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hey uh.. whats Darren's type? like who would he get a crush on?? im totally asking for a friend >.>;;

Darren: Oh… my type? Well, I guess it’s nice to be around someone who’s pretty confident, or at least pretends well enough. It just makes me feel more comfortable, that’s all, because a lot of the time I feel… well, you know. It also helps if they can make me laugh, and it’s important that they don’t talk down to me. I already know I’m not great at a lot of things. I suppose they’d have to be patient as well, for that same reason.

I… know it sounds like I ask for a lot. But more than anything, they just need to be a good person. The thing about good people is that they can come in all sorts of different shapes, and not everyone is good in the same way. You can be grumpy and still be good. You can be proud, but still good. S-So, what I’m saying is… I’m just attracted to people who care, however they go about doing it.

Those Pesky Cabinets

Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1500

Summary: Living in a dorm with your famous younger brother Sanha and his friends wasn’t easy, but at least you had someone something to look forward to after a tiring day…

Author’s Note: (I’m so bad at titles omg I’m sorry) Hey guys! this was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash and I’m actually really excited about this because I LOVE this idea, and because this is my first time doing a request!! Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors that I missed! Hope you like it! :)

- Admin Bekah

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Hey guys! Many, many months ago someone requested I make these available to buy, and I did that awhile ago for the Asexual Pirate one. Well, I will finally be making the Ace Invaders one available too in the next couple days. This is also good news because for the next couple days the website will be having a Black Friday sale! As far as I know, everything is at least 20% off, plus many items are up to 50% off! There are t-shirts, stickers, plus many more items!

You can buy the things here!

If there is something that isn’t currently in my shop that you’d like to buy, feel free to message me and I’ll try to get that up for you!

~Admin Sierra

shklance sugar daddy au where keith and lance are two poor roommates trying to make ends meet and pay their bills, and one day lance jokingly suggest they find a sugar daddy with the amount of financial shit their in and Keith’s like “you know that’s a good idea” and they literally try to find a sugar daddy.

they look online and everything but they keep having disagreements over the choices because lance is always like “that guy is old as balls.” “ew that guy looks like balls” and keith gets fed up like “lance we are looking for someone to pay our bills and buy us necessities not a life partner” “Hey you may not mind getting fucked by death himself for a $100 worth of groceries but I at least would like to have standards”.

Enter Shiro who’s a nice but kinda lonely guy and he’s loaded, not sure how he meets keith and lance but he does and he feels bad for their circumstances and offers to pay for their bills and stuff and shiro really ends up being more of a sugar buddy than a daddy because he never demands they sleep with him for all the stuff he buys for them (even all the frivolous stuff they want) and lots of hi jinks ensue 

thinking about it I kinda want this shklance au to be more comedy than smutty

What I’m Writing

aka What I Should Be Writing or What I Wish I Was Writing

the lovely @polaroidgirlfriend tagged me and because I’ve had writer’s block for what feels like an eternity, I went through my google docs/WIPs to find that I have so many things that I still WANT to write and decided to post a list for this meme. all of these things are partly written or at least outlined. so hey, if you see anything on this list you’d like me to write, feel free to come and yell at me to write it. be my cheerleader, hold my hand, or whatever (:



  • ESOTSM AU: Pretty much fic based on the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Bucky erases Steve from his memories after a break-up and upon finding out, Steve decides to do the same and erase Bucky from his memories. BUT THEN, afterwards, they meet again and fall in love AGAIN and things are super SAD and tragic but also nice and sweet and basically this is gonna break your heart but hopefully also gonna put it back together.
  • Epic Slow Burn Rock Band AU Of My Dreams: so this is tour fic revolving around Bucky and him dealing with the loss of his arm & also falling in love~ with Steve. Gosh, I suck at summarising stories. Bucky is the lead singer of rock band SHIELD (Clint on guitar, Natasha on drums, Thor on bass; Wanda additional guitarist for the tour) who are going on a huge tour for the first time since he lost his arm in an accident. Their support act is Steve Rogers, former pop sensation, now a singer/songwriter. There’s also other people like Sam Wilson who is their tour manager and BASICALLY this is about rock star Bucky Struggling and Steve helping him Recover and shit. It’s about LOVE. It’s about MUSIC. Writing songs together. Performing songs together. Lap dances in hotel rooms. JUST. If this wasn’t clear already, it’s Steve/Bucky, but also features Clint/Natasha/Wanda because why not.


