because how does this man live!

The fact that winn says ‘I am very excited to meet alex’s new mystery man’ means alex definitely mentioned this to the gang earlier which shows she’s probably been waiting to introduce maggie for a while now and was waiting for the right time. Also I am actually really happy the writers made winn and james say male pronouns 'what does HE do for a living’ because it completely shows how heteronormative people can be without even knowing and it’s almost quite smug when maggie walks up to them all 'surprise bitch’ looking.

Okay, I’ve finished two episodes of Iron Fist. Does it have some problems? yes. Is it as terrible as the reviews say? no. 

I think one of the reasons for the negative reaction is the built into the story itself. Daredevil is a blind lawyer who works pro bono in Hell’s Kitchen. Jessica Jones is an abuse survivor who is an alcoholic. Luke Cage is a wrongly accused black man living in Harlem.  Danny Rand is a rich white guy.. Many of the reviews mention how this series seems like a throwback, nothing new, not as “timely” as the others.  This is true because it’s the story of Iron Fist himself, a problematic white savior story to start with .

The reviewers also savage the fight scenes, saying they’re not up to par with the other three series. Yes, I agree that the direction of the scenes makes them choppy and dark, but Danny doesn’t fight the same way the others do.  He bends his knees, flows with punches and deflects more than he hits.  I think it’s an intentional choice on the actor or director’s part. I’m holding my judgement until I see more episodes. Also, I have a soft spot for the laid back hippie Danny Rand from EMH. :)

Finally, they are trashing Finn Jones’ acting.  Maybe I’m crazy, but what I see is an actor playing a man with anxiety issues, PTSD, and serious social awkwardness.  Flashbacks to his childhood bolster this interpretation of the part. So, yeah, he’s hesitant, odd, lashes out then gets depressed.  But I think it’s an interesting angle to take. 

My verdict?  I’m going to give it a chance.  I’m interested in the plot and am half in love with Collen Wing. :)

Hamilton Au 1: Heathers au, but Alex isn't Veronica, and Thomas isn't J.d or a Heather

Veronica: Thomas ((because I still want this to be Jamilton and I personally don’t wanna make Thomas a Heather. Deal with it.))

J.D.: Alexander. ((It fits! He’s smart, angsty, and his dad was an ass, and his mother died in front of him, and he lives his life like life is war. How does this not fit?!))

H.Chandler: King george, ((because he wears red, he thinks he rules everyone and is a sassy little ass and he would make a perfect Heather leader!))

H.Duke: ((Burr, because he’s a jealous ass, and he starts out as a person with no personality, then turns in to an idiot who does stupid shot to get what he wants including killing a man.))

H.McNamara: Seabury. ((He is totally perfect for this and I don’t even know why.))

Kurt: Reynolds ((I want Alex to kick his ass so he is now a jock.))

Ram: Lee, ((I was running out of guys I didn’t like in the play))

Martha: Madison ((because chubby Madison is adorbs and is Jefferson best friend))

a reason why i want to bring padmé or at least give a mention of padmé in the new star wars trilogy is because i want luke and leia to learn about their mother and who she was. they deserve to. they need to. it isn’t fair that they don’t know a single thing about their mother. even though leia remembers images of her, still, she doesn’t truly know her mother. it isn’t fair that they know their father as the cruel man they met and not the good man he was but not even a single thing about their mother. i want them to learn about her as a woman who contributed so much to galactic history, her life as queen and senator of naboo, the kind naive soul she was, the role she played in their father’s life, and how she lived her life even how she died. i want them to see how she lives in them, because she does - she lives through the goodness of luke and the fighter in leia. i just want them to know their mother, padmé amidala…

Not ‘just a mom’ #1

Mary : I’m not ‘just a mom’ and you’re not a ‘child’.

Me : Of course, Mary! You’re not ‘just a mom’. Why should you even be a ‘mom’ at all?

-  Just because Sam and Dean are your biological sons?

- Just because you had an unfortunate death while Dean was 4 and Sam was just a baby?

- Just because your husband and their father went completely nuts to seek revenge for his beloved wife’s death?

- Just because in that process, their entire childhood, teenage-hood and most of adulthood got severely damaged?

- Just because your sons finally and this time, actually have a real chance at knowing their ‘mom’ and living a mother-sons relationship with her?

- How dare does this 35+ old man ask for a chance to be a ‘child’ for once because he never had an opportunity to be one?

- How dare does the man sitting next to him refuse to understand you and show his displeasure because he never had the chance to bond with any of his parents?

- Just because God’s very own sister resurrected you as a thank you gesture to your eldest son?

