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Done with my dash for the moment.  (I am not going to dignify the Marvel posts (you know the ones) with a reblog, because WTAF.)

A funny thing came to me earlier today, an incorrect quote that I should probably send to @incorrectfrozenquotes:

Elsa:  I thought I told you to stay in the castle.
Anna:  You did, but I thought it was boring and you were in trouble.

(Now, how the rest of this would go, I’ll let you invent. XD) @jenniferjuni-per

I’m Sorry! (Requested)

Request: Can you please do like a funny/cute imagine or something that justin comes home and YN tries to scare him by hiding behind the door but justin accidentally hits her with the door? Thanks babe


I scoff as Kim Kardashian cries at some dumbass thing she just did. Why I am even watching this in the first place? Because you are bored and Justin isn’t home for you to cuddle up against his chest. I thought to myself. Picking up the remote I change from the stupid show and I smile happily once I land on reruns iCarly. 

After five minutes into the show, I hear the car door slam from outside the house. Yay he’s home! An idea soon pulled up into my head and I run up to our room hiding behind the door. 

“Y/N?” I hear from downstairs. “Babe?” He yells throughout the house once more. I cover my mouth as I try to contain my loud giggles, I couldn’t give in that easy. 

“Where the hell is she?” He whispers a little loud, coming up the stairs. 

I hear him go through all the other three room before he finally stops outside our room. 

“Fucking hell!” I shout once he opens the door and its my head. Causing Justin to pull the door back and gasps when he sees me fall to the carpeted floor.

“Shit! Baby girl, I am so sorry.” He kneels down in front of me, quilt written all over his face.

I just groan in pain and shut my eyes. 

“I’m sorry.” He scoops me up and carries me over to the bed, placing me down gently. “Is it too late now to say sorry?” He sang quietly, trying brighten up the mood. 

“Haha it’s okay, anyways it was my fault for choosing that as a hiding place.” I tell him giggling lightly. 

“I feel bad for swinging it open that hard though.” He pouts slightly. “I’ll make up to you later though.” His pouty face is soon replaced with a wide smirk. 

I feel him laugh as his head is against my stomach and I raise an eyebrow as to why he just started laughing. “You alright there babe?” I ask and he nods sitting up. 

“You just chose a horrible spot to hide from me,” 

I roll my eyes at his remark and my cheeks turn bright red from embarrassment. “I know and I do not want to talk about that for as long as I live.” 

“I’m sorry for making fun of you baby girl,” He presses his soft plumb pink lips to mine. “I love you, but just don’t choose doors to hide behind next time.” 

Jongin joins the wrestling team and Kyungsoo halfheartedly offers (more like is forced) to help him practice. [for boba]

Kyungsoo knew he should have ran the other way the moment he saw the wrestling uniform – if that piece of cloth can even be called a uniform – in Jongin’s arms.

“What the hell made you possibly think you could compete with guys like Shindong in the wrestling team?! You’re half the team’s size!” Kyungsoo huffs, yanking the uniform out of Jongin’s hands just to hit him with it.

“I think you underestimate my muscles,” Jongin scoffs as he attempts to flex his thin arms. Kyungsoo pinches the underside of his arm in annoyance, causing the younger to yelp and pull back. “Why’d you do that for?!”

“Because you’re an arrogant idiot who’s going to get killed the moment he steps on that wrestling mat,” Kyungsoo snaps, crossing his arms. “Seriously, since when were you into wrestling anyway?”

“Since Jongdae said wrestling is a great way to get in shape.”

“Jongdae lies 90% of the time and the only other 10% is when he’s talking to Junmyeon,” Kyungsoo deadpans. “And you know that, so you better tell me the real reason you joined the wrestling team.”

Jongin avoids his stare, causing Kyungsoo to narrow his eyes at his best friend.

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We’re wanting that relationship to go and we have plans for where that relationship will go. I personally feel connected to them as couple. I like it, it’s fun, and it’s new. [Pauses] And I’m sorry about Delphine.

