because his hair grows in the series

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Please please I want the citation in the book about his hair because I dont remember it aaaaaa (Sorry for bad english ??)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was a combination of “Hmm is there anything else you can add?” and “I’ll get back to this later!” LOL

Anyway, here are some excerpts that give the readers some information about Laurent’s hair:

Captive Prince, Chapter 10:

Laurent’s body was a series of graceful lines under the shirt’s soft folds. Damen’s eyes lifted to the white column of his throat, and above that the golden hair, parting around the shell cup of an unjewelled ear. The image was damascened, as beaten metal. He was reading.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 2: 

In order to begin unlacing the garment, he had to lift his fingers and brush to one side the ends of the gilt hair, soft as fox fur. When he did so, Laurent tipped his head very slightly, offering better access.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 14: 

Damen looked downwards and saw the way that the white fabric shifted slightly under his thumbs. Laurent’s shirt hung on his body, a containing layer. Then Damen’s eyes travelled up along the balanced nape, to a wick of golden hair tucked behind an ear.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 18: 

Laurent looked like any young man who has been pressed against a battlement and kissed. The slight disturbance of the hair at Laurent’s nape was wonderful. His hand had lain there.

Kings Rising, Chapter 12: 

Damen lifted his hand, slid his fingers into the short, soft hair at the back of Laurent’s neck, cupping his head. They had never been this close, not with the fact of who he was open between them.

There was only the feel of it, the slide of his chest against Laurent’s back, the dip of Laurent’s head, and the sweat-damp hair at the nape of Laurent’s neck.

Kings Rising, Chapter 14:

The light through the trees dappled Laurent’s hair, which was longer now than it had been in the palace, and showing signs of minor disarray.

The Summer Palace:

He remembered - the steam of those other baths, the moment he had caught Laurent’s wrist in his hand. This close, he could see the wet tops of Laurent’s shoulders. Above that, the tips of Laurent’s hair were wet too, from steam or from the splash from the pitcher.

The passage from The Summer Palace (TSP) clearly states that Laurent’s hair is slightly above shoulder length. Since TSP occurs near the end of this series’ timeline AND Chapter 14 of King’s Rising (KR) states that Laurent’s hair grows throughout the trilogy, I can make assumptions of the length of Laurent’s hair from earlier.

I believe that at the beginning of the trilogy, Laurent’s hair is at/around chin level. In Chapter 10 of Captive Prince (CP), Laurent’s hair is described to be tucked behind his ear. Hair that is chin level (speaking from personal experience because mine is that short) is easily able to be tucked behind the ear. Any shorter than chin length is hard to brush behind the ear. 

Laurent’s hair is constantly described as at the nape, aka the back of the neck. Since we know that Laurent’s hair is at chin level in CP and is shoulder length in TSP, I can conclude that his hair grows throughout Prince’s Gambit (PG) and KR.

TL;DR - Laurent’s hair begins at chin level, gradually grows throughout the trilogy, and is now at shoulder level. He has “medium” length hair.

Fae Male Instincts

Rating: T for mild cursing.

Word Count: 5,724

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It may be my birthday, but I got ya’ll a present.

Something’s wrong.

Which is ridiculous because nothing could be better. Nesta’s home, the one they’ve made together and is literally in his arms, snuggled beneath a mountain of blankets.

By all rights Cassian should have passed out ages ago, exhausted from the long flight back to Velaris from the Illyrian Steppes and their enthusiastic reunion. The Mother knows she is. Gentle sighs that are just shy of being considered soft snores escape her lips as she nestles into his side, forever leeching his body heat, not that he minds. Her golden brown hair is mussed, the stray fly away strands tickling his skin, and Cassian wonders if that’s what’s keeping him awake.

Because something is most definitely wrong.

There’s an unmistakeable nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he just can’t shake that grows stronger with each passing minute. Maybe it’s the lingering wisps of longing. The missing of her, his mate. The phantom ache in his heart, as though a piece of it is gone when she’s gone, taken it with her.

An unfortunate series of scheduling conflicts has kept them apart. Nesta’s spent a fortnight visiting Elain and Lucian in the Spring Court, and though he’d wanted to be there with her, the yearly summit between Camp Lords demanded his attention. Then afterwards, some inconsequential emergency that amounted to a four day stint in the snow and ice on the Steppes for nothing and Cassian was near desperate to see his wife again. One ill-timed joke from his High Lord or his brother might have sent him over the edge, but fortune it seemed was on his side when he’d left the camp early that morning.

Tonight is the first night they’ve been together in any sense of the word in just over a month, the longest the two of them have been apart since they’ve mated and married. Cassian wonders if it’s the residual tendrils of feeling that are causing this, this panic, even after an evening tangled in sheets. A night filled with laughter and good food and catching up on trivial events, and worshiping Nesta’s body.

It’s something he’s missing. Something critical that has his instincts roaring at him to protect his mate. It strikes him then, almost as strongly as when she’d first accepted the mating bond, this viperous feeling, this need to hide her away from the world.

He bites back a groan, knowing how much of a light sleeper Nesta is because there’s no reason he should be feeling this. There’s no danger, no war. Not even the Camp Lords are making trouble. Prythian is the most at peace it’s been in Cassian’s five hundred years. The seven courts seeking to maintain peace in the wake of Hybern’s attacks. Hell, even the human realms are silent, enjoying the mildest winter in a hundred years.

Yet something’s keeping him awake.

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So, something that never made much sense to me was how morphing works with age? Like, they're morphing whatever-age animals and that's perfectly fine, mostly. Then you have Ax and Tobias's human forms. Either A: Morphs age over time, in which case the kids should have had to get new bug morphs every few months or so, or B: They don't age, in which case Ax and Tobias's human forms are just perpetually 13-ish while the others go through puberty, which you'd think would be commented on. Thoughts?

