because i could and i did

I don’t know why I let myself believe we would be in each other’s lives forever… in retrospect it was such a childish notion. I don’t know how I ever thought it would work… I just did. I simply believed that somehow everything would work itself out and we’d be in each other’s lives forever. I suppose it was because you were such a unique and irreplaceable person. I knew I would never stop loving you and would certainly never want you out of my life, and being the person that I am I couldn’t imagine ever hurting you or doing anything to make you want to leave. In my mind it seemed reasonable to think something so amazing could last indefinitely… so I let myself hope… I allowed myself to dream. I gave myself permission to believe in something that felt certain but in reality could never have worked and was doomed to fail from the start. So when the reality of the situation finally tripped me up and I fell down, I had only myself to blame because I should have known better. Life is not a fairy tale with happily ever after’s. And as simple as love can be – and it really was so easy with you – life is what’s complicated, and I think perhaps it was more convenient to forget that for a while. To pretend things could have been different… that this was that one special time when all my bad luck would finally balance out and everything would go right for me. I made a decision with my heart, and the heart loves to ignore facts it doesn’t want to acknowledge because they ruin the dream. And the sad fact is that the dream is now gone and I have no one to blame for this emptiness but myself.

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Top 5 Soukoku moments ? 😎

Hi Ann, look at what you’ve done. Thank you for the pain. 

1. “I used Corruption because I trusted you”. All this scene is sort of heartbreaking. Chuuya trusts Dazai so much it physically pains me. He hasn’t used Corruption in FOUR YEARS, and then Dazai comes and says “let’s do it like the old times” / “yes, why not, I’ll just put my life in your hands like I did countless of times despite the fact that you betrayed me and I haven’t heard from you in FOUR FRIGGING YEARS and I could literally die in front of your eyes”. WHO DOES THAT????????? Chuuya Nakahara, apparently. That being said, I can’t believe my favorite skk moment is also the moment that makes me raging THE MOST. Of course I’m still outrageously bitter because Dazai literally called him partner, folded his clothes (yes, I’m bringing back the vintage receipts here), washed his face from the blood and then…left him there??? WHAT THE FUCK DAZAI???

2. When they pull the power couple aesthetic. When they actually work together as a team, they are mesmerizing to watch. You can see that the roots of their partnership are still there, that they know each other so much that sometimes they don’t even need words to communicate. They are not Soukoku for nothing, after all. 

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3. When Chuuya fake killed Dazai (aka, Soukoku in a nutshell). Ah this is such a powerful moment, the cherry on top of a scene where Dazai did everything he could to push Chuuya on the verge of murder, just to see him almost doing it. I can’t help but think how liberating this gesture must have been for Chuuya, he finally let out a little bit of his frustration (that’s why he was there in the first place. After four years he’s still bugged by him, he still wants some sort of revenge, he still needs a closure Dazai is not willing to give him). But that’s it. You can say you’ll kill him all you want, my little Chuuya, but will you really? I don’t think so, because you care and love him so much it’s almost painful to watch. And if you, Dazai, could stop toying with him every chance you get, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

4. Every time Dazai reminds Chuuya that he knows everything about him. Tell us more about those moves and those thrusts Dazai, we’re all ears. 

5. DORKS. First of all, I want Dazai saying “CHUUUYAAAAAA” as the sound people hear passing next to my grave. Second. I feel so robbed because in the manga Dazai actually laugh his ass off at Chuuya’s “little rich girl” impression. 

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- bonus: all the official art involving them is a blessing sent from the gods, I think that Bones ships them as much as we do if not more (remember the park date one? HONESTLY). But there’s one that has has a special place in my heart:

LISTEN. L I S T E N. I could talk about this art literally for two days straight because ??? You can try to convince me all you want, but this is made to be somehow romantic. Look at the way Dazai is tilting his chin up, it looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. And Chuuya is looking in our direction but if he was to look down he’ll be right above Dazai’s lips and ???? WHAT THE FUCK??? Not to mention what’s probably the most fucked up thing here that is THE FLOWERS. It’s a Camellia Japonica, or Japanese Quince, and they are the symbol of love, temptation, passion and deep desire. That’s it y’all. I’m out. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Soukoku might not be canon, sure as hell they are baiting it…a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

He carries Antok’s blade beside his own, heavy at his hip.

