because i can hardly see anything!

Every time I see him I notice his perfect hair, without staring.
Maybe I don’t want him as my person, as a romantic love, but that doesn’t stop me from noticing how he’s taller than me in just the right amount. How his form and shoulders would cover me up in embrace if he would. His lips are pretty, but I’ve never fantasized about them, until he softly laid kisses on his dog and I knew he was capable of gentle love.

I notice because as humans, we notice virtue. We notice intimacy. We crave it. We see beauty.

So when he whispers something to himself, and I hear that breathy soft voice, maybe I do imagine for a moment that he’s holding me with those hands and whispering into my ear and neck.

Those pretty lips aren’t anything that keep me up at night, but when he’s in front of me, I can acknowledge in my heart that they are cute lips. For someone who hardly touches people at all, I would sure love to be kissed like that dog, whispered to like he does to himself, and made to feel as beautiful as he is.

And to all this I add, not necessarily by him; handsome, intelligent young man that he is.

—  B. E. Barnes | could it be called infatuation, or appreciation?
Julian Albert; Sorry

Request: Hi! I have a request about Julian Albert. Y/N is Barry’s twin sis. She is fast like Barry and can control fire. Together they saved their mother and created the Flashpoint. When they change the time line they meet with Julian. Julian hates from both Allen siblings. But Barry and him start getting along better than Julian and Y/N do. One day Y/N and Julian start arguing about sth really small. Julian gets too far and cause her to run away and cry. When Joe tells how difficult her life is he regrets all the words he said to her because he loves her. He somehow finds her and he kisses her the moment he sees her and admit his love. Can it be pls fluffy and long? 😂😝😝💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 - @legolasothranduilion

A/n: I don’t hate baristas and I don’t think that it’s ‘hardly a job’ or anything I just wrote it to give it more angst (I thought that I should clear it up in case people thought I was hating on them or smth), also its unedited

Warnings: mentions of bullying

“I brought coffee.” Y/N announced as she entered the lab, two steaming ups in her hands. Upon stepping into the room her eyebrows raised at the desk that stood opposite her brother’s desk, she threw a questioning glance over to Barry who gave her a small shrug in reply—her gaze quickly moved back to the new addition to her room and ended up connecting with light blue eyes.

“What is wrong with you two today?” Snapped the blonde stranger causing Y/N to jump back slightly in surprise, the attractive blonde rolled his eyes before looking down and carrying on with work.

“Thank you, Y/N” Barry murmured when you gave him his drink he took a tentative sip and then carried on his voice going even quieter, “his name plate says ‘Julian Albert’, he was here when I came in. It appears he doesn’t like us that much.”

“So we’re not back to the original timeline. I wonder what else has changed” Y/N mumbled while checking her phone which was flashing with a notification, “duty calls, let’s go.”

Today just keeps getting worse Y/N thought as she began to truly understood the affect that flashpoint had on hers and her friend’s life, not only was there a new guy in Barry’s lab, her foster sister and father weren’t talking and her best friends brother had died. She began to wonder if going back to save her mother was the right thing to do, was I just being selfish? The words kept repeating in her head as she thought about what her friends had to sacrifice by her and Barry creating these ‘other’ timelines.

She sighed heavily as she fell into the seat at her brother’s desk, it was the next day and she still didn’t feel any better—especially since her and Barry are going to be telling the others about what they had done. She just hoped that Cisco wouldn’t too react badly, not that she wouldn’t understand it if he did. “Is there a reason you’re making so much noise?” the voice of Julian Albert brought her out of her thoughts as she turned and looked at him, apparently, him and Barry have been getting along better. However, nothing has changed between him and her, she doesn’t know why he hates her and to be honest she doesn’t care. She has far more to worry about than why her brother’s lab partner hates her, even though he is very pleasing to the eye. Not that Y/N thinks about that or him, at all.

Okay maybe she does a little bit.

“Why are you even here, it’s not like you could understand any of this.” Julian sneered as he pulled out a file and flicked through it, making notes here and there.

“I’m waiting for Barry, not that it’s anything to you” She snapped, her voice a little higher than usual.

“Can’t you go wait for him outside. He might actually find the lab once he spots your ridiculously bright jumper”

“Excuse you, leave my brother and my jumper alone”

“If you’re going to stay here then shut up. I’m trying to work, some of us have a job and aren’t leeching off our family.”

