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Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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I don't speak Spanish either.

So, this happened several years ago. My boyfriend and I had been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, and we would see each other maybe twice a year. This was during one of my month-long visits to him over the summer.

We’d decided we wanted to go to one of the nearby malls, and had to take two separate buses to get there. Him living in SoCal, it was fucking scorching; it was probably around 100F. For a “delicate” NorCal girl like me, that feels like death.

We’d gotten off the first bus and were walking to another stop a couple of blocks down to catch the next one. We’re stopped at a corner of a particularly long street, waiting for the light to change so we can cross, and there’s group of three girls behind us. We’re not paying them much mind at first, until I hear one of them go “No, I don’t want to ask them! I don’t even speak Spanish! How am I supposed to talk to them?”

This is where it’s important to note that my boyfriend and I are both of Salvadorian descent, and therefore pretty obviously brown. However, my Spanish is incredibly poor [that’s a whole different story], and I really hate it when people assume that I don’t speak English. It’s rude. But whatever. I guess it happens. It’s what happens next that ticks me off. An attempted whisper: “Look, just ask the girl. Fat girls are always nice.”

Okay. Fine. Not worth my fucking time. I’m not even gonna say anything because it’s hot and who wants to deal with this shit. But then from behind me I hear, awkwardly, “Perdón?” I turn, and it’s one of the girls–surprisingly, one that also looks latina. She sounded like the one who’d claimed not to speak Spanish.


She looked a bit surprised, and relieved that I spoke unaccented English. “We were wondering if you could tell us how to get to _____?” Some location. I was the wrong person to ask.

“Sorry, I’m not from around here. You’ll have to ask him.” I gestured to my boyfriend. Again, I’m from NorCal, so I had no idea where anything was down there.

The girl turned to him hesitantly, asked him, and my boyfriend, being friendly, gave them directions. Turns out it was straight down the long street we were on. The girls took off without even thanking us, and the light changed so we finally crossed the street and waited for us bus.

The bus shows up maybe ten or so minutes later, and we’re relieved to be out of that god-awful San Fernando Valley heat. The bus takes us down the long stretch of road, and I see the girls from before trudging down the sidewalk under the merciless SoCal sun.

“I told them that it was right down the street,” my boyfriend says. “I never told them the bus goes there.”

I love those hc’s about the marauders’ animagi animals traits and behaviours coming out when they’re in their human form.

- Sirius will accidentally do puppy eyes.
- Like he’ll want something and he’ll get this fucking heartbroken look on his face and he’ll stare longingly at what he wants with these big, soulful eyes and not even realise it until one of the others sighs loudly and gets it for him.
- which is a bit difficult sometimes but James is surprisingly strong and even if Remus tends to kick when he’s startled, a few bruises ribs are worth it.
- but it’s not just things he wants.
- if there’s a strange noise coming from outside the dorm room then you can bet that you’ll find Sirius standing in the middle of the room, all tensed and focused on the sound that it takes saying his name at least three times to snap him out of it.
- he needs to touch his friends ALL THE TIME as a way to mix scents and reiterate their pack bond.
- it’s super subtle and casual but if you watch close enough you can notice it.
- small shoulder touches and arm brushes.
- leaning up against them when they’re standing around
- hair ruffles and elbow jabs.
- sitting so that their side’s are all pressed together.
- but then there is the not so subtle touches.
- leaping onto one of their backs for an impromptu ride.
- squeezing himself into the space behind one of his friends and the back of the couch (this is totally a dog thing too)
- throwing himself at them in excitement.
- pressing his forehead against a chest and resting there for a moment in affection (another dog thing)
- And the other doggy thing that make the other marauders laugh
- getting excited when they go outside
- chasing fast moving objects
- his collection of large sticks that he’s taken from the forest and proudly keeps underneath his bed (I MIGHT NEED THEM PRONGS! BESIDES I FOUND THEM AND THEY’RE MINE AND DO you think Remus thinks they’re impressive? STOP LAUGHING.)
- sometimes when he gets too hot he starts panting
- James swears his hair bristles just a little when he’s angry or threatened.
- I have a lot of feelings about doggy Sirius…

- James is most certainly the ‘king’ of his 'herd’
- arrogant git that he is 😂
- he carves his initials into every single desk that he sits at like a stag will mark trees
- he turned vegetarian after becoming an animagus
- You can fite me on this
- he just can’t find it in himself to want to eat meat anymore, it feels wrong
- stamping his feet in anger became a thing as well
- it just feels so satisfying
- sometimes he’ll startle at loud noises and feel this inate urge to just bolt away
- which is unacceptable
- once he was spooked so bad by an exploding cauldron in potions that he actually dashed out of the room in panic.
- the others never let him forget it
- they’ve also caught him scratching his back against trees with a blissful look on his face.
- coming up behind him is a bad idea because he WILL kick you.
- he’s also a touchy bastard as well
- when he feels threatened in his 'place’ within the marauders he’ll get super uptight
- he’ll glare with his head lowered slightly as if preparing to charge
- he’ll scuff the carpet in the same place almost obsessively (I just NEED to do this okay? I just… fuck off.)
- he’ll spike his hair up even more to make it look bigger
- but he can also get very peaceful
- he could stand in the same place for a very long time just thinking
- just standing close with his herd makes him feel better if he has a shitty day
- he likes the smell of green things and so buys a lot of plants that smell nice

- Peter, physically looks the most like his animagus after the change
- but he also inherits a few traits as well
- he will ALWAYS finish the good on his plate. In fact, wasting food is like kicking puppies in his book. It’s blasphemy.
- he hates bright lights. They make him feel exposed and vulnerable.
- sometimes his nose will twitch if he gets too excited or nervous.
- if there is a large open space he’ll scurry across it very quickly, they make him nervous.
- In fact he always seems to be nervous after the first change.
- loud noises
- too many people
- not enough people
- people he doesn’t know very well
- people he DOES know very well
- especially them
- there’s also a new found sense of competitiveness in him
- it’s not a need to win, it’s a need to survive, he needs to have the best food, the best spot on the couch with the best escape options, the best desk in class that is the most out I the teachers sight
- he’ll run off and hide when he feels threatened
- James put a firecracker in his bed one time and he hid himself in the closet for eight solid hours. The only reason he can back out was for the cookies.
- also
- side note
- I fully believe that one of the reasons he betrays James is because of an innate selfishness and need to out his survival first that comes from his rat side
- also hes a coward

I don't speak Spansh either.

So, this happened several years ago. My boyfriend and I had been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, and we would see each other maybe twice a year. This was during one of my month-long visits to him over the summer.

We’d decided we wanted to go to one of the nearby malls, and had to take two separate buses to get there. Him living in SoCal, it was fucking scorching; it was probably around 100F. For a “delicate” NorCal girl like me, that feels like death.

We’d gotten off the first bus and were walking to another stop a couple of blocks down to catch the next one. We’re stopped at a corner of a particularly long street, waiting for the light to change so we can cross, and there’s  group of three girls behind us. We’re not paying them much mind at first, until I hear one of them go “No, I don’t want to ask them! I don’t even speak Spanish! How am I supposed to talk to them?”

This is where it’s important to note that my boyfriend and I are both of Salvadorian descent, and therefore pretty obviously brown. However, my Spanish is incredibly poor [that’s a whole different story], and I really hate it when people assume that I don’t speak English. It’s rude. But whatever. I guess it happens. It’s what happens next that ticks me off. An attempted whisper: “Look, just ask the girl. Fat girls are always nice.”

Okay. Fine. Not worth my fucking time. I’m not even gonna say anything because it’s hot and who wants to deal with this shit. But then from behind me I hear, awkwardly, “Perdón?” I turn, and it’s one of the girls–surprisingly, one that also looks latina. She sounded like the one who’d claimed not to speak Spanish.


