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“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble

In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!


make me chooset’challa or peter parker (asked by daisyjohnson)


“Arguably, the first being the most important, read it for us, Mr. Simms.”

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Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.


Just look at these two ♥


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What are your thoughts on julvibe?

it’s truthfully not a ship i’ve put a lot of thought into? i know people have gotten more into it after 3x21. i personally think it’s easier to argue cisco having feelings for julian than julian having feelings for cisco based on their personalities and interactions. perhaps julian would return something like that in time, but it definitely would take time. i really see it starting out as an admiration thing of cisco @ julian. but i digress.

Prince!S.Coups AU

This was requested by someone~! So whoever requested it, here you go. I’m sorry it’s not as cute or fluffy as my other AUs ;; 

Dt:  @seung-seoul and @frootscoups because they’re great and I secretly love them but shhhh 


  • Never avoids his princely duties and makes sure that he completes his work with precision and quality
  • Will wear basically anything that makes him look good tbh (and he looks good in anything he wears)
  • Very active and sporty and really likes to spend his time outside so he begged his parents (the king and queen, obviously) to put in a basketball court near the royal gardens
  • Whenever he’s outside in the royal gardens, he always talks to gardener!Jeonghan and tries to convince him to play basketball with him but almost always gets rejected
  • Very greasy. He’s known to the workers in the castle as the “flirty, greasy prince” because whenever he passes by one of the servants he always winks or smirks at them because he just enjoys the way they all get flustered
  • Seungcheol’s father doesn’t like that he basically flirts with all the workers but then he’s also a bit pleased because it means that his son is a charming prince
  • The King starts to arrange for royals from other kingdoms to come over and meet Seungcheol in the hopes that he will find someone he likes and will marry them
  • Tbh Seungcheol doesn’t really like the idea of other royals coming over and meeting him but he doesn’t want to upset his father so he just acts like his normal, charming self and all the royals love him but he doesn’t really show any interest in any of them
  • But then his father keeps pressuring him and he gets really upset so he just goes to the courts and shoots some hoops
  • You’re one of the gardeners and you work alongside Jeonghan, usually tending to the flowers and rose bushes and you spot Prince!Seungcheol playing basketball on the court and you notice he seems a little more upset than usual so you decide to say something about it
  • You just look to your side and say to Jeonghan, “Hey, is the prince alright? He seems kind of upset…” and Jeonghan looks over at him and is like “He does seem upset. Maybe I should go—“ but then butler!Joshua comes over and is like Dino is dancing in the ballroom again, we need to get him out of there before Jihoon scolds him and Jeonghan just sighs and nods, taking off his gloves and follows Joshua into the castle before suggesting that you go and check on the prince
  • You’re kind of hesitant to go over to the prince because you’ve never talked to him before but you know he has a reputation of being a flirt. Plus, would he get upset if you bothered him? You’ve seen him talk to gardener!Jeonghan once and he seemed pretty nice, even a bit dorky, but he’s a prince!! Is it really okay for you to go and talk to him?
  • It takes you five minutes to make up your mind and so you put down your plow and just slowly make your way over to the courts
  • You end up standing there awkwardly for a little while because Prince!Seungcheol is too focused to notice you so you just clear your throat and he turns to look at you, surprised, and tucks the basketball under his arm
  • You’re just like “U-uhm…P-Prince Seungcheol? Is everything alright? Y-you seem a bit upset…” and Seungcheol is just looking at you kind of confused because it is his first time seeing you and you’re covered in dirt and your hair is messy but you still look stunning and he’s kind of amazed and speechless before he remembers he’s a prince and he has to keep up appearance so he’s just like “Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine, thanks. Why? Were you worried about me? I’m honored that such a beautiful thing like yourself would care for me” and you’re just like “I-I..o-oh, uhm..I…I just thought that you seemed a bit upset…I-I..okay, I-I’m just go-going to go now…” and then you speed off red-faced and Seungcheol just laughs
  • Truthfully, he had been a bit upset, but then after you, the cute little gardener, checked up on him he feels a bit better
