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Honestly, I think I could wait until Wrestlemania 34 if it means Roman vs Cena as long as when we’re least expecting it we hear out of nowhere.

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD!

And then you have the camera facing Roman standing there with a smug look on his face, whilst the cameras are scanning the crowd to find Seth and Dean walking through the Mania crowd. The camera follows them and they’re up on the big screen and the crowd is screaming and chanting YES!YES!YES! The announce team look completely confused because they have no idea what is going on, as it wasn’t planned for Seth and Dean to show up. Seth and Dean hop the barrier and refuse to step foot in the ring. The ref is conflicted over what to do and has to start the match for the show to run through its respective time slot. They don’t even have to interfere in the match, all they have to do is stand there, at the outside of the ring whilst Roman fights Cena.

Then at the end of the match, Seth and Dean walk into the ring and stand side by side with Roman. Roman goes and grabs a microphone for each of them and stands in the middle of the ring above Cena and he brings the mic up. “John.. John.. John. Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into.. You’ve thought for the past, 15 years that you owned the WWE, that you were the face of the company. That you were the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Little did you know Cena, you lost that title 5 years ago, when we stepped into the business. The Shield has ran the WWE since day one! Whether we were together or apart, it was still all about us. It was still about The Shield.” Roman then turns to Seth and pats him on the back.

Seth does his signature smirk,“Now, every single one of youse thought that we’d never reform and youse were right. Because The Shield has never left, when you thought we left, that I betrayed my brothers back in 2014 youse were wrong.

Dean then starts playing around with his microphone and does his signature mox smirk,“Now, we played you.We played everyone in the crowd, everyone at home and every. single. person. backstage. It was all our plan since day one.”

Seth laughs,“Dean and Roman, they knew that I would “betray” them.“ The crowd then goes dead silent in shock at the confession Seth just made.

Dean taps his fingers against his chest and looks at Seth and then Roman,“Y'know, there’s a reason I’m referred to as the lunatic fringe and the unstable one. There’s a reason why Seth is known as the architect and Roman as the big dog, theres no one in this business like us three,like the shield and we’re lethal when we’re together.”

Seth let’s out his loudest heel laugh, “It was all our plan, where’s the authority now? That’s right. They’ve been gone for a god damn year, because I single handedly destroyed them from the inside out.”

Roman brings the mic back up,“Seth got rid of the authority, I got rid of the undertaker and John Cena, two of the WWE’s biggest ass kissers. All whilst Ambrose here has been bringing in the belts, whose your grand slam champion?That’s right Dean. Whose your longest reigning us champ, oh yeah Ambrose.”

Dean smirks and brings the mic up,“The Shield has never left, whether we were on different shows we still had our plans and would be together, that’s the benefit of having a house in the dessert. And it’s all worked out, you guys love us and wanted us back and what can I say? We’re never leaving.”

Seth smirks and faces the runway whilst leaning up against the ropes,“ We don’t care how long you’ve been in this business, you can try and beat us but you won’t manage. We’ve ran this place since 2012 and we’ll run this place for the rest of its time.” Seth walks back to the centre of the ring and puts out his fist for Dean to shortly follow,Roman brings up his mic one last time before shouting into it,“You better believe that and BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!” He drops the mic and fistbumps with Ambrose and Rollins all whilst the crowd is going insane over what has just happened.


So the other day I was rooting through my old art folders and I came across this old series of drawings I did in 2003 of the Digimon Tamers era digimon as Jedi. I had pretty much completely forgotten about this until stumbling across them, but I remember how proud I was of these at the time. And honestly I’m still proud of young me for actually following through on an idea because I still have trouble with that, haha. 

I remember the one I liked the most was Guilmon’s, because I loved that pose but always had trouble drawing it but I thought I absolutely nailed it in that drawing. Looking back on it, it did turn out quite well, so 15 year old me deserved to feel proud about it.

