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if your style is grunge and dark clothes like mine, and you are pushing yourself to wear the pastel clothes that a lot of littles wear - DONT. this outfit is an example that you don’t need to wear light pink and blue and purple to be a little.

a big part of getting into the headspace is being comfortable, which means wearing clothes you like and feel comfy in. for the longest time I had trouble regressing when I wore “little girl” colours - now i wear stuff that matches my usual style and I am a happier little girl because of it.


Did someone say more flower crowns? Probably not but here you go anyway.


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“I don’t want someone who promise me the moon and stars. I want someone who promises to lay on the grass and watch them with me.”

GUYS Fairy Tail is over I can’t COOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!! I mean I admit that I’m a bit disappointed but I still liked the chapter! Omg what am I gonna do with my life now that it’s over :( I really hope the fandom doesnt die lol because I love drawing these two :’)

Easter egg! The constellations in the sky are the constellations of Lucy’s Zodiac keys :D I thought it was a cute touch haha!

ALSO Happy Birthday @fablerose! She also does drawings and colourings so check out her blog and wish her a happy birthday too ;)!


foxboy-lucien  asked:

21, 26, 32, 40, 53, 56, 74 sorry I Bin went a little crazy

It’s okay Marci, I went a little crazy too xDD

(21) Favourite Animal?

PUPPPIIIESSSS <333 Also horses and wolves.

(26) Favourite Tumblr Blog?

Gurl, I’ll name like a billion rn. Get ready (I am doing this excluding you because you’re OBVIOUSLY one of them, it’s very apparent).
@cassiancalore @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @nessiansmut @towerofdawn @highladyofdreamcourt @aelin-and-feyre @throne-of-omg-the-feels @tog-trash @azuremirwae @wingsofanillyrian @feysandsmut @paperbacktrash @acourtofredqueens @lifelillysandmagicwands @sarah-bae-maas @azrielsiphons @readinglikewildfire @dorianthekinkymf @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @dr-woodsprite @propshophannah @morgana0anagrom @westfallsbitch @deziremyacotar @fiery-feyre @iamthebonecarver AND SO MANY MOOOORE. I’m sure I missed a bunch but it’s 2 AM and my head’s not in the right place. I love their blogs for various reasons and I would 12/10 recommend them all.

(32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?

A purple one

(40) Do You Have Any Obsessions Right Now?

CHEESECAKE and Azriel and Rhys and this fae dude I made up in my mind. Also, salad, oddly. Also America’s Next Top Model. I’m binging on different seasons rn.

(53) Would You Rather Carve Pumpkins Or Wrap Presents?

Wrap presents. Don’t give me a knife. I’m clumsy af and would 110% accidentally stab myself in the eye.

(56)What Are You Craving Right Now?

Obviously cheesecake. AND BARBEQUED CHICKEN WINGS. And french fries.

(74) What Eye Colour Do You Find Sexiest?

I think for me it depends on the whole eye…? But I guess the violet-blue but that’s probably because Will and Rhys and my husbands so…
I also love any shade of brown and grey eyes too.

Ask Away Anonymously Or Not.

hey hey it’s ya pal chris here to thank all of you for 500 followers! i’m literally in shock i didn’t think i’d even get 50 followers when i started this blog tbh. i’m so grateful for all of you, i don’t deserve this. soo in honour of this, i’ve decided to do blog rates!!

i actually hit 500 a few days ago, but i was at my sister’s house so i didn’t have my laptop. but i am here now and i am ready to do blog rates, so send them asks in. (please) (i’m lonely) (i stg this is gonna flop)

to get one, you MUST REBLOG this (i don’t need this flopping) and send me an ask telling me your about your day or favourite blog and i’ll @ them (put * if you don’t want me to @ them)

buuuut before i start i’m gonna give a shoutout to some of my friendos that you should all go follow because they run great blogs.
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i don’t get it.. sorry // nice!! // i just nut // how the frickity frack did you get that?? // i’ve already stolen it

