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R76 FicRec

I’ve never done a fic rec before, so I’m sorry if it gets a bit weird XD. But these are possibly my most favourite fics of all time in the fandom, I’ve come back to read them multiple times and definitely will come back to them more and more in the future. I hope you guys will enjoy them as well and please support all these magnificent writers!!!

Note: Some of these have mature content. You have been warned.

1. Breaking and Entering by W4nderingStar

Additional Tags: BickeringSasssassynessthe old dads taking a breaksort of anyways…like i said beforei don’t know how to tagFeelsworking on your undead relationshipNuditybecause heyi just wrote 20k words of them without sexy times so you knowIt’s Timeif you want to know what happensjust look at the rating I mean come on! It’s mature for a reason.LanguageFoul Language

Summary:  Jack and Gabe take the closest thing they can to a vacation. (Sort of)

(Nei’s note: Delicious smut, beautiful, emotional-packed fic surrounding two old men’s stubbornness.Gabriel’s character is wonderfully well-written and Jack’s reactions are absolutely on point. The author is an absolute fucking gift. MUST READ.)

2. Bilingual by misbehavingvigilante

Additional Tags: Slight mention of dubious consent

Summary: Or the one where Jack Morrison understands but doesn’t speak Spanish and Gabriel Reyes would have liked to know about this beforehand.

(Nei’s note: You haven’t read this absolute piece of joy? THEN GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!! Beautifully fluffy, guarantee to stuff you into a cocoon of happiness. Author is also an absolute gift. Better yet, GO READ THE WHOLE SERIES RIGHT HERE!!!)

3. A La Minute by bzarcher

Additional TagsFine DiningFoodCookingAlcoholrelationshipsI don’t even know how this happened. Alternate Universe - Modern SettingAlternate Universe - Restaurantwhy yes gabe you ARE gay for Jack Morrison

Summary: Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison have been working to revamp the menu at Overwatch, but their executive Chef just threw them both a major curveball. (Note: Several characters are mentioned in passing but do not have speaking roles.)

(Nei’s note: Interesting details of the culinary world, beautiful depiction of Gabe being a longing, stubborn idiot. A pinch of tension, a dash of brilliant character interaction. Simply delicious.)

4. Give up the ghost by EtLaBete

Additional Tags: ReunionsLove/HateTextingReaper feelsAngst and Light Fluff

Summary: The vigilante known as Soldier: 76 sends messages to a number he thinks belongs to a dead man, and it does, technically, except Reaper reads them, every last one, and he can only stay a ghost for so long.

(Nei’s note: The feeling of angst and bitter-sweetness in this fic won’t leave you reeling, but definitely form a sad knot in your chest. Gabriel is depicted so wonderfully in here, and you can keenly feel his warring emotions. Absolutely beautiful read.)

5. One Night of Many by nb_vint  

Additional TagsFluffLet the boys restCharacter Study

Summary: Gabriel wasn’t usually this talkative, Jack must’ve looked more like shit than he thought. Was it failure to not mask this pain? Either way it was getting late enough that acting like this didn’t faze him was more trouble than it seemed. Maybe another effect Gabe had on him.

(Nei’s note: A great take on Jack and Gabriel’s time during SEP. The support seen in Gabriel and Jack’s line of thoughts are wonderfully written.)

6. The Stars Have Nothing on You by pinegreenapples

Additional TagsTrainsShenanigansJack has motion sickness

Summary: Jack’s never been fond of trains.

(Nei’s note: Soft, longing feelings that make your heart ache a little for them. The emotions running in this fic flow fluidly, gentle and sad. Recommended if you’re looking for a quick fix of angst.)

7. Cherry Ice by dkthunderIV

Additional TagsInjuryHospitalsPopsiclesTwo Goofs In Love

Summary: Do you ever wonder how Reyes got that scar on his lip? After a good night, Gabriel scares the shit out of Jack and busts his lip in the bed of his truck. Stupidly having no medical supplies or training, Jack has to make a four AM detour to the hospital.

(Nei’s note: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…The cuteness runs strong with this one! Two dorks of men being in love, clumsy and endearing. Bringing ALL the good feels yo!)

It’s been a long nine months...

Okay, maybe not my entire life, but most definitely since Comic Con ‘14 when hopedreamlovepray and I went from saying ‘Is it October yet?!?!’ to ‘IS IT MAY YET?!?!’ because we knew how this season was going to play out, knew it was going to be months and months of angst, but also knew it was all going to come back around to bookend with 3x01. 