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to share this ‘cause I think it was a cute idea young me had. Some folks on my dash are posting old art for Art Remembrance Day so I figured now was a good a time as any to share

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Honestly your ideas are so unique and your own. Your art is sooo fantastic and I often look at it for motivation to draw myself. Ughh please continue what you're doing because you're talented and wonderful and I just hope you get all the good attention you deserve! Upgrade was brilliant and was sooo worth the wait, again you're talented!

Thank you!! When you have fun doing something, it definitely shows

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okay i saw ur reblog about the oc-volturi art, and i just wanna say (if you're still posting art?? or when you get back to it??) i wOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO SEE YOUR TWILIGHT OCS because honestly i love twilight ocs and ocs in general and ur art so so cute i can't handle it and seeing ur ocs with the volturi in ur art would be. so great. so great :,)) also unrelated but: i hope you're doing well my friend!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Okay, so I totally have a bunch; but I just haven’t drawn many of them because I’m still unsure on a lot of their designs, and also there’s a lot to just draw in one go lmao! But I will add a map at the bottom to give you an idea of the covens I have!

The first i have are my two main volturi ocs. I’ve drawn these two multiple times now, but I’m still unsure on how the rest of my volturi ocs are so.. It’s all I got for now. 

  • Carlotta has the ability to teleport, but its such an unstable power that they’re more dangerous than effective in any sense. they’re mute and use sign. (they also have their own tag here)
  • Andrej is another “broken” gift. they have a healing aura of sorts, but honestly its more of a rejuvenating power, and doesn’t really have enough power to heal anything humanoid. they’re a good fighter, though.

These guys are from a coven in Kenya. none of them have special abilities, and they all feed off humans (though they have gone back and forth).

  • Voshkie is a tall super nerd. she’s kind of shy and reserved, but really smart and observant. she’s obsessive and gets hyperfixated on things easy. (glasses because it looks cute thats it lmao)
  • Salene is loud and powerful. she’s really brave and outspoken, even though the others joke about her a lot being so short. also is forever dying her hair. (also a wild activist)
  • Cheyech is bubbly and sweet. they’re pretty similar in personality to salene, but more patient and willing to give the benefit of the doubt. also wants 5000 dogs. (they’ve already got four)

Most of these I don’t have designs for yet! I actually made this map to just give a basic idea of what kind of covens exist beyond the Cullen’s knowledge without giving them too many details yet. however ill try to give a bit of info of some of them though.

  • The Chinese coven used to be a much bigger powerhouse before the Romanian coven struck down their numbers. nowadays they’re one of the Volturi covens strongest allies. (Which might be reason to the fact that the Volturi at some point were afraid they would be overthrown by said coven if they didn’t start an alliance)
  • The Australian and New Zealand covens are both pretty secluded, traditional covens. They’re both pretty old and of few numbers. the Australian coven is unique in the fact that they live in almost isolation and behave freely as vampires (including going out in the sun a lot)
  • In India they have multiple covens living all over. One of them has a member that has a power to produce fire at will and is super fucking lethal to both their coven and any enemies. (basically is op as hell because they’re redundant to their own flames)
  • “cryptic underwater vampire coven” is literally exactly what it sounds like. they live around the same region of Mariana’s trench, and are pretty primal and instinctive because they’re so exclusive to any social behavior. They’re not even really a coven, actually, they just all happen to live in that area and occasionally find one another every few years. Also are a secret to everyone but themselves.

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How do you think shinigami eyes work? I mean, I know generally they'd reveal birth names, but what about legal names or preferred names?

Honestly, this issue really kills me. The rules are absolutely not clear on anything regarding the kill name and only the spin-offs ever address it at all….

My thoughts on this generally are here, on my sideblog.

I have admittedly not progressed much here in terms of personal headcanon because the rules just make me cry a little.

I used to be fond of the idea that the name that you identify with once you start being of the age that can be killed via Death Note is your kill name, but now I am not so sure the name is unchanging.

In the end, Light never had incident with trying to kill someone whose legal name is different from their birth name, so the current legal name probably works?? 

