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nat-zang-lover  asked:

Hi!! I love your blog, I was wondering if you could send me links to your stories??❤️

Awh thank you! :)

It Makes You, You (Richie’s mom says some homophobic stuff about him and Eddie and it confuses/pisses him off. He takes it out on Eddie.) 

First Times A Charm (Nsfw. Started as a Reddie first time fic but now I just keep continuing it.)

I’m continuing First Times A Charm and I plan on writing a couple more reddie/stenbrough fics.


I found this fantastic piece of art and you should deffinetly give this a listen guys!
( Made by heiakim Music )

There’s a misunderstanding when it comes to friends and love. Just because you develop feelings for your friend doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. There is such a love called friendship. It makes you want to stay with them forever. Because you love your friends. I feel that people don’t see the difference.

“You can’t use the fact that I’m bisexual against me if that’s something I’m proud of,” says Lauren. “I feel motivated more than scared to share who I am because it makes me feel awesome when someone comes up to me and says that because of me she was able to find the strength to accept herself.” -  Lauren for Seventeen


Ally Brooke: We’re focusing on this new era. We’ve had some highs and some very, very sad lows, but together we’re writing our new narrative.
Dinah Jane: When we met, it basically felt like elementary school. Now we’re in our senior year.
Lauren Jauregui: I feel motivated more than scared to share who I am because it makes me feel awesome when someone comes up to me and says that because of me she was able to find the strength to accept herself
Normani Kordei: I feel like I have the power to influence a whole generation, which is overwhelming at times but also such a beautiful thing. (x)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any funny podcasts you recommend?

Oh my God YES I have so many!!! This is literally… a dream question lmao, thank u

EOS 10: Basically gay Scrubs in space
Inkwyrm: more gays in space… but there’s fashion
MarsCorp: do I have a thing about space podcasts? Maybe, but this podcast is silly and absurd and British and you should definitely give it a listen.
The Bunker: in the same vein as MarsCorp, but more existentialism, darkness, and musing about the true meaning of art and where it fits into life. It’s set as a radio show in post-apocalyptic Britain and I absolutely love it.
Kakos Industries: dark humor that’s both simultaneously immature and adult. It’s the monthly shareholder announcements from a corporation that helps you “do evil better” and the CEO that’s trying to keep it all together.
The Strange Case of Starship Iris: okay technically this isn’t comedy podcast but it has a bunch of funny moments and is really heartfelt and action packed. Again, gays in space.

That’s it for now! Thank you again, what a blessing

<3 <3 <3 eye of the storm <3 <3 <3

we now introduce to you:

the most gay introduction song ever!

Marry someone who looks at you the way Future Keith looks at Future Lance. 

(Illustration for this Headcanon)

While I was drawing this I imagined Lance sizing up his future self:

“Sweet, I’m taller and have better facial hair than Keith. Not digging the size of my forehead though. Oh look I’m married. I bet Keith’s not married. Oh, wait. Keith is married. Huh, we have matching wedding rings. That’s weird. Keith probably just copied because of how awesome and cool he thinks I am.”

Your denial game is strong Lance. Damn.

How I know my mom liked Rogue One:

Mom: “All these action figures and you don’t have any of the Rogue One people? Why not???”

How I know who her fav character was:

Me: “Who do you think I should get?”


How I know who she ships:

Mom: “And you should probably get a Jyn to go with him. So he won’t be lonely.”

How I know she’s still a Vader fangirl:

Rogue One: *distinctive breathing in dark corridor*

Mom: “THERE HE IS!!!” \o/


Because ofc HoneyMustard was a must! Too bad the person who helped me out didn’t take more than just this photo, would have loved to have gotten more because look at this it’s epic xD Would had loved to have taken some HoneyKetchup pics as well but was a bit too scared to ask, as I did not know any of the regular Sanses there and didn’t want to force anyone, as after all now everyone likes fontcest after all <:

Underswap Papyrus on the right with the crocs is me, the Papy behind me is my friend Valle who does not have a tumblr and the third Papy is @dyingstararch

If you recognize yourself in any of my photo’s and want to make yourself known then feel free to message me and I will tag you :D