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(14) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Noct: WHAT THE-!?
Prompto: Wha-!?
Ignis: I’m sorry!?
Ignis: What are you talking about!? I haven’t-!

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fic idea: deaf keith but he hasn't told anybody about it because he didn't want anybody to think badly of him until he almost frEAKING KILLS EVERYPNE on a mission because he didn't hear something and he has to tell everybody. and lance is like???? what the fuck is wrong with you I'd still love you no matter what and he accidentally admits his feelings

YES!!!! Okay, here we go! I hope you like it!!
Keith liked silence. He had to. All his life, he has only heard silence. Because that’s all he can hear. Keith was born into silence, never hearing the wind rustle through the leaves or the voices that would try to talk to him. People had always felt sorry for him and he hated it. He wasn’t weak, he just couldn’t hear. But whenever he would tell someone he was deaf, they would automatically take pity on him and give him the you’re-like-a-puppy-that’s-been-abandoned look. So that why he stopped telling people. He stuck to himself to avoid unneeded conversations, ditched the sign language (unless it was an emergency, studied how to effectively read people’s lips, and he put himself through years of speech therapy. He could fly under the radar and pass as the normal mysterious kid. Of course this caused some issues for Keith, but he got over them easily. It never put his life in danger. That was until he became a defender of the universe.
“KEITH! KEITH LAND RED, ARE YOU NOT LISTENING?!” Lance screamed. But of course, Keith didn’t hear him. Red was currently down and Keith was flying it all manually. This wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Red had become Keith’s ears. Whenever the team would talk, Red could send the conversation right to Keith’s brain and Keith could hear what they were saying. He cried the first time it happened. But now, Red wasn’t here. So Keith didn’t hear the shouts of his team; he kept on fighting. A Galra fleet had appeared out of nowhere, and the team had only a few mere seconds to respond. So here they are now. The other Paladins heard the orders from Allura to fall back because she was preparing a wormhole. The only problem was that Red was already down at that time, so Keith didn’t hear her. While the others fell back, Keith was still fighting, so all the attention from the fleet turned to him. Keith was going down fast. “Lance, why won’t Keith respond?” Shiro shouted. “I don’t know, but I’m going to get him!” Lance sped off with Blue toward Keith and Red. Lance flew straight into Keith, knocking both their Lions toward the castle. “Lance, what the quiznak are you doing?!” “Oh so your comma DO work! Why have you’ve been ignoring us?? Did you always have to save the day?!” Lance was answered with silence. “Ugh, you’re insufferable!!” Lance continued to push them until they were both in the hangar where the others joined them. As soon as they landed, Lance’s stormed toward Keith, ripping his Blue helmet from his head. “Are you fucking crazy?! Did you not hear Allura or any of our shouts?! You could’ve gotten us all killed!” Lance shouted. Keith held up his hands. “I didn’t mean-I just couldn’t-” “Couldn’t what Keith?!” “I COULDN’T HEAR!” Lance stumbled back. “What? But your comms. They were fully functional.” Keith eyes fell to the ground. “That doesn’t matter. Without Red, I-I can’t hear anything.” The team looked at him in shock. Shiro stepped forward. “Keith…are you..” Keith suddenly looked up, tears filling his eyes and fists clenched. “Deaf? So what if I am?! Just because I can’t hear, doesn’t mean I’m weak!” Tears began to spill from his eyes. “I’m not some weak defenseless kid who needs your pity.” Lance chuckled and shook his head. He took a few steps toward Keith, gently tapping him on his cheek. Keith looked at him. “What do you want Lance?” Lance smirked and he swiftly signed “Nobody thinks you’re weak, dummy.” Keith gaped at him and his hands. Lance suddenly flushed as he hands continued to sign. “You scared me. I care about you, and if something happened to you, I don’t know what I would do.” Keith stared at him with wide eyes, face the same color as his Lion’s. Lance rubbed the back of his neck and began to ramble “Uh, one of my cousins is deaf, so I learned sign language so I could carry on a conversation with her. Keith, if you want, I can do the same thing with you so you don’t have to always talk! I can study more on sign language, since I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe you could even teach me-mmph!” Keith lips were suddenly on Lance’s. Lance could feel Keith smile, and couldn’t help but smile as well. “Oohhh, love on the battlefield!” Pidge teased. Lance and Keith pulled away as the others laughed. Lance laced his fingers through Keith’s. “Come on guys. Let’s get something to eat.”