So I’m just ??????. The eyes show the kill name, but whatever the kill name is is a mystery.

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you know what sucks is the crits have almost the right idea. the show really did feel more magical and different at the start of it all and the show does have issues, manly with pacing, and some characterizations or repeated lessons/plots, but fucking christ their aggressive and condescending attitudes just makes me shrug and ignore the flaws because if they're going to talk to me like im stupid why should i listen to a single fucking thing they have to say, ya feel?

oh yeah for sure. I agree the show has gone downhill, and there’s character designs and episodes I honestly despise. But I’m not going to be condescending and put others down if they can still enjoy the show. It’s ridiculous.

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I have issues because the idea of Shallura bothers me now, butttttt..... I can't stop low-key shipping them!! :'c like, I don't ship them as hard, but I still ship them a lil ;n; I have constant internal debates, and I hate it...

yeah like i just love all the cute art and shit for them honestly its so cute and i ship them more from the fanon characterisations of them then the canon ones if you get what i mean????

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Ok let me just say that today is a truly blessed day because of all of the stuff you posted about the Mer!AU and I actually cried when I saw Yuichi, Erik and chubby Yuuri. I'm honestly so thankful for the time and hard work you put into this wonderful and adorable AU that always makes my day better. I'm kind of just screaming internally because this AU has literally every single thing I ever wanted and I will honestly always look up to you.

tbh your constant feedback on my mer AU stuff makes me incredibly happy you have no idea ;0; feedback is one of the few things that keeps me going in a project

thank you so much??? ;;; i don’t know what to say i feel like i’m the one who should be thanking you for all the support and stuff <3<3

*hides face in hands* aaaaaaaa

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i am SO behind the idea of a bookclub bc im kinda new to the phandom (was here for a while, left and now came back) & i have NO idea what the good fics are right now. i just remember reading "two roads meet" by phanlight and "so many stars" but i forgot the author and both of those r SO GOOD! 1st one is V SAD tho, haven't finished the 2nd one but it has such a cozy feeling, cute fluff + english teacher in japan dan pining on teacher phil hard lol

i never read two roads meet because i was spoiled the ending and honestly? it’s better that way.

so many stars is by sara transdimentional_void, and it’s so so so good, sara really is a wonderful writer, besides i feel like i learned a lot about japan’s day to day customs which made me like 50% more interested in the story.

im always marking things for later on ao3 and ive accumulated so much Long things that i cant prepare mentally to read them, im like 100k ): i want instant satisfaction ): 10k pls.
but the ones i have people have told me theyre good, so we could probably read together if yall about that.

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Caryn. Your stories are all wonderful. I'm amazed every time because your style of writing always resonates with me in ways I never thought possible. How you can evoke so much emotion in a single sentence or paragraph is a testament to what an incredible writer you are. And I know that neither of my stories would have been what they are today if they hadn't gone through you first. I guess I just want to say how much I appreciate you, as a writer and beta, but above all, as a friend. Love, T <3

Aw, girl…. this was the best message to get. I’m sick as a dog right now, and you’ve made me smile. <333 You know I feel the same way about your writing… it’s been such a privilege betaing BBE and LT for you, seeing the ways you push yourself as a writer, evolving and raising the bar for yourself with every chapter. And you push the reader, too, and that’s been a privilege as well. Being pushed. You don’t shy away from the hard subjects, and in facing them directly you stay true to the heart of THG, even in AU. Happy fanfic appreciation day, dear. 

And more importantly, thank you for your friendship. You’re one of the kindest, best people I know, and I’m thankful it was fanfic, of all things, that brought me to your doorstep. (In my mental image, I’m kind of like the Grim Reaper, tapping on the door with my scythe. lol). Love, c 

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Your mara/Quinn regency au is amazing, the horse letter was amazing, baras pretending to object to their courtship was amazing, jaessa getting sick because anyone who spends even a moment in the rain during the regency period becomes deathly ill was amazing, and that servant Lucas, his first name wouldn't happen to be George would it? You write words good, it was amazing

Originally posted by wickedchrissy

Aaaaahhh, thank you! I honestly have no idea where my brain came up with the horse flirting. It just… happened and then I cackled for the few hours it took me to write the chapter.

