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The ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. and FitzSimmons! (…And Spider-Man.)

Me as Jemma, @daisy-in-the-skye as Daisy, @bribuzzz as Bobbi, & @gabitachiquita as Spider-Man.

@feynites #uthvir would be absolutely annoyed that the auction got taken down #they’d tell thenvunin that his distractions worked tho #and that they just lost the bid because they were busy with ~him~ #not that they want to encourage his behaviour of course #certainly not

some angel food distractions because the headcanons for this au are amazing :3

Post-CoHF Mini Masterlist
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  3. (Sizzy) Quiet Reassurances
  4. (Clace) Soundly Sleepless
  5. (Sizzy) No More Broken Possibilities
  6. (Clace) Proposals
  7. (Clace) Falling Up
  8. (Malec) Wedding

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I love reading your metas and seeing how positive you are for endgame Destiel! I stopped watching the show after season 9, because I just couldn't see them ever taking their queer bait anywhere. I mean, you give me hope, but do you really think they'll ever get over themselves and *actually* make them officially a couple? I just can't imagine it because #1 it's two guys, and #2 because they've been so insistent that nothing's there. I don't know, am I making sense? Thanks in advance =]

Thank you this is so kind :) But ummmm… if you stopped after season 9 I take it you haven’t seen season 11 or 12? Cos that is where Destiel took a massive upturn.

We’ve had so many people picking up on their relationship and using it against the other (Amara, Lucifer, Ishim etc), not just eye sex but full on eye conversations, #married for pretty much all of season 12, Dean not even hiding that he’s just plain worried and caring about Cas now, a freaking MIXTAPE…

Honestly I myself had pretty much lost hope before season 11, so I get it, but I still watched it because I still love the show, although it had lost a spark by by feeling it had lost Destiel. Now though, wowzers, it’s back and it’s back with a bang! We have a new showrunner who is taking the story as he sees it, which is very Destiel heavy when you see what he’s written himself in the past and we are heading into endgame where the narratives are all tieing up… imo it’s happening, we’re in it, watching it happen.

I would say just come back and watch it if you still like Supernatural for the other stuff too, it is great. 

I absolutely believe it is headed for canon, season 11′s entire plot makes no sense without Destiel and season 12 is a giant metaphor for Dean facing his own feelings and there is SO much blatant romantic stuff between them that even casual viewers have noticed now. It feels like they’re definitely ramping up for it to be canon now, it makes no sense for it not to be at this point.

This is an Andrew Dabb appreciation blog ;)

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From 8:45 PM to 5:30 AM... I have finally read the entirety of the Master List except for the short fics, and i only stopped because it's formatted really weird on my phone. I have to say, I absolutely adore all of these headcanons, there's so much beautiful fluff I couldn't stop myself from spending hours upon hours reading them! I really enchoi your works~ Keep on doing as you do, and I wish you the best <3

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This was so sweet! Thanks for taking the time to tell us–and spending so much time on our blog~ Hope you get some sleep tonight though :) 

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One thing hard for Larries to grasp is that actually Harry & Louis and everyone around them AREN'T actually following their Larry blogs closely and so on. And so with that anon asking why wouldn't someone have put a stop to it- because they couldn't conceive of someone taking it as seriously as Larries did. Same with how to begin with L&H joked about Larry until they realised how seriously people meant it.


I don’t visit Larrie blogs every day but I do keep up with what they’re generally saying and even I regularly miss out on wtf clue or signal Larries claim have been going on some days.

If you stop paying attention to it, which would be a necessary healthy thing for all of them to not do, then it’d be hard to really understand what’s going on. These things are soooo far away from the realities of their lives that it must be like listening to foreign radio stations.

Like talking about Modes/Cowell etc forcing anyone to fake a baby? Being forced to go drink Starbucks? Being forced to eat junk food when secretly you’re crazy about kale? That all your friends are fake and the only people who love you are the Larries and your bandmate? That you going solo is a smear campaign by Cowell? That wearing blue jeans or khakis is some sign about something? That you’re a lil smoll bean who is constantly balls deep or eating someone’s ass? That you hate your son or are a terrible father because the Larries don’t see you smiling in pap shots? Reading about how your sister’s are actually terrible people and how you probably hate your mother or she faked her own hack?