Although it’s subtle, and only really comes up in the context of Tobias, I’m pretty sure that the morphs age more the more they’re used.  In the opening of #33 there’s a whole scene where Rachel shows Tobias a bulletin board at their school with information on raptors’ life spans, and both of them seem to assume that that will be how long he’ll live unless he goes human long-term.  It’s not 100% consistent, sure, because then there are questions about whether their morphs are also getting old and dying (especially the bug ones) over the course of the series, but I’m almost certain that Tobias’s hawk form ages three years over the three years of the series and that his human form ages three years.  

There are a couple reasons I think this.  In MM3, Tobias pops up at Princeton University—and promptly morphs human, grabs some books, steals outer clothes, and goes off to class.  That moment is revealing for a couple different reasons.  The first is that Tobias successfully blends in with the student body, and not just (as he notes) because 100% of Princeton students were white males at the time; presumably he’s old enough to pass for 18.  We don’t know how old he is or appears to be at the time, but we know that he started fighting the war at age 13 and ended it at 16—and 16-year-olds can pass for 18 a hell of a lot better than 13-year-olds can, because of a little thing called puberty that tends to happen in the middle.  The other interesting thing about that moment is that Tobias is worrried that the only thing which will give him away is his hair, which has gotten long.  So maybe he just had messy hair in #1 when he got stuck in morph, but it seems more likely that his hair is growing, which again suggests his human shape is aging.  

The other reason I believe that Tobias is probably aging as a human is that throughout the series there are a lot of moments (#29, #35, #44) where he and Rachel go on dates in public together.  (The fact that Jake and Cassie never do this, but only ever seem to spend their time together shoveling manure or doing other chores, also goes on the list of Fascinating Details That Make This Series Feel Real, but I digress.) This is an eeeensy bit of a leap on my part, but the fact that no one ever calls Rachel on being an outward 16-year-old dating an outward 13-year-old (have I mentioned the DRAMATIC difference those three years tend to make in most teens’ appearance?) tends to argue to me that they aren’t visibly different in age.

Tobias’s hawk form is almost certainly aging because he, like Rachel, seems to assume he’s going to die of old age unless he goes permanently human again.  He discusses the fact that he’s effectively shortened his own lifespan in the opening to #43 when he tries to justify his decision to go nothlit to imaginary-Taylor, and in #54 he says, “Marco, you’re not even twenty… I’m old, for a red-tail.”  The horrifying implication that our precious emohawk is probably going to let himself die of old age rather than rejoining human society aside, that suggests that he’s been aging in hawk years this whole time.  

Ax and the question of aging as a human is more ambiguous.  People are less likely to comment on his age, and many of them (#18 and the CinnaBon manager, #33 and the banquet caterers, #35 and the waitstaff) tend to treat Ax as much younger than he is, presumably because he’s so freakin’ clueless about human social norms.  There are several moments (#8, #22, #43, #38) where people ask him where his parents are, whether he’s got someone helping him, and whether he’s starving.  That last one is pretty self-evident given the way he eats everything in sight, but the other two might be because random strangers (like Jake’s parents) tend to think human-Ax is mentally ill… or it might be because Ax’s human morph is not aging, because Tobias’s human morph is the only morph that ages when it’s not actively in use.  

And here’s where I start to venture into the land of Extremely Wild Speculation, where I could be as wrong as Humphrey Belcher and his cheese cauldron (X).  However, my current hypothesis when reading the series is that morphs don’t age unless they’re in use—except for Tobias’s human shape.  As you mentioned, the kids don’t need new bug morphs every month, and Cassie’s wolf shape doesn’t show signs of aging the way most adult wolves would if they lived hard for three years.  There are many mentions of the DNA-acquiring process being a matter of creating a copy of the animal at the time of acquisition, but it’s a possibility that the morphs are developing (which probably totals to AT MOST a couple days’ worth of aging over the entire war), up to and including Ax’s copy of the other kids.  That would explain Tobias’s aging in hawk years after he gets stuck, Cassie’s aging as a caterpillar after she gets stuck, the fact that the kids don’t need new versions of morphs that they only use for a few hours at a time every couple of days… Everything except the fact that Tobias’s hair grows.  

So what if the Ellimist pulled something hinky?  Tobias already isn’t supposed to exist—he’s in a universe where Elfangor never lived on Earth and never knocked up Loren, within another paradox where Loren and Chapman have aged forward and not been killed in space, within another paradox where he acquired his own DNA by traveling back in time, within what is arguably a paradox with Ket Halpek and Jara Hamee finding him through teleportation.  What’s one more impossibility on top of that?  (Of course, I have my own Big Damn Theory that explains that.)  To me, that’s the version of Da Rules that makes the most sense given the evidence we have: morphs don’t age unless they’re in use… except Tobias’s human shape, because Ellimist.  

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I'm kind of surprised that victor didn't immediately try to grow his hair out after what yuuri told him at the olympics. Was it because he was too heartbroken (like the rest of us rip) or did he have other reasons? Does he eventually grow it out again for yuuri? (Sorry I love the idea of Victor growing it out after the series, there's an artwork of him with shoulder length hair by hachidraws that is my absolute favorite)

Viktor likes his hair the way it is at the moment and so he’s not going to grow it out just for drunk Yuuri, although he did consider it for a bit. Although I do like the idea that eventually he decides to experiment with long hair again. 

Also Yuuri actually likes Viktor’s hair short as well as long so he doesn’t mind either way. In the banquet scene he says:  “I liked…” Yuuri frowned a little at the words, seeming to struggle with what he was trying to say. “You used to have…long hair. I liked…” he trailed off again, seeming to lose his train of thought and going back to playing with the lock of hair still caught between his fingers.

