because i can't

I totally understand why we aren’t getting anything new these days and I’m really really happy that Benedict is finally having a good time in peace, enjoying his life, his work and his new family.

But with TIFF, TIG promotion, The Hollow Crown filming, Setlock, Awards Season, Letters Live and the visit to China we had A LOT of Benedict from September to April. 

And now I’m just like

I went to the gym today. My workout took 40 minutes. And in that space of time, the unbelievably creeptastic dude who cleans the gym came past my treadmill with his broom four times.

Four effing times. There were only two other people on the entire floor, but four times he’s pushing the damn broom around the edge of my treadmill, slowly, all up in my personal space.

The women who work at the gym never do this. Ever.

Anyone who wonders why women have short fuses when it coms to feminist issues should just try dealing with this bullshit day in and day out for 43 years. It’s fucking tiring.