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Not today mv

Okay what the fuck i’m not moving at all since i saw it and I’m probably crying and my lip is bleeding because i bit it omg i cannot what the hell how could they do this to us like jimin wtf your pink hair and leather pants and that striped shirt and yoongi with his fucking tongue technology what the hell get out guys tae jesus christ that hair style and look in general and rapmon and hobi dancing and jin and i don’t even wanna start talking about jungkook because how dare u big hit film this devil so close how dare u bighit film this devil in general i don’t wanna see him dancing or smiling or doing whatever he does it literally kills me i’m not okay rn seriously I don’t know what to do anymore i’m just sitting on the couch without moving and i’m shook af what the fuck big hit

Shortening the Distance: He Tian x Mo Guan Shan fic

(picks-up after chapter 186)

“See you later!” Said Jian Yi, waving as He Tian pushed him out of the door. Zhan Xixi was waiting for him in the hallway.

“Come on, it’s getting late. We have to go,” he said, pulling his friend into the elevator. He Tian unceremoniously shut the door before Jian Yi could get back in.

He turned around. Mo Guan Shan was still in the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes.

They were alone in the apartment.

This was nothing new. Mo Guan Shan had been over many times to cook before.

So why did this feel so different?

Was it because he finally admitted that he loved him? Indirectly, albeit, but he was sure Mo Guan Shan knew what the conversation with Jian Yi really meant.

As He Tian watched, Mo dried off the last plate and stacked it neatly in the cupboard. His face was peaceful, his brows relaxed. He looked like he was daydreaming.

He Tian stifled the urge to call out to him, instead choosing to sit down on the couch.  He flipped through channels absentmindedly until he settled on a show he liked, the one about the detective and his boyfriend.

Now all that was left to do was wait.

A little while later Mo Guan Shan joined him. His eyebrows were drawn, his shoulders tense. That familiar expression crossed his face.

He Tian cleared his throat.

“We need to talk.”

“About what?” Asked Mo, blush creeping up his neck.

“You know what.”

Mo Guan Shan crossed his arms in front of him. “I have no idea what you mean,” he stammered.

“Do I really need to spell it out for you,” said He Tian, rolling his eyes. Sigh. “The kiss.”

Mo shot up from his seat, his face matching his hair now. “What about it?”

“Please, just sit down.”

Mo Guan Shan looked ready to sprint out of the apartment.


The red-haired boy regarded He Tian with suspicion, but reluctantly took a seat.

He Tian took a deep breath. “Listen, I’m sorry.”

He could tell by Mo’s surprise that he hadn’t expected the conversation to go in that direction. He continued:

“I shouldn’t have kissed you like that, without your permission. It…It hurt me to hurt you that way. Can you forgive me?”

Mo Guan Shan was silent for a moment. Then tears started to well up in his eyes.

He Tian panicked. “Are you okay?! I’m sorry I-“

Mo Guan Shan cut him off. “You idiot! I’ve forgiven you a long time ago for that!” He said in between sobs. “But you had to get yourself in that fight…do you know how scared I was? How worried I was you would get hurt! Because of me…because you felt like you had to make something up to me.”

He Tian’s eyes widened with shock. Mo Guan Shan had been worried about him?

“What would I have done had you gotten seriously hurt? How would I live with myself if Shi Li killed you!” Mo Guan Shan sobbed. He was shaking.

He wouldn’t stop crying so He Tian did the only thing he could: he hugged him.

For a moment he was scared that Mo Guan Shan would recoil away from him.

Instead, the red haired boy wrapped his arms around his neck and buried his head in his shoulder. He Tian didn’t know what to say, so he just held him.

Slowly the tension from Mo’s shoulders unraveled and his tears dried. He hugged He Tian even tighter, making it hard for the dark-haired boy to breath.

It took him a long time to let go.

He finally released He Tian from his grip, his eyelashes still wet. He looked worse for wear, but he had finally calmed down.

He Tian squeezed his shoulder. “Don’t worry about me.”

“How can I? How do I know I won’t lose you someday?”

“Because I want to be by your side. And I always get what I want,” he said, flashing a smile.

Mo Guan Shan choked out a chuckle. He had snot all over his face, his cheeks red, his eyes raw.

And he still somehow managed to look cute.

Something broke in He Tian. His internal filter malfunctioned, and he couldn’t stop his words. Or maybe he just didn’t want to.

“If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m in love with you.” Did he just say that out loud? He Tian felt his face get hot.

He had shortened the distance between them. And now he was waiting for a reply.


Mo Guan Shan reached out, his fingers brushing He Tian’s jaw. He leaned in; his eyes open, scared, and clumsily pressed the dark-haired boy’s lips to his own.

He Tian felt like he was floating outside his own body. Mo Guan Shan didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. His response was clear.

He pulled back, his eyes searching He Tian’s face. The dark-haired boy smiled, his heart pacing a thousand miles per hour from the best kiss of his life.

Mo Guan Shan blushed and averted his eyes. “I’m sorry I’m not very good,” he mumbled.

He Tian lifted his chin with his fingers. “You’re absolutely fucking perfect.”

Mo turned and even deeper shade of crimson. He Tian leaned closer, his nose brushing Mo’s. A devilish smile crossed his face.

“And if you want to get better, we can always practice some more.”

