because honestly i was going to give up on this show

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is just so healthy in so many different aspects. Not only has Viktor proven time and time again to motivate Yuuri to do his best and not give up on skating, but even in the little things, which are sometimes the ones that matter most. If it hadn’t been for Viktor’s comment to Yuuri before Minami’s performance, the poor kid wouldn’t have been able to get over his nerves. He would have been just like Yuuri was in the past. It cost Yuuri nothing to motivate him but a simple statement and this meant so much to Minami, with Yuuri’s support he was able to skate at his best. This anime is just so amazing because it shows us how one simple gesture, (or in the many cases with Viktor) one simple touch can encourage a person to do wonderful things and to be the best version of themselves they’ve ever been. 

Haters Back Off - Little PSA

I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards Timeless recently. Reading people’s comments and reviews about the show have been bothering me a ton. It absolutely irks me reading comments that say Timeless should be cancelled or not renewed.

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(I’m a Supernatural fan too, sorry)

Listen here, I understand everyone has an opinion, I’m not saying you HAVE to like Timeless. All I’m saying is that if you don’t like the show, great, don’t watch it, however, don’t wish it’d be cancelled or not renewed. That’s rude and honestly disrespectful to others who DO watch the show, who love the show and are completely invested in it. There are people (like me) who look forward to every single Monday just because they know Timeless is going to be on.

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Timeless is a refreshing show. It’s comedy, romance, science fiction, mystery and history all wrapped up into one show. A lot of people have been giving Timeless crap for not getting history “correct” which is a little false because they have an actual historian on set with them through production. Besides, nobody currently on Earth knows how history went down to the exact moment, so, please.

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The acting on this show is phenomenal. It’s surprising how believable the acting can be at times, from facial expressions to teary eyes, these actors and actresses sell their roles. If they’re crying, I’m crying. If they’re smiling, I’m smiling. So, don’t try to bring this upon the amazing actors and actresses who try their best to bring a great performance every time.

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Now to the actual show. Oh jeez, so many reasons this show NEEDS to stay on air and why so many people love it. The storyline doesn’t exactly have a set plot, it gives the writers so much freedom and creativity to do whatever the hell they want with the show. There are so many historical dates, times and periods they can go back to. This also teaches viewers history they didn’t know (speaking as a Canadian who never learned American history). The relationship between the time team and side characters is incredible. The time team has already built such a strong foundation, a friendship they can rely on. Not to even mention the Lucy x Wyatt relationship, which brings me back every week.

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I feel like this show is the only one I’ve watched that has such an innocent, fresh and all in all adorable love story. It’s the slow burn that’s killing us viewers and bringing us back in for more each episode. The history is another amazing element that makes me want to come back, the thought of “where are they going this time?”. Along with the unknown of this show, Rittenhouse, Flynn, Lucy’s whereabouts, Wyatt’s wife etc. The unanswered questions are what bring us all back for more. So please, again, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Don’t go around the internet hoping it gets cancelled. There are many of us out there who love to watch this show every Monday night. So, please, let our angst be relieved and our questions answered, as I proudly wait for Timeless which SHOULD be renewed to come back on air.  

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I really felt like drawing TOS, so here’s the result! I like how this drawing turned out because although I had some good picture references, I didn’t have much to go with for Jim and he proved pretty damn hard to draw. But I got there at last, and I can honestly say that I love both Jim and Spock’s expressions. Spock seems very neutral about everything but if you look closely, he has a Mona Lisa-ish almost smile. And after a lot of erasing and re-drawing, I finally managed to get that soft, fond expression Jim tends to give Spock. I imagine these two are already in love, even if they haven’t said anything. I’m sure that Jim often shows up to see what’s going on in the science labs and to chat with Mr. Spock. And even if it’s a little hard for Spock to work with someone leaning on him, he wouldn’t dream of asking Jim to leave. :)

Does it ever hit to you that if a single line wasn’t said by anyone the story would have gone in a completely different direction?

