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I like keeping things organized, but on the other hand, recolors of my CC make me happy and I feel the need to share them all, so I’ve decided to compile them in one post. This list can be accessed from the original mesh post and my reblog tag. Thanks for recoloring ! (Original mesh)

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117 and 120, for the drabbles please?? They could go together, I think? But if not, either/or. I feel like that's kind of a Patton thing! Or Virgil. Maybe Moxiety, then? Thanks!

117. “Can I do your hair?” and 120. “He’s pampering me, let him be.”

warnings: none that i can think of, but if you need absolutely anything tagged please let me know!

It starts when Thomas purchases a new comb. Patton is, as he is with all new things, utterly infatuated with it. While Virgil doesn’t exactly understand why—it’s really just a plastic comb, there’s nothing special there—this has happened before, and he knows it’ll wear off within the week. On one hand, he’s glad, because when Patton becomes obsessed with something, no matter how minor, Virgil will inevitably begin to worry about it.

On the other hand, however, he thinks that he might miss it, because Patton is determined to use the comb at any and all opportunities—even if it’s just to smooth down a stray hair or an excuse to relax—and, more often than not, he decides to use it on the other sides. Virgil can’t find it within himself to complain about that.

Actually, it’s kinda nice.

So, when Morality pops into the living room with comb in hand and asks, “Can I do your hair?” there’s no way Anxiety can fathom saying no.

“Sure,” he says, slipping his headphones off. “Whatever.”

Patton claps his hands and sits next to Virgil on the couch, motioning for him to turn around. Virgil obliges—at least when he’s face away from Patton, there’s no way the other side will be able to see his eyes fluttering shut because people touching his hair feels good, okay?

As Patton runs the comb through his hair, he keeps up a constant stream of chatter—what he did today, what he’s doing tomorrow, what kind of dog they should get if they ever get a dog—and Virgil does his best to focus, but god. There are little, pleasant prickles running across his scalp and the muscles in his neck and shoulders are already relaxing.

“Here,” Patton says, and the comb stops moving through his hair for one unhappy second. “Lean back, sleepy head.”

Virgil could grumble and gripe, but—well, this is Patton. So instead of protesting, he allows himself to be coaxed into leaning against Patton’s chest. The comb resumes its blissful, relaxing strokes and Virgil sighs happily. He feels a gentle kiss pressed to the top of his ear and a smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. God, sometimes life is good.

And then Roman bursts into the living room and ruins it—of course he does.

“Patton, I require your assistance immediately,” he says, and Virgil cracks an eye open to see Roman brandishing his sword. He doesn’t seem to be injured or scared, however, so Virgil lets his eyes close again. It’s not his problem unless it takes Patton—and thus soothing sensations running through his body—away.

“Can it wait, kiddo? I’m—”

“Absolutely not. I’m hungry and—”

“He’s pampering me,” Virgil grumbles, dropping more of his weight onto Patton’s chest in an attempt to keep him from moving, “let him be.”

“That’s right,” Morality says, and he sounds unreasonably delighted. “I am pampering you. Roman, there’s pizza in the fridge—”

Cold pizza,” Roman whines. “And what about me? I wanna be pampered too.”

Virgil glowers at him. “No. It’s my turn.”

“Buddy, you know how to use a microwave, and it is Verge’s turn.”

After a copious amount of complaining, Roman finally concedes to microwave some pizza and wait for his own goddamn turn. As he turns to leave, Patton—ever affectionate—says, “I love you too, Ro, I promise.”

As Roman turns to respond, Virgil sticks his tongue out at him.

Pat, he’s making fun of me!”

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Do you know any recs for slow burn fics? (Sheith)


so I feel like I’m kind of rec-ing most of the same fics but since you caught me on a good day, this will be a list specifically catered to slow burn~

that’s all that’s in my personal bookmarks at least.. I may have missed some other great ones but. this is a good list to be getting along with I think!

also there were so many throwbacks to the “oldschool” spn in 12.19. Dean’s mixtape, the Colt, Team Free Will, all of which were dismantled in one way or another. 

The Colt being broken was almost cathartic in a personal way, just because it felt like they were saying “we’re not doing things the old way anymore”. 