But guys, Just imagine...

Ladybug and Chat find out who they are under the mask and instead of jumping right into a relationship they are best friends for a while. Even though they both have major crushes on each other.

And imagine that Nathanael grows a back bone and actually starts to “flirt” with Marinette.

Marinette doesn’t see it as flirting and more as friendly gestures because, Nathanael’s cute stuttering and giving her things like drawings of her and random flowers, is NOTHING compared to Chats intensive complements and attempts to kiss her in the middle of a battle.

But Adrien notices. And he’s not happy. Sure he and Marinette where just friends but watching someone other than him flirt with HIS lady made him more then a little jealous. Though he tries seriously hard to hide it, to no avail of course.

Marinette starts to notice Adriens change of mood towards her red haired friend and asks him about it….

PUFF! Adrien is suddenly a cute blushing and stuttering mess.

Oh god i kill me..

has this already been headcanoned?

Because if it has im sorry,

I Care// Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by kpop-yang

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Yugyeom has realized that the feeling you give him isn’t something he shouldn’t ignore.

Author’s Note: Sorry if this is bad! i’m a little rusty ^.^ Hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

It felt weird; the feeling he was experiencing. He had never really felt this way before, not about another human being.

“Hyungs…?” Yugyeom came in slowly, playing with the sleeves of his bright yellow sweater, a nervous smile on his face.

“Gyeomie, what’s wrong?” Mark asked as he stood up worriedly, the other five boys following Marks actions as he walked over to the young boy.

“No no, nothings wrong, not anymore,” he admitted, looking up at Mark with a wide smile.

“I think I’m in love with (Y/N),”

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Calum - Betrayal Part 5

Sorry this is late, but I’ve finally posed this part. I haven’t reread it so there may be a few mistakes and I apologise if there is, but to make up for it I’ve made it longer. I’ll add links tomorrow, but previous parts are in my masterlist. I hope you enjoy it! Request for the next part to see how sober her reacts in the morning…


Part 1, Part 2, part 3, Part 4

His fingers flicked the indicator and he swiftly turned right into a car park, stoping on an angle in between two bays. The building was large and didn’t reveal much of what is contained.
‘Are you ready?’ He asked smiling arrogantly.
‘Yeah, what the hell.’ I said, swinging the door open. Honestly, I was a bit excited. There was something thrilling about doing things that I shouldn’t be.
'Someone’s eager.’ He said, sending a wink in my direction. I rolled my eyes but it was true. I was eager and excited to find out what we were doing.
He led the way to the front door and pulled it open, standing aside to let me walk through first. Behind the door was a dimly lit room. My eyes adjusted and I realised it was a bar. There were booths and tables dotted around with a wall of dart boards and several pool tables. Two people occupied the room, both of them surrounding a pool table. They both looked up and nodded towards us.
The tall blonde with the lip piercing headed towards the bar, lifting up part of the counter and slipping behind it.
'Hood, what can I get you?’ He asked.
'The usual.’ He said, taking the now abandoned que stick and took the blonde’s turn.
'Well well well, and who are you?’ The other guy said, stepping towards me. He had short blue hair and an eyebrow piercing. There was something really badass about them all and it was intriguing and inviting.
'Y/N.’ I said, taking his que stick and taking his turn. Both his and Callum’s eyebrows shot up as I easily sunk a ball. 'And yours would be?’ I asked, smugly. The blue haired guy smirked at me.
'I think you’ll fit in just fine.’ He said, looking me up and down. 'It’s Michael.’ He said, reclaiming the stick and leaning towards my ear. 'But you can call me whatever you want.’ He whisper, winking as he stepped back.
'So Y/N, anything to drink?’ The blonde asked, handing the beer to Calum with a smile on his face.
'Whatever he’s having.’ I said, walking towards the bar. He nodded and pulled a pint. 'So what is this place?’ I asked, curiously taking the pint from blondy.
'It’s a bar where all the rejects hang out.’ Calum smiled as he took a sip.
'Hey we don’t like that name. It’s cliché.’ Michael shouted from the pool table.
'What do you suppose we call us then?’ Calum asked laughing. Clearly that had had this conversation a few times.
'I don’t know. Something cool.’ He said, leaning over to line the que up with the balls and effortlessly potted one. Calum rolled his eyes and turned back to me.
'This here is Luke. His dad owns the bar but he’s left it to Luke to run. Our kind of people come here mostly.’ He shrugged, downing the pint and hopping over the counter to pour himself another.
'It’s only just gone 1.’ I reminded him, watching how he expertly pulled a pint.
'Exactly. I’m usually drunk at this point. I’m late because you had your little tiff.’ He smirked, moving the pint aside and hosting him self up and over the counter. 'Honestly, I think you could do with it.’ He said nudging his my arm. He turned and headed towards the other two boys who were arguing over who was supposed to be potting stripes. Taking Calum’s advice I downed my glass.
'Hey do you mind if-’ I started but was cut off by Luke.
'Help yourself.’
Immediately I hopped over the bar and poured myself a pint. It wasn’t as easy as Calum and Luke had made it seem. It jammed and I couldn’t push it back up to stop the flow of beer from over flowing the glass and splashing all over the counter and my top. 'Shit.’ I mumbled.
'Whoa, it’s alright.’ A calming voice suddenly appeared in front of me and a brown hand reached towards the handle, pulling it up and ceasing the beer from tumbling out the spout.
'Thanks.’ I mumbled embarrassed at making a mess. I looked into Calum’s brown eyes and there was humour in them, but it was comforting.
'Don’t mention it.’ He climbed over the bar and grabbed a towel, wiping up all themes I had made. His arm brushed against my top as he started wiping on the other side of the glass. 'You’re top is soaked.’ He smiled, shaking his head. 'Hear.’ He reached behind his head and yanked his black top off, revealing his tattooed, toned torso. He looked flawless and it was difficult to tear my eyes away to stop myself from gawking at him. 'Swap it with this.’
'What are you going to wear?’ I asked, taking the top from him gratefully.
'Luke always has spares.’ He shrugged. He walked to the edge of the counter and pulled out a top from under it. 'He always makes a mess too.’ He laughed.
I turned around and yanked my soaking top off and immediately replaced it with the warm, soft material that was Calum’s top.
'Thank you.’ I said, turning around and catching Calum staring at me. A smile tugged on my lips. I grabbed the pint and headed towards the other two. Luke handed me his stick and I took his shot, pitting two balls in a row.
Impressive Y/L/N.’ Calum said, leaning against an adjoining pool table.

