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Neighbour: Harry Styles Preference 1/5

Been a loooooooong time BUT FINALLY here it is enjoy I missed writing! inspired by Travis Garland “Neighbor” <<<best sexy Neighbor song ever! So you should listen to it to understand a little more 

‘Every time I pull up, I be like there she go, you be like “hey,hello”… Start a little conversation say your man’s on vacation you over here tryin to be patient. You nasty (damn) and I know it…girl I can be your fix he shoulda never left ya…now I’m bout to impress ya’

A cool breeze caressed my cheeks as I turned the familiar corner of my neighbourhood, the rich clean cut houses standing perfectly aligned. Trimmed trees leading my pathway as I jogged on the pavement, focusing on my breath as I finished up my daily exercise. My drive way came into view, the back Audi that had been there this morning now gone, reminding me of why I’d gone on a longer run than usual. Negative thoughts tried to force their way in my head, but I shook them off slowing to a walking pace passing the threshold to the front porch. Upon opening the door I heard a loud bark followed by a blur of brown and White,

“Jerri!” I groaned setting my water bottle and keys on the long thin table near the front door, turning to begin the search for the St. Bernard devil I cherished more than anything, “Jerri come back here you asshole!” I muttered frowning to see he wasn’t anywhere in the front yard. As I walked down the drive way a black hummer pulled into the drive way in the house next door. My dread and annoyance intensified ten times more, I looked away ignoring the opening and closing of a car door focusing on the task at hand. Hoping I’d find the damned dog before…

“Hey Y/N looking for this guy?” a slow warm voice echoed in my ears, causing an unnatural shiver to run up my spine. I turned, a bright smile replacing the frown that had up to that point been plastered to my face. My neighbour stood tall holding the collar of previously mentioned asshole dog,

“Hey! Yeah…um thanks” I replied walking down to his driveway mentally cursing the dog who sat as if he’d no knowledge of what he’d done. I could practically see in his eyes the mischievous glint,

“No problem” the man smiled releasing the massive dog who trotted over plopping down next to me, nudging my hand in what felt like a teasing manor. 

“He’s always running off on me!” I laughed about to bid my farewells until the sinfully attractive man before me decided to change the direction of our conversation.

“Yeah. So how are you?” he asked 

“Uh I’m good…what about you?” I replied shifting uncomfortably under his gaze, trying to avoid his beautiful green eyes that could make my knees go weak with just one glance into their bright hues. 

“Cool, I’m great been working…what about Y/B/N (boyfriend) I saw he was back a couple days ago” he ran his slender fingers through his curly locks, his husky voice making me think things a woman in a committed relationship shouldn’t think of another man. 

“He’s on a business trip, he’s doing this team building program for his office, he left this morning…” I trailed off liking my lips, trying to bring back the moisture that seemed to have escaped to other places of my body. 

“Wait so he just came back and now he’s gone again?” I nodded mistakenly glancing into his emerald irises, feeling a familiar aching feeling start up in my nether regions, the thoughts flitting in my mind scaring so much I jumped back.

“Yeah he’s ya know busy…uh shit I’m sorry Harry… Um I just remembered I have to…I have to go…water my plants yes… So I’ll see you..later!” I fumbled through my lies his expression confused and his eyes, watching me as I tugged at my unzipped jacket that revealed my bare midriff and sole sports bra that covered my chest.

“Are you ok Y/N?” he stopped me with his hand catching my wrist, a jolt of electricity from his skin against mine making my mind reel.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” I paused mid-sentence as he brought his palm to my forehead,

“Well you don’t have a cold…and you don’t seem to have the flu…” he began, analysing my face his eyes searching mine intently. A smirk appeared on his rosy lips causing me to clench my fists, “Y/N…Do I make you nervous?” his voice had transitioned to a whisper his face close to mine, the tone behind his words teasing.

“N-No!” I squeaked wishing my body would agree with me, 

“You sure?” he asked his fingers rubbing the top of my hand, making my sub conscience scream with glee.

“Yeah.” I replied my voice still shaky and unsure, he nodded and released me.

“Ok…well I’ll leave you to..water your plants” he smirked, his eyes telling me he knew exactly what was going through my mind.