John Fawcett (On Shay and Cosima) (X)

it’s shit like this that makes me mad. I’m really trying not to get any angrier or dissapointed but it’s hard when I read this and it seems that to them it’s just some sort of joke. You mean to tell me that you decided to end one of the most loved relationships on the show because “it’s fun, and it’s new”!? what the actual fuck. Have you no consideration on what their relationship meant to many fans?? it sure shit meant a lot to me because it felt real in many ways and they were always the ones I was most excited to see again.

Maybe I’m being a child because I’m hurt but I do not take lightly to people doing something that will hurt others because they think it’s funny, or because they got bored. I am not a joke. I wasn’t even close to being this upset when I thought Cosima could be dead last season because even though it would crush me there was some reason, she was very sick. Delphine is a different story. Especially by bringing Shay in because she is a replacement. and it’s a slap in the face. You can’t just try to replace main characters who we care for and that’s what pisses me off the most too. I understand that one of the reasons for killing Delphine could have been because Evelyne couldn’t be on the show anymore, but there were definitely better ways that this could have been done. Also. Why does Cosima need to always be with someone? you can’t kill off someone she loves and unrealistically have someone ready that she can jump to and love just as much. Why can’t she grieve and be alone for some time? Is she not capable? This whole thing is disrespectful to not only Delphine but also Cosima. Lastly It’s like they’re trying to force Shay down our throats, and we have to love her. here here love shay she’s fun, she’s new!

Fuck you.

C: I recently started college and my friends seem to get a lot of attention from guys & it really upsets me. I don’t think I’m unattractive and my friends tell me I’m pretty/beautiful. I got to a place where I love myself and I am confident but suddenly I found myself being sad that I wasn’t getting the attention they were. I feel so stupid that I let myself get this way, but sometimes I want to feel wanted. There was a guy who did like me, but I didn’t feel the same way. I feel like my friends try to make it seem like because someone finally liked me I should have automatically dated them, shut up, and be happy. I guess I just hate hearing my friends talk about the guys that approach them or the guys that they hook up with all the time when I really don’t have stories to tell of my own. Even when a guy asked for my number after a party my friend said don’t talk to him and called him a creep, but she texts random guys she meets at parties all the time. Am I not allowed to get some attention?

I guess I’m just disappointed. I thought college would be different. Maybe I thought this because I’ve never had a boyfriend before. In high school I moved to the suburbs and went to a mostly white school. All the black boys were mostly into white girls and the white boys weren’t really into thick brown skin girls like me. So I figured that was the reason. I now go to a pretty diverse college, but majority black. So I expected to get more male attention. I know I’m not a super model, but I still think I’m pretty. I’m really smart and I am a hard worker when it comes to school. I work on myself and try to be a better person. I really thought I’d meet more “woke” people in college and especially guys who might like a “serious” or “boring” girl like me. I don’t see what’s wrong with me. I’m funny, kind, positive, motivated, and kinda cute! But I still feel like an outsider. I feel unwanted. I’d get it if I was a bad person, but I try not to be?

Maybe it’s because I’m tall and thick? My friends are shorter and skinnier. Maybe it’s because even if I wear a full face of makeup it get’s canceled out by the fact that I love wearing more masculine clothing and I hide the curves I do have with a more oversized things? Not to mention I have really short hair and most days I don’t wear makeup. My sister ignorantly said if my face isn’t beat the way I dress and my hair will make people think I’m a lesbian. (This is a stupid way of thinking to me) I even believed this for a second and got a weave, although I’m back to my short natural hair because thats what I love. I think if I dressed more girly maybe more guys would be into me. The most attention I do get is when I go to parties and wear bodycon dresses, but I love my style and as much as I feel unwanted I don’t want to change and be wanted for something that feels fake to me. I want to be wanted for me. I’m not going to change myself again. I’m going to focus on school and continue to get my As and Bs, but I finally want a boyfriend and to finally have sex (which is a whole other story) and can’t help acting like dating is the most important thing right now.

#30 You think he is a burglar

so I wanted to write this for quite a while because I thought it would be funny. I hope it is and that you guys will like it. This is actually pretty cute and I am proud of it.