Amusingly enough, Lucas is named after Sir William in “Pride and Prejudice”; it wasn’t until later I realized he shared a name with a certain frustrating founding father of the universe in which we write. (Given Lucas’s obsequious character he probably should have been named Collins, but eh.) I wound up naming another minor character (who we only know by reference; we never meet him directly) after the Gardiners (Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle who take her to the Lake Country). 

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Sadly there's a bit over a year till she comes to visit but she's coming to visit!! We spend a lot of time talking about how excited we are and honestly I can't wait to wrap her in my arms and i'm probably not gonna let go until she has to go home. But I'm really really excited! I play hockey and a part of me hopes she ends up here when I have some form of hockey event either a practice or a game because I want to have her come to something! We have a bunch of date ideas too!! -demigod anon

at least y'all will get to meet! :D

remember the Son of Neptune book where Hazel describe Percy and he was so RIDICULOUSLY powerful and beautiful and terrifying she thought he was god and my son is honestly so strong and must be a horrific enemy and a force to be feared 

…but we forget because we know his inner dialogue is 50% “fuck fuck fuck AHHHHHHHHH well shit” and the other 50% is “I have no idea what’s going on but let’s just roll with it and hope I survive”

And honestly Percy Jackson is 10/10 the most relatable fake adult millennial to ever bluff his way through life. A true icon. The hero our generation deserves.

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I haven't written anything in years and seeing how confident you are with yours is really cool if do you do that.

I failed English twice, then took a really wonderful class on the history of Freaks and Monsters in western literature, learned that pretty much all great fiction is either glorified campfire stories or white men masturbating to their own mediocrity, realized “FUCK. I CAN DO THIS.”, failed english again due to illness and crappy teachers, swore off academia and decided that I was only going to write for my amusement, started a fic, Got a fucking GREAT review on it, re-booted the fic, got in a writer’s circle, and am now publishing nonfiction????

The moral of the story is that 

1. Literature is overrated, esp anything presented in an introductory lit class.
2. Write what you want, even weird alien smut, and you WILL learn something about craft from it.
3.  if it’s a good party story it’s probably a GREAT online story.
4. Fuck Haters.
5. Life is unpredictable, but frequently in awesome ways.
6. Also spite is a great motivator and better than sending anon hate or whatever it is the kids to these days.
7. Befriend and/or Marry someone who actually understands finance.  That’ll help.

Introduction: Hi! I’m Annie, I recently graduated as valedictorian of a class of almost 700, and I’m about to be a freshman at Johns Hopkins (go blue jays!!). High school was some of the best and worst moments of my life, and looking back, there are so many things that I wish I’d done and things that made me successful, so I wanted to share them! Of course, disclaimer, these tips may not apply to everyone!

(These tips generally apply to all classes, but if you have a specific subject you want tips on, I’ve taken these AP courses: european history, world history, us gov’t, macroeconomics, lang, lit, calc ab, chemistry, physics 1, physics c, environmental science, art: drawing, biology, human geography, chinese, and art history. Feel free to message me!)

College applications are a crapshoot- I can’t begin to tell you the number of incredible, brilliant people with extraordinary, international level achievements that got denied at top schools in favor of those lacking those accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean those who got in don’t have qualities that earned them a spot, it just speaks to the unpredictable nature of the college application process. When deans of admission at top schools openly say they could reject all admitted students and build the same exemplary class from the waitlist, or that they have enough qualified applicants to fill 3 or 4 classes with, there’s a certain amount of luck involved. Therefore I urge all rising seniors to go into this process realizing that the odds are not in your favor. I went into the process with too much blind hope, too confident in my ability to be that lucky 1 in 10 (or less) that would gain admission, and I was sorely disappointed. So that leads me to my next tip…

Don’t do things just for your college application- Those slim acceptance rates are the exact reason I urge you not to join things solely for how good they look on a college application. It seems counterintuitive; wouldn’t they give you a better chance of acceptance? However, my point is not to dissuade you from extracurriculars, but rather to commit to ones that genuinely make you happy. As I wrote above, the process is so competitive that even international achievements may mean rejection, so don’t waste your high school experience by dedicating so much time and effort to something that you feel obligated to do.