She looked a bit surprised, and relieved that I spoke unaccented English. “We were wondering if you could tell us how to get to _____?” Some location. I was the wrong person to ask.

“Sorry, I’m not from around here. You’ll have to ask him.” I gestured to my boyfriend. Again, I’m from NorCal, so I had no idea where anything was down there.

The girl turned to him hesitantly, asked him, and my boyfriend, being friendly, gave them directions. Turns out it was straight down the long street we were on. The girls took off without even thanking us, and the light changed so we finally crossed the street and waited for us bus.

The bus shows up maybe ten or so minutes later, and we’re relieved to be out of that god-awful San Fernando Valley heat. The bus takes us down the long stretch of road, and I see the girls from before trudging down the sidewalk under the merciless SoCal sun.

“I told them that it was right down the street,” my boyfriend says. “I never told them the bus goes there.”

TL;DR: Girl assumes boyfriend and I don’t speak English, her friend makes a rude comment about my weight thinking I won’t understand, boyfriend gives them directions to were they want to go but makes them walk in the hot sun instead of telling them the bus goes straight to their destination.

EDIT: The problem isn’t that they assumed I don’t speak English. The problem is that they called me fat and assumed I wouldn’t understand them. Also they didn’t even say thanks for the directions. Just walked away as soon as my boyfriend finished. Rude.

EDIT: “SouCal”

Okay but guys, remember that time in Chapter 5 when Matt suggests that everyone just hikes down the mountain because the cable car isn’t working? This obviously wasn’t going to work, as Em immediately said, but there was a similar way they could have got down the mountain.

They were at a ski lodge. You can see in the first segment where Chris explores the lodge that there are multiple snowboards there. Imagine the group just straight-up snowboarding down the mountain to get away, a very confused Josh left behind and distant wendigo screeches as they zoom away from that shit.

torimochi  asked:

Hi! first of all I'm so glad I found your blog bcs its so inspirational and really helps me a lot with keeping creative :) I plan to write something with the OTP being best friends and noticing there's more behind it but I don't want it to be obvious and suddenly. Do you have any good lines/prompts you could recommend?

- A can’t stop smiling when they think of B. - A smiles even though B is just talking about their day because A just can’t get enough.
- B smiles a bit longer than normal at A’s remark
- They can’t stop thinking about each other
- B catches themself starting at A too long
- A starts sitting closer than usual to B
- They make more excuses to hang out
- “Are you guys dating?” “No that’s ridiculous! We’re just friends!” But the idea of “what if” sticks in A’s head for the rest of the day
- Hugs go longer
- “Were they always that pretty?”
- Flickering glances at the other’s lips
- Realizing that they think of the other as a little more than friends
- B becoming more and more jealous when A talks to other people
- B tries to make A jealous
- Which ends in an argument
- “Why did you do that?” “It’s only fair!” “Wait are you jealous?” “You’d be jealous to if the person you loved was flirting with other people!” “What?” “Nothing”
- But it’s something
- Next time they meet they go to the movies like normal, but this time they hold hands
- Which leads to dates
- And fluff and so on :)

theclogmaster  asked:

Hello~ could I request the RFA with V and Saeran making a blanket fort with MC? 😘😘😘

aww! get ready for some fluff <3


- you bring up the idea of making a blanket fort and he agrees

- you do the fort and he brings all the items

- and guess what it’s about to be so romantic

- he brings candles and rose petals and a condom

- his house is literally a basement but with the nicest view 

- and it’s a perfect night for you two to cuddle and stargaze


- doesn’t quite understand the rationale behind this because he has a huge ass bed so why in the world do you just want to sleep on a blanket

- “enough questioning Jumin just help me out” 

- you two end up with such an amazing fort that was huge and super comfortable

- wow Jumin is good at making forts

- Elizabeth the 3rd comes to join too

- spends the entire night cuddling


- she is so happy and excited to be building this fort with you

- never thought that you two could have so much fun in the house at night

- she brings hot coffee while you take out snacks

- movie marathon!!

- the both of you are bundled with tons of blankets around

- it’s the best thing ever


- “honey if you wanted to go camping you could’ve said so” 

- “no silly it’s not camping it’s a blanket fort!!”

- doesn’t know what to do but he watches you build the fort excitedly

- brings as many pillows as he can find in the house to the fort

- cuddles all night in the warm cozy makeshift bed


- this is so fun!

- he feels like a child again even though he’s still a child

- helps you make the blanket fort and gets a flashlight too!

- you two stay up all night telling each other stories and laughing

- the horror stories is what kept you guys up


- alright MC, this is war!

- challenges you to making a fort, whoever finishes theirs first wins

- you and him just sabotaging each other

- he started the tickle war first!

- end up sleeping on the floor in exhaustion with pillows everywhere and the blanket underneath

- the fort was never completed


- “okay? I don’t know what’s going on but if you like it I’ll just play along”

- it didn’t take long for the fort to be build and it was okay for a start

- you decide to play games in the small fort

- and you guys get super loud and noisy

- suddenly Seven comes in to scare you guys

- he never came back after Saeran accidentally punched him in the face whoops

You okay?

 Plot: Justin’s not feeling well.

The sound of the door being unlocked and opened, made Y/n look up from her phone. She instantly knew it was Justin, but she was surprised to see him home so early.

It was only 8:27p.m, he texted her he won’t be home till, at least eleven, few hours ago, but now he’s here, standing at the entrance of the living room.

Y/n’s face lightened up at the sight of her boyfriend, but that quickly fade away. Justin was leaning onto door, his head in his hands.

Y/n quickly stood up and approached him. “Are you okay?” she asked worriedly. But she knew the answer even before she asked the question.

Justin didn’t even move, his breathing was deep and slow. “Do you want me to bring some water? Some medicine? Or do you wanna go catch some fresh air?”

At her last question he slowly nodded into his palms, and Y/n grabbed his hand and slowly walked out of their home.

They sat down on the porch, Justin placing his head onto Y/n’s shoulder. Y/n took his hands into her lap, gently moving the tips of her hands over his.

She moved her head to touch his and whispered. “Feeling better?”

Justin took few more deep breaths, he whispered nodding. “Thank you.”

The night was beautiful, everything was so peaceful, but even the sound of night crickets didn’t ruin the night. Moon was hiding behind a cloud, stars were up high, and the air was fresh and a little bit chilly.

Y/n could feel chills all over her body, turns out it’s not a smart idea to be out in just a tiny shirt.

“You’re shaking, let’s get you inside, before you catch a cold because of me.” Justin said, removing his head from her shoulder.

“No, we should better stay out since you’re not feeling well.” Justin got up, still holding her hands, slowly pulling her up. Once she finally stood up he pulled her into a proper hug.

“I am fine.” He mumbled into her ear. He separated them, only to connect their lips for a quick kiss.

Justin placed his hand on Y/n’s lower back, and they walked into their living room, sitting down on a couch, still holding each other.

Y/n placed her head on his chest, deeply breathing his smell in. “So stressful day?” Y/n finally asked after the silence became unbearable.

“More painful, than stressful.” Justin simply said, placing his chin on her head, smelling her hear.

“Why didn’t you come home earlier, then?”

“At first, it was just a simple stomach ache, and I thought it was, maybe because I didn’t eat. But then after I ate, it was still there and I just couldn’t concentrate but I was still trying my best, but in the end Scooter almost threw me out of the studio, so I would go home.” Y/n chuckled.

Typical Justin, always pushing his boundary, no matter what kind of pain or struggle he is dealing with.

“You know I love you, but sometimes, you shouldn’t be such a stubborn. Trust me, Beliebers will understand if you don’t publish new song every three months. Goddamn, their waited three years for Purpose, they can wait few week for new song. They are loyal.”