“Just get naked” is a funny one and yeah, very silly. Reading it without any context makes no sense but that’s what makes KLK what it is. of course a odd line would be vital for its story development. The point is, in this scene Ryuuko was about to give up because she just couldn’t take it fighting with Senketsu anymore. The embarrassment being seen with its synchronized form was just too much and the idea of “getting naked” would never cross her mind…. if it wasn’t for Mako.

This line and the very own Mako is what made Kill la Kill what it is. I honestly have no idea what would have happened if this didn’t happen but it certainly made Ryuuko snap out of it and say “I finally get it now. I have to get naked”.

I can’t believe I just saw someone call Magnus a “manipulative piece of rice”. I don’t give a shit about the manipulative part, I’ve never read the book or watched the movie/show and I can’t say shit about it. But did you honestly think you could call him a PIECE OF RICE and get away with it??

Let’s talk about how you’ve just reduced what I’ve heard is an amazing character and excellent rep for Asians and queer males (fairly certain someone said he was bi on my dash once but I don’t keep up with SH facts) to a grain of rice. I’m going to assume right now that you aren’t Asian because there’s a 60/40 chance you could’ve gotten away with it if you were hating on your own people. You could’ve been David So-ing it and I’m just overreacting because I only got two hours of sleep.

Listen, sweetie, honey, cupcake, sugar pie.. I don’t give Fifty Shades of a Fuck if you don’t like Magnus, I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like Malec. I do give a fuck that you called an Asian character a piece of rice as an insult.

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Hello! Saw the requests were open and decided to request. RFA + V & Saeran react to an MC who has had back surgery and suffers from pain plus is self conscious about it. I had surgery for scoliosis and honestly am super self conscious about the fact that I have a long scar down my back and avoid wearing anything that shows it. Thanks in advance!

So sorry to hear. We hope you feel better soon, and hope these brighten your day a little. :) 


  • It came up when he suggested you guys go to the beach
  • You were avoiding it for awhile
  • He finally got annoyed because he knew were hiding something
  • You blurted out about your surgery and the scar and how you were self conscious
  • He understood the feeling
  • He didn’t want you to give up fun things in life because of it
  • So he does some research and helps you to the degree you can handle
  • He’ll help pick a swimsuit that covers your scar
  • Looks up remedies that help with the pain
  • Huge support to you on good and bad days


  • He planned to take you to an amusement part as a surprise date
  • You felt really bad, but you had to tell him you couldn’t ride most of the rides there
  • Your back probably wouldn’t be able to handle it well
  • He was beating himself up for not knowing about your back problem and surgery
  • You told him it was fine since you had been silent up until then
  • He tries to make it up to you and does whatever you can do in the park
  • Even it’s just playing those arcade games
  • He wins you a huge stuffed puppy
  • “If you’re in pain and I’m not there, you can squeeze this for comfort!”


  • You two liked to jog in the park every once in awhile together
  • She noticed you’d start out strong, but slowly lag behind
  • She watched you for a few weeks, and finally confronted you about it
  • She said she figured out you had scoliosis from your symptoms
  • She had a mild case due to desk work all those years
  • That’s when you told her about your surgery and the pain that happens every once in awhile
  • She’s patient and tells you when you need a break, even when you want to keep going
  • She buys you heating pads for when the pain gets really bad
  • Also has a bunch of tips and remedies memorized


  • You’re wearing a big t-shirt around the house
  • It kinda sags in the back a bit, exposing some of your scar
  • Jumin happens to notice and freaks out
  • He asks what happened and how’d you get it
  • He’s just super worried
  • You explain your condition, and he calms down a lot
  • But you can bet he’s already researching on how to care for you
  • He has the best doctors do check ups on you and help you through physical therapy
  • He even bought you one of those massage chairs that was safe enough to use for when you got a bit better
  • Really calm when you get pain in your back, and does whatever he can to help