Marmora tradition dictates the deceased is to be adorned in quintessence melted from the crest of their blade, a painstakingly delicate procedure, a weight placed heavy on the heart. Their unique symbol is then, at the time of farewell, painted over their face to replace the mask. But Antok’s body was lost. Lost, absent, a heartache, and Kolivan has no time to return to the headquarters at the moment, no time to relay the message face-to-face to his fellow Blades. If anything, it’s a slight comfort he died in the presence of Galra; a capital sin to shame the dead, even Zarkon’s followers should have that shred of respect left within.

What a hollow wish is the thought that follows, unspoken and bitter on his tongue.

Allura’s castle stands quiet as they drift, uncharted cosmos their road but still leaps and bounds away from that war field. Words drift through the halls, whispers and worries - Shiro is missing and Keith, the stand-in, has taken to his new role like black ink on wet paper. Unsteady. Instincts trapped within grief. It’s shameful, even if Kolivan himself cannot deny the familiarity to that feeling as he watches him stumble around the castle with a child’s gait. The others, names he’s learned but cannot recall, console and grieve, and Kolivan wonders if all earthlings are so forward with their suffering. The adviser is almost chipper, skilled in wearing a mask despite not wearing one at all, but war is not kind. Bright smiles are a soldier’s parlor tricks and Kolivan is a veteran.

Allura meets him at the command center. Her hair is down and woven into waves, wearing a somber attire highlighting her royalty but doing a disservice to any semblance of authority she might wish to extend over him at this time. She looks apologetic, regretful. She says as so, “I’m sorry for Antok,” slipping from her lips with delicate care. He appreciates her concern, if anything. The families of soldiers require news regardless of war’s outcome, regardless if royalty or a commander is the one at the podium. And a princess in this situation, one bred into a war; it reminds him this can’t be the first time she’s had to claim responsibility for the death of one under her command (even if indirectly so, as far as he’s concerned.)

“Your apologies are acknowledged, but don’t extend them further.” His voice is curt, rough. It sounds akin to blades clashing in his ears, grating - her flinch, even if only at the eyes, is justified. He thinks for a minute that he admires her etiquette before shaking his head. “His death needn’t weigh on shoulders already burdened with their own weight.”

Her smile is surprised even if her eyes remain as a wall, a judgement he can understand and sympathize with. But he cares little for the spite of a princess, for the mix of anger and regret as he watches her eyes tremble, a lesson failed if only slightly. Passing marks aren’t anything unless they’re perfection and Alteans are a very proud people.

He watches the glow of the stars, a somber teal from the influence of machinery in this room, paint her in a light that carries itself as a mocking shade. She stands in the blue, hands clasped in front of her, shoulders straight - every bit as regal as is demanded of her.

“Thank you.” A dismissal for herself. In her tone he hears the abandonment of her desire to remain in this room. From a lack of words left to other duties acting in her mind with demand, he can’t say. When she leaves, he watches her go. Watches the blue shade bleed into the natural light of the hallway and wonders who has lost more family between their extensive years of life.

Kolivan bites his tongue and runs his hand over the hilt of Antok’s blade, over the crest.

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mark hasn't had any contact with the grumps in a long time and it's pretty worrying, do you ever get the feeling that matt and ryan went to work for the them so that they could keep them away from him? it's sad because mark really looked up to the grumps...

Mark did say once in the apology post to Matt/Ryan that he did feel they went to work for the Grumps to get way from him and he felt alienated from all of them. The post is [here] if you want to read it!

But Mark has tried to rekindle a friendship between Matt/Ryan and hopefully has been successful, but I imagine that’s being dealt with offline away from more potential drama.

As for the grumps, I don’t know where Mark stands with them but I find it hard to believe they’ll just ditch Mark without any conversation or discussion about it. Or they could still be friends but just don’t post about each other idk haha!