And Team Free Will…. All I can say is that they’ve all had a lot of character development from those who once formed Team Free Will against Lucifer, and now that it’s been broken apart, there’s only waiting to see the new Team Free Will they’ll form against Lucifer’s baby, if that happens at all. 

Unlike the old Team Free Will which was Dean and Sam’s codependency issues + Cas tagged on the side because they need him to do things for them, the newly formed Team Free Will will ideally be Dean, Sam, and Cas as individuals who don’t need each other to survive, but choose each other while also knowing that they can have healthy relationships with other people outside of their little group. 

Hopefully. Hopefully this will mean that the old way is finally going to be dismantled like we’ve been promised many moons ago (*sadly stares towards carver’s general direction*) in order to build a new way out of the old pieces.

Blackwatch Genji smiling. Discuss.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #25

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Happy quarter life to this ridiculous feature. I need to stop procastinating on these.

The Lion at the End of the Tunnel by Outworld
Words: 3,488
Author’s Summary: Pidge bites off more than she can chew in an act of grand space piracy gone wrong. Aboard a dying starship with few options, she’s starting to think this might be her last mistake until she discovers a certain idiot has done something very stupid.
My Comments: Tagged Lance/Pidge but reads platonic. This is a great action fic with perfect character voices. I love these two together so very, very much.

Truce by kyanve
Words: 42,709 (WIP 7/?)
Author’s Summary: “EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IN EVERYONE ELSE’S HEADHOLES!” - because that feels like one of a few things that needs exploring.The new team can be a perfectly good one, but the odds of finding any five people who don’t know each other THAT well who’ll be thrilled with being mentally linked to giant sapient mechanical god-beasts and each other is basically nonexistent. It’s a recipe for whacking heads into it, avoiding it, trying to pretend it’s not there, and generally making an already awkward train wreck of a situation more awkward and confusing.Keith as main PoV because I would go insane doing this from more than one PoV and it would turn into more of a novel than it’s already looking like it’ll be, and who better to explore “sudden unasked for mental links to other beings” than someone with abandonment issues and trust issues everywhere *and* a few good big secrets?This starts around beginning of canon and I have parts to clean up and post going all the way through Season 2; it’s weaving through almost entirely off-camera things and side events. Spoilers bloody everywhere.
My Comments: REALLY fun missing scene-type fic with a great Keith perspective. It’s FUN and it does a great job of fleshing everyone out, and there are some truly fantastic ideas. I’m really enjoying this one.

Little Lions by MidnightCreator
Words: 5,111 (WIP 3/6)
Author’s Summary: Lance has a very bad day and his only upside is the comfort from the Blue Lion. The Blue Lion knows her Pilot needs her so she takes steps to be as close as she can be to him. Her actions set off a chain reaction amongst the other Lions as they all step up to be there for their Pilots.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love lions-as-actual-lions, and this is especially good because the lions just want to make their pilots feel better. So it’s tiny lion shenanigans and oodles of H/C. MY FAVE COMBO.

Masks by TiedyedTrickster
Words: 9,588
Author’s Summary: Everyone has a mask, one that tells the world what character you’re destined to play in life, that tells people who you are. Except Lance’s mask doesn’t match him at all, and it’s driving Keith nuts.
My Comments: This is SUCH a creative and original concept. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s so, so cool. Starts out Lance-centric, but there’s lots of other stuff in there too, like fantastic Shiro and Keith and also REBEL MATT. Check it out!

An Unexpected Hero by nerdiekatie
Words: 2,102
Author’s Summary: “You tapped my knife to a Roomba? Where did you even get a Roomba?” Keith starts to peel his knife from the Roomba while Pidge is speaking. “She’s an old cleaning droid I found- Keith, no!” Pidge lunges forward to stop him. Keith just lifts the Roomba above his head, watching Pidge try to jump high enough to get her. “She needs to be able to defend herself!”
My Comments: This fandom has only the HIGHEST quality crack.

our native land draws all of us by SerenePanic
Words: 1,037
Author’s Summary: Coran is many things: advisor, mechanic, historian.Once, he was a father.
My Comments: My heart hurts. I love Coran so much.