Ashton: Even though it is late you start yet another movie in the darkness of your living room because you don’t have work tomorrow and you are bored. Besides that you also can’t sleep although you are tired and try to get so bored that you will be barely able to go back to your bed. So maybe a horror movie isn’t a good idea at all when you suddenly hear something coming from the front door. You stop the movie and huff out a breath. “Go to sleep,Y/N. You’re already imagining things,” you tell yourself and get up but when you hear something again, you squeak and listen closely. You hear how the front door opens and hide behind a closet. Someone walks in, grunting at something heavy in their hands and your heart is beating so loud you are afraid the burglar might hear it. Relax, you think, you can do this. Since you have nothing in your hands and there is also nothing close to you that you can use as a weapon. You decide to attack the burglar with your bare hands and outsmart him in some way, hoping he isn’t strong at all. The burglar crouches down next to the rectangular thing he brought with himself and you decide that this is it. You get scared but there is no come back now and jump on the burglar’s back with a scream, surprising him. He lands on the floor, protecting himself with his arms from your blows and you stop once you recognise the voice. You get up and turn on the light, seeing Ashton laying on the floor. “What the hell, Y/N?” he whines, rubbing his arms. “That’s not my fault. I didn’t know you were coming,” you protest. “Well, I thought surprising you was a good idea, but apparently it isn’t.” Ashton pouts. “Not in the middle of the night! I thought you were a burglar,” you explain. “Well, I’m not. And by the way your punches were weak as hell. A real burglar would have overpowered you in no time. I advise you to use something else.” You gape at him and say. “Oh I’m gonna punch the hell out of you.” You attack Ashton again, straddling him where he is still sitting on the floor and start hitting him playfully. In no time he has flipped you underneath him, your arms pinned to the floor, and is kissing the hell out of you.

Michael: You’re not someone who is scared of storms and thunders but actually someone who likes to watch scary stuff during one - which is exactly what you are doing tonight. Michael isn’t home, out with the boys and you are done with your work and decide to watch a horror movie, the thunder outside the perfect setting for it. Popcorn bowl and drink on the table, phone and remote next to you and you hidden in a comfy blanket, you are ready to start. Halfway through when the storm gets worse and you wonder about how the boys are, you somewhat regret starting the horror movie but tell yourself that you can do this. You watch the rest of the movie with your face hidden underneath the blanket during the scary parts and when the movie finishes it is already past midnight. You go to bed because you have work tomorrow although Michael still isn’t home but tell yourself not to worry. Changing and switching off all the lights, you crawl under your blanket and hide in there as if it is monster proof. You try your hardest to fall asleep but being scared isn’t a good condition to be in when you want to sleep. It also doesn’t help that after a while you hear some noises coming from outside your room. First it is so quiet that you think you imagined it but the next time you hear something you are sure you did. You squeal quietly into your pillow, hoping to leave some of your fear there, and get up to look what is happening. Of course this is exactly what happens in horror movies, you think, but you can’t just sit in your room and wait for a monster to come for you. On your way to the noise you walk past the kitchen and take the pan that is on top of the counter in your hands. You follow the noise to the bathroom and when you put your hand on the handle, you inhale and exhale deeply and open the door. First you can’t make out anything in the dark of the bathroom but then you see a dark shadow crawling in through the window and scream loudly. The shadow lands on the floor with a loud thud and lets out a curse and you scream again. “Y/N, OH MY GOD. STOP SCREAMING,” the shadow yells and you do, switching on the light of the bathroom. On the floor is a wet Michael, who is rubbing his shoulder. “WHY are sneaking in your own bathroom through a window?” you ask, still in shock. “Because I forgot my keys and didn’t want to wake you up,” he says irritated. When his eyes land on the pan in your hands he asks, sounding disbelieving. “Did you want to beat me up with a pan?” “I didn’t find anything else that fast,” you defend yourself and then say after kicking him softly. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again.“Michael gets up from the floor and hugs you. “I’m sorry.” “Ew, Michael you’re wet,” you say, pushing him away. “Hey do you ever hear me complain when you’re wet?” You raise the pan to hit him but he takes it out of your hand easily and runs after you into your bedroom.

