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Watch The Counter

I owe this whole thing to @pretentious-git on Tumblr who posted a prompt/imagine and then let me take it into my hands.
“Okay but imagine Draco just walking into the Slytherin dorms all dramatic like and wailing about Harry to his friends and for once no one tells him to shut up so he just talks and talks but they’re all totally giddy for once because someone tipped off Harry and rigged up a spell for a word-counter in the Gryffindor dorms, so Harry’s sitting in his dorm room watching this little counter climb higher and higher because every number counts for Draco saying either ‘Harry, Potter, or Harry Potter’ in a sentence and Harry can’t believe it when he watches the counter go from 5 to like, 13514 in one night.”
I want to thank you so much for letting me use and play with this.

Draco had been pining over Harry for years, and the Slytherins are tired of hearing about it and need to get some fun. No one knew exactly how it was going to end.

Harry’s eyes widen as his arm is gripped tightly by someone and he is pulled into an empty classroom. His eyes gaze at the hand on his arm before following the limb, his gaze meeting no other than Pansy Parkinson’s hard glare. Pulling his arm away swiftly from the Slytherin’s grasp, and opening his mouth he tries to find his words before realizing he can’t find them and closing it again. Pansy smirked while watching the Gryffindor’s confidence waver slightly. “Don’t worry Potter. I’m not here to hex you. I have something you may be interested in knowing.” This catches the green-eyed boy’s attention, causing his words to come rushing back to him. “What could you possibly have that I would want?” He says, his hand loosely wrapping around his wand as a caution though his curiosity is beginning to take over more and more. “It’s about Draco. He goes on and on about the boy-who-lives, and it’s been driving all of us Slytherin’s crazy since the first year when you rejected his handshake. However, it has gotten worse. I thought we could maybe have some fun with this, however, a way of keeping any of us from drowning him in the lake if you will.” she says her voice completely serious much to Harry’s surprise. He looked at the Slytherin in front of him quizzically before speaking again. “Um, I don’t know what to say to that. What do you expect me to do in this little scheme of yours? I would also like to add that there is no way Malfoy would talk about me of his own free will unless it was to make fun or plot some evil scheme.” As he finishes, he attempts to erase the slight blush he knows is beginning to grow on his cheeks. A cunning and confidence filled smirk growing bigger on the Slytherin girls features. “Wanna bet Potter?” she asks, a daring look in her eye. The Slytherin in Harry begins to stir at the challenge. “Sure Parkinson, you’re on.” She smiles and pulls out a piece of parchment from her bag, scribbling a few words on it before handing the paper to the boy. “Here. If you say these words a number counter will appear and display anytime, he says your name in any form. Beware of what you’re about to realize Gryffindor.” She says, a knowing look taking over her features as she throws her long black hair over one shoulder and walks out of the room, leaving Harry to stare down at the paper with a weird feeling stirring in his stomach.

Walking into the Gryffindor common room, Harry flops down on one of the oversized chairs, his mind still on the parchment folded in his robe pocket. “Oi, Harry you alright there mate?” Ron says forcing Harry out of his trance, his head wiping toward the red head. “Sorry, I’m alright. I was just thinking about something from earlier.” The redhead nods before turning back to his game of wizard chess with Seamus, who was sitting on Dean’s lap next to the fire. “Hey, guys do you mind if I try this spell?” Harry asks the small group who were hanging out in the common room. They all turn towards Harry at his question; eyebrows quirked up as a response. Sighing the raven haired boy wiped a hand down his face before speaking. “I was cornered by Parkinson, and she told me something interesting, she also gave me this spell to prove her point.” At the mention of the infamous Slytherin everyone’s attention being drawn to him entirely, books and chess games momentarily forgotten. “What was her point?” Dean asked into the silent room. Harry let out another sigh, “She says that Malfoy talks about me nonstop, and apparently in a nice-ish way. I bet her that she was wrong, so she handed me this paper with a spell that will tell us every time he says my name.” There were hums of acknowledgment throughout the room before Ron bursts out “Well on with it man! If nothing else it will give us the inside scoop into the Slytherin’s nest if we ever need it.” Harry nodded and took out the parchment along with his wand, casting the spell. When he finishes the words, a small screen appears above the fireplace along with what seems to be a score counter. As everyone’s heads turn towards the screen, they realize that it is the Slytherin commons room and dorms. When nothing else seemed to occur after a few minutes, everyone turned back to their books and games, including Harry who pulled out his potions textbook and parchment, starting on a long night of essay writing.