Try and imagine hearing all of that stuff said about your own life and logging every day just to hear it. It’d be toxic as hell.


Word Count: 2238

Rated: PG

AN: would’ve been better but its late and I’m super tired.

The night was cold and the full moon made my heart pound against my chest. It wasn’t safe to be out this late on a full moon, anyone knew that, but unlike most smart people I always liked to test my luck. Sadly I often had bad luck.

The small village wasn’t safe at night, a rouge wolf had been lurking in our woods and the alpha of the pack wasn’t very happy about it. The wolf was a threat to us and we didn’t have any way to track him. The wolf must have been trained well for being a rouge seeings he hid and masked his scent to where there was no leads on where to track him down.

I looked around when I heard a whimper come from the woods. The familiar sound of whining echoed off the tress that surrounded the village. The village wasn’t too small but it wasn’t large. IT was just enough to hold our regular sized pack. There were no outsiders, but humans did live in our village including me. My mother was a turned werewolf by my father under certain circumstances, and my father was half. I got the recessive gene of being human. It wasn’t all that bad I had protection where I lived, and even though I was human I got along with all the werewolves.

I stopped halfway down the path to my house when a rustling came from the bushes. Curiosity killed the cat. I thought to myself as I made an attempt to walk towards the woods.  I knew I shouldn’t but I just felt some sort of pull towards whatever was out there.

Slowly my feet carried me over to the edge of the woods. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking at the time but I knew that I needed to find out what was hiding. Why was I such an adventurer, why did I have to test my limits?

I walked through the small brush into the dark woods, which was slightly illuminated by the light of the moon above. I was intimidated by how the full moon hung in a taunting manner.

Another whine came from a wolf nearby casing me to walk a bit faster. My adrenaline was pumping and I was becoming more and more eager to find out what it was. Who it was. Was it the rouge?

I fell into a small clearing in the woods seeing a grey wolf not far from me. He looked familiar so I knew he was apart of the pack. His snout was sniffing and nudging at his left front leg that looked to be injured.

“Carter?” I asked quietly walking towards the gray wolf I had grown up with.

The ears of the wolf perked up and I noticed how alert he looked. Swiftly changing into his human form Carter jumped to his feet.

“No Y/N run!” He yelled holding his manhood to keep from scaring me. His left arm was bleeding badly and I knew he would need medical attention.

“Carter.” I said trying to take another step forward, but I paused when I noticed the movement of another person behind him.

Before I had the chance to warn my childhood friend that grew up to be one of our best patrollers the man behind him thrusted a knife into his side earning a loud yell to rise from Carters throat. My eyes widened with fear as I stared into the red eyes of the attacker. The glowed under the light of the moon, but he was no vampire they knew better than to trespass on a full moon. This was a wolf, a very legendary wolf. One that haunted my nightmares when I was younger.

My feet began to carry me back to the exit of the woods before my brain even processed what was happening.

The legend of the dark wolf. The tale says that he was a happy boy that grew up in a pack town in early England. Yet the boy was greedy and would do anything for more land and more power. He was young when he began taking over other English packs, also becoming the alpha of his own. He ruled over all packs demanding them to bow down and call him their king. It wasn’t until he began taking over Ireland when he killed the alpha of a very powerful pack, that alphas mate was a witch one among the most powerful of her kind- a pureblood. The moment she felt the connection leave between her and her mate she casted a spell among the boy making it so that no one loved him, and when it came time that he met his mate she would hate him as well. For years he searched for her going mad so mad that his eyes changed a red color and any pack that stood in his way he killed. Even the children, he adored them but he couldn't bare their sight because he couldn’t have one.

My breath came out in short pants as I pushed myself to keep running forward. I felt like my lungs were on fire and at any moment they would stop taking in the oxygen I so dearly needed.

The sound of feet behind me scared me because I knew it was him, he was following me. I was going to die. At least that’s what I thought. If he didn’t kill me, I would die from my lungs stopping.