Justin took a deep breath. “I know they are loyal, and that’s the reason I want to give them something in return. I want them to know I am thankful.”

Y/n moved her head from his chest, looking into his eyes. “They are thankful to have an idol like you are, trust me, I know. I was and still am a Belieber.”

Justin smiled and kissed her. “When I thought I couldn’t love you more.”

Y/n smiled. “Face it Bieber, you can’t live without me.”

Justin smiled and nod. But his happy expression suddenly turned into a painful one. Y/n moved herself from his, giving him space. “You okay?”

Justin closed his eyes and nod. “Yeah, yeah everything’s fine, I just felt a sharp pain, that’s all.”

“Do you wanna go to the doctors? Maybe you caught some virus or something.”

Justin opened his eyes and looked at his worried girlfriend. He smiled and pulled her closer. “I am fine, baby, just having you in my arms in enough to cure anything.”

Y/n chuckled and mumbled into his neck. “Cheesy.”

Two hours later they were still in each other arms, watching a movie. Well, Y/n was watching a movie, Justin fell asleep during the first five minute of the movie.

She couldn’t blame him, he was working so hard, always putting everyone else before than himself.

The movie ended and she slowly removed herself from his, trying not to wake him up. He shifted a little bit and mumbled something under his breath.

Y/n went into one of their guest’s room and took a blanket. She placed the blanked over him and walked over to the bathroom.

She was just washing her hands when Justin stormed into the bathroom, hovering over the toilet. He was throwing up and Y/n run over to him, placing her hand on his back, moving it up and down.

Once he stopped throwing up, he placed his head on the cold toilet and she rushed to the sink and wet one towel, placing it on his back, neck and eventually his face.

Once he took the towel into his hands and pressed it onto his face, she got up and run into kitchen, bringing him some water.

When she came back, he was once again throwing up she rushed over to him. She rubbed his back, whispering it will be okay.

Once he stopped, she gave him water. “Take a shower, you’re all sweaty, and then we are going to hospital.” She whipped the tears that were on his face.

Justin looked at her, his eyes was so tired, and he looked like he left his soul in that toilet. “I am fine, we don’t need any doctors. I threw everything out and I will be fine now.”

She didn’t agree with his decision, but she knew fighting would be pointless, he would have it his way. “Do you want me to stay here while you shower?”

Justin gave her a weak smile. “If you like watching, but you can also join me.”

Y/n sighed. “Damn right you’re fine if you can be cheesy after that.”

She brought him some fresh clothes, even though she knew he would still sleep nude. She went into their bedroom and removed her clothes and put on one of his long sleeved shirts.

She placed herself under the comfy cover and waited for Justin to come out of the shower. Few minutes later he walked into the room, and as she predicted, he was carrying the clothes she brought him in his hands.

He walked to the other side of the bed, looking way better. He moved himself over to Y/n, so he could hug her. He placed his hand around her waist pulling her closer, and then moving his hand to her ass.

She kissed his neck and said quick “Goodnight” before she fell asleep.

What felt like seconds later, was actually hour and a half later. Justin was shaking her and she immediately got up not even opening her eyes, she asked. “What? You feeling sick again?”

Justin didn’t even get to nod when he stormed out of the bed, running into bathroom to throw up once again, even though Y/n was pretty sure, he had nothing more to throw up.

She rushed after him, once again, wetting the towels and giving him water. Once he stopped throwing up, she helped him get up and brought him back to their room.

She took the clothes she gave him before and he put the on, she changed too.

Soon enough she grabbed his keys and they were on their way to the hospital.

Part Two

I got two similar request about Justin having a strong migrane and stomach ache, so i kind combined them. 

love.exe | ch 1

Originally posted by mimimochi

characters: wen junhui/original female reader

genre: fluff, angst

summary: his own creator rejected him. he was created to love and that is exactly what he will do.

word count: 2.1k

a/n: happy birthday to chinese prince wen junhui, here’s a new series

chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Y/N! Take this trash out to the dumpster before you head home!”

Yeah, I got it,” you yelled back at your manager in reply, counting the money one more time before sticking it back in the register, which closed with a ding.

Rain began to pour outside, and before you knew it, you were soaking. “Man, now I’ll need to wash this uniform..” With a yell, you threw the heavy bag of trash into the dumpster.

You were about to run back inside, until something caught your eye.

A finger. No, a hand. Sticking out of the dumpster. It could have seemed like some dumb prank, and two kids would have been waiting to get a video of your reaction, but it was dark, raining, and this was an alley on the bad side of town..

Curious, you reopened the dumpster, plugging your nose, but also hoping for the best. “Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead,” you pleaded.

Surely enough, there was an arm. Two of them, a torso, and moreso, an entire body.

Your initial reaction was to recoil, and you sighed, seeing the interval of their stomach rising up and down. Picking up their hand, it felt cold, hard, and you couldn’t pick out a pulse, but from what it seemed, they were sleeping. You weren’t very strong, but with a bit of straining, you managed to pull them out.

Odd enough was the sound of metal hitting the floor when you did put them down, and with the rain pouring, you couldn’t make out much of their appearance, except for their face.

You shook their shoulder, moving to a spot where the rain didn’t hit as much. “Hello? Excuse me? Wake up, it’s raining!”

You grabbed their hand, meaning to check for a pulse again, but their eyes shot open.

You screamed, feeling your back hit the brick wall as you jumped. Surely they were awake now, and they blinked at you a few times.

Shaking, you removed your sweater, and gently draped it over them.

“S-sorry I can’t help you any further, but it’s cold, stay dry and get home safe!! Also, please stop sleeping in dumpsters!”

You ran off.

“Love..?” The person muttered, watching as the rain seemed to roll off his skin.

You got home that night just fine, but the following morning, you groaned as you felt your nose stiffen. It was just a small convenience store job, but it paid decently, so you decided on heading back to work that morning. You called your boss, who you reassured that you were fine.

The bus ride there was less traumatic than yesterday, but the skies were still grey.

Sniffling, the doors to the back of the convenience store jingled, and you pulled your sweater closer to you, sighing as you felt the air change.

“Oh, there you are!” the cheerful voice of your manager chimed. Greeting her, you took whatever you could of the cold medication. “Is it my shift yet, or is Wonwoo still holding up the fort?” you asked, referring to one of the other workers, Wonwoo.

“He’s only got about ten minutes left, but I don’t want you covering for him quite yet, so you can just restock the shelves.” Sighing, you nodded, leaving the employee backroom.

“Morning.” Shoving some of the boxes aside, you began stocking shelves, the store still sparingly empty.

“Y/N.” Looking up, you saw Wonwoo calling you over frantically. “What’s up?”

“Some guy’s been standing outside waiting for you for about the past half hour—yah, are you sick?”

You blinked. “Some guy? And yeah, but I’m fine. Who’s out—” “No clue. I asked what his name was, but all he said was ‘love’ and ‘girl’. I asked boss, and she said Nayoung’s last shift was a couple of days ago, so if it’s not you, it’s probably her.”

He leaned in, “Also, he’s kind of creeping the customers out because he keeps on coming onto every girl that comes within a 10 foot range, so I hope it’s you.”

Wonwoo stood at about nearly six feet, jet black hair framing a relatively handsome face. Girls came by from time to time just to stare at him, but most of the time he simply waved them off. He stood in front of the register idly flipping through a magazine. He was also kind of your next door neighbor, but considering it was only your first month living in this town, you weren’t very close.

“Well, thanks,” you muttered, going to the front of the store. 

The doors jingled as you pushed them, and a silhouette quickly rose. “Love!”

In one fell swoop, you were pulled in by some remarkably strong arms, but because they were quite tall, you didn’t get to see who they were. Struggling, you yelled, “Let go!”