- Just because EVEN God/Chuck and Amara knew how deprived the Winchesters were and are of love? Particularly the parental love?

- Just because it all started with YOU, because of YOU and for YOU?

- Just because you have an opportunity to have a second shot at life, an opportunity to start all over again, an opportunity to have a family again?

- How dare they be angry at you? How dare they express their hurt, anger and disapproval? How dare do they show you any disregard or disrespect? Just because you have been working with, siding with, advocating the people who have both tortured and tried to kill your sons, lying to them straight in the face, betraying them and their trust, putting their lives at risk for those people. So unfair! 

- How dare do they show you the door! Because after all, you’re their ‘mom’. Oops! Sorry, you don’t want to be a ‘mom’, ‘just a mom’ or whatever is that your definition of a ‘mom’ is.

You don’t have to be a ‘mom’ at all. Please don’t even try to be a ‘mom’ anymore. You know, why? Because, in all honesty, you do not deserve to be one. Not anymore.

PS This is not hate post for Mary. This is not undeserving criticism or condemnation coming her way. This is a post just calling out Mary for being such a huge disappointment to her sons and me.

When They Get Jealous and Want Attention

Sam Chisolm

Sam tries to be mature about it, he really does.  But after going through what he’s lived, becoming a little overprotective just becomes a part of life.  If he sees you talking to someone he doesn’t recognize, red flags pop up everywhere, and he comes to collect you because “Faraday and Vasquez won’t stop fighting and they listen to you” or “Faraday took one of Billy’s knives and shit’s going down.”  If you know why he keeps coming up with excuses, you don’t say anything, and instead choose to appreciate how much he cares about you.

Joshua Faraday

Oh dear Lord, this man is the biggest child.  You’ve told him time and time again that there’s no need to be jealous, and that he can’t be the only one you ever talk to, but he doesn’t listen.  He uses the exact same routine every time he wants your attention.  You’ll be having a conversation, and you’ll feel a tap on your shoulder followed by a “Hey, Y/N; watch this!” You’ll turn around and he’ll show you the same card trick for the billionth time.  Then he’ll do the whole “For my next trick, I’ll make your acquaintance disappear!” Before pulling out his gun and shooting at the ground in front of his feet.  This can end in two ways.  You both getting escorted out of the saloon, or Faraday pulled into a duel out front.
It’s usually both.

Red Harvest

As his significant other, you can normally see when Red gets jealous.  He’s stiffer, and his face is stonier than usual.  But whoever you’re talking to can’t.  So when they notice the Comanche warrior staring at them from the other end of the bar, it’s little unnerving at first.  They shrug it off initially, but when they turn back to you, they can feel his gaze burning through them.  They unconsciously turn back, and sure enough.
He’s still staring.
And then they crack.  They’ll say their goodbyes, and with one last wary glance, they’re gone.  You’ll turn to Red with your hands on your hips and a “Really?” expression on your face, but the Comanche looks at you innocently.

Jack Horne

Jack’s been around the block a few times.  Jack is patient, and he waits for you to finish your conversation.  He takes an active interest in your social life and actually ends up befriending most of your friends as well.  He knows that you have the right to talk with other people, and he has no right to stop you, plus he trusts you wholeheartedly.  You let him go out with the rest of the Seven practically whenever he wants, so you deserve to do the same.
But he still stays near you throughout the night.

Goodnight Robicheaux

If Goodnight wants your attention, it’s easy for him to get it.  He just walks up to you and whoever you’re talking to, and eggs your acquaintance on until either a) the other person gets fed up and leaves, or b) the other person gets fed up and challenges him to a duel.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a) or b) because Goodnight manages to subtlety slip his name into the conversation.   The other person usually apologizes and runs off, but every once in awhile someone is dumb enough to stick around.
If the latter happens, Billy usually ends up getting involved.

Billy Rocks

Now, Billy won’t tell you he wants your attention.  And he’s so good at hiding his emotions that you won’t ever know that he’s jealous.  But the source of his envy will.  You never understand why the face of whoever you’re talking to suddenly pales, and why they quickly leave an instant later with a rushed farewell thrown over their shoulder.  At first, you think it’s something you said, but now you’re thinking it might have something to do with the fact that Billy suddenly shows up a second later, sliding one of his knives back into its sheath and dodging all your questions by taking a drink or changing the subject.