The continuation of that sentence that he never finished wasn’t ‘I liked your long hair.’ It was ‘I liked you when you had long hair’. He was thinking back to when he still liked Viktor when they were both still kids. So he doesn’t actually mind if Viktor never has long hair again, the context of his sentence just got lost because he was drunk

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Hi, Bean. I remembered you said the characters' relationship in Royalty AU is quite the same with the manga, so I'm really curious about Teruki before he met Mob in Royalty AU. I wonder if the hair incident is included in the AU :"))

oh yes yess!! but in this AU teru first met shigeo when he was 14. shigeo was 12 at that time (because teru was knighted at the age of 14). growing up, teru looked at shigeo with distaste because he finds the heir to be….. weak??? too soft to be the next king of such a powerful nation. overall he just thought shigeo would be unfit to rule (because you haven’t actually gotten to know the guy teru geez stop being an ass). i think this stems from teru seeing mob on the courtyard playing while he’s slaving away in training. but fyi mob was supposed to be doing sword training. reigen just doesn’t want to let a 12 year old use a sword???  

so when the news came of the king’s death, teru just couldn’t accept that shigeo would step up as king. he doesn’t want some idiot for a king while he’s captain of the royal guard no sir. (yes, he was captain of the royal guard during shigeo’s father’s rule. shigeo demoted him.)

the haircut incident indeed happened in this au and that is the first time the two actually had a conversation. like actually spoke words to each other (because in the past teru wouldn’t want to be acquainted with mob because he’s teru). 

you see shigeo was announced to be crowned king after 30 days, and in that month he was expected to be acquainted with the duties of a king and stuff like that. and one of those duties was to keep the civil guard in line or something and that was the first duty on his list. and that’s where teru confronted shigeo and thus the teru vs. mob showdown happened more like the teru beatdown  

sorry this got long and if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense i was just too excited hahaha

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I've read through all of your kid fic tag. do you know any more fics where stiles and derek grow up together? thank you so much x

Hello Anon! Fluffy here to answer your awesome ask! And can I just say, KUDOS at getting through our kid fic tag. That’s not a small feat. Anywho, there might be some repeats from previous lists, but in general these shouldn’t be repeats. Without further ado, here are the fics where Derek and Stiles are adorable little motherfuckers who grew up with each other and ending up loving each other. Goddamn this shit is too fucking adorable.

Of First Names and Lunch Breaks by frozenorange

3,133  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

His mom had told him that the best way to dissuade a bully is by ignoring him. Stiles finds out that the best way to dissuade a bully is Derek Hale.

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Saucery

3,895  I  one shot


“Hey, remember when we popped zits together? So sexy.”

Thrill (like white-hot wire) by raisesomehale

4,737  I  one shot


Stiles made the decision that Derek was his new best friend (and that he’ll one day marry him) the day he shared his dinosaur chicken nuggets with him.

A Thousand and One Firsts, But Only One Forever. by TheLoyalFriend

6,048  I  one shot


When Stiles was eight, he had panic attacks. He would sleep walk, block by block going further until he finally reached the woods.

When Derek was eleven he found some brat in the woods, asleep on a rock.

They fall in love.

Finding My Way Back To You  by myshadesofblack

6,464  I  6/?

Teen and Up

Childhood friends, Derek and Stiles were always close, really close. They got together in high school but somehow, it didn’t work, no matter how hard, how much, they wanted it to. Even with that, they grew closer. But Stiles is tired of waiting for Derek to want to be with him again, so when cute Danny Mahealani asks him out, he can’t help but say yes. But then there’s Derek, who came back for Stiles, who waited for him when he did his year abroad, who thought he’d give him time before he tried to ask him out again only to watch Danny steal the only person he’s ever loved.

Kick by Unloyal_Olio

6,616  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

Teen and Up

Derek is still trying to figure out what to do about this when a woman’s frantic voice comes down the aisle. “Baby, baby, baby—no kick. I’m so sorry. It’s a thing lately.” She waggles a finger at her son. “We don’t kick.”

Capes are Cool (but they don’t make a hero) by chantelle82

7,068  I  3/3

Teen and Up

The story of how Stiles and Derek fall in love and became heroes - to each other

little life-giver by The Byger (Byacolate)

9,039  I  5/5  I  part 2 of 3 of this series

General Audiences

It looked like Stiles. Mostly. But there was hair growing out the sides of his face, and his teeth were sharp, and when he reached over to grip at the side of the stall, his hands had become claws. And Derek had to cover his mouth before he screamed because never, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought he’d actually meet a fairytale monster.

Kiss it Better by rhymeswithmonth

13,795  I  2/2  I  part 1 of 2 of this series

General Audiences

Stiles at age seven had been thoroughly disillusioned about the notion of healing kisses. It hadn’t worked for his mama, despite his dedication to the effort, and hadn’t worked since for him. But one day while playing with his new friend Derek, Stiles had fallen off his bike and skinned his elbows, knees and palms badly on the pavement. He’d manfully tried to keep from crying, because Derek was older and would surly think he was a baby if Stiles burst into tears in front of him, but a trickle of moisture had escaped and leaked down his cheek. He’d been sure that it was the end, that Derek, cool, tall, fifth grader Derek with the shiny black mountain bike and best video games would realize that Stiles was just a wimpy little loser not worth his time.

AU where Stiles and Derek were best friends before the fire. Stiles deals with Derek’s four-year disappearance and the events that lead to their reunion. Stiles didn’t know about the Hales being werewolves.

The History Of Us by apostrophee

14,566  I  1/3 

Teen and Up

There isn’t a grand tale about how P.J. Stilinski and D.J. Hale became friends; it was really kind of a sudden, unexpected thing. They sat beside each other in class and one day D.J. asked to borrow a pencil. And that was that, a friendship was born over a needed-to-be-sharpened, dull number 2 Pencil and a mutual distaste for long division.

“Pretend this is our den, kay?” by Survivah

16,141  I  one shot  I  part 1 of 5 of this series


In which Stiles is raised by (were)wolves, and he and Derek are childhood sweethearts that never stopped. Also, Kate Argent is a homicidal maniac but a very helpful plot device.