  • MFEO AU. Originally inspired by an ad that said “What if seeing each other again would change everything?” So, basically, this story starts with (teacher) Niall - who’s currently (still) in a relationship with (DJ/record store owner) Nick - accidentally and unexpectedly running into (famous actor) (ex boyfriend) Harry after they haven’t seen each other in YEARS. It is about how this one encounter turns Niall’s whole life upside down. There’s just lots of feelings and working through them, it’s a story about relationships ending and new beginnings, about people changing and uh, of course about TRU LUV. Adele-Hello.mp3 or whatever. My summary doesn’t even do it justice. I’ll be over here cryin’ about how these two people were made for each other. 
  • A sequel to Handwritten, a Narry Uni AU that I wrote like 3 years ago. This ‘verse is still on my mind a lot and I can’t seem to let it go. I’ve got bits and pieces written, some sort of deleted/bonus scenes from Niall’s POV set in the timeline of the original story; I’ve got two sequels planned out (the one that is set like a year after is p much mapped out already, and one that is set a few more years in the future is like, roughly planned out). I said once the fic reaches like 400 kudos I’ll make myself finish a sequel, and it’s reached 400+ now so I…. should….. really…. be …. writing and posting this. *flees*
  • Ace!Niall NYC verse: uni au; basically a fic about Niall learning about/dealing with his asexuality and becoming friends with the other guys, falling in love, idk, just a self discovery fic really??? Writing this was meant to be cathartic, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever publish it even if I end up writing it, but. I’d like to.
  • Recording Studio AU of my heart with slow burn Niall and cg!Harry. The most self-indulgent thing ever: I cast the guys of McFly in this to work in a recording studio with Niall (who’s a sound engineer) and made cg!Harry, cg!Louis and cg!Zayn be in a rock band a la HAIM; there’s just lots of cute stuff, PINING, sharing beds, UST, just all of my favourite things and tropes packed into one epic slow build friends to lovers story. There’s also members of the LIC in this. This is so old but I love it a lot, I dedicated a whole inspo blog to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Teen Wolf

  • Stiles/Derek domestic fluffy future fic! This story is about preschool teacher Stiles moving back to Beacon Hills (before he turns 30), becoming Derek’s neighbour, about adjusting to his life back in Beacon Hills. About realising what he wants in life (which is settling down). About him and Derek becoming friends, doing lots of cute domestic things together so they end up accidentally~ dating. There’s also background Scott/Isaac just because!!!!


  • Uni AU: A thing that was inspired by a dumb pic of Kyle and Charlie at a pub or whatever, that was originally gonna be Dan/Kyle but then slowly turned into Dan having an unrequited crush on Kyle, and falling in love w Charlie along the way. Don’t ask me how this happened, I DON’T KNOW. This is basically about Dan realising he likes BOYS and then realising he’s not in love with Kyle but with Charlie and IDK lots of cute things and going from friends with benefits to lovers. Don’t judge me, I’m a sucker for slow build uni aus. ok.
  • Tour fic: just a good old SECRETLY DATING while being on tour fic. Secretly dating! Sneaking around! Tour fic! (I miss tour fic. Bandom and 1D was so good to me, why does 90% of Bastille fandom hate fic, lol.)