'You can’t drive!’ I exclaimed as Calum fished his keys from his pocket.
'I’ve not drank much and I’m way more sober than you are.’ He chuckled. 'Come on.’ He said, placing a hand around my waist to steer me out. I rolled my eyes but didn’t bat away his hand. 'Right we off guys.’ He called to the other two.
Michael just lifted his thumb in the air. The alcohol was making him sleepy. He was definitely going to get a killer headache in the morning.
'See you Friday.’ Luke called to Calum. 'Y/N you should come to.’ He smiled as he collected glasses, many of them containing droplets of beer that was left behind by Michael and I.
'Yeah sure.’ I smiled, waving goodbye to him and letting Calum steer me out the bar.
'What’s Frid-day?’ I asked hiccuping.
'He’s throwing a party. You should join us, but maybe not drink as much.’ He chuckled, squeezing my side gently. I hit him in the chest.
'Hey I’m n-not.’ I demanded, but my hiccup made him laugh rather than take me seriously.
'Hold your breath.’ He said, opening the door for me and helping me inside the car.
'Shit.’ I said, running my hands through my hair as he get in the car and slammed his door shut.
'What?’ He asked, concern flooded his face.
'I can’t go home like this.’ I groaned, throwing my head against the car seat.
'Why not?’ He asked, a question look crossed his face.
'Because I’m drunk and my parents will kill me because I’m at college tomorrow.’ I groaned, dropping my head into my hands.
'You can crash at mine.’ He offered, taking a hold of my harm and pulling my hands away from my face.
'Really?’ I asked and he nodded in response as he turned the engine on. 'Thank you.’ I practically squealed as I threw my arms around him, squeezing him in a hug.
'Put your seatbelt on.’ He laughed into my hair. I pulled away and obliged, yawning as I hid so. Resting my arm on the door, I help up my head as my eyes drifted shut.

'Y/N, wake up. We’re here.’ A gentle voice broke through my dreams. I moaned. 'Come on sleepy head.’ He pulled me out and I hard a car door slam. His arm went around my waist and the other behind my knees as he lifted me up. 'Hold on tight.’ He whispered, as I clung to his neck, closing my eyes again. He jiggled me about as he fumbled to open the door, but he was soon placing me on something soft and wrapping my up in a duvet.
I wriggled out of my jeans and threw them on the floor. 'Not comfy.’ I mumbled before he commented. The weight shifted on the bed next to me, causing me to roll backwards slightly. Then a hand was draped around my waist, pulling my back towards his chest.
'Good night.’ I mumbled, feeling myself fall asleep.
'Good night Y/N.’ He whispered as he kissed my cheek.

Part 6

Stale Sandbech:  Would You Rather

“I don’t know any of these people.”  Stale whispers in my ear as we each grab a beer.

“I know, right?  Like who even are these people?”  I respond.  Usually at these snowboarding parties, we know everybody. 

“I say we get drunk and have a great time.”

“Cheers to that, Sandbech.”  I say holding my beer up in the air.  We make no effort to find any of our other friends…or to make any friends.  We just drink.

An hour later, Stale and I are in the middle of an intense drunken conversation.  I’m sitting the kitchen counter with Stale standing inches from my legs.

“Mark or Craig. Go.”  Stale says.  We’re playing an always-entertaining game called Would You Rather.

“Oh absolutely not.  I’m not choosing between those two.”  I reply, shaking my head in refusal.

“If you don’t answer then you have to take another shot.  Rules are rules, y/n.”  Stale demands.  Without saying a word, I take another shot.  I give him a ‘take that’ kind of look.  “I change the rules.  You have to choose, no matter what.”

“But I wouldn’t want to date either of them.  They’re like these adorable Canadian man-children.  I don’t see them in…that way.”  I say, making dramatic hand gestures and probably slightly slurring my words.  I can feel my drunkenness.

“Whom do you see in ‘that way’ then?”  Stale asks.  I sip my drink and think about his question.