Armor by Sarageek16

18,663  I  one shot

Teen and Up

Stiles is one of the seven Chosen, children born with the mark of Michael. These children could change the tide of a heavenly war. Derekel is the slightly jaded angel is sent to watch over him until that time. Though Stiles gets himself into potential crises more than any other Chosen that the other angels have—except, possibly, Dean Winchester, who actively hunts monsters—Derekel manages. It isn’t easy, but he does so with the help of the Timeline: an internal map of things that are meant to happen in Stiles’ life. So long as allows certain events to naturally take place without interference, he is able to see dangers and stop them. To deviate from the timeline is death. Every angel knows that.

Stiles doesn’t know the whys or hows of why a guardian angel popped into his life, but he’s having the time of his life teaching him about the Force and feeding him ice cream. And those eyebrows. Hilarious. Everything’s great—that is, until Stiles’ mom gets sick and Derek refuses to heal her. But Stiles will throw himself into dangers on purpose before he allows her to die because of some stupid timeline.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Some Walls Were Meant to Come Down by UnabletoPROCESS

20,293  I  7/?

Teen and Up

When Derek first met Stiles he crashed through the wall he had built around himself, literally.

the difference between going back and going home by thepsychicclam

34,219  I  one shot


Stiles and Derek were inseparable growing up, but then college, jobs, and life happened. When Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills a decade later, he doesn’t expect to reconnect with Derek, and he sure doesn’t expect to fall in love with him.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

48,666  I  3/3


Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Lead You Home Again by GotTheSilver

49,962  I  one shot


The first time Derek meets Stiles, the kid’s brown eyes are wide, and he’s staring up at him with a mischievous grin as he tugs at the arm of Derek’s first ever Batman figure like he’s trying to separate it from Batman’s body.

An alternate take on Teen Wolf, wherein Stiles and Derek are childhood friends, and things unfold from there.

Dirty paws and furry coats by queerly_it_is

57,621  I  one shot


Stiles is eight years old when his dad brings Derek home.

[AU based on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound]

Yo! I hope you liked the list! Sorry it took us a while to get to it! College is a fickle and bitchy mistress. 

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

And as a bonus:

How about PhD candidate!Derek and writer!Stiles who both spend most of their days at the same coffee shop because they offer free refills and their muffins are to die for.

Derek usually takes up two tables with all of his research materials and his laptop.  He’s got his usual spot in the back corner where the windows and outside world can’t distract him, but he’s always getting distracted by the guy who, in recent months, has taken up residence at the table next to his.  Whose long fingers dance over the keyboard of his old MacBook so quickly it’s like he’s scared the words will leave him if he doesn’t get them out. He can’t tell if he’s a mega hipster or if he just really likes flannels and beanies, but either way he’s just Derek’s type with his full lips and whiskey eyes.

And Stiles, well he’s working on his second novel and he’s behind on his deadline because he couldn’t focus at home with Scott and Kira planning their wedding and now he can’t even focus at the coffee shop because this guy with his soft dark hair, his pale, ever changing eyes, and his fucking glasses that slip down his nose when he’s really focused.  At this rate the second book in his time traveling mystery series will never get written, especially not if the sweater clad hottie keeps growing out his mountain man beard out. 

They don’t ever really speak except for the occasional hello or good morning, but they notice each other all the time. Derek knows that if hot hipster is struggling with whatever he’s writing that he get’s an iced mocha and gnaws on the straw in a way that really shouldn’t turn Derek on, but it does. 

Stiles knows that if Hottie McBeardie is having a bad day of research that he get’s a brownie and eats it bit by bit while scowling at his books.  He also knows that when he’s having a good day with whatever he’s doing he gets a small smile on his face while he types.

It all comes to a head when Stiles goes to the university library to get some information on Aztec rituals and the librarian directs him to the Latin American Studies office where he finds Hottie McBeardie sitting in the small office lobby area with a stack of papers in front of him. 

There’s an awkward moment when Derek looks at Stiles and asks, “Are you stalking me?’

Stiles turns bright red and then says, “No I’m looking for Derek Hale, he’s suppose to be the guy to ask about Aztec rituals.”

Then it’s Derek’s turn to blush because of course hot hipster is here about that and not stalking him. “I’m Derek Hale.”

“Oh, well in that case I’m looking for you, I’m Stiles Stilinski and I need some help,” Stiles says reaching his hand out to shake Derek’s.

Derek accepts it and feels his stomach flutter when they touch before he asks, “What can I help you with?”

Derek gives Stiles all the information he needs and then some and by the end of the conversation he’s pretty sure he’s in love.  They both laugh about the fact that they’ve been working next to each other for months and it took a trip across town to find each other.

“What do you need all this for anyway?”

“It’s for my book,” Stiles says a little sheepishly, cheeks going red.

“Anything I might have heard of?” Derek asks, really wanting to know more about Stiles because he’s 99% sure he’s the one

“Uh, it’s my second book for a series called Out of Time,” Stiles says, running a hand over the back of his head, he didn’t love talking to people about his books, they always had suggestions about the characters and who should end up with who or how he should move the plot forward. 

“I love that book,” Derek says, his eyes soft as he looks at Stiles, “It’s historically accurate and the characters are so well formed. Can you give me a hint at where they go after the Tutor Era? Is it straight to the Aztecs or somewhere else first.”

“I can’t spoil it for you,” Stiles says, then blushes deeply then and gives Derek a smile, “Can I get your number?”

“For more research?” Derek asks, feeling a little hopeful, but at the same time trying to not get his hopes up.

“No, so I can take you out to dinner,” Stiles says with a sly smile and then Derek’s ears turn pink.

“Yeah, sure,” He says, trying to play it cool but he’s sure Stiles can hear his heart pounding. 

They end up going to dinner that night at a local 24 hour diner and talk until 2 am and then Derek takes Stiles to his favorite section of the universes library when they leave. It’s the best first date either of them has ever had and when they run into each other at the coffee show that evening, both looking exhausted but happy, they share a table instead of sitting at separate ones.

And when the book comes out 8 months later (on time thank you very much you can stop riding me Lydia) the dedication reads “For Derek: Who taught me a lot about the Aztecs, but a lot more about love.”