Anyway that’s it. NO PRESSURE but I tag @sleepymouses @bleep0bleep @nialljames @foxesmouth @fauvistfly @moonwasours @moondoggiestyle (in case you wanna do it). (also. if you’re a writer and wanna do this and I didn’t tag you, consider yourself tagged as well)

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I am absolutely stunned with amount of research and detail you invested in OO! I think I have crush on your brilliant mind (but I hear you've been promised to someone else here? boohoo, too late to try and woo you! lol) so just wanted to send you love, cause you're doing a wonderful job. Whatever happens to the show, this will remain as testament to "imagine THIS brilliance as a possibility", at least. Thank you! :)

Hey Anon,

thanks so much for reading and the beautiful compliments! As for what happens on the show. It’s funny to me, because I’m not expecting an obvious “wake up”, this isn’t a mere possibility. It’s already happening, they’ve done a really good job on researching vegetative states and it’s a slow transition with someone stuck in two worlds for a long time. It’s a soft transition and there’ll be a magical explanation for everything, I’m sure.

…as for me being promised to someone else - I don’t know, do I have an old-fashioned fairy tale father I do not know about giving me away again without my permission? Hate it when that happens. 😏 No, currently very single and very much focused on keeping it that way and going for the career, actually.

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Anon who asked about Mikan here. My understanding was that you were using those polls to gauge interest, not to actually determine who would wake up next. And I can't find a way to access the results of those polls, but someone implied Mikan placed highly in at least one of them. So I suppose that's why I jumped to the conclusion that you had a specific reason to keep her asleep for so long.

(Hey ! You are right I only used those polls to gauge interest, I only did the same thing as the poll for Mahiru because I really didn’t have any character I wanted/needed more than the other at that time.

What I was saying by “I’m not the only one who chose who woke up before” is that more than once I had a little game during one of my events and the prize for the winner was that they could choose who was going to wake up next so that’s why ^^

You can access the results by completing the poll I think, Mikan did place high in them -in second position- but that still doesn’t mean that she will be the next to wake up, I don’t have any idea of who it will be right now ^^

But no, no real reason but just as someone was going to wake up first, someone is going to wake up last, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like them or that I have something planned :)

-mod lili)

All the faces that appear in Elliot’s mirror:

Okay, so, I decided to be a patient little human and capture all of the faces that Elliot sees in the mirror. I was actually kind of surprised by some of them?



Okay, so Elliot appears first. Of course.

And then Tyrell appeared. I was actually kind of surprised? What’s that supposed to mean? Does Tyrell have a certain significance to Elliot? You’d suspect that Angela or even Elliot’s own sister would appear second.

Now Elliot’s sister appears. She’s the third face. I don’t know why she wouldn’t be the second face, though. It’s all very weird.

Angela is the fourth face to appear. 

And now, it’s someone in the fsociety mask. Is it Elliot? Tyrell? Mr. Robot? Who knows.

And here’s the director of the show. Uhm. Alright. Hey, I’m not even confused. He’s the director; he wants to add an Easter Egg, that’s fine by me. It’s kinda a sneaky/neat one, too. 

And then finally, Mr. Robot- Elliot’s own father. 


So, do you guys have any thoughts on this? Any headcanons to add?

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Hey I understand your situation. I know you couldn't have known that dark wasn't the one sending hate because he blocked you. (You did say that right? Idk my mind might just be fucking with me again.) but eather way it wasn't y o u r fault. But I'm not saying it was darks earlier, mabey he forgot that he blocked you since he fallows you. (Once again that might just be my mind fucking with me) I just wanted you to know that at least someone understands at least a little bit. Have the best day!

Dark knows he blocked me, 

I feel like he l o v e s tormenting me though.

But thank you.

You have a nice day too, darling.

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💔, Silver, go for it

“I bet you don’t even care about me, you just like butting into every little thing I do and say, shielding me like I’m some little kid who needs it, Silver, because you can’t control anything about your own life so you have to take over mine!

