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i'm falling/have fallen out of love with someone who loves me so much, and i hate myself for it. i can't help who i do or don't love but i still feel like shit because i know what it's like to get heartbroken and question if someone ever loved you at all; i did love them but now i don't. i used to be like "wtf how do you unlove someone" but now i have and i don't know what to do with myself. i care about them too much to end the relationship but i'm not in love anymore. fml

The best thing to do if you don’t love them anymore is simply just tell them. Because you’re not happy and you’ll never be. Yes it might hurt them a lot but what about your happiness? Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness??

He walked away from me and all I could do was stand there.

I wanted to scream and cry and beg him to stay, to tell me he loved me, to tell me that he still cared but I couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come out and I know he wouldn’t have been able to say any of those things and mean it, I’d lost him.

Because that’s how life is, one day everything is perfect and you’re happy and the next it all comes falling down around you and all you can do is watch.

No one is worth begging for, you can’t beg someone to feel something that they don’t because it’s not going to change anything, it’s demeaning and you’re worth so much more than that.

One day, I promise you, someone is going to come into your life and they will love you so much you’ll wonder why you ever thought that you had to beg for love.

—  just wait for it.
Too fat for an eating disorder

When I tell people I use to have anorexic,
they wait for me to say jk, and laugh.
Because I’m not a size 2, I’m a size 2x,
“you’re too fat to had anorexic” they said.
When people think of anorexic, they think girls so skinny you can see every bone in their bodies, not me.
When I was a freshman in high school, I went days without eating, only drinking water, and Diet Coke.
When I started losing weight, people congratulated me.
They didn’t care how much I ate, all they cared about was the size of my clothes.
They were so happy I was getting healthy, but little did they know, I was getting sicker by the day.
And then one day, I didn’t want to live this way anymore.
I didn’t want to spend hours of my day making sure I didn’t go over my calorie limit.
I didn’t want to weigh myself multiple times a day to make sure I didn’t gain.
I didn’t want to only be happy when I was hungry.
So when I tell people I had anorexic,
they look at me and said “yea right”

#2 Auston Matthews

Your writing is actually incredible! Could you write an Auston Matthews imagine where he gets badly injured (like a leg injury or something) and then his gf is like really cute and takes care of him because he’s in a lot of pain. Just like really cute and fluffy would be great! Thank you so much!!

aw I’m so glad you like the prompt!! I love it too! I feel like Auston would be so cute and like helpless if he got hurt and it would be so fun to take care of him and just like cuddle him all day while he sleeps because he’s in pain. Ugh he’s so soft

HERE YOU ARE! I love my soft son !!

Warnings: None

Word count:

Will i end up rewriting parts of it? WIll i not? Who knows really. Only time and my perfectionist demon can tell.

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“No,” You warned sternly as you returned to your shared bedroom to find your stubborn-as-hell boyfriend attempting to get out of bed, face contorted in pain as he struggled. He sighed defeatedly, flopping back into the pillows with a huff. “Don’t look at me like that, I made you breakfast.” you scolded, bending down to kiss his forehead.

“I want to help. You’re doing everything around here, I don’t want to be a-”

“If you say burden, I’ll kill you.” you threatened, good-naturedly.

“-hassle..” he finished with a sheepish grin in your direction. Every since Auston was injured, he’d been adamant on getting up and helping out around the house, especially in the mornings when his pain meds had just kicked in and he was feeling “fine”. He’d scared you half to death when he’d actually done his ankle and to hell if you were just going to let him waltz around the house during the day, given the pain was so intense that he could hardly sleep at night.

You shook your head in disbelief, setting the plate of food on the bedside table as you moved to help him sit up, propping the pillows up behind him and making sure he was comfy before handing over the plate. Although he wasn’t allowed back on the ice for a couple of weeks, he’d in no way lost his appetite; practically inhaling his breakfast in a matter of seconds. You giggled as he licked his lips in an attempt to check if there was any food that had missed his mouth, bringing your thumb up to wipe away the bit on his chin that he couldn’t reach.