No one really lasts long when they talk to you.  It’s nothing you do, though. You’ll be having a normal conversation, when suddenly a pair of arms will wrap around you and a head will rest on top of yours.  You’ll try to carry on a conversation, but it’ll be a little more difficult.  There will be hands playing with your hair, and lips graze your cheeks and temples every so often.  Then it becomes a battle of wills.  You’ll try to talk like nothing is happening, but the arms around you will tighten and the lips will eventually move down your neck.  Your acquaintance usually breaks first and leaves.  You’ll try to be mad, but then he makes that face and you forget what you were even talking about.

Thanks to the anon that requested this one!

Shout out to guys who are insecure about their dick.

Shoutout to guys who love themselves for how they were born.

Shoutout to guys because the size of your dick does not dictate your masculinity or your attraction.

Shoutout to guys who have been told their entire lives they weren’t good enough, not big enough.

Shoutout to men who have always been presented with only two options, the model body or the chubby body.

Shoutout to guys who have escaped abusive relationships and know they’re worth better.

Shoutout to guys who have/are experiencing sexism.

Shoutout to guys who’s problems are belittled and are simply told to “man up.”

Shoutout to guys who don’t know how to express themselves because of stigma around showing emotion and being “masculine.”

Shoutout to guys, because you don’t hear it enough and we all need positivity at the end of the day 😉

So nobody is going to talk about how today, July 25, 2016. Dr. Dre, gets cuffed and patted down at his own home, because a white motorist lied on Dr. Dre saying he had a gun on him.

The story: Dr. Dre tries to pull up to his home and someone on a motorcycle was blocking his drive way. Dr. Dre tells the man to get out of the way. The man does, but started yelling and cursing at dr. Dre and even started saying racist things like “ Here comes another black guy with a gun”. So Dr. Dre pulls out his phone and stated recording the man saying all of this stuff about him.

The white man calls the police on Dr. Dre, as Dr. Dre pulls up into his house. He told the cops Dr. Dre had a gun on him.They show up, cuff him and patted him down.  The cops found that he did not have a gun. 

And People wonder why we call rappers like A$AP Rocky stupid for saying they don’t speak out against things like this happening to black people because they have some success on their hands so they aren’t a part of that kind of black community anymore. “They don’t live that life”

Well here you go, The richest rapper right now and one of the most successful, Asap rocky is nowhere near this kind of success, and he still has to deal with shit like this. And there are people who actually think A$AP was saying “truth” when he said that mess.

Thats stupid as hell, nobody is inevitable. All you have to do is be black.

The physician does not come to the sick man and say, “You fool! How did you get this way?” He does not berate the sufferer for lacking strength. Even the person who has willingly brought harm upon himself finds in the physician an ally, a true helper, one who offers care and hospitality — not an accuser or judge. The physician — at the least the virtuous one — does not shame the ill, the hurting, the broken, the diseased, even when poor habits of living or risky choices have precipitated their decline. This is because his mind is fixed elsewhere, on envisioning, somewhere beyond, behind, and beneath his patients’ present infirmities, the wholeness and health that could replace them. Instead of fatalism or apathy, he exercises hope. He looks backward only for the sake of moving forward. He is compassionate. He takes a stand for the transcendent value of human life. He fights for it wherever he sees it threatened.

And so it is with Christ, our divine Healer. He seeks our good. He seeks our renovation and repair. While not ignoring the causes of our troubles, his labors are restorative, not punitive. He wields a scalpel, not a sword. He knows our histories, he sees our wounds, but in his able, healing hands these are not determinative or predictive of our fate. His interventions go deep; they recast futures. He sees in us possibility, redeemable substance, souls still fit for long-lost paradises.

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I'm a mess with my mental illnesses (Yup, plural) and all I can think is how no man wants a woman who is a mess and a failure. I always wanted to get married but I've lost years of my life to mental illnesses and who wants a woman with hefty baggage? I'd love to have a partner to help me through my darkest nights because I feel so unloved. (Yup, we all have Allah, but sometimes the heart needs human sympathy and love to be able to see the good in things) Any words of advice?

Hi hope you’re well. Living with a mental illness does not make you a failure and the best treatment for a mental illness is to see your doctor. Also if you have a mental illness, marrying someone you love will not remove it, however you do have that someone to turn to when you’re at your lowest, which is a benefit. And someone who turns you down based on your illness, you’re better off without them than they are of you. Many people live with mental illnesses, they’re in your social circle, but you won’t be able to tell because they’re good at hiding it, so don’t worry you are not alone. Mental illnesses can be treated but the first step is accepting your illness and to put your trust in God by seeing your doctor!

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URGENT! my boyfriend is struggling with his transition. Today an ex of his was harassing him and used his dead name, it set him back pretty bad and he's feeling completely defeated and ready to give up. He feels like no one will ever actually see his as a man. His family is against him and it doesn't help him any. I'm almost the only encouragement he has but it's not enough. Help me encourage him please

His ex knew this would hurt him. I suggest that he cuts them out of his life immediately. If I listened to everyone who told me I wouldn’t be a man then I would be living a very sad life.