“You stick up for me when I don’t even ask for it because you like having someone weaker than you, don’t you, so you can feel stronger?

“Face it. I’m just a tool to make you feel better about yourself, aren’t I?”

“You’re scared, aren’t you? You’re hoping I stay weak enough to ‘need’ you forever, ‘cause if I got strong enough to stand on my own, there’d be no place for you, right?

“You’re just using me, aren’t you? As a distraction from your own powerlessness, because hey, at least I’m weaker than you?”

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Do you know any fic where harry and draco are in a relationship but everyone is against them? I love bottom!Draco. But it's ok if it's bottom!Harry. Thx

Hey, @secret-garedn​! I don’t keep track of who tops and who bottoms (I’ve talked about why here and in this tag) so I can’t tell you about that, but I do have lots of great fics where someone (or everyone) is against Draco and Harry in one way or another - at least at first. Enjoy!! And please remember to leave love for the authors!

Drarry Recs: ft. Dissaproving Friends and Family

Another Sun That’s Brighter Still by omi_ohmy - NC-17, 26.5k - Draco’s parents are trying to force him to marry – just because of some stupid family curse – but Draco isn’t willing to settle for second best. After rejecting one suitor too many, he’s handfasted to a stinky and ragged minstrel and sent off without a Knut to his name.

Born Sick by writcraft - M, 6.5k - Draco has been raised to believe homosexuality is a sin.  When he encounters an out and proud Harry Potter, his world turns upside down.   He is forced to question his beliefs, his values and himself.

Coitus Interruptus by oldenuf2nb - NC-17, 2k - Some revelations should be made with quiet dignity. And sometimes, things get taken right out of your hands.

Come In From the Cold by oldenuf2nb - G, 2k - Life is all about choices.  Draco feels the weight of his.

Draco Malfoy and the Seven Weasleys by FantasyFiend09 - PG-13, 6k - Draco’s wicked uncle is trying to kill him, so he seeks refuge in an unlikely place.

Drawing Down the Moon by scoradh - NC-17, 21k - After breaking up with Blaise, a drunken Draco begs Harry Potter for help in winning him back. In a fit of misguided philanthropy (plus one or two ulterior motives) Harry agrees. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, at least one person falls in love.

In Whom We Trust by oldenuf2nb - PG-13, 4.5k - Love is giving someone the power to destroy you…but trusting them not to.

Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox - NC-17, 14k - Harry and Draco have sex! Featuring a Muggle curious Draco, a deliciously amused Harry and a strangely perverted Luna. Love’s a pretty scary thing when you find it. Especially when your parents just don’t get it.

On the Couch by Frayach - NC-17, 26k - It’s a Mind Healer’s worse nightmare to lose a patient to suicide, but Mind Healer Nick Nichols can attest to the fact that a murder/suicide is even worse. If only Dr. Freud had come up with a sure cure for love.

A Second Chance at First Love by taradiane - M, 28k - “… I just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who’d had a shitty existence for a time. Maybe I hated that you thought I was someone I wasn’t. Maybe … maybe I hated that I thought you were someone you weren’t, but never realised it until Voldemort gave me those glimpses of your life. Our experiences, they weren’t so different after all.”

The Swaggering Plimpies (or This One Time, At Quidditch Camp) by RurouniHime - NC-17, 30l - Draco has an idea, and Harry’s just the one to help him.

The Ministry Elevators are Conspiring Against Me by xenadragon_xoxo - PG-13, 1.5k - After getting into a relationship with the world famous Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy finds himself taking a claustrophobic elevator ride with two people who probably don’t approve of his new romance at all. He is so going to kill Harry for this later. It isn’t Harry’s fault, but hey. Someone needs to suffer.