deaf bakugou headcanons

- he identifies as hard of hearing, since he lost his hearing during his preteen years and feels more connected to the hearing world than the Deaf community

- he’s wickedly good at speechreading, and doesn’t struggle to communicate verbally, so half of 1-A didn’t even know he was HOH until two months through their first year

- visual noise has become more of a problem for him lately. he gets pretty distracted by even the smallest of movements

- someone help this poor boy before he straight up murders iida. the number of times he thinks iida is signing to him but it turns out he’s just doing his regular ol’ hand gestures is too high to count. bakugou knows he can’t help it but it’s still,,, so,,, annoying

- speaking of signing, kouda helps bakugou with his vocabulary since he is Deaf, and as a bonus, he teaches bakugou about the Deaf community and their history and culture

- bakugou is really smart and picks up on signs easily, but he can’t seem to grasp the fact that the deaf use concepts rather than word-for-word like spoken language

- kirishima is serious about learning sign language along with bakugou, but he only remembers the obscure signs that aren’t really useful in casual conversation like “basement”, “gold”, or “columbia”

- bakugou is always looking at kirishima when not actively focusing because of his bright red hair, again with the visual noise (god help him, have you seen the hair color of the kids in his class?)

- sign language is way more effective than speechreading during training exercises, so all of 1-A are learning sign language to better communicate with bakugou and kouda

- bakugou deeply regrets teaching mina curse words

bonus: (ASL) everyone repeatedly touching the hand-shape “b” to their chins at mineta

I didn’t mention it earlier…

But I might have gone to see Taeyang tonight.

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I also might have completely lost my shit when, out of nowhere, he started singing Bang Bang Bang.

Hearing people writing deaf characters be like:

Hi my name is Kathleen Jaylin Deafie Raven Way and I was born deaf (that’s how I got my name) and I have beautiful long hair and people usually tell me it’s such a tragedy I was born deaf! All that beauty mared by the grey world of deafness. My sign name (which I gave to myself obviously) is BEAUTIFUL SAD FLOWER in ASL. All of my family, friends and my dog and that guy on the corner who hates me know ASL, but I prefer speaking English (I speak ENglish perfectly of course) because ASL are just signed English words anyway!

I lip-read at school, so I refused when they offered me an interpreter. I can lip-read so well that I understand what my rival says at the table on the other end of the school cantina… I know you are badmouthing me, you nasty girl! Just because I am hearing impaired doesn’t mean I am stupid!!! I may not be able to tell apart yawning and screaming, but that doesn’t mean anything!

When I sleep, I wear hearing aids, naturally, don’t you just hate it when your ears are exposed? Also my friends frequently take my HAs off and I don’t mind at all!

Also, recently I met this incredibly cute guy… He is so amazing! He is a pop signer and he is RICH! He didnt know ASL when he met me, but I taught him and after 3 days he already speaks fluently. He is so amazing! But it’s so hard being together because I am deaf and I can’t hear his music!  It’s tearing me apart, like I am missing someting in my life, I can’t live like this, without music!

But, oh, he saved me! Since he is rich, he arranged a cochlear implant for me and I went to surgery (he held my hand whole time) and when I woke up from anesthesia, I could hear perfectly. I was cured, I am not deaf anymore! The moment I first heard his music was the moment I knew we would be together forever!

We got our happy ending. I just hope this will be inspiration to other poor disabled people out there, never give up!


A Silent Voice: Sign & Speak

“Known as Koe no Katachi in Japan, A Silent Voice features a deaf protagonist and extensive use of Japanese sign language. The rookie manga presents accurate deaf representation to the world.”

