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I’m sorry I took so long. I took so long to say ‘I love you’. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to be back on my bedroom floor at 3 am, crying over you just because you did the same thing— just like every other person I ever loved—You left me.
—  P.G.G : jxd

David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Six

↳ Favourite Performance: Will Burton, The Escape Artist


REQUEST: Hi! Can you do one where Harry is upset about his family or anxiety or something and you ask him to let you in? Something fluffy? Thanks!

You’d never seen Harry get angry before.

You’d been dating for about three months now and you’d never heard him raise his voice. Even though he was just about to start promo season for his new single and was about to announce his upcoming album and tour, the man never doubted himself. You could tell that he absolutely loved his work, because he never showed even a flicker of resentment towards any aspect of it—he had the patience of a saint, where you would have lost it by now if you were in his shoes.

But there was a first time for everything.

You were driving over to his flat for an quiet evening together. You’d barely seen one another that entire week prior because of his hectic schedule, and you were looking forward to finally getting him alone. You couldn’t lie, you’d been feeling a tad bit neglected and it had been starting to get to you. You knew that when you agreed to date a rock star boyfriend it wouldn’t come without it’s downsides, but you were starting to feel like you weren’t a priority anymore. Which is why when he called and suggested an evening together, you felt over the moon.

You walked into the apartment without knocking—you’d stopped doing that during the second month—and shrugged off your sweater while you slipped off your shoes.

“Harry!” You called out into his home, walking into the kitchen to set down the bottle of wine that you’d picked up. The two of you had planned to make sangria that night along with dinner—you set your purse down on the counter and exhaled a soft huff at his absence before deciding to go find him.

The first room you checked in was his office, where he spent most of his time lately while he was home. Surely enough, there he was—he was leaning forward onto the desk with his elbows, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders as he breathed, and you were almost afraid to interrupt his silence. Your first instinct was to get annoyed that he was doing work when you were supposed to meet up, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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  • Scorpius: Dad, why is there a Gryffindor scarf on your bedroom floor?
  • Draco: Er...I must have just had one by accident.
  • Scorpius: It looks like Mr. Potter's.
  • Draco: Well, Er...wait. Why is there a Slytherin scarf on your floor?
  • Scorpius: Because I am one.
  • Draco: But you don't have two of them.
  • Scorpius: Oh, well, er...
  • Draco: How about we both just agree to let this go?
  • Scorpius: Agreed.

I just felt the need to share with you guys. I work nights at a place where you can be both happy and healthy. I keep seeing these stories about ladies who get hit on by older customers and I have a couple of stories I think y'all will like.

Firstly, when a man hits on me, I usually have the power to be really sarcastic, simply because there’s really no one to complain to at 2 am. So if they say something like “What’s a pretty young lady like you doing working at a place like this?” (Which is a line I’ve actually gotten) I’ll say “Working for a living and minding my business” or “Not hitting on women at the checkout counter, that’s for sure.” It’s pretty liberating.

But this one time, I was sniffling a little bc allergies suck, and at the time I had my septum pierced as well as having a little stud. This guy comes up to me and says “Well honey it sounds like your nose is bothering you” and it bugged me that he would call me honet so I said “Yeah, having a couple chunks of metal through your nose will do that to ya” and he laughed and we talked for a little while and he ended up apologizing for calling me honey

We also have a floor crew that comes in to wax the floors and generally clean them and make them shiny. Well, this one dude who would come very so often would not. Leave. Me. Alone!! He would hit on me and the asm (who was at the time filling in for the night manager, shes also gay) and generally be an asshole. So I kept deflecting him and defending her and finally i just said “can you shut the fuck up and do your job please?” And he said “no, because there’s nothing you can do about it.”
That response isn’t my favorite. At the time, they were doing a strip and wax on the floor, which usually takes a crew of about 4 people and 3 nights to complete. So I went up to the boss of the team and asked him to call his supervisor, but because I am pretty friendly with the floor crew, so I told him what was going on, and he yelled at the guy on the spot and made him wait in the truck until they finished that night. He also made sure that he wouldn’t come back the for the rest of the strip and wax and I’ve only seen him one other time, and then my manager wrote a note to his supervisor on his document papers that he wasn’t allowed in my store again :))))

Anyways my heart goes out to you ladies who can’t be a sarcastic asshole to the men who hit on you bc it’s pretty liberating

I didn’t mean to break his heart.

