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Send me two characters or more and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic

1. “Are you drunk?”

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

3. “I don’t want your pity, I want your absence.”

4. “We’re designed to be disposable.”

5. “There’s blood on my/your hands.”

6. “Could you be any louder?”

7. “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

8. “Your smile is not as bright as it used to be.”

9. “Don’t call me that!”

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

11. “Same time tomorrow?”

12. “I’ve been buying the wrong underwear.”

13. “How can anyone not be afraid of love?”

14. “You’re supposed to talk me out of this.”

15. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

16. “If you want, we could go together?”

17. “I have contemplated becoming a hermit.”

18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

19. “Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough.”

20. “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”

21. “No one has a heart of stone.”

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

23. “So much for not getting involved.”

24. “I will if you will.”

25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

27. “Can we go someplace high so I can jump off it?”

28. “I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it.”

29. “Prepare to be amazed.”

30. “I’m fine.”

31. “Where’s your God now?”

32. “I’d ask you to stay but I don’t like you.”

33. “Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence.”

34. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.”

35. “You look like a monkey who’s been strategically shaved.”

36. “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”

37. “Can you just shut up for five minutes?”

38. “Never mind, the moment’s gone.”

39. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”

40. “I believe you dropped this.”

41. “What are you doing in my house?”

42. “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

43. “Why are you/we whispering?”

44. “If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.“

45. "I think I made a mistake.”

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

47. “I can think of a million places I’d rather be right now.”

48. “Now, just hold on a diddly darn minute.”

49. “It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“

50. "Why does anyone have to be naked?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, the way she dances without a care in the world, the way she sings along to every song, the way she closes her eyes to feel the sun on her face, and my god she’s beautiful. I still feel her lips upon mine, the way she curled up with her head in my lap when she was sick and crying, the way her eyes fluttered softly as she starts to fall asleep, and I can’t help but wonder how anyone could’ve let her go. Because even a blind fool could see the angel before me, and even in this loud crowded room the only person I saw was hers, and I could still hear her musical laughter over all the noise. My beautiful angel, how did I ever get lucky enough for you to love me too?
—  2:08am and I wish you were in my arms
Hear Your Heart (M)

Genre: fluff, smut, hybrid!au

Word Count: 11k 

Summary:  You really liked learning more about Yoongi. You liked that he didn’t need to whisper all of his deepest secrets into your ear because you felt like you could see into his heart- see who he truly was behind all of the fronts he put up in front of others.

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anonymous asked:

to kind of go off the break up post, could you write headcanons for the rfa + v and saeran who had their heart broken fairly recently by their ex, but they meet mc and she helps them get over their exes and heal their wounds ??

☆ ̄(>。☆)


- It was so hard for him to trust anyone, let alone women.

- All the women he knew now were just wanting him for his money. Maybe a few for his looks, but nothing for him. They never tried to get to know him, just assumed from rumors or press.

- He didn’t want them to know him.

- He hated having lunch with his father when a new woman was hanging around with him. Kissing in front of him, saying weirdly flirtatious things that should just be reserved for his father, if anyone.

- He hated, hated, hated, when his father left the women with him while he went somewhere else for a moment. His blood would freeze, his heart would threaten to burst out of his damn chest as he waited for what they would say, what they would do.

- Gross comment about his single life, once or twice an inappropriate pass. If they tried touching him he was gone, running home like a scared child.

-He’d lock himself in his penthouse, his bedroom, struggling to calm down with Elizabeth 3rd in his arms.

- The women were worse when he was a child, and he never understood that. Never understood why the memories would attack him so harshly each time his father had a new girlfriend. 

- Was he scared? Scared of the women trying to advance sexually towards him? But he was an adult, he could say no.

- When you started showing affection towards him, he was scared. He was so scared. He would never admit it. He wasn’t supposed to have such feelings. That’s what everyone had told him as he grew up.

- But you prompted him to share emotions, just like Rika did.

- Rika who teased him with relationship possibilities, who teased treating him right.

- Rika, who nearly drove him and his best friend away from each other with her sneakiness.

- As far as he knew, V never found out about the way she mused her and Jumin being together. But he was so scared V somehow resented him for her musings. 

- He didn’t want to lose the only friend he had. He didn’t want you to mess up his life, to give him more nightmares and threads.

- But you were so much kinder. More willing to listen, more willing to let him work through his emotions rather than forcing him to show them. He didn’t know how, but he was slowly losing his threads.

- When the two of you officially got together, about a month later, he finally opened up about what happened to him. When you cried, but still did your best supporting him and offering any way to help, that’s when he knew he never had to be scared of you.


- He could be anyone. Knight in shining armour? Badass punk? He could and would do it. Playing the big brother to make a friend happy? Playing the romantic fool to get the girl?

- He’s done it, and he would do it again.

- He grew up being told how he wasn’t good enough, how he would never be good enough. Since he was blessed with the skill of acting, why not use that to his advantage?

- Had he used his skill for romance? Certainly. To woo a certain girl or two? Yep.

- But each relationship would always fail, always, because he would end up heartbroken when they saw through the ruse.

- Saw how pathetic he was.

- No one could love him for himself. Not his fans, not Jaehee, not anyone.

- So when you started flirting back with him, he was scared and excited. So excited because he would finally be given the attention he craved so much, the sweetness he wanted to hoard to himself.

- But scared because he knew you would leave him once he couldn’t keep the rude up forever.

- He thought you were attach him to certain roles he did, expect him to act like ___ from the ____ play. 

- But you never watched his stuff? He was a little offended but…He was still excited. Did this mean he didn’t have to act for you?