“I have a job”

“You’re a barista, I’ll hardly call that a job. It’s where washed up singers and artists work while they wait for their ‘big break’.” Julian scoffed, Y/N felt her heart drop as he began to list off how she was a failure and it brought back a flood of memories of childhood bullies who constantly tormented her for not being ‘good enough’, ‘smart enough’, ‘pretty enough’, etc.

He was right though. She hasn’t followed her dream, she never tried as hard as Barry did in school and didn’t get the grades half as good as his. She’s 27 years old and stuck in a dead-end job, she didn’t realise the tears were falling until she felt a drop fall onto her leg. Shooting up out of the chair, Y/N escaped from the lab and briskly left the prescient; ending up sat on a park bench a small walk away.

A little while late, Y/N felt someone sit down next to her, they were quiet for a moment before slowly breathed out. “I’m sorry” Julian whispered, Y/N didn’t bother wiping away her tears as she turned to face him. He shyly reached up and brushed away the remaining tears. “I know I went too far, I was way out of line. Joe told me as well, about your childhood with the bullies and I want you to know you are enough. You’re so smart, breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly kind and caring, funny even. I tried so hard to get your attention and I know I went about it in the wrong way and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything, but not about what I’m going to do” Julian stated as he leaned closer. Y/N opened her mouth about to question what he meant until his lips cut her off. Their lips moved together slowly, gently. Neither of them wanted this moment to end.  


Aries: I find it hard to say bye-bye / Even in the state of you and I / And how can I refuse? // Medicine

Taurus: New clothes / Bloody nose / Powders and walking back home
/ Has he got enough weed? / No / Broken phone / Retching on the floor alone // M.O.N.E.Y.

Gemini: The blood is on your tongue as well as your hands / Archaic and content you just wash them off // Antichrist

Cancer: Well, who’s this? Going for the kiss, / I’m probably gonna yosh in your mouth. / Because it’s 5 past 3, I can hardly see and I’m on the verge of passing out // Menswear

Leo: She’s got a boyfriend anyway / And I’m not trying to stop you love / But if we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck // Sex

Virgo: When the smoke is in your eyes / You look so alive / Do you fancy sitting down with me? Maybe? // Fallingforyou

Libra: Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war / With nothing but your t-shirt on / And go sit on the bed because I know that you want to / You’ve got pretty eyes, but I know you’re wrong // The City

Scorpio: And you’re sure that I’d learn / I’m pushing through bodies / Avoiding me and walking ‘round you / And you’re cold and I burn / I guess I’ll never learn / 'Cause I stay another hour or two // Settle Down

Sagittarius: Oh and you said we’ll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats / No we’re never gunna’ quit it, no we’re never gunna’ quit it no / Yeah we’re dressed in black, from head to toe, we’ve got guns hidden under our petticoats // Chocolate

Capricorn: You’re alive, at least as far as I can tell you are / And so am I, you beat me down and then we’re back to my car / And it’s so ironic how it’s only been a year / And it’s not my fault that I fucked everybody here // You

Aquarius: I know you’re looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I’m not your savior / Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes / Wrestle to the ground / God help me now // Girls

Pisces: Now everybody’s dead / And they’re driving past my old school /
He’s got his gun, he’s got his suit on / She says, “Babe, you look so cool, you look so cool, you look so cool, cool, cool, cool // Robbers

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idk if the muted phan thing is real or no, but i just... dont see why its a big deal? its not a statement or whatever overanalysis people can try to come up with it just.. makes sense? 90% of comments are spam, a lot just yelling about phan, if dan muted it he can maybe get a clearer chat where he can see the questions from more people ykno. i dont know if its real, but like, i would.

i have another anon telling me that they did some research and couldn’t find anything about broadcasters being able to mute certain words from the chat but i’m not a younow connoisseur so who knows if it’s even possible or not. i don’t even know where this came from. it would make sense if it actually happened because he’s hardly able to read the standard chat already but maybe that’s why he makes up his own younow questions 🤔


Rewatching that scene from “Poké Ball Peril” made me think about the difference in Ash’s reaction when the same thing is suggested ~75 episodes apart.

Daisy assumes that Ash is Misty’s boyfriend in “The Water Flower of Cerulean City”, episode 7. Episode seven, so since Misty started following Ash at the end of episode 2 they’ve only spent four full episodes together at this point. They don’t know each other much, they’ve hardly ever acted civilly towards each other, I wouldn’t even say they’re friends–Ash has hardly seen anything of Misty as something other than the weird girl who’s just following him because of her bike. I really don’t think he’s had any thoughts or feelings of the romantic sort for her at this point, even subconsciously, and his reaction is in line with that: he doesn’t blush (at least from what we can see of his face), doesn’t get angry, he just falls to the floor anime style. Overall he seems more in disbelief that someone could think such a thing than actively bothered by it.

