because i am a simple creature


i’m sitting in the exact place where we kissed for the first time. i can almost still feel the vulnerability i felt in that moment.
i remember thinking that no amount of clothes could make me feel dressed. i felt as if you had seen right through my shirt, into my heart. and as much as i wish i were naked physically, just from one spell of your lips, you had me stripped down into raw emotion.
i remember looking at you and feeling home. that the walls of my bedroom were no longer trembling. that i didn’t need to run anymore. not only did i feel as if you were my home, but that the simple yet so complex action of your lips touching mine had personally built a home for us. you made me feel like i was finally coming home.
i am a creature of comfort and most of all, habit. i’ve found myself containing my best work in the contains of a blue gel pen.
but i remember that in that moment, feeling so powerless, being with you, i wanted to create the most beautiful mess with you. i no longer needed to confine my work within a pen because i was with you. i wanted to test how sloppy i could get without having to turn back into my old habit of comfort. i wanted to see that if just for one moment i could be convoluted with you,
and i could.
so from this gel pen to you,
thank you.
thank you for showing me what being at home genuinely feels like.
thank you for stripping me down in the rawest and purest form there is and making me feel totally and utterly loved.
thank you for using your gaze, your touch, and your taste to show me what love is.
thank you for making me feel that connection and letting me become one with you.
i love you.
- always

Drarry go Camping 1

As a third not-so-one-shot one-shot in my ‘for the first time’ series, here’s an extremely fluffy piece with a sugary sweet Draco and a cute Harry. 

Here is a link to the first one-shot where they go out to watch a movie for the first time. And here is the link for the second one-shot where they go bowling for the first time.

“What the fuck is that thing?” Draco asked as he stared straight at the horrible mesh of cloth and ropes and what looked like a bunch of colourful plastic straws. Potter was out of his goddamn mind!

“That’s everything that we need to make a tent. You did say you’d never been camping before didn’t you?” Harry raised an eyebrow. Draco had. He had told Harry that he’d never been camping before. They’d been talking about Harry’s Horcrux hunting trip, and Draco had happened to casually mention that he’d never been. Maybe he should’ve also told Harry that it didn’t necessarily mean that he was interested in ever going camping.

“Potter,” he started, ready to say something snappy or sarcastic in a way that was both insulting and borderline teasing like he usually did. But then he saw that look on Potter’s face, the hopeful, determined, sad-guilty look and goddamnit Draco couldn’t. He just couldn’t. So he decided what the hell, if there was ever a good way to die, it was by camping in a forest and being mauled by a bear or a lion or a tiger, or by being caught in a storm or quicksand or the other thousands and thousands of ways  that you could die out in the wilderness.

At least that way, he’d be sure that when he finally did turn into a ghost he’d be able to haunt Harry’s ass day and night by carrying around a big, colourful banner that would say ‘I told you so’. It would earn him a couple of points on the ‘I told you so’ board, which would make him the ultimate winner and then he would be able to die a happy man, with the knowledge that he’d beaten Harry at something worthwhile, and that he’d died for an important cause.

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The Future

We are creatures desiring such simple habits,
Everything having a place with self-discretion.
Our minds always wanting a sense of control,
To how change will effect our comprehension.

I feel a routine all too familiar and understood,
But it does not make me happy to be this way.
My life leers on the edge of personal freedom,
While tomorrow seems to be just another day.

This monotony has me detesting the morning,
And I have begun to sleep with one eye open.
Nights no longer provide me hope for sunrise,
Because I am terrified to get my heart broken.


[Requested by @jaazzzzz] Thank You!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Words Count: 1124