  • You hadn’t told him anything about it
  • And you two usually have those play fights that are mostly tickling and ends up with him “throwing” you onto the couch
  • Only this time, when he picked you up, you started screaming in pain
  • He put you down and panicked
  • He thought he hurt you and was feeling really guilty
  • Once the pain died down, you explained  that it really wasn’t his fault
  • You explained about your surgery and back problems
  • His over-protective mode activates
  • It’s really hard for you to do ANYTHING as he’s always swooping in to help
  • You eventually find a balance, but he’s still careful with you


  • He’s very observant
  • He can tell when you’re in pain and can tell when you’re self-conscious
  • Very blunt when he asks if something is wrong
  • You explain about your back
  • He helps you on the rough days, but he’s also pushes you to get help
  • Really supportive of you getting physical therapy and strengthening your back
  • He sympathizes with you when you talk about your scar
  • His tattoo is a scar of his own
  • You both comfort each other in this aspect


  • He can’t see, so you weren’t as worried about your scar
  • One day, when you’re really tense, you ask him to rub your back
  • His fingers brush across your scar, and he asks you about it
  • You’re a little embarrassed but you explain the whole situation
  • He doesn’t act any different
  • He doesn’t make a big deal about it
  • But you can bet he still pampers you on bad days
  • You both continue living your life around his blindness and your back pain
  • Giving support to each other just comes so naturally 

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

1. There is so much that you will accomplish in your life, and believe me when I tell you that you are going to amount to great things.

2. So many people in the world are filled with hate. I honestly hope that you will help stop the hate, by first starting to love yourself. I hope you discover who you want to be.

3. I want you to be happy with whatever choices that you made in the past because at one time or another that choice is the choice that you wanted. But, remember things always happen for a reason, so don’t get to upset when things don’t work out the way that you want them to. Something better will come along. It may not be immediately, but it will come.

4.   Remember to keep you head up even when you feel like everyone is forcing it down. If you fall down get back up. Never give up on what you love just because someone disapproves or you are trying to impress someone, what you love is what makes you, you.

and lastly,

5. Please remember to smile again.  Even if it is stormy in your life right now, and it feels as if the world would be better with one less person in it. Even the darkest of storms pass because the sun will always come out again.

—  Things I’d tell the younger me, but never got the chance so now I keep an open letter to you, my dearest daughter. 45/365

What the hell is going on?

Episode 14 didn’t really help in giving us more clues about the royal family background and about Sun Woo. I had 1,654 questions before this episode and now I have 13,786. 

Going back to my previous thoughts about Ah Ro, I still think they are destroying her character. Finally her wit and her funny story telling showed up again, but they ruined everything in 0.08 seconds. We can pretty much say the whole conflict that happened at the end of ep 14 is because of Ah Ro and I hate that because the only main female character is the one again who messes up the whole situation and watching this makes me feel ashamed that yet again this is how they portray women. The Princess and Ah Ro as the two main leads (+ the Queen) all they do is making bad decisions, cry, look weak, and end up being victims. I honestly dislike this so much but I often see this pattern in K-Dramas (especially where there are love triangles) and I think it truly pulls down women in general. But that’s another discussion…

At the beginning of Hwarang I was more on Sun Woo’s side. He was a humble young man who hated the Bone rank system, who had a difficult life, and who slowly fell in love with Ah Ro without being aggressive. This seemed attractive to me, however, in the last episodes I feel like he is losing that side of him more and more. Obviously he still stands strong beside the morals he had at the beginning, but his character is getting more and more annoying. It took an interesting turn because now I’m rather more interested about what is going to happen to Sam Maekjong. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in his side at all, but whenever I see Sun Woo’s grumpy face (no offense for handsome Park Seo Joon, I know it’s just what he has to act), it just makes me frown, because I’m getting disappointed by his actions and now I start to feel more sorry for the Faceless King. 