“Ummm Harry Styles.  And Mikkel Bang.  That guy is hot as shit.”  I admit.  It’s the truth, but I regret saying it instantly.  I’ve never admitted my little crush on Mikkel. 

“Mikkel?  Is it because he’s tall?  It’s because he’s tall,” Stale says, before taking another shot for no apparent reason.  “Or maybe you just like Norwegian guys.”

“Oh it’s the Norwegian thing for sure.  Him being tall is only a bonus.”  I joke.  Stale moves closer to me so that his body is resting against my legs.

“I’m Norwegian you know.”

“I’m aware.  It’s probably why I think you’re hot, too.”  I say with a completely straight face.  Stale is hot, but then again, most of my snowboarder friends are good looking.

“I could be taller, though.”  Stale states with a slight frown.  I can’t tell if he’s blushing or just rosy-cheeked because of the alcohol.

“Nah, I think you’re a cutie.”  I can tell that this statement pleases him as he runs his fingers through his hair.  It’s like he’s trying to model off how attractive he is.

“Me or Mikkel.  Go.”  Stale asks quickly, as if this question will change the world as we know it.

“You.  For sure.”  I say instantly.  This must be the answer Stale wants because he grabs my waist.  I’m still on the counter and Stale is still standing, so I wrap my legs around his waist.  My arms are around his neck.  His face is just an inch from mine.

“Good answer.”  Stale whispers before slamming his lips to mine.  He pulls my waist so that there isn’t any space between us.  Things start getting intense.  I know where this is going and right now it’s exactly what I want.

“Let’s go upstairs.”  I say with a smile.

“Really?”  Stale asks, both surprised and excited.  I look down and see that Stale is definitely prepared for is about to happen.

“Really.”  I tell him.  His smile grows widely.  He turns so I can get on his back and he carries me upstairs.


I wake up with a raging headache.  Once I finally focus my eyes, I realize I’m in an unfamiliar bedroom.  I look and learn that I’m wearing a guy’s tshirt.

The sound of the blankets moving causes me to notice that there’s another person in the bed with me.  Stale.  Well this is awkward.  Stale’s just a friend and clearly we crossed the line last night.

I start creeping out of the bed, trying not to wake the sleeping boy.

“Well good morning, y/n.”  Stale says in a sleepy voice.  It’s kind of adorable.

“Oh hey.”  I respond awkwardly.  I’m not good with this kind of stuff.  Stale pats the bed telling me to come lie back down.  I shake my head.

“Are you trying to run out on me?  I thought last night was fun.”  Stale says.  He sits up in the bed.  I look at him before saying anything.  He’s shirtless and his hair is unruly, but in a perfect, sexy kind of way. 

“We were drunk.”  I finally say.  I keep staring at him because holy shit he is so attractive.  I had never really looked at him this way, but now I’m definitely looking at him in that way.

“Yeah, but it was still fun.  At least for me.”

“We’re friends, though.  And I don’t usually do the one-night stand thing.  It was fun, but-”  I try to explain to Stale.  I usually have more self-control when I’m drunk, but apparently not last night.

 “This doesn’t have to be a one night stand.”  Stale says, running his hands through his messy hair.  Is he trying to kill me?  Seriously.  He must be doing this on purpose.

“Oh I could be your booty call?  How charming.”  I mumble rather rudely.  Mostly I’m getting annoyed at the fact I want him so badly.  I try to compose myself and get my clothes on.

“Not a booty call.  Like, I don’t know, we can go on dates and stuff.  I like you, y/n,” Stale admits to me.  “Remember when I asked you choose between Mark or Craig?”


“Well I asked you that because I thought you liked Mark.  I was so relieved when you said you didn’t, then I was bummed when you said Mikkel was hot.”  Stale says.

“You were jealous?”  I ask, going and sitting on the bed.

“Yeah, cause I like you and I want you to like me.  We don’t have to rush anything.  I just thought you should know.”  Stale tells me.  Now that he’s sober, I can definitely tell he’s blushing.  It only makes me want him more.  I slide over on the bed until I’m straddling Stale.  “Does this mean you like me?”

“Yes.  Also, I’m very much ok with rushing things.”  I say, putting my hands on his bare chest and kissing him a little too intensely. 

Tick, Tock

Merry Christmas @roar-of-the-fire-dragon !! I am you secret santa I guess we’re calling it for the fic exchange. I hope you like this, short and sweet! I meant to make it longer but life and such, I might make a part two sometime! 

Characters: Gray, Natsu, Lucy

Pairing: Nalu (hint at Gruvia)

Words: 1221


“I’m fine. I am.”


“Do you really mean that?”


Gray stared at his blonde hair friend with narrowed and disbelieving eyes. The room was quiet, with only the sound of Lucy’s clock in the background. Her shoulders were tense and she was avoiding his eyes while twisting her wrist in her hand. Gray had been friends with Lucy for a long time now, and even if he wasn’t he would be able to tell that she was lying to him.

“Yes, I do.”

“Lucy.” He replied firmly, fixing her with a look that said to drop the act and tell the truth.

Huffing, Lucy crossed her arms and stared him straight in the eyes, clearly annoyed.

“No Gray, I’m not fine. I haven’t been for a while and I probably won’t be. You asking me all the goddamn time isn’t going to change that and I just wished you’d go back to being my friend who stayed out of my business.”