I never thought that I could do a public presentation, especially at an anime convention. As a deaf activist, I wrote many posts on my blog about deafness in the society. Then I finally hosted a panel about deaf representation in manga/anime. My ASL classmate helped me with it. He helped to speak the presentation as I signed. None of the ASL interpreters would work there on the date as well as Canada Day. At least, we made it work better.

At the start, I was anxious at first, but I became confident in the next min. I survived signing nonstop for 13 minutes (After that, my hands were totally okay!) The audience asked me many questions after the presentation. I enjoyed answering them by typing on the laptop. The last question was “I was wondering if we could be taught to say thank you for this amazing presentation?” No doubt I wanted to cry at the time. I was told that I encouraged many people to sign more because of the panel. It was one of the most amazing moments this year! I can’t thank enough for all the incredible support. For this, I would love to host a panel again!

Oh wow, I can’t believe I did it! Not because I am deaf. It is because I can stand up and “sign” out after my long emotional suffering just last year. The determination is really inspiring that keeps me go ahead. I am looking forward to speaking out more about deafness and other things. In the other way, I can show my drawings to show what’s the message.This is the purpose of my life as an artist, an activist, and a future art student.

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Any advice, or links to pages I can get advice, for things like tucking, and getting started trying to pass? I really appreciate any help you can give me! Hope to hear from you soon. Isabel-Lynn

Dear Isabel-Lynn:


To those of you who don’t know what tucking means, it basically means to hide the fact you have a ‘malehood’ as some call it. Some find it incredibly uncomfortable and others are completely okay with it. My recommendation is that you read here…

And -only- in the section predated by “in RuPaul’s book Lettin’ It All Hang Out she outlines the perfect tuck.” I’m not too much of a fan of the rest of the article given it feels kind of… Uncomfortably worded.

If tucking hurts, don’t do it. It’s not worth damaging your body.

Starting to pass- THE VOICE:

Voice training voice training voice training. I struggle with my voice because I am abhorrently tone deaf, however it is important that you start to try. There are many places to look or to try to look for voice training help, though professional voice trainers exist and I’ve heard miraculous things about them before. 

If you want to try it at home, there’s a wonderful reddit post.

You *may or may not be* comfortable with taking a voice recording program and playing back how you hear. While it can be uncomfortable it can also help you piece out what your issue is. Many DMAB [designated male @ birth] women struggle with their voice because they think pitch is everything. My biggest struggle is learning to not speak with my throat and chest, which causes the deeper ‘rumbly’ parts of your voice. Keep at it, hon, it’s something we all struggle with.

Starting to pass- THE LOOKS:

Find what works for you. I have found things that do work for me or don’t work for me whatsoever, for example eyeliner works great for me. For me, Target sells cheap but good makeup to get started with. It won’t cost you $100 for a single piece, but it’s still not cheap! Straightening my hair works great for me– get haircuts! Don’t be afraid to find androgynous ones if you feel safest not going straight to fully feminine. It’s totally understandable. 

Things that shape your face in ways you like are important. Scarves in the winter can help hide your adam’s apple if it’s prominent. Take care of your hands– use moisturizer, take care of your nails, the likes. 

Starting to pass- THE CLOTHES:

You’re a girl! Find clothes you like. Don’t be afraid to wear guy’s clothing if you want– it’s your choice– but I’ve personally found that it’s difficult to not frame my shoulders in an obvious way. I’ve seen some people recommend waist cinches (basically a corset) but I recommend being cautious about this. I don’t know the health risks. Below are two highly rated women’s waist cinches.

Find colors and shapes that work for you. Frilled skirts can break some of the image.


Hormones! If you’re a transgender woman, hormones are important. They do a lot for you. They make your body redistribute fat, soften the facial features, slim certain areas, (apparently they shrink your shoe size), reduce hair growth in certain locations (not the face), and in general soften the skin and hair. Try looking for local doctors regarding hormonal replacement therapy [HRT]. 


Shaving your face is one of the important things. Sadly an obvious beard or shadow is a pretty good giveaway. If you’re going for guaranteed full-time, laser procedures (while requiring many visits) are able to almost permanently remove your facial hair. It can be somewhat painful and sensitive after (I’ve heard it be compared to having a rubber band be snapped against your face). 