Sam Maekjong at the beginning was an arrogant, pushy, royal born guy who I didn’t necessarily like that much. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Hyungsik portraying him, I would have even felt hate towards him, despite my interest in his story line. But recently he is changing as well to me, but more towards the positive side. And I feel so so so bad for him. Especially because he might not be the king.

Which leads up to, who is the real faceless (even nameless) king?

So we all know what Sun Woo did at the end of episode 14 and we all (probs) disagree with his action and we wanted Ji Dwi to stand up for his true title. However, this might not be too much of a mistake. I think from the beginning we noticed that there is just something mysterious about Sun Woo’s true background and about the relationships and conflicts in the royal family. And now we get more and more hints. Maybe it is a choice from the writer and the production team (though sometimes I doubt the writer would be that smart). The fact that even after 14 episodes Sam Maekjong is still not revealed as the king even when he had his god damn chance not once, that maybe tells us something. Also the fact that in the Hwarang house most of the guys think that Sun Woo is the king, the officials think he is the king, and now he announced himself as the king. Yes we don’t know it for a fact that he is the true king, but I feel like all these lead up to that he will turn out to be the one. I also read many theories how he is the son of a concubine (who the Queen made her to be gone(?)) and the late king of Silla, while Sam Maekjong is only the nephew of the king, therefore cousin of Sun Woo. This is an interesting theory, slightly confusing as well, but it might be true, though that follows up to some more problems… or one problem, Sam Maekjong

If Sun Woo turns out to be the king, I think Sam Maekjong’s life will be over pretty much. All his life he was preparing to be the king, that’s the only thing he knows and had as a goal. He is also going to lose Ah Ro because we know she doesn’t love him. He never had a real family. The only family figure for him was his bodyguard (who is honestly such a sweet human bean, like when he was crying in ep 13, I was crying with him and my heart was so warm), but he probably wanted his mother’s care instead. The only thing that might stay with him is friendship. Because I’m sure at the end Sun Woo and Sam Maekjong will make up for this whole revenge and Ah Ro love triangle, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for Sam Maekjong to not give up on life. I also have a feeling that he might die towards the end, and I’m not ready to see Hyungsik die on my screen. (guys if it’s really going to happen I’m going to cry a Han River 2.0, watch me). So this is why I think at this point I rather want to see justice happen for Sam Maekjong. And I want him to be the king. Even if he is not the legitimate one to the throne, he has to be the king. He knows how Silla works, he knows how to deal with the officials, he prepared for this all his life, and he wants to be the king (at least on the days when he doesn’t doubt himself). Even if Sun Woo could be a good king too, he never really prepared for it and it would just ruin his relationship with Ah Ro, which I think is the most important for him. So maybe if he turns out to be the king, he might end up giving the throne to Sam Maekjong (if they can do that). 

Now for the fate of King Jinheung, I doubt that they will focus a lot on how this king in real history was so great and how he expanded Silla’s territory and the unification of the three kingdoms. However, I do think that would be a good thing to focus on if time lets them, because (as I read it in some sources) Hwarang played a big role in the unification and this drama is about Hwarangs. So we get back to this argument again, that this drama focused WAY TOO MUCH on the love triangle and Ah Ro, whereas there are lot more important and main points in the history of Silla, King Jinheung, and especially the Hwarangs. I know this drama is not here for a Historical documentary, but they didn’t do as much for the potential of the Hwarang story line, as it was promised.

So I don’t know guys. I still like Hwarang obviously, but to be honest, if I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the cast and the cute bromance and Ban Ryu love story line, then I think I would have stopped watching this. It just really bothers me how there was so many potential with this, especially with the great actors and actresses that we have here, but they didn’t make great decisions plot wise and story unfolding wise. We still have six episodes left, and many interesting things can happen in basically six hours. But I feel like it’s going to be the same like with Moon Lovers. Towards the end it might get worse because they might rush the end and even kill some loved characters. (Also I’m going to be sad when it will be over because I’m going to miss this cast, and while many of them will have upcoming dramas, for our lovely Taehyung it’s not going to be soon to seen him in a role again as he is always so busy :(  ) 

This became extremely long, I’m so sorry. So if you read this I’m really thankful and I really appreciate it. ^^

Honestly, whether Nygmobblepot goes canon or not, I’m going to watch Gotham regardless. But, tbh…it seems just odd that they would make a huge deal of Os coming out to say he loves Ed. Remember, nothing in this show happens for no reason. How many parallels and how much foreshadowing have they done in the past???