“thank you.” I replied calling for Jerri who followed behind me, as I practically sprinted back to my flat. My hands gripped my head as I slammed the door behind me, my back pressed against the cool wood.I walked over to the side window that had a view to his house, he stood a small bag in his hand.

“What the fuck just happened!” I mumbled watching as he disappeared into his home leaving me to run to my bathroom for an ice cold shower. 


Harry’s POV: 

To say Y/N drove me crazy was an understatement, images of her perfect body swam in my head as I made my way inside after practically scaring away. Our interaction from minutes before had me on edge, and back in the same position I’d vowed I would avoid at all costs. Something about her had me hopelessly love sick but, she was in a relationship…a shitty one at that but it was a steady relationship nonetheless. It was the only facts that kept me from making my move and admitting my feelings, if I did it was sure to cause some trouble. I wasn’t willing to ruin her life no matter how much I wanted her, and even if I knew she wanted me just as much…the way she reacted to my touch proof enough. 

“Jesus Harry get a fucking hold on yourself she’s just a girl!” I scolded myself

'A beautiful girl who deserves better’ my sub-conscience retorted,

“She’s in a relationship” I argued, 

'well the asshole isn’t here is he?’ I shook my head retreating to my room I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t have the same argument with myself I’d been having for the past few months. I walked into my bedroom pulling off my tee shirt, deciding on taking a nap maybe then I could find some peace. But it was no use thirty minutes later and I was still seeing flashes of Y/N, though it wasn’t too bad seeing as it was of her in her workout clothes something I always looked forward to around the early evening. I lay staring at the ceiling wondering what it might be like if her asshole boyfriend wasn’t in the picture…it could be perfect. Since the day I’d met him I knew he was a prick, why Y/N was with him was beyond me. He was a pretentious cocky bastard who was always on 'business’ trips. A contrast to her completely, she was perfectly imperfect…the freckles on her cheeks and slightly crooked smile drove me crazy any time they came across my eyes. I thought about her as I lay there, smiling to myself like an idiot when a pounding sound echoed from the front door. 

“What the hell” I mumbled standing up and walking down to the door, irritated that someone would dare interrupt me while I contemplated the universe. I swung the door open to see a womanly figure just about to reach the last step toward the drive way,

“Y/N?” she twirled around her body tense and her face looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

“uh hey!” she waved awkwardly, with that crooked smile that made me swoon…(yes swoon…men can swoon too!) 

“Hey um did you need something?” I asked looking at her with a confused expression, 

“Uh no I’m’s just Jerri ran off again when I put him in the backyard and I have no idea where he is” she replied looking down at her feet, her long hair falling in front of her face a red tinge visible on her cheeks. 

“oh well I could help you look for him if you’d like…” she shook her vehemently and walked backwards,

“no no it’s cool I just wanted to if you’d seen him” she fiddled with her fingernails, avoiding looking in my general direction which brought to my attention I wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“It’s no bother let me just get a shirt on and I’ll help you look around the neighbourhood” I said with a grin, enjoying how I made her nervous. 'bet hot shot Richie boyfriend doesn’t have that effect on her’ my conscience teased. 

“Ok” she replied walking toward the door way, standing on the steps as I told her I’d be right back. I ran up the stairs Ito my room, grabbing the first thing I saw which was a plain White Tee. She stood leaning against the door frame, her body tense and soft words trailing from her lips. 

“Hey ready?” I asked putting a hand on her shoulder, almost instantly retracting it as I sensed her body visibly tense even more at my touch. 

“yeah..” she trailed off her mind seemingly else where as we walked down the drive way, calling Jerri’s name as we reached the sidewalk. She no longer wore her gym wear, instead it was replaced my a long simple blue flowy skirt, a White crop top, and a grey Cardigan that slipped from her shoulders. 

“So does Jerri have a girlfriend or something? Because he seems like a teenage boy sneaking out after curfew” I joke hoping to bring her from her silence,

“Well if he does he better kiss her goodbye and tell her he’s off to the pound because that dog has gotten on my last nerve” she replied her voice showing she wasn’t serious.

“Poor lad he just wants to have fun!” I reasoned,

“Oh no don’t go defending him!” she argued pushing me lightly, the action shocking me since she did it in full playfulness mode. “What are you gawking at styles?” she teased looking around calling out the dogs name once more.

