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Hi do you know any books like Ari and Dante where it's about a boy finding himself and possibly a love interest? I've tried looking and I can't find any :( and i guess it doesn't have to be lgbtq (but that would be a nice bonus) I'm just asking in general because no one seems to know any

Sure! Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig is a great one on this subject. Don’t be put off by that it’s also a mystery/thriller if that’s not your thing; he handles coming-of-age and sexuality really well and it has a good romance, too. I’d also recommend The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle. Adam Silvera’s stuff (which is usually what’s recommended to Ari and Dante fans) all has elements of this, but which of his books is right for you depends a lot on the level of tragedy you can handle with it and what kind of ending you need. (If harsher on all counts is OK, then definitely try More Happy Than Not. If you prefer these themes to be strong but a lighter read, hold out for his September release, They Both Die at the End, but, uh, take note of the ending as given in the title. History is All You Left Me has the most hopeful ending, but is the least about self-exploration, and more about grieving and mental illness and is deeper into real relationship experience than the others.)

 Willful Machines by Tim Floreen is sci-fi, but also a boy in his first real romance with a boy while trying to balance his sexuality with a world that’s politically unfriendly to it, so might be good for this. If you’re cool with the finding himself part being pretty wholly centered on sexuality, True Letters From a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan might be a good pick for you too. I also really highly recommend How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by JC Lillis, especially if you’re interested in a book where religion is a factor in finding yourself as a gay boy, and it’s also a good pick in this vein for a lighter read, as is One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva.

And they’re all gay; we don’t need to dip into non-lgbtq around here ;) Hope you find something you love!

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Where does everyone work in Roseville?

Okay I have to give partial credit to @patron-saintof-sluts because she helped me come up with like half of these. 

  • Reader: book shop
  • Okieriete: Mickey’s Auto Shop (mechanic)
  • Daveed: Mickey’s Auto Shop (mechanic)
  • Anthony: Mickey’s Auto Shop (handles the paperwork, he’s not good with cars)
  • Jasmine: book shop
  • Pippa: the town Vet
  • Renee: Lawyer (opened a law firm with Vanessa)
  • Lin: English teacher
  • Leslie: Owns the town movie theater 
  • Chris: Principal at the school Lin works at (he’s a little older than the others)

We’ve also decided on jobs for some of the ensemble members of the OBC who will pop up from time to time in the fic but I’ll give you more information about them once I’ve got jobs for all of them

She was the kind of girl who no one really noticed at first. She’d sit there quietly without a sound and if you said hi you’d be lucky to get a smile and a nod.

But if you looked closely, you would notice her fingers tapping on the desk, playing an imaginary piano. You would hear her humming under her breath, just loud enough to orchestrate an entire symphony for one and avoid the ‘what are you singing?’.

And if you asked her what she thought of ‘that film’ you’d probably end up talking to yourself, because she would much rather you ask her opinion on the creation of the universe or how war and poverty are justified.

In fact, she didn’t so mind that no one noticed her, because when she was loud the ground trembled beneath her feet and the mountains echoed her roar.

Her loudness wasn’t something everyone could handle, so when he walked up to her and they began talking about the world in all its wonder, her heart gave a little sigh, as if to say “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #30

Trans FtM Enjolras who never transitioned (let’s be realistic he’s a broke college student he doesn’t have the money) and discovers he’s pregnant.
When he tells Grantaire, Grantaire doesn’t speak a word for almost twenty minutes. Then he cries. A lot.
When they tell the rest of Les Amis, there’s chaos. Courfeyrac and Combeferre are fighting upon who gets to be the godfather, Eponine and Cosette are so excited about teaching the baby to write and read and shoot a gun (“oh my GOD, EPONINE!”), the others just ask Joly informations about going through labour and Joly starts to describe the pain so vividly until he see that Enjolras is getting nauseous and eventually shuts up.
Enjolras is totally comfortable about having a baby especially because he knows Grantaire has always wanted to be dad, but eventually he notices that Grantaire has started drinking again and when he asks him why Grantaire just cries that he will never be a good father and some other kind of bullshit. And Enjolras tells him he will be the greatest of dads and that he isn’t like his father because he knows what being kicked out of his own house feels like and the night ends up in cuddles and tiny kisses.
And the baby risks to be named “Paris” but Grantaire warns Enjolras he will burn all his books about the French Revolution if he does. So the baby’s name ends up to be “Eleytheria” that means “freedoom” in Greek and it’s a weird ass name but it’s:
a) genderless
b) oh well weird ass names are one of the reasons Les Amis get along so well anyway.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I understand that Doll has flaws, just like any other character. But does that mean she was really okay with what the rest of the circus was doing? I mean, think about it. She's afraid to sleep alone, so she disguises herself as a boy just so she can room with Ciel. I bet you anything that's because she feels horribly guilty, because she knows what the rest of the circus is doing, and she's involved with it, but she just can't handle doing it. Yet still, she doesn't quit the circus, because she cares so deeply and truly for these people. They're her family. She's their beloved little sister. Doll is such a deep and amazing character, if you ask me. She understands her flaws, yet she cannot bring herself to change them because of how much she loves her friends and family.