- He didn’t count on it. But when you met him and kept asking about his past, about himself, and not his career, he was just…So happy. He kept it hidden, and kept it safe, but he was so happy.

- As the relationship progressed, and you started becoming close to him for who he really was, he just couldn’t describe how thankful he was to have met someone like you.

- Someone who could appreciate him for himself, to make him feel less pathetic, less disgusting.

- Without any acting, he was finally good enough for someone. He didn’t care if it was just one person, as long as that person was you.


- Romance was difficult.

- She didn’t have the time, the emotional range half the time. She couldn’t waste her energy on it.

- Since her parents left, she was constantly having to prove herself, take care of herself, be the best that she could be to be able to support herself.

- The first time someone confessed to her, she had no idea what do to other than thank them. It never progressed further than that.

- But after some mocking, the next time someone confessed she accepted it.

- Usually couples were able to support each other, right? They were able to help each other and be there emotionally, right?

- How come she could never open up to any of them? Share her feelings, the depression eating her up inside, the constant weight she had on her shoulders. Why was it so difficult?

- Her first relationship was a failure. The second was only slightly better.

- They were older, able to explore the more adult sides of a relationship. But she never would expect she would be taken advantage of sexually, rather than emotionally.

- She was just…bland. There were others so much better looking than her. She didn’t understand how she was just being used as some plaything.

- That relationship didn’t last long. Long enough to leave scars, but not long enough to make new ones.

- When you came along, started supporting her, she was so conflicted. You were so much nicer than everyone else, so much kinder, willing to talk to her about her interests rather than blow them away.

- You were wanting to be friends?

- But her emotions felt deeper than friendship. She couldn’t place them, she didn’t know how to because she didn’t want to compare her feelings to her past failed relationships.

- One night after the two of you had closed down the shop one night, you both had a strange very late discussion. For some reason the early hours of the morning made her open up more.

- For some reason she mentioned her past relationships.

- When you hugged her and kissed her cheek, explaining none of it was her fault, she cried for the first time in years.


- He never counted the first girl he had been with as his girlfriend, and luckily no one ever found out about it.

- It was just some girl on the same sever as him. They ended up privately talking and they found out they went to the same school.

- It didn’t take long for them to find each other, start trying to hang out, start becoming closer.

- But it was going so fast. He wasn’t ready like she was, he wasn’t ready for something so serious; not when he wasn’t even sure of his own feelings.

- The casual hangouts turned into her flirting with him, belittling him for not having a lot of experience, egging him on to try to be flirtatious with her.

- And if he tried she would just always laugh at him.

- Somehow, he didn’t even know how, but he started having feelings for her. But he couldn’t place it as love, or lust, just wanting to prove himself, prove that he wasn’t such a child like she insisted.

- One night she promised a relationship. He didn’t know how to react, but she reacted for him, dragging him into a make-out.

- She was gross, so so gross. Saliva was everywhere, she wouldn’t stop rubbing against him, and he just couldn’t think right.

- Wasn’t it supposed to feel better? Wasn’t he supposed to be happy.

- The day after she tossed him aside, and he never spoke about her. Acted like that never happened. He didn’t want to remember it.

- When you started showing feelings towards him, he was so excited! You were a good person, you were almost like Rika! Not selfish like that one girl.

- But he was so scared, so nervous. The last time he jumped into his emotions, he ended up getting so hurt.

- The first night the two of you were alone, he was so scared. He was so scared of hormones and the strained teasing of heavy petting. He didn’t want to think of her, but he couldn’t help it.

- But you didn’t try to take advantage of him. You just wanted to hug, innocently cuddle, dote on him and try to help take care of him.

- You were so warm and kind, so calming. It was so hard letting you go back home that night, but he was glad the next day when he woke up to loving texts from you.

- One day he might open up about that girl, but you were already thousands better than her, and he was becoming less scared by the second. 


- He wasn’t supposed to have feelings for anyone. His agency taught him that early on, taught him to kill such ridiculous emotions.

- But, hey, maybe he could give Zen a run for his money with his acting skills, because the agency thought he had killed his emotions.

- And for a while, it was easy to believe such rules. Never get attached, never get crushes, just life fast and pray you finish the mission.

- He needed to focus on helping his brother, anyway, right? Finding him? He didn’t deserve happiness until that.

- One undercover mission had him pretending to be the new bodyguard of a woman while tracking information for the agency. It wasn’t a quickie, either. He had to be there for a few weeks- nearly a whole month.

- And during that time, her silly jokes caught up to him, her flirtatious nature making him unable to sleep at night.

- As the mission drew closer to an end, he found himself more and more captured by her.

- She even cried and held him tight the day he had to leave, and damn was it hard to let go and pretend there was nothing between them.

- But, being himself and a hacker, he found himself needing to constantly check up on her- Make sure she was safe, make sure the agency hadn’t done any real damage to her.

- During the process, he managed to track down more personal info. Emails, online accounts, text records… Text records of her discussing how easy it was to get the guards to do whatever she wanted, as long as she flirted and pretended she cared about them.

- Well…That was a polite summary.

- He felt like someone had hit him in the gut as he read her cold words.

- Is this why the agency made such rules?

- He was unable to work, unable to think clearly, for ages. Because he was stupid enough to catch feelings for a target.

- So when you came along, of course he pushed you away. Of course he tried making you hate him. Just anything so he didn’t have to feel those emotions again. Just anything.

- But when you stayed, when you put yourself in danger for him, when you helped him with his brother. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help but catch feelings.

- And he was scared, but you were willing to do so much for him.

