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I just read your lance nsfw headcanon post and my dude let me tell you my heart is racing so hard Like everything i love (includingkinks) is there and im going crazy lmaoo I love your writing so much! After that post i immediately followed and put that notification thing <3 I mean i am just still smiling like a dummy because i did not read ONE single thing i did not enjoy in that post!! SO point is i love you and your content! Have a good night!! And keep up the great work <3

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Thank you so much! (I love our blue boy so much 💙)


More pictures of my Sakizou Arachne cosplay from katsucon XX is past weekend. Including TWO, count ‘em, TWO gazebo shots. I wish I had been able to wear this for longer periods of time, but the wig and the legs were really heavy and they made me nauseous after about thirty minutes. Everything was hand made by yours truly, with the exception of the basic harness and structure of the legs, which was made by my old man because my college would frown upon me hiding power tools in my dorm.
There’s quite a bit of detail missing, including gloves in three of these shots because I’m a dummy. I waited like the ultraprocrastinator that I am and ended up not having enough time for some of the minor details.

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Is Mettaton less comfortable in EX form than they are were in Neo form on the Genocide timeline? I am asking because Mad Dummy taught us two things: 1. You cannot kill a ghost. 2. A ghost only dies if it is fully merged with its body. As Mettaton Neo, Mettaton died. We know this because Frisk got EXP for the kill. This must mean he was merged with his Neo body. However, when called upon to go check on Sans, Mettaton was able to leave his EX body. Does that mean he is not properly merged with it?

The thing he did to check on Sans’ mind was a bit more like astral projecting than truly leaving his body. That’s why there was a pink “tether” connecting him to the heart on his belly.

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“When I made you, I wasn't capable of thinking like that. I was so, well, desperate and pathetic, and, well, yes,” he said, rolling his eyes and bobbing his head a little. “I made bad choices. I made you when I was grasping and needy and unstable, and do not give me that look, you damn brat, I'm better now. Shut up.” He gave Dummy a faint smile. “I'm more mature now, and I want... Something more for you.“So I did it, and I'm not sorry, and I'll regret it for the rest of my life.”

From the end of “The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation.”

The end of that fic was difficult for me, because I had trouble deciding if Tony would feel guilt about having altered Dummy’s code, or if he’d think it was for the best.  I came to the decision that it was both.

As an inventor, as a creator, he’d take pride in the fact that he improved his creation, but as a father of sorts, he’d hate that he’d implied that Dummy wasn’t progressing fast enough, or that he wasn’t somehow broken, or faulty.

When Howard said, “You are my greatest creation,” to me, he was speaking from a point of pride in his own work.  'I am proud of you because you are a piece of me and you have proven to be worthwhile.  I did a good job by creating you.’

When Tony says, “You are my greatest creation,” he is proud of Dummy, because of what Dummy’s accomplished.  'I am proud of you, because you surpassed what I could give you.  You will do more than I can dream, and I’m so glad about that.’

Tony does something unforgivable, he takes the right of determination away from Dummy.  He does it to grant Dummy a greater degree of freedom, and a greater reach.  But he does it without permission, without consulting Dummy about it.  He knows that he’s betrayed a trust, and he’s owning up to it.

Tony always has had a tendency to doing the wrong thing, for entirely the right reason.  He’s the guy who’s willing to cross a line or break a rule or get his hands dirty if he truly believes it’s for the best.  For him, the ends do justify the means, and he goes into these things knowing that there will be no avoiding the blame, that there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.  And he does things, fully accepting this will be the case.

He’s not always right.  And his ends are often not the ones he was aiming for. But it’s a part of his character that I identify with, on a certain level. 8)

I'm a game design student trying to learn C++, part one

My teacher keeps telling me the best way to learn is by teaching so here we go.

I’m reading C++ for Dummies before the semester starts to get a head start on this class. I hear it’s soul crushing and life sucking and to make things worse, I suck at programming. I’m in game design because I’m good at art.

Here I will teach you, Tumblr, how to C++ because by reading C++ for Dummies and trying to teach you, I am the single-celled organism evolving up the chain, growing legs and walking on land for the first time in an attempt to survive and thrive in this big, cruel world.

This is all in hopes that my professor doesn’t eat my GPA and my self esteem for breakfast.

When I asked Niqoole about C++ (which she just took and got an A in), she replied: It’s a lot like C.

