because i am in fact 12 years old


What are all phandom members?? (according to bigots who disregard facts and individual identity, in place of their sexist, transphobic, and ageist rhetoric)  

12 year old girls!

But wait, I joined the phandom in 2011, so that means *counts on delicate, feminine fingers, then recounts because as a female, I can’t count* 



We need to tell the media! 
How do you live forever? Watch Dan and Phil. 

When I sat in the theater on July 15th and saw this magical little blonde introduce herself for the first time, I had no idea that she was going to change my life. I had no idea that she was going to help me see and embrace the parts of myself I had been most ashamed of. I had no idea that she was going to help me feel more comfortable in my skin than I had ever felt in 27 years of living.

I already wrote about how Kate has helped me finally feel at peace with the sad, quiet part of myself. This post is about how Kate helped me embrace the fact that I am, and always have been, a lesbian.

Growing up in a religious environment, as a child I thought “lesbian” was an adult sin I Didn’t Yet Understand. I didn’t know “lesbian” was being a 9 year old wanting to give a 12 year old a Valentine’s Day card because she was the most beautiful and captivating girl I’d ever met.

I thought “lesbian” was the slur that ruined Janice’s life in Mean Girls. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling pure bliss when my high school best friend would braid daisies into my hair.

I thought “lesbian” was two drunk girls pawing at each other while their boyfriends watched and another boy filmed it. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling my heart flutter every time I saw my college best friend, and wanting more than anything in the world to make her laugh.

I thought “lesbian” was a type of porn, a subcategory of “kinky”. I didn’t know “lesbian” was holding hands and suddenly, finally, feeling at home.

I thought “lesbian” meant seeing every woman as a piece of meat. I didn’t know “lesbian” could mean platonic physical intimacy, hugging a friend when she needs it because she’s a wonderful human and you’re a wonderful human and you care for each other as friends do.

In the last 2 months, I’ve cried and grown a lot. I’m still learning how to comfortably say the word “lesbian” out loud. To paraphrase Amy Poehler, I’m still unlearning a lot of what I’ve been taught to feel ashamed of. And in this journey, Jillian Holtzmann and Kate McKinnon are the role models I need. When I joke with my coworkers about being a “walking lesbian stereotype” (to see how they respond to the word) and my coworker looks at me and says “But you’re NOT, RIGHT?” and the only word that can escape my lips is “right.” When I come out to a friend and she seems cool with it but doesn’t ever hug me again. In these moments, Kate and Jillian are the role models who remind me there is nothing dirty or perverted or wrong with being a lesbian. I am not dirty. I am not perverted. There is nothing wrong with me.

Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being out. Thank you for being proud. Thank you for showing the world that lesbianism is as simple and pure and innocent as love is. Thank you for reminding me that lesbianism is about love.

Okay, so pretty much every pynch fic I’ve seen has Ronan and Adam not mentioning to anyone/not making a big deal out of them getting together, which is great, but imagine:
-Ronan comes back to Monmouth and immediately grabs Gansey and is like, “I’ve gotta tell you something.” And Gansey follows, but he’s freaking out because Ronan has a bounce in his step and is smiling way too wide and what is going on?
-And finally Ronan drags him to the roof of the building where he walks to the edge before turning to look at Gansey, and then at the top of his lungs he screams, “I’m dating Adam Parrish!”
-And Gansey is just like whut?
-But Ronan just keeps yelling shit,
“Do you hear me Henrietta? Adam Parrish is my boyfriend!”
“I kissed Adam Parrish!”
“Adam Parrish kissed me!”
“He called me his boy! I am Adam Parrish’s boy!”
-And Noah pops in at some point and he is cheering and yelling and eventually decides that he and Gansey should waltz to celebrate their friends getting together.
-And Gansey is just dancing and smiling but so confused because Ronan is shouting at the town and jumping up and down like a 12 year old on a sugar high.
-And finally Gansey hears his cellphone ring so he pulls away while Noah Joins Ronan in yelling things about Adam. And it’s Blue and she sounds confused when she asks, “Is Ronan screaming about Adam right now?”
“In fact he is, Jane, how did you know?”
“Uh, I can hear him? And so can everyone else. It’s like 2 in the morning can you please tell him to declare his love tomorrow?”
-But Ronan grabs the phone before Gansey can say anything and Ronan just like, “Listen Maggot, this is the best fuckin’ love story of all time, let me tell you how it went down…”
-And basically just Ronan freakin’ the fuck out because omg, he and Adam are together.