“Nothing just your face” I replied automatically regretting my response,

'FACE really Harold get a grip mate!’ my alter ego shouted,

“Well I have a nice face don’t I?” she said, a smile once again finding it’s way to her lips…those lips. 

“Yeah I guess it could be considered nice” I laughed when she scrunched up her nose,

“I’ll have you know your face is no better than mine!” she retorted shoving me lightly,

“ok ok sheez and I thought I made you nervous!” she rolled her eyes, but I could see her body tense up like it’d been when we talked earlier.

“you make me nervous? Oh Styles how could you make ME nervous?” she asked 

“I dunno, a lot of girls get nervous around me it’s only natural.” she smacked me and rolled her eyes.

“Well I’m not one of those girls!” she argued, her eyes growing wide as we saw Jerri ahead of us rolling around on the grass of someone’s front lawn. “JERRI!” she spoke sternly, the big dog popping up and running in our direction. 

“oh I’m so glad I’m not him right now” I said watching as he sat in front of her seemingly awaiting his scolding.

“I swear I’m going to lock you in the garage for a month see if you try escaping again” she said pointing behind her from where we’d come, Jerri immediately walking back in the direction of home. 

“Damn he knows you mean business” I teased,

“Yeah well I used to train dogs while in secondary school for an odd job.” she shrugged walking by my side, occasionally snapping her fingers at Jerri when he paused for too long at a certain spot. All too soon we got to her front door step, a dread filling my head as she looked up at me opening her door reminding me I couldn’t follow. 

“uh thanks for helping me find him…” she said, a look flashing in her eyes as she placed one foot inside the house. “and I’m sorry…for running off on you earlier.” I shook my head with a frown,

“It’s no problem,” I replied my hands shoved into my pockets, my alter ego telling me to stop being an idiot and kiss her.

“have a good evening.” she walked inside, I nodded waving at her before turning away my heart aching as the sound of the door closing echoed in my ears.


I’m an idiot…i shook my head an absolute idiot. But I couldn’t help it, it had to be done I couldn’t fight myself anymore. I swung The door back open surprising the curly haired devil who was just about to reach the last step,

“I lied” I blurted out, he looked at me confused

“Lied…about what?” he asked shifting as I stepped toward him only a few feet away,

“I lied when I said you don’t make me nervous” I replied he went to speak but I continued, “ I shouldn’t feel this way it’s wrong and I shouldn’t even be telling you but…I like you Harry a lot, way more than I should and it drives me crazy when I see you because all I want to do is run up and kiss you.but I can’t because I’m with Y/B/N! And it’s stupid because he’s hardly ever here and it’s frustrating because if he weren’t around I always imagine what it would be like and-” I was building up in my senseless rant until I felt strong hands grasp my face and soft lips mould to mine. It was shocking and exhilarating his tongue dancing with mine, brought the aching I’d been feeling ever since I’d accepted my feelings back full force. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” he breathed, pressing his forehead to mine. I looked up into his emerald eyes my pent up sexual frustrations being barrelled to my head by the horny bitch in my sub-conscience. 

“Do it again.” I replied biting my bottom lip as he contemplated my request,

“Are you sure?” his voice unsure,

“Harry do it before I change my mind” he didn’t need any other push, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me with a passion I could only have ever dreamed of before. He groaned into my mouth as I ran my fingers through his curly locks, biting his bottom lip tugging on it teasingly. 

“Fuck you’re only kissing me and I can’t see straight.” he mumbled pushing me against the door frame, his lips kissing from my jaw to my neck obviously in search of my sweet spot.

“Well I wonder what’ll happen when I do more than kiss you” I replied, his eyes met mine their bright green hues melting into dark pools of black. 