When I asked doctorlocke for help:

I quickly realized this is an endeavor I must pursue…alone.

Here’s what I learned from chapter one of my book:

Shit son, you are really going to want an IDE. That means “integrated development environment.” That shit is going to save your life. That is going to tell you where all of your errors are; and trust me, you’re going to make so many errors. Because you are a person. And you are kinda dumb. I’m sorry, but if you’re desperate enough to try and learn from me, it’s true. Besides, being kind of dumb is the human condition. I know for a fact that I am really dumb. I am going to be using Visual Studio 2010 because I get it for free from my school. 

One time, the difference between C# and C++ was described to me like this: C# will let you shoot yourself in the foot a lot, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot with an airsoft gun. C++ won’t let you shoot yourself in the foot a lot, but when you do, you blow off your entire goddamn leg.

Moving on.

You’re going to be working inside a console application. A console is basically a window. Hence, “Microsoft Windows.” Get it?

“cout” is NOT pronounced “cowt” and I feel like a dumbass. It’s pronounced “see-out”, as in, “console-out.” As in, that’s what the console (window) is displaying. So basically, they took the phrase “console out” and abbreviated it to “c. out” and then mashed it together. Along came filthy casuals like me herp-derping around, saying “COWT” like it’s some cross between a cow and a cot.

“Main” is really important. Your code is organized into chunks and “main” is the chunk that is run first. It tells the computer which other parts of the program to run. Main is the pimp-daddy of your code.

Always end your statements in C++ with a semicolon because if you don’t things will blow the fuck up. I guarantee at least once in your programming career you will fuck up your code with a missing semicolon.

Here is an example line of code from my book:

cout << “Hello world!” << endl;

The “hello world” bullshit is called a string, apparently because the letters are strung together. Cute, right? Wrong. Programming is not cute. It is never cute. There are some cute programmers, but they are probably married. This is the thunder dome.

Your code-y motherfuckery won’t work inside a string because your computer thinks it’s not code because it’s a string, basically. There are a few exceptions, such as the backslash. If you insert \t inside of a string, it will not show up because it’s devil magic. Instead, it’ll insert a tab inside your stringy string. If you actually want a backslash inside a string, you have to type two backslashes. If you want a quotation mark inside, you have to type \“ because it’s all Satan worship.

"endl” is pronounced “end-el” and I still feel like a dipshit. I thought it was pronounced “endle.” I should stop trying to pronounce things in my head because phonics doesn’t mean fuckery in programmy-land. I guess it makes some magic words appear at the end of your code that say nice things like “press any key to fuck off” or something. Can you tell I’m getting increasingly frustrated with this as time goes on? I DON’T LIKE YOU SCREWING WITH MY ABILITY TO ENGLISH, C++.

You can do math in your code! To an extent. Because if you try to do big math, things go very wrong. But we don’t know how to fix that yet, so stick to your small numbers. Christ, you could probably do this shit in your head, I don’t know why we need to program it out at this point.

+ for addition

- for subtraction

* for multiplication

/ for division

In theory, if you code cout << 6 + 10 << endl; and compile and run, you will simply get 16 when the window pops up. Wow. They should just give you your degree right now. I’m up for that. Don’t forget order of operations and shit, that still applies. But I’m assuming you passed the eighth grade so I’m not gonna lecture you about Aunt Sally.

Finally, save often. Like, all the time. Here’s my rule of thumb: Every time you think about sex, boobs, butt, penis, or video games, save your fucking code. Ctrl + S that shit. And every time you’re done for the day, save a copy of it to your personal Google Drive, just in case! Just do it. You will thank me later. “Gee wow that seems excessi–” NO IT’S NOT.




Mmmkay that about sums up the concepts of chapter one in my book.

Uhbuhbye. :D

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How you guys feeling about superheaven joining side one dummy ? Personally am gutted because I love RFC and those guys :( I know it might not affect things but still :(

We’re psyched. None of us enjoyed dealing with that band. Have you seen them live? They’re complete assholes, full of themselves, and their humor sucks. I saw them with Four Year Strong and they were such dicks to the crowd. 

Just kidding. None of that’s true. Those guys are our dogs for life and we want the best for them. If they wanna try something different and see what happens, that’s fine. I am thankful we got to release all the stuff we did for them.