Volunteers by Anna Fugazzi - PG-13, 46k - Harry, Draco, and a volunteer position that was supposed to be quick and easy. Now complete. (With sequel, Ember to Ember (NC-17, 88k))


A/N: Thank you guys for bearing with me as I recover. You guys are the best!! Request: Hey can you do shower sex with Bucky?? Thanks! Warnings: Smut, obvs. “You’d think for someone as rich as Stark, he could have at least built us each our own bathroom,” you muttered, finally stepping into the bathroom so you could take your long-awaited shower. The rooms in the Avengers Tower were set up so that there was one bathroom for every two rooms, and until recently you had been privileged to have your adjoining room empty. Until Bucky had been found. You tried not to be too bitter, because you knew that Steve was thrilled, but it meant you had to share your shower. And damn, did Bucky take long showers. “He’s missing an arm, for crying out loud,” you mumbled, turning the water on and stepping out of your clothes. Bucky was very attractive, though, and sharing a shower did mean that sometimes you got a shirtless glimpse of him. Your mind on Bucky’s very nice, naked chest, you were about to step into the shower when the door opened. You screamed and grabbed the shower curtain, using it to cover yourself. “What the fuck, Bucky?! God, don’t you know to knock?” He threw his hands up, and you realized that he was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. You couldn’t help but check him out and pray he didn’t notice. “Sorry, you usually lock the door. And you don’t seem to mind too much,” he said with a wink, and your face turned red. “I wasn’t checking you out,” you muttered, and he smiled at that. “I never said you were, but thanks,” the assassin grinned, and you somehow managed to blush more. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” you whispered, and he laughed. “I wouldn’t call it an inconvenience…” he trailed off, and you followed his eyes to the mirror. You realized that he could totally see your naked ass, and you instinctively threw your hands up at him, accidentally letting go of the curtain and exposing your entire body to him. Your eyes widened and you went to grab the curtain again, but something in his eyes stopped you. He was staring at you hungrily, like he wanted to devour you, and you saw his tongue run across his lips. “Like what you see?” you asked with a smirk, and his eyes flashed back up to yours. “You have no idea,” he said, his tone dark, and with two strides he had you pressed against the wall, his arms around you, holding you tight to him. “What do you say I join you in that shower,” Bucky whispered against your neck, and you shivered. “I think I’d like that,” you responded breathlessly, and he pulled back, pulling the towel from his waist. You took him in, eyes lingering on one particular part of his body, and he smirked. He pulled you close again, kissing your neck for a moment before picking you up and carrying you with him into the shower. He sat you down under the water, and you smiled up at him before wrapping your arms around him and pulling him down for a hungry kiss. His matched yours in intensity, and he turned so that he could press you into the wall while you kissed. His hand drifted down to grab your ass, and a small gasp escaped from your lips. He grinned, and before you knew it he had you turned around so that your front was pressed into the wall, his metal arm around your waist pulling it away from the wall. You looked back at him and he smirked, placing a firm slap against your ass. You gasped again, and he spanked you again. “Fuck, Bucky,” you whispered, and he let his hand rest on you. “What was that, beautiful?” he asked, and you sighed in frustration. “I said, fuck, Bucky,” you said, and he grinned. “Good girl,” he responded, slapping your ass again. “Would you rather do it like this, or with your legs around me?” he asked, and you could tell by the sound of his voice that he was getting anxious. You smiled, and turned around. “I want to face you, so I can see your gorgeous face,” you whispered, tracing a finger down his chest and stopping just above his very stiff member. He groaned at your teasing, and very quickly picked you up, wrapping your legs around him. “Ready?” You nodded, and wrapped your arms around his neck as he entered you. He let you adjust to his size, and when you whispered, “move,” he started to thrust into you. After one or two gentle thrusts, he picked up speed and forced until he was slamming into you, causing your eyes to roll back into your head as you screamed his name. “Oh, god, Bucky, yes!!” you called to the ceiling as you came around him. “I’m not done with you yet,” he muttered darkly into your ear, and he kept going straight through your first orgasm. You could feel another one building, and you raked your nails down his back, moaning loudly as he somehow managed to go faster. You came around him again, and this time he followed you over the edge, cursing and calling your name. He pressed his hands into the wall on either side of your head, leaning his forehead against yours as he tried to catch his breath. After a moment, he gingerly kissed you, your legs still around him, him still inside of you. You grinned at him. “Maybe this sharing a bathroom thing isn’t so bad after all.”


littlestmedic said:

Hey, ProZD… I’m having a really tough time, and would like to ask if you could record a few words of motivation, or something? Someone who I thought was my friend has just basically been treating me like dirt, and none of our mutual friends wanna stick up for me.