But I think as a fanbase, we’re best leaving that alone and letting it be because if they do need to sort something out then they’re adult enough to do so ^^

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I was rewatching BTS RUN but I can't get over EP 12 when Jungkook slaps Jimin's butt.... because I'm sure he has carried him that way many times. There's no way someone can do that so smoothly the first time tbh

Ok so this ask is really old lol oops. sorry for just replying now. but yes omg that butt slap saved my life. like it honestly made me believe in jikook 1244x more than I already did. Like, Jungkook just…. lifted…….. jimin off the ground……. and slapped his ass…….. all on video…….. wild. like ik jungkook is strong and all (boys biceps are bigger than my future) but theres no way he could lift jimin and put himover his should that fluidly,,,,, like,,,, ur going to mess up on the first try no matter what bc its just new and like arms are going places and ppl are being thrown and cop kink aus r being written and like idk i just feel like jungkook and jimin do this on the reg in the dorm like “hey jungkook im tired can u take me to bed?” “oh sure lemme just THROW U OVER MY SHOULDER!” im not saying that jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this but im saying jungkook has some sort of kink where he does this (that was the longest run on sentence if my life omg). and then jungkook legit slapped that jibooty so hard u could hear it loud and clear and like it was so beautiful. his hand gribbed jimins thighs so tightly and his hand like slapped the booty hella hard and i just IT MUST HAPPEN A LOT BC JIMIN DIDNT EVEN SAY OW HE WAS JUST INNOCENTLY TRYING TO CLOSE THE CELL OHMYGOD THIS HAPPENS IN THE DORM ON THE REGULAR, WITH A SLAP THAT LOYD IT MUSTVE HURT BUT NO JIMIN DIDNT EVEN FLINCH FUCK. and like the awkwardness after likw “fuck did we just do that on camera” “theyre gonna know our kink now fuck” like then jungkook wrapped his big strong arm around jimins waist and i just AMSO EMO OVER THE WHOLE EPISODE IT WAS A JIKOOK GOLD MINE BYE. 

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OTP Challenge: Day 2-4
Day 2- Draw your OTP kissing.
Day 3- Draw your OTP with one of them crying.
Day 4- Draw your OTP as an au.

Some colored sketches :D
I hate drawing kisses, it’s so hard q.q

one of them crying - I drew Bill crying because I can imagine him regretting all the things he did to Dipper and his family qAq

aaand as an AU - this one was tricky, because I could hardly choose an AU, there are so many great ones >-< But, ended up with Siren!Dipper and Pirate!Bill x’DD I have an idea for a fanfic or rpg… (But I got no rp partner for this and I hardly know any literate billdip roleplayers that are up for an AU rp right now, but hey, I ain’t complaining or anything ahaha… send me a pn if you want, I’m almost always up for rp ideas)

Got off topic up there, sorry xDD hope you like it! :D


Recently, I’ve been rummaging through early chapters of Naruto to see if I could find anything interesting and I actually did.

So, right after Naruto and Sasuke kiss in chapter 3, there’s this panel:

Sakura calls Naruto “annoying” because it seems like she doesn’t know that the kiss was an accident. 

Later on, in the same chapter, this scene takes place where Sakura tells Sasuke that Naruto doesn’t have any parents so he does a lot of bad things. Sasuke, being in the same situation as Naruto, feels angry about the way she describes an orphans life and tells Sakura that she is “annoying”

I’m sure that Sasuke heard Sakura calling Naruto annoying and now she was insulting him (as well as Sasuke, unintentionally.)

It makes me think that Sasuke wanted Sakura to feel the way Naruto felt, when she called him annoying, because Sasuke understands Naruto’s pain. Sasuke hurts when Naruto hurts. It’s a small but important scene because we know that during all this time, Sasuke always had his eyes on Naruto and in this scene he was standing up to Naruto. Even if it was subconscious.

Boyfriend Material

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “(I saw your requests were open, hopefully they still are??) I’ve seen several “dating Justin would include” and I haven’t see one for my Alex yet:) could you maybe do one of those?“

Words: 480

A/N: I am not good at these because I never did one, but why don’t we give a shot? I hope that you like it and I won’t fail you.
Anyways, I love Alex’s smile so much. His teeth are perfect and, damn, he’s fucking sexy! Sorry, not sorry!