De-Stressing by The_Sickfic_Sideblog for pinstripedJackalope
Words: 1,642
Author’s Summary: Keith is very stressed out. Pidge knows how to handle this. Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.
My Comments: This is really sweet, and I love how cool and competent Pidge is while Keith is falling apart. She really knows how to get past his defenses, and it’s lovely to see.

Qualifications by The_Sickfic_Sideblog
Words: 1,340
Author’s Summary: Pidge gets dehydrated, and the effects bring up sour memories.
My Comments: I would say “protect her,” but I think her team has that well in hand.

Ice Ice (Baby) by shishiswordsman
Words: 12,707 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: The Blue Pilot’s shoes become too big for Lance to fill. Literally. (Yes, it’s a kidfic. Sue me.)
My Comments: LOVE. De-aged Lance is quite realistic, and there’s beautiful, amazing art for every chapter, too! I am STOKED for more.

Skirt, Dirt, Worth by ardett
Words: 6,354
Author’s Summary: Lance wants to see Pidge wear skirts and makeup. (But really he doesn’t.)
My Comments: This made me ache, but there’s a lot of loveliness and courage in here, too. Lance needs love and acceptance so much, and it takes some work, but his team is able to give him that.

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia
Words: 18,010
Author’s Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
My Comments: Thace/Ulaz. I adore this characterization of the Blade, especially Ulaz as a scientist who is very smart and methodical, but also has almost too much heart and compassion. Baby Keith is perfect, and I was very satisfied with the ending, though I’m happy there are more stories in the series, too.

Lost in the Stars by WingedChickadee
Words: 3,440 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: They didn’t see him. They didn’t see the lion falling quickly towards the planet’s surface through the debris of broken Galra ships. They heard his shout of pain and shock, but not what happened. Six people all assumed he made it back to the castle, they didn’t notice the missing paladin. No one noticed. Not a batted eye or turn of a head.When the paladin wakes up, he is injured and alone. Now, he has to try and survive until he can find a way home.
My Comments: Oh no, LANCE. This is very well-written and scary, and I really need more.

lost & found by luoup (ravenic)
Words: 7,006
Author’s Summary: The wormhole has been rent apart by Haggar’s magic, and the Paladins are lost.
My Comments: Really lovely little fic. A well-done take on the post-season 1 scenario, with an excellent conclusion that made me happy-sigh.

Under Pressure, I Break by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,728
Author’s Summary: Lance was more hurt than he let on after their visit to the water planet where the wormhole spat them out. His injuries are aggravated further during their fight with Ulaz, and then the Robeast. When it finally becomes apparent just how injured he is, Hunk can only blame himself.
My Comments: Hance. I love love LOVE the focus on Hunk in this fic. Though Lance is the one physically hurt, Hunk is the one who needs to be loved and reassured. Lovely little fic.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by nerdiekatie
Words: 1,745
Author’s Summary: He’s glad the paladins only have a low-level telepathic connection. Shiro is one hundred percent sure that if he could everything Pidge is feeling, he would be on his ass. As it is, Shiro has the distinction impression that Pidge can see time and taste shapes right now.
My Comments: I take back what I said earlier. They really REALLY need to protect her. Mostly from herself.

You’re Our Sharpshooter by safety_dancer for spacekidwrites
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: My take on how Shiro reacts to hearing Lance call himself Voltron’s seventh wheel.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic. I want something like this to happen so bad.

Out of Phase by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 6,571 (WIP 2/4)
Author’s Summary: Shiro is lost, only able to contact the paladins during their dreams. He helps them through their nightmares when they need him the most, but it’s getting harder and harder to find them as he starts to lose track of what’s real and what’s imagined. He’s losing his grip on this reality, and his sense of self is beginning to fall apart. He’s going to need their help to get back before he disappears entirely.
My Comments: FANTASTIC Post-S2 concept, just amazing. GAH, it makes me hurt, but it’s so lovely. Really, really want some more.

Audio/Visual Quest by Dynared21
Words: 15,298
Author’s Summary: Pidge and Lance have journeyed to a mysterious planet in order to find the technical details to Zarkon’s fortress…as well as a TV that they can hook up their Gamestation to! But who owns the mysterious collection they run across, and will the pair be able to escape with their gains? Or will they end up the newest exhibits of this collector?
My Comments: Really fun, action-packed, episode-like fic. I’m super happy that S2 has seemed to encourage more fics with Pidge and Lance interacting. They’re such a fantastic combo.