I should also add on to this that in some cases, it’s good to try to talk to your friend and open up about how you feel, because if they are your real friend, they will at least try to work things out in some way.  This doesn’t always work out, but if you think the friendship is worth salvaging, it’s worth a shot.

But if people are just upfront treating you like shit, that’s bullshit.

Some people are just being so disrespectful about the High or Hey Records. Like, I can’t count how many times people have commented or tweeted back “ugh so THIS was the announcement? wow this sucks!” Can’t we just be happy for Hey Violet? This is HUGE for them and this is similar to the way that 5SOS became big and they can become one of the hottest, trending bands. So many more under appreciated bands will be able to become more recognized now because of this too.

And who knows, maybe the members of those bands will be able to help someone stay alive and clean for at least one more day, just like 5SOS has done to so many of us. Maybe they’ll have an extremely supportive fandom like the 5SOSFam. You guys are literally the reason that I’m alive. Maybe there’s someone out there who needs that kind of psychological help but can’t afford it or something, and they aren’t in the 5SOSFam but when they listen to Hey Violet, they join their fandom and are able to find help and support through there.

Also, 5SOS is saving even more lives because now the fam has a much bigger chance of being noticed and achieving their dreams.

Literally all this band does is put their fans before themselves. Very few bands do that. I hate how so many “fans” always try to tear them down because it isn’t what they wanted the announcement to be. They’re always doing something nice for us and so many others, even if they aren’t fans, be grateful.


“Hey, hey! I have a cat. Ya wanna pet it, mate? It won’t bite, I swear! I mean, it ain’t nothin’ like the koala’s at my home, but at least this bugger doesn’t smell as bad! C'mon!”
[ All Images © Himaruya ]

If you ever need someone to talk to, then message us! Every character pictured in this post are available to speak with you and give you advice, because we understand that life can be quite difficult sometimes!

Remember, we’re only a message away~

Every EXO era is like a fucking television series.
  • Mama: the not so great but highly anticipated first season that you weren't sure if you were going to continue to watch or not.
  • XOXO: the second season that you hoped was better than last because if you had to sit through one more scream you were going to go mad. But now you have to sit through another shitty werewolf plot and bad costume choices. Some of the soundtrack is bomb as fuck though.
  • Miracles in December: the fucking Christmas episode that no one really gives a fuck about but watches anyway because it's fucking Christmas.
  • Overdose: the third season where it starts to get interesting even if the terrible costume choices made a reappearance. At this point you've established that the short blond guy is your favorite, but wait. Did someone fucking leave the show?
  • EXODUS: the forth season that you have waited so fucking long for to find out what happened to the tallest dude, but find out that someone else left. But hey. At least the costumes are great right? You can't get over the amount of sexual tension in this season though. Was it intentional or is no one aware that those two really want to fuck?
  • Sing for you: the Christmas episode where you really build up enough hate for the creators of the show that you could potentially go to prison for murder. Because another one left and he was your ultimate favorite and you just want to commit murder.
  • EX'ACT: the fifth season that has finally got some good ass plot, but it's too soon to tell because only the trailer is posted, but everyone looks great the trailer looks great. But you hope that no one leaves amidst you flipping shit over the teasers for the season.