Look at one obvious one. Edward killing Kristen Kringle’s bf because he was abusing her. (Let’s face it; he was in the way…period.) and boom! They were in a relationship a short time later. Oswald had Isabella killed because she was in the way. If this is truly a parallel, doesn’t that mean Isabella was out to hurt Ed? I mean, she kinda already did by making herself look now EXACTLY like K.K…that was just plain WEIRD.

How many parallels have their been? I mean really? And foreshadowing galore? I’m not ready to give up hope for this ship yet. However, the entire show is amazing and the whole cast is fan-bloody-tastic!

Sour cherry scones

Merry Christmas! I’m the secret santa for @bazyounumpty. Surprise. So I wrote a little fluff fic because we all need a little fluff in our lives. I could honestly not remember if baz had eat sour cherry scones in the book or not so let’s just pretend he hadn’t. Sorry if it’s terrible!
Warnings: none
Pairing:snow baz

It’s not that baz didn’t like sour cherry scones, in truth he’d never really tried them. I know it sounds bad given who his boyfriend was but when said boyfriend scarfs them down before anyone can even look at them, it’s hard to get your hands on one. But today that was going to change - Penelope and Simon had gone to an art show that was going on outside of the local collage, leaving baz curled up in simons full sized bed in an apartment that was not his, giving him the perfect opportunity to head down to the bakery a few doors away. Simon swears up and down that he didn’t pick the apartment because of how close said bakery was, and baz did not believe him at all. He always insists that they stop in for a scone before they go anywhere or do anything, “Simon we’re going out to dinner”“what do they say baz ‘life is short eat dessert first’” baz considered punching him that day.
Now do to Simons obsession, the baker recognized baz the second he walked through the door, a little old lady with rainbow glasses and an oversized sweater, who smile took up her entire face.
“Oh Basilton, you just missed Simon, he must have left less that 20 minutes ago.” Of course he had. “How are you my dear?”
Baz smiled with his lips pressed together, “I’d like a sour cherry scone, Jesse.” He skipped the pleasantries altogether, knowing she would find this more interesting than anything baz could say about the cats or how Simon has been talking in his sleep recently.
In all the months baz had been coming here with Simon he had never gotten a scone, even going as far as to decline when Jesse had asked if he’d want one. The reason: baz had told Simon he hated sour cherry scones. He didn’t mean to per say, but when Simon had offered him one with a smile that was two big, he knew he’d be teased mercilessly the second he took a bite, so baz had told his adorable boyfriend that he didn’t like sour cherry scones, and the response was priceless “you don’t -you -ehm- HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SOUR CHERRY SCONES THEY ARE THE FOOD OF THE GODS!” everytime baz would bring up not liking the scones it he would get around the same reaction, so really baz couldn’t resist.
But now he was here, at the bakery with a scone and tea in his hands and Jesse in front of him with a shit eating grin on her face. He took the booth in the Corner, curling the seat with his book open, he took a sip of tea first relishing in the taste of mint and sugar. Then the scone came, he didn’t stare at it as he lifted it to his mouth instead just continued to read as he bit into it, then he understood. No it wasn’t mind blowing, his life didn’t change because of one bite of a pastry but it was undeniably delicious. The filling oozed into his mouth and covered his tongue, the bread crunching under his teeth. He hardly put it down after that.
“Hey Jesse I completely forgot my phone -” it was Penelope, which meant…
Baz looked up and saw a flash of dark skin as Penelope moved to a table -presumably where she left her phone - and then “baz?” Simon was at the entrance, all smiles and curly hair, his wings and tale hidden by magic to the regular world but he could see them as clear as ever.
He was becoming more aware that he had a half eaten scone pressed to his lips. Simon came over and sat next to him, taking a sip of his tea without permission, at that was when obvious Simon notice he pastry. Simon knew what it was immediately, baz would have to remember to bring that up later, and the red winged boy purses his lip to fight a smile. “I thought you didn’t like scs-es.”
Baz groaned, “don’t call them that ever again.”
“You didn’t answer the question,” simons smile was growing.
“It’s a pastry love,” his arm instinctually went up around simons shoulders, “I’m aloud to have pastries.”
“I thought you said everything I love is stupid.”
“95% of things,” but he kissed the freckled boys cheek.
Simon scrunched his face to create two more chins and lifted his shoulders to his ears, “you like them don’t you baz.” dear god his tail was WAGGING.
The face baz made caused Simon to laugh, intensely.
“You know what this means right? We can eat scones together at breakfast!”
“You’re a dork.”
Simon sat up straight, taking baz’s hand that was resting on his shoulder, “do you want to know something I love that isn’t stupid?”
“You,” he said, pecking the vampires lips, “ and sour cherry scones.”
In the backgrounds Penelope was pretending to vomit.