  • Thinks about you a lot after that fateful day. He knows that you’re a gardener because you were covered in dirt and wore the same gloves gardener!Jeonghan wears whenever he works in the garden (unless you’re just a really really really dirty servant like Dino)
  • Goes into the gardens and just sits next to gardener!Jeonghan, who is planting some seeds in the soil. Seungcheol is pretty silent for a while because he doesn’t know how to ask Jeonghan the question that he has so Jeonghan just goes “Are you alright?” and Seungcheol is just like “yeah, of course I’m alright. Why?” and Jeonghan just goes “you seemed pretty upset the other day. I was going to go and check up on you but I had to make sure Dino didn’t get in trouble again”
  • Seungcheol goes “yeah, it’s alright. A really cute gardener checked up on me….Do you know who it is?”
  • Jeonghan briefly pauses before continuing on with his work and is like “yeah, I know them.”
  • He gives Seungcheol your name and points over to the rose bushes where you’re watering the roses and he hears Seungcheol take a deep breath before he gets up and walks over to you and Jeonghan just watches him leave, wondering what the heck he’s about to do
  • When you notice Seungcheol standing next to you, you bow to him respectfully before continuing to water the plants and Seungcheol just goes “out of all the flowers in this garden, you are the most captivating” AND YOU ALMOST CHOKE ON YOUR OWN SPIT BECAUSE W O W YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING THAT !!!
  • Laughs at your expression because you’re honestly so cute omg stop it he can’t handle the cuteness
  • Comes to visit you everyday in the gardens and acts like his greasy, flirty self and gardener!Jeonghan always watches from the distance with a small smile, like a mother watching her son fall in love with the cute neighbor
  • Seungcheol’s father is still pestering Seungcheol about finding someone to marry like “Why don’t you pick one of the royals that are dying to marry you?”
  • Seungcheol is simply like “I don’t like them” and his dad is like “Why not? They’re all rich, attractive, and have a high social status!!”
  • Yeah, sure they’re all rich. And they look really attractive with their painted faces, expensive clothes and jewelry, and have a high social status, but that’s not really what Seungcheol likes. And he tells his father that.
  • “Well, what do you like?” his father asks.
  • “I like someone who is naturally attractive. Someone who could be wearing heavy work clothes, covered in dirt, have messy hair and still look beautiful because their smile shines brighter than the sun. Someone who is more elegant and precious than the most perfect rose. Someone who acts like themselves no matter if you’re a royal or a commoner.”
  • (psst~ if you didn’t know, he is talking about you~)
  • His father is just like “there can’t possibly be a person like that in the world” but he’s wrong. He is so so so wrong because Seungcheol has met that person before, and that person is currently working out in the garden ((IT IS NOT JEONGHAN, YOU JEONGCHEOL SHIPPERS))
  • Leaves his father and races out into the gardens so that he can hang out with you
  • The King strolls around the gardens one day because he needs a little breather but then he hears laughing and sees you and Seungcheol hanging out by the rose bushes
  • He sees the bright smile on Seungcheol’s face and suddenly understands that his son’s ideal person is actually real and they work for him in the royal gardens.
  • The King goes to ask Jeonghan about you (because he trusts Jeonghan like seriously that dude is an angel and angels never lie) and when Jeonghan tells him how great you are, the king makes a decision
  • All of the royal suitors are called off
  • When Seungcheol tells you the news, you let out an unintentional sigh of relief and Seungcheol is like “what, are you glad that someone else isn’t going to steal me away from you?” and you’re like “w-what??? N-no!! I-I’m just glad that some unfortunate royal won’t have to be forced to marry you!!”
  • Seungcheol just laughs because you’re so flustered and embarrassed and it’s just so cute
  • Jeonghan is not surprised at all that the King called off the royal suitors because he knows what you’re like and you are very very likable. Also, he’s glad that all his hard work paid off
  • What do I mean by “his hard work paid off”? Well, let’s just say that Dino wasn’t actually dancing in the ballroom and Joshua was his partner-in-crime (he basically set you and Seungcheol up but shhh)
  • Prince!Seungcheol is just a flirty, greasy guy who works hard and plays hard. Although he’s pretty confident, he gets a bit dorky when it comes to you. He doesn’t want to meet any royal suitors because he already knows exactly who he wants to marry one day, and he’s working hard to make sure that when he proposes, that person will say yes (the person is you shhh). To him, you’re better than all the royals that want to marry him. You’re more beautiful than all the exotic flowers in the garden, and you’re more precious than the entire kingdom. All he wants to do is hang out with you in the gardens and admire how beautiful you look in the sunlight

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