You were quickly released, and finally got to take a look at the person. They cocked their head to the side, confused. He was about your age, if not close to it. He was also oddly skinny, but had human-like features so you at least assumed he was human. His eyes were a striking green that seemed to revert to brown every second.

“Are you alright..?”

No response, just another cock of the head.

“Do you understand me?”

More silence.

“What’s your name?” you asked, sighing until you recognized the familiar jacket lining his shoulders. Under that, he wore a plain cream colored t-shirt, with dark jeans and sneakers. He seemed perfectly normal, if anything, so why was he in a dumpster last night?

He moved his wrist, and under it, the name ‘Jun’ was etched, almost like a tattoo.

“Is your name Jun?”


That itself seemed to set something off. His demeanor changed, and he straightened his posture, now making correct eye contact.

“Thank you for activating me,” he spoke, a smoothness to his voice that you enjoyed.  He bowed. “My name is Jun. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my love.”

It was all quite nice, and definitely respectable, except for that last part. “Your love..? Say, I think you’ve got the wrong person, I just moved here, I don’t—” “—You found me last night. You were the first person I saw, therefore you are my love. Or would you rather be known as Master?” You quickly put your hands on his shoulders, shushing him, glad no one was around. “You don’t say things like that in public! Look, Jun, it’s nice to meet you, but I really think you have the right person. Do you have someone I can call?”

He blinked.


You nodded. “Like, on a cell phone..?”

That seemed to confuse him even further. “Cell phone..?”

“Hey,” a deep voice called out. The two of you turned to look at Wonwoo, who raised an eyebrow, but ignored it. “Uh, it’s kind of your shift now.”

“Shift? As in working shift?” Jun asked, an eager tone filling his voice. You sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Chop chop, Y/N,” another voice chimed, and you turned to see Nayoung. “Oh, I didn’t realize you were with your boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Jun asked. “He’s not my boyfriend!” You cried.

You groaned, taking a final look at Jun, who still didn’t seem to get the memo. “Come inside if you want, and I can get my manager to help you. But stop pouncing on girls outside!”

“Whatever my love Y/N wants,” Jun replied. 

“Can it.”

“Um, Y/N…” Nayoung asked, a tense tone in her voice. You looked up from the register. “Yes?”

She motioned to behind her, where Jun currently stood, reading the magazines, making an odd facial expression every once in a while.

“How long is he going to be here?” she asked in a hushed tone, hands wrapped around a broom.

You shrugged. “Wonwoo said I should take him to a concert and let him get lost on his own, and Boss said I should just take him to the police and let them handle him.”

“I second the police part,” she murmured. “Wonwoo’s just jealous because he was the only guy in our lives, as he believes,” she rolled her eyes. “Anyway, you down to hang out with him and I after work? It is still your first month moving here, but you should at least make a few more friends. Warm up to the place, you know?”

You nodded, coming out from behind the counter. “That sounds like an okay idea. Let me get rid of him first, though.”

Nayoung put a hand on your shoulder. “And in case you don’t, you could have always used a boyfriend.”

Shushing her, you walked out from behind the counter, Nayoung taking your place as you walked over to Jun, who looked up from his magazine. “My love!”

Hearing snickering from behind you, you forced a smile. “Right. Anyways, how would you like to go with me somewhere after work?”

Jun blinked. “Somewhat of a date?”

You sighed. 

“Is it alright if I take this magazine with us? It has been a great source of knowledge.”

You eyed the magazine, narrowing your eyes. It was a teen girl magazine, the deepest shade of hot pink.

“As soon as you pay for it first,” you replied.

He cocked his head to the side again. “Pay..?”

You nodded. “Paying; the form of exchanging currency for goods or services…?”

Jun blinked. “I have no currency.”

Considering you didn’t own a car, and that she and Wonwoo were going to hang out later anyway, Nayoung let you borrow her car. You had a license, but with barely having moved into the town, you sort of lacked funds for a car, thus making the bus your main mode of transportation.

Jun continued flipping through the magazine, but he eyed the car with a sense of curiosity.

“So this is the contraption they call a car..” he muttered, dazed. “You act like you’ve never seen a car before.”

“I have not.”

The sky is still pretty grey, you noticed as you got in the driver’s seat, pulling the seatbelt on. You had to help Jun with his, as his got stuck.

“This is not my car, so please treat it nicely.”

The car ride there was mostly filled with Jun talking, as he rambled about the magazine and its contents. You figured that it would have been nice to at least get some background information, at least figure out if he remembers anything. Wonwoo helped you deduce that he was most likely an amnesiac, and woke up in the dumpster having head trauma, causing him to lose his memory.

Hell, neither of you were doctors, but it was better than nothing.

“So Jun,” you began, “do you know where you’re from?”

“Sort of,” he replied, attention still focused on the mag.

“Alright. Do you know any family?”

“Family? I believe I am the first of my brand.”

“Do you even have a last name, Jun?”

He blinked. “Wen?”

“Wen Junhui. Okay. We’ve at least got a starting point,” you breathed, and the car halted to a stop. “We’re here!”

Jun looked at the edifice outside. “Why have you taken me here? The magazine did not mention this of being anywhere near an ‘ideal date spot’.”

“We’re not on a date, we’re here to get you some help! To help figure out where you belong!”

Jun looked dazed, facial features beginning to soften. “Ah. I see. You’re trying to get rid of me.”

You nodded in agreement up until the last part. “Hmm?”

“It’s because I lack common h-human features, is it not?” Jun stuttered, but it sounded more like a computer glitch than an actual stutter. He stared down at his fingers. “It would appear my feelings are not reciprocated. Research indicates that the common thing to do here would be to run away, therefore, I will be taking my leave.”

He unbuckled the seatbelt, but unaware of his own strength, pulled on the car’s door handle too harsh, and ended up ripping it off. “I will apologize to Nayoung about that later.”

He still exited the car, and you took off after him. “Wait, wait, wait!” 

You latched onto his hand, and feeling the touch of human warmth hit his own metal hand, a circuit sprung in Jun’s mind. Emotional sensors…. rising.


Jun, please, that isn’t what I meant, I just—” you coughed, but you were quick to look up. “You called me by my first name.”

“Is that what you want?” Jun asked, a smug grin replacing the features on his face.

You blinked, confused. “What are you..?”

He stepped back. “I should re-introduce myself,” he bowed. “My name is Wen Junhui, and you are correct, I am not human. I was created to find and understand the human emotion of love. Please take care of me!”

been a little slow these last few days, and this chapter was originally longer but tumblr loves to mess up on me. anyway heres a new series that i have soo much for already

happy birthday to ½ of china line, our wonderful prince wen junhui!!

as always, requests are open!

-admin steph

Writing Prompt #264

I wanted to get to know her. I had spent years not even knowing I had a sister, and I was determined to make it right. Given my line of business, however, I wasn’t so sure how easy it would be to relate our life experiences. It wasn’t like I could just ask “Hey, you know those moments when you’re one wrong step from being imprisoned in a federal crime because one of your boys messed up and left behind evidence? Yeah, that’s the worst.”
Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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Apart Too Long [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Sorry it’s taking my figure skating fic longer than expected. I’m trying to do some research so my terminology and everything is accurate. So here’s some more Jaybird for you guys. Also I’m sitting in an airport and it kind of inspired this lol.

This is also in celebration of @memento-scribet ​ getting 700. I told her this would be her present so here’s your fluffy present Jo! Love you girlie I’m so happy for you!!

Key: [F/n] - First Name [R/m/n] - Roommate Name [Fd/n/1] - Friend Name 1 [Fd/n/2] - Friend Name 2


So right now, you’re super lost. You and a few of your college friends were flying in from the west coast. Your parents invited them to join you home because a large celebration they were throwing. Saying it’d be fun for you to have some of your friends present.