“I have to say, your cooking really has improved.” he commented, causing you to smirk.

“compliment taken.” you replied. It wasn’t that you were a terrible cook, more that you only knew how to make like three things. Quality over quantity. But even you had to admit, it was getting a bit dull eating the same things over and over.  “Your mum’s being giving me some help in the kitchen.”

He shook his head with a laugh. “I swear you call her more than I do.” he was teasing but, being the momma’s boy he is, you knew he loved it. You grinned, planting a kiss to his cheek as you savoured you few hours of tranquility before Auston’s ankle would start to ache again. You’d spent the first few days he came home holding back tears as your boyfriend yelped and whimpered in pain. It physically hurt you to see him in agony and remain utterly helpless to aid him. It had been difficult, but you were finally settling into a routine and Auston was getting better at coping. So far he’d watched every season of Friends in existence, had seen Lets Be Cops three times over and was banned from watching hockey because it only made him moody and upset, as well as strengthening his will to get out of bed. Now he was just stuck to flicking through random cooking shows on the lifestyle channel.

Auston’s sleep had been suffering as well, he’d attempt to nap couple of times a day but continued to wake in the early hours of the morning in utter agony after he’d slept off his medication You’d let Auston take the bed for himself while you slept on the couch in the other room because you didn’t want to risk accidentally kicking his ankle as you slept.You did miss falling asleep with him as it was usually a rarity for the two of you, but you cared more about helping him get better.

Due to all of this, you didn’t much mind when you looked up from a great British bake off rerun to find him fast asleep beside you after you’d been absentmindedly tangling your hand through his hair. You smiled before kissing his forehead gently and snuggling against him, wrapping your arms round his torso as you rested you head on his chest.

It was only another hour after Auston woke up when the pain began to return. You could tell by his constant grimaces that he was trying to conceal how much pain he was actually in. You fished a couple of icepacks out of the freezer but they only seemed to provide a little relief. He was trying so hard no to make a noise that it looked like he might explode, his face redding as he squeezed his eyes tight shut.

“Auston, it’s okay.” you murmured, dabbing at his forehead with a wet tea-towel. He let out a whimper and your heart almost broke. You smoothed back his hair from his forehead as he rested the back of his head against your shoulder. “I’ve got you.” you assured quietly as he gripped your hand painfully tight. He let out another cry, his voice breaking as he threw his head back, close to tears. You kissed his forehead gently as you attempted to soothe his pain. “I’m going to get some more ice, okay?” you murmured as you slipped out from behind him, easing him back into the pillows. 

“No,” he moaned, another wave of pain washing over him, making him cry out again. “stay here.”

You forced yourself to extract your arm from his grip, returning with your emergency ice bucket. You helped him up till he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He let out a relieved sigh as soon as his ankle hit the water. You smiled, kissing him gently as you went to retrieve his next dose of medication. Which began to kick in a couple of minutes after he’d swallowed it. The boy hummed, pulling you into him and snuggling against you, gently nuzzling your shoulder with his nose. “You’re the bestest.” he mumbled, though the words were muffled slightly. 

You smiled, rolling over to face him. “Anything for you, huh?” you teased, kissing him softly.

“Something like that.” he chuckled, wincing when he went to roll over properly. You smiled a little, trying to hide both your amusement and pity. 

He hummed happily as you nussled his nose gently as he pulled you on top of himself. You giggled as he craned his neck up to chase a kiss from you as you carefully cupped his face in both your hands.

Being their daugther would include...


  • he’d be very protective of you
  • him teaching you how to fight because that’s what women do where he comes from
  • being able to beat every man around thanks to him
  • him always talking to Gisla how proud he is of you
  • “Did you punsh him?” -”Yes.” -”Hit him harder next time, he could still walk.”