P.S.: Send in some Alex Standall x Reader requests, please!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Dating Alex Standall would include:

  • Alex was shy around you at first
  • His friends always teasing the two of you
  • Awkwardly asking you on a date
  • Dinner dates at Rosie’s diner
  • You are the most important person in his life
  • Cheering him up whenever the tapes come across his mind
  • He would run to you to complain about his friends’ problems
  • Constantly stopping him and Montgomery whenever they start a fight
  • Curing his wounds after a fist fight with Montgomery
  • He snaps at you because the disinfectant stings
  • “Stay still, Standall!”
  • Him being possessive whenever Bryce and Montgomery bother you
  • “Fuck off, guys!”
  • Then he would wrap his arms around your waist to protect you
  • Cheering him up whenever he’s depressed or overthinking
  • Calming him down whenever he has a shit day
  • You worrying whenever Clay talks to him about Hannah
  • Being each other’s crying shoulder
  • You both call each other by your surnames when you are fighting or fooling around
  • “Shut up, Standall!”
  • “You shut up, (Y/L/N)!”
  • You always staying by his side whenever Hannah’s tapes torment him
  • You having constant nightmares and calling him to wake him up
  • Your ringtone is louder than any other of his friends, in case you call him in the middle of the night
  • “I’ll be there in 10, stop crying please. I love you.”
  • He’s really sweet to you
  • And sometimes you would cry because you don’t expect it
  • He always calls you with sweet nicknames
  • “Hi there, beautiful!”
  • “Hey there, flatterer!”
  • His friends teasing him whenever they see you flirting with each other
  • He introduces you to his family
  • His father likes you because he sees Alex happy
  • You sometimes come over to cook together with his mum
  • Compliments from Alex and his family
  • “What a great wife you got here, Alex!” His father jokes
  • Sleep overs
  • Window sneaking when you are grounded
  • Cuddling and making out, instead of partying
  • And when you are at a party, he’s overprotective
  • He assures that you don’t drink too much
  • Him taking care of you when alcohol knocks you out
  • PDA
  • You love it when he smiles
  • And he tries to smile a lot
  • Because he knows that it is your weakness
  • You poking at his dimples whenever they show up
  • Him beating you at Volleyball
  • You love it when he plays his electric guitar
  • Worrying when he gets distracted and misses a note
  • Him teaching you how to play a guitar
  • Him being jealous when he sees you with Clay or Justin
  • Him constantly swearing
  • “Standall, words!”
  • “Jesus Christ!” He complains as he rolls his eyes
  • Him being sarcastic
  • Inside jokes that only the two of you understand
  • Sweet and passionate kisses
  • Tight hugs
  • Getting him medicines for his stomach ache
  • Being his personal nurse when he’s sick
  • Walking with hands intertwined
  • Always!
  • “I love you so much, (Y/N).”
  • “I love you too, Alex.”

God is so good. I did the 33 Days to Merciful Love Retreat and consecrated myself to His Divine Mercy today and I cried at Mass because all I could think about is how much He is drawing me to Him. Me. Brandon. A wayward boy with a heart which is constantly longing for more.

I don’t know what He sees in me, but I know what I see in Him: hope. Divine Mercy. A love so powerful that a drop of it can cast away all the sins of the world.

You hung on a cross for the whole world, but you had me in mind.

You died for me. May I crucify my darkness, my sin, my despair, my anxiety, and my pride to your cross. May I die to myself.

I will live for you.

O, how He loves us.

Yes. But O, how He loves me.

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DAMN Nekomaru! Thank him? For killing you?

Why are you thanking me?

For taking actions. I also participated in this duel because I knew waiting for all of us to die of hunger wasn’t the solution but I didn’t dare to do anything. But you were the only one who did.

….Yes, that’s what I understood when you didn’t flee when you realized you could…But I killed you.

Yes, that was a really good move, I have to admit that I underestimated you and that was a fatal error.

And if I hadn’t and had been the one who won back then I would have been the one who would have killed you.

….I don’t feel any anger from you.

It’s because I’m not angry !

What happened to both of us was tragic but we both sacrificed ourselves so the others could live.