And never could I have guessed Porsches and sunsets, but I will most definitely take them. 

My final twelve hours words of wisdom for those of you not as secure in how things are going to play out. 

1. Block anyone in the tags or on your dash that spews shit or gives you anxiety. 

2. Don’t read any of the hundred articles that will surely be released today. The only job the producers have right now is to produce spin, spin, spin. That means Guggs and his posse will be the masters of ambiguity in everything they do even more so than usual. 

3. Remember that above everything this is OLIVER’S story. And he’s on track to become Green Arrow. That means no backwards slide. Forward trajectory only. The LoA storyline will be completed this season and even if the ep ends with him seemingly giving up the hero business we all know he’ll be back.  

4. A T.V show does not spend an entire season keeping a couple apart the way they have kept Oliver and Felicity apart if they don’t intend to put them together. The point of this season was to show the strength of their relationship. They’re solid. They’re more than solid. If death couldn’t break them please don’t think for a minute that a seven year old boy could. No need to borrow trouble for next season. 

5. Have fun!!! We have been waiting for this since 1x03! And after this season we’ve earned every bit of flailing. 

It’s been a hell of a season, but we’re going to see the payout very soon. 

Enjoy! Stay in your fortress. Maybe go back and watch the first half of 3x01 again. Prepare your beverages. Send good thoughts to all the gif makers. And breathe. 



This is definitely my favorite thing about this upd8 because holy hell, for being suspended away from earth since age 13 look at how far Dave’s opinions have grown. He grew up in Texas, a place with one of the most severe cases of heteronormativity and ingrained homophobia, similar to many other children who grew up this way. Reading this made me really happy because this is definitely something a lot of people fail to realize; therefore, seeing one of your favorite characters break down something like this gives you a feeling of euphoria.

[click for full res.]

This is my art for the Summer in Gravity Falls exchange!
I hope your expectations weren’t too high for me to reach, asherlion!

Wow, be careful everyone; looking at the gif for too long makes really dizzy…
Further comments in the tags


a-pbpbpbpbpbffffft. x__X Went in with no forward plannning and no references but somehow I ended up with something pretty nice and not 100% weird anyway. xD

ANYWAY today I read about RadAway and was delighted by everything I read (DIURETIC??? you’ll be basically peeing rads, right?!). Flushing the rads out of your system is NOT definitely easy & fast and comes with side effects but there are VERY few things I can’t turn into fluff. ^u^<3

Their shirts say DEATH and BUNNIES because of that one banter about team names. :DDD

ETA: added colored version. Jay is looking cheerful & so either he’s having a good time and little to no side effects (or they haven’t hit him yet haha. ;u;)

N: Let’s play charades! So, N is sitting on the couch reading the paper and sipping his tea, and then here you come all hot and bothered and whatnot. He’ll notice pretty quickly because you rubbing into his side definitely means something is on your mind. For whatever reason, N will assume you want something with a price tag, but then you shake your head, and then he’ll continue to guess and guess until finally he guesses right. “What do you waaaant? Or are you being nice because what you want is expensive?…What?…Oh, it’s not something I have to buy? Then…oooooh. Well, I don’t come cheap either. *Wink wink*”

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Leo: Leo’s response to your frustration would depend on what he’s doing at the moment and how needy he is for you. If he’s starting to cook dinner for the both of you, then he’s going to make you wait and have you freshen up and relax before he can fully focus on giving you what you want. Patience is the key. But, hey, if you’re that needy, and you really need some Taek-Taek time, and you’re throwing the affection like darts, then he might–no he will cave and literally swing you toward the nearest surface and start…dynamite! “F*ck it. We’ll order a pizza.”

Originally posted by pinkajumma

Ken: Well from what we’ve seen (thatdamnredpantsgif), we can assume that Ken is gifted down under, and because of this blessing he doesn’t have to work to hard to get you…y’know. So, that major confidence gives him the ability to drag out your frustration because he knows what you want. But he’s going to make you work hard to get it. So, he’ll play shy and start giving you little peeks of his skin until finally either you or him drags the other to the cave of moans, groans, and pheromones. “You only want me for my body! Whether it’s my elbow…*rolls up sleeve*…my neck *tilts his head*…or this gift of-OW! OKAY! OKAY! LEAD THE WAY!”