Yet when Team Rocket insinuates pretty much the same thing in “Poké Ball Peril”, episode 83, he’s definitely bothered by it. He blushes, immediately denies, sweats (look at his brow in the last cap), gets Pikachu to shock them to shut them up. And this time we’re on episode eighty-three–he and Misty have actually spent a lot of time together. A lot has changed in the meantime: they’ve become friends, the bike is almost forgotten, they’ve grown comfortable with each other, they’ve helped each other and seen each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They’ve gotten to know each other properly.

And judging by that very different reaction, something else about the way he feels about her has changed too.

Dear Charlie,

It’s almost 1am here and my mind just won’t shut off. There are two people I’m thinking about specifically, and I wish I could just stop overthinking everything and just sleep.

I really hope my friend P moves on, and I hope it is with her because she’s amazing.

Also, I wonder how F is doing. I think about him a lot, and it genuinely makes me sad to think I may never talk to him again, but also frustrated and confused because I care that I won’t see him. How can I have such strong feelings for someone I hardly know?

God can be so cruel, putting amazing people in your life that you’re never meant to be with or see again.

Charlie, if I stayed around F long enough and talked to him more, I would fall in love. And I can’t fall in love, not now, not with him. And it isn’t because he’s a bad guy or anything, because this guy has the purist heart of any person I’ve ever met. I can’t fall in love because he can’t. He’s doing something great right now, he’s following a calling that he needs to follow and I respect that.

I just wish I didn’t feel this way, that I wasn’t on the verge of this one sided emotion, because honestly, why would he look at me the same way I do him? I’m average, Charlie. There really isn’t anything special about me. I’m one of the many people he knows, and that’s all.

God, I don’t want to fall in love.

Love always,


groupkiller replied to your post: Queer people deserve explicitly queer media. Not…

Straight people like me deserve it too! I have waited for johnlock to happen just as long as the queer viewers, and I am dying here. I guess we all are. Why can’t it just be sunday now?!?!? Gief johnlock now, plix!

Wait, listen, I’m not trying to argue with you or start anything because there’s already so much high tension but you need to understand. Everyone who is involved in the tjlc community deserves this but explicitly queer people do. Like, this not happening will wreck the well being of almost all of the queer fans of tjlc and as a community we don’t get to see people like us on screen hardly ever, not explicitly, so you have to understand what that would mean to us and for us as a community. I understand that not only LGBT individuals in the fandom deserve this but QUEER PEOPLE NEED THIS. Please don’t try to undermine that, please.

Ignite II Mosaic II Jaspar fanfiction

- Masterlist of all my stories -

A/N: Yet another story by yours truly – u wot m8?! No, your eyes are not fooling you, I was crazy enough to start yet another one-shot series named Mosaic that will be less smutty (aka non-mature) than Innuendo and more plotty than Snapshots because I can’t get enough of this, obviously.

Summary: Imagine in the Crew’s Kissing video it had been Joe whom Caspar had to kiss instead of Jim…

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Dear bestfriend

dear best friend,
i want you to be happy more than anything. if wishes came true i’d wish that for you everyday. i hate that we hardly see each other anymore with us living so far away. i’m sorry i’m sometimes bad at replying or talking, my brain isn’t very good at keeping in touch. but i know you’ll understand because we’re the same like that.

dear best friend,
thank you for being there for me since we were kids. you’re the only friend in my life who has ever stuck around for so long. i can’t thank you enough for that. i can’t believe it’s been almost 8 years! i love that we can go without speaking for a week but when we speak again it’s like no time has passed at all. that makes me feel calm and i appreciate it. we need to meet up more when we get back to uni, i miss you!

it really sucks that i hardly know how to communicate anything before dissociating so bad i start talking like a little kid in backwards sentences and i see these really well thought out posts that like explain shit so well and like man knowing i won’t be able to do that probably ever stresses me the fuck out because i have so much on my mind i think so deeply i just can’t get it out.

An interview Richard gave in 1994 but was not released until 1996.

RICHARD RAMIREZ: Are you nervous?
FHF: A bit, but hardly. I did an interview with Manson not too long ago. I get a little uptight when I do interviews. You know, wondering if the questions will come out right or will they get angry at anything I might ask?
RR: Oh. Well, uh… go ahead and we’ll see what happens. I don’t mind any questions really.

