because i am having doctor feels

I am constantly relearning lessons about myself. I learn about my own flaws and quirks, vow to change them, but promptly forget they exist.

Asexuals and Aromantics are interesting enough people to carry stories. I am so sick and tired of tv writers and writers in general and people in society thinking that just because someone doesn’t experience sexual or romantic feelings, they don’t lead interesting lives. Our lives are just as interesting and fulfilling without crushes and dates and making out or having sex or whatever. We can still tell a story. We aren’t broken or boring or whatever other lameass excuses you have for excluding asexual characters from your stories. We are people that deserve representation. And I don’t mean coming out arcs or self discovery or shit (which I wouldn’t mind), but you can have a character in a story. Make them ace or aro or both and thats it. It isn’t hard. Its not like they don’t care about people. Aces and Aros have friends. Friends they love and care about deeply. They are just normal people. They aren’t a soulless robot. They aren’t the villain because they don’t have sex or a romantic partner. I’m so fucking tired of this shit.

Am I the only one who thinks Theseus Scamander probably looks like Jude law as John Watson?

is it that he looks like newt a little

no not really but there is a vague these-white-guys-could-be-brothers feeling to it

do they have similar movie posters

no but the movie poster from jude’s movie looks like when newt is chasing credence 

(or visa versa)

is it because sherlock looks a little bit like a skinny jacob

yes you jacob

is it that i like the idea of him acting a little bit like john Watson who is also a war veteran , hero, and doctor.

and being an over protective brother figure who deals with Newt with exasperated amusement because this baby has his head in the clouds


is it because of a Tiniest Trace of Hope (8) by @esamastation that gave me the perfect older brother and uncle combo that i didn’t know i needed

i dont really know

(also cool note about the gifs)

burn out

There has been a lot of talk lately at my program about burnout prevention. Nobody, of course, addressing the root problem which is that we work too much.

I just had my first weekend off in a month, and it’ll be another month before my next one. I’m starting my first ICU rotation tomorrow, knowing that I will likely face more heavy shit – death and dying, grim family meetings – in three weeks than I have so far in almost six months of doctoring.

I do not feel up to this right now. I am entirely lacking in both energy and curiosity. Doing it anyway, of course, because what is the alternative?

I would cry if it would help.

I went to the doctor

Hello everyone! So I went to the doctor and as I tought I’m not feeling well because I stay too much on the computer! I have to see an eye doctor (no idea how you call it sorry xD) and get a blood test! I feel better to know it’s not something bad! We talked about my anxiety aswell and it made me feel better about myself! Ill get help on that aswell! Maybe I’ll have to wear glasses to go on the computer ! I am so gratefull here in france you can get help (doctors,treatments) for free! (You pay some money each months, and you get a refund for doctors and such!) I hope everyone will have access to that in the future… I hope everyone is well and hopefully, ill see you soon for more custom content! Love you, take care

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Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, as you're generally quite busy. However I've been having a lot of trouble with sleep for a while now. It's difficult to fall asleep and my quality of sleep is atrocious. I'm currently in college and it's having a negative impact on my academics because I'm constantly exhausted. The doctor gave me pills to try and help but they haven't really helped, I still have trouble falling and staying asleep. Do you have any advice on how I could help this? Thank you very much

“I am undoubtedly sorry to hear that you are having issues finding a relaxing bedtime. I’m not sure how to sympathize with such a feeling, both since I cannot sympathize at all, and I have never experienced sleep or lack of it. However, I believe I can tie in my meditation rituals with the same sort of idea, so perhaps I can be of some aid.”

Dark pulled open the thick slabs of papers from the book upon his desk, and rummaging through with his fingers, paused over a particular paragraph that seemed to catch his attention.

“1. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual. It’s important to have a relaxing ritual to engage in before bed. Having an activity you regularly engage in before bed can help signal to your mind and body that it’s time to sleep. Relaxation techniques before bed can also help the brain wind down. 