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx

Ravi: You probably won’t have to do too much affectionate gestures, because he’s the type to just drop everything and superman your ass up the stairs and get down to business. Really, all you need to do is breathe on him when you get home from work and he’ll hear the desperation in that one breath of yours and know exactly what you want. Ravi doesn’t waste time. “Was work that bad today? Or do you just miss me? Save your breath, you can answer me physically.”

Originally posted by 20141123

HongBin: Being HongBin’s girl means that you have to constantly know what angle to work him whenever you want something and he’s in a certain mood state. Considering you’re coming home from work, HongBin probably did the same thing not too long ago, which means he’s probably tired. If you’re going to be affectionate, you gotta own it or else he’s not going to get it and he’s probably going to get irritated. And you can’t just blurt out ‘let’s f*ck’ because he’ll turn into a sputtering mess and lose 50% of his stamina. “Hmmm? What? You got an itch? Why are you rubbing up against my side like that?…Ugh. Why are you crawling underneath-OH! Uhhh…OhhhHEEHEE…Wait! The couch folds out remember.”

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Hyuk: Now you know this boy is going to make you ache until you beg for it. This little shit is going to pretend like he’s not understanding your affectionate motions, but then all of sudden start to do some sexy motions of his own just to torture you. Little do you know, Hyuk is psychologically preparing you for the explosion you’re going to experience later, so just humor the boy…man. You know he has to put on a show. Play his little game and you shall be rewarded. “This nuzzling needs to stop. I don’t speak cat. Why don’t you ask me how my day went? If you must know, it was fine. And then afterwards I went to work out *pulls shirt off*. By the way, is today laundry day? *takes off pants and throws them at you before leaving you sitting there confused* I’M WAITING!”

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Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^ & Dearly :3



It’s just as it sounds! An entire week dedicated to our amazing point guard and captain, Kasamatsu Yukio. JULY 29th as you know, is his birthday (or if you didn’t know, you do) and knowing me, you would have at least expected an entire month’s worth of nonstop appreciation (its been like a year actually tho–) for him but sadly, i was away on vacation during the first week of July. I even missed KiKasa week.

Anyway, the rules are simple. Do as you please with those 7 days; if you want to write fanfiction, then write! I’ll read and reblog all of them. Graphics are also very much encouraged because the Kasamatsu tag needs some livening up, don’t you think? Either way, I’m going to fill that tag so. Artwork is definitely wanted; I’ve seen all the Kasamatsu artists out here on the site and I love all of your guys’ work. And the most important one, appreciation. You don’t have to participate in this if you don’t want to, but do me a little favor and take some time to appreciate him because hell, he deserve it. Keep this event PG/PG-13 please. No smut fics and all of that–thank you!

Here are the days:

(his first appearance, who he is, the first time you really noticed him, etc etc etc)

(moments as a point guard / player on the court)

(it’s self-explanatory, isn’t it?)

July 26: ANATOMY
(let’s appreciate his body okay–muscles and everything bc why not)

(moments where he has/uses leadership)

(moments where he’s struggled/gone through a hard time)

July 29: 19 REASONS WHY

I’d like to believe he’s only turning 19, so I titled the last day (his birthday) as 19 Reasons Why. Basically, you’re free to do whatever graphic, write whatever fic that you want. But in my case, and some others if you want, you can list 19 reasons why Kasamatsu is your favorite character or a character that you like. You don’t have to hit 19 or you can break 19; whatever you want. It’s just a day to celebrate his birthday and appreciate his appearances in the show.

Anyway, this is my first time hosting something like this so it’s a bit???bad??but I hope a lot of people will join in on this event because hey, Kasamatsu deserves all the love he could get.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody has for our beloved senpai! 

Meghan’s Top 10 Destiel Fics

For Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, here are my top 10 fics that are still available on AO3. There are a couple favs that have been since taken down (Lost Souls by lastknownwriter I believe is down for publication? That would have definitely made the list!) so I’m only adding ones you can go read RIGHT NOW! MAKE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS on all your favorite fic today!!!!

(In absolutely no order, because narrowing down to 10 was hard enough.) (Well fuck, there’s 11. Oh well!)

Apres (canon) thevioletcaptain - The angels fall. Cas lands in France. Dean comes to get him. The fluffiest fluff to ever have fluffed, WHILE being amazingly in character. Not easy to do. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick top 3, this would be there. (If you made me pick #1 I’d probably die tbh.)