FHF: Good. Let’s start with the ladies. Why are some so attracted to you? Bernadette Brazal, not bad - pretty cute.
RR: I think the girls are attracted to me because they can relate to me. The girls are nice when you’re in my situation, but since I’m in here I spend more time writing to them about the relationship, rather than living it, but there are good friendships formed never-the-less. A couple of them are religious, they come into my life to try and help me.

FHF: Can you be saved? By God and the Jesus kid?
RR: No, I’m pretty set in my ways. I doubt anything short of a miracle would change me. I do have an open mind, and I listen to them.

FHF: Were you brought up religiously?
RR: Very. My mother and father used to take me to church in Mexico and Texas, were I used to live. The huge figures of saints and crucifixions. Religion played a big role in my life.

FHF: You think it captured your imagination?
RR: More than that, I saw myself inside it. It became a part of everyday life. How I thought. How I felt. Later on, by my teenage years, it was all in conflict with me, and still is. You understand? Bad and good and everything I had learned about Satan and God.

FHF: Did you believe God was watching?
RR: Yeah.

FHF: Most teenagers feel these delusions.
RR: All the actions in my life, at that time, I looked at them and tried to fathom how God would judge them.

FHF: So how’d you make out?
RR: Ugh, in my teens, it wasn’t going too good. When I got to about 17, that really caused some problems with me. I started resorting to a life my mother didn’t care for. At 17 she kicked me out, so it was a pretty hard life. I stole cars, I picked pockets. Stuff like that.

FHF: What happened at home that put you into that?
RR: I went off to reform school. I came back, she kicked me out. I fended for myself by selling drugs and stuff. Then I moved to California.

FHF: Is that where you got hooked up into devil worship?
RR: No, I started feeling like that before. I believe in Satan. I believe evil is a force that is beyond us, and that we just have to invite him in, and he will.

FHF: When did you actively start to bring the devil into your life, worship-wise?
RR: It was about 1980, and I was hustling on the streets. I landed in jail for a month or two for petty theft. I met up with this guy who was a Satan worshiper. For those two months I was with him, then I get out of jail, but my mind didn’t. I remembered everything he said, which basically was, “Why worship the good guy, when the things you do aren’t so good?” Somehow it just made sense to me, to worship something that would protect you in what you were doing.

FHF: How did your worship take form?
RR: It developed slowly. I started reading the books, and then I started meeting people who were into the same thing. Satanists need to have more faith than Christians, because Christ was seen and felt. Lucifer has never felt the need to be seen, but in everyone’s soul he can be felt. A lot of these little cults practice Satanism nowadays, but not in a violent form. They’re only looking for ways to play out wickedness.

FHF: Ever tried your hand at a Black Mass?
RR: Only one, but kept my distance. I was not part of that group. It was at a cemetery and it was at night. I really couldn’t tell what we were doing. A friend and me were watching from a distance. I never trusted people anyway. Especially them.

FHF: Why?
RR: They knew me and my lifestyle. They were the ones who made the connection and told the police for being a candidate for the Night Stalker crimes.

FHF: What are some of the things you are accused of?
RR: I’ve been accused of almost every crime you can imagine.

FHF: At your trial, you went all L.A. on us. Dark shades, slick hair, attitude. Did you enjoy the attention?
RR: Going to the trial was very tiring for me, but I did enjoy it better than sitting in a jail cell. That could be very monotonous. The glasses, believe it or not, were prescription lenses that were tinted. And I just don’t like my photograph being taken, more so now than then. Did I enjoy it? Hmm. No, not particularly. I would have rather been on the beach or something.

FHF: Your entire attitude during the trial was like, “Fuck the world!”
RR: I was receiving so much negative publicity. I wasn’t going to give people the satisfaction of seeing me down. Besides, I didn’t feel down. Plus, the image I had projected was beyond me. The media had portrayed me as a cold-hearted, ruthless monster, but I’m really not that way. I’m very down to earth. So, at that time I let people think whatever they wanted to. You see or hear about the crimes and then imagine what kind of individual was behind them.

FHF: The judge said your crimes were committed with “cruelty, callousness and viciousness beyond any human understanding.”
RR: It is in no way beyond understanding. Mankind has been like that through out history. In today’s society, people use those qualities - I call them qualities - for all things. It is for self-gratification. It is for sex. It is for excitment. This kind of fervor servers it’s own purpose. It doesn’t obey rules. It runs amok. You see it on the news everyday, but society cannot hang it’s moral and ethical values on me to survive. i do what I must in all ways, and I’m proud of it. The necessity to be myself passes all moral barriers.