Don’t ever, ever think that you can’t be yourself. Be the person that you want to see yourself be, don’t sacrifice interests or passions for the sake of trying to pass. If you like to skateboard, skateboard. Videogames– play them! Be yourself. Confidence is key and you won’t be confident if you forego every interst you’ve had that’s masculine. Love yourself and treat yourself like you are who you want to be– but don’t forget that you don’t have to leave everything behind.

I hope this helps you and everyone else on here that needs help, Isabel-Lynn. The future will be bright. While things may be scary now, there is always a light in the darkness to move towards. 

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Y'know how people always complain about people who are too loud? I hate it when people speak too quietly. Hey, buddy, I'm hard of hearing, SPEAK UP! I can't hear you if you're mumbling!

Those type of people are more likely to get pissy with you for not being able to hear them(not all). Loud people will, at least most of the time, realize they do need to lower their voice. I’m married to a quiet person and I’ve learned to just start texting him because he knows he speaks softly and that I am partially deaf in one ear yet he still gets mad. :/ -Abby

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I need some clarification because I'm confused. I don't get how people are blaming Fitz directly for actions in the Framework. They made it abundantly clear that it isn't him, its a program an algorithm that Aida created and plays with constantly to best suit HER desires. Fitz, our Fitz, isn't cognizant of any of this, the only people who are, are Daisy Jemma and Radcliffe. He doesn't really have a choice until what is now his unconscious mind starts to break free of the program, 1/2

like Coulson and now May, because Aida can just rewrite it again. Or am I just completely misreading (deaf watch with captions) everything they’ve said in the show? Any help you can give is appreciated. Is this just a case of people think in B&W instead of greyscale?

Hi Anon!

I don’t think you are misreading it at all and agree. The first thing is every time we have a story like this there are people who aren’t fans of the character its happening too that will jump on it.  We had it last season with Daisy when she was Hived.  And with Daisy we SAW it happen.  We watched as the parasites went into her.   She did not have a choice in her actions.

The other thing is we have had them contradict themselves.  At first it seemed like a glaring plot hole but then I took a step back.  Laid out the facts.  And had a lovely all caps conversation with CTT and put the pieces together.  Because you hit the nail on the head.  This is now AIDA’s world.  Everything and everyone in it is working towards her goals.  And that is whatever the Darkhold is showing her what to do.  And for that she needs Fitz.   

And here is the thing, because of the story they are telling here Fitz would be working on it one way or another.  They chose to go with the total brainwashing/reprogrammed/manipulated route.   The other way they could have done it and I for one would have been upset had the did it?   AIDA kidnapping Jemma as well and using her life as leverage to get him to do it.

AIDA said it was all on algorithms and she is a computer that can process those faster.  So AIDA knew exactly what variables she had to adjust to get the outcome she needed.  Essentially its  you have a math problem and the answer needs to be 48…you plug in the numbers you have too, how you have too to get that answer.  Now there are lots of ways to go about it but you choose the way you prefer/works best for you.  Because she had other variables in play as well, ie the hostages fixes.  She had to have those in account when she adjusted other things.  Again this was ALL TO GET THE OUTCOME SHE NEEDED.  

Once AIDA had the equation right she applied it and dropped the hostages into the mix and filled in the false memories.  And what we need to look at is HOW FAST they are all shaking it.  Though they have new memories to contend with the hostages haven’t been in there all that long and they are shaking it.  Coulson was quickest due to the Tahiti thing.   May got the jolt with the kids, Coulson, and Mace’s heroic sacrifice…remember that whole thing wouldn’t have happened how it did if a new variables AKA Daisy and Jemma hadn’t crashed the party.  They changed the equation when they jumped it.  That is why AIDA is panicking because it threatens to change the answer on her….and while she can reset the hostages she can’t reset Daisy and Jemma, they will just keep messing with her equation.