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it’s aight // v cool // im // BEAUT // *dies*

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not my kinda stuff // pretty cool // quality content *finger guns* // iM lOvE // *flips table*

am i following?
no, buuuut you’re still lovely // i am now! // *SMASHESFOLLOWBUTTON* // ofc you’re lovely // i’d die before i’d unfollow you

pastel colours // oversized sweaters // fairy lights // cherry blossoms // star gazing

late night driving with the windows down // songs that make you nostalgic // laughing until you cry // long hugs from someone you love and care about // staying awake until the sun comes up

hogwarts house
gryffindor // hufflepuff // ravenclaw // slytherin

song recommendation


if this flops it didn’t happen okay
welcome post!
  • Hi! This is my new studyblr blog, I made it because the studyblr community did wonders to keep me inspired and organised, and I thought why not join myself! 😊
  • My name is Mia, and I’m in Year 11
  • I live in Australia and speak English and Italian
  • Subjects I’m taking this year include;
    • English Advanced
    • English Extension
    • Legal Studies
    • Ancient History
    • Maths
    • Visual Arts
    • Italian Continuers
  • I love cats, tea, quotes (a recurring theme throughout my blog) and am chronically overcaffeinated 💐  my favourite colour is also orange!
  • Right now I have no idea what I want to do at university, but I love law, writing and languages!
  • A list of blogs who inspire me; @lentilstudies @emmastudies @studyign @studysection @listudying @intellecta @einstetic @studyingsesh @study-ign @eintsein @bookmrk @studylustre @etudiaire and so many more!
  • pls feel free to message me about anything and everything, I lov making friends!!!

I used to cower in the face of racism in the past but I am now glad to say that this blog has now given me the utmost strength to be unapologetically Indian in Singapore. I am proud of my skin colour, my language, and my heritage. I am proud that I can speak clear, concise English, and I’m not going to modify my accent anymore to sound like a typical local never mind the fact that I get slammed by my Chinese ‘friends’ for putting on an ‘angmoh accent’ just because they’re mad as hell that they’re in no way as eloquent as I am. They can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that perhaps I speak it well because English is an Indo-European language and shares a lot of commonalities with Indian languages.

I am an equal in this country, and I don’t give a fucking FUCK if some racist asshole wants to take offence. I will wear my damn ethnic clothing when I feel like it, and you will deal. I will even fucking wear an entire fucking saree it on the MRT on non-festival days if I want. You can stew in your bigotry and racism all you want. That’s your problem. I am un-bothered and too fabulous for you.

Whatchu gonna do, huh? Kick me out of my own country? Well, here’s a fun fact: It’s not like you’re native to this place either. Maybe you should go back to China if you want to live in a Chinese-only society. If y'all can talk about how superior you’re all the time (which is nothing but a LIE if you look at history: A highly significant amount of Chinese culture came from India during the spread of Buddhism - Chinese scholars travelled to Nalanda, Taxila, and Bodh Gaya in ancient India (look those places the hell up) and translated documents from Sanskrit to Chinese and then went back). 

The fact that Buddhism is Singapore’s largest religion today is proof enough of Indian dominance. And y'all wanna hate on me for being proud of who I am? You can have your SAP schools where you can indulge in your delusions of grandeur on a massive scale and I can’t even exist here without some racist Chinese people taking offence with my existence on a daily basis? Y'all racists stay trolling yourselves because Buddha was a ‘keling’. LMAO. He was an 'apu neh neh’. You modified his image to look like you but he was literally the embodiment of all the repulsive, rancid, fucked-up slurs you hurl at us (how 'Buddhist’ of you, by the way)

If my great-great grandparents had wanted to live in a Chinese city, they’d have emigrated to Beijing or Shanghai instead. They came to Singapore instead because they wanted to live in a diverse and pluralistic society, and I’m gonna honour them by exercising my rights.