Dropping his gaze, Gray ran a hand threw his hair, giving up. “Fine, I’m sorry I care Lucy. I’ll see you later.”

Getting up, Gray grabbed his coat and headed out of her apartment, tempted to slam her door out of frustration.

He needed a drink.

“Hey Mira, the usual please.” Taking his favourite spot at the local pub, Gray couldn’t stop worrying about Lucy. She had been holed up in her apartment for a few weeks now, only leaving to get food and to make certain appearances so people wouldn’t worry, but that was it. She had a rough few months, her dad passed away and she had a really bad breakup with some loser scum named Dan.

Gray got a few good punches in.

But now it was almost Christmas, and he knew how much Lucy loved the season and he didn’t want her to be miserable and alone. And their friends were starting to notice.

“Here you go,” sliding his drink to him, Mira looked at him with concern, “everything okay?”

Taking a swing of the drink, he shook his head.

“Is it Lucy?”

“Yeah, she’s still having a hard time, but she won’t let anyone in to help. I’m worried.”

Nodding, Mira started to pour him another drink, since he downed the first one. “At least you’re trying Gray. She just needs more time.”

He thanked her for the drink, and she went on to serve more customers. He thought Lucy had enough time already, enough to at least talk to him.

He took another drink, frustration starting to get the better of him.

It didn’t help his nerves that Juvia was starting to get really jealous of the amount of time he’s been spending with Lucy.

“Hey man, you okay?”

Turing towards the voice, Gray spotted a pink haired man, looking at him with squinty eyes and, in his opinion, a stupid look on his face.

“What’s it to you?” he snapped, not wanting to tell a stranger about his friend and her problems.

Looking affronted, the stranger put up his hands in surrender. “Sorry man, you just look super pissed and didn’t want ya going round picking a fight with some stranger.”

“You’re some stranger,” Gray pointed out. Was this guy serious?

“Oh, right.” The man laughed, “well at least if ya fight me I can take ya.”

Gray quirked a brow, “I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you.”

The pink haired man cackled, then stuck out a hand, “well we’ll have to see someday, I’m Natsu, nice to meet ya.”

Gray shook his hand, still unsure what to think of Natsu. “Gray.”

Natsu knew there was a reason he starting talking to the droopy eyed man who looked like he was ready to kill when his friend came to pick him up.

“Gray, seriously?” she scolded as she walked up to the duo, and Natsu couldn’t help but stare. “Explain to me why you couldn’t get Juvia to pick you up, because it better be a damn good reason.”

Natsu saw Gray talk, but he didn’t hear a word that came out, still stunned by the blonde in front of him.

And apparently she noticed.

“Um, could you please stop staring at me?”

Gray turned and glared at him. Apparently he was protective.

“Sorry!” he exclaimed, “I didn’t mean too! You’re just gorgeous.” Oh, shit. Did he really just blurt that out?

“Uh, thanks.” Looking uncomfortable, she grabbed Gray and waved to the barmaid, leaving.

Natsu just stared out the door, a slight blush on his face out of embarrassment.

“Her name is Lucy.” Turning around, he saw the barmaid smirking at him, before going off to clean glasses.


With a small smile, Natsu left the bar and headed home, her name playing over and over again in his head.

Natsu sat at his regular seat in the pub, having been coming here regularly for about a month now. Mira made the best food, and he really didn’t know how to cook.

“Hey Natsu, the regular?”

“Yeah, thanks Mira.”

Looking around, Natsu recognized a few people, waving at a few of them, but not seeing the people he really wanted to.

Gray had only been back a few times since that first time he met him, though Natsu suspected they just came at different times. It wasn’t really Gray who he wanted to see anyways.

Sighing, he rested his cheek on his hand, waiting for his food in slight disappointment. He couldn’t get Lucy off his mind, even though he only met her for about two minutes.

“Hey Mira, can I get a strawberry milkshake please?”

Natsu started at the voice, recognizing it as he had been playing it over and over again in his head for the past month.

“Lucy!” Mira exclaimed, slightly shocked from seeing her friend sitting so casually at the bar. “Sure, coming right up!”

Natsu turned to the blonde, eyes wide.

She turned to him, looking confused at first but then recognition light up in her eyes.

“Oh, you’re Natsu right?”

Holy shit, he thought, she remembers me.

“Uh yep! I don’t know if you remember but uh, sorry for staring and everything a few weeks ago. Not my best moment.” He rubbed the back of his neck, cheeks dusted pink as he avoided her eyes.

She laughed, saying not to worry because Gray said he was a pretty good guy and holy hell, Natsu didn’t know what to do. He never had this much trouble talking with girls before, mostly because he never particularly cared for them in the romantic sense but Lucy, well she was something different.

But then he remember that Gray said Lucy had been going through some pretty difficult things, though he didn’t say what exactly, and suddenly Natsu could look at her like a person and not like an angel who was perfect with no flaws.

Because she was human and Natsu knew how to deal with humans.

“Well in any case, I did mean what I said,” he grinned, showing off his teeth, “you really are beautiful.”

Lucy blushed, swiping a strand on hair behind her ear, “thank you.”

“So,” she began after taking a sip of her milkshake, “why is your hair pink?”