2. Make changes to your sleeping area. To help prevent insomnia, make your bedroom or sleeping area as inviting, calm and soothing as possible. Simply improving your sleeping area can lead to higher quality sleep.

3. Watch what you eat before bed. Heavy meals a few hours before bedtime can cause indigestion and discomfort. This can result in an inability to sleep. Stick to light, healthy snacks before bedtime like whole grains, fruit, and low-fat dairy. 

4. Do not ingest stimulants before bedtime. Another common cause of insomnia is consuming certain sleep-disrupting chemicals too close to bedtime. Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are all well-established as sleep disturbers, and their effects can last as long as 8 hours.

5. Find ways to turn off your brain before bed. If stress is causing your insomnia, finding ways to turn your brain off before bed can help. Establish a pre-sleep routine that allows you to wind down and de-stress before bed.

6. Exercise. Regular physical activity can help regulate your sleep cycle. If you don’t have an exercise routine already, working to establish one can help you combat insomnia.

7. Check your medications. Ask your doctor if any of your current prescription medications may be contributing to your insomnia. If they are, see about switching medication types or altering doses. Check the labels of any over-the-counter meds you take regularly. If they contain caffeine or stimulants like pseudoephedrine they may be causing your insomnia.”

How to make your pelvic exam a little less scary

Anonymous said: So I haven’t gotten a pelvic exam or any exams of my lady junk. I’m 23 and my doctor always brings it up every time I go in for anything. I am absolutely terrified because I was sexually abused as a child and I don’t even feel comfortable letting my partner look or touch down there. I feel like I’d need my therapist there to stand by my head and hold my hand just to feel a tiny bit better. Do you have any advice?

Ok first find a doctor you are comfortable with. This is huge. 

Your doctor needs to be patient and understanding of your situation and be willing to help you get through the exam as uneventfully as possible.

Once you’ve found a good doctor, make an appointment specifically to talk about your abuse and your anxiety about having a pelvic exam. Tell them about what was done to you as a child if you feel comfortable so they can understand your fears. This is unfortunately an all-too-common situation, so I doubt your doctor will be shocked by anything you say. Remember that the focus here is not to degrade you or make you relive any trauma. The focus is to help you be more comfortable with your body and to help you take good care of yourself.

At that visit, ask them to walk you through the process of a pelvic exam verbally if you think it will relax you. Find out who will be in the room during the exam and if there is a nurse you are more comfortable with, request that they be the one who assists. Know that the nurse or assistant often stands by your head or side and doesn’t have to view your “lady junk,” but depending on room setup it may be unavoidable. If you think asking questions about the exam will make you more nervous, skip it. Ask your doctor if they feel comfortable prescribing you some sort of anxiety medication for one-time use on the day of your exam to help you get through it easier. We will do that occasionally (like when people are terrified to fly), so I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request.

Schedule your exam just a few days after this initial appointment. Don’t give yourself much time to agonize over it and keep changing your mind. On the day of your appointment, bring whoever you want with you for support. It’s 100% okay to have someone come with you and stand by your head and hold your hand. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. 

Bring headphones and listen to music during the exam if that makes you more comfortable. And don’t worry about any special cleaning or grooming. That’s not necessary.

After the exam, 

Additionally, check out these old posts on how to make your pelvic exam not hurt and this one on current US guidelines for the frequency of pap smears and pelvic exams so you will be better equipped to advocate for yourself at your doctor’s office.

And finally, 

Remember that rules of consent apply to pap smears too. 

If you decide halfway through that you’re uncomfortable and you want to stop, speak up. Your doctor should stop. Nobody can do a procedure or invasive exam on you without your consent.

