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Imagine Boss secretly being the hugest cuddle bug ever

But he never wants to admit it aloud


Like one day, Boss came home from work. It was a particularly stressful day, and he just wanted some time to relax. He quietly goes upstairs, passing the couch where Red was sitting.

“uh, boss?” Red murmured. “y-you okay?”

Boss said nothing and quietly went up stairs, his shoulders hunched forward and his expression blank, which was a sure fire way for Red to tell something was up.

Boss went into his room, shutting the door behind him without much force. Stars, he didn’t even have the will to slam it shut like he normally does… he strips of his armor and puts on some more comfortable clothes to wear: a black tank top and a pair of black sweatpants. Yes, believe it or not, Boss actually did dress sloppily on occasion. He left his armor laying carelessly on his bed before he left the room. He really just didn’t give a shit today.

He stepped silently down the stairs, his eyes focused on the ground as he didn’t want to really look at anything at the moment. He was headed for the kitchen to start dinner. He knew Red wasn’t going to–

“boss.” Red called, his voice firm yet gentle.

Boss turned and looked at Red, his expression turning from its blank, sad look to a look of excited shock.

“SANS…” he murmured happily as he took in the sight in front of him.

Red was laying on the floor right in front of the couch, with a bunch of pillows behind him and Boss’s favorite blanket neatly folded in his lap. It was made of synthetic fur, a rare find in the Underground. He loved the fuzzy texture of it against his bones…

It also happened to be the only blanket he’s ever found that can actually completely cover him without leaving his feet out in the open, and that was a plus in his book.

Red chuckled and patted the ground next to him. “well don’t just stand there and gawk, boss. c'mere and snuggle for a bit,”

Boss looked almost shy as he walked over and knelt down next to his brother, his hands fighting in his lap as he looked at the smaller skeleton awkwardly.

“c'mere, ya big doofus,” Red said teasingly, gently taking hold of Boss’s hand and tugging him closer.

“BUT I HAVE TO MAKE DINNER..” Boss objected, his hand beginning to slip away from Red’s as he began to get back up.

Red pulled him back down, his grip firmer. “dinner can wait. you need some time to relax…”

Boss grumbled something inaudible before finally giving in and settling back down. He let Red take the blanket and lay it over the two of them, his expression awkward yet content. Red shifted closer to Boss until he was flush against him before laying an arm over his ribcage.

“y'know, you can do a little of the work here, too…” Red grumbled.

“SORRY…” Boss said quietly before turning on his side so he could face Red. He wrapped his arms around the smaller skeleton and pulled him close, breathing in the faint scent of mustard and cigarette smoke as his nasal cavity was buried in the fur of Red’s hoodie.

Ahhh, what a nice smell…

Red’s fingers traced small circles in Boss’s back, rousing a small and trill purr from him. He pulled Red a little closer, his arms around him tight yet gentle.

“I LOVE YOU,” Boss murmured, his voice just above a whisper.

“i love you too, sugar,” Red responded, his voice warm and happy sounding.

Boss smiled to himself and nuzzles into Red’s hoodie fur. Red almost never called him anything other than Boss… and it was a nice change of pace for once.

His eyesockets began to drift close, the wake nurturing scent of his brother slowly lulling him to sleep. Red soon followed, the loving and protective feeling of the taller skeleton’s arms around him, pulling him into a peaceful sleep as well.~

The reason something is called an opinion is because it is rooted in what someone thinks rather than any type of fact or factual information

A racist opinion is still an opinion. It is a racist opinion.

A transphobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a transphobic opinion.

A homophobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a homophobic opinion.

A sexist opinion is still an opinion. It is a sexist opinion. 

Any type of bad, dirty, or disgusting opinion is still an opinion because it is not factual. An opinion does not have to be true, positive, uplifting, etc. in order for it to still be considered an opinion. 

Jellal isn’t a perfect character by any means but some thought provoking points:

•he didn’t die in the fight with August (and likely the neither did the rest of OS/CS) because, and I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this or if they are just angry and want Jellal to die, this is a manga where hardly anyone dies. Even so, there was no implication that he was going to die in the first place. I mean his last panel of that chapter was very much stating he had plans to get up and keep going

•Jellal respects that Erza can take care of herself and has no reason to babysit her. Hover lovering her and trying to swoop in to save her every waking moment of the manga when there is still fighting to be done (I mean, there’s a war going on and he kind of has an obligation to lead, you know, his fucking guild??) would be insulting to her and probably just piss her off tbh

•Jellal has a plethora of mental health issues

•please consider that last one again

•how many times do I have to say that Jellal is not self righteous and he very much does not see himself as deserving of life but lives because he isn’t just going to throw away his life away and cause Erza, Meredy, Natsu, etc. more grief.

•Jellal has his own agenda and a lot of work to do so, yes, he’s going to disappear a lot

•people would have criticized him regardless of whether or not he appeared in this arc for one reason or another (“why is Jellal even in this arc where did he come from?” Would have been, “where tf is Jellal during this giant war what a jackass”)

•there are characters with worse fashion taste

•also why will we never get an interaction with Jellal and zeref?? Like Jellal is supposed to be like “ok zeref is defeated cool” WHAT

•again WHAT

•if you can’t tell I forgot my list of things to say so now I’m just yelling incoherently into the void

I hate to be that person (even though I usually am that person), but I feel as though we’re all so high on the idea that Alison is (likely) about to come out in 7x15, we’re forgetting about the fact that she has to find out about Emily’s most recent affair (*side eyes*), and, since this show is the most dramatic thing in the history of dramatic things… there’s a monumental chance of Alison finding out after she confides in Emily, leading to what feels like a giant betrayal and sense of loneliness.

I mean… come on, Em, you gave her like two days to think about it before mackin’ on someone else WHAT R U DOING–


Hannibal Season 3 Countdown » An Episode a Day [21]

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  • Tumblr: omg I love this blog because their opinions are just SO relatable!
  • Also Tumblr: Except for that opinion. Never mind. They ain't shit because I suddenly hate them for having this very specific and none of my fucking business preference.

I had to see a karamellll post with my own two eyes because tumblr hates me. I haven’t even hated on the Karabells on tumblr for a while now. Anyway, apparently they are counting on the supercorp fandom to be racist towards a possible Lena/James pairing so they can feel entitled or something, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it: not this blog

from last night’s stream ´w`;; i thought i could finish colouring and shading it and then i realised.. i really want to play borderlands 2 and finish it

so here’s the lineart for now lol

YEA FIRST TIME I DREW FIONA i can draw girls haha people have actually approached me about that -laughing but really nervously sweating in reality-

Future Rhys and Fiona©Tales from the Borderlands
poor art©me

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why do people even hate you so much, just cause you a communist or shit, because like I ain't one, but I don't care.

they hate me because I admit comcast is our enemy

omggggg I’m so tired I am just barely sentient enough to type anyway idk if I’m going to be able to finish this board for the weekend but I'ma try anywho like maybe Sunday??? very late Sunday

this isn’t even in this scene it’s from the one after what am I doing