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(1/3) Was thinking about this one for a bit, if you don't want to do it, it's fine! So like, still on the topic of s/o being a hero, how would hanzo, mercy, and mcree react to having a mission around the same area of where the s/o's family lives and they get excited because hey, they could finally meet their s/o's family and se where they grew up, their s/o is extremely giddy and happy throughout the whole mission. Once they're done with the mission their s/o is like jumping out of their skin

(2/3) because they’re so excited to visit their family again, they explain that they haven’t visited in awhile and just share all this information about the family. But once they get to the area where they grew up, they see rubble, not believing what they see they quickly run to the demolished home which was theirs, quickly going through the rubble praying that they are wrong, that their family maybe moved without telling them. They start talking to themselves trying to psyche themselves

(3/3) into believing their family is fine while they dig until they’re blubbering and crying. They don’t want this to be real, they were suppose to be fine, they were suppose to be safe. The reason they were here on this mission was to keep them safe, but it didn’t happen… They just burst down crying, weakened from the mission before and from heaving the larger pieces of rubble looking for anything to assure her that their family might be fine. Ah, I hope this makes sense ^^‘ 


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