“Let’s not waste time and find out” he said clenching up my skirt and wrapping my legs around his waist, his excitement clear as his prominent bulge rubbed the inside of my thigh. I smirked my breath catching as he stepped inside the house, slamming the door before pressing me against the wooden surface. I let out a moan his teeth biting at every inch of skin he could reach in our current position. His hands sliding up an down my thighs moving us so we grinded against each other, the movement making me breathless. I removed my Cardigan and slipped my fingers under his shirt,

“couch now” I breathed unable to form a full sentence, he nodded holding me tight our lips moving in sync. He lay me on the plush leather sofa, his lips leaving mine to explore my body. In record time he pulled off his top and mine revealing both our bare chests. It was the. He paused gazing at me unmoving, “what’s wrong?” he shook his head with a smirk painted on his rosy lips. He Slid down my skirt throwing it to an unknown area of the room,

“nothing…I just want to taste you” he replied his head bent forward, his breath warm against my bare chest. I moaned instantly when his teeth tugged at my pert nipples,his Tongue lathering them up leaving a warm trail from my chest to the top of the boy shorts I wore. “fuck” he mumbled his fingers finding their way to my wet core, he smiled up at me using his teeth to slowly pull down my underwear. The intensity of his stare making me squirm with anticipation,

“Ha-Harry just fucking do it already please!” I whined when he took his time kissing my inner thighs, avoiding where I needed him most. He chuckled and complied,

“impatient are we?” he asked I nodded furiously,

“seven months Harold I really can’t wait anymore” I replied his eyes popping up and a scowl appearing on his beautiful face.

“that fucker hasn’t touched you in SEVEN months?” he growled I nodded, he shook his head a determined air radiating from his body. The connection of his Tongue on my clit taking a while to reach my brain, my fingers tangling in his hair once it did.

“oh fuck!” I shouted gripping his hair so tightly I could imagine some strands might be left when I released him. He expertly licked everywhere, his eyes catching mine as he brought three fingers into the mix. Every movement leaving me speechless my only option to look on as he ravished my body. Soon enough my legs began to tense up, my unraveling building up.

“oh shit shit shit Harry!” I screamed as he sped up the pace, curling his fingers so they connected with my most intimate part that brought me the most pleasure. 

“come on baby come for me” he urged, those words bringing me over the edge as I came all my senses on over drive as he continued without pause causing screams and moans to flow from deep within my chest. He came up so his lips touched mine,

“now I’m going to fuck you” he said pulling off both his trousers and boxers off in one swift move, he wasted no time giving me no option but to follow his lead as he plunged into me. “oh shit yes!” he threw his head back clenching his fingers on my thighs.

“oh fuck right there!” I screamed sitting up slightly and pushing him back so I could straddle him, the way he bit his lip while I rotated my hips to meet his thrusts a sight I thoroughly enjoyed. We leaned toward each other, our lips catching the moans that came from us both. 

“baby oh fuck I’m gonna-” he cut off a groan resonating from his throat, he tensed up bringing his fingers to my clit rubbing it in rough circles. “come on baby let go.” he growled sitting up thrusting into me in an erratic manor, the pleasure that coursed through me exploding in spurts of colour. The sound of our moans and skin against skin echoing around us, we slowly came down riding out our highs. His forehead against mine and our eyes searching the others, were all I could see everything else no existent.

“that was-fuck” I breathed slumping forward onto his chest,our body’s sticky with sweat. A low chuckle rang in my ears,

“fuck it was” he replied, tracing imaginary figure on my lower back. I looked up at him worry beginning to seep through the bliss,

“Harry… He’ll be back in two weeks.” my voice grew shaky at the thought, I’d just cheated on my boyfriend yet I wasn’t worried about him. 

“Hey well figure it out” he whispered planting a soft kiss on my lips, “whatever you decide I’ll live with it…even if you decide to stay with him it would kill me but-” I cut him off with a kiss.

“I want to leave him… I just, this I need to know if I’m doing this you aren’t going to leave me and tell me this was a mistake” I replied he shook his head, and caressed my cheek.

“Y/N I want you and nothing will stop me from having you” he said his eyes full of sincerity. I was about to reply when a loud bark echoed at the back door, where Sat next to his empty food bowl looking at us accusingly.

“well maybe Jerri will…” I laughed getting up to feed the insistent dog, only to be pulled down by Harry once more.

“I think I love you” he said, I blushed my heart racing.

“I think I love you too” I replied kissing him passionately, a nudge at our faces making is burst into laughter.


***weird way to end it maybe but ok hope you like it this is a preference so each guy will have his own neighbour story so listen to the song mentioned above!! Part two will be up soon! -Isabel***