because i cheated and used some screen caps


Made it. *pant, pant* Just under the proverbial wire. Okay, so when I saw there was a Star Wars AU, I really wanted to do something with it for the whole SQBB Goes Bananas thing (cos, yeah, Star Wars geek going back to the very first movie when it was just Star Wars), but had other stuff to do, and didn’t know if I’d get to it. Got to it. lol. It’s not as detailed as I’d hoped to make it, but overall, I’m happy. It’s for the story, Episode 1: The Orphan and the Queen by EmmaShalForever (thokin). As I did this without asking, if for any reason EmmaShalForever (thokin) isn’t happy, I’ll remove the link to their story.

Art Stuff: I’m actually pretty happy with this one. It has some flaws to be certain, but the effect I wanted is there. Meanwhile, I think I used every cheat, dirty trick, short cut, clean trick, and work around I know to get this done in time. If I missed any, it was purely oversight. Layers? Oh yeah, well over 100. Size? Almost two gigs. Bwahahaha! Insane much? Yes, probably. Seriously, fun challenge. I went into with the firm plan of cheating and making it mostly a photo manip rather than a full painting and yeah, that didn’t happen. I started with some screen caps for Regina’s and Emma’s faces and figured Star Wars would give me the rest and …well…it didn’t. Except for the lightsabre, it’s pretty much all painted (oh, and the tiny ship in the background is clipped in). Meanwhile, Emma and Regina got plenty of paint too because I wanted slightly different looks for them and…well, you get the idea. Pretty much, it’s a painting. Though I did use a couple of filters to generate the starfield (er…then repainted the stars because I wasn’t happy with the autgenerated ones) and the planet (though…yeah, more paint). Oh, and Cora’s head is mostly just a cap. I smoothed, changed the color, Layer attributes and lowered the opacity, but didn’t paint.

I made up Regina’s outfit because I couldn’t find much description in the story. I think she was mostly wearing dresses there, but I couldn’t make that work and look good without the dreaded side slit and with the angle it just didn’t look right. So mea culpa to the author for any liberties taken.

Full Size of the entire piece

Full Size of the detail version