[It’s not that he means to be defensive, he just sort of always… is. Blame it on the odd upbringing, blame it on the prison sentence, blame it on the fundamental fact that Kostya Vladislav doesn’t believe he owes anyone anything. All the same, in his book. He sits in the dining hall with his alarmingly lanky frame hunched over the breakfast he got, because that brief hunger strike didn’t quite work out the way he wanted it to. Hey, at least there were options here. And he didn’t quite have to scavenge for any of it. Good start to the day, overall. If, you know, he didn’t count the wake-up call. Or the surroundings. Or the fact that he didn’t want to be here anyway.

[Kostya was hyper-aware of his surroundings, subconsciously keeping tabs on the people around him, blocking out whatever radio waves they were sending his way, aware of it or not. So it didn’t surprise him when someone sat down beside him. But, surprised or not, he still guarded his food like an angry dog. He kept his eyes trained on the table in front of him, seemingly fascinated by an irregularity in the material.

[He heard Katya in his head, and that was the only reason he spoke. She would have spoken. She would have laughed her laugh full of bells and ease and said hello and everything would be fine.] Hi.

[Okay, so, maybe he wasn’t so great at the speaking bit, but he’d tried.]

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is it common for people with cluster a disorders to understand another person's emotions on a logical level rather than an emotional level? because I can see the reasons someone gets upset , but I can't really empathize with them at all.

Hey, thanks for the question! 

This is somewhat common, and what you’re describing could possibly be just having low affective empathy. I don’t have a degree or anything and I know empathy is one of those topics where there’s probably many varying theories about it, so I may not be informed on exactly what the current consensus is or The Official Way to talk about the concept, but at least from a lot of the things that I’ve seen, empathy will be separated into different parts (usually cognitive and affective, sometimes other subtypes). Like here (x) :

So Affective empathy could probably be like witnessing someone cry and you starting to also experience sadness or have another sort of emotional reaction due to being moved by their emotions (like crying with them, or experiencing distress), whereas Cognitive empathy would be when you understand how they’re feeling and their experience or personal perspective (like distinguishing that they are sad in the first place and maybe having a guess as to why or easily understanding how they must feel). Even though the different concepts of affective empathy, cognitive empathy, sympathy, pity, and etc. etc. are all often lumped together and considered the same thing by people when talking about “Empathy” as a whole, it seems more usual that levels of those things will vary.  

It seems common for some people with Cluster A PDs to have lower affective empathy, which may lead to the type of thing you’re talking about (where you don’t really feel anything in response to someone’s emotional expression but you do logically understand it. You may know how someone is feeling and maybe why, but you don’t ever feel it yourself or experience any emotional reaction to their feelings/expressions). I do notice that a bit of the conversation about Cluster A PDs and Empathy seems to involve the concept of affective empathy, even if they don’t distinctly call it that by name. And also in terms of more official info on the disorders and their symptoms, even in those that don’t mention affective empathy directly, it can be basically gathered or is mentioned in different wording that deficits in that area can somewhat commonly occur (though of course it depends on which cluster a disorder and what particular symptoms or other accompanying disorders a person has).  

Anyway, yes, speaking generally, this seems common for people with Cluster A PDs from what I’ve seen and read, and it possibly has something to do with affective empathy. Though like I said, I’m not sure if this understanding of empathy is like the “official” one that everyone uses, but I’ve seen it mentioned a lot when researching things and have read about it, and it seems useful (like it’s easier to conceptualize the idea of Empathy if distinctions are made and it’s not like 50 different concepts being smashed together (like how some people equate empathy with morality and etc.), so you can actually break it down and see clear places where some people have different balances of things) especially in terms of applying it to this particular topic. Though it depends on the individual, it does seem we often have lower affective empathy, even if other stuff varies (like our cognitive empathy, if we feel sympathy for others, etc), so many Cluster A individuals can probably relate to the experience you described of maybe understanding cognitively how others feel but not personally experiencing any reaction towards it emotionally. 

Hope this helped, have a great day anon! - Luca