And that was how their friendship began.

Something I think about with startling regularity are the pet names new couple Scott and Stiles would use. I have a personal, visceral dislike of ‘baby’ or ‘babe’, so I don’t care how realistic it might be, I would never want them to use them. 

I find myself imagining a scenario where Stiles is like, “I want an affectionate nickname, Scotty.”

“Stiles is my affectionate nickname for you. I can’t help that everyone else co-opted it.”


“Okay, how about nougat? It’s like soft and crunchy all at once, sometimes so sweet it’ll rot your teeth, sometimes so hard it’ll break them?”

“I feel like you’re not taking my valid concerns seriously.”

“Meerkat? Because you’re cute, always on high alert, and can kill vicious predators if provoked?”

“You’re a really mean boyfriend, you know? Everyone thinks you’re sweetness and light, but I know the truth.”

“Daffodil? You’re bright, you’re pretty, but at your roots you’re poisonous if consumed?”

“SO AWFUL. Good-day cruel sir.”

But later that week, they’re cuddled up together, Stiles gently stroking his hand through Scott’s hair, and Scott murmurs a word. One that stops Stiles short.

“What’d you call me?”

“Your name. Your birth name. That’s… it’s okay, right? I just. You wanted me to call you something. Everyone else has stolen Stiles, so. I just figured…”

“Scotty, it’s perfect. Say it again.”

So Scott does, in those quiet, private moments when no one else is around. When Stiles is beneath or above him. When they have their own little world. Scott says Stiles’ name with naked love and affection, and “Scotty” starts to sound like reverent litany.

A Weeb of My Own Creation
This is a long one! After many years of cringing at these memories I bring forth the tale of how I accidentally turned my ex best friend into a dreadful weeaboo, how I got involved in her eventually creepy online relationship and just how I got myself out of this mess.

To set the scene, it begins in secondary school with a twelve year old me and my previous best friend who we will call Ru. Now, Ru and I had known eachother since we were very young. We used to attend Brownies & Guides together (for those who aren’t familliar with this, it’s basically like scouts but exclusively for girls.) but neither of us were very interested nor enthusiastic about this painfully boring activity our mothers made us endure. As it goes, we were both extremely introverted. Ru was often hidden behind a massive curtain of thick brunette hair, I was often baffled that she didn’t walk into things. She was that one girl in the class who was obsessed with horses. She talked little, and when she did it was really only about horses, until that one terrible day.

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Couple things about this picture
1. Why?
2. His mother flipping arm. He’s just holding it. He’s not trying to crush it and flexing. HIS ARM IS JUST THAT BIG RESTING
4. Hair FINALLY looks like it’s washed.
5. Those eyes are peering in to the depths of my soul and making me reevaluate my life.
6. Lips so pink it’s like I already kissed them.
7. Purple shirt that is the definition of ‘looks soft’
8. White pants because he is a literal punk.
I’m in love and dead all at once

#66: habits he has while sleeping.

comment: all of these are PURELY fictional and I obviously have no real knowledge of their actual sleeping habits, haha!

Mark: He always kicks the blankets off, which pisses you off. You’d wake up in the middle of the night, Mark’s arms wrapped around you, but with the blanket nowhere in sight. You throw his arm off you as you lean over to pick up the blanket since you were shivering. Mark wakes up as he feels the sudden movement. “What happened?!” he asks, sitting up, only to see you reaching over to get the blanket off the floor. “Oh,” he says, “Sorry.” “I hate you,” you say, and he chuckles, knowing you don’t mean it as he helps you put the blanket back onto the both of you. And then you’re back into your usual position: his arm around you as he kisses your head, right before you whisper to each other, “Love you.”

Jr: He’s as still as a statue when he sleeps, and that’s the problem. You’re always afraid of moving him and waking up, so you find yourself sleeping around him rather than with him… “Just turn around,” he says one night. You freeze as you thought he was asleep this entire time. “You’re awake?” you ask, blinking. “I can’t sleep because you’re moving around so weird,” he says, laughing. “Here, come here,” he turns around to face you and then takes you pulls you close to him so your back is in his chest and his arms are around you. “Now just don’t move,” he says with his eyes closed, and now you finally feel comfortable as your eyes close and you drift off back to sleep….

JB: He snores. Loudly. You always end up waking up in the middle of the night, groaning and face palming when you hear a LOUD snorting coming from him. You sit up in bed, looking over at the sleeping dinosaur and decide to wake him up. You hit him. Hard. (what?? you’re trying to wake him up!!) “huh? what?” he sits up in bed to see you with the worst bed hair ever and frowning at him. He knows exactly what’s going on. “Sorry?” he tries to offer, but no luck as you hit him with a pillow. “We’re going to see a doctor tomorrow because if you wake me up one more time I will kill you,” you threaten and he laughs, not being able to take you seriously with that hair. “Shut up, no you won’t,” he says, and laughs as he takes you into his arms. “Sorry, babe,” he says, laughing as you both lay down to sleep again.

Jackson: He hugs you so tightly that you thought you might explode. Seriously. His arms wrapped around you tightly and then one of his legs on top of you… it felt like a death grip. He didn’t even notice it a lot of the time; somehow he just fell into this position every night and you’d wake up with his face nuzzled into yours, and it would take every inch of you not to giggle at his smushed face so close to yours.