Harry’s eyes snap open at the feeling of someone shaking him awake. As his eyes focus on the room around him, he sees Ron standing in front of him while Dean and Seamus have turned around to look above the fireplace and Ginny and Hermione have joined the guys and are sitting on one of the couches, also staring up at the fireplace. “Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to startle you but stuff started happening on the screen.” Ron says as he makes his way back over to the couch he had been sitting on before. Wiping the sleep from his eyes before looking up at the screen displayed on the wall surprised when his eyes make contact with the counter seeing that it’s already showing the number 10, as his gaze raises higher he sees Draco pacing in the middle of the emerald and silver common room. “Can we turn the sound on?” Harry asks, his voice coming out a bit raspy from sleep as his gaze meets Hermione’s. She nods and points her wand at the display causing the young Malfoy’s voice to echo throughout the room. ” Why does Potter always have to be such a righteous prat? ” The blonde said, his eyes locked with Pansy and Blaise who were sharing an armchair, his voice indicating he was talking to the room. “ He may have the Potter name but he’s nothing more than a royal pain in my arse. ” Harry’s eyes switched to the counter seeing the number getting higher. A weird feeling beginning bubbling in his chest, which he quickly pushed down his gaze going back to the video. “ All I heard in the hallway on my way here was Potter this, Potter that. It’s like he’s the Chosen One or something. I mean who chose him? Why would they chose someone like Potter to be our world’s Savior? I mean have they seen the little shit? In just one year he fainted over 35 times. What is he? A fangirl or something? ” The blonde rants out all in one breath his pacing coming to a stop as he dramatically throws himself into a chair opposite Pansy and Blaise. Closing his silver eyes he starts ranting again, his voice a little quieter than it was even though the entire commons room is still able to hear him, silent eye rolls passed between students as the blonde drowns on. “ I mean some days I just want to shove him against a wall and kiss him. Other days, however, I just want to push him against a wall. It all depends on how heroic he intends to be that day. Seriously, kill him or kiss him. Does anyone else have this problem when it comes to our Saint and Savior Scarhead? ” At the Slytherin’s confession everyone’s head in the crimson and gold common room turn to look at Harry, the raven-haired boy’s face turning almost a Weasley shade of red as his eyes continuing to stare unblinkingly at the video in front of him as the blonde continues to say things that he never thought he would hear from the young Malfoy. “ You wanna know how it should have gone back in first year? ” The blonde asks to the room, many groans heard even though it was their collective idea to let him drone on and on today, Malfoy was still an ear full to deal with when he went on one of his ‘I hate Potter but am really in love with him but don’t know it cause I don’t think or listen about what comes out of my mouth when I talk about Harry Potter’ rants The teen sends a glare at the students who responded to his question before turning his attention back to his friends. “ It should have gone like this. I introduce myself, and hold out my hand, he accepts it and then proceeds to question his sexuality and how the earth orbits. Is that really to much to ask? ” Blaise being the weaker of the two Slytherin’s before Draco can’t help it when he bursts into a fit of laughter, quickly burying his face in the back of Pansy’s shoulder in an attempt to go unnoticed. This tactic doesn’t work in the slightest earning him glares from the students around him who felt he may be blowing their cover. However as always when it came to Draco ranting about Harry he was oblivious to almost anything else. “ I’m serious, Potter with his perfectly messy hair and Potter with his gorgeous green eyes and Potter with his stupid Gryffindor bravery; why does he always have to be little miss perfect? Hasn’t he figured out that unless you’re me being perfect all the time is stupid? I guess not though since he has yet to trip and fall down a hundred flights of stairs. ” At that Harry rolls his eyes, the blush still present on his features from Draco’s comment on his sexuality. Harry felt the bubbling feeling in his stomach come back, this time with more force. Harry knew that if he hadn’t been sitting down the effect of the sensation would have forced his knees to buckle, silently he focussed on pushing the feeling away, blocking out everything else around him in the process. He hadn’t realized that the blonde had continued speaking so when his senses came back to him he realized that the silver eyed Slytherin had kept talking about him. “ Up. Down. Left. Right. Everywhere I look it’s Harry fucking Potter this, Harry fucking Potter that, oh and let’s not forget the times Harry fucking Potter is standing in front of me with his stupid face and perfect lopsided grin. Can’t I have just one Potter-less hour?! Wait wait wait til I take that back. Yeah don’t do that. I’ll keep my hours Potter-full. But only so I can make fun of course, there is no other reason I would want him around, yeah no. Another think I want to know is why he doesn’t listen when I talk? Once I was telling him how he had a nice face, however all he did was tell me to piss off. And again in fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament I told him of how I bet against my father and said that he may actually last a bit and survive. But once again nothing more than a piss off. ” Even from the view of the video the smirk on Pansy’s face was unmistakeable, a wicked look flashing in her eyes. “ So what you’re saying is that you don’t like Harry Potter, our Boy Who Lived, is that correct Dray? ” The blonde rolled his eyes though the corners of his mouth seemed to be trying to fight past his mask to form a smile. “ Fuck Potter, Fuck Potter, Fuck Potter. That’s all I have to say on stupid Fucking Potter. ” The dark haired girls smirk grew even more as she took in the answer. “ Wait I think I’m seeing a pattern here. ” she exclaimed excitedly, shifting slightly in her seat so she is facing Draco fully, her back to Blaise. “ Oh fuck you! ” The blonde say, raking a hand through his gelled back hair, messing it up slightly. Pansy rolls her eyes and laughs a little at Draco’s outburst. “ Oh sweetheart, I don’t think that is what you were asking for a moment ago. ” She shines an innocent smile at him as be begins muttering under his breath. “What did you say? ” she ask innocently, batting her eyes as she speaks. Draco rolls his eyes but speaks up anyway, making sure to direct it to her and not the whole common room. “ All I say is fuck off, but all I want to say is fuck me.

At this confession, Harry’s concentration on the screen is broken as if a spell had been on him. Trying to recover from what Malfoy had said he coughs, it quickly turning into a fit. When he can regain his ability to breath, he quickly stands, rushing out of the common room and into his dorm, slamming the door behind him, placing a locking charm on the door. The raven-haired teen paces back and forth in the dorm, trying to figure out what Draco meant by what he said, and furthermore what Draco had said meant to Harry himself. Forcing himself to take deep breaths Harry sits down on his bed, putting his head in his hands as he attempts to process what he had gotten himself into today. The blonde Slytherin’s words echo throughout the room as Harry sat in silence.

He is knocked out of his thoughts as someone knocks on the door, Harry realizes the locking spell on the door and opens it, his eyes never leaving the floor. He let out a small sigh as he felt someone sit next to him on the bed, someone’s hand intertwining with his own. Looking up he lets a little smile show on his features as his green orbs meeting Hermione’s brown ones. She smiles back at him, squeezing his hand. “Are you okay?” she asks softly, Harry rolls his eyes just a little before looking away from her. “I’m okay, thanks ‘Mione. Just surprised I guess.” She nods understanding watching the floor as well. “You’re not the only one surprised, I mean I had suspicions about you but it never even occurred to me that Malfoy may feel the same.” Hermione’s words caused Harry to look up staring at her profile. “Suspicions about me on what?” He asked dreading the answer he knew would explain the feelings he had been feeling in his stomach. “Suspicions that you liked Malfoy.” It felt like a stake to the heart as he notices that he is as transparent as they come. “I didn’t think anyone knew,” he mutters quietly, mostly to himself thought he knew Hermione had heard, resting her head on his shoulder they both sighed softly.

They had settled into a comfortable silence causing them both to jump when they heard Ron scream “Bloody hell.” from the common room. Glancing at each other they both stand, hands still intertwined as they go back to the common room together. The two break apart as they walk down the last few stairs and into the common room, the view in front of them almost makes Harry laugh. The two boys sitting in front of the fire are laughing, their gaze going between the video and Ron, his sister laughing while patting him on the back, the ginger boys head is in his hands mumbling under his breath. Breaking apart Hermione goes to sit back down by Ginny, Harry walking over to where he had been sitting. “Mate, you alright?” Harry echoes the words his best friend had said earlier; the Weasley boy looks up at his friend, horror in his eyes as they meet Harry’s green ones. “I-i-i,” he starts unable to speak aloud correctly, clearing his throat he tries again. “I just got what Malfoy had said before you left. Just Ewww.” He says running his hand through his ginger hair as a shudder runs through his body. At this action, Harry bursts into a fit of laughter paying no mind to the blonde still talking.