Three years, 2 more time travel books, one completed and published dissertation, and a move across the country for a professorship later, Stiles proposes to Derek in the dedication of his most recent novel, the final in the Out of Time series, and uses a hollowed out copy of his second book to give him the ring.  

Spoiler alert: He says yes. 

Tales of Rapunzel 1 & 2





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So I have a headcanon for Lucy.

I think that Lucy was blonde. I 100% believe it. Yes, while the movie portrayed her as a brunette (I absolutely adored Georgie’s adaptation of her), I think, canon wise, that she was blonde. In the Horse and his Boy, Lucy is mentioned to be “fair haired.” And, for some reason, I think it fits her really well. Growing up, I did think she was brunette, but that was because I was six when the movie came out, and hadn’t really read the series yet. Now, with my own understanding of the characters, I fully believe she was blonde. I think it gives her more of that ‘lioness’ look, makes her embody that even more. Also, I think I makes her look more like Peter, and from my understanding of the books, she was a bit closer to Peter, him being the oldest and her the youngest. Especially since him and Susan were rather different, and for a while him and Ed didn’t get along.

the world is full of magic things (1 /2)

i’ve seen lots of “natsume grows up and finds a child who can also see yokai and adopts them” and i love it and i’ve decided to toss my hat in the same ring, sorry 

continuation of this series, which started with “never mind the bus fare” and might never end apparently ;;

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats


Satoru all but throws the doors wide open, ready to steamroll past anyone standing in his way, toddler or not—but that turns out not to be necessary, because the colorful little classroom is cleared but for a woman and a messy-haired little boy sitting on opposite sides of a small table.

The phone call Satoru received at work was an innocuous “Your son is having a difficult day, we think it might be best if you came,” but somehow just that was enough to light little fires of panic up and down Satoru’s brain. He barely remembered to tell his supervisor he was taking an early lunch before he was running out the door.

Now he lets go of a relieved sigh, and crosses the room at a more sedate pace than he burst into the school with. He greets the teacher and receives a polite greeting in turn, and then claims a seat on the cushion at Susumu’s side.

“You okay, Suchan?”

Normally the nickname is enough to earn Satoru an annoyed scowl or Takashi a sunny smile—both are adorable, honestly, which might be why Satoru teases him so much—but this time Susumu doesn’t even lift his head. His fringe hangs into his eyes and his shoulders tremble, and the tearful noise he makes when Satoru puts an arm around him makes Satoru want to cry, too.

“Susumu, you gotta talk to me. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”

It’s reminiscent of when they first met, when Satoru was a stranger trying to convince this smart, disenchanted little person to trust him, despite where trusting adults had gotten him so far.

But almost an entire year sits between then and now, and after barely a minute, Susumu’s fingers sneak out and find the hem of Satoru’s jacket and make a fist around it, holding tight.

He peeks at Satoru from under his unruly hair, brown eyes pleading. He whispers, “There’s a monster in the corner.”

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Restaurant Dates Are the Worst! (Seb Stan x Reader) - Part 2

Word count: 4,4k


Read part 1 HERE

“Miss! Miss!” Someone called from behind you, making you start and turn on your heels. “Are you okay?” The student sitting on one of the chairs in your office asked you.

You had drifted off, again. And at work of all places! It was already awkward enough when it happened yesterday morning at the local coffee shop, resulting in the barista practically shouting your name before you woke up from your trance-like state, but in front of a student! That was unacceptable and your professionalism took a blow.

“Sorry, I’m fine, just thinking,” you told your sick student. “You can go home, I’ll let the school office know.”

Your sick student seemed to regain some colors just by hearing this, and you shook your head, a smile on your lips as he walked out. He was probably heading home to play xbox all day long and eat pizza, but you were never one to tell a student to suck it up and go back to class, unless they were clearly faking. A girl once tried to skip PE by faking a nosebleed – with actual fake blood, that nasty stuff you could buy everywhere on Halloween.

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Sasusaku rant part 1

God do I hate sasusaku… 

It is the worse of the worse pairings.. 
I hate it more than Naruhina/SaiIno… 

My hatred for this pairing is contribute to three things.. 

1. How bad the characters are together… 
2. How bad it is Manga/filler wise….
3. How bad the fandom is.. 

This is going to be a massive ass rant, so I will be slowly doing this blog in parts… I will start with 1…The characters, Sakura/Sasuke


The fact that the only personality trait sakura ever has around sasuke is 10 year old fangirl, should tell you this pairing is shallow.. 
Sakura gives up being friends with Ino ((not the other way around bitches)) because she wants to be with sasuke……

She grows her hair long just to please Sasuke, and is like a little lap dog when it comes to sasuke.. Listening to his every word, and doing everything he wants. 

Sasusaku fan: That is sakura showing love. 

That is obsessive and very unhealthy attraction…. 
She knew nothing about sasuke ((Still doesnt… The whole glasses talk with sarada)) She had no idea what was going on in sasuke’s life, and so couldnt be there for him or relate with him, AND she only likes sasuke because he is good looking and strong.. ((just like every girl in the series))
If team 7 replaced sasuke with choji, sakura wouldnt give two shits or care about choji, and would of ended up with naruto…

It sounds like I hate sakura.. Well at the start yes, because that was her trait…

“Sasuke sasuke sasuke”

But as soon as sasuke left, SHE BECAME A BETTER AND STRONGER PERSON!
But sadly when sasuke came back….. =____=  

A. All these scene show me nothing, but sakura begging and being a fangirl again!!!! If sakura was truly developed character, she would of demanded an apology or rejected sasuke’s poke because she would of learned that SHE DIDNT NEED ANYONE TO BE A STRONG PERSON! 
But no… Its back to “sasuke sasuke sasuke” Getting mad and destroying the house because someone questioned her loyalty to sasuke… FUCK THIS SAKURA!!!!

sasusaku fan: It just shows you how loyal sakura is.. 