*offers him his hand again* This is why I’m thanking you, for sharing this burden with me. I acknowledge you as a real man and warrior and I would be proud to be able to call you my friend.

*looks at the hand*…I guess your are strong enough to touch me without dying on the spot.

Very well, I accept this pact of friendship. *shakes his hand*

Hahaha that’s good then ! I will make a training program just for you !


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Who was Kitty Livingston? I saw a couple Hamilton blogs 'shipping' her with Alexander Hamilton but i also saw some people saying she was his sister - which deeply disturbed me at first, until i did some fact checks and realized that Hamilton didn't have any sisters. But I couldn't find what was her actual relationship to him? Nor how anyone could get that mixed up but I guess that's just the fandom.

When Alexander Hamilton arrived to Elizabethtown, New Jersey in 1773, he met William Livingston and his family, which including his daughter Catharine “Kitty” Livingston. Hamilton wrote letters to Kitty because he could discuss politics with her. He was open to talking about other things such as marriage and romance. 

From Alexander Hamilton to Catharine Livingston, 11 April 1777

From Alexander Hamilton to Catharine Livingston, May 1777

From Alexander Hamilton to Catharine Livingston and Elizabeth Schuyler, [January–February 1780]

Have they ever stated in canon that Tyranitar’s Sand Stram works by blowing sand out of the holes in its body? Because I could have sworn that was a thing but maybe I dreamed it. Anyway, this might actually be the most complicated one of these I’ve ever done. Hopefully it looks as good to you as it did to me.

Did a bunch of cleaning today and got my laundry and dishwashing done. I’m having a productive weekend!

Mirror Mirror

Okay so I’ve been seeing head canons of Roman having a talking Mirror, and I keep thinking of how it would probably comes from daydream mode.

But if it comes from daydream mode it would mean it came from him directly, his thoughts and his energy. So if he is not confident in himself, that could mean his mirror would reflects on his negative emotions because they’re so powerful for him.

So what if one day the others found the mirror and were excited to hear all these nice things (there were rude comebacks, but most of them were generally great!) and they were obsessing over it.

But once Roman gets in view of the mirror (accidentally or the others want to see what the mirror says and pushes him in front of it) and it won’t stop saying the negative thoughts he’s thinking about himself. The others are so shocked to hear these things they go silent.

Roman is overwhelmed by his negative thoughts and his embarrassment he starts crying. The others are still surprised, but Roman runs away before they can say anything.

It takes a while for Roman to come out of where he was hiding (and then he went straight to his room, but after that) the others would just act like nothing happened. Roman was a bit relived and upset, but he played along.

However they started complimenting him more. Roman brushed them off a couple times and a few times would be (secretly) happy about it.

When the others noticed it wasn’t helping they decide they needed to do a Disney marathon and snuggles and they do it more often, (even Anxiety who isn’t a fan of snuggling, but dosent mind it.)

Although it doesn’t make Prince completely confident in himself, the others hear more positive things from the mirror whenever he’s stand in front of it.

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Hi so uh it's my 16th birthday today and no irl friends remembered and only 1 online friend did and I'm just worried by next year my chronic illness will have taken even more friends from me - last year I was able to have an irl friend for a sleepover and there's no way I could do that now, I just wondered in the past did you ever have anything similar and then it all end up ok somehow? Like you managed to make friends despite it getting in the way or something? Idk I'm trying to stay positive

chronic illnesses can make being friends with people hard because it can make you sad and bitter ad unable to go out and do things.

i tend to be up front about my illness with people but also try to talk to them online, even if i know them irl so they know i want to talk. i dont have much advice but i can offer my friendship, im always up for making friends with peeps.

also, happy birthday friend :)

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Hi! First off, I love your blog! Also, could I see a headcannon of MC with an identical twin? Thanks, have an amazing day!

Thank you so much love! You have an amazing day too! since you didn’t say who, I did a lot of them, since I really like this idea!


