because i couldnt resist


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

BUCKET LIST: by @honestgrins

“The Caroline Forbes, Get the Hell Off My Back and Find a Life While I Finish Finals, You’re Done with College Bucket List.”

“One, you must finish these tasks in order (no peeking!) before graduating Friday evening. Two, keep Nik with you. I already dragged him into town but I can’t give him my attention, and you’ll need the company. And make him pay for everything, he can afford it. New York’s expensive, and I need you to save your money. I’m not visiting you in a shoebox apartment. Three, take pictures so I can better visualize when you tell me all about this AFTER FINALS. Four, don’t text me, I’ll text you. I’m studying.”


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2015.11.14]
┗ Cute cupcake muffin Matsumoto ♥



“i need a modern day hades and persephone plot like i need air tbh where hades is the big bad mob boss who has so many tattoos and wears leather jackets and kills people for a living and Persephone is this beautiful and nice girl who always had flowers in her hair and wears a lot of flowey dresses and pastel colors but he’s so in love with her hES WHIPPED AND I JUST NEED IT GIVE ME IT”

I read this in the morning and it didn’t leave me. I wanna ink it all up and color it. But couldnt resist uploading what I had before bed. Because today has been a good day and I need to share it!


aaaa sure thing, anon! oh man Zeke’s comments were so telling~ he DEF has a crush on Tina and it’s adorable 8’)

anyhoot, Zeke strikes me as the type of guy who’d want to make the wedding reception real fun and casual - hence the game of tag in the first pic! aand then the weddin photo because i couldnt resist <333

Today was a busy day!

For the first time ever! I got fitted for a wig!!

When I played Oikawa, it was with my real hair!

So many things, so much fun (๑• ̀ω•́๑)✧

I found this rare photo!


It’s super rare

6:52 AM - 17 Mar 2016