  • you’d have to look after all your brothers and take care of them because they’re reckless idiots
  • demanding to be taken along on raids because you want to see so much of the world just as he does
  • “You’re not coming with us.”“I can do what I want and I am coming with you.”
  • trying to make him get along with Rollo
  • coming up with ideas where to sail next and enthusiastically telling your father about it


  • coming up with new inventions together
  • he’d make you all kinds of toys when you’re little
  • you helping to build ships when you’re older
  • putting up with some strange behaviour of his
  • he’d always talk about the gods and teach you things about them

guys. “i like seeing you smile”. can you imAGINE how much that must’ve made even feel all warm inside??? this boy, that even’s freaking in love with and so scared of losing, because he thinks he’s not good enough for him and that he’ll hurt him, is being so fucking supportive and telling his roommates to look out for him and saying shit like “I like seeing you smile,” (aka I’m happy when you’re happy), this must make even be just oveRWHELMED with love!! he can’t fucking believe isak cares this much about him!!!!!

I don’t want to be like, dramatic or something, but this was the best episode of Shadowhunters so far, and one of my all-time favourites.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I relate to Alec on his “I’m not experienced because no one came along that I liked enough to risk it” and the “please don’t treat me differently because of it” . It was the perfect discussion and the slow realization that even though being completely different they still care enough to give It a try.

I’m just having so many feelings y'all. So many.

you know what i love about this chap ? these two panels :

tell me again bakugou katsuki is nothing but angry / rude character who didn’t develop at all during all this time. tell me again he’s just an arrogant & prideful boy who would blame others & not himself because he thinks he’s perfect. tell me again he’s a PIECE OF SHIT WHO JUST CARES ABOUT BEING THE TOP ONE & WHO DOESN’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT OTHERS. i’ll f ucking kill u. 

Arslan Senki Ch. 44 Spoilers

This chapter spoils me too much I feel so blessed because oh my fucking god so many good Gieve scenes:

Gieve stealin’ ALL YO GURLS (and your jewelry because why not)

Look at this piece of shit this perfect trash and his damn perfect face
if you can’t tell I’m thirsty af

And then this scene is just gold:

This scene is not even in the books and I don’t care because JASWANT’S FACE OMG.


Alfreed, no.

Confession time:

I did not in fact ship eremin when I first got into SnK, because I first watched the anime.

I didn’t have any ships actually. (Sasha and that potato though….I’m joking)


But when I started reading the manga eremin suddenly hit me and there was all these moments that if they were put into the anime then I would have shipped it from the get go.

Eremin is such a pure pairing.

They are so full of love.

Just by seeing how they look at each other you can tell they care so so so much for each other.

They are relationship goals.

And it really burns me up that the anime doesn’t do them justice.

A good, healthy relationship like what Eren and Armin have gets thrown out the window in the anime.

This is turning into more of a rant than a confession, but oh well it needs to be ranted about.

I always wanna tell people about Theo Van Gogh because I think he’s a very fortifying story about the way one can love and care for the mentally ill. Not to get simplistic, but you know that Doctor Who episode with Amy being comforted by the Doctor about what it means to have loved and been unable to not lose someone who is unwell, but how that loss does not dismiss or degrade what that love meant? That’s something I hope someone was able to tell Theo, cause it was actually his life. We have all these beautiful Vincent quotes because Theo kept every letter. We have literally hundreds of Vincent’s paintings because Theo helped to support and care for his brother. He loved him so much, and it wasn’t ever going to save Vincent, that love, but it has also transcended them both and given so much to us as a collective people.
Theo Van Goghs love for his brother gave this world it’s love for Vincent Van Gogh. And when he loved him, he wasn’t loving Vincent Van Gogh as he has become today, he was just loving a person, who was difficult and talented and hurting and sometimes, hurting him. But that is what love does to us, it transforms and it transcends and it gives earthly pain meaning and worth.

