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So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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tips to benefit the rpc

  • DON’T BAN MODELS that’s so dumb there are so many excellent poc models that can be used!!! 
  • plot out the basics beforehand if you want or general ideas to make interactions things spicy but stop plotting out entire tragic romances or whatever on the first day ! let things blossom
  • don’t quit rps just bcause you don’t get ships because this is how they die
  • but also don’t ignore new people who want interactions just because you have all the ‘’’’connections’’’  you need because this is how they die
  • literally just do 1x1 if that’s how you feel fuk 
  • character/plot development is a very fun, cool, exciting thing and roleplays need to start lasting long enough to see that come through
hi everyone, I’m Jackie, I’m 19 years old, and I’m an artist! I have autism, bpd, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic leg and back pain, and I have a lovely girlfriend and a cat and lots of friends who make me very happy. however, i’m trying to move soon!! and things are taking a little bit longer than i’d planned to get myself ready. so, i need some cash! please look through my tags #jacquelynkelly and #art for examples, because i don’t have many on my new computer. if you aren’t interested in a commission but still want to help, you can also donate at my paypal! 


Icon (800x800, can be made smaller by request) $15, $10 per extra character
Sketch: $20, $10 per extra character
Full lineart and coloring: $30, $15 per extra character


I will draw NSFW material for an additional $10 to the initial price, but it will be privately sent to you (not posted here), and I will NOT draw pedophilia, incest, or beastiality (i will draw anthroxhuman)

Please think about helping out so I can move out of my parents’ home and start my life! please reblog, too! 

Hiii I’m looking for new blogs to follow, so if you post/like/do two or more of the following:

  • Louis Tomlinson / Louis with 1D / Louis’ solo projects and endeavours / anything Louis really
  • Sebastian Stan / anyone in my gorgeous people / any of their projects 
  • James Buchanan Barnes / stucky / any Bucky ship tbh / MCU movies and shows / MCU cast
  • fashion / places / photography / aesthetic / history / Disney ; or
  • tag warnings and tag for triggers / talk in tags!!! (I love reading tags) / just generally tag because tagging’s nice

like or reblog this so I can check your blog out! No need to be following me (I just need to see more things in my dash and to put content on my 384 sideblogs), but new mutuals would be nice ♥ happy weekend, lovelies! :)

okay so i’m really sorry i’ve been unresponsive all day but i got a new laptop today !!!! so i’ve been spending all of today setting it up :))) unfortunately though my xkit extension refreshed itself & i lost all of my settings including my list of people to tag in things. so please please if u want me to start tagging you in stuff, can you like this post please ?? ily all. might take me a while to add you though because i still need to buy photoshop omfg i’m so excited :))

therobster > thisproblematicblond

this whole thing is being cathartic for me. right now i’m trying to fix it by accepting and adapting. i was never fond of that old url, i only took it because i wanted something robert related and couldn’t think of anything better. i’ve also followed a bunch of new blogs (hello!) i’ve found in the robert tag that don’t condone him but that haven’t given up on him either which is something i really need right now.let’s see if i can make it out of here alive <3

So here’s some [not super great] danger days art because as it turns out, I can’t move on with my life.

Tagged by my lovely floofin @shirodeserveshappiness

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better!

Tagging (new mutuals!! ps. you don’t have to do it):@forovnix, @actualyuuri, and @grayclouds

Nickname: Vee
Star sign: Virgo
Height: 1.63m
Time right now: 10pm
Last thing you googled: Academic dress hire. Graduating for my Masters degree. Excited asf.
Fave music artist: DEAN
Song stuck in my head: Machine Gun by Zion.T & KUSH ft Mino (LISTEN)
Last movie I watched: La La Land
Last TV show I watched: …I can’t remember. It’s been years. Tbh, the TV has been cut off because New Zealand now has something called Freeview and you need a certain box/TV to access it.
What I’m wearing right now: …underwear.
When I created this blog: September 2016
The kind of stuff I post: Mostly memes, dogs, YOI. I have great taste X’D
Do I do asks regularly: I try to. This will be the third one today.
Why did i choose my URL: I don’t even like mil-dang, and this is my fifth reincarnation, but here we are
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Never did the test but maybe Slytherin? 
Pokemon team: Never played it but I like team Instinct
Favorite color: Silver
Favorite characters: Sara Crewe
Dream job: My current job is pretty good tbh but maybe something in international law
Number of blankets: 1
Followers: 1027


@obsessingmuch tagged me in this neat little thing! I had to Google how to get photos to sit side-by-side because I have never needed to do that so I can obviously now add this to my litany of useless skills! Featured are my requested: lock screen, home screen and currently listening to screenshots.