A growl sounded from behind me before I was tackled to the ground. I let out a cry struggling to get away from the monster on top of me. His hands went under me flipping me around so I faced him. His red eyes glimmered in the dark evilly. Sucking in a deep breath I tried pulling away from him. He grinned sinisterly leaning his head down only making me want to become apart of the ground and disappear.

“Hello princess.” He spoke inhaling my scent like a dog. The irony there.

“Please let me go.” I whined wiggling around in his grasp.

“No can do my love. I have been searching for you for a millennium.” He smirked.

My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. No, this isn’t happening this is all just a bad dream like the ones I had when I was a child.

“Y-you killed Carter.”

“That mutt deserved it thinking he could get rid of me. I knew you were here. I could smell you a mile away, and now I have you.” He was speaking like a mad man. I was scared he was going to lock me up and hide me from the rest of the world.

I let out small noises as I tried to get away from him. The more I moved the more of his body weight he laid on me. I groaned wanting him to let go of me but nothing was working. The monster was not giving up.

I felt his hot tongue lick a stripe up my neck and nuzzle his cold nose into the skin behind my jawbone just under my ear. A shiver made its way down my spine in a sickening manner. Why me? At least I wasn’t dead.

His lips pressed against my neck in different areas. I whimpered in discomfort, but I don't  think he knew that because he began pressing open mouthed kissed on the other side of my neck until his soft lips met mine in a forced kiss.

I tired screaming through it in order to get him to stop but the man was determined. Slightly pressing harder with each second of my resistance. I could feel his hands greedily roam my body until they squeezed my sides tickling me in the process. A loud laugh left my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I didn’t expect that. But it was nice.

My mind was in a haze spinning either due to the fact I had fallen to hard or the heavenly mix of his cologne and the woods together.

Slowly I raised my hands and tangled them in his what felt like curly hair. For a moment I forgot where I was and who I was kissing until he pulled away with a smirk. I tried to catch my breath while holding the sides of his shirt it was as if he were going to disappear from me. My state of mind was scattered and I wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

As soon as I opened my eyes I was met by the bright glow of his own. “Goodnight my queen.” He spoke softly. His lips met mine once more before his head dipped down to the base of my neck and bit down hard enough to make me let out a soundless whimper. When the rouge wolf pulled away I could feel myself slip into an oblivion.

I could feel myself awakening. I was laying on something soft and warm. The fabric that covered me felt like silk, and the air around me was cold. I pulled the blankets closer to my body trying to keep warm. Sleep. I just wanted to sleep. My body ached for some odd reason but I didn’t care. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

I quickly remembered what had happened the night before and internally groaned. I felt like sleeping until I wouldn’t wake up. I am such an idiot. What did I do?

I sat up quickly only to be pulled back down by a strong arm.

“For fucks sake you move too damn much.” A raspy voice complained.

“Were am I?” I asked trying to sit up but he only pulled me to his chest.

His hard face was more relaxed in his half sleeping state. His chestnut curls covered his face and draped over his high cheekbones. His canine teeth were poking into his pink bottom lip, the lips that kissed me the night before. A scar stretched from the left corner of his jaw up to under his eye, across the bridge of is nose under his other eye, and it curled up under his temple.

Reaching my hand up I began slowly tracing the imperfection on his face. Before I could get under his first eye a hand harshly gripped my wrist.

“What are you doing?” He growled opening his eyes. They were green.

“I-I-I was just- you have beautiful eyes.” I babbled on.

“You my love are beautiful.” He rasped bringing me closer to his chest. His accent made my heart flutter and I had to remind myself he killed Carter. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Did you think I would forgive you so easily? You killed my friend.” I let out a small cry.

“Well I hoped you would understand.”

“So the legend is true, you’re a heartless monster.” I snapped pulling out of his grasp.

“Hardly my love.”

I stared at his green eyes wondering why they weren’t still red. Does he wear contacts? I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at the monster before me. He didn’t seem so monstrous he looked soft and warm.

“Where am I?” I changed the subject wanting to go home to the comforts of my bed where my brother would come and wake me up with an asshole way he would plan out.

“My mansion in England love.” He replied. “I need to announce to my pack that we now have a luna after so many years.” He smiled closing his eyes. His teeth were prefect and white, his pink tongue was pressed against them in a playful manner.