After a moment or two his laughing calms down, and he looks back at his best friend who still has a look of horror on his face. Letting out a long sigh he looks up to the screen at the sound of the Slytherin’s voice again. “ Potter is such a git, ” Malfoy says, running his hand through his hair again which is already a wreck almost a mirror image of Harry’s most of the time. For the first time since they had been watching Blaise speaks up on his mind on the subject. “ I know right. Fuck Potter. ” At the other man’s words, Draco speaks again. “ Yes, I hate him more than all of the other Gryffindorks, him specifically. ” His silver eyes are closing as he lets out a big sigh. “ No Draco, fuck him .” The dark haired boy says looking at the blonde with a slight smirk growing on his face. “ Yeah I know I- ” Draco starts again, most likely about to start another long monolog that could have a real possibility of keeping both groups of students in their common rooms all night. “ Fuck him, ” Blaise says again, letting the smirk he had been suppressing show its true color at the silence he is greeted with from Draco and the almost silent giggling coming from Pansy who is hiding her face into his shoulder, he speaks again to further get his point across in case Draco ends up being just as oblivious as Harry always is. “ Fuck Potter, or at least kiss him or at the very least tell him how you feel. ” At this, a shade of red that could only be compared to the Gryffindor shade made its home on Draco’s pale skin along his cheeks, ears, and neck. Harry could feel his own face, ears, and neck turning a matching shade of red, the blush burning his tanned skin as he runs a hand over his face and then through his hair.

For the rest of the night, Harry sits in the overly cushioned chair dozing off, his eyes occasionally gazing at the counter on the wall. As the sun begins to come through the tower windows, Harry smiles to himself seeing the Slytherin groups asleep in their common room, spread out on a sofa and chair. The green-eyed man’s gaze slowly trails down the counter, eyes widening when he sees the number 13,514 displayed on the wall. His smile growing into a huge grin at the realization of everything that happened the night before. He looks around the common room finding Ron laying face down on the floor looking like he got pushed off the sofa, Ginny and Hermione sharing said sofa, Seamus and Dean also sprawled out on the floor with blankets and pillows spread out around them, and Neville who had come in late after studying in the library was half falling off a matching armchair to Harry’s. Quietly the raven-haired boy stands and makes his way to his dorm, quickly changing into a set of his muggle clothes seeing at it was Saturday, checking the clock to see that it was a little after 7:30 am he makes his way out of the dorms and into the cold, empty corridors of the castle. While focussing on keeping quiet Harry forgot to check the image above the fireplace making it a complete surprise when he runs face first into the chest of a white-blonde Slytherin. The dark haired boy feels an arm wrap strongly around his waist the other grabbing his arm to steady him. Looking up into the silver eyes of the other man Harry’s smile falters slightly before growing into an almost wicked smirk realizing that he knows everything from last night but that Draco knows nothing about it. The young Malfoy seems to realize just how close they and lets go of Harry’s waist his hand lingering on the others man a few moments longer before being removed as well. The two teens stand in the hallway and look at each other, Harry’s face showing a smirk while Draco’s was masked, though his eyes seemed to betray him by showing slight nervousness. The two stood that way for what felt like forever but couldn’t have been more than a few minutes before Harry broke the silence, his eyes glinting with just a little bit of mischief from knowing something the other doesn’t. “Malfoy, what are you doing out and about so early? Your fellow Slytherin’s threaten to throw you in the lake yet?” Harry ask remembering Pansy talking about the Slytherin’s using the stuff from last night to have fun and stop them from drowning Draco in the lake with the giant squid. The blonde’s eyes betray him again by widening in slight shock before recovering once more. “Don’t get your lacy pink panties in a twist Potter. Why would you care if I was thrown into the lake to drown anyway? Disappointed it wouldn’t be you tossing me in there? Not that I am getting thrown in the lake in the first place.” Harry rolls his eyes at the other man in the hall, the bubbling feeling coming back to him as he takes in Draco’s features up close; his perfect porcelain skin, how the light shines against his white blonde hair making it look like he has a halo surrounding his head, His silver eyes taking in Harry before meeting his green ones. “No that’s not it, Dray.” At the use of Pansy’s nickname, Draco’s masks falters again, this time lasting longer in its falter before he recovers. “Dray? Where did you hear such a name?” Harry smiles, the wicked grin being replaced for a small and shy smile. “I guess you could say we have a mutual friend.” Harry says before walking down the hall towards the Great Hall for breakfast, turning to look back at Draco with the smirk on his lips once more. “You coming?” He asks, receiving a distracted nod as Draco absentmindedly falls into step next to him. The walk to the Great Hall is quiet, green eyes meeting silver ones repeatedly as the two walk. Harry reaches his hand out to open the door that would lead them into the Great Hall he feels Draco’s hand touch his arm causing him to lower his arm and turn towards the blonde. The Slytherin looks up and down the man in front of him, the corners of his mouth fighting to pull up into a smile. “What do you know?” he asks, his eyes searching the slightly shorter man’s face. Placing a mask of innocent on his face Harry smiles at Draco “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I know plenty of things which one are you talking about?” A slight chuckle escapes the pale man as he takes in Harry’s innocent demeanor. “You’re acting different, and I want to know why.” Draco states trying to command his feelings towards the person away and channel them into his mask. He had known he had feelings for Potter for awhile now but he wasn’t able to accept them, he had messed up back in the robe shop the September before the first year when a cute brunette boy walked in, and he had been the prim, and proper son Lucius Malfoy had taught him to be instead of being himself. He knew he was not good enough for Harry so why bother, right? Harry smiles his real and genuine lopsided grin at Draco, a smile that only people close to him ever see. “I’m not acting differently in the slightest Malfoy.” When he says, the teen’s last name comes out soft and nice as if it was ‘Mione’s name instead of stiff and hard like he would normal say the other student’s surname. “Oh bullshit,” Draco exclaimed causing Harry to chuckle aloud, Draco’s world stopping for a moment at the almost angelic sound of the other man’s laughter. “You are acting differently. Your walking, talking, smiling, and laughing with me. You’re using a nickname only one person ever calls me. Something is up; I know it so spills.” He rants, unnerved as the thought begins to dawn on him that Harry could know about his feelings and that he may just be playing with the blonde to get back at him for the past five or so years of torment that Draco and his fellow Slytherin purebloods have caused him. Harry lets out another chuckle before pulling himself together. “All I will admit to is that a little bird spent all last night going on about some righteous prat named Potter that he apparently had a problem deciding if he wanted to kiss or kill. If you want my opinion I would say kiss the Saint and Savor Scarhead, seems like it would make more sense to do that. I mean you could always kill him later.” The Gryffindor remarks before shining another signature lopsided grin at Draco before reaching out to open the door and disappearing into the Great Hall leaving the Slytherin dumbfounded in his wake.