Not that you wouldn’t have anyone you knew there. Your boyfriend and his brothers would be there. A few of your friends from before college. Was your boyfriend mentioned yet? Of course Jason wouldn’t leave you to be stuck, bored at a socialite party on your own.

He was always there to save you, dressed as the Red Hood or otherwise. If only he were here now, you and your friends are lost out of your minds in this airport. Why you didn’t fly into the airport you know? Couldn’t tell ya.

“Okay so how did we get lost there are signs everywhere?” Your roommate pointed to the many signs placed to avoid the situation you were in.

Each of you shrugged, “We’re idiots?” looking at your friends. “Valid reasoning” your roommate chimed in again.

Continuing your adventure through the airport you finally came upon the baggage claim area you were looking for. Your luggage having been circling the belt for a good ten minutes.

Each grabbing your things. “So are your parents getting us?” [Fd/n/1] asked looking at her watch. Seeing you had taken a rather long while.

“Uh, yeah.” You looked at your phone. “We’re meeting them outside of terminal 1. Right now we’re near terminal 2, it shouldn’t take too long as long as we follow the signs this time” you laughed beginning to walk in the direction you were supposed to.

Not paying attention to your friends chatting behind you, but to the signs so you could get out of this godforsaken airport already. All you want is to get home, shower, and go out to dinner with Jason like he promised.

God, you can’t wait to see him. With that stupid smirk he always wears. How you missed that stupid smirk. It was hard being so far away from him for so long. Though getting into this college was your dream and he has duties to Gotham he has to uphold. It was a mutual agreement, and when you finish college you’ll be returning to Gotham to be with your vigilante.

“Whatcha thinking about [F/n]?” [Fd/n/2] asked coming up next to you. “Her smokin hot boyfriend probably” [R/m/n] commented behind you.

“Oh yeah, you’re the only one of us whose gotten to meet him. Jason’s his name right?” [Fd/n/1] asked curiosity peaking.

“That’s the one” Your roommate commented. Chuckling to yourself while looking for the car your parents said they were driving. Though while finding it you saw a familiar motorcycle parked behind it, with a familiar figure leaning against it.

“Oh my god” you smiled before running over to the sight. “JAYBIRD!” your yelling catching his attention, he smiled and stood up straight. Doing it in enough time to catch you when you jumped at him. “Hey beautiful” he commented, his voice making you smile wider as your face was buried in his shoulder and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Setting you down while simultaneously attacking your lips. “I missed you” he smiled against your mouth. Giggling you pulled away, his arms still wrapped around your waist. Resting his forehead to yours and nuzzling his nose to yours, making another giggle escape your throat.  

Escaping from him you greeted your mother and father, your siblings not being present. Getting into a conversation with them and Jason as your two friends stared at your tall, ruggedly handsome boyfriend. [R/m/n] laughing at their expressions.

“[F/n] you have some introductions don’t you” Your mother gestured to your friends. “Oh right sorry. You guys know my parents, but [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2] this is my boyfriend Jason. Jay this is [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2], and you remember [R/m/n]” introducing them all.

“Yes I do good to see you again. And it’s nice to meet the both of you” He smiled at them while wrapping an arm around your waist.

Though the chat was cut short when a traffic officer began to tell your parents they had to move their car. They nodded, your friends climbed into the SUV but you slipped away and joined Jason on his motorcycle.

“Did she just ditch us?” [Fd/n/1] laughed looking out the window. Your roommate chuckled, “Well they haven’t seen each other in months you can’t really blame them. We’re probably just going to rest anyways, so let them have some one on one time.” she shrugged and the others nodded. Your parents smiling, happy that you had such great and understanding friends.

Arms wrapped around Jason’s waist you snuggled into his back. Taking in the scent of his leather jacket. He smiled feeling your nose in his back and your arms around his waist. He loves you so much and he’s so happy to have you back for these couple weeks. Speeding up the motorcycle he felt your grip tighten and laugh bubbled from your throat.

You both ended up at the manor. Your siblings would still be in school now anyways, so might as well see the Waynes. When Jason brought you up to the door, Alfred was there to answer and pulled you in for a hug. The family loved you about as much as Jason.

Coming in the entire family was there to greet you. Asking questions about school and the beautiful weather on the west coast. It took too long to escape into Jason’s room where you could be alone.

Upon finally getting there, he immediately pulled you into another kiss. Feeling every bit of passion and love behind it, matching it when kissing him in return. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you” he pulled you to lay on the bed next to him.

“I don’t know I think I have a pretty good idea because I missed you more probably” Grinning at him. Smirking he shifted so he was hovering over you, “I think that’s impossible” furrowing his brows at you.

“Oh yeah?” laughing while poking the crease between his eyebrows. “Yeah” he said leaning so he could kiss you again, this time lightly. “I.. Missed you.. More than.. Narcissus would.. Miss his mirror” he said kissing you between the words. Laughing at the Greek mythology reference.

“You’re such a nerd” you chuckled pushing his shoulder.

He shrugged, “But I’m your nerd” smirking before kissing you again. This time with even more passion and love than the priors. 

Yule Ball (Draco x Reader)

Originally posted by fictional-mess

Request:  Draco is having another crying jag in the bathroom and hufflepuff!reader is the only one there to extend a hand and handkerchief, you decide where it goes from there. love you! - @prosiyat

E/C: Eye color

L/ N: Last name

In this imagine, you’re the Hogwarts student chosen for the Triwizard tournament, NOT Cedric.

Got the main idea with help from @stephyra17 :)

You were storming down the empty corridor, fists clenched and resisting the urge not to punch the gargoyle statue to your left.  You could hear footsteps behind you.

You stopped walking and turned around.  “For the last bloody time, Draco, I’m not bailing out of the tournament!”

Draco Malfoy was (or had been) your long-time friend, but when you were chosen to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, something changed.

“Y/N, please, just hear me out!  I’m only asking you to do this because I don’t want you to get hurt.  Or worse, killed,” Draco spoke, sounding deeply frustrated.

You approached Draco face-to-face.  “Do you really think that if I was afraid of being killed I would’ve put my name in that Goblet?”  you yelled.

Draco frowned.  “So what you’re saying is that you’re OK with being killed?  Because I’m definitely not okay with it!  It’s for your own safety, Y/N, can’t you see that I’m trying to help you?”

You scoffed.  “What you’re trying to do is tell me how I should live my own life when that decision is not up to you.  That Goblet chose ME to represent the school.  Not you.  Not anyone else.  Me.  So I’m sorry if that bothers you but nothing you say can change my mind.”

Draco shakily ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.  “Fine… fine.  I guess you’re right.  I can’t tell you what to do…”

You sternly nodded.  “Exactly.  Goodbye, Draco.”  You walked down the hall, making your way to the Great Hall for dinner.

Draco stayed standing in the middle of the hallway, processing everything that had just happened before slowly following.


Three days later and you and Draco hadn’t spoken.  The Yule Ball was in two days, and Draco wanted nothing more than to ask the girl of his dreams to be his date.  That girl was you.  The past three days Draco had been trying to figure out a way to ask you without you saying no right to his face because of your argument.  He really wanted to apologize, but he didn’t know when was the right time.

Classes for the day had just concluded, and Draco was speed-walking to get back to the Slytherin common room in hopes he wouldn’t uncomfortably have to walk past you in the hall.  However, he came to an abrupt stop when he saw the Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory talking to you.  Draco stopped walking and paused to listen.

“Y/N, I was wondering if you’d like to do me the honor of being my date to the Yule Ball?”

Draco clenched his fists in hatred and fear.  Who does Diggory think he is?  Believing he can take my future wife away from me like that.  Draco stood silent and watched, blending in with a group of Slytherins so you wouldn’t be able to see him.  He saw as you brightly smiled up at Cedric.