Calum: You yawn loudly in the dark of your room and type a reply to Calum. Tomorrow he will be going back on tour for two months and you wanted to spend the night at his, but since your parents aren’t here you have to babysit your younger siblings and can’t take them with you to Calum’s. So you have to satisfy yourself with messages that can’t show how much you will really miss him. It’s two in the morning and you can barely keep your eyes open, so you sadly tell Calum goodbye for now because you have to get up early if you want to go to the airport with him. You fall asleep before you can read Calum’s protest. You wake up to a loud thud and hushed cursing when it’s still dark outside. At first you are disoriented, eyes heavy with sleep and it takes you the person sitting up by your window that you realize that something is completely wrong with the whole situation. “You should get out as fast as you can before I call the police,” you warn the person loudly and sit up, reaching for the lamp on your nightstand. “What?” the person whispers and crawls in your direction, scaring you and you let out a loud scream. The person pins you to your bed although you try to put up a fight and puts a hand on your mouth, muffling your scream. “Y/N, shut up, it’s just me,” the person whisper yells and you stop screaming once you recognize the voice. You close your eyes when suddenly the light in your room gets on and blends you. “What is going on here?” your sixteen your old brother asks, baseball bat in his hand. When he sees Calum sitting on top of you, his stance changes to an aggressive one. You push Calum off of you, him landing on the floor, and walk to your eleven year older brother hiding behind the other. “Aww. sorry, I scared you. I’m fine,” you assure and hug the youngest brother.“And he wasn’t forcing himself on you?” the older brother out of the two asks and you shake your head. “Just make sure to never sneak into your girlfriend’s room unannounced.” Your brother makes a comment about how he is only going to sneak into his boyfriend’s room and takes the other to bed. You glare at Calum after they leave and sit on your bed. “Your brother is intimidating,” Calum says, sitting next you. “Why did you come here?” “I actually never came here but we can change that.” Calum wiggles his eyebrows suggestively and you roll your eyes at his lame attempt to make a dirty joke. “Calum.” “I didn’t want to say goodbye, and when I asked if I should come over you didn’t answer so I just did because I am needy for your attention,” Calum explains and sits behind you, putting his arms around you. You smile and shake your head. “Let’s just go to bed. We have to wake up early tomorrow.” You turn off the light and go to bed next to Calum.

Luke: You wake up in the middle of the night, sprawled over the bed and sigh. You turn on your other side and want to go back to sleep again but a noise from downstairs catches your attention and you stop breathing in order to hear something clearer. When there is a noise again you sit up scared, your heart beating faster. You whimper quietly when you think of a thief and would love to hide in your room but remember the golden clock of your grandma downstairs and huff. That is the only thing your grandmother left you and just now you realize how dumb it is to leave it so in the open and regret it. But you don’t want the clock the get stolen so you get up and brace yourself. “Thoughen up,” you tell yourself and grab the umbrella in the corner of your room. You go downstairs as quiet a possible, see how the light of your kitchen gets switched off and suppress a whimper. You inhale deeply and walk down the last steps, barely seeing anything in the dark and when someone suddenly speaks up right next to you, you scream and hit the person with your umbrella. Something falls to the floor and you hear the person exclaim. “Ow, Y/N! What the hell?” You switch on the light and see Luke rubbing the back of his head, you guess where you hit him, and pouting at the sandwich and broken plate on the ground. You are so used to being alone at the majority of the year that you noticed many times how you sometimes forget that Luke is at home with you. So sometimes when you come home you are surprised momentarily as to why the TV is on or the light or why there are noises coming from the kitchen but remember immediately. “Oh my god, baby. I’m so sorry,” you apologize, walking over instantly and hug him. “Why’d you do that?” he asks and wraps his arms around your waist. “You scared me and I thought you were a burglar.” “Am not. I was hungry.” You coo at his poutiness and how offended he sounds and promise him to make him a new sandwich. “Nah, I know a different way for you to make it up to me,” he says cockily with a wink, picking you up in his arms.