FHF: Have you been reading a lot?
RR: Yes, I read. A book I suggest to everybody is called, “Mysterious Stranger” by Mark Twain. It’s about Satan and his visit here. A good book. I read suspense and horror, somethings that intrigue me. I have always been fascinated by death.

FHF: Is death sexual?
RR: Sexual? It can be. Next to self-preservation, the sex drive is the most important and powerful behavior in mankind.

FHF: When did you first start to think about death?
RR: When I was 11, I had an episode in my life. I saw my cousin shoot his wife. It wasn’t traumatic… but the shock value. I went back into the apartment to collect some things with my dad, because my cousin was in jail. The bed was all bloody. It was there where she had landed after the bullet. She got a .38 to the face. At the same time it was very… uh. The stillness of the room, the eeriness, you know. We had to open the windows to ventilate the room and it was something. It was… (long pause) …it was death! I had known the woman. I had known her very well. I went into the living room and saw her purse. I looked through her purse, saw her ID cards and her things. It was a strange feeling. That was the first time I ever ran across death. Ever since, I was intrigued.

FHF: What is blood to you?
RR: Blood is the substance that allows any living thing to exist, but blood is blood. I have heard of people drinking each other’s blood. They cut each other, and they drink it and it’s supposed to be a euphoric feeling. But, you know, blood has no special interest for me. Blood is blood.

FHF: Do you believe that when you kill someone, you can obtain that person’s power?
RR: That dates back to the Incas and Mayans, they believed in that. It is a possibility, but to me personally? I’ve had no experience with it.

FHF: Let me read to you a statement you made at your trial, “I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil. Legions of the night, nightbeed… repeat not the errors of the night prowler, and show no mercy. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all. That’s it.” What were the night prowler’s errors?
RR: I was under a lot of stress then. What I recall and if my memory serves me correct, I just meant not to believe in the system. Don’t, for a minute, think you’ll get a fair shake when under these circumstances.

FHF: Yeah, but were there errors?
RR: I was not aware of my actions. Everyone must find out who they are and be aware of their actions before they wind up in a vicious predicament.

FHF: Who are the “legions of the night”?
RR: People like yourself. People who thrive on the night. People who have true moral sense. You know who I’m talking about and talking to. They are the ones who feel they are not the majority. They have different feelings and attitudes about life. The rest are a bulk of cattle. Everyone plays a role and no one says what’s truly on their mind.

FHF: When you were sentenced to the gas chamber, you said, “Big deal. Death always comes with the territory.” What territory?
RR: I lived a dangerous life. Stealing cars, I could have been shot. Robbing people, I could have been killed. Nothing in existence holds any terror for me. When I was sentenced to death, it didn’t hold anything for me.

FHF: What about now?
RR: Even less.

FHF: Does the Night Stalker deserve the gas chamber?
RR: It’s all a bloodlust. When the state comes to execute a man, they laugh. So do I.

FHF: Do you still feel beyond good and evil?
RR: Everybody has got good and evil in them. I’d like to be 100% evil, but I can’t. I’m too easy-going sometimes. Then again, while anger and hate are two things some people can cope with, I cannot. My anger and hate grow to a level that I cannot live comfortably with it. it causes me headaches and stuff. When I get angry, it’s an extreme form. It is the extreme. There is no in between. But there is with good and evil, and I am there.

FHF: What’s your favorite magazine?
RR: I don’t know. I like a lot of ‘em. I especially like Hustler, but not for the reason most think. It’s hard to get a copy in here, but I like it for the parody section. life’s a joke, and I enjoy when they make fun of something that everyone takes so fucking seriously. Freddie Mercury said, “In the end, we all die, and nothing really matters.” Now I’m sure you’re going to disagree with me because you’ll get a bunch of these letters telling you that you are evil.

FHF: Trust me, I get tons already. with some of the articles I put in this rag, people send me tons.
RR: Seriously? What do you write about?

FHF: A sort of social Darwinist philosophy, but much more violent - killing off the weak, and shit like that.
RR: (Starts to laugh) Well alright! Cool. Listen, people are intrigued by that. I’m telling you. They’ll say, “No.” to you, but feel “Yes,” in their hearts. They think it’s wrong because they feel everyone wants them to say it is. You’ll send me some, right?

FHF: I’ll try. When I send them to prisoners, they send them back saying this material will not be allowed in incarceration facilities. So, tell me, how will you be avenged?
RR: I’m one angry motherfucker. I just hope all those who are deserving will get what’s coming to them. I’ll just leave it at that.