“Did you think at least for a minute to take the phone and call your sister!?”
I’m angry. In fact, I’m not angry, I’m furious. I came back to Beacon Hills because I wanted to make a surprise to my mother, and what did I find out? My brother didn’t go to college. No one has left; they couldn’t. To hinder them there are the hunters, mysterious creatures, the inhabitants of Beacon Hills who know about the existence of the supernatural, Gerard Argent, and so on and so forth. And Scott, instead of calling me, and asking me for help, he decided not to tell me anything. And it’s something I can’t stand because it’s as if he chose for me.
No, I’m not a werewolf, I’m not a werecoyote, a kanima, or a hunter. I am a simple human who has learned to survive in a world where I am the weakest. Scott walks in front of me, calm, as if he didn’t hear any of my words; even though I’m bigger than just a year, sometimes I feel like he’s an adult, and I’m the little girl who always complains.
He doesn’t seem to have any intention of answering my provocation; I raise my eyes. I can’t do anything if he doesn’t want to answer me, but now I’m here, and I’m not leaving. I know Scott wants me to take the first taxi and go away from Beacon Hills. But I will not; I’m not a puppy that he can tame.
I return to reality, while with Scott, I go to Deaton’s veterinary clinic. As I expected, they are all there: Lydia, Malia, Stiles, and there’s even Derek. I look at each of them, with an angry look that I could melt their bodies in a second.
I look down, meanwhile, Scott talks to others.
I remain silent in the distance, trying to calm the anger flowing in my veins; suddenly, I feel someone close to me touching my arm. I look up, and I see Derek at my side; it was a couple of years since I couldn’t see him, but his beauty didn’t diminish: the T-shirt that he wore perfectly wraps his toned body, and the light beard gives him a touch of sensuality and mystery.
Between me and Derek has always been a feeling, but our friendship has never gone beyond; perhaps because he already had a love interest, and perhaps because one day, I decided to go away, all of a sudden. But Derek always knew the feelings I felt -or better, I feel- for him, and I’ve always known his feelings about me.
He nods toward the door, telling me to follow him out. I look back at Scott and others, who seem to have not noticed the conversation between me and Derek; without warning my brother, I nod to Derek, and together we leave the room.
Outside the air is frosty, although it has just begun the fall; I stuck in my jacket while I and Derek walk, without going too far.
“So what happened in the city?”
“I don’t know. I just arrived.”
I turn to him, surprised by his words; I didn’t have the slightest idea that he wasn’t at Beacon Hills during the events. Derek explains to me what happened to him while he was away, but despite I want to know, I can’t follow his words; I’m too focused on the chaos that’s in town, and the fact that Scott didn’t mention this to me.
“You’re angry.”
I turn to Derek; it’s not a question. I bet he knows exactly why I’m thoughtful; although he is a werewolf, Derek doesn’t need to use his powers on me. He knows me just through and through and through.
“Did you understand from my aching brows, or anger emanating my body?”
He smiles; I missed it. Derek is not that kind of person who exposes easily his feelings, and he doesn’t smile very often but when he does it..
“Don’t blame Scott. He wanted..”
“..protects me. Yes, as always.”
Derek sighs, and approaches me. His hand rests on my shoulder, and I look up to meet his green eyes staring into mine.
“Scott loves you, Y/n. If he didn’t want to tell you anything, it’s because he was afraid that something bad would happen to you. He just wants to protect you.”
I look down; I know Scott wants to protect me, but I’m no longer a child. I am the big sister, I should protect him, not vice versa.
Suddenly, Derek approaches me, and he gently puts his hands on my face, caressing my cheeks. I blush because of his unexpected gesture; I feel the shivers running through my body when Derek’s soft lips press firmly on mine. I don’t return the kiss, I’m too upset by the situation.
Derek moves away from me, swallowing deeply; he seems worried. Maybe he thinks I didn’t like it.
“Why did you do it?” I ask him. Derek moves away from my face, and his arms hang at the sides of his body.
“I-I don’t know. It’s just.. that I missed you. I missed you, Y/n. I missed all of you; your face, your voice, your being stubborn. I missed your laugh. I have tried to suppress my feelings for you. You.. you’re gone, and I thought you didn’t want me. I have tried to love someone else who wasn’t you, but I didn’t succeed. I thought you every day, and then suddenly, you come through that door, and I.. I..”
Derek looks down, embarrassed by the words he is saying. I am, however, very impressed by his confession. As I said before, Derek is not very good at expressing his emotions, and now, listen to him say these things.. to admit his feelings for me, to admit that he thought about me all this time..
I approach him, and without saying a word, I wrap my arms around his neck, and as he did before, I press my lips on his. I hold him firmly to me, trying to convey to him all the feelings I feel for him, which I have also thought him every day since I left; to suppress my feelings was impossible, as if I had tried to live without breathe.
His hands lay on my hips, approaching my body to him; I can feel the heat of his skin through his clothes, sending electrical discharges into my veins, in my blood.
Our mouths go away after a time that seems infinite. We both smile, as a baby smiles in front of a basket full of candy on Halloween night.
All anger almost disappears. Now we are just me and Derek.