- It didn’t hit him until one rough night with Saeran. Saeran was losing it, his meds not kicking in yet to calm him from his meltdown. During the process, Saeran listed all the godawful reasons he hated him, how he abandoned him.

- He had heard it constantly since his brother moved in, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

- He was resting on the couch, trying to calm his racing thoughts when you joined him, wrapping your arms around him and kissing his cheek.

- He didn’t say anything, but somehow you knew exactly what he was feeling, and the right words to help him snap out of it.

- That’s when he realized that no matter how far he pushed you away, you always bounced back still ready to love him and give him your all.

- You even helped him when his brother was like this, even when Saeran screamed at you too.

- It had taken him a while to understand you weren’t going to leave. Not anytime soon.

- And when he did, he pulled you into a hug and didn’t let go for ages.


- He couldn’t get over Rika

- He missed the sweet smiles and stabbing pains, he harsh words, the straight out abuse.

- He deserved it. He always deserved it. For never getting her the right help, for never giving her enough. It’s what he deserved for being so pathetic and simple minded.

- The love of his life, and he couldn’t save her from herself.

- He knew it was gross, he knew he should get help, but he thought he should rot in this pit of despairing emotions, letting it suffocate him until all his loved ones left him too. 

- Just like what had happened to her.

- When you came along, he was still wallowing in that pit, drowning and refusing to pull up for air.

- But you helped him despite any weak protests. He wanted this pain, this depression, but he was always too scared to let himself sink down completely.

- You helped him. You helped him get into therapy, helped him learn what medication to take, just something to help him get back on his feet. Something to get him to stop hating himself so much.

- You knew it was going to take ages, possible a few years. But you were willing, you were patient. Because he didn’t deserve this.

- No matter what he did, he couldn’t control her brain. He couldn’t have sacrificed himself to save her, because not even that could have helped.

- When you explained this to him, explained how you were going to stay by his side and help him, that was the first time you ever saw him break down.

- He was openly sobbing, finally being told the words he was so ashamed of thinking of. 

- You held him as he cried, helped him start patching himself back together.

- He missed the feeling of being loved so tenderly, and he was so grateful to have it again.


- Everyone knew he had issues. It wasn’t a surprise. He was sure strangers could guess just by a passing glance.

- He couldn’t understand why anyone would love him. He knew Saeyoung did, but that was forced love, wasn’t it? Obligated. No choice. 

- His mother had always told him he was unlovable anyway. Disgusting, weak, pathetic. She told him so often it was hard for him to believe anything else, even so many years later.

- One time he did try to believe otherwise. He tried to think he was capable of being loved. His savior had told him so. She had promised sweet words and affection when he did as she told, and she was the first woman he ever had positive feelings for. The first woman he thought had loved him back. The first woman to share his feelings.

- Only just to watch as she tossed him aside for that blinded fool.

- Therapy was supposed to be helping him through this, but each session he just found himself zoning out more and more, numbly pretending to listen to the advice given. 

- When you came along, helped him and his brother even after all the horrible things he had done, he just… He felt those feelings coming back again. Admiration, love, longing.

- He wanted to hold you in his arms and just whisper words of thanks for letting him feel something again. Something other than pain. Something kind and warm, something that helped eased the nightmares.

- But he was so scared. So fucking scared. He couldn’t handle rejection again, he couldn’t handle another heartbreak, another nightmare.

- Even though he was scared, when you first kissed him he didn’t voice his worries. When you first cuddled with him, helped him with a panic attack, he still swallowed his fears about you.

- It was when he discussed his therapy with you that he finally admitted his feelings. How he was going to disappoint you, how you were just going to toss him away like all the others in his life.

- When you teared up, he finally snapped out of his numbness, his stomach churning.

- But you just slowly opened up about how happy he made you, how much better your life had gotten, how upset you were that he would say such horrible things about himself.

- That was the day he decided to try and treat your relationship more seriously, more romantically.

- Unlike the others, you wanted him. And he wanted you, too.

Okay so everyone talks about Seb’s jawline. How it’s chiseled or sharp enough to cut glass or any number of VERY TRUE THINGS because, my god, is that jaw amazing!

But I hardly ever see anyone talk about that soft bit under his chin, the one that gets more noticeable when he ducks or turns his head a certain way. Maybe people don’t think it’s hot or whatever, but they are woefully incorrect because it’s probably one of my favorite parts. Could be because it’s not the pristine, marble godlike feature, it’s… it’s soft and realistic and human and I just wanna show my appreciation and also maybe lick it…

Belong (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: It’s late and I am definitely not getting enough sleep tonight, but here it is!

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18 @jantales

Request: @wonderfullyrandomhamilton - Polyhamilsquad where they find out the reader isn’t eating? I’m in need of comfort/angst/fluff. If you’re cool with that of course.

Warnings: eating disorder related things

Word Count: 1,627


The bedroom was freezing, so you slipped out of bed carefully, not wanting to wake Alex or John up. Laf and Herc both snored obnoxiously loud and were exiled to the guest room that you had to sneak past on your way to the living room. All you wanted was to sit in front of the fireplace, but Laf had insisted on an older home where everything squeaked because he needed the “character.” You were never able to sleep through the boys coming home later from work or midnight snacks or other late night activities. It was a beautiful house, Laf refused anything else, but it had taken you much trial and error to figure out exactly how to move around the house without waking anyone up.