I broke the aesthetic with my Spotify screencap because of course I remember to do this shortly after making a poorly received “What’s New Pussycat” joke. It was not understood, which meant my humor was completely under-appreciated so I was forced to explain my joke by playing the original and much entertainment ensued…For me…Because I was talking to my cat and she was not amused because I refused to share my lunch and does not appreciate being referred to as a pussycat in this tense and frightening political climate.

I change these screens pretty frequently because I’m a theme kind of person and like variety and it usually becomes a whole thing deciding on something new but let’s all def revisit this type of “Get to know me ask/quiz” thing again in a few months!

I tag @onedayyoujustchange @thereadersmuse @theauntofdragons @twisted8logic @jen-10 @endersjane and anyone else who wants to participate, tots tag me, I’d love to see!

new/old tags to discuss lesbian issues

in use (sorta):

  • #sapphocracy
  • #actual lesbians
  • #lesbian tumblr


  • #for lesbians only
  • #lesbian exclusive
  • #only lesbians
  • #actuallylesbian
  • #lesbian space
  • #lesbian lesbians  (porn *ughgh*)

personal vendetta:

  • #happy lesbians

from my recent post [x], it’s clear that there is a need/desire for more widely-used tags for lesbian-exclusive discussions. open to more suggestions. but it’s not a thing I can just decide on my own. personally, I like #for lesbians only both for the history & because there have been a lot of dingbats on my posts recently who claim they just had no idea that non-lesbians shouldn’t be commenting on posts about lesbian experience. so hopefully we can sort of settle on some & start using them. it’s kind of a bummer to just be left with #lesbophobia.

reblog this post and/or inbox me your thoughts.
hopefully we can get this up & running soon.

The Smosh Tag Renaissance

I 100% agree with this Anon and their ideas. The Smosh fandom does need to be revitalized. We’ve already had renaissance in the Ianthony fandom, but we need another one for the Smosh fandom because it’s basically non-existent. It will take some time, but we can build it back up :D

What we really need in the Smosh fandom, along with some new content creators, is a leader just like with the Ianthony fandom. It’s not because there are problems in the tag, it’s just because every fandom needs a leader to help maintain order and to show newcomers the do’s and don’ts.. I am more than willing to step up to the plate and make the Smosh tag a healthy and active place again, BUT I can’t do it alone. The only reason the Ianthony fandom sprung back up was because people WANTED to post things and they helped me bring it back by doing so. If no one wants to post things or bring back the Smosh tag, then my efforts will be meaningless.

So, we all need to ban together and help rebuild the Smosh fandom. We did it with Ianthony, we can do the same with Smosh! Create some blog, start posting positive content, fan art, gif sets, etc! Make the Smosh tag active again!

Note to all shippers: PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP THE IANTHONY AND OTHER SHIPPING STUFF SEPARATE FROM THE MAIN TAGS! We want the guys to be comfortable when skimming through the tag :)

Hi, I’m pretty new to the art side of the phandom, but
I thought a lot about this and I’ve decided to open up some
commissions slots! I’m the artist of the pictures used above (duh). This month is gonna be pretty tough for me with bills (my job isn’t paying enough since I can’t put enough hours right now because of school) and as an art student since I’m constantly needing supplies. And also for other things like food and gas, adult life is tough. :

I’m opening 3-5 slots depending on how many people actually want to do this.

  • As it says above, I will charge 25$ for portrait, 30$ for half-body, 40$ for full-body.
  • Coloring style similar to the one above, simplistic for now because of time constraints.
  • Please give me a 1-2 weeks for each of them since I do full-time school and have a part-time job.
  • Paypal only! I will need full or half payment to start on it. If you do half payment I will need the last part of the payment before I submit the art to you
  • You will receive the art digitally.
  • Yes I will draw phan, no hardcore smut/bdsm/kinky stuff though. A little nsfw is fine. 
  • If you just want dan or phil separately, that’s okay too.
  • You can see my other art through the tag ‘my art’ on my blog.

Message me your requests through the tumblr IM/my askbox!

Some rules:
Please DO NOT repost my art, I will likely post it to my blog crediting your request(unless you really don’t want me to.)
DO NOT resale or print or anything like that, I will find you and report you.

Thanks in advance!

looking for Cool Blogs

okay i need some more blogs to follow

i’ve just unfollowed a bunch of people because my dash wasn’t interesting to me anymore but now i’m down to not following many people

if you post a lot about any of these things and you keep your blog active please can you like and/or reblog this post so i can have a look at your blog thank you :))))

  • musical theatre, especially les mis, rent, fun home, next to normal, wicked
  • theatre actors/actresses, especially aaron tveit, samantha barks, the entire fun home cast
  • game of thrones
  • orange is the new black
  • orphan black
  • pictures of cats

stealing mishpala’s idea because i need to follow more blogs!!