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Day 4 of GerFra week: Mythology/Fantasy
I believe this promt was more like “draw one of them as mythological creatures” but that was kind of too simple for me so I tried to think of fairy tales and this came to mind almost instantly. Sadly, this was kind of rushed in the end but I am still satisfied since every panel is as I wanted it to be…I will just wind up finding so many mistakes agian, oh I bet.

BTW, Ludwig is the wolf, if you couldnt guess it. I was wondering how I could make a wolf distinctly German and all I could think of was Lederhosen. ffffffffffffffffffff-
Overall this only exists because the thought of Francis yelling at an evil wolf in a pretty insulting French amused me.

Great thanks to @blitzkrieg-mit-dem-fleischgewehr for translating the text into French for me. If I’d have done it it would have sounded awful and like some essay for class. Bless this person for helping me!!

Edit: When somebody points out that you are too stupid to write the word beautiful right.

Am I don’t only who is actually not that bothered about the JK only giving present to Jimin. Let me give you my reasons 1. Because JK has always said that he feels the most comfortable around jimin and Jin the most. Well that’s because they make him feel welcomed as jk is not the type who would approach other people first. 2. As rap mon said before about jimin stared the giving and receiving gift trend in Bts. C'mon people it’s common logic if someone gives you gift they would expect it back. Especially if that person is someone like jimin who not only buy you gift but take you out for dinner and gives you the choice to choose your own gift. 3. Because Jk is shy and can’t approach easily, he appreciates people who approach him first so he tries to pay double the amount. 3. Men are straightforward creatures they don’t really think about outcomes and all they just do what seems right to them at that moment which means it might’ve have just happened coincidentally. 4. Maybe other members didn’t give kookie gift in his birthday ( I honestly don’t know just heard jimin’s in cutlow show). I am just a simple jikook shipper I don’t think about details like too much I care more about the subtle moments where no one would be able to deny that jikook is real. Like this one 👇

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Wilford. I'll give you my soul. My entire existence... if you let anti and dark go. I will be your eternal slave if you leave them alone. Do you hear that? Dedication, control, adoration. I know you love that all. One simple request and a whole soul is yours 🖤 deal? 🤝

“You are telling me to fire my best actors, one of the MAIN protagonists of my story just because you cannot stand a bit of drama, don’t make me laugh. 

I have no interest for your soul, you can talk to the weird red haired creature for that.
I am a director! My only wish here is to make this play come out perfectly. I need my actors for that. “

.:Love:. TP ZeLink

Here is the thing about love…it is really hard to put into words…

Just because it is really hard to turn love into words doesn’t mean it is hard to know if you are in love, actually, it is very easy to know if you are in love with someone…for I realized it way too fast.

It brings out such emotions you don’t feel on your usual Sunday mornings. It inspires you to do the silliest, craziest of things and accomplish such impossible, absurd feats just to see one smile from your beloved.

If your love is happy, it makes you happier.
If your dearest is sad, it makes you sadder.
If your love is angry, it makes you furious.

While I know the fact that I am hopelessly, utterly, completely in love with her, I still can’t express how I feel when I see her and when she watches me with those young blue eyes that show wisdom older than Hyrule itself.

I have searched all there is for me search, to find the best way to express the love I feel for this holy creature…to find the best gift to ask for her hand…

And here in front of her, holding her hands in mine, seeing her face beam with happiness at my mere sight…me-a simple goat herder-(oh, how she would disagree)…I realize that I have no need to search anymore…

For she loves me just as much as I love her. Completely, utterly.

So, I just say

“I love you…”

And her smile turns into a grin

“I know…because, I love you too…“

Before I realize what I am doing, my mouth is on hers and she lets out a delighted noise in her throat before kissing me back.


My life can’t get any better…

(Oh, how she will prove him wrong)

Apartment 5108 // 12

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11


Yellow streaks of light start to pour into my room and I blink once, twice, three times maybe before he speaks again. I watch his right hand brush over his lips, scour across the edge of his sharp jaw before massaging the left side of his neck. His tousled obsidian hair contrasts with his burnished eyes flickering against the rays of the cadmium sun. I read his lips, how he enunciates each syllable but they don’t register into one comprehensible thought inside my brain. Whatever coming out of his mouth is muted, barely audible when it enters the drum of my ears. I’m observing this frustrated man in front of me but his actions and movements are dialed down to half the speed.