He is the clear, glass vase on the top shelf. I am a child, reaching for something I know is too good for my grubby fingers, something I know I’m not allowed to have. My fingerprints coat his body, and I slice open my scars trying to figure out his secrets. I pretend I am not hurting and pretend that my smile is genuine. He is too perfect not to hold, even if just for a second. The bloodied, slippery mirror refracted an image I was unprepared for, and I saw a reflection of all my faults.

I heard his heart shatter before I saw the remnants at my feet. Guilt washed over me as I was caught red handed by the parent of truth. The vase, so fragile, so pristine, was ruined by my carelessness, and I will forever regret it. Because I am the mess, even though he’s in pieces on the floor. He’s a mosaic, and I am discarded fragments. He is worthy of framing, and while he saw colorful beauty in my wreckage, I knew he deserved a masterpiece of his own.

I didn’t mean to break his heart.

I broke mine too.

Things Steve Randle has probably done/does
  • Sodapop Curtis (a lot)
  • Yelled “FIGHT ME” at a spider
  • eaten something off the floor because “It has a dare dude!”
  • said “I AM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING” unironiclly 
  • listened to/enjoyed at least 4 NickelBack songs
  • thrown something at pony
  • yelled “HAHA. GAYYYY” while holding sodas hand
  • tripped and fell while running
  • eaten 3 chocolate cakes in one sitting
  • puked at the Curtis house
  • fought Darry
  • had a crush on Two-Bit
  • switched outfits with Evie (on more than one occasion)
  • playes wonderwall at a party
  • has a legacy at a frat
  • is bad with words
  • does not understand the concept of sexuality at all
  • fought his dad
  • prank called his boss
  • gotten braces in his twenties
  • takes baths more than showers
  • listens to top 40 hits
  • cries a lot.

Aaron Minyard is the kind of person that makes plans with you for like 10pm and then falls asleep at like 7pm and doesn’t wake up until 11pm the next night

23. Dirty Talk
Word Count: 222
Written by: @unpredictable-firecracker

Originally posted by gliceria

You were jogging down the hallway to get to the jet. For once, the mission hadn’t gone to hell which meant a little more chatter from everyone on the team. There was one person however, who was especially talkative.

“That was sexy as hell, baby” Bucky huffed through the comm.

You had just taken down a man in a thigh chokehold that you’d been practicing. You grinned and continued down the hall, now knowing that bucky could see everything you were doing from his sniper position.

“I am going to have to see that up close and personal after this” He murmured. You heard what you thought was sam groan.

“Well, Sergeant, you are gonna have to earn it” You smirked as you jumped out the window.

“Oh, believe me baby, I will. And you will just be dripping before I even do a thing. It’s a good thing we have our own floor because I am going to make you scream my name when we get back. God, not going to stop all night. Take you on the floor, the wall, the bed, the counter.” You felt your stomach flip, he was feeling very talkative today

“Hello? You guys know we are all on here too, right?” Definitely Sam.

“Oh I know.” And you swore you could hear Bucky’s cocky grin.


and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.

I have never been as consumed with the desire to play piano than I have now that I just finished dismantling my electric piano and carefully packing its component parts for the move next week.

CHECK IT OUT!! an absolutely amazing vriska/terezi piece i commissioned from my friend @horreurscopes, whose art has always been so emotional, visually appealing, and inspiring to me!

i asked them for a scourge piece with vriska being tall and butch (those were my only requirements, because i am a lesbian) and i am floored by how gorgeous this turned out… the grungy 90s clothes with the vibrant clashing colors + terezi’s keith haring inspired patches + the overall loudness and energy makes me so happy, its so good

Day 4: Lost/Reunited

Turns out I am not a bad parent. I can write something without angst.

When you are missing someone three months is infinity. Shiro was gone.

Lance was trying to drag one his boyfriends out of his room. Hunk was cooking. Pidge was scanning for any mention of their team’s lover.

A roar loud enough to rival Krakatoa rumbled freight train like throughout the castleship.