How could this playful boy be the fears of my dreams?

“England?” I croaked realizing I was a whole continent away. “What about my family? I have friends and school. I have a job.”

“I’m your family.” He growled the smile instantly melting off of his beautiful face. “You are my queen, and you will rule next to me. You will bear my children and you will take care of them. Goddammit you will love me like you’ve never been in love before.” The vein in his neck was sticking out and I was beginning to think he was going to tackle me like the other night.

He sat in bed before getting out and pacing around nude. He was nude. Heaven help what my eyes have seen and can not unsee. I squealed covering them hiding my head under the black silk blankets. I cannot believe this man he was demanding I love him and then walking around nude.

“How did I even get here?”

“You were out about three days.” He replied nonchalantly.


How is that even possible?

“Please let me go.” I begged uncovering my head so I could look at him.

With one swift movement he was hovering above me staring deeply into my eyes. I could see the gears turning in his head but his face was stone cold. I knew he was a monster I knew he was unable to feel the emotion of others. He would never let me go.

“You’re not leaving, you will love me even if I have to make you.”

“It wouldn’t be so hard if you were nice.” I snapped trying to push him away from me.

“I get what I want, love.” He replied running his nose against my cheek. “Including you.”

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Wow, I've just finished reading all your blog and I am in love and oh wow and your blog is amazing and btw. Can I request - how would Svt react to their s/o having resting bit*h face but being a cute dork in reality ? <3 LOVE YOU 😘

Wonwoo & Woozi would love it. They’re like that as well, and they’d find it fun walking around and seeing the fear in people’s eyes when they both walk past them.

Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu & Seungkwan would do all it takes to make them smile or laugh. They’d do this every time they catch their s/o making that face to get their dorky side out.

S.Coups, Joshua, The8, Vernon & Dino would find it so cute and funny knowing how their s/o really is. They wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from laughing sometimes whenever they see their s/o’s resting face.

thank you for reading, i love you as much!! thank you for your request ^^

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What are your thoughts on superheroes that use their powers and fighting skills to kill instead of just wound bad guys? Would the public be more likely turn against these people and accuse them of playing "judge, jury, and executioner" than if they had a code against killing? I ask because I'm writing for several superheroes, and I want them to have a code against killing (otherwise I couldn't have recurring villains) but I'd like "public perception" to be why instead of "because it's wrong")

This is a time honored quandary about superheroes and morality. One that has been debated and debated and worked out in comics for a very long time. I’ll start by saying there’s no right answer, so there’s no wrong answer. Killing people is taking the law into your own hands, but so is chasing a bank robber with fire streaming out your hands and trying to blow them up on the highway as a means of stopping their getaway.

Public perception is important for heroes and so is morality, because if public opinion is the only thing driving our heroes forward then things’ll get shaky if they encounter the likes of J. Jonah Jameson. It’s worth remembering that both extend further out and are more complicated than just “killing is bad”. However, if your heroes are wanting to avoid a citywide manhunt then leaving the actual arrests to the police is probably for the best.

If you’re wondering, both work as reasons why.

That said, I have a certain fondness for the Punisher. It’s mostly because he exists in the Marvel universe itself against the backdrop of other heroes, but I do like him. It’s a great examination of what does happen when a “superhero” just starts killing. And yeah, in setting the Punisher is very much a loathed pariah because the argument ultimately revolves around the fact that he’s a mass murderer. The Punisher himself doesn’t care much one way or the other, but he’s had more than a few city wide manhunts for his ass.

The central question for me is always:

What makes one a superhero?

Is it the powers? Does anyone dressing up in a jumpsuit or a leather bondage outfit and going out to beat the crap out of bad guys with a cool, semi-cool, or flat out dorky name get the title?

When you want to get into the nitty gritty discussion, it’s always worth having a concept in the back of your mind of what you think a hero is, what it means, and the form it takes. This will influence your work on both a personal narrative level and a thematic one.

Your going to define what a hero is for your audience. Killing and no killing can both be portrayed as heroic. You’ll see plenty of narratives where the “no killing” justification is accepted by audiences as easily as the “I must kill to save the world”.