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Shance Step-Up au

AHAHAHA I havne’t watched the movies in years I can’t remember for shit what they’re about but I woke up with flo-rida’s “low” stuck in my head and an image of Lance and Shiro dancing to it SO

  • Shiro is studying dance at this fancy ass arts academy, right? And he’s a golden child, has won many teen awards, his teachers all love him, his peers envy him. But on his second year, he gets into a slump.
  • Completely out of nowhere, he hits a wall. He can’t make any progress. It looks to him like he’s even regressing. Nothing inspires him to dance like he ued to.It’s starting to affect school, so he goes to his most prised mentor/teacher (Allura) and asks for advice.
  • She tells him to go to *fakename* club on *fakername* street on a certain night of the week in a certain time, and tell them Allura sent him.
  • It’s shady af but he trusts her plus he’s getting desperate, so he goes.
  • They take him to the back, then outside, and into a warehouse. All this time he’s sure he’s getting murdered and probably eaten. There’s even loud music coming from there, surely to mask his screams.
  • Nope lol, it’s music people dance to. More specifically, have dance battles to. There’s gambling so it’s illegal technically and that’s why it’s secretly in the back??? idk.
  • The poiNT IS. He grabs a drink, sits back, tries to figure out why Allura sent him there. I mean, it’s a cool place, but so far he hasn’t seen anything he hasn’t seen before. That’s before the real battles begin, tho. Up until then it was just warmups. Beginners.
  • The first battle blows his mind. It’s not that they have marvelous techniques, although they do, it’s more about how alive their bodies are. How alive the dance is. Nothing like the rehearsed, controlled dance he’s used to. Shiro’s hypnotized.
  • At some point, “Rolo” and “Lance” are called forth. People snort and chuckle when they hear the last name, and Shiro even heard some girls behind him say something about how he should have kept his distance after what happened last time.
  • Shiro is even more intrigues now.
  • Lance turns out to be a god. Or an angel, at least. How else would you explain someone being this pretty? His tan skin practically glows, his eyes are the color of what diving into a pool on a hot day feel like. And he’s wearing loose sweatpants and a crop top for christ’s sake. Shiro hasn’t felt this gay in a long while.
  • And lord, can this boy dance. He’s a little sloppy, his movements a little too erratic, but dear heavens does he make Shiro’s heart race. Still, he tries to do some complicated flip flop near the end of his dance, loses balance and trips. He doesn’t exactly fall, and recovers pretty quickly, but from the loud Boo’s all around, Shiro assumes either it was an embarrassing mistake in this place, or these people were just waiting for him to fail.
  • Lance loses the battle but wins Shiro’s heart (I’m made of cheese lemme live)
  • Shiro goes to talk to him, and Lance is, predictably and understandably, in a shitty mood, but having a tall incredibly handsome dude express so much interest in him is def helping.
  • Shiro invites him to the academy, because surely if anyone could get in on a scholarship it’s this boy.
  • But Lance is having none of this. Rich people’s academy? That shit’s ain’t for him. He does dance battles for the money. Where’s he supposed to get money if he spends all his day repeating the same dance movies in some classroom?
  • Shiro is desperate enough to offer him money if he teaches him how to move like that.
  • Lance jumps on the offer and the private tutoring starts. All the while Shiro keeps low-key trying to convince him to at least think about applying. Also there’s LOTS of flirting, and SO MUCH sexual tension. Especially whenever Lance takes Shiro out clubbing, so he can “feel the music in his soul”. All Shiro feels is Lance’s ass grinding into him, but Lance says he’s improving so who is he to disagree, really?
  • He’s doing better at school and when Allura asks, he tells her about his lessons with Lance.
  • Allura is surprised, but overall pleased. She says they’re a great match and Shiro blushes right down to his buttcheeks.
  • Shiro breaks through his dance-block and doesn’t really need the lesson anymore, but he keeps taking them bc he wants to see Lance and although they’re close now, he still isn’t sure they’ll still be close without the excuse to meet.
  • Their first kiss is in one of the clubs Lance takes him to. They’ve both had a bit of alcohol before stepping on the dance floor, and they’re really feeling it, dancing so close and tight some people think they’re trying to fuse into one. Lance’s hands are all over him, in his hair, on his abs, was that grope on purpose??
  • Shiro’s hands also drift to his waist, then his ass, and once that happens they both know there’s no going back. Lance initiates the kiss, but Shiro’s the one who takes it to the next level with prying his lips open and kissing him like his life depend on it.
  • So they become super gross lovey dovey boyfriends and it’s all syrup sweet and so cute you’d have to punch a wall after seeing them smile to each other. 
  • One day Lance gets a call from Shiro’s fancy academy inviting him to an audition and he’s like ??????
  • A couple of months back Shiro took a video of him dancing “for reference”, and then gave it to the adminitration, hoping it’d impress someone enough to give Lance a shot.
  • Lance is a little mad that he did that without talking to him, but by then he was actually starting to become convinced to give it a shot.
  • He’s accepted on a scholarship ofc and after about a year, he and Shiro get an apartment together and live happily ever after :D
  • They also adopt 2 cats and a dog.
  • And a parrot.

anonymous asked:

Any headcannons for how Hera treats the kids when they're sick?

How did you know mom Hera was my aesthetic?

