because i cannot draw my own ocs

So Tex's OC finally made me work out my own OC idea

Name: Julia

Age: 17 (human years)

Model: Spurt train

Relations: Somehow via-via of the same railroad company as Ruhrgold

Personality: Distracted and kinda airheaded. Does not follow the timetable closely much to passengers’ annoyance. Did not get the good german genes of always being on time. Likes the outdoors and being out in the country and picked the perfect line for that in the north Netherlands. Went to Victoria Station to support her company-mate Ruhrgold

(There is no interesting backstory because nothing interesting happens on the North Dutch tracks, ever. The most interesting thing that happens is leaves on the track)

Other things:
Her mode of power is a combi-engine, diesel or electricity depending on the type of tracks she runs on.
Used to also be an international train but can’t be anymore because of current track repairs
Mixed German-Dutch


hesgonnalovethis  asked:

message continued; oh and in this AU I borrow a rule from Harry Potter that Jim cannot reveal magic unless in life threatening situations also Scotty has magic as well =D Bones is Human sorry for spamming! =( just hoping you'll draw a little doodle of a scene doesn't have to be detailed if you decide to take my request =D -hopes that you do-

Hi! Sorry but I didn’t receive your first message? (Apparently it’s a common problem on tumblr) Also for personal requests such as own aus or OCs I only take them as commissions (because it wouldn’t be fair for people that commissioned me for the same thing!) Sorry again!

anon replies

this past year on tumblr has been amazing for me and that’s all thanks to you guys. thank you for continuously liking and reblogging my art, sending me the sweetest messages and encouragements, and just in general supporting me and inspiring me to work as hard as i can to improve!

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A Quick Thought

I just want to take the time to say that I’m honestly so thankful and happy over all the love RWBY Gael has received over the past week. Waking up to fun asks, reading little drabbles, and seeing fan art has made waking up each day so exciting and full of joy.

Yet I think one of the best things I’ve noticed to come out of this, as I look at the asks in my inbox, is the amount of people saying that because RWBY Gael they’ve gone back to working/drawing/writing about their own RWBY OCs. I honestly think that’s the coolest thing ever; nothing quite beats being able to fully explore and create for something you love to your heart’s content.

So…just thank you guys. I’m doing my best getting to reading all the stories and drawing for the asks, but each one has made my heart soar for both me and you all. I honestly cannot thank you enough for having fun with me on this.