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day 06 - dancing



Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out


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Roomates au Your OTP?

Shiro fell asleep wherever he was tired. He had done distance flights where if you didn’t sleep when you had a chance, you might not sleep for the next 18 hours. He had been the only pilot they had so if they had to come down off autopilot, he was it.

It annoyed the hell out of Allura.

He wasn’t sure if it was an Altean thing or a princess thing or what it was but she was constantly poking him awake when he fell asleep on common room sofas and reminding him to go to bed. He’d mutter an apology and shuffle off to bed while she watched him with this perplexed look on her face.

She finally stopped bothering to wake him. He’d wake up find her sitting on the next chair over, reading and ignoring him.

“Go to bed, Paladin,” she’d tell him and he’d do as he was told or he’d pull himself up and blink himself awake and sit with her.

“Your clothes get all rumpled when you sleep in strange corners,” she said.

“Is there a dress code in the rec room?”

“Nevermind,” she said.

“I thought you found it a little weird but if it bothers you, I can stop napping in strange corners,” he said.

She gave him a look that he could not make sense of. Her head tilted just a fraction to the side, her lips pressed together in disapproval or confusion but not anger. She was baffling sometimes.

“You aren’t doing anything wrong,” she said.

“Am I annoying you?”


He frowned at her, ran his fingers through his hair a few times because it had to be stuck down and it gave him something to do while he tried to make sense of her. She was still watching him. He gave up. It wasn’t going to make any sense and he was still to dozy to try and make sense of Altean traditions. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands to blot her out because she left him feeling half crazy.

“I’m gonna go back to sleep for another few minutes,” he said.

“Mm,” she said as thought it meant something.

He flopped back down on the sofa and faced away from her and let himself drop off to sleep because it was easier than making sense of it

[Dear Shiro, she thinks you’re adorable and doesn’t know how to tell you that you make her lose her mind when you’re all sleepy and oblivious.]

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Cameron Crowe was chosen by the Azoffs for this interview. He is long time friends with Irving and the family. This is not a typical interview. Of course Rolling Stone would accept some lack of control when it's Harry and they have had horrible press this year. Any time they get Cameron to write for them, it is considered special.

You… really don’t understand how being the editor of an incredibly influential magazine like Rolling Stone works. 

Firstly, regardless of how influential the Azoffs are, the editor of Rolling Stone is the one who makes the decision to have an interview with Harry, not anyone else. 

Irving Azoff himself could very well have made a photo call to the editor saying “you know Harry is about to be hot-shit, you’d be an idiot to miss the opportunity to give him a cover interview” and that might be true, but the editor of Rolling Stone is the one to decide to put him on the cover, not anyone else. 

The Azoffs might have suggested that Cameron Crowe (who by the way, was a staff writer for Rolling Stone for years, and still regularly does their features) might have been the best fit to interview Harry, over any of the other writers there, but the editor of Rolling Stone made the actual decision to book Cameron Crowe for the piece, not anyone else. 

Harry might have been coached, and answered carefully and hedged his responses, he might have had Jeff literally there with him at all times, occassionally jumping in to field questions, but Cameron Crowe is the one who took Harry’s answers and wrote up his interpretation of what he thought Harry meant, and even though he might have written it with an intentionally favourable slant, as a personal favour to his friends, the Azoffs, the editor of Rolling Stone is the one who has final editorial decision on the piece, and they can and would have asked for any specific angles and changes they wanted.

Rolling Stone Magazine doesn’t need Harry, but Harry needs Rolling Stone Magazine, so all the straight, indie-cred, 30-something-guys who take themselves too seriously think “maybe I’ll check out this kid’s music” and end up falling in love with it and him too. Rolling Stone and that interview is going to be part of the reason that Harry’s solo career will be hot-shit, because fame doesn’t exist in a bubble without media.

Sorry, but some people have got to stop acting like Harry is the centre of the universe that all media and press revolves around - regardless of his talent and his connections, they still have to play by the rules. The rules might get slightly tweaked in their favour, but they’re still playing the game, not calling the shots. It’s naive to think otherwise.

Day6 Covers

This is a list of most of Day6′s covers (at least the ones i could find on youtube) but i’m not perfect so if i’ve missed any, miss-named any, or the links don’t work feel free to let me know and i’ll change it.

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Omg Dave Strider is so cute. He has the best bed hair, and when he's waking up, his eyes before he finds his sunglasses, all sleepy, are the Best Thing. And just after he's showered and his hair is still slightly damp, and he smells really floral because he uses Rose's shower gel.


Imagine this: Karkat wakes up before Dave and is sitting in the living room or something. He looks up when Dave walks in and just. JAW ==> DROP

Dave shuffles in because he is still *TOO TIRED* so he’s just. Barely walking. And he’s got this WILD bedhead that goes right to Karkat’s gut because it’s fucking HOT AS SHIT OK DAVES BEDHEAD IS SO GOOD anyway *coughs*

Karkat is like. Dumbstruck. Dave is wearing a way oversized tshirt and boxers and that’s it? And its hella adorable?? His eyes are lidded he’s barely awake but what’s shown of his eyes behind crazy long eyelashes is this BRILLIANT BRIGHT RED its absolutely VIBRANT, they look sort of like bright red rubies and passion and fire and its CUTE AND HOT

And then he yawns and makes a teeny little noise with it like small and cute and kinda kitten like and Karkat just MELTS. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! He says “mornin” bUT HIS SOUTHERN ACCENT SLIPS OUT BIG TIME!! ITS THICK AND TIRED AND CUTE and Karkat just fucking DIES he LOVES DAVE SO MUCH