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Request- Could you do an imagine with Tom Holland where the reader and Tom get in a massive fight, he leaves but come back because neither want the relationship to end, based off Camouflage by Selena Gomez?

AN- I’m sorry this took so long, but send in songs HERE, and I’ll write imagines to them, because I’m super bored and don’t wanna do homework.


Dead-end streets and boulevards
You threw in the towel, I broke your heart
But there’s a first time for everything
Who would’ve thought you’d feel so cold
And all these memories seem so old
To think you were my everything

“I hate this so much.”

Tom muttered under his breath, thinking you wouldn’t hear from the other end of the room. But with the deafening silence, you would be able to hear a pin drop outside. Normally you would look over the statement, as it was neither directed at you or about you, but all you could see was red, and you snapped.

“If you hate this so much then leave.”

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So I hit 3,000 followers

Okay get ready for me to get really sappy (over a Ted Cruz blog). Aka, get ready for cringe:

Never in a million years did I think this blog would go anywhere. I started this blog on a whim because I was bored and didn’t want to do my homework, and now it’s something I really enjoy and have so much fun doing. I’ve met so many wonderful people and made so many wonderful friends on here, and I appreciate you all so very much.

Throughout running this blog, I’ve received many asks from people saying that this blog has helped them. While these asks really touch me, I’ve always found them slightly ironic because I feel as if it’s really you guys that have helped me. Before starting this blog I was very afraid to speak my opinion because I was scared of backlash, and while I have received some of that on here, the majority of you guys have been so supportive and kind. Now, I’m way more eager to voice my beliefs and stand my ground, and I credit y'all with helping me accomplish that.

Thank you all so much for being here for me for the past 7 months. I love you guys a whole bunch.

-The Girl Behind The Blog (this signature part was added for extra cringe okay I’m done now back to the memes)

Am I not active enough here?….idk….I’m slowly feeling disconnected from everyone…..should I post art more often..?… more covers on certain songs..??……If you guys have ideas feel free to tell me. I’m honestly bored 24/7 because all I do is homework or study…..also…some 2nd trimester tests are around the corner for me so I need a stress reliever….. Honestly…. I’m open for ANY ideas…Even if it seems stupid, I’ll do it….

I love how its made obvious that Wesley is the one who keeps their companionship going. Like walking up to her in the halls and showing her his abs (and asking her to touch them), and talking to her at the party, and touching her when he goes to talk to her in chemistry class. And he looks through her window and sees what movie she’s watching sometimes. 

I wonder if he’s ever saw her watching a movie and watched part and decided it looked good enough to watch. 

Or just watched the movie through her window because homework is boring and ‘hey I just saw a guy get chased by a zombie’

Headcanon that Flowey hates doing math homework because he thinks it’s boring, even if he’s not actually bad at math. He will sometimes put up with language-related homework, particularly reading (I think he’d be a little bookworm), but might not feel up to it depending on how petulant he wants to be and what the assignment is. Any other subject that he knows less about, particularly things relevant to the surface, he actually can be surprisingly cooperative with, mainly because he’s a deeply curious child and actually has interest in learning about all the weird stuff the surface has to offer. If he weren’t so prone to misbehaving he could be a great student, but his attitude gets in the way a lot.

Rereading the hsau because homework is boring and hsau is gold, and oh my god Laura why are you acting like this wtf

- Everything from when they watch the breakfast club - putting a lipstick in her bra? seriously? wtf Laura 

- “Carmilla glances towards the back of the bus and before she has a chance Laura pulls her down. Carmilla raises her eyebrows and Laura winces, “Uh, sorry. The bus was about to start and I didn’t want you to fall down and hurt yourself.” whyyyyy are you so awkward and demanding

-”There’s loud stomping coming from inside, no doubt Laura running towards the door like a pug ready to greet their owner.” stop it CArm you know you love her (you’re the puppy and she owns you so stop) 

-”Laura smiles wide and grabs her hand to lead her upstairs to her room.” why is this already in chap 6  - you’re so thirsty Laura (yeah I know it’s homework, but they’re still doing it on her bed)

- “She bites her lip to stop the smile threatening to break on her face, “And what do I get if I win?” Laura shrugs and turns the game on, “I’m sure I can think of something worth your while.”” whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat stop flirting you dorks

- Carm calling Laura “the tiny enthusiastic heartbreaker” and “She likes Laura.” yeaeaah you do get it Tiger (also “Someone’s whipped.” yes you are)

- “”No, I actually want to slam you against this fence and kiss the straight out of you. Is it mutual by any chance?”” dooo it dooo it dooo it or wait 12 chapters whatever

- “You walked away without saying goodbye. Usually you walk me to class.” whipped whipped whipped

-”Laura: have you heard of faking it? Carmilla: Faking what? orgasms?
Carmilla: Certainly heard of it, never needed to.
Laura looks up from her phone and focuses on her chemistry homework. Her eyes fixate on the word ‘Nitrogen’ while she does everything to get that visual out of her mind.” ….. already, Laura? really?? chap 7?!?! 

-”Laura giggles. Someone just folded like a lawn chair.” you DORK omg