Now taking that into account we need to look at Fitz.  Who we are seeing fight back.  We saw him a lot last week, we saw the remorse, DESPITE everything AIDA did to him to MAKE him what she needed the real Fitz was already starting to break through.  He was questioning the new programming!  Again, I know it feels like we and they have been in the Framework for ages but in reality its not that long.

This scene here is quite possibly one of the most important scenes of the entire season.  Jemma said that despite all he’s been through he still became the open, loyal, caring man we know and love today.  AIDA programmed Framework Fitz and then put our Fitz into him…and OUR Fitz is fighting the programming already.  DESPITE all the horrible things she programmed for that Fitz to do/done the second she put the real deal in there…he started to fight back.  Because they are all more than their programming.  

The Avatars that AIDA dropped them all into are much like their LMD’s were.  Programmed for a purpose.  “You have Fitz’s mind, why are you doing this?” Jemma asked.  And that was the thing, it had Fitz’s mind…not his soul and not his heart.   So he couldn’t fight the programming because he was a machine.  Robo May was different, one of her programming things was to BE May, AIDA said there wasn’t time for that when she abducted the team. So since Robo May was programmed to be May…the May in her broke through to save her girls.   That is why the team will be able to overcome the Avatars programming because she put them in there.  Its not just their minds this time, its not mimicking, its them.   They are who they are.  They are heroes.  Good people.  That will fight the good fight.  So like Robo May had to overcome her programming so does the team.  And that takes time.  

AIDA created the characters we are seeing through manipulating the Framework and their own memories.   She made things happen because she needed them too.   IE I need Fitz to turn left at this intersection so I’m going to close the road so he can’t turn right.  

So we have a lot in play here.  Manipulation at its highest levels.  Fitz has been dropped into an Avatar that has been manipulated and brainwashed into the position he is in now.  And DESPITE getting that our Fitz has started to peek through already.  Going back to the Star Trek Descent Reference (seriously guys its on Netflix go watch it) his ethics chip was rebooted when he saw Jemma.  

Everyone has to beat the manipulation.  We have seen them all slip.  Coulson who knows better than any of the hostages what is going on was still pulled back into it at the Prison.  He still went into that building despite what he knows.  It pulled him back in.  Just like AIlistair and Ophelia pull Fitz back in when ours breaks free a bit.  

Finally, AIDA is using a lot of what she learned watching Radcliffe.  Lying.  Its okay to Manipulate someone and their feelings to get what you want.  The carrot/stick approach.  IE Hope is a reward for Mack and she is far more effective in keeping him in place that detaining and torturing him would be.  It doesn’t make him any less a prisoner.  Mack was ‘programmed’ to keep his head down and stayed out of trouble…yet he’s with the resistance now.  Because that is what OUR Mack would do.  AIDA isolated most of the team from each other, surrounded them with avatars that would keep them in place.  

Sorry that kind of got away from me.  So no, in no way is Fitz or any of the other hostages responsible for the actions of their Avatars.  Unless we have confirmation that they are 100% self aware and themselves when they do it. He is doing what he has been because that is what he was programmed to do.  Its not them.  They have programmed by AIDA and the new experiences she gave him.  And he is already breaking it.  That is a huge victory in its own right.  They will all have set backs but they will get there.  Because its who they are.   

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have you ever thought of mando'a words for different disabilities? like what the word for "blind" or "deaf" etc would be?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about it actually, because they’re necessary words — but as often is the case the mando’a dictionary is lacking, for whatever reason. 

I do want to state beforehand that while I have thought of or worked on words with others before, many of them have been words for other disabilities and/or impairments dealing specifically with mental health and mental illness, and brain injury. Considering I have PTSD, among other things, that’s mostly where my focus has tended to go. I’m not a part of either community you mentioned (blindness, or deafness), but I have thought about and spoke with others in the past with the intent of creating words for either — mostly because, as you can probably tell from my other mando’a posts, I don’t generally trust the larger fan community to create words in a respectful manner, either unintentionally, or otherwise.