BamBam: He talks in his sleep. A LOT. Sometimes he mumbles, but sometimes he can wake you up, having a full out conversation with you… “Pizza……….” he groans loudly, waking you up. “What?” you ask him, rubbing your eyes. “Y/N, I read a good book the other day…….” You chuckle, knowing he doesn’t even have time to read so you know he’s sleep talking again. He probably can’t hear you, but you say softly, “Go to sleep, Bam. Love you,” and you kiss him on his cheek, seeing him squirm a little but while a smile comes onto his face. Maybe he could hear you hehe

Youngjae: He’s normal, everyday sleeper until there’s a night he can’t sleep. “Stay up with meeeeee!” he whines, shaking you lightly. You at him, groaning, “Youngjaeeeee. I love you. But shut up, please.” He laughs, not taking you seriously at all and starts to hum under his breath to the tune of ‘A’… “A~~ Y/N is soOOoOoOo meEAn, I don’t know whyYyYyyyyY she won’t stay up with meeee…” You sit up, glaring at him before you punch him lightly and he laughs again. “Sorry,” he says, and then starts humming a soft tune while touching your hair, actually trying to help you sleep this time.

Yugyeom: He’s a reckless sleeper, his long legs spewed everywhere that you’d always have just a small section of the bed left for you. “Hey!!!!” you whisper loudly and then push his legs back in place when you don’t have any success in waking him up. He suddenly wakes up, “Ah, sorry,” he says and then pulls his closer to his body. You sigh, knowing that you’d probably wake up again in a few hours, but you kiss on the cheek, not really all that angry, just happy he was by your side.

Bleach characters, you have just learned that Hinamori and Bazz-B are dating! How do you respond?

As requested by shinjimomo. :)


Kira: See, now, I get the whole “people with similar powers get shipped” thing.

Kira: But doesn’t this seem like a bit much?

Kira: Both of them having fire powers surely doesn’t erase the fact that they have nothing else in common!

Hinamori: Huh? I’m not dating Bazz-B because of his fire powers!

Hinamori: I didn’t try to date the head captain, did I?

Kira: Then why…?

Cang Du: Bazz-B, are you so angry at our emperor for choosing Ishida as his heir that you are dating a shinigami out of spite?

Bazz-B: Huh? That sounds a little indirect for me!

Bazz-B: I’m more of a punching sort of guy.

Cang Du: Then why?

Shinji: Um, Momo? That Bazz-B guy has beaten me up a bunch of times.

Shinji: Is this some sort of “anti-captain” feeling left over from Aizen?

Hinamori: No, you seem cool.

Shinji: Then why…?

Giselle: What, Bazz-B, did you hear about how that shinigami woman tried to kill her friends? Did that turn you on?

Bazz-B: Pretty sure that’s more your thing.

Renji: You don’t think his hair is actually cool, do you, Hinamori?

Hinamori: It’s pretty dorky, actually!

Hitsugaya: Bazz-B, is this revenge because I killed your colleague?

Bazz-B: Like I care about Cang Du!

Hisagi: Okay but seriously why are the two of you dating?

Hinamori: Because! The mistake I made with Aizen was that I was into somebody so clever and evil and insincere that he ended up stabbing me during a hug!

Hinamori: Bazz-B is the perfect mix of straightforward, open, and a little dumb!

Hinamori: I’m pretty sure that with him, what you see is what you get!

Bazz-B: Damn straight!

Bazz-B: And as for me….well, I was delighted to find a woman with a two-syllable, alliterative name, just like mine!

Bazz-B: Bazz-B + Mo-Mo? Now that’s poetry!

Cang Du:

Bazz-B: What, I can’t have layers? 

"Michael Clifford's ugly" Masterpost

I was on twitter and I saw this:

“michael clifford is ugly tho”

Hahaha. No seriously, HAHAHAHA.

I respect and stuff but, please:

Because this little ↑ thing is not just fucking handsome, he’s cute too. Want some proofs? Let’s do it!

Look at his style, his skin, his fingers, his legs, his glasses, his lips




I’m screaming



I’m making a masterpost about you, dork




Can he look at me like this?

Please call the 911 I can’t



… Do I really have to say something?

Because you need some memories 





Is Michael fucking Clifford ugly?

Forgotten Stars (Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction) Chapter 2

Previous chapter here

Chapter 2

“This is going to be the best summer ever” Cass exclaimed dreamily as she laid down on my bed. I folded my clothes so I could accommodate it in my closet.

“If you say so” I said rolling my eyes.

“Why are you so grumpy? It’s because of Sam? Come on, girl, you have to get over the fact that you hate him. Just ignore him”

“You say that because he never annoys you, he annoys me, every time” I sighed as I sat next to her.

“Just forget about it, yeah? He is not ruining our summer okay? Now, get your ass to the bathroom and change into a tiny bikini, so we can go to the beach”

I got up and decided to listen to Cass, I probably should just forget about him. I grabbed a black bikini and headed towards the bathroom. I put it on and sighed. I got out to find a smiling Cassie who was already changed into her bikini and had her beach purse hanging from her hand. I chuckled; she was always so excited about everything.

“Let’s go before I change my mind” I exclaimed pulling her hand out of the room and down the stairs.