Feeling Blue by spitfire00
Words: 2,962
Author’s Summary: Lance is feeling worthless. Pidge reminds him just how important he is.
My Comments: Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lance and Pidge? Anyway, I love the way she just shoves her way in there and refuses to leave. Lance needs a stubborn little sister to love him.

The Long Walk Home by nerdiekatie
Words: 5,488
Author’s Summary: What happens when you get your unexpected and unwanted period in space? What happens when your armor doesn’t have pockets for your inhaler? On a stealth mission, Pidge and Hunk are stranded and forced to walk to the Green Lion. They’re racing against time and their own bodies. Will they make it back?
My Comments: This fic is GRUELING, but I love seeing the two geniuses of Team Voltron being badass and strong despite their unique difficulties.

Weekend Guests by TheBeckster
Words: 6,906 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Voltron had been too late. They hadn’t been able to stop the Galra this time. As the Paladins pick their way through a leveled city, they come across a group of survivors and find themselves way out of their element. Everyone except Lance, that is.
My Comments: Fantastic start! I love Lance with kids, and he’s particularly competent and wise and adorable here. The kids all feel like kids with their own personalities, which can be tricky. Waiting patiently for more. (Not that patiently.)

Big Stick Diplomacy by windscryer
Words: 3,496
Author’s Summary: Keith is bad at diplomacy, but he is trying. Pidge… not so much.
My Comments: Protective Pidge! Savage on Keith’s behalf! Everyone is extremely protective, too, but Pidge takes the cake. She will take you down if you even THINK about looking at her family funny, and Keith is her boy.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Hold Up Half the Sky by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
This Is New by TheHomestuckWhovian
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Altar of Storms by VelkynKarma  (now complete, and incredibly satisfying)
Prison Bonds by GriffinRose (complete)
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Burning by CranberryBat
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn (now complete)
Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Chrono Story by Crowoxy (now complete)

Listen Up Or Don’t, It’s Up To You

First off, I know hardly anyone is going to even see this post and that’s fine with me because the last couple of days I’ve noticed an increase in negativity towards other users and actors so I don’t even know if I want anyone to see this post. Still, I need to say something, regardless of who it does or doesn’t reach, because I’m so tired of just sitting back and watching everyone have a go at each other.

Second, yes I know there have been countless posts exactly like this and I’m probably not going to be saying anything new, but, again, I just needed to say something.

The majority of people on this site are here for the things they like…..but if you are in a tag or on someone’s personal blog that’s not always what you get. That’s why we can choose who and who not to ‘follow’ so we can narrow the scope of what we see to what we like. This site is one of opinions, both negative and positive. 

Ok, so you have a character and he’s the ‘bad-guy.’ They’re a bully, they’re racist, they’re prejudiced in anyway, they’re an all around asshole, etc. Some people like them, some people hate them. 

You can dislike a character and express that dislike but

A) Quit attacking other users. Leave people be. That goes for both the lovers and the haters. People have the right to like or dislike what they want. It doesn’t matter what it says about the users personality, they are here just like you to enjoy the things they like. Do you agree with what they like? Maybe not. But that’s your opinion just as what you disagree with is someone else’s. You want to discuss why they have the opposing view as you, message them, but be polite. If someone isn’t polite back then move on because you aren’t gonna be doing anything productive by sending insults. There is a reason this site has the option to ‘Like’ posts and not dislike….it’s about positivity and enjoying the things you enjoy. Not dragging other people for their views. 

Note: I said ‘dragging’ them as in calling them names and shit, which is distinctly different from ‘challenging’ other people’s views which you can do politely, in both an educational and open way.

B) Don’t confuse the actor for the character. Come on guys, we all know how the media is, they will either by ignorance or intentionality twist people’s words to fit their will. Do your research before jumping to the conclusion that an actor is an asshole. An actor can talk about how they played their character and what they do or do not think their character meant by their words or actions. That does NOT mean they are right. Remember they are portraying a character that the producers/directors/writers created and so the actors don’t always know why their characters are the way they are. 