My biggest issue, and the major reason that I’m writing this at all, is that there’s always an “easy” way to create words in mando’a — especially in this situation, because the words “to see” and “to hear” already exist. But the easy way to create these words (drop a negative prefix in front of to see, or to hear) is radically … well, inaccurate, and wrong-headed — especially given how these words literally translate before adding the nu’ / ne’ / n’ to them.

So … this is my attempt, until such a time as better words and those better informed than myself can do so. I would also appreciate any and all input from any part of the blind and/or deaf community. If I’m overstepping or if I mess up, please tell me and I’ll apologize and correct myself.

This all goes under a cut due to length and the aforementioned. 

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I used to work at hangry jacks and quit after being accused of stealing money from my till, in the end it was levelled but I wasn't told this! Not to mention on that shift I was sick, was tired af because of school, am partially deaf, have chronic fatigue, and had to pick up the slack for the other girls on front counter and second window! Thing is I'm training for comps and some shitty written warning could have screwed up my career before it even began!

death note

my friends please let me draw your attention to death note 2006

its japanese so no whitewashing and i dont know about you but i use subtitles all the time anyway because i am half deaf from turning up my music to drown out the people who actually like death note 2017

the production quality is crappy but that just makes it camp and most of us are gay anyway amiright?

my boys kenichi and tatsuya are adorable as l and light just look at these cuties

if you want more and you are willing to deviate very far from canon in exchange for literally all of the feels there is a spinoff called l change the world 

you get l being good with children 

and actually trying to stand up straight

tl;dr watch death note 2006 now thank me later

I’m not okay

I spent my monday night and tuesday morning reading all 39 chapters of Gangsta and now I am obsessed and half debating creating a scenario blog for that fandom too because I am a slut for my big deaf baby 

also i accidentally spelled Yamamoto’s name Yamamoot and spent five minutes laughing uncontrollably.  

That Deaf Feel when people at work have no idea quite how deaf you are because you exhaust yourself everyday trying to make sense of the sound salad you’re presented with.

I have decided to cosplay Shouko the deaf character from Koe no Karachi (a Silent Voice) for an upcoming small anime convention this fall.

 I am so determined to make a simple costume with a small budget this time. Not just that, but I never pretend to be deaf because I am actually deaf and grew up with American Sign Langauge. Deaf characters as lead are very limited in media. Especially in comics and cartoons with any sign language. I am so happy for mute characters who only communicate via writing and texting like Celty from Durarara. I was filled with so much joy when I first saw Celty trying to communicate. I almost fell off a couch during the first episode. That’s why representation is important. I almost finished reading Koe no Katachi and looking forward to watching its movie with subs that just released last month.

Cosplay representation matters!!!

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Hey! I just across this blog and omg Deaf sure is interesting character, I tried to find information about him but I couldn't find it, I had to do long scroll in your page, rip. The first thing I would like to ask is Deaf actually deaf, he couldn't hear anything? Because his name confused me as I am deaf in real life. So it's nice to see another deaf character in blog ^^ I too have deaf character in my bendy blog! Second question, does he know sign language? I only know of British Sign language

// Oml! 0w0

I’ll try to add more information of him.

Yes, he is really deaf, can’t hear anything. He understand people bewteen labial or sign language~!

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Wait wait wait...what moan in Natasha and Anatole? Am I deaf? Am I dumb? Because in the recording in just hear it as a sharp intake of breath.

it’s more moan-like live. it’s a lot. 

Get to know the d/Deaf/HoH Blogger

Thought I’d come up with a specialist “Get to know the Blogger” form, to help others understand you more without having to explain in full detail!

Name: Danalar
Are you d/Deaf/HoH?: deaf
Level of hearing: Severely profound
Do you use sign language?: Yes, I’m level 2 British Sign Language qualified. (Need to get up to scratch with it!)
Do you lip read?: Yes, rely on it most of the time
Is your hearing supported by a device?: Yes, I use hearing aids in both ears.
Name three things that greatly annoy you as a d/Deaf/HoH user:
1. People not facing me when speaking.
2. The people who go ‘you can’t do this because you’re deaf’ when I am 1000% capable of doing it.
3. Not being able to hear properly on transport.