The Great Hall slowly begins to fill as the morning drags on. Harry smiles as his Luna walks over to him, her being the only Ravenclaw to come down for breakfast. Smiling back she sits down next to the raven-haired man. “Good morning ‘Arry,” she says before grabbing a plate and placing some food on it. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit here I just really don’t want to sit alone, you know?” Harry nods, knowing the feeling of not wanting to be alone all too well. “It’s perfectly fine with me Luna.” With huge smiles, the two dig into their food waiting on the others to join them.

First is Hermione, followed by Ron who sits in front of the two not even batting an eye at the fact that someone outside of their house was sitting with them. Ron sleepily piles food onto his plate, almost face planting into it multiple times while Hermione grabs some eggs, toast, and hashbrowns digging in for a few moments before striking up a conversation with Luna over one of the books the two had been cramming over after classes yesterday. Next came Ginny who immediately noticed Luna and sat next to her, she piles her plate with food to make sure she would have enough energy for the Quidditch practice game later in the day, her eyes never leaving the artistic illustrations Luna was making with her hands as she spoke with passion about the book her and Hermione were discussion. Seamus, Dean, and Neville came in and sat down next never missing a beat in the heated discussion they were having over what seemed to be two Quidditch teams. Last to join as always, probably because they were too busy plotting or executing pranks to remember what time it was, was the famous Weasley twin who sat down next to Harry immediately trying to convince him to join in with one of their brilliant plans they had in the works, saying that if they had the Chosen One on their side there was no way they could get caught. Harry rolled his eyes at the twins drowning out the rest of their conversation as he made eye contact with a certain blonde Slytherin from across the room, even with a faint blush making his way to his cheeks he pulled his lips into a small smirk and winked at the blonde before turning back to his friends.

As people began to join the Gryffindor table the same was happening at the Slytherin’s with Pansy and Blaise making themselves at home on either side of Draco. Crabbe and Goyle even made an appearance by sitting across the table from the trio, knowing better than to act like they were part of the group. As soon as Pansy was seated Draco turned to her his voice coming out as a commanding whisper. “What did you do?” He asked, worry running ramped in his mind as he tried to assess how much Harry knows. The Slytherin girl looks over Draco’s shoulder at Blaise as they let it sink in the Draco could know what they had set up with the Golden Boy last night. Putting on a smirk the girl turns her attention back to the blonde in front of her. “What are you on about Dray?” she asks trying to put as much innocence into her voice as she can in case he doesn’t know anything. “That, that right there. You’re not the only one that has called me that today, what did you do?” Draco asks nervously, his fingers unknowingly playing with his fork as he watches the girl with interest. Pansy twist her hair around her finger as she decides what to tell him. However, she is thrown from her thinking when she hears Blaise speak up. “It wasn’t just her, it was all of the Slytherins,” he mumbles unable to make eye contact with Draco’s glowing silver eyes. “What did you do?” Draco says in a dangerously low voice, his body already preparing to run as his brain eliminates possibilities. “Don’t go all dark lord murder spree, okay?” Blaise asks, receiving a not so convincing nod in return. “Okay so all of us,” he says gesturing his hand in an indication of the Slytherin tables. “Had grown tired of you going on and on about Potter since the first year. So we took matters into our own hands and got a spell that would show the commons room in a video form as well as a score counter that would display every time you said Potter’s name in any form. Pansy proceeded to give this to him. As far as we know he may have used it last night which could mean he knows everything you said last night.” Blaise finishes his eyes finally meeting Draco’s watching the blondes mask melting away being replaced first by worry, then happiness, and lastly by anger which causes him to look away. In one swift motion, Draco is standing looking between Blaise and Pansy before looking up and down the table at the other Slytherin’s sitting silently waiting for what Draco was going to do. He looks back at Blaise and Pansy when he speaks even though he is yelling and knows that the whole Great Hall can hear him. “YOU. DID. WHAT?” with his anger filled eyes staring into them neither of them speaks, Pansy only letting out a slight shriek. As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he glances across the room his eyes meeting brilliant green ones for nothing more than a second before he turns on his heels, running out of the Great Hall.

When Draco breaks eyes contact with Harry, he momentarily feels empty, alone. Quietly he stands and makes his way out of the Great Hall when he is out of the Hall he pulls the Marauders map out of his pocket thanking himself for making it a habit of taking it with him wherever he went. When the map is opened, he runs his finger along the paper trying to find the name he wants out of all the other students, teacher, and staff residing inside the castle. As he finds the name, he lets out a sigh of relief seeing that he was somewhere nearby. Closing the map and putting it away he breaks into a sprint, making his way through the corridors towards the lake.

When Harry gets to the lake, he stops when he can see a head of blonde hair resting on one of the large rocks by the shoreline. He takes a few deep breaths before taking a few step closer only stopping when he is standing next to the other man. Clearing his voice in a way to get the Slytherin’s attention he sits down next to him, their shoulders touching. “Are you okay?” the brunette asks his eyes searching Draco’s profile. “Why do you care?” Draco responds, his voice coming out gruff as if he is having an internal fight with himself. “I have always cared, what happened yesterday just showed me how much I care,” Harry says, giving up on making eye contact with the taller man and just staring out at the calm dark water. “It’s fine if you didn’t mean anything you said last night, it’s not like you knew the full story of who was hearing your words, so it’s understandable if you don’t feel the same.” Harry rambles into the silence around them. Harry opens his mouth to speak again after a few minutes but closes it as Draco’s slender finger run against his jaw, turning his head towards him. Green eyes meet silver ones for what feels like the first time all over again; neither filled with anger, neither glazed over by a mask. They stare into each other’s eyes for what feels like forever, the scenery around them blurring into nothingness as they take on the other. Slowly Draco moves forward, his eyes glancing between Harry’s lips and his eyes, Harry leans forward as well, their lips brushing against one another as eyes flutter shut. The kiss becomes heated, Draco pulling Harry into his lap with the brunette straddling him. After a few more minutes the two slowly pull apart, their foreheads resting against each other as they catch their breaths. Without warning Draco breaks into a fit of laughter, causing Harry to lean back to get a better look at the blonde in front of him. “Are you okay?” Harry asks a smile growing on his features. The blonde continues laughing, putting his head on the other boy’s shoulder. “I-I’m okay just never thought I would be kissing the Chosen One, let alone have him straddling me.” He says into Harry’s shirt, the confession causing Harry to laugh along with Draco. With a huge smile, Harry pulls Draco’s face away from his shoulder, pulling his lips into another breathtaking kiss.

