because i can't draw anything else

You can run but you can’t hide I’m gonna make you mine

Based off of  SIAMÉS - “The Wolf” and pose is from Keith’s 1st appearance in VLD S1. 

Thought I’d draw a tribute to the moment I really fell love with his character haha. Since it is almost a year now since I fell into this hell haha. Thank you for all those who stayed with me until this point!

Also I’m trying out Instagram again;; I’ll try to post some different stuff there if I can! :) Ty all! <3


eren’s flower shop ❀ part II

though this is the end of the original script, i’m obsessed with this AU and will probably draw more random moments in their life OuO or explain some parts more. but i shouldn’t promise anything, because i always have way too many ideas and a weird case of misunderstanding how time works ^^;
thanks for your patience and everything else you’ve given me!

< part one of this comic
all of flowershop au


*”can” as in is allowed and totally not stopped by bday gift with hidden feature

Because Steve, life is just unfair like that.

It was meant as a quick doodle and I made a mistake with using wrong outliner that bleed after contact with water >.< Also broke my sort of rule to not have petvengers talk, instead showing everything in lil drawings. But yeah, whatever.

Wanted to draw some cute DenNor so here they are (ref used)

neptune-nerd  asked:

Hello, so I'm trying to draw Starscream and I'm looking at all your posts and refs for inspiration and I'm like "YES" and then I put my pencil to the paper and I can't. So overall I'm wondering if you can help me with drawing the mighty lord birb because I'm having a hard time

It’s not much, but I actually did some structural sketches/composition of how I draw Starscream for a friend awhile ago. 

As I said, not much, but I’m happy to draw more. Shoot me an ask if youd like anything else, and dont be afraid to get specific if theres something in particular I could help with.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to have ADHD but still do well in school ? Because like I zone out easily and instead of listening in class I will doodle on my paper and whenever I'm faced with a vaguely time consuming activity I will draw it out even more because I will focus on anything else thats not the project and I can't just focus on one thing for that long, but I also am a straight A student so am I just a neurotypical who has issues with procrastination and if so how can I tell ?

This is something that is actually very common in the ADHD community. We are frequently A students, and that is actually used to dismiss concerns that we might have ADHD because we’re “too smart.”

What ends up happening, however, is that eventually the work load will get to be too much, and we crash and burn because we don’t have any support in place. Usually this happens somewhere between junior high (let’s say, 7th grade or so) and freshman or sophomore year in college.

Basically, what happens is that because we happen to be smart, the material is fairly easy. But as the material gets harder, and the course load gets high, our ability to cope goes down. Suddenly things that we used to be okay at, we find we can’t cope. At the same time, the work load also goes up, making it a double hit to our ability to cope.

This is something that has been fairly well studied in ADHD, but still there is this idea that if we’re “too smart” we can’t have ADHD. No, that’s not the case at all. It means that you haven’t hit the threshold of your ability to cope yet.

My advice is that if you think that you are ADHD, and you are okay with having that on your medical record, get an evaluation now while you don’t need it. That way, if you do need it, you have a neuropsych report on hand and can go to any psychiatrist (and some primary care providers) and get your medication when you need it… instead of having to wait the six months to a year that it can sometimes take to get a clinical diagnosis.

If you don’t want a clinical diagnosis, that is also valid, and there are plenty of ways that you can help your ADHD now before you need it. For example, getting used to a set schedule of studying that you stick to, or keeping a journal for your homework. You can learn how to do these things from the community before you need them, so that if you do need them, you have tools available to help you cope.

Does anyone else have those moments where you know there’s something you need to do but you just don’t have the energy and you have to get it done and you know what’ll happen if you don’t but you just can’t.

wolfepack  asked:

Ok, last thing I'm gonna ask for, and really totally understand if you can't or don't want to do it, but I'd love to see Jamie in your style (in his normal mailman outfit or in the drama zone outfit) (but I know you don't draw guys a lot, and maybe aren't comfortable with that?) Even if you don't want to, thanks for everything you do! 💕 You know I adore your art!

(>////<) plz You’re so kind to me! I don’t draw guys because they are anatomically a bit hard for me, but I’ve tried my best! Thank you so much!! And don’t worry, you have 5 days left to ask anything else, so… :D


for the khr collab exchange!

i’m super glad i got to draw for @frandeercois‘s grave robber au (which you should totally check out by the way)

i’ve actually got a couple more sketches even though it’s only been like 2 days because man i can’t seem to leave this au alone sshHHH

tsuna fights with a shovel which in my opinion is even better than fighting with a fork

bonus reborn:


yeah so ya know how I said it’d take me a while? yeahhhhhh it’d didn’t at all because I got excited.

sooooo @unwelcometagalong here’s some refs for my designs from this. If you want anything else just lemme know!


To celebrate hitting 7k+ followers!

I’ve not a lot to offer, but here’s a (little) giveaway to thank you awesome people for sticking with me. <3


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- The URL: joshwashingtonnes.

Runner up:
- 1 x Waist-up simple coloured (UD related) art.
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I will pick the winners on the 2nd of November and contact them via inbox to take your requests. You have then 48hrs to confirm before you lose it!