an hundred of other people 😂, about the tweets Emily liked before the msp of the show. As you guys can see i study more the social media side of td rather than the shows part because since episode 10 of season 5 i stopped watching ( yeah i’m that petty )… But i follow the show through what i read here on Tumblr… I’m writing this now because i think that what Emily did yesterday is VERY VERY INTERESTING…. This morning i looked at the other former cast members of the show, i thought that maybe they all wrote and posted about the show for support, but she was the ONLY ONE doing it. Chad for example posted about a Tyr3es statue… That is SELF PROMOTION… It is very different from what Emily did… She promoted the show not herself. Why??? And the screenshot of the RS’s article above really caught my eyes. “Is there anyone they can call???” Yeah they could be talking about the junky yard Kids but the thing is SHE POSTED THE ARTICLE and also liked it… Like 👀👀👀👀…. The rest of the article is a shade festival against the show and sorry but i totally agree with it… It’s getting repetitive and even if you stop watching the show for half season and then you decide to start again, you’ll not have problems with it because it’s a never ending cicle of the same things again and again…Anyway…The point of this post is that Emily is promoting the show even if she’s doing other things. She’s filming another “gig” right now still she posts an ARTICLE and the SHOW WRITER’s tweet to ask people to watch the show. She was filming for C0nviction still all her interviews were about twd. I looked up Stev3n, L@urie, Ch@d, Sarah, Jon, Michael none of them did something like this…only her. You have to wonder why she’s doing it…actors don’t do nothing if there is not a come back. Posting about friends/past co workers new projects yes, but always promoting the show where you were killed off in the most senseless way no… Sorry but i don’t understand it. Haters can keep going on and on saying SHE’S DEAD ect ect… But there is something fishy behind all this story and it’s still relevant.

There is some fanart I did for you this morning because your videos make me happy. There is a slight possibility it might get blurry when I submit it, so if that’s that just contact me and I’ll link you to the DeviantArt page. I hope it doesn’t look as lazy as I see it.

[3/100] Days Of Productivity
31.01.16 // I didn’t post anything yesterday because I had classes in the morning and all I did in the afternoon/evening was studying and making flashcards, so I forgot to take pictures lol.
Now I’m planning the month and getting ready to the huge amount of exercises I have to do today. I have a headache and a sore throat so wish me luck 😭.


Today’s Good Morning Post: if someone tells you not to touch them, please take them seriously. Whether you are being friendly or not, it is not kind to assume that what you are ok with, is what everyone else is ok with. It doesn’t matter why someone does not like physical contact; that’s not anybody’s business, and it is very rude to ask. 

I’m sure none of us mean any harm. Remember though that it is important we listen to others and respect their space.