He repeats the phrase again but is presented with no response. There’s nothing but the pitch of his voice waning to an empty whisper; losing its magic in the air we breathe. He reaches for my hand, hoping perhaps his once halcyon touch would break me out of my silent curse. But my hands are obeying my mind and not my heart. They retreat to the safety of my body and his dejected expression tells me he’s hurt by my unwelcome demeanor. Yet, does he realize how he afflicted me in a similar manner the previous night? I shut my eyes for a few seconds, ridding my conscience of the harrowing memory before reopening them and everything seems to click. The dream like haze dissipates as reality fast forwards to the present. 


He articulates the one part of my name with clarity but it leaves a rancid alkaline taste lingering within the hollow aches of my throat. I swallow. I swallow my suffering. I swallow the agonizing dread emanating out of my chest along with the upsetting reason why he calls me Ri. In return, I can scarcely say his. I can’t conjure his name within the desolate halls and alleys of my head. I can’t spell out the letters nor can I think about his name because it leads to her name. My mind will inevitably place them together in the same space. 

“I’m sorry, Ri.” His countless sorries have lost their meaning and I’m unsure which part of last night he’s spouting his apologies to. He can’t change the past. He can’t erase the emotions I felt and no matter how many ways he utters a sorry—he can’t amend his decision to choose her over me. 

It sounds trivial as if I’m making a juvenile fuss over being the latter pick on a team but for the term of my life span, I have always been in last place in the eyes of the people deemed important to me. My mom. My dad. And now him. They have made it clear where their preferences lie.

I don’t have the confidence or self-esteem to withstand one disappointment after another. There is a limit to my strengths and beliefs of him someday overcoming his affections for this other woman. Someday is not a definite future. It is a chance. It’s a gamble I don’t want to bet my life on because I know the outcome. I know what is waiting for me at the finish line and I know, I horrifically know from my record with my parents—there won’t be a happily ever after ending.

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Are you going to draw any of the Fantastic Beasts characters? I just thought that they would look really good in your style, especially Credence. :)

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply ask if I’m going to draw Credence? I drew Newt, I’m not that fascinated by Fantastic Beasts. The only character in that movie who was likable to me was Newt and only because of that scene when he defended his magical creatures. I generally don’t like hp/fb movies, they are so… they feel like made for 5 yo children (according to those riddiculous new standards where everything should be simple, uncomplicated and undemanding which I hate). It makes all those characters cartoonish and riddiculously exaggerated. So idk if I’m going to draw Credence, maybe.

Living on Fire

Warning: This fic takes place in a psychiatric ward, and deals with a supernatural explanation for one person’s illness. Being a work of fiction, this is NOT an accurate reflection of actual mental illness in every day life. If you are having symptoms consistent with mental illness, please seek medical attention immediately.

Masterlist: Available here, and updated periodically.

Based on an anonymous request: "Reader is a pushover to everyone she knows, after meeting dark and having a few ‘intense therapy’ sessions with him she becomes more confident but greatly dependent upon him for mental 'support’ and guidance. She let him in! The problem is, she can’t maintain her newfound confidence and instead of focusing it on the right things she has a mental break when Dark neglects her for a few days and comes back to find he has to make the decision to bring her under control or watch her spirit burn.“

Here you go, Nonnymouse! It kinda got away from me towards the end, but I hope you enjoy, nonetheless.

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"Her room is down there,” you could hear the nurse saying. “Room seven, bed A.”

There was a low, distinctly masculine voice that responded… but you couldn’t hear precisely what was said, only the cadence of the words in a gentle, raspy rumble that seeped into your bones.

“Yessir.” The nurse’s voice was surprisingly meek, given that she was the type who could practically pass for Nurse Ratched herself. “I’ll make sure you’re undisturbed.”

You then heard footsteps down the hall, the distinct quiet click of a man’s Oxfords with a slight heel. The door – which had already been ajar – swung open. You instinctively clutched at your bedsheets, dreading yet another doctor examining you like a bug under a microscope.