I’m in desperate need to follow new blogs so if you

  • blog about Supernatural (multifandom is okay if SPN is your main fandom, I don’t care what you ship)
  • have a tagging system (so I can blacklist certain things)
  • have clean and organized theme that is easy on the eyes
  • don’t hate on characters and/or ships (or at least tag it)

then like this post pls cause I wanna check you out ❤❤❤

Here Comes Your Man - Chapter 4

Hiii everyone! Thanks for being so endlessly patient with me as I struggled to get this chapter done and out. I just finished it and haven’t really reread my new additions, so if things don’t make sense please let me know so I can fix things up (because who needs a beta, amirite? jk betas are great) Anywho here is part 4, yay!!! Extra thanks to the anons who asked me about when this would be out, and to all y’all who have written in individually or left comments letting me know what you think!

Tag list, let me know if you want to be added or taken off or if I forgot you: kneekeyta, mirandasmadeofstone, mmfdfanfic, ililypop, anglophileyoungblood, mallyallyandra, jackiewalsh2013, flxwxry, tinakegg, endemictoearth, celestev31, raernundo, sammylbc, @pink-royaute, 2muchtosee2littletime, myfinnnelsonpls, alyssaloca, bitchy-broken, @audisodd, losingpudge, milllott, i-dream-of-emus, irish-girl-84, mellamoaiko, happyfrasers, ninjarunningzico, ducky17, bitchesbecrazy89, wandering-soul-7, stephsadickhead, kristicallahan

Links to previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Finn had been busy all morning calling in to the radio station, trying to find a way to rearrange his schedule so he could have afternoons off to take the burden of walking Damon all the time off his dad. He made little headway considering he was one of the most recent additions to the station and was one of the few sound technicians who knew how to record a broadcast for podcast episodes, a growing market for listeners of the station who wanted to hear exclusive interviews and in-booth performances by local bands without staying glued to the radio 24/7.

Sighing, he dropped his phone to his bed and turned around to idly thumb at the nearest crate of records, his gaze landing on a beat up single of Spaceman by Babylon Zoo, hands instinctively pulling the LP from the stack to examine it. “Can’t believe I liked this fucking song,” he lamented as he shook his head. “Well, one play won’t hurt… it’s not like there’s anyone here to hear it.” With that, Finn strode over to his record player, carefully removing the disc from its sleeve and placed it on the player. Adjusting the volume slightly after turning on the machine, he dropped the needle and laughed as the opening strains of the song came from the speakers. “Thank fuck da is out with Damon, I would never have lived this one down if he had told Chop or Acher.”

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Halt, give away time!

So, I figure 1,111 followers is a good number to do this on. I rarely do things like this because I’m not fast with my art, but I wanted to do something for you guys and I really need to step up on my art and practice other things.

I will take only 3 people. You will receive a basic piece, as shown above. If you don’t know how my art is, just look at my Art Tag. I don’t really have “set styles” it just comes out how it comes out. 

The Rules:

  • Must be following me! (I welcome new people, but if you just follow for the give away.. eh)
  • No give away blogs please
  • You can LIKE or REBLOG as many times as you want
  • Will do characters(fanart), OC’s, etc. 
  • One character only
  • No NSFW for this one, sorry

And that’s about it.


 (I will use a random generator to determine the winners)

Because my brotp finally met and they were absolutely adorable (◕‿◕)

r u l e s ;

  • must be following this thing
  • reblog this post (you can like to bookmark, but it won’t count as entry)
  • must love charlie and cas!
  • must reach 25 notes
  • no survey, who needs them anyway

i f   y o u  a r e   a c c e p t e d ;

  • track the #dreamysquadnet tag
  • you’ll get a new follower which is me
  • (and hopefully some other people from the network)
  • i’ll send you a message, asking for your email, icon and description for the network page
  • you’ll make some new friends

i’ll choose first members once it gets enough notes!! ♡♡♡

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m amused when people invade the tag saying, “Guys, I don’t want to ruin your ship (but I do), but SwanQueen is, like, incest.” Because really?  REALLY?  You think in four and a half years of shipping no anti has said that very same thing?  You really think you’re the first to come up with that argument after four and a half years?  Seriously?

But then I get kinda concerned, like, are you new?  Are you lost?  Do you need a map?  Here, let me take you to customer service so that they can page your mommy.  We’ll get ice cream with sprinkles and talk about basic human respect until your parents pull themselves out of the small appliance section.