Try everything your freshman and sophomore year- My biggest regret is not joining clubs where my passions lie simply because I was too lazy or scared of things like public speaking my freshman year. It’s much more intimidating to join as upperclassmen, and you may not be able to participate at all the levels/in all the ways people who have dedicated 3-4 years can. Even if you don’t think its for you (like debate for me because of my fear of public speaking), I urge you to expand your horizons and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Many clubs give you great opportunities to build leadership, public speaking, etc. skills and to find your passions.

Know both sides of the flashcard- I learned this tip from my organic chemistry class, and I’d never though about how useful it is. For example, if you’re memorizing polyatomic ions, it’s extremely important that you know both the formula and the name, as either version may show up on the exam. Not doing this also makes the weaknesses in your memorization evident- whenever I study vocab, I tend to glance at the side with the term and only memorize the definition. This meant that when I was given only the definitions, I couldn’t remember the word they defined, because I was so used to being given the vocab word and responding with the definition. 

The first lecture of the unit is one of the most important for STEM classes- I know the beginning of the unit can often seem like the perfect time to tune out, as it goes over information you’ve previously learned or the easiest material of the topic, but it often forms the foundation for everything else in the unit. For example, the first lecture on a stoichiometry unit will probably teach you dimensional analysis, a skill integral to calculating molecular or empirical formulas, moles or grams of a substance, etc. 

Buy/sell books secondhand- Everyone knows how expensive college textbooks are, but between SAT and AP prep books, and books for English, high school books can cost quite a bit of money too. Unless they redesigned the exam recently, you absolutely don’t need the newest edition of the review book, so buy from upperclassmen and then sell it to underclassmen the following year.

Learn to self study- Unless you’re really lucky, you’re guaranteed to have a teacher who doesn’t teach, teaches badly, or whose teaching style just doesn’t work for you. Personally, I find that self learning, especially if I’m struggling because resources such as textbooks and online explanations, and videos seem to contradict, really helps me understand the topic throughly. In AP bio, my teacher had us create claymation videos on the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis independently. It was incredibly frustrating and confusing because all the resources described the cycles in varying degrees of details, but I felt like I genuinely understood the topic, instead of having been spoon-fed the information and memorizing it. Obviously, this method isn’t very efficient for frequent use, but the key is to try to understand the material independently instead of going to the teacher the moment you hit a snag. 

Keep your backpack/binders/notebooks reasonably organized- When teachers ask for homework to be passed up and you have to dig through mountains of papers in your backpack, not only is that super stressful, but a lot of teachers won’t let you turn it in after they have already collected all the papers. I was definitely guilty of being lazy and just stuffing papers, once I got them, into my backpack instead of taking a few seconds to slide them into a binder, and as a result I got 0s on lots of homework because either I couldn’t find it at the time or because everything was so messy I didn’t remember there was homework. Try to have some sort of organization system going on or at least a homework folder, because those 0s add up and can be the difference between an 89 and 90. 

You’re gonna get senioritis, badly, and that’s ok- I’ve always been the type of person who did every homework assignment and was very focused on grades, so the idea that I would completely let myself ago seemed absurd to me. Don’t underestimate what senior year does to you. I can honestly count on one hand the econ worksheets that I actually turned in during senior year, and I made my first B in a grading period during the spring. I was very stressed about how awful my grades were, but unable to muster the energy to do anything about it. And you know what, it’s ok. It’s senior year, you can give yourself a break. Yes, your senior grades are still important for college applications, so don’t go from straight A’s to straight C’s, but for the most part, all the hard work is behind you. Do keep in mind that these habits may haunt you when you’re a college freshman. I haven’t started classes yet, but based on how little I studied for the math placement exam for my college, senioitis doesn’t magically end when you graduate, so don’t let it get completely out of control during the year. 