  • He’d be terrified
  • Especially because the first time he ever met them was at the party and little did he know, they’d brought their own sibling with them, so yeah, he saw someone who looked like MC’s profile picture
  • The problem came when he saw someone else who also matched MC’s profile picture
  • They were clearly a different person unless MC had, for some reason, changed their clothes during the party for no reason, but he couldn’t understand what was going on. 
  • His mind wasn’t making the simple connection of twins and he felt like he was going insane
  • Only when MC introduced themself to him and introduced their sibling did he finally understand what exactly was going on. 
  • This really wouldn’t be easy for him, he’s naive 
  • 90% of the time when he’s talking to one of them he’s just praying that he is in fact talking to MC 


  • She caught on quickly and, to her credit, didn’t have the reaction of complete shock whenever someone mentions twins 
  • She took it in stride, introducing herself to MC’s twin with a warm smile 
  • She was immediately trying to figure out ways to tell which twin was which because even as well as she knew MC she wanted to know who she was talking to for certain
  • She quickly finds out hints
    • MC smiles wider than their twin, but their sibling smiles more often
    • MC’s sibling has a scar under their left eye from a bike crash when they were nine 
    • MC likes coffee with cream and they like theirs black 
  • She actually gets pretty close with their twin as well 


  • There were, for whatever reason, talking about family
  • Jumin was an only child
  • MC had one sibling 
  • There was no problem there. Jumin had always thought it might have been nice to have a sibling and he kept their conversation going, asking who was the older sibling 
  • It was MC and he asked how much older they were and 13 minutes is definitely not a normal time and it took him just a few moments too long before he came to the realization that they were twins, making MC laugh as they confirmed it
  • He’d love to meet their sibling 
  • It would irritate him if he had trouble distinguishing which twin was MC 


  • He’s irritated. 
  • He can’t help it
  • First the RFA had to deal with Seven having a twin and now this? 
  • And less than a week after? 
  • It wasn’t that he had anything against MC’s sibling. It was mostly the problem that people he thought he was close to weren’t telling him that they had siblings and it was upsetting, not to mention the fact that the Choi twins always messed with him, or more like Seven always messed with him and Saeran was always dragged into it
  • He’s glad to find MC and their sibling aren’t like Saeyoung, but is honestly unsure when he’s talking to MC and that’s unsettling 


  • He’s delighted
  • Seriously, the only time anyone’s seen him so happy was when he rescued Saeran, or maybe the first time Saeran hugged him back or the first time in over 5 years that Saeran admitted to loving him still 
  • He’d overjoyed, thinking about all the pranks the four of them can play and he’s even happier that MC agrees with him
  • Unfortunately, MC’s twin is a bit more like Saeran and a bit more of the quiet type so it’s difficult to get either of them to play along, but occasionally they’re successful in dragging their siblings into pranking the rest of their friends 


  • He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they were little 
  • Translation: He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they looked really identical
  • He somehow knew all about them before they said a word (probably heard information from Mint Eye) 
  • Won’t say anything, but feels guilty every time he sees them smiling or talking together because he knows he took that away from the Choi twins, even if it was partially Saeyoung’s decision 
  • So much guilt. 


  • Horror. 
  • First he had to deal with Seven and that was a mess
  • And then Seven’s obsession with making sure MC was safe which led to him falling in life with MC
  • and then with Seven having a twin brother 
  • And now with MC having a twin of their own? 
  • It was ridiculous 
  • He half expected for someone to come up to him and tell them that they were his long lost twin 


  • He knew.
  • it was part of the reason that he chose MC in the first place 
  • He found it delightfully ironic that an identical twin was going to be the one to ruin his own twin brother’s perfect little world 
  • Once away from Mint Eye, he mostly feels guilty, if not for what happened between him and Saeyoung, then for what he’d dragged them and their sibling into
  • He wants to talk to MC long before he wants to talk to Saeyoung 
  • He’s good at being able to tell which twin MC 
  • He’s good at noticing small details and differences in people considering how hard he worked to find every possible different between him and Saeyoung 

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When did she say this? How do we know? Is she okay? Do they know who it is? I'm so worried now

1) She talked about the pressure of the stalker at her meet and greet today which is why I felt like I could mention she actively had one.

2) We know because she’s in fandom.  Fandom has actively tried to alert the appropriate people as the behavior got worse.  I personally know of at least ten people who contacted the production and Lana’s team with concerns and provided information to help protect her.  I doubt I know everyone who did so.  