Finally watched ‘Finding Dory’ today. I don’t remember the last time I cried so much. Can’t tell whether it’s just because I was watching it during a long flight, but it feels like the sort of movie which deserves to be referred to as a masterpiece. Go ahead and judge all you want, I’m too busy keeping on swimming to care.

rey things (◕◡◕✿)

because she’s my precious ball of light and smiles

  • rey learning the basics of gardening!!!
  • rey building a makeshift greenhouse in the falcon
  • rey spending so much time caring for her new plants, that she even talks to them and sometimes fall asleep with her hands still buried in soil
  • rey blushing always because she simply hasn’t seen so many cute girls all in one place before
  • rey looking after little ones who wander up to her asking if she’s “the rey” to which she whispers “yes i am, but tell me about you!”
  • rey dragging miscellaneous creatures home until she’s practically running a petting zoo out of the falcon
  • rey trying to put her hair up how leia does because she wants to be fancy too 
  • rey continuing to ignore the existence of forks because everything is and always will be finger food to her
  • rey giving poe little braids in his hair and being delighted to find them still there the next day
  • rey feeding all the terrible food that finn cooks (because he thinks he’s a chef after successfully frying an egg) to the said creatures
  • rey hanging in the x wing hanger pillaging for parts to help fix poe’s (frequently) damaged x wing
  • rey going for jogs in the morning, finn and poe occasionally joining her when they’re not comatose and dead to the world
  • rey sleeping under a mound of blankets because she finally is allowed to indulge herself and she can finally find peace enough to rest her precious head
  • rey sitting outside with leia, as she teaches her all the new stars in the sky
I miss you so much, things keep happening and I keep finding myself wanting to tell you about it.
I just wanted to call you, I wanted to tell you I’m sorry for leaving but staying with you ripped my heart into pieces but I guess you don’t really care because you never asked me to stay.
and I am constantly reminding myself that everything we had was not real and that it was all in my head, I am constantly telling myself you don’t care, you don’t care, so I can stop myself from missing you but I still do.
And thats the thing, just because someone is bad for you doesn’t make it hurt any less when their gone.
I just wish you meant every word that you said and I wish you kept your promise of staying but thats the thing, everyone fucking leaves. promise or no promise, everyone leaves.
—  I wish you tried harder 
This is the end of us.

So when it comes to cheesy break up lines, a popular one is usually “It’s not you, it’s me”. Which is probably something close to what I’ll actually use but the truth is, it is you, not me. And I never want to say that to your face because I do still care, and I do still want to be your friend. But man I’ve been miserable this last month.

There is a lot that can be understood about a person through how they speak to their parents. And quite frankly, I hate how you speak to your mother. She is a lovely little woman, a bit odd but she is a genuinely sweet little lady. And sure parents and children bicker all the time, but you get real nasty about it. The other day she was telling you to stop drinking so much Lemsip sachets, not because she didn’t want you to get better, but she cause didn’t want you to hurt yourself. And you threw your toys out the pram like a child, exclaiming “Well then how am I going to get better?”. Sorry darling, but Lemsip only soothes the pain, it does not cure it. Your poor mother scuttered off into another room because of you, in her own house.

Which by the way, thank you for. Thank you for avoiding going to the doctor for two weeks and now I’ve been off sick from work for two days because I’ve caught what you have. I’m supposed to start back university tomorrow but I guess I’ll need to give that a miss.

And I totally understand this year you’re pushing for your music career, I do support you entirely because you are a talented man and you sing from the heart. But tours, merch, recording time etc does not come for free. And you’ve been unemployed 90% of the time we’ve been dating. I totally get you were waiting until Christmas had passed but we’re halfway through January now and I doubt you’ve applied for anything. You’re saying you can’t find anything you fancy, this is not you looking for a career… this is you looking for money to pay for jump start on the career you want. Honey, if I were you, I’d be doing dishes to get that cash for the tour and that.