It is march 22

I have been in New York seven months tomorrow I think

I grow fatter by the day because I am not biking . I do not say this in a 1980s way or I do not mean to say it in a 1980s way, I mean it in a kind of 1920s way , a playful Woolf-letter where she says “I weigh 12 stone, my heaviest ever” as a testimony to her health. In October I biked every day and ate feverishly , scarfed bagels and vegetables and eggs , had boundless appetite. My doctor thought I had a thyroid issue and I might have, since my thyroid hormone levels were sort of weird. I have appetite still but it feels partly like I am eating as substitute for other activities and though it is pleasurable I wish I had someone to cook for, or something else to do. I think about babies and cooking for babies. Beautiful young mothers and gay fathers come into the store I work in with their beautiful fat rich babies and ask about different things they want to buy for their wealthy satiated children and I wish fervently either to be that beautiful mother or gay father or to be the baby, to grow up wearing eighteen dollar whale socks and attending a French bilingual school and being innocent of all harm in the world and all heartbreak , or else to be the person providing that comfort and wealth and innocence , to be able to sustain a life apart from my own.

I could not even manage a dog on my own now. Our house puppy jumps and bites at me and I can’t discipline him because I appreciate that he loves me and just has no thumbs so bites instead. I poured water on him for biting me today and he looked so betrayed. I pry chicken bones out of his mouth when we walk around Brooklyn together and apologize to him every time for taking the trash away. He howled earlier from his crate and I almost cried. How would I be as a parent?

I want a lover and a husband and want to be thirty and rich and happy. I don’t want to skip between now and twenty nine but I want to get to thirty and be safe and have a house and nice pots and pans, to have published five books and have a child and a dog , to be able to offer a guest bedroom to friends or friends of friends when they need it. I want to hike in the woods . I want to be comfortable and clean . I have tasted what it might be like to make really long term plans and want all of that back.

My plan is to be a librarian. I will read about books and think about books and think about children every day and I think I will be good at that. It is what I am meant to do and one prays that the world doesn’t end first.

this is odd

okay so idk how but my friend always, always knows when I am or am about to be on my period and I have no idea how he does it. I know I get super needy and clingy right before so I call him a lot and want to cuddle a lot and he thinks that part is great because he has more of my attention but I didnt think he knew that was because of that. sometimes i just get that way for no reason.
but he’ll just randomly be like ‘its almost that time of month, isnt it?’ or ‘i feel like its been a while since you’ve had your period, maybe you should see your doctor’ and he worries when I dont have it or am late so he wants me to go to the doctor and make sure that nothing is wrong and idk if this is weird, funny, or cute 😂

I am having severe and worsening pain in my cervix and I asked my mother for support in calling the doctor because I am frightened, and she sent me away because “It is too hard for her to think about.” Now I don’t have the courage to call the doctor and I feel like too little a priority to do it.

Personal post

I’ve been doing lots of reflecting on my health, mostly mental. And I’ve realized that now my job is technically ‘full’ time, I need to properly sit down and organize myself. 

I want everyone here to know; I am a gambler. But I’m not the type to gamble EVERY penny of my cheques away. No, I always make sure my bills are paid first. I only gamble the money i have remaining away. And I feel it’s part of my ‘depression’ .

I quoted depression, because I’m not diagnosed with it by an actual doctor. But I feel all my symptoms fit it best. Especially last year, when I had no job and well.. nothing going on with my life.

I have a credit card debt thanks to my gambling, because I used it when I didn’t have proper money to spend. Don’t get me wrong, I bought other things with it.. And I feel I was using this as a way to replace the loneliness I felt during my depression. 

I don’t want you guys thinking poorly of me, or thinking I’m asking you for money. No, that’s not what this is about. This is me coming out about my struggle, because I’m slowly getting better. I’ve already cut up my credit card, removed it off every website possible so I have no access to it at all. If i lower my debt enough, MAYBE I’ll try again but be more conscious and smart about it.

Right now, I’m not ready to have one. And that’s okay. This blog, as well as @anniecrow , @knbaes-n-bakas , and @oi-aokaga  have been the most supportive of my choices. And I really can’t thank you guys enough. It’s because of all of you, I’ve been able to battle this.. addiction and HOPEFULLY kick it away. That said, I’ve decided to officially quit my habit, starting today. But I will need emotional support, because it’s one of those things that helped deal with my family issues. (even if the reason we fought was because of money.)