Clean Air (au) anactorya - Holy shit. This is a BOOK. It’s based off a book I haven’t read (but now want to) so don’t let that stop you. It is completely self contained. Post apocalyptic (but not endverse) community lives in an underground silo. They are told they are the only humans left alive on an uninhabitable planet. Until Dean intercepts a radio signal from Cas, who is in another silo. Intrigue, world building, CB radio Destiel - UGH just go read it.

His Fucking Kids Verse (canon) subjecttochange8 - Emma lives, and Claire ends up with Dean & Cas (long before she showed back up in the show!). They retire from hunting to raise the two teens, who are complicated and surly and angsty and wonderful. I really can’t do this verse justice, it’s one of the best things you’ll read in this fandom so get to it.

Pie Without Plot (canon) apocalypse-patisserie & robotmango - Ok, it’s on every rec list ever, but there’s a reason for that. The boys take a break from hunting to run a bakery, for Reasons. AMAZING development for all three of them. Hilarious, heart wrenching, fluffy in-character awesomesauce. While you’re there, read all of Major & Orange’s back catalogs - you won’t be disappointed.

rvr ro11435 (au) @ferritin4 - Dean & Cas work for NASA (but not in space). The story is from Cas’s POV, and he is the SNARKIEST GRUMPIEST POTATO I LOVE HIM. 

The Breath of All Things (au) @twentyonelizards - Dean was paralyzed in a car accident, and is full to the brim with self loathing, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Cas starts volunteering at the care home where Dean is living. Mind the tags, but it has a happy ending (without anyone “fixing” Dean’s disability because that would be gross). One of those fics that sticks with you.

The Story of You and Me (canon) the-diggler - Dean wakes up 2 years in the future, a journal in his handwriting telling him that he has frequent amnesia, he lives in Bobby’s renovated house with Sam & Cas, and oh yeah … him and Cas are a thing. Domestic adorableness with a twist. This fic will tear you apart and put you back together. HAPPY ENDING I promise, even through some angst.

What I Need (au) Jacqueline Albright-Beckett - Dean is a surgical tech, and he’s just been assigned to the biggest asshole of a surgeon (Cas of course!). Enemies to lovers, hospital!Destiel, amazing banter and characterizations. SO much snark and sexual tension, omg!

Every Living Thing (canon) Askance - Wow. This is. Wow. Talk about sticking with you, you’ll never get this fic out of your head. It’s literally the end of the world. The boys try for a while to stop it, but have to concede that there is nothing more they can do. They hole up in an abandoned firehouse while the last Great Flood destroys the world. Angst, hurt/comfort, finding each other in the darkest times, there is great Sam development as well. AMBIGUOUS ENDING - you can read it as hopeful, or as MCD, so if that bothers you you should steer clear.

Every Man’s Got a Right (canon) MollyC - Endverse-not-really-endverse! I’ve seen a few fic with this premise, but this is my favorite. Instead of dying, Endverse!Cas gets sent back in time to the Wincheseters circa Season 2. We follow them as they go through the cases & plot points leading up to the apocalypse, with the added bonus of Endverse Cas along for the ride. I *devoured* this fic! This should have much more kudos than it does, but it was wrongly tagged MCD for a while.

Just More of the Same Verse (canon) outpastthemoat - This fic will make you ache. Cas falls, and is completely overwhelmed and nonfunctional. This is the long process of Cas & Dean figuring out who they each are now, and who & what they are together. This will pierce your very soul, but definitely in a good way. Hurt/comfort of the absolute best kind.

(Honorable Mention - Hands, From Which All Things Are Built (canon). Of the 5000 fic written between S8 & 9, this is arguably the best. Not making my “official” list because PWP is up there already, but this fic singlehandedly made texting!Destiel EVERYONE’S jam. You better not pass it up because it’s rated T. I will find you and I will end you.)

It’s tiresome seeing writers having to deal with criticism that isn’t constructive in anyway. It is all based on preferences (ships, bottoms, etc). If you can offer criticism that can better writing or make the writer aware of something potentially harmful/incorrect/etc than go ahead. But if you don’t like who they chose to write together, who they chose to bottom or top, what kinks they write, what au they write, then don’t read the fic and definitely don’t send the writer a rude message just because you don’t like it. Tags are there for a reason, if it is improperly tagged than send a non rude message to the writer about it.

