because i actually like queen


“You see, death doesn’t just happen to you, it happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives without you in it.”

i can’t believe we went from season 1 ‘wait did niska just check out those girls kissing in the shopping centre or is this wishful thinking’ to season 2 ‘niska is canonically in love with her endgame girlfriend and told her that she refuses to lose her and that she never cared about her own safety until she met her’


we will, Phyllis, we will :)

Has Brienne ever been referred to as a “queen” in the novels, possibly as a joke by someone sarcastically calling her the “queen of love and beauty”? There has been a lot of chatter on my dash lately about who could be the queen in Cersei’s prophecy, with the usuals (Dany, Marg, Sansa, Ari) all mentioned, but — Brienne is younger than Cersei, is more beautiful in disposition/personality while ironically being less traditionally beautiful, has pulled Jaime away from Cersei, and depending on the outcome of her quest (or encounter with SH), could in some way take from Cersei everything else she “holds dear” (a.k.a., the throne, thereby jeopardizing the lives of her children who must wear “golden shrouds” before Cersei’s death at the hands of the Valonqar).

The other four all fit the prophecy in one way or another, but I’ve never seen Brienne mentioned, and if GRRM has put in a throwaway, sarcastic reference to her as queen (or possibly could in TWOW) then I think her role as the “younger, more beautiful queen” would be a really unexpected, very GRRM-esque twist.

I feel so alone because I actually liked Chaol’s arc throughout the entirety of Queen of Shadows.
I get why he acts the way he does toward Aelin. He’s terrified that she’s going to take revenge on his country and he thinks that she’s wrong about Dorian which is the primary reason for the huge rift between them in the first half.
Also let’s be honest, when you’re angry with someone, every little thing they do pisses you off even more. And when Chaol saw that Aelin was right about the Valg, they immediately patched things up.
So while I in no way think that this excuses calling her a monster, I sure as hell don’t think Chaol was an OOC mess. The only time I was truly unhappy with Chaol was when he threatened her court because … Not cool Chaol, not cool.