That was enough for him.

Draco broke away from the Slytherins and stormed down the hallway, trying not to let his emotions get the best of him.

Blaise walked up to you while you were still talking to Cedric.  “Um, Y/N, you might want to go check on Draco.  He fled down that corridor, and he didn’t look too happy.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and worry before walking in the direction Blaise had said Draco had gone.  “Sorry again, Cedric!” you called behind you.

Why would Draco just storm off like that?  I didn’t even know he was around at the time.  You thought as you tried to figure out where Draco went.  As you turned a corner, you heard the door of the Prefect bathroom slam shut.  Luckily you were also a Prefect, so if you were caught by a professor there would be no punishment.

You quietly opened the door.  Before you could say Draco’s name, you could hear what sounded to be muffled sobs.  You silently walked in and closed the door behind you.  You were extremely worried about Draco, regardless of your fight.

You swiftly made your way to the back of the bathroom near the sinks, where you found Draco sitting against the wall with his head in his hands.  He didn’t hear or see you come in.

“Draco…?” you said softly.

Draco’s head jolted up.  “Y/N?  W-what are you doing in here?”

“I came to check to make sure you were alright, Blaise told me he saw you come in here, and apparently you’re not alright.”  You sat on the floor next to him.  “What’s wrong?”

Draco inhaled.  “Why do you care?  It’s not like you care about me,” he spat.  But you could clearly see he was just trying to cover up whatever it is he’s hiding from you.  It wasn’t often that Draco openly expressed his feelings.

“Draco.  We both know you’re only saying that to hide whatever is really bothering you from me.  People don’t just hide in bathrooms to cry for no reason.  So talk.”

He let out a shaky breath, a few more tears gliding down his cheeks.  “I saw that Diggory boy ask you to the Yule Ball.  I-I’ve been wanting to ask you for weeks, but after our little… disagreement… I thought you hated me.”

You sighed and took him in your arms, kissing his cheek.  “Look, Draco… I don’t hate you.  I know you were only trying to protect me when you said you wanted me to drop out of the tournament, but sometimes those decisions aren’t up to you.  I know how to fight, and I promise you I’ll be safe.” You paused.  “Oh and also… I didn’t say yes to Cedric, you know.”

Draco looked up at you.  “What?”

You smirked.  “Because I’ve been waiting for a particular blond Slytherin to ask me.”

Draco looked utterly dumbfounded.  “Me?”

You chuckled.  “Yes you, silly.  Everyone knew I have a crush on you.  And everyone knew you thought the same about me.  Of course no one dared to say anything, because you’re, you know.  Draco Malfoy.”  You paused.  “So… are you going to say anything?”  You wiped away his tears with the sleeve of your robe.

Draco unwrapped himself from your touch, standing up and stretching out a hand to pull you up.  He took both your hands in his own, staring into your E/C eyes hopefully.  “Would you, Y/N L/N, like to attend the Yule Ball with me?”

You grinned gleefully.  “Of course,” you responded and closed the space between the two of you with a kiss.  

“I’ve been wanting to do that for forever,” Draco said as you pulled away.  

“Well I hope I didn’t disappoint,” you breathed before pulling him into another kiss.

The next few school years were going to be great.

Tags: @allyadarth @just-a-bit-odd @namelesslosers @amazing-fandom-freak @tomthestuntmanfelton

I hope you liked it!

Bathing Suit

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes: Established relationship, one-shot, no smut (it’s implied), pool parties, low self-esteem, shopping, Reader hates shopping, Bucky is a supportive boyfriend, based on real events

Summary: Bucky tries inviting the you, his girlfriend, to a cookout and a pool party the Avengers are hosting at the compound, but you decline because you don’t have a bathing suit. You haven’t owned one in years, actually. Bucky takes you out shopping for one, and the whole day you come up empty-handed and upset. That is, until you find the bathing suit that changes everything.

A/N: So I bought a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS this weekend. Saturday seriously sucked for me. In the middle of my drudgery of trying to find a suit that actually looked decent, I came up with this idea for a fic. I hope you like it! Let me know if you did, and enjoy! ^_^

“Oh c’mon Y/N, I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Bucky. You were in and out of store like that!” you snapped your fingers on your last word to emphasize how quick Bucky got his new bathing suit. It was true, though. You and Bucky were literally in and out of Target in 15 minutes, and within that time he managed to find a pair of swimming trunks that of course made him look ridiculously hot, and all just for $20, too.

You on the other hand weren’t so lucky. It took you ages to find anything that you thought looked all right to you, and bathing suits were the worst offenders. Your bad luck with bathing suits had gotten to you so much, you quit trying to find one ages ago. In fact, it had been five years since you’ve owned a bathing suit. Maybe longer, you thought to yourself. It’s been so long you actually forgot exactly when you quit. But today’s shopping excursion reminded you of why you quit in the first place.

It was Bucky’s idea to take you out shopping. Last weekend, the entire Avengers team decided to have a cookout and a pool party. It was something they hardly had the time to do since they were too busy with missions, training, and other Avenger specific obligations. Each team member was allowed to invite a few friends, and of course Bucky invited you, his girlfriend. He was shocked and confused when you declined. You were always up for visiting at the compound, so why were you refusing now? When he asked, you gave him a simple reason.

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A Hard Ride

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1086

Summary: Things get hot and heavy in the Impala with Dean

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, car sex, mentions of public sex, fantasies, fluff, my attempt at some humor. 

A/N: I was just in the mood to write some short car sex but this story really got away from me and got way longer than I intended hope you enjoy it! 

Content below cut

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(Request by anon: could you do one where the reader is quite a few years younger than Reid?)

Show: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: None


You sighed, throwing your pen down on your desk as you finished writing up the last of the reports. You had been part of the BAU team since being recruited last year. You had been the second youngest team member ever to join the team - the first obviously being Spencer.

Spencer was still quite a few years older than you though so you were subjected to Morgan’s teasing - your nicknames often deriving from the fact that you were the “baby of the team”. The team had become like your family although your feelings for Spencer weren’t exactly what you would call familial.

You had had feelings for the awkward profiler since you had met him though you pushed them down knowing that fraternising within work was frowned upon. And anyway, Spencer most likely viewed you as a sister figure because of the age gap.

You ran a hand through your (Y/H/C) hair, leaning back in your seat. The rest of the team had stayed behind too. Hotch and Rossi were busy discussing issues in Hotch’s office. JJ, Emily, Morgan and Garcia chatted away over at the coffee machine and Spencer busied himself with his book opposite you.

Hearing your sigh, he looked up concern flooding his face. “You okay, (Y/N)?”

You nodded. “Yeah, it’s just being cooped up, you know?”

Emily came up behind you, the others following with their coffees. “Why don’t we go then? We never had a proper celebration when you got recruited because it was just case after case but we could do it now. It’s only 9:30pm.”

“ Ooh, I like the idea of that. Can we do that?” Garcia started getting excited.

“I’m up for it. I’ll just tell Will I’ll be home a little later.” JJ shrugged.

“Oh, you know I’m definitely up for it.” Morgan laughed. “Pretty Boy, you coming?”

Spencer opened his mouth and you knew by the way his face was contorting that he was going to decline.

“Please, Spence?” You gave him you best puppy dog eyes and prayed he’d say yes. You liked being around him (in the least creepiest way possible).

Spencer looked at you, biting his lip as he thought over his decision. He nodded, giving you a small smile. “Okay.”

“Great! I’ll go tell Hotch and Rossi.” Emily walked off to the unit chief’s office.

You and the team had been in the club for a few hours and you were beginning to feel faint from the amount of people around you.