No, it just shows you how desperate and sad sakura is… T  T 
I mentioned this a couple times but sasuke never kissed sakura, or was never there for her when she was raising his child..  
It wouldnt even surprise me if they never had sex. 
“But poops whatever, how did they have sarada?” 
I have a theory that Sarada is a DNA test tube experiment baby, which they used sasuke sperm, and sakura being desperate volunteered to carry.. 
It would explain sasuke’s confusion when he first met sarada/almost killing her… 

It makes a whole lot more sense then them having sex…..I mean he never kissed or shown any affection towards the woman.. 

So yeah, sakura last bio of sasusaku…

Sakura is a fangirl…  Still puppies over sasuke.. 
Sakura is lonely and desperate.. Raises Sasuke’s child for 12 years without sasuke knowing/caring
Sakura doesnt get any affection from sasuke at all… Yet she still comes back… 

Sakura has not improved, just failed as a end game character, which is sad because sakura had alot of potential…But its all down the shitter for sakura, and its all because of sasusaku…  

I will do rant 2, and it will be about sasuke and his part… 
Stay tuned.. 


a/n: this is the first x-men oneshot in a series that i will hopefully be continuing. it’s a (sort of) au: the original trilogy characters + alex summers, alex being scott’s younger brother. i personally love this concept because alex, scott, and logan make a great brot3 with some amazing potential ideas.

summary: alex summers finds himself stuck with babysitting duty with logan and neither of them seem to get along.

word count: 1,596

Alex started growing out his hair now that he had graduated from Xavier’s School. What started as an act of rebellion became a fashion statement and he no longer had to worry about the longer strands getting in the way when he studied. It wasn’t quite long enough to tie back yet, so he resorted to using his sunglasses to push the hair out of his face. The students thought it funny that both Summers brothers used sunglasses on a daily basis: Scott for safety and Alex for style. Soon enough it became the brothers’ brand.

“Alex,” Charles said from behind, wheeling down the hall with Scott by his side. “Your brother and I have somewhere to be. I’m leaving you and Logan in charge while we’re gone. I’m trusting you to behave and keep an eye on the kids.”

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anonymous asked:

are you still doing spones prompts? may i request: Spock and Bones (established relationship) arguing and Bones yelling he loves Spock accidentally and Spock is shocked because he hasn't said that before

McCoy had learned a lot about Spock in the past two years.

Before, he would have said that he knew Spock perfectly fine, thanks, and that there really wasn’t much to know about him beyond “computer with admittedly nice legs” and “walking box of contradictions.” After they had started dating, however, he started to learn that Spock was rather more complex. He learned about the mood swings that Spock would vehemently deny, he learned that Spock appreciated small gestures of affection over large ones, he learned that Spock was still intensely private about their relationship, he learned that Spock was pretty poor at physical intimacy beyond sex, and he learned about the little spot on the back of Spock’s neck that always made him melt when McCoy touched it.

He also learned he was in love with Spock.

Now, maybe this should have been obvious–after all, why date someone for so long if you didn’t love them? But it had truly caught McCoy by surprise. He had assumed his cold heart was too stiff and unwieldy from a lifetime of pain to allow any new love in. It had actually scared him a bit when he realized it, because with love came the potential for pain.

He could pinpoint the exact moment he had realized it, although of course the feelings had been growing long before. It had been six months ago. He had been sitting in their shared quarters sipping a coffee and reading an ancient medical mystery. He remembers that clearly. He had looked up from the couch to where Spock was sitting at the table. Spock had been in his pajamas, with one hand on his hip, the other elbow on the table to support his head as he stared down at a series of equations. His hair had been a little mussed, and there had been a mottled green hickie peeking out from under his shirt collar. McCoy had watched him, reveling in the fond feelings that steadily grew, and as Spock had let out a little sigh and switched to a new equation, McCoy had realized that he was in too deep.

Because he could never let Spock know. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly why he could never tell Spock. He only knew that if Spock ever found out, he would leave him. Vulcans didn’t cotton to love, and even the relatively open Spock would have to say no to such blatant emotionalism.

So he’d kept it a secret.

It gnawed at him, though. Every time he looked at Spock or touched him or thought about him he imagined the words clearly. I love you. It physically hurt him not to say. He started picking real fights, not just their debates and arguments, because at least when Spock walked out of the room and he was riding high on adrenaline he could forget, for a moment, that he wasn’t allowed to love.

He had picked a fight now.

What it was about didn’t matter. What mattered was the tone, the violence of it. The way he was spitting mad and Spock was utterly stone-faced. What mattered was he was driving Spock away and he knew it. Driving him to stand there, straight as a board, while McCoy roamed around their quarters knocking into things and flailing.

What mattered was Spock said, “I do not know why I continue to allow this behavior from you.”

What mattered was McCoy heard, “I don’t know why I put up with you,” and he thought that meant goodbye.

He was furious, all adrenaline and misplaced rage and his hands were twitching and so he folded his arms angrily and spat out, “I love you!”

And he had to close his eyes in defeat at his own stupid words.

Spock was silent for a beat, and McCoy jerked away, turned to lean heavily against the table.

“I, I’m sorry, Spock. I didn’t mean to get all emotional on you. Can we just…forget I said that. I, I take it back, if that’s what you need. I know you don’t want to hear it.”

He felt Spock’s hand on his arm. “Say it again.”

McCoy turned towards him, eyes downcast. “I’m sorry?”

“No,” Spock said. He was using his Commander Spock voice, but there was a little quiver in it, a note of confusion and desperation that forced McCoy to meet his liquid gaze. “Tell me again.”

“I… love you.”

Spock seemed to collapse against him, and he stumbled. He managed to hold Spock up through the tightest hug he had ever received. He’d never known Spock to be affectionate like this–normally he eschewed physical contact when it was unnecessary, but then again he was a series of contradictions.

“I did not think…” Spock began. He hesitated. “I had hoped it was true, assumed it was true, but I could not trust…” He pulled away to blink at McCoy. “I apologize. Your words have affected me in ways I was not prepared for.”