“Where’s everyone?” I asked looking around only to find an empty house, filled with guys smell whatsoever.

“Surfing” she said rolling her eyes. So predictable. The only thing these guys loved more than themselves was surfing.

I opened the front door and started walking towards the beach, it was incredibly amazing the short distance that we had to walk. Like, you literally opened the gallery door and your feet were already full of sand. And if you got out by the front door, as we did, you had to walk less than a block to get to destination.

I slowly accommodated my towel on the hot sand. I took my shorts and my tank top off, as Cassie copied my action. Before we could notice, the boys came running towards us. They were wearing their neoprene suits, had their boards on their hands, and they were soaking wet.

“Would you like me to put you some solar screen on? The sunrays are pretty strong today” Sam said to me almost smirking.

“You are wet, and there’s no way in Earth I’m letting you lay a hand on me pretty boy” I just couldn’t not be a bitch to Sam Wilkinson. It was inevitable, almost as it was a survival instinct. The boys and Cass laughed and shook their heads. With Sam things were always like this; he was flirty with me as he was with almost every other living thing with a pulse and I just was a bitch to him. It was mutual hate somehow, as he also teased me about everything.

“Rough day honey, huh?”

I just rolled my eyes and started rubbing the solar screen along my arms and legs.

“The day you two get along, I swear to God, I’ll fuck Gilinsky or something” Cass exclaimed laughing. Jack raised his eyebrows as he put an arm around Cass’s shoulder.

“Oh, would you?”

“They will never get along Gilinsky, get over it”

“Anyway, you don’t want to go for a swim ladies, waters fine” Johnson said mostly as a statement and not a question.

“Maybe later” I exclaimed as I laid down on top of my towel, and closed my eyes, ready to get at least a bit tanned. The first 30 minutes were good, until I felt water droplets hitting my face. I opened one eye to find a happy Gilinsky smiling down at me, I sighed knowing the worst was expecting me. Soon enough and before I could even complain, Jack was carrying me on his shoulder and running towards the sea. Although I was upside down, I could see the boys chuckling at me while they tried to jump some waves with their boards.

“Seriously” I exclaimed while I rubbed my now wet and salty eyes, “I hate you” I tried to sound mad at Jack but it was impossible, so I smirked slightly while I started swimming.

“We brought you here because we are uneven and we want to have a competition” Johnson said smiling.

“Aw that’s cute, you only want me when you guys are uneven” I said teasingly.

“Anyway, you are with me, and Jack is with Sam” Johnson said pointing at me.

“Sounds fair, but hey there’s a board missing though”

“Yeah because we are doing it separately babe, like one against one” Sam exclaimed while he accommodated his hair, I rolled my eyes.

“You can avoid the babe thing pretty boy”

“And you can avoid the pretty boy thing babe”

“Guys seriously just date or kill each other, I don’t care, but please shut the fuck up” My brother said and I shook my head.

“Whatever, how does this thing work?”

“The first one to fall loses” Johnson exclaimed and I nodded.

“So who is starting?”

“Me” Samuel exclaimed, “And I call y/n”.

“Oh really?” I almost laughed, “Whatever” I said as I grabbed my brother’s board. I got on top of it and started swimming with the intention of catching at least one wave. I wasn’t really good at this surfing thing, but growing up with an older brother kind of teaches you how to do these types of things. Anyway, I wasn’t bad, period.

I felt how Sam soon followed me, and started to turn around. I did the same thing and just then, an average wave came. I slowly stood up and stretched my arm a bit to keep balance. That was good, I didn’t feel down but neither did Samuel. He almost did though, like he shook a little and his body leaned to a side but unluckily for me, he stood still.

“How’s that going Sam?”

“Oh, pretty good, don’t worry” he smirked.

Just then, I saw a pretty big wave approaching from far away, so I turned around and started moving my hands and feet to gain power. When it was close enough I started to slowly stand up, it was difficult this time given the fact the wave had more strength and it was bigger. I don’t know how, but I did it: I was standing still and with the perfect balance. Suddenly, Sam appeared literally out of nowhere in front of me with his board, making me loose all my harmony. So, predictably, I fell of my board and hit my head against the sand, and if it couldn’t be worse, I scraped my legs with the stupid board. I popped out of the salty water with my hair all messy and a furious expression on my face.

“I guess we have a winner here” Wilkinson said smiling triumphantly.

“What? You got in front of me! That’s cheating, it’s totally illegal” I was so angry.

“Actually he didn’t touch you, if he had, it would be ‘illegal’ sis” Gilinsky said hugging Sam.

“You are fucking cheater Samuel” I shouted, “Now I’ll probably have bruises and it’s all your fault”

“Mm, if you say so drama queen” 


Whah marathoned this over two days after suddenly getting the idea for it yesterday. Persona-esque drawings for seven of my DN OCs: Serrak, Veika, Kaigas, Kolkan, Arreta, Neivae, and Aletscha. 

I guess I could’ve drawn a couple more but I only felt like drawing these ones. |D;; I drew all the eyes separately, trying to make them symmetrical enough to look natural. Also did this to categorise the designs of their eyes and eyebrows and ears to a point. 

Been doing three consecutive cell-shading pics… 

All characters belong to me. Also happy 17th birthday Serrak.