You saw Him – tall, handsome and smartly dressed in a three-piece suit. His complexion was pale, and He had dark eyes that appeared deepset and hooded… as if they contained the most arcane secrets to the very workings of the universe. You didn’t know at that moment that you were looking at a God… but you wouldn’t have disagreed if someone had told you as much.

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‘It’s simple,’ he said, helping you up onto the horse, which despite seeming calm worried you as if shifted the weight between its feet.

‘Yes, because having a living creature to carry me places outside of a carriage is not a terrifying prospect,’ you grumbled, settling a little onto the horse’s back.

‘But I’m here,’ he assured you, swinging himself onto the back of the horse with the practiced ease of a veteran rider. ‘And I am not going to let anything happen to you.’ He wrapped his arms around you, taking your hands and placing them on what he had earlier called the reins. ‘Now, we are going to start with a simple walk.’

‘Can we perfect standing still first please?!’ you said shrilly, panicking slightly as the horse took a few steps forwards.

Porthos chuckled, you felt the sound vibrating through your back and somehow that calmed you a little.

‘Trust me, we are going to be safe,’ he assured you.

You let out a soft sigh. You did trust him, but you couldn’t deny your worries about the whole thing.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).


“There is no real me only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable… I simply am not there.”

I don’t enjoy talking about myself much. I believe if you really want to learn something you seek it out because I don’t believe in assuming. What I can say is I’m an entity in between simple and complicated without truly being either one. What I know for sure is that the only things that hold me to this world is the art I create and the creature that has woven his feathers deep within me. I am the fire from the blackness and I have no compassion for weak souls.

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Love at First Bite- Vampire!Chanyeol (Part 3)

Part 1, Part 2 , Part 4

For a second, you froze. Your entire body was held in place, perfectly still, trying to process what you had just heard. Part of you knew this already, you were expecting it, but the other part, the part of you that was idealistic, and hopeful and believed in the goodness of people and wished for the best, hoped that somehow you could finally regain control of your own life.

Sure, this life looked much better than the one you had led before, the rooms were bigger, brighter, more harmonious, and the person in charge of you, at least for now, treated you with care and gentleness. But at the end of the day, you had moved from one controlled life, to another, and that was not what you had been expecting. You were terrified that somehow, you had moved from a rusty iron cage, to a golden barred one, beautiful, but still a cage.

You smiled sadly at him, trying to restrain the tears that were threatening to come out of your eyes. Chanyeol saw the way your bottom lip quivered, and his heart ached. He cursed himself for slipping up. You were meant to be his prey, and he slipped up. The moment he saw your distressed, and terrified expression, something inside him twisted and turned, and he wanted to help you. He wanted to protect you, to save you, to take you in and look after you the way he would have done, so many years back, had he been human. But he wasn’t. He was a monster. And so when he caught a whiff of your scent, raging hunger coursed through his body, and the only way to quench his thirst was to drink the nectar that your veins provided him with.

“I’m sorry…” He began to utter an apology, but you shook your head.

“Why?” you asked him, not yet sure of what exactly you were asking him, but you needed answers.

Chanyeol looked at you, and examined your features, trying to understand what exactly you were asking.

“Why what? Why are you here? Why can you not leave?…” He began questioning you too, trying his hardest to reply to all of your questions as best as he could, at least he owed you that.

“Why everything.” You replied, looking up at him with tears flooding your eyes. You couldn’t quite make out his features, for your eyesight was flooded with tears. You didn’t see the pain in his eyes at the sight of your suffering.

“I already told you before, I am not entirely sure why you are here. Call it impulse, call it chance, I will let you know when I have managed to figure it out myself. All I can say is when I saw you out on the street, so troubled, so alone, I felt the unnatural need to help you, or save you. Even if I was thirsty.” He told you again, gingerly reaching over to grab your small hand in his, and hold it tightly. His touch was cold, colder than yours, like that of someone who has been outside on a winter day for a long time, but it was not inhuman. You could feel a faint rush of heat under his skin. You nodded, asking him to continue.