Time After Time (Part 2 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,403

Warnings: fluff, crying, second-hand embarrassment

A/N: This is going to be one part for a certain time in their lives as they grow up. If you aren’t used to the American schooling system I can help explain?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 11

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So school

So I know that I sound like a total ungrateful ass kid when I say this, but I feel like school is a waste of time. It’s not a waste of time in the sense that it leads to greater things, and one day it will all be worth it, but it is a waste of time in the sense that there are so many other things we could be doing.
For example: We learned our ABCs in school, but imagine if we were told that it actually went “ABX.” We would go our whole lives thinking that, unless it was proven to be otherwise.
Schools have SO MUCH POWER! They literally have ALL THE POWER + 1!! Why don’t they use that power to teach us to love each other? Why don’t they use that power to stop kids from feeling left out and excluded, so the pain goes away far before any thoughts of suicide? Because the school has power, they just use it in the wrong places sometimes.

I’ve been learning how to write five paragraph essays for the past five years. Now, I ABSOLUTELY love writing, but in school I ABSOLUTELY despise it. When I ask if we are ever going to do any creative writing, I am completely shut down and they act like the idea is hysterically unimaginable.

No creativity allowed.
Now sit down
And write
A five paragraph essay
On why
The mitochondria
Is the powerhouse
Of the cell.

I just feel like I’m so trapped as there’s so many things I want to do but school has just completely abolished any hope for the present time.

That’s the thing.

They have is so wrapped up in thinking about our future

That they won’t let us enjoy the now.

I understand from their point of view

I really do

But I want to live

Can I just live?

Sorry if I sound like an ungrateful ass kid.

I really am grateful.

Education is a gift

And I understand that

Ugh I’m done rambling

Ok so imagine a double date with saphael and clizzy
  • They go bowling because Simon and Clary would totally plan it
  • Simon trying to get Raphael to wear the bowling shoes
  • “Raph just put them on,” “NO THEY SMELL LIKE DEATH,” “Well we’re dead so it should’nt be that bad
  • And Clary trying to get Izzy to wear the shoes, too
  • “Can’t I just wear my heels?” “Not if you want to break your ankle,”
  • Once everyone had their shoes on and they have a lane they spend fifteen minutes deciding on their names
  • Everyone is pretty much terrible at bowling but its ok cause they’re having fun
  • Then its Raphael’s turn to bowl and he gets a strike on his first try
  • He shrugs like its no big deal while everyone else flips out
  • Izzy and Raphael talking to each other in spainish about how adorable the other two are being
  • Simon and Raphael holding hands under the table and talking while Clary teaches Izzy the best way to bowl the ball
  • Simon totally cheating by using his vampire speed to knock down the pins before anyone notices
  • they all notice
  • Clary and Izzy covering their bowling balls with runes to help them make strikes
  • But in the end Raphael beats all of them by a long shot
  • The game takes forever because everyone forgets when their turn is because they’re all having fun talking and all that jazz
  • At the end of the date they’re all happy and laughing and making plans to go bowling again the next week
  • Just, double bowling date

onotherflights  asked:

So ever since I started following your blog and a hot person passes by on a motorcycle I say "oh hey daddy" or "daddy what's good?" to myself. And now I'm scared I'm actually going to say it out loud in front of a friend. I'm blaming it on you but it's totally me. And now I picture an AU where that happens to Yuri when he's with Viktor or Yuuri. Help. (Also I really just love this blog it makes my day as a scroll through my dash and see it so thank you ❤️)

oh my goD 

if it ever does happen please report back to Daddybek HQ and share the hilarity with all of us because i would legitimately cry from laughter

(i wish i saw more hot daddies on motorbikes, you lucky thing you)

dgsudfhsuHDS can you even imagine

Viktor would probably gasp and turn to see the said daddy, breathing out a “wow~!” in agreement

Yuuri would hide his face in his hands because why are they like this

(Ohhhh you are so sweet! That makes me so so happy, you have no idea. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it~! <3 <3 <3)

anonymous asked:

Imagine Fushimi with an easy bake oven oml

Okay but imagine Yata buys him an easy bake oven because Fushimi sucks at all kinds of cooking and Yata figures okay, let’s start him small and teach him from there. Fushimi comes home from work one day to find Yata presenting him with this tiny brightly colored oven and a bunch of tiny mixes and baking pans. Fushimi just gives Yata this look and Yata’s like hey, this is what happens when I tell you to make your own dinner and come home to find the fire alarm going off. The deal is if Fushimi can make something properly in the easy bake oven he will then graduate to using the big boy oven. Fushimi clicks his tongue and acts like this is so annoying, he’s not playing with some tiny oven like a child. Yata’s all if you say so but he leaves the oven out just in case, going back to his cooking. Fushimi sits there all through dinner glaring at the oven over Yata’s head, like fuck if he is using that dinky little oven, he doesn’t need to know how to cook he has Misaki and take out and that’s always been enough before right.

The oven is still there the next day and the next though, and Fushimi can’t stop glancing at it. Finally one day he gets a text from Yata saying he’ll be late so Fushimi can either wait for Yata for dinner or order take out. Fushimi figures he’ll wait except he skipped lunch and he’s actually kinda hungry. He thinks he can just eat some CalorieMate but Yata actually threw all of that out in order to keep Fushimi from eating it in place of proper meals. Fushimi’s standing there all annoyed and hungry, totally not wanting to admit that he can’t make his own food, when he spots the oven again. Fushimi stands there staring at it and finally he’s like all right, I’ll use the stupid oven and show stupid Misaki that I can make food on my own, how hard can it be. It turns out that Fushimi has underestimated the easy bake oven and he somehow manages to almost burn a brownie. It doesn’t taste too bad though, just a little smoky, and Fushimi figures okay, I’ve figured it out now, I’ll just try again. By the time Yata returns home Fushimi has made all the little mixes, it took him like four tries but he finally managed something perfect and he acts like it’s not a big deal but secretly he is so proud of himself. Also imagine Fushimi gets kinda attached to the easy bake oven because it’s way easier than the regular oven, he doesn’t like waiting for the stupid regular oven to cook and it’s annoying and the easy bake one is much more low maintenance. Yata has to buy him some refills on the mixes and occasionally comes home to  a Fushimi who is deep in concentration as he cooks a single tiny brownie in his easy bake oven.

