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I just started to read Scourged and I like it, but i'm not sure what other works do you have. Do you have a masterlist? Or where I can read/buy your books? Because I read you sell them but I couldn't find where. Also do they have an order like... dunno, a trilogy? or are they for different stories?

Scourged is a free fantasy novel that will be updated weekly in 2018. For now you can’t buy any version of it as only 4 chapters are released so far.

You can find all about my books with links to buy or download them for free on my page here:

when we first got married i had to psych myself up every time to say “my wife” to a new person. it was awkward because with “girlfriend” a lot of people would just assume i meant “friend,” and of course “fiancée” is gender-neutral when spoken, so we’d always had plausible deniability. but the meaning of “wife” is pretty unavoidable. still, i made myself do it on principle, and slowly but surely it became natural.

now i love saying “my wife,” to everyone all the time. i love saying it to the old woman distributing the strawberries at the farm share, asking if she knows where i can still get rhubarb because every summer i make my wife a pie. i love saying it to the gay employee helping me at crate and barrel, telling him i’m buying these glasses because my wife and i both had them growing up, and seeing his eyes light up. i love saying it to friends of friends and to new acquaintances and to potential coworkers and to the women at the laundromat. i love being aggressively out, and i love having such an easy way to be aggressively out. i love being the first woman with a wife someone has ever met, making our existence part of their reality. i love being visible for other lgbt people who might feel a little less alone knowing i’m there, which helps me push past the fear when it comes. most of all, i love not hiding. i love saying “my wife” and i love my wife.

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He was at the kid's section of Selfridges that day actually, I remember everyone found it weird thedailystyles*com/post/154203288645/genkohhh-thank-you-for-the-picture-yesterday - WELL WELL WELL

He’s a baby boy.

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Okay okay but Ned is 100% the kind of friend who, when Peter comes out to him, spends the entire night researching and doesn't sleep and when he goes to school the next morning, he ends up knowing more about trans stuff than Peter does.

ned: so have you thought about buying a packer yet because i found a website that sells them and they’re high quality at a decent price

peter: what’s a packer. is that like a type of backpack or something.

ned: it’s a dick peter


you think just because i buy books means i actually read them? what a laugh ! i’ve never read a single thing in my whole life


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two) (three) (four)

Normani NEEDS to be in IVY Park's next campaign

drag race meme: [2/10] queens  → adore delano

“I don’t talk about makeup or how pretty I am in every song. My supporters know how beautiful we all are. Let’s move on and grow together. Let’s write about working so hard towards a goal that you lose sight of what’s beautiful in life. People buy my music because I listen to them. I’m growing with them. I want to create a movement with all of them and I believe we’re getting there.”

Non-lesbians complaining about the lesbian label being too restrictive is like if I went and tried on a bunch of clothes that weren’t my size and then cautioned everyone else I knew against buying them because they didn’t fit me.


                                  ❀ Orange Brightlily Corsage


Got my sample charms for the Zenyatta charm I promised to make. And while they have some tiny mistakes (from my part, mainly the hole cut cutting into the art) overall I’m very happy with them.

Since I got an extra 2 samples I was wondering if anyone wanted to buy them? Because they’re just samples they will only cost $8.55 (which includes both domestic and international shipping) Also there’s only 2 so it’s a first come first serve. Just message me on tumblr if you want to buy one. 

Ida is the cutest, sweetest bean with a really perplexing taste in sweaters. Thanks for putting up with me and all the terrible movies ♡ @terror-in-the-dream