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Honestly if uta is so strong i mean he didn't even try hard fighting suzuya why did he run away? I think its kinda weird that he would show up and then be like well gotta go, or maybe he knew mutsuki would follow him he did it?

Hey Anon :) Well I’m not in his head, but even though Uta is strong and all, Juuzou still landed what looked like a big blow onto him…

So maybe he retreated quickly, because that was a part of the plan or because he felt like it?

I mean honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Uta does as he wants, but if he really was planning on running away, he wouldn’t have been so chill at Mutsuki stabbing him multiple times. xD

Maybe he would have come back later to attack Juuzou’s side for all we know. He’s a real trickster so I don’t think you should really try to give a sense to all that he does.

Anyway, now it’s going to be Uta vs Mutsuki and maybe we’ll see more of Uta’s fighting strength (honestly seeing him fighting is what I’m here for xD).

Have a nice day Anon!


okay so first imma go ahead and say this, DO NOT PULL A STEVEN UNIVERSE. So because of the newer episodes LOTS of ships have been introduced. This can very easily form shipping wars and fuck shit up. The Steven Universe fandom has kinda gone to shit so please don’t let that happen again. NOW to what I’m actually here to talk about. 

So we have many ships now. The main 7 being    

Now whatever you ship I just wanna put this out there. 

All of these shippings are possible!!! And I mean all of them. 

There is something this show has that not many kids shows do. It gives a try view of how teenage romance works. YOU HAVE LIKE 50 CRUSHES AT THE SAME TIME AND YOUR SCREAMING INTERNALLY 24/7 AND BEING CONTROLLED BY HORMONES. (I myself am a teen and feel this on a daily lol)

So I honestly think that the characters are gonna go through many crushes and relationships before the show is over. Just as high schoolers go through many crushes and relationships before high school is over. That’s just how life works. And where I personally want Tom and Marco to get together and Star and Janna to get together, we don’t know what gonna happen. Remember this isn’t our show. The creator and writers are gonna do whatever the hell they please. Even if it ends with everyone single and pinning for the person right beside them then that’s that. 

And where I REALLY hope my ships become canon (as we all do) I’m not gonna stop watching the show JUST because StarCo becomes canon (my notp srry). And I’m not gonna go I TOLD YOU SO so everyone is Tomco becomes canon. So just please don’t let these ships kill the fandom. The Steven Universe is still trying to recover from our fuck up. And there will be assholes that are gonna scream about how stupid you are for shiping something, just be the bigger person and ignore them. Give your laptop screen the middle finger and go back to your fanfiction. 

