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When after a long time searching you finally find a long, well written and interesting fanfic


nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either

I was doing well, and then one thing hit and after that I can barely lift my head up from everything thats crashed down onto me.
And half of it is because of you.
After you left, I hid my feelings so well that I even forgot I felt them. I used forgetting as a way to heal, I forgot to feel the emotions that come after a breakup and I was doing so well because of that.
But now I’m remembering. And since I’ve started I cant stop. I remember being there the first time our hands intertwined and I remember the way it felt to be so close to you. and I remember every single phone call that we had. And all that may sound nice, because it did make me smile, it did make me laugh thinking about the things you’d say but then it just hurt because your not here. none of that is here anymore.
You use to text me in all caps saying you loved me and now you don’t even look in my direction. You can’t even say hello anymore..
And it hurts, because now that I remember how it felt to be there, to have you, to love and be loved, I miss you.
I miss you so damn much and I can’t breathe because suddenly I’m reminded of when you ended things. and then the picture flashes through my mind of you with her.
And now I can’t even get out of bed anymore because life hurts too damn much.
Because I’m reminded of how people can wake up one day and decide that they don’t love you anymore. and I’m so scared that everyone I have ever known will leave.
—  you screwed me up

Remember when Abby caught her son drinkin whiskey and literally called him by his full name, like let this momma rest pls Andrew she’s got 9+ babies to look after,, she can’t always be watchin you


I laughed

I mentioned in this post how Eli’s transition from what was basically the antagonist to being best friends with everyone in muse would have been really rough, and that part of it would be because of leadership issues. I’ve only watched a few episodes past where she joins but her takeover really is absolute. She’s leading practices, she’s coming up with ideas to boost their popularity (and enacting them with only nozomi’s knowledge, not honoka’s), and she’s the one deciding on the no-senpai rule. Eli comes up with ideas and then she does them, and there’s no backlash at all.

I guess it makes sense, given the characters. Most of them will follow any leadership, as long as they’re having fun. Umi might argue, but Eli shares the exact same ideas as her. Maki would argue but she already stop caring after Honoka stopped her from fighting Eli the first time. Nico will complain to herself and anyone in earshot, but for all her talk she hasn’t actually challenged Eli - possibly because she knows Eli is right, possibly because she knows Eli could instantly take her out in a fight, who knows. In the end this basically gives Eli free reign to do whatever she wants, and that probably helps her fit in with the group better. If she had to follow some other person’s leadership and stay quiet about her own ideas I don’t think she could do it.

Basically: it’s really good that the “who’s the leader” question came up before Eli joined. Otherwise it would have been an instant “oh, it’s Eli, end of story” and Eli would shrug and agree as she steals the club’s paperwork to do for fun in her free time

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Can we just discuss someone telling Tony that he's too emotional?

That dude hopefully has a good plastic surgeon because God help his nose if Rhodey is around to hear that.

((Or anyone else fond of Tony. Let’s go with Natasha because I am BREATHING TonyNat friendship like air.))

HONESTLY, Tony’s been told from the start that he can’t show emotions, because that will be seen as a weakness. I cant remember if they actually used that famous “Stark men don’t cry” line in the MCU ((Doubt it)) but !!!!!!!!!


Howard made damn sure to teach Tony not to be emotional/ hide his emotions and as we see, it IS a struggle for Tony to open up about something to someone. It requires a shitload of trust from him and he’s incredibly quick to retreat back into his shell if that trust is broken in any way.

Like, we do see him emotional when he gets surprised but RATHER it happens when he’s alone. ((Or when he’s around Rhodey))


May God rest the poor bastard’s soul who decided to tell Tony he’s “too emotional” because Tony sure as hell ain’t that emotional to begin with and showing emotions takes a lot for him SO 

a line like that would only make him feel worse cue him reverting into his “press smile and devil may care attitude” to defend himself.

Rhodey makes short work of that asshole’s nose.

Natasha makes sure they never find that guy again.

‘It came with an image attachment of the target.’

“Hell, bring it on up. Might as well see who’d pay that much to be stolen away from their own kin. I betcha two credits it’s some princess trying to get away from a marriage or somethin’ – oh.”

a thing for @mariejacquelyn‘s look up and wonder because i cant remember the last time i was this invested in a fic OTL


The warden coming to meet Leliana at skyhold! Because You know Leliana knew where the warden was and just did not tell Cassandra the same way Varric didn’t talk about Hawke. I guess she just respects Leliana more not to go off on her like she did to Varric. 

(Disclaimer: I used a fuck ton of textures on this instead of fully painting the interior of skyhold because I’m an adult with a job that inst drawing so I only had a few hours to do this. also I used like six different face references to make each of their faces and i cant remember who they were because I started this originally like six months ago, soooooooo)

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You think root has BPD too? I seem to be the only one who thinks so...

ohh yes and i know a lot of people do, here’s a post about it

i headcanon her with other stuff too but i also hc she doesnt identify with any diagnosis in the way that shaw does. everytime she’s asked shes like ‘since when is that relevant’ and ‘we’re just random bad code’. she also has her reasons to dislike psychiatry after being forced hospitalized… but yea if we’re gonna put a name to it shes borderline