Today I took my girlfriend on a date and somehow we ended up dancing on the street at midnight in front of a closed supermarket, totally sober but all giddy and she had ditched her high heels because her feet were killing her, and then this bunch of people passed us by and this woman was totally bewildered and I’m laughing my ass off because I keep imagining her getting home and going

“Harold, I just saw two lesbians waltzing in the middle of the streets to Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ and one of them was barefoot”

and her husband going like
“Barbara we need to talk to your doctor about your new medication”

textdump: stuff that I didn’t end up using in the grammy thing

8:11: this James Corden doing Sean Spicer rapping thing is probably going to make up at least a double digit percentage of rap on this show

8:22: very subtle promo of Prince performing with the same color scheme as this Weeknd set

8:42: are Ed Sheeran’s backing crowd roars so soft because loud crowd roars now present as ominous in this year of our lord now what? 

8:53: The only way Kelsea Ballerini’s “Peter Pan” being chimerized with “7 Years” is at all tolerable is if I imagine Kelsea is subtweeting the song. Having her sing “fly away” right as Lukas and co. steal the ending has to be that, right?

9:12: Camila Cabello introducing Maren Morris, already positioning herself for a future country tangent when she has a total of maybe 0.75 solo singles out 

9:33: something about it being emblematic of something for a major awards show to mock the president mocking fake news via fake tweets fuck I took lit crit too long ago for this

9:46: I was honestly expecting at least one pussy hat to make an appearance by now. It’d be the exact level of anodyne of this night.

10:28: this bee gees tribute, for everyone involved, is kind of like that job you accept because idk it pays well and you’ve gotta keep your name out there and idk it’s something ok

10:37: Carly Rae Jepsen doing a Target commercial is new and disconcerting

10:38: wait no Carly Rae Jepsen wrote the Pepsi jingle into one of her songs, so it’s just disconcerting

10:59: Bruno Mars:Prince::Gamine:Romantic

11:00: behold, a tribute to Prince featuring Bruno Mars and the great god Ernie

11:08: I hate myself for liking Lady Pentatonix’s capelet, but I am small and want to wear capes and this is the only real way, capelet revival please

11:22: (while neil portnow delivered his “democrats and republicans must all unite as one except not even that specific, o beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of stage makeup” speech) SIT DOWN, GRACE WINDSOR WEXLER

11:39: does this count as mommy appropriation

I need a fic about the boys doing some time traveling to when Bruce is a kid and I need them to be worried about his well being because what kind of sane child sees three grown men and a kid walking around their house and what kind of kids first reaction is to ask them if they want hot chocolate.

But could you imagine all the shenanigans they could get into because Bruce is only 13 and trying to discipline himself and the bat boys are just watching as this tiny ass kid tries to walk across the banister and is sneaking out at night to balance on trees and the boys are like “Bruce what the ever loving fuck” and they gotta deal with young Alfred whose apparently used to Bruce bringing in the stays, apparently it’s his new life.

But the boys are used to Bruce being in charge and they’re totally surprised when Bruce as to ask Alfred if he can go into town and they are definitely not used to Alfred remind Bruce to take a shower because he’s a 13 year old boy and Bruce is grumbling under his breath about how “showers are a waste of time” and “why can’t I just go in the pool” and Alfred like “Master Bruce it’s 30 degrees out” and as Bruce tries to convince him it’s good for his “training” the bat boys are in the back freaking out because they’re all used to Bruce being the most hygentic person they know and the only one who agrees with tiny Bruce’s reasoning for no shower is Damian

And for some reason Bruce has to go to a gala event and he looks so grumpy putting on a tie and he’s grumbling under his breath about how the board doesn’t even like him why does he have to go the last one he went to he legit almost assassinated and the boys are thinking of all the times grown Bruce mentioned how many times someone tried to kill him as a kid and they all thought he was joking but turns out something close of the Joker actually tried to kill him and they’re so confused on everything because What the Fuck Bruce And Alfred bringing in art but Bruce doesn’t know what it is just that Alfred likes it so he compliments it and says “Oh yeah that’s really great pit where you want ” but right when Alfred is gone he leans over to the closest boy and says “I have no idea what that’s suppose to be, it’s hideous” and that bat boy thinks to when grown Bruce stares at that exact same painting in the future and realize that Bruce still didn’t know what it was.

But yeah, could you imagine 13 year old Bruce and the Bat boys together and the boys being wigged out about how normal it is for Bruce to take in strays and when they get back to their time they call Bruce out on all the shit he got himself into in that one week they were in that time slot “because honestly what the fuck Bruce you were a kid”

I should just write this

anonymous asked:

Can u imagine a how to train ur dragon au with Fishlegs Hunk, Astrid Keith, and Hiccup Lance? Like instead of hiccup being super awkward, Lance makes up for insecurities by flirting and everyone is pretty much Done™.


-After starting dragon training and meeting a Night Fury that he names Blue because of the way it glows, Lance hides all his fuck ups in training behind misguided pick-up lines he shoots at either the dragons or Keith. “How did you keep it from attacking!?” “I don’t know, guess I just have a magic touch *waggles his eyebrows at Keith and Keith scoffs before he stomps off*

-Lance being inventive and curious, his modifications to Blue’s tail allowing him to fly for short distances by himself, but he needs Lance for long distances

-Lance being super cautious of Blue’s and gaining his trust very slowly much like Hiccup does in the series, his bond with Blue being strong very fast, but his relationship with his friends and family are getting strained

-Lance being secretive while Hunk timidly tries to find out what’s going on, why does his friend keep disappearing into the woods? Is Lance okay? Where’d he go? Keith telling him to shove off every time and forget about Lance

- Keith: “Is this a game to you!?” Lance: “No, but we could play a game together hehe *awkward wink and finger guns*”

-Then Keith catches Lance with Blue and in the moment Lance just has Blue pick him up, trying his hardest to explain. This is where Keith diverges from Astrid, he would find the flying immediately invigorating and it would excite him as something he could master, holding onto Lance tightly and seeing why Lance was doing everything he was doing 

-Keith and Lance working together to explain the dragons and Hunk’s just gung-ho “totally was not obsessed with dragons anyway haha… okay I love them so much riding them sounds so fuckin’ cool!!!”