It’s going to be a very long road getting out of my debt, but I’m fully prepared to face it. Because I need to do this, in order to be mentally healthy once more. I did feel better after cutting it up, but it also does make me worry should an emergency happen, what will I do without having some sort of security? That said, I’ve also started up a savings account strictly for saving, and I put money in it each month.. so I’m hoping this will work.

I’m really trying, because on top of my credit card debt, I have my student loan debt, and I think I won’t feel better, TRULY better, until I’m free of both debts. So I’m slowly working on getting rid of them. But i will need everyone’s support. 

If you read this, thank you very much. And I hope you guys don’t really think badly of me. (This is mostly me feeling scared to admitting having such a problem.)

“Your Heart Next to Mine” - Digital Oil Painting

I have a headcanon that Tentoo has an additional reason to love kissing Rose, because he can feel her heart beating against his chest, and for a moment, he can remember having two hearts, and both of them beat for her. She is his second heart.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

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I started watching miss fisher's murder mysteries because of you and despite the fact that you've shared photos of yourself here before, mac is now my headcanon for you. have a great day, fahye!

that is IMMENSELY FLATTERING and you should continue. mac is amazing. and yes: I, too, am a sarcastic red-haired doctor who drinks a lot and thinks pretty women are amazing! please feel free to dress headcanon-fahye in as many pairs of dashing trousers and as many dapper scarves as you wish.

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Hi !! Fat girl here with a question... does being fat make certain symptoms of certain illnesses worsen? Just cause im wondering if when a doctor reccomends you lose weight for certain things, its because the weight is making it worse. I know being fat doesnt exactly cause many (if any) health problems, but can it make ones you already have worse?? Btw i love yall, yall have really given me a good sense of who i am and helped me reclaim the word fat in my everyday life :) 💖

I feel like this is a huge question (in scope). Over the past year or so, I’ve begun to ask for evidence of weight making my own illnesses worse whenever they say something like that. So far, no doctor has been able to give this to me. 

I did get one paper that showed that thinner people had better luck with some of my rheumatoid arthritis drugs, but no evidence that I would have those same results if I lost weight.  And there’s still no way to actually get down to a normal BMI anyways, so…

Doctors should still treat the actual health problems you have, even if you’re fat. I know they don’t always want to, but developing the ability to say “What would you do for a thin person with this condition, I want that treatment” is a useful thing.  Unfortunately. 

-Mod Siarl. 

Am I the only one or...

Does anyone else get that feeling when they are reading a really good book or a fan fiction and realise that they have nearly finished and then wish the fan fiction or book was longer because it is that damn good?


We’re moving back to Elmhurst - part 1 + Ava’s backpack

Like I have told you in the last post, it was time for a change as the houe felt way too big for us three. We are not selling the old house though, because I still love it and we intend to Change between the houses, depending in which city we live because of Andrew’s work.

This morning everything was ready to go. It finally feels like spring so I got to Dress my Ava in cute and comfy spring clothes. Her hair was put into this super cute hairstyle. In the morning, at 7:00 am she got her carrot puree. She gladly did not get carrot puree all over her clothes, only her face. I had a donut that was left from yesterday and a cup of hot milk. Andrew hat done all the packing and was the one preparing our breakfast as I have been adviced by my doctor to take it easy. But don’t worry, it’s nothing bad at all ! ;)

At 8:05am we were finally ready to go. All our stuff was packed in the car and I sat in the back with Ava. Thankfully today was not a toddler tantrum kind of day. All the essentials for Ava were packed in the pink bunny backpack. She had to be kept entertained during the 7 ½ hour drive !!! She slept for a good three hours which gave me the opportunity to nap a bit too. For Andrew and me I had packed various kinds of Sandwiches.

Let’s hope we’ll continue to have a relaxed drive and there is not too much traffic because right now, I am sitting at road services and Andrew is getting some pizza for us. 3 hours to go !