Morgan was strutting his stuff on the dance floor with two random girls while Garcia watched on. Emily and JJ were in deep conversation about what man Emily should have in her life with Spencer sat between them awkwardly, while Hotch and Rossi chatted over at the bar.

You left the table abruptly and made your way through the crowd to find the door. You hastenedly opened it, needing some fresh air. You bent over, head between your knees as you tried to calm down from what you now discovered was an anxiety attack.

“Are you okay?”

You jumped at the sound of someone behind you before letting out a breath. “Christ, Spence. Don’t do that.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just- I saw you leave and wanted to make sure you were okay.” He explained.

You sighed. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. A mini anxiety attack. I didn’t realise there’d be some many people just crowded into that small space, heh.” You sank down the wall to sit on the pavement.

Spencer took a seat next to you. “You know, Morgan was teasing me-”

“Don’t let him get to you, Spence. He means well.”

“No, it’s not that. He was teasing me about you.” He swallowed, keeping his eyes on his Converse sneakers.

“Me? Why would Derek tease you about me?” You asked him, confused.

Sure, Morgan had often teased you about Spencer because you were the closest to his age but he didn’t know that you actually liked your colleague, did he? If he knew and told Spencer about your feelings, you didn’t know how you’d live it down. The man viewed you as a sister, for crying out loud.

“Because… He told me to get a move on. That I had to tell you.”

“Had to tell me what?”

“Look (Y/N), I - I realise that there’s an age gap and we’re colleagues and you most likely don’t see me as anything other than that but I like you. I always have.” Spencer admitted.

Your heart leapt in your chest as he continued.

“I’ve honestly never felt like this towards anyone since Maeve and I’ve probably put my foot in my mouth by bombarding you with my confession but I needed to-”

“Just shut up and kiss me already.” You interrupted him.

Spencer looked up at you, his face unreadable before happiness took over his face as he leaned forward to cup your cheek.


I forget how alone I felt when I was with you.
I romanticize our past because it plays in flashes. All I see are happy memories, like a romantic comedy.

Nowhere close to the reality that was you and me.

If I could ball those times up, stick them in a box, tie them with a silk ribbon and open it without all the other shit, I would.


I remember how often I felt I was settling with you.
I was stifling my creativity, keeping my mouth shut, sacrificing my true dreams for one that seemed safe.

I would stay up nights while you breathed heavy next to me
I would wish you would wake to find me writing.
Even then, I knew you wouldn’t peak down at the pages of my journal, rub my back, make me tea, ask why I’m up so late, what on earth is bothering me?

You were never a
pick flowers and tuck them behind my ear
Feed me red wine.
Use the tips of your fingers
to trace my spine
at bedtime.

You were more of a lover of the idea of us. You liked chasing a girl that didn’t get tired of running.
You enjoyed watching me bleed passion because you lacked it. You used me for practice.
I’ve finally grasped the full of it, the all, entirety, massiveness of it.

As much as losing you took me to my knees, left me weak.
If you were here now, I would be looking for ways I could leave.

Private Affairs- Tom Hiddleston x reader |Part one|

Requested by the ever lovely @cute-mirei

Sorry that I took so long with this Jo! I hope it’s what you wanted!

Read Part Two

“Don’t forget, Miss L/n. Ms Jefferson’s room, make sure everything is okay in there before she arrives tonight.”
“Yes sir, I’ll be over in a few minutes,” Y/n says through the phone, before hanging up with a sigh. She closes the door of her temporary flat, preparing to make the twenty minute walk to her work place. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very grateful for this job, because trust me, people would kill to be where she was right now. It’s a tough road, but student employment was the best way to pay her tuition fees. The job pays well, really well. She could still chuck money into her savings account and have enough to dance the tap.
Sephia Beach Resort, it’s a pretty big thing… Okay, it’s a huge thing. One of the largest beach resorts around, and it will stay that way because privacy is one of it’s Aces. No cameras, no paparazzi, just a bunch of famous people being themselves with the amount of time that they’ve got to do so. Since working there, Y/n had seen a lot of her childhood Idols pass through, she had even met a few. She was so lucky when the manager had sent a letter to her collage saying that they needed workers for the summer, a few of them were picked and sent over.
It was on the Northern side of California, just a good way from Pebble beach. It looked pretty much like a giant hotel, there’s a few beach houses along the property, a broad walk that leads to the beach itself. Y/n walks along the broad walk, the sun was coming up over the far hills, a soft wind blowing by. Though this was not much of a vacation, Y/n was glad she got a bit of something. She works from six to eight for the week, and gets the weekends to herself, and on those days she mostly rests or lay around doing nothing.
The morning was fairly busy, mostly people are leaving to catch a flight back home, kicking back into their regular lives. Or they’re coming in to relax and be normal like every one else. It’s more of the former, seeing that it’s summer and filming is more likely to be going on now.
Sometimes, Y/n wonders how celebrities keep up with their lives in the first place. Always up and about, never really settling, they can’t stay still.
Sephia hotel was coming up, the large building casting a shadow over the road. Y/n checks her wrist watch, walking a little faster, stepping down onto asphalt, she crosses the road to the building.
Going through the large glass double doors, she just has to stop and marvel. Though she’s been working there for more than two weeks already, stepping through those doors had never ceased to take her breath away. It was like stepping into a movie, a movie with an extremely expensive hotel.
From the entrance, expands a very long red carpet that stops at two elevators and that cursed staircase. On the very far right is a breakfast and bar, where some of the staff members are putting out the breakfast items. The lounge alone was huge, there was the receptionist area, where Martha was, a woman who had been working there for a few good years. Y/n shakes her head, reminding herself that she did have work to do, she walks down the two small steps and walk over to Martha. “Mornin’ Martha,” Y/n greets cheerfully, watching as the brunette picks her head up from the book she was looking through, “Ah, Y/n. Good Morning,” She smiles, before reaching beneath the counter to hand her the key to the employee area. “Oh, Y/n.. Mr Francis wants you at the pool for two, okay?” She informs her to which she nods, walking on to the door on the left of the reception area. Most of the staff was extra busy today, tomorrow is the resort’s fifteenth anniversary, and Mr Francis is throwing a beach party. Honestly, Y/n didn’t feel like going, it’s a Saturday, and she loves her sleep, though she doubts she’d get any because there’d be fireworks.

“Don’t you just love working the bar?" 

"No, but I love the idea of going home now," 

Jenna, one of the girls who came along for the job too was standing next to Y/n behind the bar counter. Back at school, they’ve barely spoken to each other, but over the past two weeks, Y/n’d like to think she’s made a decent friend.
Though Y/n felt like dying, being on her feet all day, that and having to deal with rowdy children at the pool. It’s not like she could tell them anything, firstly, it’s not her place, and secondly, she’d rather not lose her job because she pissed off some actor by telling their kids not to run around the pool. But after that, having to clean some of the rooms and tidy them up and such, she has a very defined headache and wants nothing more than to plant face first into her soft pillows. But, duty calls. She still has a job to do, and right now, that’s serving drinks to any poor bastard that wonders into the hotel bar. Just, grinning and bearing it.
Y/n was pulled out of her thoughts by a tapping on her shoulder, Jenna was grinning at her, her pale blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "Y/n.. Don’t look now,” she says lowly, as if she was telling a million dollar secret.
“What?” Y/n’s eyebrows scrunch together, gazing at Jenna with confusion. She barely heard what she said, Jenna who was packing away glasses under the counter wiggles her dark eyebrows with a smirk.
“Okay, look now.” she says, pointing a perfectly manicured nail to the entrance, making Y/n follow her line of sight, turning her head in time to see Tom Hiddleston walk in. Looking all too good in a dark tee and grey sweats.
“Holy shit.”
Every nerve in Y/n’s body was telling her to hide, stay low. But he’s already seen her, he’s already smiled and waved in greeting. “Oh God,” Y/n rubs her temples, all the while, Jenna was giggling like a school girl who had just hit her first blunt. When she had told Jenna about what happened, the girl couldn’t stop laughing, though Y/n didn’t find it very amusing.
“Goodnight, Mr. Hiddleston,” Jenna greets cheerfully, and Y/n feels her nudging at her foot with her own. “Hello Jenna, Y/n,” Though Y/n’s stomach could flip trying to gather butterflies from the way her name just rolled off his tongue, she just couldn’t ignore the fact that the bruise is still above his left eyebrow. And she still feels guilty, it was her fault really. Though he insisted on taking the blame, because he did scare her, accidentally or not. Okay, so, Y/n was cleaning the room he was occupying earlier today. She had gone in thinking he was out, and she carried on sweeping about, minding her own business. When all of a sudden, he came out of the bathroom and said a polite ‘Good Evening,’. Y/n was perfectly certain that she had locked the door behind her, was thoroughly scared shitless, swung the broom stick like an uncoordinated Jedi.
“What can we get you?” Y/n asks, smiling lightly. He chuckles, running a hand through his brown hair.