Also, that doesn’t mean they are defending the characters bad actions. Maybe they are protective of the character they play but that’s because it’s them in the sense that it’s their face, their portrayal, but that doesn’t mean they think what their character did was right. 

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hi everyone, I’m Jackie, I’m 19 years old, and I’m an artist! I have autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic leg and back pain, and I have a lovely girlfriend and a cat and lots of friends who make me very happy. however, i’m trying to move soon!! and things are taking a little bit longer than i’d planned to get myself ready. so, i need some cash! please look through my tags #jacquelynkelly and #art for examples, because i don’t have many on my new computer. if you aren’t interested in a commission but still want to help, you can also donate at my paypal! 


Icon (800x800, can be made smaller by request) $15, $10 per extra character
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I will draw NSFW material for an additional $10 to the initial price, but it will be privately sent to you (not posted here), and I will NOT draw pedophilia, incest, or beastiality (i will draw anthroxhuman)

Please think about helping out so I can move out of my parents’ home and start my life! please reblog, too! 


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— Spoilers ahead:
— Samus is freakin’ hunted!!
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— I want a game where Samus is
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— That would be AWESOME
— Also please make Samus badass again
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— I honestly wanted that game
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— And and your shirt is 👌👌👌
— I have a shirt of my own that I like a lot
— I got it from the KH Orchestra On Tour
— It has Sora on it
— Super nice shirt really
— But your shirt really takes the cake
— Anyway
— I’m almost done here
— Only a few more lines
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonkc
— Tails
— Knuckles
— Amy Rose
— Shadow
— Rouge
— Dr. Eggman
— Dr. Robotnik
— Tikal
— Metal Sonic
— Cream the Rabbit
— Chao
— Espio
— Charmy
— Vector
— Silver
— Blaze
— Are there any more charact— EGGMAN NEGA
— He’s weird
— Also his name is just begging to be misused
— in inappropriate ways I mean
— I think you can imagine what I mean
— ALRIGHTY! Thank you for sticking around.
— It’s been a long ride
— I’m sorry it has to end
— But this is the start of something new
— I want to follow you!
— So
— Lastly before I go
— I have one last thing to say
— Sonic

& Knuckles

honestly, i think few things reveal as much about how people perceive gay people and their experiences and relationships as the double standard that comes up when dealing with the mere existence of gay kids in media. or, to put it simply, how people think that being gay is an exclusively sexual experience, and therefore, if you interpret a kid as being LGBT, you’re sexualizing them by default.

i mean, take stranger things as an example. a lot of people think that will is coded as gay. it’s an interpretation that has been going around since season 1 and is still going as of season 2. and yet, the mere thought of it is very offensive to a lot of folks. there are 2 most common arguments to this: the first is the aforementioned ‘sexualization’ of the character that is apparently inevitable with any gay interpretation that happens, ever, and the second one is that ‘it’s not what the show is about! who cares? it’s not a story about being gay!’.

what these same people seem to either not realize or just plain ignore while making these statements, however, is that the subject of (straight!) romance is very often brought up with all of the kid characters. the show is, in many ways, a coming of age story, after all, and romance or attraction is and has always been a prominent part of self-discovery.

so what we have is a story that places a considerable amount of importance in the blossoming relationships between boys and girls, and portrays them as being healthy parts of growing up.

people don’t tend to complain about these ones, however. the romance that is there is very age-appropriate, and although they are relevant to the characters and their self-growth, everyone is also able to know full well that the story is not ‘about’ this. everyone can agree that stranger things it’s not a romance! 

but unfortunately, it seems that some people are not willing to extend this same understanding to will, or other characters like him, really. like i said, will is just an example, there are many more throughout media. it’s like if they make will gay, apparently the whole story and his whole character will become about him being gay. it can’t just exist on it’s own, i guess. or, worse, if they confirm him as gay, it will be an indecent, inappropriate act. 

because the bulk of it is that only straight experiences and relationships get to be seen as a nice, innocent, incidental parts of growing up. gay experiences either need to be plain sexual, therefore inapplicable to kids, or secluded to their own advertised and specific spaces, where they can be avoided. it can hardly just… be.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've recently started a HP RP blog, do you have any advice for how to get noticed and involved in the community? Thanks so much you are awesome and beautiful!