FHF: My philosophy is that most people get what ‘s coming to them. People really get what they deserve. Are you confident that people will get what’s coming to them?
RR: Pieces of shit are killed everyday, aren’t they?

FHF: Any last words for the kids out there?
RR: Keep the evil thought.

FHF: Thanks for your time.
RR: Take care of yourself.

Okay, for those of you who haven’t seen Cat’s recent video or you don’t watch her videos at all or something. 

She is going through a tough time at the moment with some issues, but those issues can be relatable with some people since we are humans unless you’re an alien.
I just wanted to say this because some people in the phandom can get a bit out of hand.
Vidcon is coming up which means we will be seeing Dan and Phil in some vlogs and that can be exciting, but bashing and throwing hateful comments to someone who hardly sees their friends because they live across the country is very unreasonable and unfair, not only to the person but to everyone who sees those negative comments because then other people see it as “it’s fine to throw hateful messages to someone” who didn’t do anything. 
Cat is one of Dan and Phil’s friends, she hardly gets to see them so when she has a chance to see them she takes that opportunity to hang out with them. 
she’s no where near flirting with them and she isn’t taking Phil or Dan away from each other. if being nice to someone is “flirting” then you really need to open your eyes. She and nor does anyone need to get hate or negative comments just because they hang out with someone they hardly see or just in general.
people go through tough situations in life and throwing hate to someone isn’t, going to do any good.
if you think sending hateful messages to cat or anyone thinking that is going to make them stop seeing their friends, you need to clearly open your eyes and keep your mouth shut.

you can’t force people to do something nor can you control someones life.
Dan and Phil can have friends that are girls.

Deal with it.  

au's/plots i want

-i have class in the morning and want to stay up for as long as possible cuddling with you since we hardly get to see each other, but my eyes are drooping and i can barely keep them open

-you’re the scary looking new student in our school’s orchestra class and i’m the one kid who can’t see anything up close, so you sit next to me and help me learn my music because you’re actually not a scary person

-we both wanted the coffee cake from the school bakery, but you took the last one, now give me half of it and i’ll pay you, but if you don’t, i’ll have to take it

-our teacher decided to make my music locker the one all the way at the top, and i’m so short that I can’t reach it, but you’re very tall and i keep having to ask you to get my instrument for me or my music folder because i’m vertically challenged

-at lunch, another student was making fun of me for not having a boyfriend/girlfriend, so you stepped in and told them that we were dating, but i secretly wish it was true because i’ve had a crush on you since freshman year and now we’re about to graduate

-i tripped during lunch and accidentally spilled my food all over you and now there’s ketchup all over the back of your pants and someone has to help you clean it because you can’t reach back there without getting into trouble for removing your pants, and we’re both extremely embarrassed

-i can’t figure out how to do my homework, so i skype you to ask for help, but we end up goofing off and losing track of time, and holy crap it’s already 10 p.m. and neither of us has gotten any homework done

-i was singing in the bathroom and you happened to walk by my stall and you thought my voice was enchanting, but i left the bathroom before you did so now you’re wandering the school trying to find the mystery bathroom singer



seriously though, I am going melt into a wax puddle of FEELS or something, HELP ME. I was SO HAPPY THEY KEPT THIS PART IT IS SO IMPORTANT. 


It’s just you hardly ever see this. When do you see a male character, a love interest, say to female character “I am unflinchingly here to support you in any big decision you make ever, in fact that is my number one priority in my life always at any time, I will follow you forever and sacrifice anything if it means you can do your thing, you are everything." 

There are SO MANY STORIES where female characters basically fulfill that function for male characters, because women are expected to be supportive of men above all else, to sacrifice themselves for their sake. This is such a complete and deliberate role reversal. 

Mamoru is not just content supporting his magical warrior girlfriend from the background, he embraces it so totally and completely without any shame whatsoever. He thinks she’s great and can accomplish anything and if she says anything less, SHE WILL HEAR A SPEECH ABOUT HOW SHE’S WRONG AND CAN DO IT, GODDAMMIT. 

That, to me, is the true Miracle Romance. I am always here for this aspect of their relationship.