Some Nights with Michael Clifford

I don’t know what came over me as I dialed his number on my phone.

“Hello?” a raspy voice answered on the other end of the line.

“Hey” I answered a rather long ‘hey’ than appropriate. “Do you wanna come over?” I blurted out of nowhere. 

I could tell he was taken by surprise by the long pause that occurred after my unwanted question. I know I just know Michael for two days but, from the first moment I locked eyes with him, I’ve felt this warm feeling crawling all over my body. The feeling that could send you into a frenzy on a late night alone. 

“Sure, I’ll be there” his answer surprised me. He didn’t even sound unsure. 

“Is pizza okay with you?” I ask.

“Pizza’s perfect.” he chuckles and I bite my lower lip.

“Alright, then. See you.” I say with a smile and I hang up.

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My mom is the only person I’m having phone calls with because I’m a text-message-kind-of-girl and phone calls are awkward for me. Before college, I liked texting a lot with all the capitalizations and emojis. But I just came into that moment in my life, wherein I am so tired of putting emojis, substituting punctuation with explosive HAHAHA (even if nothing’s funny) and putting punctuations like how I do it on my essays. I thought it was okay, but I think that was also the time I lost friends. As much as I am very talkative in person, you will see a very stiff version of me on messages. And I think I became so boring for them to bear, and I’m feeling apologetic about it. Not for them, but for myself. I’m apologetic because I thought they know me already, I thought they will understand me, unfortunately it was just what I thought. Sorry, self.

(Painting by Korin Faught)

A post about my favorite youtubers

I feel like I could make a gifset of 10 different youtubers, or maybe a few more if I find videos of them collabing with someone else among the giant list of my favorite youtubers, but I can never get all of them in one gifset, one post.
At least not how I want it to be.

I can’t put multiple gifs together in one big/long gif. I can’t add multiple youtubers in one gif.
I don’t have a great way of making gifs, and that sucks.
But you know, I still want to make posts about my favorite youtubers. There are A LOT of them that I know and love, and the amount is growing.

I just want to make at least one post of all the ones I currently know. I want to make it because these youtubers make me happy, they brighten my day, and sometimes are the only reason I smile. 

They sometimes make me stay up too late, they sometimes make me laugh so hard people ask if I’m alright. I smile just by the thought of them.
They give me something to look forward to everyday rather than feeling bored of my life.

Without them, I probably wouldn’t be happy. I probably wouldn’t laugh as much, smile as bright. I probably wouldn’t be much of what I am today without stumbling across these wonderful, beautiful, funny, inspiring, and purely amazing people.

They give me something to hold on to. They aspire my dreams, my goals. They encurage me to embrace who I am rather than trying to be someone I’m not. Because before them, I was the person that changed for people just so they would like me.

But now, I’m going to be myself and not worry so much about what people think about me, or bother trying to appease them.

And you know, I don’t look at them as people I’m a ‘fan’ of, or some person that’s popular on the internet. I look at them as part of my family.
My crazy, silly, mismatched family that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I love them all so much, and I’m so happy they exist. They make me feel like this world isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

Their mood almost always changes my mood. When they’re excited, I’m excited. When they’re sad, I’m sad. When they’re worried or scared, so am I. And when they’re happy, I’m happy.

And all these youtubers, the things they taught me, the happy feelings they give me… Thank you.

Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the smiles. Thank you for the happiness. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for the sweet moments, and for some of the best memories. Thank you for the travels around the world, the late night talks, the brofists, the high fives, the rage quits, the advice, the ever-so-beautiful to hear hello’s

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for everything, and thank you for being you.

Though, I don’t think I can ever thank you all enough for what you’ve given me.

I know we have fun on our adventure’s together, and I love watching the story unfold for you guys. It’s amazing to see where you guys were to where you are now and what you’ve accomplished. I’m so happy for you, so proud.