No, no. Stop that.

“Bourbon, please,” Next to Y/n, Jenna lets out a hum, and Y/n catches her knowing glance. No doubt, they were probably thinking the same thing, he was drinking strong to get rid of the splitting headache he was surely having. While Jenna leans against the marble surface of the counter top, Y/n pours his requested drink in a glass. “Thank you,” Tom says when the girl places the glass in front of him. Before their unfortunate meeting, Y/n and Tom didn’t talk, and why would they? She just works there. They had seen each other around though, mostly on early mornings during the week or on the weekends when they’d both be out for a run. But it doesn’t extend beyond a friendly Hello or a nod. But all that changed after whacking him with a broom.
“So, are you two coming to the beach party tomorrow night?” Tom asks, raising an eyebrow his eyes darting between both girls. Before Y/n could open her mouth to decline, Jenna pipes up, “Yeah! We are, we’ll be there,” she smiles, nodding excitedly. Tom smiles back before downing the remaining alcohol, “Great!”
Y/n tries not to let it get to her, but the way he looked into her eyes at that moment, she just knew that he was talking to her, “See you then,”
When he left the room, Jenna’s squeal pulls her to reality. “why?” Y/n questions, and Jenna grins. “What do you mean why? Are you kidding me?”
“Uh, I don’t follow… ”
Jenna sighs, putting her both hands on Y/n’s shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze. “If whacking a guy with a broom scores me a date, I would’ve whacked a cute one already.” she laughs, “Girl, Tom Hiddleston just said he wanted to hang out with you.”
Y/n laughs, shaking her head at her friend. That’s silly, he just said he’d see them. That doesn’t mean he wants to hang out, for all she knows, the guy has a girlfriend back home. Maybe he wants to whack her back with a broom.
When it was time for them to go home, the two girls walked together. Jenna saying that she’s come over to hers tomorrow so they could prepare for the beach party.

“How about this?” Jenna asks, holding up yet another bikini top, Y/n scrunches up her nose in distaste at the shade of pink. “No.” Jenna sighs, rolling her eyes as she drops the top in the pile next to her feet. The two had been at this for twenty minutes, trying to find the right beach wear to go to the party that kicks off in an hour. Jenna was already dressed, wearing a tank top and jeans shorts over her black bikini that looked perfect against her pale skin. Clearly she has plans to go into the water.
“Y/n, it’s not like he’s going to see it. It’s gonna be under your clothes,” Jenna says, as she digs through Y/n’s clothes, “Oh you have got to wear this one,” the dark haired girl smiles, pulling a emerald green top from her drawer. The green fabric was dotted with gold, and suddenly, Y/n knew exactly why she picked it.
“He’s not gonna see it….Well… unless you decide to get frisky.” Jenna wiggles her eyebrows, throwing the top at her, and Y/n rolls her eyes but caves anyway. “Fine, okay. And no one’s getting frisky.”
Later the two were walking down the broad walk towards the beach, the air was a bit chilly for early July, but nothing Y/n couldn’t handle. “This is gonna be so much fun. Thank god we don’t work on the weekend, I’d hate to be serving drinks when I could be drinking.” Jenna says, “I almost feel sorry for Caleb,” she says, talking about one of the boys who Y/n is quite familiar with. When they finally got to the beach, Jenna immediately went to grab them drinks.
The beach was completely decked out, there was tables filled with refreshments, and anything else you could think of. Chairs was set up under white tents, Christmas lights every where, casting a perfect soft glow, music blasting, and a huge bonfire roaring not far away from everything else. The soft crashing of waves in the background of it all. People were scattered about, chatting with each other, drinking or eating. Jenna soon returns with two strawberry margaritas, handing one to Y/n. “Well, this is quiet… ” she mutters, taking a sip from her drink.
“It’ll pick up soon,” a voice says behind the girls, causing them both to jump. “Sorry,” It was Tom, chuckling to himself, holding a drink of his own. Jenna waves it off, “It’s alright, luckily for you, she doesn’t have a broom,”
Jenna looks between the both of them, “Oh, right. We were avoiding that…. sorry…. I’ll just um…yeah.” the girl then excuses her self awkwardly, turning on her heels before walking over to the refreshment area. Tom and Y/n watches as she does so, “Is she always that awkward?”
“Not when she’s embarrassing me, no.” Y/n chuckles, taking a long drink from her margarita. Tom chuckles, coming to stand next to her, “So you came,” he mutters. “I did, why wouldn’t I?”
“Well, yesterday you gave the impression that you didn’t want to… ”

Well I just had to, after hitting you with a broom and all…

“Do you…uh, wanna take a walk?” Tom asks, tilting his chin towards the other end of the beach where it was quiet. “Yeah sure,” Y/n shrugs smiling up at him. The began walking and Y/n tried hard to ignore Jenna’s loud whistle and her shout of, “Go get 'em!
Tom and Y/n stops walking when the music to them was a soft lull and there was nothing but the moonlight and the relaxing crash of the ocean. Their walk was filled with lighthearted jokes and conversation. Y/n leans against a large rock, narrowing her eyes at him, “You haven’t brought me all the way out here to kill me have you?” Tom chuckles, shaking his head, “No, no. We’re not far enough, people would hear you scream.”
What?” Y/n was ready to back away and run for her life but he gives her a dashing smile, “I’m kidding Darling,”


“Oh,” Y/n laughs, her empty glass forgotten now. “Hey, sorry about the broom thing..” Tom waves her off, leaning against the rock too, telling her that it was totally okay. For a moment, the two just enjoy the comfortable silence between them, contented with watching the waves. Y/n wondering why he asked her to walk all the way out there anyway, “You know, Y/n…I’m really glad you did hit me that one time.” Tom says, his eyes looking at the vast expansion of ocean. “Really? I thought you’d be wanting to whack me back,” the girl jokes lightly, nudging him with her shoulder. “No, but I could throw you in the ocean,”
“I’d like to see you try Tom,” And with that, the girl bolts, running away from him. With a short laugh, Tom chase’s after her.
Y/n didn’t get far though, Tom’s legs being way longer than hers and the fact that he was running faster. As weird as it was, to Y/n, this all felt almost natural, like it was just common for him to he around her. When hr caught her, Y/n couldn’t help but laugh when his arms wrapped around her waist and he begins walking backwards to the sea. “Wait you were serious?”
“Yes, think of it as pay back,” he says right in her ear, his warm breath ghosting across her neck. Y/n was suddenly dropped, engulfed by cold water, her clothes was now soaked and as she surfaced she could hear Tom laughing. 

This was in fact, the start of something very beautiful.

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