Words, pronouns and what an ex says doesn’t define him as a man. My family does not support me in my transition, my dad and mom tell me I will never be a real man because I am too small. You know how he can be a man? By not giving up, by continuing with his transition and showing him that despite their words he is going to respect himself and be true to who he is and continues with his transition. He might not be a man in their eyes but dammit he is a man and he’s going to press on whether they see it or not.

Best of luck, I hope he feels better.


I really can’t describe how inspired I am by Candice LeRae. She’s got something about her that really strikes me as amazing. She’s pretty and one amazing wrestler. She makes me want to be the best version of myself, watching her is awesome she proves that against man or woman she can beat anybody. One of my reasons to live is Candice LeRae because she’s 110% amazing at everything she does and there isn’t going to be a time in my life where I get sick of seeing her. Never stop being awesome Candice. ❤️

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“He is just what a young man ought to be,” said [Jane], “sensible, good-humored, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!–so much ease, with such perfect good breeding!”

“He is also handsome,” replied Elizabeth, “which a young man ought likewise to be, if he possibly can.  His character is thereby complete.” 

- Pride & Prejudice, volume 1, chapter 4

Plotwist: The only one who actually escaped the fire that fateful night, was Mary. Badly burned and traumatised, she’s been trapped in a coma ever since, living her worst nightmare… her sons growing up as hunters and her husband turning cruel… but she can’t wake up, because she knows somehow that if she does… she will never see her boys again.
Supernatural is a comforting lie she tells herself, to avoid thinking of how her sons and husband were stolen from her by a demon seeking revenge.

…the angels and demons were only introduced after she began inexplicably coding every so often due to the nature of her injuries.
Every so often a strange man in a tenchcoat comes to sit by her bed, urging Mary to wake up, or let go of the false dreams… because only when she lays her weary head to rest, can her wayward sons ever know peace.

When to Bring Up Intimacy?

by Brook Urick

**Addressed to Sugar Daddies**

We all know why you’re here. At some point you probably want to have sex with a hot girl who you might never have met otherwise. I get it. But there is a certain amount of tact that goes along with exactly when to bring up intimacy.

Understandably, you’re on the site because you don’t want the strings and restrictions that come with traditional relationships. Most women on SA are busy starting their own lives, so that mentality is fine. However, that does not excuse you from assuming women will respond favorably to sexual advances before you’ve met.

So when does the sex start?

Similarly to how you want to get to know her before you start spoiling, she wants to learn about you, hopefully that you’re a good man, before deciding if she’ll sleep with you. It’s bad form to ask in messages if she will have sex with you, and even more degrading (and not to mention illegal) to offer her a set amount for sex.

It is okay to ask if she’s comfortable being intimate at some point. Some Sugar Babies are not interested in sex, though they do have other value to add to someone’s life. I know it’s a revolutionary idea: to think that women have something to offer other than their bodies. Believe it, friend. Women on SA, just like everywhere else, want you to prove your worth before getting in her pants.

But then… when does the sex happen?

Each arrangement is different. Some people will hit it off right away and want to rip each other’s clothes off. For most, it should come a bit later when you’re both sure it’s the right move. Blatantly begging for sex has a similar effect as a desperate Sugar Baby begging for money; it’s not good form and will not lead to a lasting arrangement.

Sex should be an aspiration, not an expectation. The relationship should feel real and not forced, and intimacy should evolve naturally.

One more thing: do not use offensive and overtly sexual references when communicating with Sugar Babies. They are no more responsive to that behavior than any other woman. That means keeping the dick pics to yourself, gentlemen

Honestly, one of the most frustrating things about Islam is the way it looks down on women. At a very young age we are taught to be submissive and that men are more important. Our lives are based on learning how to please our future husbands. Girls growing up in a muslim community are faced with constant reminders of what a husband wants and does not want in a women. Any other aspirations a girl might have are shoved aside, because nothing is as important as being a wife and a mother. As a matter of fact, that could be considered as the only valuable thing a woman can achieve. Its almost as if a women’s existence is purely to fulfill the needs of a man. Anyone could find proof of this kind of sexism quite easily by reading a few versus in the Quran or some quotes by the prophet Mohammed.

A verse from Quran:

“Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, … Good women are obedient. … As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34

A quote by the Prophet:

“If a husband says to his wife to transform a yellow mountain into a black one or turn a black mountain into a white one, she should obey his orders”.  < The Hadith means that the woman should try to perform the hardest of the hard job assigned by her husband.