So, you need to ask yourself what makes one a hero?

For the average person living in the setting, it’s easy to hate superheroes.

Remember, every time a superhero throws a car at a villain to explode spectacularly they’re throwing away around 20 grand and a person’s livelihood. There isn’t any “superhero insurance”, the car will come back with a deductible on their insurance but the person in question may now have no way to get to work, pick up their kids, and are out a means of transportation. They destroy work places. They blow up buildings. They destroy homes as a casual byproduct of their battles with supervillains. People die.

Superheroes often cause more problems with their destructive tendencies than they solve.

Superhero stories ask the audience to relate to the superhero, rather to the citizens in the setting suffering from Stockholm Syndrome while just trying to get by and hope their not out several hundred thousand dollars because Mr. Miracle blew up their home in an effort to stop the Rampalion Wretch from nuking the downtown area.

Vigilantism is against the law.

Powers or no, a lot of superheroes have powers and the average cops don’t. How do you stop a superhero when they go off the rails? How do you trust someone who takes the law into their own hands?

Cops should be arresting vigilantes and the justifications on why they don’t in most superhero settings is because they feel the heroes are more of a help than a harm, but that can often turn against the heroes when they go off the rails.

It makes sense for a superhero to care about the public’s trust. If they have bad press like Spider-Man then it makes their job twice as hard. Try investigating when no one on the force will talk to you. When the locals think you’re as bad as the villains you fight. How can you figure out what happened if no one will give you access to their crime scene notes, tell you what they saw, or speak to you?

No one.

On some level, a superhero needs good press, public trust, and a good reputation to continue functioning.

If you feel your heroes need to earn that trust or more importantly, they feel they need to earn it, then good for you and them. Many stories out there often just sort of assume it’s the heroes just do. Of course, the author think, my hero will be beloved, they’re on the side of right.

What’s so good about the Punisher when handled right is that he is a bit of a pariah in the Marvel world. He’s a wanted man by the cops, the superheroes, and the villains alike. He lives out of safe houses and the back of a van so no one can find him. He has one real solid contact on the police force that’s unsure if he should be working with him half the time. If it got out that he was, then the detective would lose his job.

A character choosing to take the law into their own hands has their threat level significantly upgraded. How can you trust someone who is deciding who lives and who dies? How can you trust that they’ll only be killing the bad people? Why do they get to decide that? Who gave them the right? What are the shades of gray or are there any for someone this black and white?

Step outside the characters for a moment and think about consequences.

It can be easy to justify character choices when you consider what the consequences of a character’s actions will be for other people.

The obvious justification for kill or no kill is “it’s the law”, “it’s wrong”, and “we can’t stop X from continuing to hurt people, he won’t get caught” or “the system protects them, so I’ll be outside it”.

But you can have characters moderate their behavior for a whole host of reasons. Some may enjoy fame and good publicity. Some may believe they don’t have the right to decide who lives or dies. Some may have parents who lost their home to a super-villain attack and know the personal cost of rebuilding for middle and low-income families when a hero or villain blows up a house.

What do your superheroes actions cost the people they save?

Stop and think about the world your characters exist in. Try to remember that most of our modern superheroes actually follow an antiquated value which doesn’t matter anymore.

The cost of blowing up a person’s car is much more grievous to them as an individual than stopping a bank robbery.

The line in Michael Mann’s Heat when Robert de Niro’s character gets those held hostage inside the bank to cooperate while he holds it up for a robbery: “We want to hurt no one! We’re here for the bank’s money, not your money. Your money is insured by the federal government, you’re not gonna lose a dime! Think of your families, don’t risk your life. Don’t try and be a hero!”

When your character throws a car through a bank window to stop a villain on a heist, they’re actually causing more damage to the people they’re trying to save than if they did nothing at all.

So think this through, think your world through, and the costs for the people who live there.

Once you have that then the practical reasons for why characters behave the way they do will become apparent.


