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Hi Guys! So I recently reached 4000 followers and god I am so happy. Thank you so much. So then I thought to myself, hm, maybe I should make a new Follow Forever because my old one is so outdated…


These are all the people I admire on this site. Every single one of them are amazing and really deserve a follow!

This took such a long time so just let me quickly explain. Each gif  reminds me of you in some way. Either it was your icon, or it reminds me of your personality, or it’s me reacting to you, or just something that makes me think of you. It took a lot of careful consideration. SO I really hope you appreciate it.


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save me (1/2)

prompt: tehgreeneyes posted this beautiful au gifset today and I was so inspired that I had to write a thing. <3

word count: ~2800

rating: a for angst and s for (minor) sexytimes

an: dedicated to skyewardkisses and wenchswan <3

When he meets her, it’s like the world stops turning.

It’s almost irrational, his attraction to the lass with the bold words and brilliant golden hair she wears tied in a ponytail, but it changes everything.

She’s well skilled with the sword and holds her own quite well. It’s how he meets her, actually.

He just steps off of The Jolly when a fight breaks out right in front of him. She’s angry, her emerald eyes hard and her teeth gritted as she jabs at her opponent with the sword in her hand.

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HOME and doing somewhat better. Thank you everyone who sent me messages or replies, you guys helped me calm down a lot.

(I actually had fun towards then end when the argument calmed down and we had a rousing discussion of supralapsarianism ((my favorite word I never get to use!!!)) but the stretch in the middle was rough)

Do you ever get tired of acting? Tired of acting happy? Tired of acting like the person everyone wants you to be? Tired of being a piece in someone else’s puzzle? Because I am. I am so, so tired.
—  T.B
Life stuff once again!
  • I’m in Akureyri right now, the heart of the north!
  • everything is great tbh
  • (until I leave on Tuesday obviously)
  • I love my friends so much I could barf
  • Silja’s birthday party was last night and we all looked fine fresh fierce OF COURSE and we got her the BEST MOST HILARIOUS cake
  • I took like five billion pictures, some of which will possibly end up here when I can be fucked to load them onto the computer
  • I got another part-time job at a coffee shop so now I can woo babes with the powers of both coffee AND alcohol!!!!!
  • bullet point pertaining to kissin’ dudes idk idk let me be vague
  • I have Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked in the freezer
  • I could have eaten it already but the thought of it sitting there, waiting for me, makes me really happy, so
  • y'all should go listen to Fantastic Baby regardless of whether you like kpop or not because that shit is my jam