It’s been about two and a half years since I’ve tried drawing anything but I attempted to sketch a sick Nick for my niece today. That’s a carrot mug in his paws and you can hardly see his thumbs behind it, and I realize the ear isn’t completely connected because I was in a hurry to scan it. Nevertheless, I want @trashasaurusrex @judylavernehopps and @rem289 too see this because they are truly amazing artists and I check in almost everyday to see their work. I just wanted to say thanks for getting me back to drawing and that you’re all such talented people! :)

I really detest Theon/Sansa and it’s not just because I’m pissed that Sansa replaced Jeyne on the show - although that is part of it. Petty, I know, but I can’t help it.

My issue with the ship is that it’s only popular now because of the show. If you want to ship the ACTUAL Theon/Sansa, that’s totally fine. More power to you. But the people posting about it in the tags these past few weeks don’t ship Theon and Sansa. They ship Show!Theon and Show!Sansa, who hardly resemble their book counterparts at all any more, especially Sansa.

I just don’t see anything compelling about the Show!Theon and Show!Sansa relationship. To be completely honest, they both deserve better. Theon deserves better than to get screamed at by this Sansa impersonator and told she would love to torture him. Sansa deserves better than to fall into the arms of someone who betrayed her brother and played a part in her family’s deaths.

Not to mention that I never saw any real connection between them onscreen. Theon seems to care about Sansa, but it didn’t seem to me that Sansa gave a shit about Theon at all until she needed his help. It’s understandable given that she thinks he murdered her brothers, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the real Sansa never would have acted this way.

Not to mention that Theon’s decision to save Sansa NOW made no sense. Why now? It’s not like she hasn’t been in danger before. There was absolutely nothing in their relationship that pushed him to become himself again and betray Ramsay, unlike the relationship he had with Jeyne. It happened randomly and for no reason other than to service the plot.

My biggest complaint about the couple is that it’s not Theon and Sansa people like together - it’s their OOC fanfic D&D version. Sansa is much more out of character than Theon, which is why I’m much harsher on her than him when it comes to the ship. While I was frustrated with the show’s handling of Theon, I outright despised ‘Sansa Bolton,’ which pissed me off because Sansa is one of my favorite characters in ASOIAF.

A lot of people are gushing about Alfie and Sophie’s chemistry, but I didn’t feel it. It could be because I’m biased by how much I hate the pairing so I won’t say the chemistry wasn’t there. They’re both fantastic actors and they worked well together, but I didn’t feel moved by it.

Okay, rant over. What do you think?


Oh dear. YOU wrote all this PUBLICLY to your 200 followers and YOU claim that I am the bully? Wow. Ok. Are we having an opposite day? You blocked me or redirected me (good decision because this way I would not be able to see your blog thank god!) therefore the only way I can reply is by posting these screenshots.

Tell me what bothers you more
- that it is literally screaming at you that Louis has no baby or
- that I do have followers - a whole fucking lot if you felt the need to write down your ageist bullying lies - who I “can” manipulate?

You know what? My followers are perfectly capable of deciding what to believe. They are not tied to a chain nor they are threatened if they unfollow me.
I have hardly ever spoken or claimed anything without backing up with evidence. And in case I could not, I asked them to not listen to anyone and wait it out.

I only provided timelines, gifs of real life events and logic. It was everyone else’s decision to accept it or argue with it.

I RESPECT Harry and Louis therefore I am NOT ignoring their years long queercoding, nor the look in their eyes. I RESPECT them therefore I am listening to THEM, what comes out of their mouths, what their body language says and in what circumstances we are.

I am not going to shut up about the Azoffs just because you are bothered with it.

Also there seems to be some fog in the antis’ heads so let me spell it out for you: no one came here on tumblr and became a Larrie because the Dark Lord’s sign appeared on the sky. Everyone came here - especially the newbies - convinced that Larry is real. It is their decision to stay and it is probably a coincidence (you say) that more and more people join our growing group.

Oh and we are a threat. Did you see the special attention we got from 1dhq? A denial every year. Even more. Never from Harry and Louis. Never from their mouths. It is annoying, right? We are annoying. I am pretty sure we are. I would also hate on my neighbor if all I saw was their happy get togethers while I was alone, scratching my cat’s head while talking to my only fish in the nearby fish tank. “Those nasty people are having a party again”. “They are laughing too loud”. We are those kind of neighbors, right?

Relentless stubborn, adults, moms, dads, lawyers, journalists, marketing and PR professionals, doctors, high schoolers, teachers etc etc. Always HERE. STILL HERE. That is really damn annoying, is it?

Always having a party thanks to Harry and Louis, thanks to them providing 5,5 years worth of material.