And writers, I know it is difficult not to respond to those messages and to just delete them but that’s my suggestion. But I hope it does not deter your writing, or make you feel bad about your writing because those types of complaints aren’t regarding your quality of writing. I don’t think a lot of people understand how much is put into fics, time effort etc. We enjoy writing and we want people to enjoy reading, so it can be a downer when people complain about things like that. When we put hours and hours into a 50k fic but we get a complaint about the one 2k scene where the ‘wrong’ person is bottoming, or people get complaints because you wrote about a ship YOU like and one they don’t like. It shouldn’t be bothersome but it is. And it’s annoying that it is so bothersome.

Writers, you are amazing, you are appreciated and thank you so much for contributing to the fandom. Readers, you are too. Your support means the world, and there’s definitely a lot of positive support out there, but the irritating messages always seem to stick out more and that is incredibly frustrating.

If you have the time, I recommend reading this series. It’s called Actually, I do Make the Rules and it’s just a beautiful series filled with tears and love.

It follows Bitty’s relationship with his parents as he grows up, mostly told from his parent’s point of view and near the end it’s third person point of view. There’s a lot of misunderstanding and some angst between Bitty and his family, but it works out in the end.

Definitely read the tags though, because they are important to your safety and health.

Really, please read this series. It was written so beautifully and I was unable to stop until I finished it. I cried a lot during this because of how easy it is to imagine the scenes going on as though you were there with the characters.

I´m sorry if you tagged me in “people you want to meet irl” and “people I´m thankful for”-posts and I didn´t respond. It´s obviously not because I don´t like you, but because I would try to tag you all and that would take days <3

So here´s to you, who reads this: I love you. I love living in a world with YOU in it. And I´d definitely love to be your friend <3

Hello new followers!  It’s getting hot in here from all of you lovelies.  Let me cool off and take a moment to say hello… and *thank you* from the bottom of my black little heart for allowing me on your dash!  You give me the wiggly-puppy-tail feelings, all of them.

Just a reminder that I’m a dirty lady and some of my stuff is definitely for mature audiences.

If you like to make comments on posts/reblogs, or add interesting tags to your posts, then I am much likelier to follow you back  I appreciate discourse here, and love reading what you have to say.  

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09tilinfinity01 replied to your post: @09tilinfinity01 your tags give me life and I…

!! Man, how nice, thanks for that. It’s weird because on the one hand I do put effort in to keep my tags interesting but at the same time I never actually expect anyone to read them? Like I mostly just post here thinking I’m yelling into a void and knowing that people are actually paying attention is a little intimidating. Plus Jennifer is really fun to tease.

Don’t be intimidated; I’m definitely NOT taking notes on you for later use.

memory-for-trifles replied to your post “10 Favorites”

UGH #same re: Lupin! I still hold a tiny grudge against JK even though I wasn’t obsessive about Harry Potter.

And I’m #same re: was never obsessive about Harry Potter! I feel like I have such an odd relationship to those books, because I’ve read/own them all, but my feelings about Harry Potter have only ever existed while I’m reading them. As soon as I put them down, I would forget all about it. To the point that I never really had any urge to see the movies — although I’ve seen all of those too at this point, because I’d just tag along with friends who wanted to watch them.

Like, I feel this is surely in the same acceptability category as saying your favorite Star Trek movie is Galaxy Quest, but my flat out most adored piece of Harry Potter media is definitely the ARTWORK that is A Very Potter Musical.

anonymous asked:

Spanish anon (?) here, lol. Oh no, I actually really love reading your tags!! I was just curious because I can speak Spanish too (well, for the most part, lol, my Spanish is okay, but it could most definitely be much better) and saw that you were using Spanish (♥) in your tags! :)

Hi Spanish anon!!! So you know Spanish? That’s good!!! Sometimes i tag in spanish because there are times when I can only express myself better in my language, you know when my argentinism wins me (I dont handle English very well as you may have noticed it)I try to tag in neutral Spanish but sometimes I use ‘vos’ or phrases that are merely argentine and sometimes they’re hard to understand if you are not from this side of the world hehehe

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Hey guys! Really quick I just wanted to remind eveyone that if you are a fan of my Starlight series, @what-with-the-egobang-and-such has written for that au! And you can check it out right here:

The works have the “Starlight au” tag and should definitely give them a read because I love them and they are just all around really freaking good.

Thank you for your time!