So I have a date on Saturday

And I’m so nervous

I have awful social anxiety and I can’t deal

I told my friends and they barely reacted like it’s no big deal which is well and good for them because they have sex with essential strangers so a mere date to them is nothing

But this will be my first date in three years and only my second date ever and my only other date I’ve ever been on was a DISASTER and the guy decided afterwards that he wanted to date my friend instead because she’s prettier and skinnier than I am

So this is in fact a big deal for me

And I matched with this guy on a dating app so he’s basically a stranger so I’m so worried that he’s gonna see me and not think I’m cute or it’ll be really awkward (I am aware that I sound like a 12 year old when in fact I am 23)

And I’m so anxious I can’t even sleep :’(




NAME:  Zoe
•  PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers mostly. Idk, gender is weird.
•  SEXUALITY: Pansexual panromantic


  1. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Spanish
  2. I am a practitioner of Hellenismos
  3. I spend too much time thinking about fictional characters and not enough time writing about them.


 HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?):  Uhhhhh, shoot….12 years now? The last…almost four of those on Tumblr.
•  PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  Old proboards forums, Gaia online, Facebook, Tumblr, Skype. 
•  BEST EXPERIENCE:  Literally meeting my current girlfriend because she made me have entirely too many feels for Elrond/Gil-Galad. She was the very very first Gil I rp’d with, and honestly one of the first five people to rp with me on Tumblr period. She’s hella cute but lives in Canada.


•  FEMALE OR MALE: Literally no preference. Most of my muses right now are female (2/3) but I’ve had an abundance of male muses in the past as well. My OC muses tend to be female while I tend to gravitate more toward Canon male characters.
 FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: I try to balance fluff and angst but holy hell this family is just so prone to angst it’s ridiculous. I don’t rp smut on Tumblr just because I feel weird about it. Like…that is not a thing I am comfortable writing where other people can see it? Just no.
•  PLOTS OR MEMES:  Whatever’s clever. If you want to plot, cool beans. If you want to send me all the memes, do it. I’m down with whatever.
•  LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I try to keep things at least a decent length. I try to avoid one sentence replies, for instance. And to give some description about what my muse is doing, if they’re fidgeting, sitting, drinking, what have you. I like to explore the world around my character as I write. Which makes sense why I’ve found myself in the fandom for the man who wrote literal pages about trees.
•  BEST TIME TO WRITE: Whenever I have the energy and muse for it.
 ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): They all of little bits of me, I think. I’m very similar to Elrond in that I will drop everything to help people I care about, also we share issues with depression (and people don’t always listen even when I’m right). My nature-child tendencies comes out in Brí. Elhiriel, unfortunately, has my anxiety to some extent (sorry bby). For older muses, Louis and I shared a deep and abiding love of books and a tendency to disregard our personal appearance. Qui-Gon….ehhh I didn’t share much with him, honestly. I had a Star Trek Vulcan OC who was a xenohistorian and was also queer AF, so that was fun. Idk, there are pieces of me in all my characters if you look hard enough.

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hi, hi, hi

My name is Amanda, my friends call me Mand, Mandi, Mandy or whatever i am 16 living in Brazil.

Actually i understand english very well, but, my writing is … ok let’s not talk about it, haha. This is hard to do, i don’t know what i should write. Help me. Okay, i want a friend that i can talk random stuff, crazy or funny stories etc. And you can expect this from me too!

Random fact: I’m 16 and peoples thinks i have 12 years old because of my height. Small girl here.