(( OOC: I’ve answered a few similar questions before in my rp advice tag, but here’s a more constructive post for all you newbies.

Step 1: Create a blog.

That’s… literally it. You’re halfway there already. But if you want to start getting involved in the community itself…

Step 2: Be nice!

Holy shit. This is turning out to be the easiest tutorial I’ve done so far, isn’t it? 

But seriously, if you want to start making friends in the community, it isn’t difficult. Reblog other rp-ers work with lovely tags! Send a friendly message complimenting their thread! If you’re nice to people, they tend to notice. And I’ve only ever seen support and encouragement for new rp-ers in this community, so don’t stress.

Step 3: Work on your own stuff.

Obviously, if you’re a brand new blog, it’s harder to have your stuff noticed. But hey, that just means you can spend as long as you like working on your own characters and practicing without any pressure! If you’re not really sure where to start - choose one character. You can always work on multiple characters once you have your shit down.

And if you want actual tips on how to film good quality gifs, what lighting/angles to use (and what NOT to use…) etc, here’s a handy-dandy guide. Don’t even know how to make gifs? This nerd has you covered too.

Step 4: Getting noticed.

Now I wanna stress - please don’t get hung up on how many notes your stuff is getting, or how many followers you have. You’ll never get any enjoyment out of doing this, otherwise. Do it for fun, and to be hella nerdy, and that’s all that matters.

However, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, tag your stuff! I follow the hp rp tag and I always see new stuff cropping up on my dash because of it. Another good way to get noticed is responding to other posts in character - it’s less forward than just asking a stranger to do a collaboration with you, and it’s a nice way to get feedback on your work, too.

Step 5: Have fun!

*cue cheesy fanfare and confetti* Listen, this is pretty much all the advice you need to get started. The rest is down to you. The only way you’re gonna get good at this, is to be rubbish first. Believe me, we all go through it. Like, have you seen some of my first gifs?? So whilst you’re here for the ride, just enjoy it.

Good luck! ))

The Curse of the Dragon Witch Part III, Patton and Logan

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I’ll repeat this: I guess the only real warning would be anxiety? I’m unsure. You guys tag so many things as warnings compared to the other fandom I’m in, so if you need me to tag something please let me know.

I didn’t spend as much time on this chapter, but… well it felt like it went where it needed to go.

You can read this from the beginning on AO3, which I would highly recommend if this fic is new to you because there’s a lot going on. Or you can read this chapter on AO3. 

Patton watched with little interest as Virgil attempted to calm Logan, reaching for him over and over, Logan flinching every time further and further away from him. He looked at Roman, who was at a loss for words, pacing back and forth and muttering to himself. He looked out at the sky. Had it always been so grey, so lifeless? His vision felt clouded, his heart felt slow, relaxed.

“Patton, are you alright?” Roman asked, looking at the side quizzically.

“I am… “ Patton trailed off, unsure how to answer the question. He certainly didn’t feel that he felt anything at all, good or bad. “I am neutral.”

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CLF: Tendrement, Pasionement (F)

A/N: We are back to our regularly scheduled program! All my new followers, this is my fic, Cherchez la Femme! It’s long as hell and has an OC, but I encourage you to read it because BUCKY AND STEEB. It’s been updated on AO3 and the tag list is open! This thing is my baby and needs some love. So here you are. 

WARNINGS: Swearing, awkward moment in the bedroom (sorry, not all sex can be perfect), kinda coitus interruptus, discussion of kinks and why they exist (I used my own personal reasons for this character), some serious shit happens at the end of this chapter. Allusions to Bucky’s PTSD.

WORD COUNT: 3038 (Jesus Christ, this is what happens when I don’t post for ages.


SONG TRACK: Sweetest Devotion–Adele

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So, my current roommates (my sister and her bf) are having to move back to Biloxi because our apartments have been screwing us over hard (which is a whole other story)

What this means for me is I have two weeks to scramble to find a new living situation. I’m trying to get a second job but I don’t think I’m gonna manage it in time to avoid struggling and I’ll have to be out of my apartment within two weeks (oct 13)

My current course of action is to try and get a one bedroom apartment, quickly, and also to pay a 400$ car note monthly because having my car repo’d would just like. Be some shit I couldn’t handle TBH.