Moderator’s note: This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. THANK YOU.

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Posting this here because I have more followers tbh.

You can look through my art tag on my personal blog for more art stuff 

Okay, so I’m pretty much flat broke right now, which, being a college student, is really Not Good. Especially because i’m struggling to get a job right now (Very small country town I live in, cant afford to get to bigger towns for jobs lmao)

So here’s another commission post, with prices lowered from my previous commission posts because i really am desperate here.


Busts/Waist up- $4  +$1 simple colour & shading

Full body- $8 + $1 simple colour & shading + $3 for each extra character in picture.

Icons- $1 plain flat colour/no colour.

Icon Packs- $6 + $1 flat colour (Includes 10-15 icons, various expressions & emotions, sized 150x150 for RP use)

Will not draw:

-BLATANT NSFW (Implied/no dicks/lower bodies showing is fine)


You can contact me here via ask/fanmail/IM or over at my personal blog @shinyhaunt3r via the same methods, my skype is also available to those that ask.

I accept payment via Paypal only.

Even if you cant commission me, reblogging this would help a lot!

A little and quick colab I did with my little sister @jenosess! I am able to watch over her now and am making her post all of her awesome work online, so you should totally go and follow her!

It was a nice little spur of the moment kind of project, because I needed a little picture to put in to the corner of another blog. Boy was working in her style an experience for me. Now I know why I’m not a huge fan of anime eyes XP

@jenosess did the sketch and I did the line work and colouring. 

LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND! Is it crazy that I am so happy right now ? I want these triplus liner for ages but in store I just could found the one with 12 but I wanted them in 20 (because everyone on studyblr has the 20 😁) So one day I decided to have a look on Amazon and tadaa 36(!!!) colours and btw I checked it and that is the whole colour range they have. So now my notes are going to look like unicorn vomit - sorry not sorry.

ny name is neal mcqueen. my photography is mostly about the beauty of the right moment. it is intimate with a great respect for the ones i photograph. being not a designer, so my postproduction is reduced to the max. i don´t use methods on digital photos that i could not use in the darkroom as well. still working with both, digital and analog film. self taught, picking up photography after being a musician for 25 years, i am now fully dedicated to this art since 6 years, living it 24 hours a day, literally. there are a lot of references i could name, beginning from frank capra, jean loup sief to helmut newton and peter lindbergh. black and white is my thing, because i thing it does not distract from the moment and the reduction of it is capable to hightlight the beauty of it, but i am not a totally strict about it. some of the photos tell me: i am colour and i listen to them. with the beginning of this year (2015) i started to concentrate my work more on the social and political processes, working more and more documentary style, doing blogs about recent social issues, but i love to diverse, so i also just did a documentation about a theater play from kami manns in milano, doing portraits and erotic art. right now i am on lesbos, greece to do a work about the refugee crisis. best wishes to all beings - neal mcqueen

  • me: I really love the colour black
  • you know who you are: Fuck you! Because you've posted this I've now had to go to your blog and send you a message anonymously. You are evil, I hope everything in your life sucks!!!!!! Why would you even post that biased information when you know how many followers you have?? Just because it's your own blog doesn't mean you can post what you want. Get a fucking life. I bet you're just a lazy piece of shit. Because unlike you, I took time out of my busy schedule to send this - It's that important. AND what about white? and every single other colour ever?? why only black?? It's just rude. You're pathetic. AND black isn't even a colour so I think you need to finish second grade again omfg. Another thing, I once had a really, really itchy black sweater and now I hate that colour. I can't believe you couldn't even take that into account. So inconsiderate!! Do you know how tired I am right now?? I spend my whole life walking on eggshells because I'm afraid of everything (aka myself) so I bet you can understand how I feel now? Yeah, that's right. I feel like shit. I hope you die, you little bitch. Please get hit by a bus. P.S delete your blog, or I will be forced to take more time out of my clearly busy and better life and send you more messages like this on anonymous. Thanks.