“Now, there are many questions that will probably be answered during your time here, but I think the one you are most concerned about is why you cannot leave. That’s simple. It’s a matter of secrecy. I am not exactly the most welcome of creatures out there, I have my enemies, both human and supernatural. I rely on humans thinking we are all just a figment of someone’s imagination, a superstition, a lie. If they knew we were real, they would hunt us down, they would make our lives so much more complicated than they already are. You can’t leave, not because I don’t trust you, but because it would be dangerous now for you too.” He told you, trying to reason with himself, he knew part of what he was saying was true, but he didn’t believe all of it himself. He knew, deep down, you couldn’t leave the house because he was selfish, because he was greedy, and because his long frozen heart did things whenever he thought about you.

“Dangerous how?” you asked him, a shiver running down your spine.

“Hunters, there are few of them left, but they search for all things like us. If they saw you, if they detected the smell, the bite marks on your neck, they would use you to get to me. They could hurt you, or kidnap you. You’d be in danger. Other creatures, would recognize my scent, your scent. Now that you know about us, you are in danger. I’m really sorry Y/N for getting you involved in this…. I really am…” He apologized, his tone almost as if he was begging you for forgiveness.

You nodded. You wanted to fight him, argue with him, tell him that he had no right to bring you to his house and put you in danger like this, but you didn’t. You weren’t completely sure why you were letting this man get away with so much, but you couldn’t help yourself. There was something about the look in his eyes, the way his body seemed to gravitate towards you, and yet his touch seemed so gentle, so fearful. He didn’t want to scare you away.

“Then, what do I do here all day? What is my purpose?” You asked him solemnly, prepared to fulfil your tasks, now that you were staying here for as long as Chanyeol deemed you important.

“You can do whatever you want, as long as you do not leave the house while I am not here. I have a music room, an art room, a kitchen, all sort of technological appliances you humans use these days, every room in this house is yours, except the basement. You shall not enter there, okay? If you need anything, I will provide it for you, anything you want, shall be yours. In exchange, all I ask is that you do not leave the house… and that you let me take your blood.” He replied, setting out the conditions to this agreement, while studying your expressions closely. Was he stepping over the line?

“M-My blood?” you asked him, your hand immediately darting to your neck, holding the scarred tissue with care.

“Not all of it… Just enough to quench my thirst… It would be… Of great help to me.” He replied hesitatingly, not wanting to let you know what he was really thinking about. You didn’t fully believe his words, but you went along with it nevertheless, what other choice did you have?

“Okay… As long as I’m still alive after it.” You sighed, agreeing. “Should we seal this as a two sided deal then?”

“Yes.” He nodded, smiling at you cheekily, before scooting closer, and cupping your face in his hands. He leaned forward, and captured your lips with his in a passionate kiss that send shivers through your body. Your whole being reacted to him like you never thought you would. You wanted to be closer, you wanted to feel every inch of his cold body on you, and you didn’t understand the strong passion that was burning inside you, for you had never felt it before.

How much power did this Chanyeol guy have over you, and why couldn’t you just run away?

My vision as a Christian who embraces animal liberation is actually pretty simple but it is also entirely subversive: it is to love justice so deeply that species boundaries cannot suppress it; to practice mercy so thoroughly that even other-than-human creatures receive it; and to walk so humbly that I seek to withhold destructive power against an Other because I am human and they are not. It is to transgress a last great separation: to widen the circle to all who embody God’s breath.
—  Nekeisha Alayna Alexis; for when Christians tell you that caring about animals is unnecessary since God only cares about humans
Astral Travelling

Here are some notes about this awesome thing that some spiritual people do sometimes if they really want to. This is the short explanation for beginners. 

- In the simplest terms, astral travel is when you leave your body to experience the going ons around you.
- Similar to ghosts, fey, spirits, and deities, you are made up entirely of energy when you travel.
- There are two different types. You can travel around the physical realm and look at what is literally happening anywhere in the world around you, or you can journey to the astral realm.
- The astral realm is a place made entirely of energy. There are various explanations of it, but in my words, it overlaps the physical realm.
- The astral realm has numerous, uncounted layers that include the afterlives and spiritual dwellings of different beliefs, the fey lands, tulpas and places that only exist because numerous people believe they exist, and other similar places.
- Other people and creatures can astral travel too. It is one method of communication between people with advanced metaphysical skills. It is a way deities and other entities can contact humans in the physical realm. And vice versa, humans can travel to the astral realm to better communicate with astral entities.