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I've never read any of the AtLA comics, so when Book 3 began and Mai and Zuko kissed, I was like "what the hell? Did I miss an episode?" I honestly thought I had missed an episode because their 'romance', to me, came out of no where. So I searched online for the episode I could have missed, but found that I didn't miss any episodes at all; this 'romance' had, in fact, happened off screen. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. Grrr.

I know. I was so mad at the way they handled Zuko’s relationship. It was so bad. They were obviously intended to be a bad relationship destined for breakup. Bryke totally decided to pair them off and be in love at the last minute and it was so lazy and sloppy! Honestly, I’ve never seen such a good character’s canon ship handled so badly. Worst ship ever! It was ridiculous. I’d rather have had him stay single. Let’s look at their wonderful relationship progression in the show.

Mai tells Zuko to shut up about his feelings. She grabs his face, kisses him, then leaves him alone to sulk.

For some unknown reason, none of that matters. It’s smoochy-smoochy time. Azula, who manipulated them together to begin with, comes to interrupt and further messes with Zuko’s head.

They have a miserable day at the beach, she bosses him around at the party, they fight, then break up. He becomes severely depressed thinking about his family, then burns his family picture right in front of her. Mai does not bother to notice this, gets angry with Zuko, they argue some more…then kiss?

Now they are apparently lovey-dovey again. Mai enjoys the luxuries of palace life and suggests she and Zuko bond by abusing his servants. Shut up about your feelings Zuko, no one cares about the war meeting where your dad burned half of your face off. Or the current one where he wants you to help incinerate innocent people. Let’s ride the palanquin! Zuko plans to leave and breaks up with her in a letter.

She is mad at him, yells at him, and does not have the slightest clue about why he left and does not want to know why. She is just mad that he dumped her. They argue, then he locks her in the cell.

Azula then nearly kills her after she saves him, and she only survives because of Ty Lee. Both are then thrown in prison. Meanwhile Zuko leaves never to look back and in the next episode sings Kumbaya with the Gaang and goes on a life changing field trip with Katara. He does not seem to think about her again.

They reunite, he looks confused, she threatens him to never break up with her again, and they kiss and live happily ever after…? Until the comics where they break up again, and she helps her father try to assassinate him.

I mean, COME ON! Bryke, you’re killing me here! WHY would you write shit like this!? You actually have to TRY to write something this bad.

  • What she says: "I'm fine..."

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How do you handle judgmental people? I try not to care about others' opinions, but I can't help myself apparently. My sister is extremely judgmental and, though we get along a lot and have fun together, I know it's at the back of her mind. She'll use my insecurities against me whenever I say/do something she doesn't like, and never apologize for doing so. I don't know what to do, because it's so toxic for me to have that hanging over my head, but on the other hand, she is my sister...

Ok, you need to get the book Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. There’s even a workbook that goes along with it. It’s about how to handle difficult relationships with friends, family, coworkers, etc. It’s solid. I’ve gotten a lot out of it. It will explain to you different types of people and how to respond to them based on what kind of person you are. 

Personally I have a hard time with this too. I am generally fairly insecure about myself, so when I feel judged it really digs into me. I don’t have much practical advice to give you, but definitely check out that book. 

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Imagine Warner getting up to take care of there first born child in the middle of the night and he can't figure out why the baby won't stop crying but he refuses to ask Juliette because doesn't want to disturb her


“P-please stop crying”

“Please Leila shh shh" 

"Leila you’ll wake mommy up please stop crying”


“No love I can handle this I know I can just let me–”

“Are you sure?”



(But seriously I imagine Warner being a really good dad. He wouldn’t know what to do at first but just seeing the smile on his daughter’s face is enough to motivate him to do better)

(Actually he has a bookshelf full of "how to raise children” books, but he’ll never tell Juliette)

(She knows.)

Timothy startled as Shelagh tossed a book of road maps on the table before him.  “We’re going to the countryside on Saturday,” she said as she cleared his breakfast away.  “You shall be in charge of the navigation because, as we both know, I am not to be trusted with bus schedules.”