There are many more versus and quotes that demean women and the list of reasons that prove this religion to be sexist and unfair towards women could go on. It is more than obvious the degree of sexism encouraged by this religion.

I wish there was something I could do to help other women that are forced to abide by this sexist religion. It’s difficult when I’m not even able to help myself at times. I know from first hand experience how frustrating and depressing it could get; living in a society dominated by men. When the religion and culture feeds this imbalanced distribution of power, it can be very lonely and sometimes feel like no one is on your side. I find it difficult to comprehend that so many women accept a religion that sees them as lesser beings. And to be constantly reminded that women make up the majority of the “Hell Fire”. This has been used countless times by men as a distressing threat towards women and the main reason behind it is even more disturbing.  

As highlighted in this quote by the Prophet Mohammed:

“I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are women.” They said, “Why, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because of their ingratitude (kufr).” It was said, “Are they ungrateful to Allah?” He said, “They are ungrateful to their companions (husbands) and ungrateful for good treatment. If you are kind to one of them for a lifetime then she sees one (undesirable) thing in you, she will say, ‘I have never had anything good from you.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 1052)

This is an obvious method of allowing men to have more power over women. The fact that there are more women in hell, simply due to women being ungrateful to their husbands; to me is an obvious ploy to force women into accepting all the bullshit they have to deal with from men. It’s disgusting how blatantly sexism is emphasized in this religion. If you are unable to see through that and acknowledge that Islam is an extremely sexist religion, then I am sorry you have to live with believing it, especially if you are a woman.

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I was wondering about straight people playing gay, then read someone saying well does that mean that gay people should not go for straight roles, which can be an interesting point, I don't know?? On the other hand, I'm straight and have never ever experienced prejudice and hate because of who I am, so who am I to make claims about it... Regarding that, how fucking awesome is that Luke Evans a gay man, is playing Gaston? :))))

The problem is we live in such a heteronormative society that like 99% of roles are written as straight characters, so when gay actors are looking for roles that’s pretty much all that’s on offer to them, and then there are gay roles most of the time they’re taken by straight actors (who then get praised for being so brave and progressive or whatever). 

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Top 5 Guilty Gear songs?

I’m gonna sort these into vocal tracks and into the non vocal tracks! Q v Q 
((Oh man, this was actually kinda super hard;;;))
Vocal tracks:

  1. Freesia
  2. Storyteller
  3. All I Can Do
  4. Divide my Heart
  5. Icarus
  6. Break a Spell (Doesn’t really count cause the opening JUST came out with the Intro yesterday;;;;)

Non-Vocal Tracks:

  1. Does the Sheep count the sheep? (I have to say that to this day, it is still my favourite song, even out of the older ones, not even because it’s Bedman’s theme, but I think I enjoy it because of how it starts off really soft and gentle then it just… that drop. The Live version is super good too.)
  2. Vortex Infinitum (I liked the Holy Orders? As well, but Vortex Infinitum takes the cake <3)
  3. Marionette (JUST. LEMME JUST SAY…. THIS SONG. THIS ONE. To give Elphelt a song like this and not bubbly like May, and not overly delicate, I was so ready.)
  4. Holy Orders [Be Just or Be Dead] (All forms, but Holy Orders III was my favourite, I cried tears of joy from listening to it the first time) & Magnolia Eclair
  5. Original Bet (Cause Johnny’s boss. Always boss.)

Oh wow. This was actually really difficult. But hey! These are my favourites!~ I made sure to link them as well in case you want a quick listen!~ <3
Thank you for asking me this!~ <3

Does anyone else..?

Re read this scene and want to cry?

 Kanda has changed sooo much since we first saw him. He was all like “I’m not going to help you” and didn’t want to give Allen the time of day. Now look at him! He does so much to help Allen. Both because he cares about him and because Kanda admitted he did wrong, and is doing his absolute best to fix it….I mean it’s practically his only reason for living!

And these two pages from chapter 217 show how badly he wanted to tell Allen multiple somethings (probably “thank you” but i’m still hoping for an “I love you” in there too) and chat with him but he didn’t and now he might not have the time and it makes me so sad. Because they need this chat. Both of them.

Allen needs to know Alma died happy. Or happyish at any rate. He tried so hard for those two and Allen deserves that last bit of closure. Just like Kanda deserves to be able to tell Allen “thank you”


I think about Allen and Kanda’s relationship a lot. And not just in a “I ship these two way”. I mean in a “I love these two so much as characters and their relationship is just fascinating to watch.”