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Sybbie and George in the Christmas Special.

but have you ever considered artist!john going to all of ballet!lock’s practices and watching the beautiful shapes that sherlock makes with his body

and john is just conflicted because he wants to sketch out his gorgeous boyfriend but he also doesn’t want to take his eyes off his gorgeous boyfriend

and so he settles for taking lots and lots of pictures and drawing them later in a large sketchbook filled with just sketches of sherlock uwu

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Do you get a lot of hate for your art? If so how do you cope with it? Because I used to draw fontcest and the hate was so bad I deleted my account because I couldn't take it. I don't feel motivated to draw anymore :C

Omg, i’m so sorry to hear about that!
I think it’s the firts time when i’m REALLY angry for haters. It’s very sad that because of them you stopped doing what you love. 

I don’t care about hate cuz most of that haters just kids which have too much free time. Or maybe they don’t know how to block someone. When i don’t like smth i just don’t look at that.

I get hate, but also i get so many cute and supportive messages from my followers and it’s really inspire me to draw more :3

I’m really very sorry that you don’t feel motivated to draw. But it would be so awesome if you’ll start draw again!) At first you can start doing it only for yourself and then, when you’ll feel that you’re ready, you can start posting your arts again)

And i say it again. It’s just a fiction. We’re drawing fictional relationship between two fictional characters. I don’t see anything wrong in this.

Fuck these haters dude! They are not worth it. You shouldn’t stop doing smth that makes you happy because of them 💙💙💙

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How about Hinata is holding a gun point at Komaeda for posing a threat & Komaeda urges him to shoot, stepping so close that it's right at his chest, but Hinata couldn't open fire. So Komaeda takes the gun & points it at his head but Hinata stops him

Holy hell, this took me a long time to write. I’ve been stuck on this one for about a week because I wasn’t sure of characterization, but eventually I managed to finish it, thank god.

Obvious CWs for #Guns, #Suicide #Self Harm and a bit of #Gore, not much.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He really, really couldn’t believe he was doing this. But they had had to resort to desperate measures, and Komaeda was forcing them into this, and it wasn’t like he was actually going to kill him with this fucking gun. No, he was just supposed to threaten him, and if he ran at him, Souda had said it didn’t really matter where he aimed, but Hinata knew it’d probably be best to aim for the leg.


God, he was fucking shaking. How could he even think about shooting Komaeda? Hell, even about shooting a gun at all? He knew Komaeda had been off the rails since they’d escaped the FunHouse, threatening to blow them up just to find the traitor, but this was…


This was way too extreme.

But, he’d been the one who’d drawn the marked stick, just like Komaeda back when all this insanity began. Back when he trusted Komaeda, liked him, wanted to get close to him, wanted -

Wanted anything to happen but what had happened. Why couldn’t my luck have kicked in, and I could have gotten that marked stick a month ago? Things would be so much different, wouldn’t they?

It didn’t do well to ruminate on the past. Even if it had never happened, Komaeda would still be crazy - just, no one would know it, which would honestly probably be worse. At least this way, they had warning.

What if he runs at me and I panic? What if I shoot him? And what if it’s not in the leg?

He pictured blood pooling across Komaeda’s shirt that already had that ugly red pattern on it. Pictured Komaeda’s smirk briefly falling as the pain registered throughout his body. How would his face react after that? Would he go back to smirking, having died for the sake of hope? Would he look up at Hinata with a look of unwilling betrayal and confusion?

I really loved the hope inside you, Hinata-kun.

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Pairing: Rukia x Orihime

Rating: K

I do not own Bleach.

“Looking to buy some flowers, young lady?”

Rukia quickly stepped away from the display window, hands flying up as if she’d been caught in the middle of a crime. An elderly man she presumed the owner lifted his bushy eyebrows down at her, waiting for her to gather her bearings patiently.

“I—I am, yes,” she finally said, adjusting her sleeves until her nerves soothed.

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I took the tumblr challenge from this post and ran with it. One Piece is my oldest and forever fandom and I am currently neckdeep in Hat Films shenanigans.


 1 - TAKE YOUR OLDEST FANDOM you know the one, that first thing you made art or wrote fic for, where you made all those really weird over the top OCs because you didn’t know any better
2 - TAKE YOUR NEWEST FANDOM yeah, that thing that you love and can’t stop thinking about right now
3- SMASH THEM TOGETHER like freakin’ conceptual play-doh
4 - MAKE SOMETHIN’ OUT OF IT make fic! art! a song! whatever!