A beep began in the bridge signaling a ship was hailing them.

Faster than a person could think was possible the team was in at the bridge. If it had been a drill, Allura would have been impressed.

Pidge was in her chair opening the channel.

The image on the screen froze them in shock.

Two people that had been missing for a long time filled the screen smiling.

In a teasing voice, Matt told them.

“We’re back!”

Pidge screamed and promptly burst into tears.

Keith launched himself forward as if to tackle the both of them.

Hunk grabbed Pidge into a hug as his face broke into a smile so blinding that everyone was having trouble seeing.

Lance leaped forward and ran into Coran. They ended up in a pile laughing in relief.

The docking bay opened up. When Shiro entered the hangar, he was swarmed by the other Paladins. But it was brought short when Pidge asked,

“Where have you been!?”

“Jeeze Katie you sound like a concerned girlfriend.”

Matt was joking, but Katie took it seriously.

“Because I am one.”

Matt’s jaw hit the floor as Pidge pulled Shiro into a kiss.

The other Paladins repeated her actions.

With his jaw still hanging Matt stared in disbelief. Smugly Pidge announced.

“Matt meet my boyfriends Shiro, Keith, Lance and Hunk.”


I was just typing up an email about what kind of work I do, and it occurred to me that I have never posted pictures of my Ridiculous Dragon Hat! This is a hideous oversight on my part that requires immediate correction.

-It’s completely handstitched from black straw braid.
-The horns are thick braids of knit (cut up tshirt, actually) with thick wire through the middle, and then wrapped in black spandex.
-The back is a bunch of braided scrap fabric sewn into an elaborate hairdo, and also beaded. My real hair is under it.
- All the jewelry bits on it came from The Treasure Mart, an absolutely bizarre antique consignment shop in Ann Arbor. It defies description, but if you are in the area, GO. You will not regret it.
-The red glow bracelet was put on there at the very first event that I ever wore this hat to, Chaos in the Red Room’s Funeral for 2015. Totally fun goth club night in Kalamazoo. The DJ will actually be DJing my wedding. I’m so freaking excited.
-Originally, it didn’t have any combs inside, because when I made it, I was just starting to grow out a buzz cut. Now it has two (one at the front, one just under the fancy purple braids. Hilariously, some tourist in Midwestern Mom clothes came up to me at the Ren Faire, yanked one of the horns, and shouted to her husband how cool it was. I shouted something like OW OW OW IT’S PINNED TO MY HEAD PLEASE STOP PULLING IT YOU ARE YANKING MY HAIR OUT. I think sometimes the Mundanes get so excited that they forget to be polite. Whoopsie.

-Yes, almost everyone asks me if I am Maleficent. Well…kind of. That WAS the inspiration. These days, I like to combine it with more dark mori fashions, for that retired evil sorceress look. Gothic Charm School (HI JILLI!) occasionally likes to joke that these fashions might result in her looking like a walking pile of laundry. I find this funny, because I am a slob, my clothes live in piles on the floor, and all my favorite dresses/skirts go really well all layered on top of each other. I am literally a walking pile of laundry. Not just in this outfit. All the time.

(Insert tiny reminder that I do this professionally and I take commissions. cough cough.)

Lance: ooh babe you had a crush on me. that’s embarrassing 

Keith: … 

Keith: we’re married 

Lance: still 

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I'm mildly annoyed at best when I have to pick up a million items off the fitting room floor because customers gonna customer, but I am absolutely enraged when the customer leaves stuff all over the floor and comes up to me to apologize for leaving a mess. You'd have no reason to be sorry if you didn't do something that would be upsetting, so you know it's wrong, do it anyway, and then apologize to me? That apology is for your own guilt, not my benefit, so keep it.

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What about good fluffy fics? Thanks

Okay I am going to open the floor to everyone on this because I am behind in reading fluffy fics. So if anyone has any recommendations, reblog or comment!

Though I do have a couple!

Burning Passion by SilentRain91

Rating: Mature

Lena’s Great British Bake Off by uhpockuhlipz ( @proudlyunicorn )

Rating: NR

In This World and the Next by sten06 ( @stennnn06 )

Rating: NR

Super Date by @lenaluthorlipbite

Rating: General