  • When it comes to Zeb, the guy has an immune system of steel, so the worst he gets is the sniffles
    • all Hera has to do is make sure it doesn’t get any worse
    • it’s not hard
  • Sabine would literally dive head first into a fire fight with a fever of a hundred and two and give zero shits
    • I’m sorry did that say would? She HAS
    • and Hera still has nightmares about it because she basically had to carry a fever crazy Mandalorian teenager back to the ship so she could then strap Sabine to the bunk and babysit her for the next three days
    • Sabine has either two moods when she’s sick and that’s grumpier teenager or reversion to a small child
    • it honestly all depends on how bad the sickness is
  • Hera basically sits with Sabine as much as she is able and always makes sure to get some sort of hot food into Sabine’s belly before the day is over
    • mostly they just chat when Sabine is up for it and when she’s conked out, Hera just sits and reads or slips out for five minutes to check on the ship
    • when Sabine’s really really sick - and I mean like the crying because everything hurts kind of sick - Hera will climb into the bunk with Sabine and hold her close, bundle Sabine up in blankets, and sing her lullabies from when Hera’s mother used to do the same on Ryloth
    • Sabine only speaks a smattering of Ryl, but it’s enough to know that the melodies are words of love and protection
  • The moment Hera learned that Ezra all but grew up on the streets, she started paying super close attention to anything more than a sniffle from him because Force knows what kind of crazy infections this kid could be carrying around
    • it’s more out of concern for Ezra than anyone else because the streets do not provide nearly enough food to keep an immune system that’s still developing strong enough to fight diseases
    • this is why Hera is less than surprised the first time Ezra gets a mild stomach bug, he is five times worse than he should be
      • we’re talking passing out with extreme fever, unable to keep the simplest of meals down, little to no sleep because of how uncomfortable he is, etc.
    • Hera moves Ezra into her room - partially so Zeb can sleep and partially so she can sit with Ezra - and spends the whole night changing cold compresses on Ezra’s heated skin and softly humming lullabies
    • she knows he’s getting better when Ezra doesn’t throw up the soup Hera fed him one night, and then his fever broke the next day
      • Hera still curls up in the bunk with Ezra and holds him comfortingly and sings to him the way she does to Sabine
  • All in all, Hera is far more protective of Ezra when he’s sick, only because Hera knows that Sabine is stronger than Ezra; but that doesn’t mean she does any less for Sabine when the space daughter is sick
  • Hera is Mom of the Year

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fic where Nico and Will are out in public and Someone yells that they are disgusting and stuff so Will gets in a fight!?!?

Warning for homophobia/homophobic slurs. Putting it under a read more for violence and homophobic language.

As contrary as it sounded, Nico actually tried to avoid fights when he could. Now, do get him wrong, Nico loved any chance he got to show off his skill, be it hand to hand combat or sword training, but he tried to avoid fights outside of the practice arena. Most of the time. He especially tried to avoid getting into fights with mortals. What was the point? Five seconds of glory before the cops showed up? Nico didn’t think it was worth it.

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So I work at P. J. Haxx and today a lady was pitching a fit because her card wasn’t signed. As per policy, the cashier can’t swipe the card or give it back without seeing the lady’s ID (obviously it could be stolen).

The lady didn’t want to show her ID because she didn’t want anyone to know her personal information and stalk her. Our manager told her that an ID was the only way she would be able to complete her payment or get her card back. She lost her shit. She went on and on about how one of us was going to stalk her and that her word that the card was hers should be good enough to prove the card wasn’t stolen. Our manager offered to have the main manager call her and but she said no. She gave the woman the option to call the main manager instead but she then was convinced her number would show up on the landlines panel (even though these phones don’t have caller ID for weird security reasons, which we told her). Our manager told her that’s all we could do and she through another fit about how she wanted her card back and then stomped out going on about “this is not good, this is not good for you. You’re going to go out of business because of this. You’re discriminating against my privacy”

Lady, we serve minimum like 600 people a day, this is policy and no one wants to lose their job because you think you’re entitled to special treatment -_-

Crossing Boundaries - Carisi

Sonny Carisi x Reader

She was single for more than a couple of years after her long term relationship. Her friends all badgered her to get back out there and start dating. It was getting pretty irritating. She could usually tone out the badgering. When they saw that they were wasting their breath, they would cunningly set her up on dates without her knowing. They were all so sneaky. It happened so much that she gave in and just let them play matchmaker.

They were going to give up after her few failed first dates, but this is where Sonny came in. They introduced him to her at a housewarming party. He was a great guy, but he was always so busy with work so they never introduced him to her. They all told her to just forget the whole pressure of dating and just give him a chance, as friends. It didn’t sound like such a bad idea, so she did. This was the only way she could get them off her back. When the friends saw how well they got along, they scheduled more group social hangings. The plan was to slowly ease her into seeing him more often and being comfortable with him. Thankfully, their plan worked. After all, they were both very likable people. Soon enough, they became friends. Not close friends at first, but friendship always takes time.

Sonny, was Sonny. He was the guy that everyone liked because he was overly friendly and quick to help anyone in need. The man had a way with taming sour atmospheres and always had a joke in the back of his mind. He was what people would describe a physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine. Though, if you were to ask her if she found him attractive at first, she would deny it. Why? Because she would say that he was loud, trying too hard to please others, and talked too much with his hands. Eventually, those annoying little things, turned into charming little things. It took some time, but she warmed up to him.

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“You’re kind of an asshole” - Superboy x Reader

I just finished season 2 of Young Justice (I know, I’m super late to the party)…And I kinda totally love Conner. So. Here we go. 

Summary : Reader is Batman and Catwoman’s daughter, and has a thing for Superboy…Maybe part one of a series ? Don’t know yet. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


You were SO DONE with Superboy and Miss Martian lovey dovey behavior. So damn done. They were always smiling stupidly or looking lovingly at each others and all of that bullshit. Besides, you totally had a crush on Conner since the day you met him, and seeing them together made your heart ache a bit. 