Sure I moved back home which made things difficult. But the city was like a plague to me and for the sake of my mental health I needed to be back in the country with my family. That wouldn’t be so god damn stressful if you had a job behind you. Instead I’m the one having to commute all the time on top of doing long ass shifts, and I’m the one who has to fork out and pay for shit if I want to do something other than sit on the couch and watch films EVERY. TIME. WE. HANG. I wouldn’t mind so much if you just weren’t having any luck with applications, but your just not trying.

This is what changed when we went from friends to more. I realised how little you help yourself. You’ve been ill for the best part of two weeks and you only JUST went to the doctors. You are now refusing to take the medication given to you because you don’t like it. You moan about having to cancel paid gigs because your unwell – well maybe if you went to the doctor when you fell ill and actually took the medication you’re supposed to then you wouldn’t be in this predicament. Then you’re moaning that you’re going to have a quarter of the income you need to live off of for next month. I’m sorry but if you’re not looking for jobs then you cannot complain about money. Plenty people take rubbish jobs because that is the grown up thing to do. When you have bills to pay then the only option is to go get any job that will take you.

I’m sorry, I can be your friend but I have enough problems in my own mind without constantly worrying about you and trying to help you when you won’t help yourself. I don’t know how I’ll say this… but we’re done.

PS. Thanks for talking shit about my favourite musical all the way through it. Every time you show me a shitty song I still nod and say it was good. It’s called being POLITE.

and you know why they all are talking about Erwin? because Erwin spoke to all of them, he gave them courage, he told them they’re all important, he cared. this is how you gain respect.
it was always Erwin he was the true commander and this is the reason why Levi insisted of you can’t replace Erwin. Erwin had power such big, that people were following him to hell. because Erwin was always in the lead to hell. He was not hiding behind his commander pendant, or behind his precious brain telling people i can’t go to war becasue my brain is too precious and i’m an invalid now. as a person from military family i respect him so much.
so yes, Armin is a victim and he fights very brave, all of them are victims in the end. some are too angry, some are too sad and some are just Levi. 

the last thing about this chapter; i don’t know about you guys, but it seems like this chapter was forced, too emotional and such a big nonsense.
The Perpetual Process - Chapter 1 - ignify - Elementary (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

this is 7 chapters of a projected ???, so understand that going in. i’m still enthusiastically begging all of fandom to read an incomplete case-fic because…it’s just that good? @ignify is also an amazingly talented artist and you can tell from her prose. there’s so much nuance and careful attention to detail. every aspect of this story is imbued with dimension to the point where our heroes might not even be in a scene but you still care what’s happening. that’s rare for a fic.

Joan stops at the sound of two ringtones. Text messages; the bell sound hers, the chime, his. Kitty’s eyes dart back and forth from the two former partners. Joan pulls her phone out of her clutch purse, and Sherlock strides towards where he’d left it on the bookshelf.

Joan’s still reading the message when she feels a small gust of air at her side as Sherlock zips past her and towards the door.

“It’s Gregson,” Joan says, more so for Kitty than for herself. “They found a body at Holton Academy Campus.”

happy monthiversary ♥♥

Before I finish up that 707 mini fic, I just wanted to say


I can’t believe it’s already been a month of me writing, obsessing over MM, & making friends !!!! I’m so happy I started this because it’s given me so much joy to fuel the flames of everyone’s mysme needs ♥

I just wanted to tell all 7,758 of you holy shit that’s a lot of followers that I love you guys!!!! And I reallyyyy really mean that, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you. I care about you guys so much!! I basically view us as one big happy family ☺

So really, thank you.

♥ your friend, zens-ponytail ♥

also I need ideas for doing something special since I’ve been at this for a month… If I could draw I would do that but idk what to dooooo HELP

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I'd love to see the reasons you chose the pokemon and names!

Thank you so much for asking!! This is going to be a long post, and I’m sorry about that, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the chance to talk about the things I care about. All art used is official art, by the way. (I had to put it under the cut because I talked too much)

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