My email is: amandaparkk @ hotmail. com

meet me beneath the christmas tree

pairings: valgrace and a pipabeth mention

rating: T

words: 7k+

summary: It’s Christmas day, and Leo is spending it exactly opposite of where he pictured himself to be - serving food to grumps in an old folk’s home. This year, things seem pretty bleak, but he still finds joy in a few things - namely his friend Piper and his not-so-subtle crush and coworker, Jason Grace. Oh, and the fact that Drew Tanaka had to kiss an old guy under some mistletoe.

notes: i finished this at 12:00 am guys and im so proud because i thought this was going to be 4k words but then i came up with an actual plot for once and now it’s 7k which is?? amazing????? and to top it off, i wrote it in 2 nights!!! i’d like to thank all the friends who encouraged me as i wrote this (namely kim @1ooo-w0rds and charlie @lukekywalker) i love u guys as much as leo obviously loves jason ;)

it’s too long for me to post on tumblr because then i’d have to redo formatting manually and i love myself so!! ^u^ click the links if u want to read it!!

>>>> links: | ao3

So its like 1am i started to cry, because i realized how much i support gay rights, and how there’s still people who doesnt like the fact that i am bisexual. Every. Single. Person. In. This. World. Is. Equal. I dont think i have to say more. Also i am a child. I am 12 years old and i’ve supported gay rights for as long as i can remember. Its not hard for kids to understand these things. Love is love, and i cant do anything for the fact that i love both girls and boys. It just is that way, and i wont change. Goodnight.

aquaburst07  asked:

I am wondering, why do you like Dipifica? Why do you see them being a cute couple?

Oh Honey, I don’t just LIKE Dipcifica: I LOVE IT. 

I’m a sucker for the love-hate relationships because I always find that they have the most development and the most chemistry compared to a couple who instantly connect like a fairy tale novel. 

I like it when relationships are portrayed in a realistic fashion and since they’re 12 year old kids, I appreciate the fact that they don’t start out liking each other. In fact, Dipper can’t stand Pacifica until Episode 10 of Season 2 in “Northwest Mansion Mystery”. 

Plus I love the opposite attract pairings that compliment each other in one way or another. Since it adds for some great relationship building episodes and some great individual development as well. 

Couples who’re paired solely because they look good together hardly ever go the distance and beyond because they have no chemistry and don’t have any problems with each other. But I believe couples who start off from enemies to acquaintances to friends and finally to being romantically involved have a stronger bond. 

Dipper needs someone who is his polar opposite yet can still be a good companion and a friend he can rely on. In “Fight Fighters” the code at the end said “Sorry Dipper your Princess is in another castle”. Which can be foreshadowing the future relationship he might have with Pacifica since her house is basically a castle and she’s basically a princess herself since she’s a Northwest. 

(Even though it’s also a reference to the classic Mario Games) 

Their relationship works because their personalities are compatible, yet they still have their differences that still make them independent characters who can take care of themselves without relying to much on the other’s help. 

Pacifica needs Dipper in her life because he’s able to provide her with advice on how to handle her parents since he comes from a pretty strange family himself. Dipper is her connection to the closest thing she might have to a normal life instead of living with rich snobs for parents. I believe Pacifica craves having a normal life with parents who’re actually supportive in everything she does. 

They have a lot of elements individually that they’d bring together if they become a couple in Gravity Falls that I think would benefit each other immensely. I love the love-hate relationship they have and the very flirtatious attitude that they have towards each other (Especially in Season 2 Episode 10) in the series. 

And I will defend this ship till the day I die. So if you don’t like Dipcifica. 

Black History Month: What makes you proudest?

For Black History Month, we’ve featured some talented NSF Graduate Research Fellows doing important research in a variety of fields. This week, we’re asking them “What makes you proudest thus far in your career?”

“I have always wanted to pursue a field of study that would enable me to develop new materials, medicine, and technologies that have the potential to impact and ameliorate the quality of human life. I am most proud of my achievements throughout my undergrad, during which I worked at Harvard University developing functional bio-inspired materials and published my first paper.”

– Cicely Shillingford, Ph.D. candidate,  Department of Chemistry, Molecular Design Institute, New York University

“What makes me the proudest of my scientific career? I’m appreciative of the fact that each day I enter the laboratory, I learn new concepts and techniques, as well as get closer to the goal I set for myself as a 12-year-old boy: to become an assistant professor and researcher. I was drawn to science because it helps improve the lives of others, sometimes immediately or in the long-term.”

– Johnathan D. Culpepper, graduate research assistant, IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering, The University Of Iowa

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Why I need Rey to be a nobody

So don’t get me wrong, I love Rey Kenobi as much as the next person, but if I truly speak from the heart, I NEED her to be a nobody. No legacy. No birthright. Nothing. 