I have to correct you, I am not 30, I am 31 now, but you don’t care and you are not an ageist even if you mentioned my age, right? You also forgot that I have a partner of 8,5 years and I have a kid. So when I talk about love and pregnancy and post-partum stories, those are reality. I am not just getting it out of my backside. Unlike you.

So here are the facts again (backed up by evidence)
- there is no baby
- Harry and Louis are coming out in the next few months
- Irving or Jeff or both will manage the band
- the band won’t break up
- TMZ has the exclusive on a negative paternity test which will be dropped at any moment.

I just wish you sat down with yourself and saw how 1dhq is playing you all like a violin.


[150425] Park Sohyun's Love Game Part 18
  • DJ: Your skin is so good, so if there's any special techniques you use like maybe drinking a lot of water, please tell us!
  • Xiumin: Oh, I'm really sorry, but I really don't have anything special that I do. I wear makeup often because of our schedules, so there are times I have skin troubles. If that happens, I just free up some time to go down to the dermatologist. Get rid of some acne, and things like that~
  • DJ: Then, you don't have any vitamins or nutrients you take regularly? No face cream you regularly use?
  • Xiumin: I just... exercise and drink water while I do. I think sweating might be the best thing.
  • Guest: But taking into account that you sweat a lot, I can hardly see your pores. Usually if you sweat a lot, your pores become very visible.
  • Xiumin: Yes, and in Exo I'm in charge of sweat.
  • DJ: Ah yes, you told us last time. But you're also sensitive to both the heat and the cold.
  • Xiumin: I can actually handle being hot, but I can't handle being cold.
  • DJ: Ah, then right now is perfect for your future activities.
  • Xiumin: Yes, I like summer better.

Maybe I am a big stick in the mud, but like.

You can’t just tell me that two characters are in love look at how loving they are OTP5EVER.

I want you to show me how they love each other. No, I don’t mean show me how many records they break staring into each other’s eyes or how far they can deep throat each other when they kiss. You cannot tell me they would die for each other, because, well, frankly, I think most of us would die for our pets, let alone a lover.

I want to see the relationship they have. Is it sweet? Is it like a rollercoaster? Do they really qualify more as mortal enemies but something keeps bringing them back together? Do they hardly ever do anything together and hardly touch but the love runs so deep the Mariana trench would be jealous?

I want to see the little quirks that attract them to each other. I want to see the things one lover does that makes the other lover say, “I love you.” Because what they’re doing brings so much happiness to their heart and is so them and that is what they love. 

The relationship itself should be a character, dynamic and interesting to watch. Some relationships are bitter, some are loving, some change faces so many times you can’t keep track. 

If the characters themselves cannot interact in a non-romantic manner and still be interesting, then they’re not going to be any more interesting as lovers.

C: I don’t know why recently I cant stop crying. Right now I am locked in my bathroom crying about this and i can hardly see what I am typing and I can hardly think straight. I could tell that my dad could see that there was something wrong but i had to run in here to hide.

It’s just that fact that I keep seeing pictures of people like Amandla, Yara and willow all with their mothers spending time with one another. Being happy and it makes me sick that I dont have that. That I had to grow up with my dad and figure everything out for myself because he doesn’t understand anything and my own mother hates me just because i’ve always preferred being around my dad.

I’ve always been close to him but sometimes it’d just hard when you’re a young girl (12 to be exact) and it’s possibly the worst time because i’m going through puberty and my dad never wants to hear anything that i have to say, which is why i try to deal with my problems and somehow end up breaking down at the most random times. and even if i were close to my mother we wouldnt have that type of relationship because it’s just the type of person she is.

My father has a female friend who would always tell him that I needed to be around her and spend more time with her (and by her I mean this woman and not my mother) because a young girl can’t grow up without a mother but he kept me away from her and she figured that it must have been because he didnt trust women very much after what my own mother had done to our family.

This particular woman, she’s a very wise woman. I’ve known her since i was a child and thinking back, I can just remember how unapologetic she was, how educated she wad and how proud she is to be a black woman, but for some reason this makes my dad cringe,

She is exactly the type of person I needed when I was in high school. Things would have been much smoother for me, but my dad kept me away from that and this really upset her and I didnt realise how much i meant to her until she told me this recently.

Whenever she sees me on the street, she always stops me to talk about how we need to meet up sometime and talk about things. I really need this but she never seems to call back but i know it’s because she’s very busy.

I just feel sad thinking about the mother i never really had and now it makes me cry more than ever.

I’m 18 now heading to uni soon and I don’t think I will have that time to spend with her before i go. I just wish I had her growing up.