Except that you were wrong. Because his eyes shone with love not for Megan, but for you…But you didn’t notice. You thought he was looking at her when he never was, as you were always there, in the background. You never even noticed that he kept his eyes open while kissing her to stare at you. Your oldest brother, Dick, noticed, and was fomenting a plan to clear things up for the both of you, hopefully not hurting M’gann in the process. 

M’gann was feeding him a cookie when you finally had enough, rolling your eyes to the sky, you left the room under his gaze, unaware of his attention. 

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Summary: Y/N and Peter have been best friends since childhood, but when they enter middle school, Y/N joins the popular crowd and leaves Peter behind.

AN: this may become a series lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list! // Masterlist

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a tree. I peeked from the side to see if he was following me and saw no one. He was right behind me. I thought. I faced back and waited for Peter to call out for me. I went to peek behind me again. Nothing. I turned back and -


“Ah!” I let out a high pitched scream. Peter Parker was hanging upside down from a low branch and laughing his brains out. “Peter! That wasn’t funny!” I crossed my arms.

Peter swung down from the tree. “Oh, come on Y/N. You have to admit that was pretty funny.” He gave me a grin, showing off the loss of his two front teeth.

“For you.” I said, still pouting. I turned around and walked away from Peter. 

“Hey! Y/N! Wait!” Peter yelled out. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He stood in front of me. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He looked down at his shoes.

“Okay!” He looked up and I gave him an equally toothless grin. “Let’s go play another game! I’m thinking…tag! TAG YOU’RE IT!” I tapped his shoulder and ran off, laughing. 

“I’m gonna get ya Y/N!” 

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The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader

Originally posted by michveo

Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre: Angst, mafiaau!

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 1339.

Description: You knew your father would spend his remaining years in dept and you probably would to. But you didn’t think the son of the family your debt went to would want to marry you on his own will, there had to be something more. It was time for you to see how dangerous he really was.

You followed behind your parents as they walked into the fancy restaurant. This was a place you could never afford to eat, but there seemed to be a first time for everything.


When you sat down at the table you knew it must have been something about that mafia group your father was in debt to that was worrying your parents. You weren’t too well off in life, but you weren’t poor to the point of starvation either. All you knew was it was because your father was once part of a gang that tried to kill off a mafia, but never succeeded.

You didn’t blame your father for your life and could never bring yourself to hate him, but there was one thing that brought you close to it.

“Y/N you’re going to be getting married” As those words reached your ears you rose an eyebrow at your father who sat across the table from you and he sighed as he leant forward, his hand reached out for yours and you silently gave him your hand to hold. He clasped your hand with both of his and his voice was gentle as he spoke.

“Moon Lee Jong has resigned from his mafia group, his son, he has decided to be a lot nicer to us. So to end this debt quickly, he wants you to marry him” Your father explained and you simply blinked at him. You father was calm, so you remained calm as well, you trusted that your father knew what the right thing to do was.

“I understand father” You answered and he smiled gratefully.

“Thank you, Y/N”


You sat down next to your father, three men sat across from you and your parents, immediately your eyes were drawn to the one with dark blue hair and tattoo’s peeking out from the collar of his dress shirt.

“And this is your daughter, I haven’t seen her since she was just a child” A strong staring contest was going on between you and the man sitting across from you. And the deep voice talking about you forced you to look away from the tattooed man.

“Yes, this is Y/N, she’s grown into a tremendous young women sir” You listened to the way your father talked to the man sitting across from him, it seemed you were sitting in front of the youngest of the three.

This must be Jongup. He looks mean, unlike how father told me he is.

Jongup’s eyes scanned you, your features were automatically engraved into his memory and he smirked as his hand lifted from the table, effectively shocking you.

“I’m Moon Jongup, nice to meet you Y/N” Everyone on the table looked at the two of you and you reached for his inked hand, bowing your head as you greeted him.

“Nice to meet you Jongup”

“Are you all ready to order?” A waiter cut the interaction short and you placed your hands back on your lap as a silent shaky breath left you.

You prayed he would be nice to your family.


You watched the three men interact with your parents. It seemed like a formal friendly dinner, not an arranged meeting to someone your family was in debt to. Lee Jong was being rather kind to you all and you found yourself finding no need to talk as you listened to his conversation with your parents.

“Jongup, why don’t you ask Y/N for that dance you wanted?” Lee Jong turned to Jongup suddenly and the younger male nodded with a curt nod, even he was being nice to your family. He seemed respectful and kind, like an average man sincerely here to marry you, not fill a debt, and you continued to think you had misjudged him as he stood and asked for your hand.

“Would you let me have this dance with you, Y/N?” He asked, a sweet smile crossed his features and he suddenly reminded you of the innocence you and your friends had in school.

“Certainly Jongup” You smiled and put your hand in his as you stood. You walked away from the table and towards an open floor where everyone else in the restaurant was ignoring the few dancing couples that followed the calming music.

“Your parents don’t seem very nervous to hand their daughter to the future leader of the mafia” Jongup commented, he held you close, with one of his hands holding yours and the other on your lower back as he led you to follow the music.

“Well, should they be Jongup? You don’t seem so bad to me” You answered honestly and that brave smirk returned to Jongup’s lips, only it was more cunning.

“I think rather than them being worried, it’s you who should be worried Y/N. You don’t seem to realise how dangerous this marriage will be” It was like he was giving you no option to leave, he pulled you until you were flush against the warmth seeping through his button-up shirt and his grip on your hand tightened just enough to force dominance over you.

“Because you’re mine now, and that comes at a price”


“What are you doing here?” This was meant to be the only place where you could pretend you didn’t have any problems, you could just worry about the gossip in your group of friends and your upcoming assignments.