-Keith making an incredibly strong bond with a grumpy, red Deadly Nadder that hates everyone but him. Eventually, Lance gets on its good side too, mostly by feeding it fish, but now it demands a fish from him every time he sees him

-Keith and Lance being the village power couple with their dragons always in tow

-Lance struggling with the responsibility of eventually being chief while Keith becomes the best dragon rider known in the village. They’re both enthralled by their upcoming positions, Keith in defence for the village and Lance in running it, but they are also so terrified, how does being an adult work? 

I’m going to stop myself here, because I could go on forever, but this is long already. If anyone wants more just ask! 
***Requests Open***

Before the One Punch Man dub came out, I always hoped Genos would have a South-Western accent. I don’t know, maybe it’s the cowboy boots and the torn-sleeves tank top, but it’s amusing to imagine Genos getting angry and slipping out a “Y’all c’ain’t come nowhere near Sensei’s power nohow!”, then clapping a surprised hand over his hand before going back to a more central dialect, “Excuse me… I meant to say, ‘you are far below Sensei’s level of strength.” And he’s a little ashamed of his original accent because everyone makes fun of it, but Saitama’s like, "Wow, that accent’s totally genuine!!!!” So he only uses his original accent around Saitama, but grows into speaking with it regularly <3

I don’t know, maybe he was born in Osaka, and it gets translated as a Southern accent in a dub, or his dad/mom was from the South, I can’t help but think about Genos with a Southern accent.

Tour - A JB imagine for my fav

Sorry I was thinking all day!!!! Hm how about an imagine where I don’t want Justin to go on tour because I’m not used to him leaving me and idk you can make up the rest IM BAD AT MAKING STUFF UP THAYS WHY I DONT MAKE THESE THINGS AHHHH


Ilysm btw :))


requests are ALWAYS open !!!


Originally posted by beautifullguys

“You’re going on tour?” I ask , totally not expecting those words to leave his mouth.

“Yeah babe, I just found out today” He replies , pulling me closer to him

“For how long?” I asks , mind blown at the conversation .

“Maybe three months? I don’t know , its all for promoting the album” He states and my mouth drops .

“Three months? When do you leave?” I say , trying to remain calm .

“Next week?” He says , and I turn to face him .

“Youre joking right? This is some sick joke youre pulling” I accuse , and he shakes his head sadly .

“Im sorry baby. The album comes out soon , we need sales” He tries to explain , but I don’t hear anything expect for next week . One week .

“So , youre leaving next week for three months?” I clarify , hoping my ears were deceiving me .

“Will I even get to see you?” I ask after he nods his head .

“Ill fly you out to visit. Id even let you come with me but youre in the middle of term exams and I don’t want you having to drop any classes for me” He says , and I sit up , holding the sheets to my chest.

“That’s my decision Justin. I want to go with you” I say , pleading .

“I know youre saying that now , but I also know how important school is to you. Youll regret it” He says , and I groan , knowing hes right .

“Weve never been apart for that long” I say softly , my voice shaking .

“I know, I don’t want you getting upset though okay?” He says and I shake my head at him .

“How do you expect me not to get upset? Im going to be alone. You know how scared I am of being by myself . And im going to miss being near you , sleeping with you , snuggling against you. “ I mumble , resting my head on his chest , his heartbeat drumming in my ear.

“I know baby , but we’ll figure something out . You can stay at Kendalls house maybe? And well call and video chat every night . Itll be like I never left” He tries to reassure me , and I sigh .

“Yeah except I wont be able to physically touch you” I say , my fingers trailing up and down his chest and stomach , before intertwining our fingers .

“This sucks” I add , and he chuckles .

“Trust me , im going to miss being with you too.” He admits , and I smile slightly .

“I don’t want you to feel sad about this Justin . This is good news . I was just caught off guard I guess” I say , realizing how selfish im being .

“I am excited , I just wish you could experience it with me” He says , and I nod in agreement .

“And Im not too happy about not being able to have you whenever I want” He adds and I gasp , slapping his arm .

“What a perv!” I tease , and he laughs .

“Just teasiiiin. Or am i?” He says and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a guy”

k but you know that one thing i just reblogged about straight historians trying to claim that historical figures that wrote romantic things to people of the same gender were not really gay/using flowery language/etc???

Imagine Sorey and Mikleo reading books and being like “uhhhh wtf is this, this dude is clearly writing bad love letters to this other dude” “this author says they were really good friends. bullcrap, this is worse than the stuff you write me”

Sorey and Mikleo picking fights with historians who try to claim that this inscription of two women buried together in a way that only lovers were were “close, almost sisters”


And that’s how Mikleo gets a part time gig teaching at a university for a while. He assigns his book as the textbook for the class and makes even more money than he did after advertising his book with the Statement. Rose would be proud.

Wintertime with Luke would include...
  • Him wandering around the place all the time while using a big blanket as a cloak
  • Becoming really excited about seeing his breath in the cold air
  • “Babe look, i’m vaping”
  • He’d have you pulled up against him if you were ever standing outside
  • “Here get into my jacket with me.”
  • Convincing him to make snow angels with you
  • But that just ends up in giggling and pulling you close to him on the snow
  • “Alright this is too damn cold. let’s make blanket angels instead.”
  • Putting his beanie on you because he doesn’t want your ears getting cold
  • Hot chocolate and cuddles
  • he’d so ask you to kiss any whipped cream off his lips :((
  • Going to buy a bunch of festive mugs
  • Attempting to ice skate
  • His legs are basically bambi’s legs on the ice though
  • Holding your hand to keep himself steady
  • “It’s to keep your hand warm, that’s all.  I can totally do this without holding ont-DON’T LET GO!”
  • Staying up late to watch the night time snow fall
  • Carrying you to bed wrapped up in a blanket after you’ve fallen asleep
  • COMPLETELY engulfing your body in bed to keep each other warm
  • Always asking if you like things in magazines so he knows what to get you
  • Spontaneous trip up some tall building to see the view
  • Kissing your little reddened noSE A LOT
  • “Hey rudolph”
  • “No, wait I’m rudolph and you can be Clarice”
  • “After that ice skating, are you sure you’re not bambi?” 
  • “….. Too soon.”

Michael // Ashton // Calum


Stiles:”Oh come on Scott. You and I know that Y/N is totally into me.”

Scott:”Don’t flatter yourself to much Stiles. I’m gonna go up to Y/N and I’m-”

Isaac:”You alright guys? So if you are finally finished with all that arguing, you can watch and learn, ok? Because between us three, Y/N could never say no to this face. Enjoy the show, guys!”


Imagine Manny, Acorn, and Whisper thinking that Graham and Achaka look really cute together

Imagine them all working to get them together

Manny giving them advice and hints like ‘oh hey new flowers in the shop today. They’re awful pretty, don’t you think?’ Imagine him in the background setting up situations where the two of them have work/etc. together.