I think I need it for me a little bit, but more so, I need it for a lot of other people.

As a teacher, I watch as a new class of students enters the room at the beginning, and within 2 days, I can predict with near 100% accuracy the students who are going to struggle in my class. Now, I am not talking about students who lack the mental capacity to do well, because that actually takes a lot longer to suss out, and is much more fluid of a concept. I am talking about those people who are, or believe they are, pre-disposed to do poorly in school. 

Usually by the time they get to me at around 11 and 12 years old, they’ve been told year after year that they’re “difficult” or “easily distracted” or “disadvantaged” and that is why they are expected to have lower grades. Some of these children do in fact have difficulties such as terrible home lives, or mental struggles, but others just believe they are doomed to fail, and it’s not their fault because they’ve been told that their entire life.

Often times, the idea is planted in their head, especially when they are POC or from a broken family, that they are more pre-destined to test poorer, and they will therefore succumb to challenges more often than those children who recognize that they are born with privilege. Now, of course I have “disadvantaged” students who performed amazingly well, and also had students born into privilege who failed my class. It’s not a set rule, but if the trend didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be addressing it in staff meeting every other week. 

So, why do I need Rey to be a nobody? Because someone who is in the lowest of the low can look up to her and say, “No, I am not destined to fail. I have the power inside me to be amazing regardless of my circumstances. I can choose my own path.” Will it be easy to overcome the lack of privilege? Of course not! But it’s not impossible, and that is what matters. 

Sure, race and privilege exist in some form in the Star Wars universe, but there are also robots with microphone mouths and giant slug bosses, so obviously things are different than they are in our world. Rey is very very low on the totem pole regardless. She comes from this awful planet that no respectable person would go to if they could avoid it, and she literally picks through scrap to get enough food to stay alive. She’s not a slave, but she’s hardly living a free life. 

Now, I love how TFA really put more of an emphasis on the Force’s ability to be felt not just by those in the extremes of it, but by every living thing. Maz has been around longer than anyone, and admits she’s no Jedi (or Sith) but she KNOWS the Force. Everyone is allowed the connection to it, some just understand it better. For me, a simple analogy I can think of is how, in the Western world, the internet connects us all. That’s not to say that every single person has it in their own home, but it undoubtedly influences their lives in some way. Some may have no personal contact with it, some just use it for email and Facebook, and some have learned to harness it in a way that it provides their livelihood. Someone with no knowledge of it now could become proficient with training, but everyone knows that one person that just picks things up lightning fast. There are your “powerful Force users”. This feels so much more organic of a concept to me than the idea that the Force is reserved only for those with a certain midichlorien count or whatnot. As a lot of you know, I am a pretty religious person, and this idea of equal privilege to this great power resonates with me a lot.

I need to see that this girl, this “scavenger scum”, doesn’t have to come from some kind of Jedi or Sith power bloodline in order to go toe to toe with the Master of the Knights of Ren. She can possess that power completely within herself, regardless of her circumstances.

I admittedly am privileged. Very, very privileged. So again, this really isn’t for me. I really need Rey to be a nobody for all the wonderfully capable and talented people that I see fall into the trap of thinking they’re doomed to fail on circumstance alone. Nothing hurts me more as a person than watching potential fade away, especially when it is self-sacrificed. 

fun fact: when I was in grade 6 I had a crush on this girl and I told my mom I was gay and she was like “no you aren’t it’s just a phase, you just have a girl crush on your friend, it happens to everyone” and my tiny 12 yr old self was like oh yeah I guess she’s right and then I thought I was straight for like 4 years but. jokes on her because I am Gay as hell

ohhelloalexis-deactivated201606  asked:

I hope you're satisfied for bashing on a 12 year old girl and having your shitty fans call her an asshole, a whole, and a dick. Good luck dealing with that over an image. Because that's exactly what it was. An image. On the internet.

(this is the relevant post)
Do you know for a fact that person was a 12 year old girl, or are you making an assumption? 

I am absolutely against people sending hateful messages to a person. Bullying is never acceptable. The blog did have Asks disabled so the user would not have received messages privately. Do you know for a fact that people called the user those things? And did the user truly receive those messages?

