because i can't blame her then

well… as you can see in new promo, Alec is not only arguing with Magnus, but also with Lydia. And he blames Clary too (obviously he does). But you know what? He’s probably much more angry at himself, because he can’t do anything about it while people expect him to.


Okay so I thought for once I might have a normal play through in Skyrim but no, Kameo is just problematic. So it starts with Kameo killing Arnbjorn (she was extremely pissed he cut Cicero) then she dumps the body in the lake right…(lol nope!) but I thought she got away with it because in the last save I played her in, it didn’t happen, So I got to Cicero and Remained Silent because by Sithis him saying I get it. BUT THEN HE’S LIKE NAUGHTY NAUGHTY LISTENER. So I go back to the Sanctuary and Astrid starts nagging about the rules. BUT AS I’M WALKING IN THE MAIN ROOM FUCKING ARNBJORN’S BODY IS RIGHT THERE AND LUCIEN IS GOING ON ABOUT PURIFICATION (which was what I was doing. Thanks Oblivion Lucy). So finally I pay the fine and talk to Astrid. “ARNBJORN IS SAFE”. ASTRID HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE FUCKING MAIN ROOM YET BECAUSE I HAVE SOMETHING SHOCKING TO TELL YOU. Click the pictures for Kameo’s (inner) and outer dialogue.

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Well, it’s also referenced in The Shadowhunter Academy, I haven’t read it yet, but I was told by my friend who got really excited about it. It was something about how “Raphael has never loved in that way” Please, correct me if I am wrong though. Raphael has just alway been aroace in my head. Also, I look at authors’ social media stuff as canon, but you’re right, that’s just me. (And I agree, Jughead is in this case the “more real” erasure, but Raphael counts for me too)

I’m not sure I read that book in particular (I only read 5 of them and then I deleted everything from my brain) but from what I know there’s no real aroace rep in them. The thing is that CC is known for her shitty treatment of lgbtq+ characters in general so I think that whatever there was there about Raphael wasn’t actually meant to say anything about his sexual/romantic orientation (although can still be interpreted as such of course) and I’m pretty sure when she said “aroace” she didn’t actually know what that word meant either. (Also omg about the “never loved that way” part: in the show when Raphael talks about his feelings for Izzy he keeps emphasizing how he hasn’t felt that way in a really long time which I took to mean ‘never’ or not since like 60 years ago or something so that’s why I see him as demiromantic but again, that’s just my interpretation of it).

Also I don’t think that her tweets were even the reason the show writers decided to do this in the first place, I think it was mostly because of the fans who kept tweeting @ them and asking about the possibility of asexual Raphael. So unlike CC they actually went and did research on asexuality (like, they actually spoke to ppl from GLAAD) and even tho their ace rep didn’t come out perfect it’s still more and much better than what CC ever did. So I mean I totally understand ppl who are mad that Raphael isn’t aro because all this time I saw him as aroace too but it’s still not something I personally would really hold against the show writers because again, they didn’t really have any canon material to work with so idk


Bai Zihua lends his power to Hua Qiangu in The Journey of Flower.


Things I remember about maji 2:

  • Gekikara gets stabbed, seems to be doing fine, then ????, and then the yukogeki scene
  • Episodes 9 and 11 because of cennezu
  • Yuka and Yuki exist
  • Shibuya betrays majijo
  • Maeda is pretty fucked up mentally (and I don’t blame her)
  • Otabe is there for some reason???

Things I dont remember about maji 2:

  • everything else including the plot
Of Princesses And Scoundrels

Emma gets one last addition to her team for the trip to the Underworld, and Killian makes a new friend. Because scoundrels don’t stay dead.

(I blame @qqueenofhades for at least half of this.)

Emma expects the mist that roils out across the lake, the boat that parts it like an ominous cheese knife, the dark figure standing at the prow. She expects to feel a little sense of dread at the idea of marching into the Underworld, and she does, a little shiver running up her spine.

She does not expect the portal.

But there it is, a shimmer in the air coalescing into a swirling vortex of bright yellow light a little distance away, up in the sky.

And the thing that emerges from it…

The ovoid shape hovers in the air for a moment, long enough for Emma’s jaw to drop.

“Really?” she asks no one in particular. “Aliens, too?”

Henry is grinning. “Awesome.”