I love you all, keep drawing and writing those ships my friends <3

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could i possibly get some headcanons on going clubbing with Aranea? {my gf doesnt get enough love rip}


  • You thought clubbing with the boys was great? BUCKLE UP AND GET FUCKING READY FOR THIS. Aranea motherfucking Highwind is the clubbing queen and don’t you forget it.
  • If she’s feeling it, she’s going to drag you out on a Friday night. And the next Saturday night. Sunday is recovery day. She goes hard.
  • You’ll catch her really dancing dramatically to some Nicki Minaj every time it plays. She gives the full package; hips swinging, arms above her head, suggestive glances from behind her lashes, running her hands up and down her body, grinding on you. 
  • Get ready to melt, and not just because it’s hot in there. Aranea will not hesitate to drape her arms over your shoulders and pull you in for a super heated kiss right in the middle of the dance floor just to embarrass you and woo everyone around you.
  • She’s honestly such a show off. Someone’s dancing on a table? It’s probably her, and she’s got her eyes locked on you the entire time.
  • When you’re getting tired, it’s time for drinks, and being buzzed from some fruity vodka concoction is going to make the whole night even wilder.
  • Her hair is honestly a mess from whipping it around so much, and her shirt is probably wet in some place because either someone spilled their drink on her, or she spilled her own drink on herself.
  • If it was someone else, she’ll probably deck them right in the jaw and get herself escorted out of the club. That’s probably a really good time to just call a cab and head home, but she’s going to be getting handsy in the backseat and freaking pounce on you the second you get home.

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Male s/o with Noctis headcanons

I did my best for this, I hope you enjoy <3


Meeting Noctis’s Friends/Family:

  • Nobody expected you to show up with Noctis
  • Not that they minded seeing a dude
  • They just never knew Noctis swung both ways
  • Honestly its nbd
  • It changes nothing
  • Everyone asks where you’re from
  • What you’re going to do for with your life
  • Gladiolus asks you why you’re good for Noctis
  • Basically it’s like an interview, but nobody is doing anything different just because you’re a guy
  • They honestly could give 10000 shits less about you having a dick
  • They just want to protect ‘night-light’
  • Everyone gets along with you really well and you all have dinner
  • And then they let you and Noctis have your own tent to be alone together
Just caught myself up with season 4 of black sails...

Honestly, I have no idea why i even try anymore with this show XD Part of me wants to hold it close because it’s the last season and I’ve been watching from the very beginning; while the other part of me is screaming and crying because I really want Flint to have a happy ending..(Or at least SOME TYPE of fricken happiness before the show kills my baby ): ) 

I honestly told myself that I was done with this show when Starz didn’t have the balls to follow through with giving flint the man that he deserves *cough cough* BILLY *Cough Cough* BUTTTTT!!!!

Here I am again conflicted after binge watching all current episodes of season 4 and STILL HAVING THAT GLIMMER OF HOPE that Blint might still be canon….Lord in heaven give me the strength not to end myself when the show disappoints me ONCE AGAIN (I swear….Starz is gonna be the fucking death of me..)

Okay- hate me if you will for saying this, but I don’t even care about the plot anymore XD I just want everyone to be happyyyyyyyyy and lovedddd ;A; *Specifically flint and billy hehe..* 

I”VE HAD TOO MUCH ANGST AND SADNESS THROUGH EVERY OTHER DAMNED SEASON STARZ. PLEASE. PLEASSSEEE JUST DO THIS ONE THING FOR ME AND GIVE AT LEAST ONE CANON GAY PAIRING THAT DOESN’T END WITH ONE OF THEM DYING OR BECOMING ENEMIES!!! ( i’m not even talking about blint now; I’m so starved from lack of good representation that i’ll accept ANY AND ALL pairings that would end to any of them just being happy…)


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How are you going to feel when they give Clarke a new love interest?