3) The increase in set security around Lana in March was striking.  They were also also quite openly approaching fans watching filming for help in keeping a look out. 

4) I am confident that Lana has good professionals around her to protect her.  But the fandom really needs to stop reading tea leaves into her changes in behavior because they’re likely adding pressure and stress to an already stressful situation.

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In The pic of Touka in chap 122, she has blood on her stomach. Don't u think it could probably try to give us a clie that she might be pregnant or get killed? n i doubt the latter :P

Sigh I already said here (x). I’m scared because Ishida did similar things with Hairu and Arima :’D. But I hope Ishida is misleading me and Touka’s journey is not over yet :’).

 Pregnant? @king-kaneki. I’m worried about seeing Mutsuki’s knife in Touka’s stomach and here I’m reading something about pregnancy :’D. 

Well who knows what Ishida plans. This manga is a wild ride. Everything is possible.

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So if Bendy was probably the "Villian" in the old Cartoons, then why would his Face appear on the Cans of Bacon Soup. I mean wouldn't it then kind of better to have the "Hero" on the cover of the food to appeal to the customers. The only thing I could thought about is that maybe becaus Bendy is the most famous of the Cartoon Characters.

I think Bendy was more of… a stinker, than actual villain.

I’d still call him a villain because I would imagine he did serious villainy stuff, like I dunno, trying to trick people out of their souls, monkey’s paw kind of stuff - writing up contracts then showing the newly contracted the damning fine print or twisting the meaning, trying to drag sinners into hell, general attempted murder - maybe even following orders given to him by the devil himself maybe earlier on before he was established as an impudent little guy (like, I could imagine a pilot for the show beginning this way or something, but maybe never after the first episode haha).

But my guess is that while their designs are clearly old Disney/Fleischer Studios based, they probably took a form more similar to something ChuckJones/Tex Avery. ya know, Looney Tunes.

How many times did Bugs Bunny get a kick out of putting someone in mortal danger? And he’s undoubtedly the star of Looney Tunes. Bugs is a protagonist but I don’t think anyone would call him a hero. Wile E. Coyote was the villain, but he just wanted a meal, the Road Runner is the one that always made a fool of him. As much as I assume Bendy was certainly a villain, I think he also probably went around pokin’ people in the kiesters with a pitchfork, pulling humiliating pranks, cheating people out of something a little less high-stakes than a soul, and being in big trouble himself when his plans backfire.

That said it’s not just Warner Bros. who have a hold on this stuff. I think I remember that Mickey did his fair share of screwing with his foes. MGM, Hanna-Barbera, Harvey Comics, I think we end up defaulting to Disney which had a lot of big-eyed victims and deceitful villains, but cartoons have always been full of moral flip-flopping, and main characters that are willing to do bad things, because that’s how you get a joke. It’s easy to find humor there, or rather to write humorous sequences.

I think Bendy was probably a lot more genuinely villainous than Bugs Bunny is thought of as being (to Looney Tunes fans, I’m absolutely sure Bugs has gotten downright diabolical, but for the sake of this argument - it’s true I believe that he’s not really thought of as a ‘villain’.)

But I would put some money on the idea that he was a lot more like Bugs than he is like, say, Natasha Fatale & Boris Badenov.

And anyway, maybe there’s a reason why there’s so much bacon soup lying around… Might be that Boris’s face is the one on the sweet snack cakes. Bendy’s face might be on the soup, but nobody said it was a smart marketing choice!

I Feel It Coming (Piano Acoustic)
The Weeknd covered by me
I Feel It Coming (Piano Acoustic)

The soundtrack for s4 has been super on point, as usual. During this song/scene we as viewers feel the attraction between Yousef and Sana and how she is probably a little scared about what all her feelings for him mean and how (and if) to act on them. Because the song gets interrupted when Yousef sees Sana watching her, I think this could be deliberate foreshadowing and I’m afraid something is going to happen to stop short their love story! Eeep. How cute was Yousef dancing though??? I really hope they are endgame!

You’ve been scared of love and what it did to you
You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through
Just a simple touch and it can set you free
We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me

I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe

Skam cover songs 13/?

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