The spaceship settles down almost gently onto the grass. The whine of its engines slides down the scale and dies. There’s a hiss as white steam vents from a few places in the irregular hull. It’s a dilapidated-looking thing, Emma reflects, the hull blackened as if by fire in several places.

A ramp lowers on one side, and a figure strides down it.

It’s not an alien. It’s a perfectly normal-looking human woman. She’s short, slender, and dark-haired, and she’s dressed in grey pants, sensible boots, and a white tunic and blouse. She seems perfectly at ease with everyone staring at her. Her dark eyes sweep the group, and settle on Emma.

“Greetings,” she says, with a smile that transforms her features from a little forbidding to strikingly beautiful. “I’m sorry to intrude. My name is Leia Organa Solo. I was told this is the way to a place called the Underworld.”

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“You’re not in charge here, and that’s a good thing because people die when you’re in charge. You were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister. Then you made a deal with Lexa, who left us in Mount Weather to die and forced us to kill everybody who helped us, people who trusted me.”

so over youngsters telling me which ships shouldn’t be shipped because the grounds are “unbalanced” or “wrong” or “unhealthy” based on whatever magical chart they’ve conjured 


i may not be a fandom grandma or a fandom mom. but i am at least a fandom vodka aunt.

i’ve been around for a good long while. i’ve seen some shit. i know how to look at fictional relationships between fictional characters and separate it from reality. this is not my first rodeo, stop preaching and stay in your lanes chitlins. 

I was trying to update that list of all the smiles Ryuuko gave to Mako (because believe it or not there were still some more but they weren’t going to fit in the original post anyway, blame the Tumblr photo limit) AND THEN WHEN I WAS TRYING TO SCREENSHOT THAT ONE FROM EPISODE 24 I JUST


Trying my best to finish an Olicity ficlet involving a charity strip show and a very jealous Felicity. I blame the following for getting this idea stuck in my head: doubledeez06 for the conversations we had recently and dust2dust34 for her incredibly sexy stripper fics. You two have to stop! (but not really because we all love Stripper!Oliver!)

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I cannot believe they're making Abbie a slave. This show is trash. I'm not watching this finale. Fuck Goffman

I feel you, anon. Don’t blame you one bit if you leave the show.

I’m gonna watch the finale. I’ve tolerated far worse on other shows, so this isn’t a breaking point for me personally. If I can tolerate S3 of True Blood and the absolute shit storyline they had for Tara Thornton and how horribly she was treated, I can deal with this. I sure as fuck don’t like it, though.

It’s so baffling why they would even go this route. I mean, I get it from a “this is the series of events” sort of way. Katrina gets it in her head to “make things right” and undo her mistakes in the past. Abbie and Crane try to stop her because that’s a terrible fucking idea. They get sent back in time in their attempt to stop her. I understand Abbie being mistaken as a runaway slave and potentially why she’s arrested (no papers verifying her freedom, weird outfit, etc.). And so on. The dots are rather easy to connect.

It’s just so fucking unnecessary.

Like why is this the way you choose to get to the conclusion you want? Just have Katrina and Henry kill each other in a magical duel or some shit and leave it at that. Or drown. Or fade into the ether. Ugh.

Why this when it’s so obviously problematic? 

Granted, I doubt they’ll really go that far into the slavery aspect of it. The show is seemingly determined to show how awesome the white dudes were in colonial times. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the most we saw was Abbie being confronted by a soldier, arrested for…well, for any number of reasons, really…and then “saved” by Crane, the most progressive man of his time. She might meet her ancestors or see some in passing, but I don’t think the show has the courage to really go further than that because white people. And I’m not interested in seeing Abbie go through any of that shit, though I swear to God if they try to paint a rosy picture of slavery like they did in Sanctuary, I might reach through my TV and choke the shit out of someone.

It’s just…yeah. I don’t know. Why, Sleepy Hollow? JFC. 

There are so many other choices. Not even necessarily better - just different. Like…y’all had this elaborate ass plan about turning someone into a Wendigo using a 10 y.o. girl’s bone flute (of Chinese origin that was made by a white ninja) as an act of bio-terrorism to get some Jincan to make a spider to impregnate old dude’s mama with a demon baby that was almost aborted with the Aurora Borealis rock.

Y’all came up with that stupid, convoluted ass shit, but you’re telling me you can’t come up with anything other than sending Abbie back in time and being mistaken for a runaway slave?