I can probably afford rent and my car note with some skipped meals and what not, but I still need a tag for my car (500$) and enough money to put down a deposit on a new apartment.

So like. If anyone wants to donate or whatever, my PayPal is just

I can also draw u a thing if you wanna pm me? I might make a fancier emergency commission post later but rn I’m at work and on my phone

Also like, as a stretch I doubt will happen, if anyone is trying to move to Lawton, ok and get an apartment I mean. HMU. Moving out with someone else is always better and I’m a reliable roommate?
Impossibly - thealeksdemon - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Langst, Swearing, Self Sacrifice, klangst, i guess

The Galra have a new gun. And he supposes it’s his fault, really, that it gets fired in the first place. But who it hits—well, the universe isn’t going to lose its Golden Boy, not if Lance can help it. Not if all he needs is two steps to get Keith out of the way. And it doesn’t matter what happens to Lance. Not to him. There are more important things to worry about.

a quick announcement about spoilers

hey everyone! two things real quick:

firstly, if you’re going to the Voltron panel at SDCC and/or watching the livestream and/or plan on watching the first episode of season 3 some other way after it’s shown - please remember to tag your spoilers! even if you’re just reblogging stuff! not everyone will want to/be able to see the panel/Q&A/trailer/episode/whatever, so you can help other fans by tagging all your spoilers so people can avoid them if they wish.

secondly - this blog will be spoiler-free until… probably about a week after S3 drops on Netflix. i won’t post anything from the trailer (if there is one) or from episode 1 (if it leaks online) and i won’t post any screencaps from S3 until about a week after it goes live.

this is for two reasons:

  1. i know not everyone likes spoilers and not everyone will get to watch the show on the day of release, and i want to give people a chance to catch up on the new episodes before i start posting screencaps from them
  2. from a practical point of view i won’t be able to get S3 screencaps until i’ve had a chance to rewatch the whole season and find the caps i want, so it will be a while before you see them on the blog

once i start posting things from S3, i will tag them as ‘vld 3′ and ‘voltron spoilers’. those are the tags you need to block if you don’t want to get spoiled for S3. i will continue tagging spoilers throughout August, so everyone will have a whole month to catch up on the new episodes. you can use something like {xkit} to blacklist tags if you want to avoid spoilery posts.

this blog is running on a bit of a reduced queue at the moment because IRL stuff has kept me busy and i’ve been away for a whole month - but rest assured i will be back in full force after S3 and ready to celebrate the return of the bloof!


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I'm so excited that you're writing for Still Star Crossed and Rosvolio now! You're one of my favorite writers! Do you have any fics recs for Rosvolio to read while I wait for your next one?

so okay like im gonna be totally honest here i have been REALLY WARY about reading fics in this fandom, because tbh when i first kinda got into the idea of writing it, i poked around a bit and found out that a lot of the really “popular” fics in the fandom just have characterizations that i dont agree with.

 i mean like, really ooc, and feature character bashing, and so and ive kinda not been reading a lot of fic so i dont accidentally pick up on terrible characterization!!

which means i am totally lacking on recs for you

the main rec i can give you is this masterpiece by @rosalinesbenvolios aka the person to blame for getting me to write fic for this ship,  the longest infinity is the best fic out there in the fandom i swear, like forget my stuff go read this

im not biased, tbh

she’s just that amazing

but like, just know if you follow me, any fic i reblog is guaranteed to have good characterization, like im not about to go recommend you things that are bad or feature character bashing, so ?? i’d say check my ssc tag?? 

i’ll try to read more and give you some good recs

in the meantime here are some authors that i may have read little things from or just like ?? know to trust because theyre fandom awesome, even if we havent interacted a bunch ?? or maybe i just know them from leaving awesome tags/comments on my fics when they reblog so i trust them ?? but they write rosvolio and i trust them and you probably can too





@rosalinesbenvolios (even tho she was mentioned above she needs to be mentioned again tbh)

honestly like ?? go read what these people wrote because theyre awesome!

(and if you havent go read my fic? i posted a new one this morning??) (i am also always open for prompts??)

so yeah? sorry i dont have more recs anon

but thank you for the kind message, im gonna drop this in the ship tag and hopefully other people can help you!!