Imagine Acorn making things for the two of them like ‘Ah y’know I made an extra one of these by mistake so hey you can have this. You can use this as a gift if you want idc’

Imagine Whisper literally just thrusting one of them into a dangerous situation and being like ‘oh noooo Graham/Achaka don’t worry I’ll go get help!!’

Better yet…

Imagine Graham and Achaka being totally oblivious and not catching onto their hints because Graham is Graham and Achaka still has a very poor grasp of English and just doesn’t understand.

Manny points out the flowers? Achaka just nods and Graham agrees but he has no money to buy them at that moment.

Acorn gives them stuff to use as gifts? They both give them to the other townspeople.

Whisper just fuckign throws one of them into the river? They get out of that themselves, or some other person walks by and saves them by the time Whisper’s back with the other.

Imagine how frustrated the three of them are over how oblivious their friends are oh my god can you believe this

The Biology Project- Theo Raeken

So this is my first request and there is definitely going to a part 2 so don’t think i totally disregarded the request! I know it’s not great so any feedback is really appreciated!

Requested by Anonymous: Can I have a one shot where I’m Stiles twin sister (sarcastic&amp;straight forward) and I help Deaton in solving the creatures making and to stop me theo tried to get closer and uses a biology project to do so, although I don’t trust him there’s a crazy sexual attraction and he uses it to distract me, because proving wrong is just useless. One day when I get too close to the answer he kidnaps me and says “I had fun Romi, I really mean that but what we do here is much more important than you and

Part 1

You sat hunched over your desk with papers and print-outs sprawled all over your room. You were so close to figuring something out but you just couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Earlier that day you’d spent your free periods with Deaton trying to come up with anything that explained what Malia had seen.

The next day

Your eyes were heavy from a lack of sleep and right now double biology seemed almost unbearable. As you entered the class the teacher droned on about some “vital biological report” that you had to complete in pairs of her choosing. Scott and Kira were paired together, Lydia and Sydney and eventually you and Theo. Great, just great. You thought to yourself, Stiles wasn’t exactly going to like it but what could you do about it? You knew you’d have to spend time together and you just had to hope Stiles wouldn’t flip out about it.

The bell rang and you wasted no time grabbing your books and rushing to the door but Theo got there first.

“So we’re partners?” He said, a smirk evident in his voice.

“I guess so” you replied with nod

“Well we’re going to have to meet up at some point right?”

“My dad’s working late tonight” You replied “I suppose you could come to mine?”

“Alright” He grinned “Should we say 6?”

You nodded in reply before he strolled off down the corridor.

That evening

The doorbell rang at 6 o’clock exactly and you quickly raced to the door to let Theo in. You opened the door and he smirked again whilst discretely looking you up and down.

“Going to come in?” you asked impatiently

He slowly made his way inside taking a glance around

“Is it okay if we work in my room it’s just all my stuff is already up there” You asked before starting up the stairs.

He hummed in reply with an “absolutely” ensuing.

Once in your room, he sat carefully on the end of your bed observing every little detail of your room and smiled.

“What?” you questioned

“You room” he lightly chuckled “it’s cute”

“Whatever” You replied rolling your eyes “Anyway, should we get on with this”

You wandered from your desk and perched next to Theo on your bed. As he lent to pick up one of the pens from the floor in front of you so he could start with the project his hand brushed your thigh ever so gently. His touch gave you the chills and he sensed it.

“Your heartbeat” He stated

“What about it?” You stammered

“It picked up”

“You were listening to it in the first place?” You asked quizzically

He blushed ever so lightly before saying “You have a relaxing heartbeat”

You felt yourself blush at his comment before he continued “But it rose when I touched you”

A small smirk crept onto his face. You hated how smug he looked.

“Yeah well it just shocked me that’s all” You tried to play it off but the look on his face told you that he saw straight through you.

“Hmm really?” He said smugly before placing his hand back on your thigh. You felt your heart jump and you knew that he’d heard it too. He grinned at you. You could tell that if he kept this up you weren’t going to get a lot of biology done.


Gif source:  Carisi

Imagine Carisi thinks its really funny when you call him ‘Cannoli Cop’ so it becomes a kind of nickname for him that only you use, and when you get sick, he lasts two days before he has to go and visit you because he missed you calling him that.

——— Request for anon ———

“Well,” you smile weakly as you unlock your door, opening it to reveal the tired-looking detective, your voice sounding more hoarse than you wanted, “if it isn’t Cannoli Cop.” He seems to relax at the sight of you, his smile not totally reaching his eyes as he takes in your exhausted and sickly form, “Come to drag me back to the station already? We really that short-handed?”

“Nah, I think we’ll let that paperwork pile up on your desk a little longer. Been real relaxing now that we can all just shove it off on that extra desk,” he jokes as you move from the doorway to let him in, “How ya’ feeling?”

You try not to laugh, because your throat hurts when you do, “What? Do I look like I don’t feel just peachy?”




Oh my gosh @safety-dancer imagine Tim stumbling through the kitchen because he just doesn’t trust Bruce with his food. Bruce is totally trustworthy in any other respect; he will keep Tim’s secrets, he will do anything for Tim, he will protect Tim, he will freaking die for Tim but Tim has drawn a line here and no further shall Bruce step.

But my favorite is Bruce and Tim arguing about stupid stuff, I live for this:

“Tim I can call them–”

“–no B I’ve got it–”

“Tim please can you go sit down–”

“i’ve got it i’VE GOT IT”



*bruce holding the phone over tim’s head because he’s a jerk*

yooooooooo hear me out 

what if one day Marinette feels a lil down because everyone loves Ladybug and she feels like no one appreciates her for being Marinette alone and that day keeps getting worse to the point that she hears Adrien talking about how much he loves Ladybug and then 

…she snaps 

Tikki talks to her about how amazing she is as Marinette and Ladybug but Marinette doesn’t listen she just keeps thinking how much she hates Ladybug and throws her miraculous away Tikki flies to get it but then an Akuma comes and posses Marinette and she becomes akumatized Marinette (im into lady beetle or something related to her being a fashion designer) 

bonus: Catbug Adrien (Tikki will have to find Chat Noir and make him use Marinette’s miraculous because no one can purify except from Ladybug) 

*AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN AKUMA MARINETTE AND CATBUG (i like saying that bc all i imagine is catbug from bravest warriors)

Probably way too ooc but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and im totally drawing it now i go back to math