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I didn't even realize it at first, but in TF Season 1.10 Lena ran to grab the box Stef was carrying because of her bullet wound, and in Season 2.04 Stef takes Lena's box because she's pregnant. Mamas looking out for each other <3

omg i totally didn’t relate them at all for ages but look at them just running and rushing to save each other from the heavy boxes <33333

My reaction post to chapter 13 of the carmilla hsau

Oh shoot tw drugs please please please don’t be about LaF

Aww they were cuddling


LAURA you dork you thought it was a fake

This is so cute!!

Also Laura. Laura. How do you not realize how in love you are already.

Carmilla. Feels. Safe. Help me.



Oh no, LaF.

Oh no. Perry.








“My mom does love me” KILL ME PLEASE



oh god I almost had a heart attack


Kirsch’s mom is great


“Maybe I’m interested in you” you trolls! (This was perfect!)




“Define pain” (Laura no it’s okay, it’s just love)

Wait no is LaF gonna try drugs

Is JP gonna offer them some??

Oh LaF







(and I was legitimately waiting for a “Laura Laura Laura, you’re dreaming”)

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be honest here, I just don't understand what DE has, that's so special. I mean I stopped watching TVD after season 3, because I couldn't take the whole "Elena's a independent woman, and I love her" vs "I love you (because you remind me of Katherine)" war. I mean, when I look at Bamon I can see them fall in love and it being an epic love. When I look at DE, I see a man that has abandonment issues with women, he needs a strong woman that can level with him, not a puppet.

Standing Ovation!!! (Anon, you are the best!) <3

I rambled...a lot. (Oops?)

So I’ve just re watched Emmerdale and now my mind just won’t stop so I'ma get it all out here. I’m sorry in advance!! 

The first time I watched it I thought Robert was just being his typical awful self. I couldn’t believe he was calling Aaron selfish and saying he gets off on hurting himself, but I was also positive he was revealing (unconsciously maybe?) that he cares about Aaron. 

I still think that, but it’s so much more complex…

So basically Aaron saying he wants to tell the truth because it will make him feel better is (sort of) a lie. He wants to tell everyone because he knows that they’ll hate him and then THAT will make him feel better. It’s almost like a form of self harm. People punishing him is what he thinks he deserves. I think that’s what Robert was getting at. He thinks that Aaron ‘playing the martyr’ (wanted to punch him for that one!) is Aaron being self destructive. At this point it stops being about Robert personally because Aaron’s already said he’ll leave him out of it. It becomes about Robert caring about Aaron and the people around him. (Some people would argue he’s still protecting himself because there’ll be more questions but I don’t think so…) When he tells Aaron not to tell anyone I honestly believe it’s because Robert thinks it’s for the best. He thinks that dragging it all up again will only hurt, not only Aaron, but everyone else too. He calls him selfish because he really believes that he is. I don’t think Robert truly understands just how bad Aaron is feeling about himself (or maybe he will do after last night) but he knows when Aaron is doing something to punish himself. He knows and he cares! He doesn’t want the truth (or Aaron’s truth) coming out because he doesn’t want Aaron to hurt any more than he already is, and he doesn’t want everyone else to go through it, either. Robert definitely needs to sort himself out, and seriously stop, just STOP speaking to Aaron the way he does but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Robert isn’t malicious in what he does and says! He words things wrong, yes! He’s selfish, absolutely! And he’s definitely going about things the wrong way, but I don’t think for one second that he means to hurt anyone to the extent he’s doing. Hopefully last night will have been the wake up call he needed. The two most important men in his life both driven to the edge because of his actions. (And the way the camera always kept Aaron in shot when Robert was speaking to Andy? It was like he was speaking to both of them.) He can’t ignore it any more. I’ve no idea where Emmerdale are taking this but I definitely have a lot more hope for Robert as a character than I did before last night. He’s ridiculously complex and it just makes him all the more interesting. It’s just a shame that some people don’t look, really really look at him, and instead just take him on face value. Because he’s not the villain. He’s not that transparent for a start.