Learn how to do math without a calculator- If you take either of the AP Calculuses or the SAT, you need to master this skill because there are sections of the exams that are strictly non-calculator.  Beyond that, when you get to calculus, you’ll be introduced to complicated concepts, where not being able to multiply by hand will drag you down. 

Keep old notes- Not only for finals, but some topics are very interdisciplinary, like biochemistry, so it’s very important that you have a working knowledge of both biology and chemistry. As you take advanced classes, such as for me, taking physics c after physics 1, it will be assumed that you have completely mastered the basics, and they will be skipped or referenced very quickly. It is very useful to look at notes on the basics, which provide the foundation for the advanced material you learn. 

Invest in a whiteboard- Whenever I was learning about processes or cycles, from the Krebs cycle to organic chemistry mechanisms, it was really useful to practice drawing the steps over and over again. Then when it came to the test, I could do a brain dump and draw out the information as a reference. 

Understand formulas instead of blindly memorizing- This basically has physics and calculus written all over it. In physics, you should be given formula charts during exams, and in any case, something like F=ma isn’t terribly hard to memorize. The problem comes when there are a multitude of formulas that are derived from one of the fundamental equations. Of course, deriving from scratch each time is incredibly tedious, but I want to dissuade you from simply memorizing it or storing it on your calculator, because that means you probably don’t understand the physics behind it. What makes physics so difficult and different from any other subject you’ve taken is that every problem will have a slightly different scenario that tests your understanding of the physics behind it. 

Use all the time given to you during tests- I know I hate looking back through my test because I just get so bored halfway through, but missing points because of silly mistakes is honestly the most frustrating thing ever when you had plenty of time to check. Depending on if I have time, I like to cover my original work and resolve the question. If checking answers is not your thing, try slowing now when you first see each question, and checking your work briefly each step. 

Form study groups- Talking about something, especially teaching it to someone, always helped me remember something so much better than reading it on paper. It’s also so important to have second interpretations of the information you’re studying to ensure that you don’t make a huge misconception.  

AP students: released/practice exams are your best friend- Obviously, they’re the best resources for studying for the AP exam, but they’re also a great tool for a hint at what your teacher’s tests may look like. AP teachers have access to tons of College Board material and will often use questions directly from old exams. 

If you start getting confused during a lecture- Many times this is because I didn’t pay attention during the very beginning, so I’m missing that important foundation I talked about in the previous tip. Of course, I typically wouldn’t recommend doing things other than listening to what is currently being taught, but in this case, I would just get more confused and it’s a waste of time. So I discretely go back to my previous notes and focus on understanding them. 

The most stressful part of schoolwork is just thinking about your assignments- There’s always specific period of time that threatens to kill me- a week where I had two competitions simultaneously, in cities 3 hours apart. When you’re taking 7 AP classes at the same time, just reading over your to-do list will make you want to cry. Even on a normal day, as I go to classes throughout the day and my list of homework gets longer and longer, it makes me so stressed to where I’m planning out how to finish everything and I’m no longer listening in class. It overwhelmed me so much that I just wanted to take a nap and avoid school. But every single time, stressing about the work I have is 1000x worse than sitting down and actually going through each task. I find that what had seemed impossible before was very doable, and many times I even finished early enough to relax before bed. Keep a positive mindset, don’t underestimate your abilities, and have the discipline to start working immediately on the hardest days, and you’ll be fine. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the workload that is able to be handled by one person can work for another, and things like mental illnesses are things I have no experience in, so this is definitely just something that worked for me and is not applicable to everyone. 

Best of luck with high school! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!