How to Astral Travel

- There are plenty of various means to reach the astral realm. Unfortunately I am no great spiritual leader and the main thing I do is a simple visualisation.
- Some people can rely on trances to guide them into the astral.
- Some people will visualise things pulling their energy out of their body. Like birds or slings or chains lifting them up out of it.
- If you work better by doing the above point, and you find that this only takes you to the physical world, technically you can will/project yourself straight into the astral, but if you have trouble, try creating a gate way to be symbolic.
- Practice your meditation and visualisation skills. What I did was I projected/visualised myself in this small, secluded vision several times. It was a place of my choosing. Yours can be anywhere; a forest, a beach, a spring, a desert, some mountains in the clouds, some deep caverns, some shadowy lands; so long as you visualise a small space in great detail, and visualise yourself doing some form of action that helps ground you there.
- This is my personal method: I picture myself walking into water. The water cleanses me as I go deeper into it, relaxing me, washing away my active thoughts, and helping me ‘feel’ more in place. I concentrate on the sensations, and when I am fully submerged, I feel that I am there completely and that my, once secluded place, can be expanded on, and I can explore.
- Bare in mind that is a very personal experience, and you can adjust your visualisations to work to your advantages and skills, and it may be entirely different from you. Like I said, I am no great spiritual leader.
- The only other method I’ve done, is to project myself into the astral realm with another entity.
- If you are on good terms with an entity, you can visualise yourself into places you haven’t been before, with their guidance. This may work better with people who are already experienced with astral travel. 

I hope these notes are of some use to everyone.

No my dear. What the fuck is wrong with /you/ -___-;;

Did you know that most types of tarantulas that people keep as pets (such as rosehairs, which are many peoples first tarantula) are extremely calm and docile and easy to handle? Seriously. Unless you’re handling them wrong or hurting them or frightening them in some way, they are some of the sweetest creatures on this planet, despite the few aggressive breeds that are for people with more experience. But what sort of creature doesn’t have its more aggressive types?

I am so sick of this crap. I don’t give a damn if you’ve got arachnophobia. Don’t get a tarantula. Simple as that.

Shut the fuck up and stop helping the world continue to give these little guys and their owners a bad reputation just because you don’t understand it. Go away.

anonymous asked:

hello friend! you made a comic on gender, and i have a few questions if you don't mind! i am familiar with the concept of more than two genders, but what exactly are the other genders? i know there's agender and genderfluid, but i am completely clueless about anymore! thank you uwu

Well, it depends on who you ask, I guess! In order to answer your question I might have to approach it from a weird direction. Let’s think of it this way…


People experience gender. Yay! 

People experience gender in their really complex, normal human way. This is normal. People’s emotions about self-identification are typically pretty intricate. Why? Because people are complex, individual creatures. 

But to make it simple, let’s say that humans experience gender identity on a field - let’s say… the color field?

External image

This represents the different feelings of gender people could feel. Every color on here (for simplicity’s sake) is a way that any given person could feel about their gender. 

So, for example

Here we see three mapping points - three completely separate feelings about gender. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, these are all different genders, because our identities are so different from one another. 

This is because we’re all human beings, and everyone’s identity varies, even if it’s by a little bit. This is why we try not to assume things about one another.

Here’s what happens in our current society:

this is a bit brutal, and by a bit I mean it makes a lot of people feel like shit. 

Of course, it’s easy for some people to use. Specifically, if you identify as a girl or a boy, you’re good to go. You know where you are. You feel confident, because the parameters set by society give you confidence that you identifying as yourself is normal and okay.

Here’s a rough approximation of what other gender labels do

They create more parameters, more options for people to identify with. They won’t ever be precise, but they come a bit closer than just giant chunks. 

So, to answer YOUR question:

What EXACTLY are the other genders? 

Well, I have no idea! There are tons of gender labels, because people are creative fucks and keep coming up with more ways to describe themselves.

(Which, by the way, is perfectly normal. People make up words all the time. Literally. This is what language is for. Making up a word to communicate a feeling or a concept. That’s how we got where we are. Naming things!)

The best way to find out is just to dig around and see what other words people have used to describe themselves. Maybe you’ll come across some cool ones.

DISCLAIMER: The color wheel theory is in no way meant to be a specific example of genderness. It’s a metaphor, and the colors don’t really mean much aside from their function of explaining gender variation and its many identities.