McCoy touched his face. “I thought… you would be upset?”

Spock frowned with his eyebrows. “That would not be a logical reaction to such a confession.”

“But you hate it when I get too emotional.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “I have never, and could never, hate anything which you do. You are my Ashayam, my beloved. I love you with the entirety of my being.”

The words struck him to the core, and it was his turn to fall into Spock, to be held up by Spock’s strong grip. “I do, you know?” he whispered fiercely against Spock’s neck.

Spock took a deep, shaky breath. “Please, tell me again.”

He laughed, giddy. “I love you. Can I say it again? I love you.”

“Say it often,” Spock said. He kissed the side of McCoy’s face and McCoy turned into it, kissing him back. “It is… gratifying to hear.”

McCoy kissed him again, feeling like his heart might burst from his chest. “Damned contradictory Vulcan…” He smiled. “I still love you.”

Strange Love

Halsey Series Part One– Michael

everybody wants to know
if we fucked on the bathroom sink
how your hands felt in my hair
if we were high on amphetamines
and everybody wants to hear
how we chainsmoked until three
and how you laughed when you said my name
and how you gripped my hips so mean

“Y/N, tell me!” Y/F/N begged as we sat down at a table in the almost deserted coffee shop of our small town.

“No! Sure, you’re my best friend, but I’m not going to tell you about the sex I had last night!” I scolded, taking a sip of my coffee, shooting Y/F/N a playful glare, thinking back to the amazing night I had before.

Bursting through the door of his apartment our lips stayed together in a passionate kiss, crashing into numerous objects as we made out way to his bedroom. Every time I tried to pull away, Michael’s fingers gripped my hair a little tighter, making sure I didn’t detach our lips, driving me crazier by the second.

Finally, my back crashed into something, making me jump and allowing Michael to lift me onto what I now knew was the bathroom counter, his fingers digging deep into my hips, keeping me where I was.

“I’ll be right back, don’t you dare move, Y/N,” He chuckled as he slowly backed out of the bathroom, clear mischief in his eyes, only to return moments later, a lighter and a joint in hand. Lighting the small roll of leaves and paper in his hand, Michael took a long drag of the joint before joining out lips together again, exhaling the smoke into my own lungs.

The joint was soon forgotten as Michael’s fingers combed through my hair once more, bringing us closer as my hands trailed down his torso to the zipper of his, now much tighter, pants, a slow moan leaving his lips.

“Getting eager, are we?” He laughed, his eyes never leaving my very focused ones.

“Shut up, Clifford, and take off your pants”

everybody’s waiting up to hear if I dare speak your name
put it deep beneath the track, like the hole you left in me
and everybody wants to know ‘bout how it felt to hear you scream
they know you walk like you’re a god, they can’t believe I made you weak

Coming back to reality, Y/F/N continued to stare at me as if I were betraying her, “What?”

“I just can’t believe you won’t tell me anything! At least tell me who it was!” She begged, desperate to know anything.

“Can’t a girl have a private life anymore?”

“Not when they’ve got a best friend. Spill, spill, spill!”

“FINE!” I broke, knowing there was no way I would keep it from Y/F/N forever, “Michael.”

“CLIFFORD?!” She shouted, her hands flying to her mouth to cover the gasp leaving her.

“The same one,” I giggled, seeing the shock grow on her face.

“No fucking way! Do you know how many girls go after him and he turns them down?!” I nodded my head slowly, knowing perfectly well that he turned down women constantly. Staring off past Y/F/N, thinking of how it was even possible that Michael, a seemingly unreachable goal, chose me of all the women he could have.

Soon enough our clothes were long gone and forgotten as he pounded into me, hands on either side of my head. 

“Fu-fuck, Y/N… So good, fuuu- ” Michael moaned, eyes squeezing shut as he continued to burrow into me as far as he could. 

“Mikey, wanna ride you…” I panted, wanting control of the situation at hand. Removing his hands from the wall, he relocated them beneath my thighs, attaching his lips to mine as he carried me to the bedroom, sitting on the bed and allowing me full control of what happened here on out.

Changing the pace, I began to slowly grind against him, not breaking eye contact as I started grinding harder, making him hit just the right spot almost every thrust.

“Shit, Y/N…” His eyes forced shut once more, tighter than before, if that were possible, as I started to speed up my actions, coming close to my high, knowing Michael was close as well.

“Yea, you wanna come?” I asked, voice low and full of want, I could see a slight nod from him as he was building up to his release, “Nuh uh, use your words or I’ll stop,” I teased, seeing the frustration on his face as I began to slow down.

“Yes, yes please, make me come baby!” he begged trying hard to stay composed. Speeding up again, his face contorted in pleasure.

“Not until I come first, you’ve got to work for it.” I breathed, knowing I was close anyway, making him work harder to get what he wanted most.

Almost immediately, he sat up, pulling us to the backboard now giving him the support he needed to start pounding into me again. In a matter of thrusts, I was releasing on top of him, ecstasy running through my body.

Coming down from my high, I opened my eyes, seeing Michael struggle to hold on, silently asking for permission to let go. “Are you ready?” I whispered, moving slowly above him, my hands gripping his shoulders as I started to grind against him, bringing him closer and closer to his climax.

His breathing got heavier by the second until he stopped breathing all together, his body shuttering as he let go inside of me. Taking a couple of seconds to come down before opening his eyes, meeting mine, as a large grin spread across his face.

they think I’m insane, they think my lover is strange
but I don’t have to fucking tell them anything, anything

Y/F/N shook her head as she tried to wrap her head around the idea of my ‘one night stand’ with Michael, “What now?” she shook her head at me, dumbfounded by my calmness to the situation.

“I’m just… I can’t believe you actually got with Michael! Not that you never could or anything!” She stammered, trying to cover up her comment. I shook my head, laughing, knowing she didn’t mean anything by it at all.