My AP World masterpost

Asks I’ve answered about school


Reaper keeps trying to send Soldier 76 secret messages via call-in song requests to a radio station they used to like to listen to.

Soldier 76 has zero idea this is going on for months because he rides motorcycles everywhere and doesn’t have a car stereo.

(It’s a point of contention when he finally hears the song in a laundromat or something and figures out where to meet up with Gabe “35 YEARS WE’RE FRIENDS and you honestly thought I’d be driving around in a car?? Why do you think I own seven nearly identical moto jackets?”)

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as long as we're talking about stiles as hale bait, can i just say that i've always wanted to find an au fic in which stiles finds out that he accidentally has dated/slept with like half the hale family? like he and derek meet and start dating and it's totally love and then derek takes him home and oh shit. there's his first highschool girlfriend who things ended awkwardly with aka cousin malia. who has her mom's last name since her parents never got married.

and then cora comes downstairs and oh hey cora! awesome. they dated for a bit in college but there wasn’t much of a spark so it only last a few months and then they actually became total bros. like he’s still really good friends with her? he probably should have made the connection between hale and hale, but he met cora at berkeley and she doesn’t talk about her family that much so it didn’t occur to him. still this is getting kind of weird? and then there’s “cousin” (packmate) erica who stiles

had a brief friends with benefits kind of thing with last year. no big, right? and then oh shit why does that older guy sitting next to derek’s parents and leering at him look so familiar? or right, he met him at a club one time when he was in between significant other’s and they hooked up in the bathroom. and apparently he’s the father of his first girlfriend. awwwkward. stiles has never felt so uncomfortable and confused in his life. why is this happening to him?

what is up with this family and him? is he some kind of hale-sexual or something? he’d been operating under the assumption that he was bi, but apparently all the people he’s ever been attracted to are part of this family. derek meanwhile has wrapped himself jealously around stiles and is glaring at everyone is his family including his parents (who honestly do not have any designs on their son’s boyfriend) and laura. who has not stopped laughing since they figured out what was going on.

I need to read a long fic on this! 

Because at first Stiles is like, “Derek, are you punking me?” 

And Derek is all, “What?” 

“Are you punking me?” Stiles eyes grow wide. “Oh my god. Is this an intervention? Do I do something weird in bed and you all got together to tell me to stop it?” 

“Do you do something weird in bed.” It’s not even a question. Derek has no idea what the fuck is going on at this point. 

“Derek! These people are not your family.” 

“They are,” Derek says. 

“Oh. My. God.” Stiles is three shades paler than usual. “Derek, I have slept with all of these people.” 

“What?” It’s Derek’s turn to go pale. 

Stiles points them all out. “Malia, hi, haven’t see you since high school. Nice blonde girl from the bakery whose name escapes me now and I am so, so sorry, hello.” He swallows and his throat clicks. “Hot older dude from the club.” 

“Peter,” the man says, extending his hand. He flashes a wicked smile. “Peter Hale. I’m Malia’s father.” 

Stiles squeaks. 

Derek bats his hand away and growls. 

“Um, Cora, yep, really should have put that together, I guess,” Stiles says, raking his fingers through his hair. “Um, Isaac, right? From my political science class last year. And…” His jaw drops when Laura grins at him. 

“Laura lives in New York,” Derek growls. “She literally lives in New York.” 

“Second stall in the Terminal Three bathroom at LAX, right?” Laura asks, and gives Stiles the finger guns. 

“Oh god,” Stiles says. 

All in all, it’s one of Derek’s most interesting family dinners. Alan Deaton thinks it has something to do with their wolves being drawn to Stiles, in knowing that he’d be a good fit for the pack. Stiles is mortified, but Derek’s surprisingly okay with it. 

He’s just glad that when his parents finally made it downstairs that Stiles didn’t recognise them too… 

He takes quite a lot of comfort in that, actually. 

😍😢They grow up so fast. They’re already trained to jump out in qeue🐤🐥

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Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata
Art © Anjelzjelly129