So my drawing Buddy came over annnnnnd......
  • Buddy: Hey I'm finally done with this comic!
  • Me: *Looks up from my character designs* Huh? The one you just started? Or the one you been working on for three days?
  • Buddy: Yeah.....Take a look! I'm pretty proud of it......
  • Me: *Takes her note book and read the comic*
  • Buddy: *Plays with her thumbs* Do you like it?
  • Me: *Chuckles* Love it♥ You know thats my favorite ship! Why would I not like this! *Grins*
  • Buddy: Mines too.....*Blushes and smiles*
  • Me: *hands her back her book* When you gonna Ink, color, and post that bad boy? Alot of other shippers would love it!
  • Buddy: Post it......Like where?
  • Me: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. ....I don't know. Somewhere, where people will enjoy your art work.
  • Buddy: No!.....I mean....I'll ink and color it......But I'm not gonna post it.......
  • Me: And why not?
  • Buddy: .....Because.....Well you know I only have a tumblr account and.....Well.....If you look that tag up there is so much hate and harassment. You know I can't handle any type of harassment! *frowns*
  • Me: Oh.....Yeah i've seen it. *Shrugs and sighs* I say you shouldn't let that stop ya but I understand what you mean.
  • Buddy: You aren't.....phased by this?
  • Me: Nah.....
  • Buddy: Why Not...? You draw and write too......
  • Me: Here is how I see it: Those haters.....Well Bashers is a better term.....are very childish. And I ain't aint got no time to be fighting with a child or someone who acts as such. If you strongly dislike the ship, Turn around and get out the tag. Stop filling the tag with unneeded hate and drama. And if people don't tag a peice of art work and it bugs you that much, You can make a public post or ask that person to tag their stuff next time. As long as you do it nicely.
  • Buddy: I see.....
  • Me: People who like one ship have as much right to like that ship as people who don't like it to not like it.
  • Buddy: .....Wha.....
  • Me: What i mean is shippers have the right to ship whatever they like. And other shippers have the right to dislike whatever they don't.
  • Buddy: Oooooh
  • Me: Right. And If you and other people who don't deal with harassment well feel scared to post something as simple as a little fluffy comic. There is a problem. Everyone should welcome all the people in their fandom. No matter what they ship.
  • Buddy: I guess you're right.
  • Me: Tumblr and other websites/Mobile apps shouldn't be a war zone.
  • Buddy: Yeahh......
  • Me: But to get back to the topic: I think you should ink it, add that color, and post it. Let everyone see you're amazing work. But if you don't wanna, I won't make you.
  • Buddy: ......Yeeeeah I might! You really think people would like it.
  • Me: Yeah, FlutterShy!
  • Buddy: *Groans* For the last time.....I'm not a pink and yellow pony! *Whines*
  • Me: *Snorts* You sure as hell act like her.
  • Buddy: Imma tell my boyfriend on you. .....
  • Me: So? I'll kick his ass.....again!
  • Buddy: ........
  • Me: ........*Grins*
  • Boths: *Starts laughing*

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So Kaneki going to a Takatsuki signing and taking Arima with him in order to piss Eto off. During the whole meeting, Kaneki and Eto stare at each other intensely without blinking and poor oblivious Arima won't stop talking about how much he liked one of her books. In the end, Arima is very pleased because he got an autograph AND a selfie (on which Eto and Ken are staring at each other out of the corner of their eyes) while Eto is angry af because "are we really going to play that game, Kaneki?!"



When your friend has just finished the Mockingjay book then watched the trailer again just to scream “HELL NO, THIS BETTER NOT BE THE PART I THINK IT IS. WHY? Do authors have no damn hearts, because I do have one and I just can’t handle it. FINNICK!!!😭”

“But this is just a work of fiction.  It doesn’t hurt anyone.”

I think what I’ve finally grown tired of is the idea that any media doesn’t affect people.  Art of any kind – and in most intellectual circles, even the most atrocious literature is grudgingly given the label of “art” – is by its very nature intended to elicit a reaction in people.  And we all have our favorites - paintings or sculptures or novels or movies that stir something deep inside us so powerfully that it stays with us and changes us irrevocably.

But, what of all the art that doesn’t evoke such a strong reaction?

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I gobbled up all the InCryptid and October Daye I can get my hands on all because my friend Ellie shared one of your beautiful Birthday Unending posts with me. I will be hyperventilating until I can see Toby again. While I should be cutting myself off from further reading in the name of Productivity and Remaining Gainfully Employed, I can't help asking for recommendations. Please?

Well, here are some authors who always make me happy:

Jim Hines (try his Princess books!)
Tanya Huff
Lilith St. Crow
Carrie Vaughn (although warning, there is some sexual assault; not gratuitous, very well-handled, still could be triggery)
Catherynne Valente (try her Orphan’s Tales)
Sarah Rees Brennan (she’s my GIRL, and you can read “Turn of the Story” free online, to get a feel for it)

I hope this helps, and that some of these awesome authors will be new to you!