That’s the beauty of a secret
You know you’re supposed to keep it

Lying in bed, the silence was comfortable as I drew patterns onto his skin, his hands wrapped around me, fingers running through my hair as he looked down at me, his smile growing wider, “Hey babe?” He whispered, his index finger running down my jaw and below my chin, lifting my face towards his.

“What’s up?” Giggling and looking into his eyes, I lifted my head to bring our lips closer together.

“Happy six months,” He whispered, finally connecting our lips as he pulled me closer to his body. Separating moments later, the two of us fell asleep to silent touches and murmurs of ‘I love you’.

Luke | Michael | Calum | Ashton


– merlin at hogwarts trying to find a spell to grow his hair out

– merlin in narnia freaking out because he hears aslan’s voice everywhere and there are talking beavers being nice to him and there’s a guy who looks eerily like charles xavier except he’s half goat half human

– merlin in the hunger games trying to find something to cover his head because his baldness shines through the arena and attracts weird people from weird district

– merlin in the maze, amazed

– merlin in barbie and the diamond castle, confused as to why is everything so bloody pink

– merlin in [whispers in john hurt’s voice] merlin the series, meeting another merlin who actually has hair and is also working for a very young and dumb arthur

– merlin in westeros, wondering why there’s literally no one in a kingsman suit around

About Sasaki’s Hair and Nails.

Anon said: Is it me or has Haise’s hair been getting whiter and whiter as the series goes on?

(Clarification: This was sent when chapter 31 was released). Until recently, it had:

However, after around 4 months his hair is mostly black again.

shiroikumo​ said: Did Haise’s hair grow black because his ghoul side is supressed? And his hair is a bit more wavy then Kaneki has… I wonder why

Even after the whole Aogiri Arc, Kaneki’s hair was never as long as it is now: guess that’s the reason his hair is more wavy. As for it going back to black, we can see it two ways:

  • It’s been about 2 years ever since the end of the first part of the manga. After all that time, his hair was ought to start growing the colour it originally was.
  • In :re, we see that Sasaki’s hair gets whiter as he gets more stressed. The cause of this stress: Kaneki. He represents everything related to his past. When :re start, he seems to have some control over his memories (rather, the lack of memories); it is the encounter with Nishiki the reason he starts doubting again.

Anon said: Any theories about Haise’s hair color?

Just answered a couple of them. Also, feel free to wander around these: 

Anon said: Hello,i was just wondering why Haises nails went white again i always thought they went black because Yamori often cut Kanekis fingers off

Yup, that’s the reason they became black. The first part of the manga ends around 6-8 months after the Aogiri Arc, then we have a time-skip of almost two years. I assume that after that long, his fingers finally healed properly.

Side note, closing the AskBox in around 12 hours (gotta go to the hospital in the morning).

anonymous asked:

sirius black + his hair?

  • the thing about sirius orion black’s hair that nobody seems to get is that it does not naturally look the way it does
  • the way it looks is a combination of at least 17 different hair products, thirty minutes in the bathroom, and a series of small spells
  • so when sirius oversleeps on a school day and he’s complaining, do not for one second think it is because he’s tired (bc that boy will fall asleep on the spot anywhere) 
  • it’s because he didn’t get to do merlin know’s what to his hair
  • he likes his hair long because of his parents
  • in the black house hold, everything is neat, organized, and planned out
  • unlike his long hair
  • and when he begins to grow it out in third year, regulus actually speaks to him for a second only to mutter “nice hair, gryffindor” harshly
  • (it takes the boys five whole days to bring him out of the slump)
  • one time in fifth year it went below his shoulder blades
  • but james made a comment about it being as long as lilys so that had to be fixed
  • and obviously he cuts it himself and remus does the back
  • but sometimes he needs it cut right after a moon (he’s v particular about when it’s cut) and remus can’t do it so he ends up hacking chunks off and then it’s shorter than he likes once someone fixes it
  • peter likes to describe sirius’s hair as “a big thing of hay that merlin himself shat on twice a day for a year”
  • in which sirius tackles him and threatens to suffocate him with his very own, slept-on-with-merlins-ass-hay, pillow
  • but like, it’s frizzy
  • even though he takes so much time on it
  • when asked about it, he replies cockily “tis’ punk rock, young lad” and then tosses what he can behind his shoulders (or goes through the action, depending on the current length)
  • and sometimes it sticks up on the sides of head, but alas…it is still “punk rock”
  • remus likes to run his hands through it
  • and james has a habit of messing it up with head-knuckles just to see the sheer look of panic wash over sirius

i did not go too far with this what are you talking about

send me person/people + thing and i’ll write you stuff

Random Team Japan Trivia

(From the Mezamashi TV Quiz series that ran during the 2 weeks leading up to Glasgow Worlds.)

Kohei Uchimura 

  • After he retires, he wants to try growing out his hair like Naoki Matayoshi (see above).
  • Can move his scalp. He could do it from when he was in elementary school.
  • When he was small, he wanted to be a motorcycle police. He thinks they are cool and owns/rides a white 1000cc motorcycle (in Japan, police motorcycles are white).

Kenzo Shirai

  • Dislikes coriander.
  • Bad at swimming. Says it’s because he gets conscious of his toes and strains too much, making him sink. He barely managed to pass the swimming test in university.
  • Always brings yakiniku sauce when going overseas. He likes to use it on fresh vegetables and feel like Japan.

Yusuke Tanaka

  • Loves cleaning.
  • He’d like to try being a cameraman. He’s pretty confident he can take good shots of gymnastics since he knows everything about it.

Ryohei Kato

  • Extremely leisurely and does things at his own pace.
  • Out of snakes, frogs or cockroaches, he dislikes cockroaches the most.

Kazuma Kaya

  • Favorite food: eels
  • Wanted to be a firefighter because he liked to climb/slide down poles.

Tomomasa Hasegawa 

  • Very good at solving Rubik’s Cube. (He solved it in 30 seconds on TV.) He goes around teaching his friends in university.