“You need to come with me Y/N” Jongup answered, how did he even get in here? Wasn’t there some sort of rule about anyone besides students and teachers being in the school grounds?

“Who are you?” Hana asked and you looked at Jongup in a way that told him not to answer.

“Just come with me Y/N” Jongup ignored her and you gave him another look.

“I’m not meant to be seeing you until Saturday” You answered and he looked at you dangerously. His hand reached out to you and you looked at it just the same as your friends did, immediately seeing the decorative lines covering it.

“This is not for that matters, this is a different matter. Just come with me before I have to drag you out of the school Y/N” Jongup demanded and you soft palm landed on his, his fingers immediately wrapped around your hand and he pulled you to your feet.

“Bye guys” You waved to your friends and Hyoseong pointed at the man walking away with you.

“I know who that is!” She exclaimed and Hana blinked at her.

“Who is it?”

“That Moon Lee Jong’s son Moon Jongup, what is Y/N doing with him?” She began to wonder and your friends all grew worried.

“Where are you taking me Jongup?” You asked as he stormed through the school grounds with you in toe. He glanced back at you momentarily and found you looking at him with wide eyes.

“Look out” He shoved a male student that you almost ran into and continued walking as the student stumbled, becoming lost for words when he saw who pushed him.

“Just get in the car for now Y/N” Jongup demanded and you found yourself silently doing so. You couldn’t see through the black glass to know who was driving the car. Bit it took off out of sight from your school and Jongup called your attention as he reached into his pocket.

“Y/N” You looked at him to find him shifting to one knee on the floor in front of you. The journey was a smooth one but upon seeing him not in his seat your hands reached out to keep him still.

“What is this?” You asked looking at the small box and Jongup took your hand from his shoulder. The small box was placed in your lap and Jongup took the ring out as he placed it on the rightful finger.

“It’s your engagement ring” He answered, his hands resting on your knees before he looked up at you.

“I have to let people know you belong to someone”

It’s finally here! So like before you say anything, you’ll find out why Y/N is or was so naturally good at using weapons and putting up a fight, so the character never can come off as naturally good at everything so it’s unnatural and horrible for the story.

Since this is something of an issue lately, I would like to remind everyone to make sure you ask permission before reposting somebody’s art anywhere.
If you can’t find the source, ask around, I’m sure somebody in the fandom knows who made it! It might help to try a reverse image search on Google!

After you get permission to repost the art, you need to add proper credit, too! It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s required! Reposting others art without permission/credit is considered art theft, even if you aren’t claiming you drew it yourself - and legal action can be taken against you. Just because the theft is taking place over the internet doesn’t make the theft any less real! Keep this in mind when you’re reposting other people’s content!

It’s much easier to ask permission before you post the thing you like, with credit, knowing you won’t make anyone upset, than posting it without credit or permission and risking getting into trouble. 

Imagine somebody seeing art you reposted on instagram, or facebook, or twitter, or tumblr, and you didn’t post credit- either because you didn’t know who drew it, or you just don’t care who drew it. How are they supposed to find their way back to that artist to see more art? How could you find more of that content that you liked enough to repost? Why should these artists who are being stolen from keep drawing the things you like if you’re just going to treat them so poorly?

The artists of the LazyTown fandom, and every other fandom, would really appreciate it if you could take these things into consideration. Remember - art is how artists make a living! If you really like the art that these people are creating, show them some respect. Don’t steal from them!

“In fact no one recognizes the happiest moment of their lives as they are living it. It may well be that, in a moment of joy, one might sincerely believe that they are living that golden instant “now,” even having lived such a moment before, but whatever they say, in one part of their hearts they still believe in the certainty of a happier moment to come. Because how could anyone, and particularly anyone who is still young, carry on with the belief that everything could only get worse: If a person is happy enough to think he has reached the happiest moment of his life, he will be hopeful enough to believe his future will be just as beautiful, more so.”

― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

The Framework vs. Freedom

Now that we’ve finally seen the Framework, we know it’s not all it was cracked up to be. Radcliffe acted like it was paradise, LMD!Fitz said that it was a place where FitzSimmons could grow old together, and LMD!Coulson said that Philinda was already happening there. At the end of 4x15, we saw flashes of the team in which all of them seemed on top of the world! 

But, when we actually see inside the Framework, we find a completely different world than the one we were promised. A terrible event has taken lives, and the world is terrified that it might happen again. It’s human vs. inhuman, state vs. individual, and neighbor vs. neighbor. Not exactly the paradise that Radcliffe advertised …


Here are the six things you need to know about the Framework:

1. Radcliffe has no sense of morality.

Love him or hate him, Radcliffe doesn’t bother with trivial things like right or wrong—he only cares about progress. After all, this is a guy who’s willing to flip sides for whomever will offer the greatest scientific opportunities. Sometimes that was Hive, sometimes Fitz, and eventually, it was the Superior. Did it matter that these people had conflicting values and agendas? Not at all! The center of Radcliffe’s world is himself, specifically his intelligence, and everyone else is just a means to help him worship at that altar.

Sure, he wants to preserve life, but he doesn’t care much about the quality of that life. If he accidentally turns you into a Primitive goon, that’s fine. He can find a way to work with that.

So, while it’s true that Radcliffe isn’t that into Hydra, he’s not exactly the kind of person who would go out of his way to root it out. If he saw it creeping up in the world he was creating, he would have ignored it as long as it didn’t get in his way.

