because i cried when i first watched it and i can't

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Watching everybody get emotional over Seung Hyun leaving for the army I can't help but wonder whether they'll care as much when Daesung and Seungri enlist. They always seem to be forgotten if they're not with the hyung line.

Honestly…you’re not the only one who feels this way.  Not only because TOP is more popular but he’s also the first one to go, so it’s harder in some ways on everybody.  By the time DaeRi are enlisting we’re all going to know what to expect.  Not that it will be any easier…and not that it will be fair…but there probably won’t be this giant fandom wide…mourning, for lack of a better word… that there has been for TOP.  Those of us who love them will just have to take care of each other.  *hugs*

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