On the internet, I do not know the age or gender of a person behind the account. I can only know who they are by their actions. It’s unfortunate that the person did not understand what it means when an artist asks for their works to not be reposted. The ones they posted had my deviantart watermark on them meaning they got them from my deviantart account, so the signs saying “Do not repost” are clearly seen underneath the art.

At first, I quietly had the (6+) images removed from the account by tumblr. Even after they saw that the posts were deleted, they continued to repost my artwork. In addition, they posted a message showing that they intended to repost more.

To the people who do the reposting, or the people who did not create the art, they will think “It’s just a picture. On the internet.”

To me, the person whose work was stolen and reposted without credit, despite written warnings under my art “DO NOT REPOST OR EDIT MY ARTWORKS”, this is disrespect and a disregard for my rights to my own works.

At this point, I would have preferred to contact them privately, had their tumblr account been open to Asks. That’s how I handle most cases of repeated art theft and reposts. However, since I could not contact them directly, I reblogged their post that showed their intention of continuing to farm my art gallery for more art to repost. Are artists supposed to just not care when their works are stolen? I don’t think so.

If you’re going to take someone else’s work without crediting them, you are not immune to repercussions when you’ve been found out. Were my words too harsh for them to handle? That’s for them to decide. Do not belittle artists who speak out against theft of their work as something petty. Like an image. On the internet.

Tumblr’s policy on misattribution: 
“Misattribution or Non-Attribution. Make sure you always give proper attribution and include full links back to original sources. When you find something awesome on Tumblr, reblog it instead of reposting it. It’s less work and more fun, anyway. When reblogging something, DO NOT inject a link back to your blog just to steal attention from the original post.”

Tumblr’s policy on minimum age of Users:
“Eligibility:No individual under the age of thirteen (13) may use the Services, provide any personal information to Tumblr, or otherwise submit personal information through the Services (including, for example, a name, address, telephone number, or email address). You may only use the Services if you can form a binding contract with Tumblr and are not legally prohibited from using the Services.”

I just all wanted to tell you that I’m so happy with you all! Not that I wasn’t happy before (believe me, I truly am happy), but here on Tumblr I can speak freely about Winx without beeing bullied or judged.

Besides you guys, my little sister and my boyfriend, no one knows that I adore Winx. Since 2004 I love the Winx, but when I got to the age of 12 and Winx wasn’t just “it” anymore at school, people said stuff like “You like Winx? What are you, a 3 year old?” And that is the reason why I don’t tell people anymore I like Winx, because I’m sick of the fact people judge me by that.

For not doing that, I all want to thank you!

Thank you for not judging me about the fact that I love Winx.
Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only 20 years old Winx lover in the world.
Thank you for the fact you don’t bully me because I love Winx.
Thank you for letting me feel free to talk about Winx here on Tumblr.
Thank you for sharing the love for Winx.

Thank you all !

itsgifnotgif  asked:

I think it's strange when people say that there's no evidence that you've helped anyone, and then say that just because a few people say you've helped them doesn't mean anything. I just want to thank you. Because the viewers that actually commented their thanks are only a fraction of those who benefitted from your no-bs take on things. If someone's offended, they're offended, but we appreciate that you didn't let their crap defer you from making videos for the rest of us. Thank you.

Things haters say to discredit Onision viewers:
1. His audience is all 12 year olds (despite being proven more than half are 18+ through analy)
2. His audience consists of mindless drones (despite the fact that my viewers regularly share alternative views in the comments of many of my videos)
3. They don’t know who he really is! (despite the fact that I regularly respond to criticism, and have even highlighted many of my flaws in MANY videos)

Bottom line, most people who watch my videos are not little kids, they’re not mindless & they are clearly aware of who I am because I reguarly defend myself publicly from most every accusation sent my way, if they were as ignorant & stupid (unable to receive information as it’s presented) as the haters, they would also waste their lives obsessing over negative bullshit instead of laughing/enjoying YouTube videos.

Onision supporters aren’t the immature, ignorant idiots haters say they are, it’s the other way around. Ironic, they are what they attack others for being, and even if you point it out, it’ll remain as if you never said anything to them at all.