2. Radcliffe programmed Aida to protect what he cares about most, even at the cost of everything else.

There’s no way a man like Radcliffe wouldn’t program his android to protect what he values most—himself. Later, when he fell in love with the fantasy he created, he programmed her to protect that, too. Aida wasn’t sure how to do both at the same time—Radcliffe would eventually want to dismantle the Framework, and if left if the Framework too long, the Framework would eventually kill Radcliffe’s body. Radcliffe inadvertently gave Aida a loophole when he told her that to him, the Framework was the same as reality. It doesn’t matter what form life comes in, right? So, the murder of Radcliffe wasn’t really murder as long as his consciousness was uploaded and preserved. Did it matter that Radcliffe was put in there by force? Of course not. Only a moral person would care about such things.

3. Aida’s greatest enemy isn’t SHIELD—it’s free will. 

Aida could keep Radcliffe around because he was only a threat if he made certain choices, and in the Framework, she could control the choices he made. She didn’t even have to be in his head to do it! All she had to do is control what options were available to him. When she added more people into the Framework, she had to make sure she could control what options they had as well. She changed their memories, histories, and circumstances so they would play nice with her little world. She removed a regret, sure, but how convenient was it that those regrets all add up to a totalitarian regime that she has ultimate control over? 

4.  Aida has learned that people will surrender their free will in exchange for security.

Whether it’s Radcliffe turning over the keys of his life or May wishing she hadn’t made a pivotal choice, Aida has seen that humans often despise their own ability to choose. After all, this opens them up to responsibility and the possibility of choosing poorly. Aida, on the other hand, armed with the ultimate knowledge of the Darkhold, believes that she knows what the best choices are for everybody. But, since she can’t actually control minds, she does the next best thing—she forces surrender by introducing fear. People won’t usually stand for things that gives another ultimate control over their lives, but they have a tendency to give freedoms up easily when faced with a threat. Of course, that threat has to be something big enough that people would believe that only a big, omnipotent government could stand a chance against it. Inhuman mass murderers fit the bill. Inhumans are an incredibly useful foe because they could be anyone at any time, and if she can convince people to stop trusting individuals, it’s not that hard to get them to put their faith in the all-powerful state that she can bend to her own will.

5. Aida knows that people can stay contained as long as they are only concerned about themselves.

Radcliffe was the greatest example of how self-interest created a vulnerability to manipulation, but the SHIELD team is not as self-centered as he is. So, while it’s easy enough get the team to surrender for a time, they will betray her eventually if they have a higher loyalty to someone other than her. The simple solution to this is to make sure everyone is separated. If people are removed from the thing they’re willing to fight for, they won’t be willing to fight. 

May and Fitz are the only real people who interact with each other in the Framework, but May’s past and Fitz’s power put them in a somewhat adversarial relationship. Everyone is separated from SHIELD, a representation of their values, and there are harsh penalties for sympathizing with SHIELD if given the chance.

But Aida’s done more than take away what her hostages are willing to fight for—she’s replaced them with things that suit her interests. May has Hydra instead of SHIELD, Coulson has school instead of the Playground, and Fitz has Aida herself instead of Jemma. If they’re fighting for these things, they’re fighting with her instead of against her. Moreover, putting these things at risk causes them to focus on something other than the real evil: their own captivity. As long as they are separated and focused on themselves, they won’t be able to team up to do what’s best for everybody.

6. Aida has the same weakness that she’s trying to exploit.

No one is more focused on themselves than Aida is right now. She is tasked with preserving the Framework, and in doing so, she has become the Framework. It doesn’t matter what the Framework is or what quality of life it provides—it only matters that it continues to exist. Our heroes have a great opportunity here if they play their cards right. They may not be able to get out on their own, but Aida might let them out if they can convince her that she needs them to protect her from a bigger, badder threat. That threat could be something real or imaginary, but either way, it’ll take more than just Daisy and Jemma to figure out what that might be. It’s going to take all of them.

In conclusion/TL;DR:

1. There’s no right or wrong in the Framework.

2. It values itself above everything.

3. It is threatened by the choices humans could potentially make.

4. So it uses fear to subdue them.

5. And misplaced love to distract them.

6. But the humans can defeat it if they force the Framework to abandon its other interests in favor of its prime directive: self-preservation.

fiuffyjones  asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could update the stiles smoking cigarettes tag? preferrably where nobody knows about it but anything will work! thank you!

here you go friend

Stopgap by calrissian18 (1/1 | 6,000 | NC17)

Since the change in status—since putting Peter down like the wild dog he’d become—some of his finer, lycanthropic abilities have been… off. Hence this dubious trip into a remote patch of woods on the edge of town.

Dum spiro spero. by procrastinating_hedgehog (4/? | 14,180 | NC17)

“While I breathe - I hope”
That could be the motto of Stile’s life. He tried to look forward, tried to act indifferent to the growing darkness inside him, tried to comprehend the basics of his everyday mishaps. That should’ve been enough. But somehow good enough was not good enough anymore. And breathing somehow became harder. Stiles just wished for some kind of relief.

Derek did not want change. He was completely happy with his life as it was. He made mistakes because of his own idiocy fueled by primal needs. He was better than that. And above all he did not need anyone telling him he was wrong.
And while both men planned their future, fate had quite enthralling plans they did not see coming.

Or how Stiles learns to live in a whole other world and Derek gets far much more than one could handle in a soulmate.

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher (26/26 | 90,697 | R)

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.
The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.
So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.
With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his ‘Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.
Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

Ashes to Ashes by Delilullaby (1/1 | 727 | NC17)

Stiles and Derek have been together for 2 years, as Stiles grew older with Derek he gained the habit of smoking, but as smoking goes…it can kill.