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eclair  asked:

I saw you're open for prompts. What do you think of IwaOi with something inspired by a t-rex boudoir shoot? (I couldn't paste the link but it's a real thing and I found it so amusing.) But instead of a t-rex, Iwaizumi in a godzilla onesie or something? XD

i hope u dont mind that i changed ur prompt a bit! this goes under the cut for being “almost nsfw” but honestly it’s just because i’m way too embarrassed to show this art upfront EDIT: we show our kinky art like men and also because eclair didnt see the art lol

i drew oikawa instead because i already drew baby!iwa in this very same godzilla onesie, and i feel like i would have sinned if i drew iwa again (; ̄▽ ̄)   

and because i didnt draw iwa for u & because im me i couldnt resist making an  comic again is2g ( ̄  ̄|||) (read L→ R, as usual):



[All credit for the texts goes for @rorablue, I just put together the pictures]


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

connect [rich g. x fem!reader x jake d.]

( Can you do a Poly Rich x Fem Reader x Jake fic? Preferably where the reader is a big geek and likes to cosplay. (Probably met when reader was doing the costumes for the play)  )

ok but i love this

ok this also went from ‘big geek who likes to cosplay’ to ‘geek, likes to cosplay, does costumes for drama dept. and knows shit about theatre’ because i couldnt resist tbh

this is 10,000 words. brb gonna go die

pls dont expect this from me since this was just something that i got rly rly into writing and got rly carried away

warnings: uhhh none that i can think of other than general language but let me know if im forgetting stuff

        Alright. You could do this. All you had to do was come up with costumes, take measurements, make everything by yourself, and have everything ready in time for dress rehearsal to begin - along with keeping up with schoolwork, going to Hobby Lobby (which, thank fuck you were getting a huge discount for, because otherwise you’d basically be destroying your own shit in order to make anything) to get everything you needed,  and basically do everything your average person needs to survive. So basically, you were ready to die a bit more inside and start multitasking - and lose sleep, but that was normal. What wasn’t normal was the show you were doing costumes for. When Mr.Reyes mentioned doing Midsummer, you imagined you’d be spending your nights sewing costumes for fairies - not… zombies. But you forced a grin and told him you’d do your best, and clutched your sketchbook to your chest, the paper with the cast list and roles jammed in, and the script for the play sandwiched between binders in your bag.

        This was fine. You’d go and watch one of their rehearsals to get an idea of how long everyone would have between costume changes, and Mr.Reyes would be speaking his vision to you as you would hastily scribble notes down, basically becoming a bobble-head as you tried to take into account everything. You’d start doing homework during classes, read online for whatever book and bullshit your way through any quizzes. Maybe you could copy some (or almost all) answers off of Christine if she’d let you. Then eventually you’d start spending your last class taking a nap with Christine in the drama room while the rest of the class did whatever - or working on whatever schoolwork you could if you weren’t tired.

        The things you did for costume design.

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Emma also watched a movie with Bri before heading home and I couldnt resist taking a million pictures because they’re both so gorgeous im gunna cry

Apparently it’s September 7th aka the 250th day of the year. Happy Newt Day!