I won’t care. I don’t watch the show anymore, I don’t follow it, nor do I keep up with the drama - if they stick her with B or with Roan or with anyone, it won’t matter to me

I’ve basically just adopted all the characters that I like from the show, they’re mine now, and whatever happens in the show, happens. In my canon Raven and Anya are soul mates and Clarke and Lexa get a happy ending and nobody dies, the end. No need to complicate it any further than that.

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I just LOVE the smile Mike gives Harvey, and that it was included in the scene, the show, at all. Because I can always count on seeing Harvey's adoration, but it seems rarer to see it from Mike. (In words and in actions, sure, but not so much in looks.) And so that smile was so special and beautiful. I honestly didn't expect to be blessed enough to have it. I don't know if I've ever seen so much love in a look from Mike to Harvey.



like y’all know that i’m firmly on the “mike ross stans harvey specter” side of things because there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for harvey but in terms of just being around him it’s not like it is with harvey. 

there’s not constant sparkly heart eyes aimed @ him, and it was just such a beautiful smile!!!!!!!!




like in my head it’s because he and harvey haven’t had that in so long!!!!

with gibbs and prison and harvey getting him out and mike freaking the fuck out when he did get out, they haven’t been able to just be them together and in that moment, for however long it lasts, they got to just be 100% them. and nothing had changed.

everything else around mike is so different now but he can rely on harvey to be the one constant in his life, the one thing he always has no matter what. and that’s what i think he realized in that scene, or that’s what i like to think he realized in that scene.

harvey is his ride or die. like you’d think it should be rachel but it’s not, it never has been. it’s just always harvey.

and jUst

mike ross’s smile fucks me up okay i can’t cope w/ it at all

#teammarvey xo

honestly in teh when the show blatantly acknowledged sherlock/molly and sherlock/moriarty and just completely skipped over sherlock/john like “???? hmm? what? i can’t hear suddenly i don’t know” is honestly one of the strongest arguments for them actually getting together instead of it being queerbaiting.

i mean, imagine mofftiss are teasing at different relationships for sherlock, eventually to either go with “none” or “a straight one”. johnlock has still been played up and teased 500000x more than either sherlock/molly or sherlock/moriarty, and if mofftiss are teasing relationships, it’s 100% intentional, so it makes literally no sense to leave out the main one in the biggest tease.

like literally what would be the motivation for that? not to give johnlockers more reasons to ship? but that’s not how queerbaiting works. queerbaiting writers and show runners want to give you as much motivation as humanly possible to support those two characters being together, so they make more money and the show becomes more popular. if they’re queerbaiting, it’s not like they have to follow thru, so it doesn’t matter how much motivation they give you: it’s not like making john and sherlock fake kiss in teh signs a binding contract to make them get together later. literally not including a johnlock kiss in teh makes no sense at all if the show is queerbaiting because they just missed the biggest possible queerbaiting opportunity.

Honestly guys don’t give up just cause you can’t do something as well as your idols can!!! Every artist was once an amateur, and when I was younger I used to watch Queen shows and be really upset because I had so much passion to be like they were, but I was always comparing myself to other people and told myself I wasn’t good enough. Obviously no human on Earth is ever gonna be as good a musician as Freddie, but I have some of the first recordings of me singing and they’re awful! My voice used to be weak and shaky and I could barely hit middle C, and I was too nervous to perform in front of anyone. Now I can belt a high C and one of the few things in life I get complimented on is the way I perform when I sing! Explore your ability, let yourself go, and realise no one starts out perfect. It’s all about the journey, darlings :) <3 <3 <3 

I hate being queerbaited. It hurts. We were promised a Sanvers centric episode but of course we didn’t get one. We should know better by now, honestly. We’re just props to them. It’s not fair. I wish I could go back to before I realized I was gay. It hurt a lot less and I could actually enjoy shows. I’m in so much pain. I live with a homophobic bitch of a mother and this was my one escape. I give up. I’m not going to torture myself any more. I’m done with this show. I tried to overlook all of its problems because i was desperate for representation. But I can’t anymore and I have to give up the one escape I have. Life sucks. It was so much easier when I thought I was straight.